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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. #66 & #67

      by , 07-02-2013 at 06:48 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lots of dreams last night. I had a bad argument with a good friend. I was really depressed, at a big Mexican meal very late, had a cup of coffee later than usual, and I cycled for the first time in a long time, so what triggered my lucids? I have absolutely no idea.

      A kid needed a blood transfusion after an accident. I picked him up, put him on the hospital bed, and stayed holding him even though his father was right there.

      This scene kind-of alternated with a scene of a plane crash. I viewed this in 3rd person. A black guy inside was having heart trouble. The plane ended up in the water and it is up to everyone's chest. The black guy held his chest and said, "I shouldn't have come." (Ya think?)


      I was starting a company with my friend M. S. A hot brunette was working for us. We were all sitting around. M. told the girl to turn on the T.V. just so he could tell her what to do. I told M. to then tell her to come sit in my lap.

      It didn't work out exactly as I wanted, but eventually, I figured out I was dreaming. I looked at my hand to be sure--six fingers. I was so happy. I started making out with her and feeling her tits. She was delicious. I decided to lick her ass, so I told M. to come over and he could make out with her. I had her for a little, but soon woke up.


      A knight was riding a horse along the bank of the ocean or something. The water was like 50 feet below or something. The knight was riding along and I got it in my mind that his armor was purple, and that he was the Purple Knight.

      I was afraid he would fall in the water. Instead, he kept riding approaching a crowd. At this point, I focused on the crowd. I ended up in a room with several people, and I realized I was dreaming again. I looked at my hand and counted six, so I took a girl and started to eat her.

      I quickly found someone else though. She was dirty blonde and had bigger tits. Her skin was smooth and soft, her lips were deep pink to light red, but natural. I made out with her and felt her up. I soon
      woke up again though.

      It was early afternoon when I woke up. My rough night left me restless in the morning so I kept waking up, but going back to sleep. This gave me the opportunity to lucid.

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    2. Alligators

      by , 01-15-2013 at 03:39 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was at the Chattahoochee River. It didn't look like the real Chattahoochee; instead, it was crystal clear, and looked much like the river that I dream typically.

      Anyway, "they" had decided to let a few alligators live in the river, which I found stupid because people go in the river. I then saw one of the alligators, and then my friend M. S. said, "Look," and then jumped in.

      So often my friends USED to do stupid things and wouldn't begin to listen to reason. It was like that. M threw a stone to me. I would have kept it as a souvenir of when he was being chased by an alligator, but he threw it over my head.

      The real issue here was that the dream was vivid, and an alligator was now chasing my friend. It was so close to my friend that I resigned myself to watching it eat my friend. Then, just a couple feet from him, the alligator turned around. Thank goodness!

      Then I ended up in the water. I was trying to get out while talking to somebody. They were trying to help, but I couldn't get out. It turned out OK though. The dream moved on, but gets blurry.

      The End
    3. Car and Brother; Tittle Litties

      by , 12-15-2012 at 01:37 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Car and Brother

      I had picked up a new used car. I drove it home to where I used to live with my mom. It seemed like a long drive.

      When I got there, my brother gave me a phone. It had some kind of absorbent material and it was wet. He'd been crying, his tears got all over the phone, and then he gave it to me. It was kind of gross.

      I shook out the phone to let his tears drip off. Then I noticed he was going somewhere with my kids. I didn't want them leaving with him, but they wanted to go somewhere. I told him I would drive them, but I didn't have enough gas. He said that was OK and that they were going to walk.

      I didn't like it, but I let them walk.

      The End

      I had a dream that was like an interim dream between these two dreams where I was walking through a school trying to get to the outside. I kept walking through class rooms and trying not to disturb anybody. I walked through a band class which I saw pretty clearly, and then other classes. As I made it out of the school, I tried to see a reflection of myself with a hat and sun glasses, and something else that I had on, but I couldn't find a mirror to stop at, and I kept seeing teachers looking at me. At least I was outside now.

      Tittle Litties

      I was at a friends house (M-Bub). His girl bent down and showed me her tittle litties. They were beautiful. I asked her to show me again and she said "No" but then she did show me. It wasn't the same that time, but then she started showing them to me more and I got that same good angle again.

      She kept moving them. I wanted her to just lean over and let me look at them without moving around. Then she did stay still. Fantastic! Finally, I turned around and there was her boyfriend. He asked if I got a look at them. I was scared, but he wasn't mad. He smiled, and I told him, "No, I didn't want to." My intonation me said, "No, I didn't mean to."

      I then walked away and went to a blanket on a grassy hill. There was a bunch of stuff all over it. It might have been picnic stuff. I couldn't even sit on the blanket.

      Someone asked me to bring a couple of their things over to the blanket, and I brought something to the blanket also, but I don't know what it was. The other person wanted to get away from a shark. (I guess it was a land shark )

      Then I woke up.
    4. A Girl and a Video Game

      by , 01-11-2012 at 11:50 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Girl and a Video Game

      I was with a S_t. I was behind her on a sofa, but we both fit. I was holding her around her waist, but we were both playing a game on the TV.

      On the game, we each had a home base to protect, and some things would come down to attack. The goal was to put your cursor over them and hit a button to stop them.

      It wasn't shooting them, but in a real game, we would have shot them. At one point, I saw and heard a space ship from Asteroids.

      When I had stopped all of the things that were attacking my home base, I started clicking on the ones that were attacking S's home base.

      Later, I needed to take the bus home a very long way. I don't ride the bus in w/l. I had given S all my change, so I needed a dollar. My friend gave me a dollar and as I put it in my wallet, I found a dollar, but I wanted the other one anyway so I could eat.

      I showed my friend he gave me a ten. He had only looked at the tiny numbers all over the bill and had mistakenly thought it was a single. I showed him and he was happy to get the ten back. I told him I would appreciate his change to give me another dollar since I gave him the ten back, and he gave it to me.

      I eventually got on the bus.
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