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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. A Full Day

      by , 11-25-2012 at 02:59 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      9:00 A.M. A Full Day

      I was at work, though not my work IWL. It was a new job I think. It's fuzzy, but I think I had enough experience in the field to be coming in higher than ground floor.

      I ended up going out to get some stamps. I asked the lady how much it would be to get forever stamps. She said it would be extra. I told her that that really isn't fair because I am paying for a product today--

      She interrupted me and wouldn't help me anymore saying that I was making a scene or something. I looked and saw another customer. I went and said in a low voice that she could have just said that I needed to wait a moment to talk to her about it, so she could help the next person, and then we could finish...and I could finish.

      She said, "OK, go wait over there then." I looked down, I had my stamps and my change on the counter, though I hadn't paid the lady.

      My change was in Eisenhower dollars, silver halves, silver quarters, and the like. I was so excited, and I thought I'd recognized this change from somewhere. I dreamed of it because I recently saw some coins at a pawn shop.

      I put the change in my pocket and decided I would pay for the stamps later, though I was nervous about showing her the change she'd given so that she would know how much I owed her. I didn't want her to see the valuable change she'd given me.

      I went over to a table to wait for the lady and started to look at my coins, but now I had so many coats and bags that I was carrying, I didn't know how I was going to carry everything out of the "Post Office / Bank" place I was in.

      I soon started collecting all my stuff to leave just so I could figure out exactly how I would get it all together. As I left, I found two baseballs. One had deep grooves as though a bear had clawed through it. I put my fingers in the grooves. It was from where a real pitcher had pitched a certain type of pitch and it made those grooves.

      The other baseball was blue and green and more of a toy ball. I bounced it and had a hard time catching it. I then saw my surroundings very clearly to see where I was going home. I was cutting through someones land on a public road. They had workers spreading mulch all around trees. they had one machine spreading and another pushing it neatly along a path.

      I walked on to get back to wherever I was going. I ended up cutting through a public pool. I had some big balloon type things I was carrying now. I had about five of them.

      I started talking to some of the people, then jumped in the pool. I put one or two of these giant, awkward balloon things in my trunks, and asked if a girl could help me stuff the others in my trunks so I wouldn't have to hold them. I also wanted her to stuff her hands down my trunks, but I didn't say anything about that.

      As one or maybe two of the girls were going to help me, I saw a third girl. I told her she was cute, and then went with the two girls who were going to help me.

      I don't remember the transition, but I started seeing all these people's faces. I went over to a cute girl and realized I was dreaming.

      I quickly found a girl that I thought was cute and went to kiss her. She said, "What?" I said, "I'm dreaming, aren't I?" I did a reality check so that I didn't make a huge mistake. I was happy to see too many fingers, didn't bother to count them all, and went in to kiss this girl. She didn't question it this time.

      For some reason that was done and I looked for another girl. I found the cutest one I could find and leaned in to kiss her. This was great. I started trying to make it with her. I held her close and kissed her well.

      Then some guy came up to me to fight me because of what I was doing. Stupid me lets him interrupt my dream. At first, I went to hit him. I thought it would be fun, but I had quicksand punches. FUCK!

      I tried again with no luck. Now I was trying to get my shirt off and I couldn't. This sucked. I eventually ended up in another scene
      . I was getting cake for some reason, but I was giving mine to pretty girls. I gave some to this girl, but then implied that I get to hug her for giving it to her. I held her close with her breasts in my face. I didn't want to let go.

      I then had more to do about the cake. I found another piece and gave it to the girl who let me hug her and hugged her some more. Then I was finding cake that wasn't mine and it was a bunch of blah blah blah.

      The end.


      10:45 AM Driving in a Half Time Parade

      I was told that either a friend from work K.K. could drive a tram at the Football game. I raised my hand and was chosen. I was given a beer and the keys (?). I drank the beer. It was pretty good for a dream beer. Then I took the keys and got in the driver's seat. I was next to a pretty girl.

      I looked up and the tram was already moving. At first I was afraid as though I had not been responsible and gotten in the driver's seat right away. I started to drive, and thought it wasn't even on. I had the keys, but there were keys in the ignition, and I couldn't tell if the ignition was on.

      Someone questioned me, so I turned it over. OK, now we're rolling. I needed to turn the heater on or off, but I couldn't figure out where the button was. I started pushing lots of buttons, but they weren't normal buttons. They were all close to each other and they weren't the right shape.

      Someone asked about it so I handed them some book. I said, "Here, find it." I wanted to know where the heater button was and where I was going. The person asked me again and I said, "You find it." They got it then.

      I asked if we should take the highway West, then corrected myself to East. I was feeling really drunk from the beer. I couldn't believe I was driving.

      The girl was looking at the book. Our cheeks were touching. Then she took the book and started looking up the directions.

      The End.

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    2. The Occult; GF; Driving a Charger

      by , 08-07-2012 at 10:39 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      The Occult

      IWL, I study nutrition. Tocopherols are a class of chemical compounds of which many have vitamin E activity.

      I dreamed there was an occult called Tocepherol. There were a bunch of people hanging around outside a building. They were all chanting some bullshit. There was a wind storm brewing.

      I started kind of making fun of them. I got a tree branch and held it above me. I ran up to them. I had to jump from a 3 foot wall down into their little courtyard. At the edge of the wall, I saw them all walking slowly in a oval as was the shape of the courtyard, or they were just shuffling around stupidly here or there.

      The wind was picking up. I saw trees swaying in the night wind. I was back a ways again and had a nice long tree branch. As I ran up, I positioned my branch to be comfortable in my hand and to have proper effect. It was long and looked impressive.

      I ran up screaming and mocking them. As I screamed, I was trying to make the wind pick up, and it did. I saw tree limbs snapping. It only added to the effect of me screaming with my tree branch which also snapped in half because it was rotten.

      I finally jumped down into the courtyard. There were people joining the occult and people leading it. The people joining had drawn little scribble monster things to show how they believed.

      There was a guy and a gir. The girl wore a dress. The guy was saying something about how someone as going to do something like screw something into someones throat, or many people were going to do this ritual. The girl said that if anyone was going to do that, it might as well be a girl.

      I thought this was the wrong logic unless you were buying into the occult. I didn't bother to tell them that. I was getting an inside look at this occult and it was getting serious. The screwing into the throat thing had a name, but I can't remember what it was.

      I started walking around and mixing with the locals. Everyone was brainwashed. I met one guy who didn't really get it. I asked what he was going to do and he said he was going to go inside. I think I advised against that. Inside was the next level in and it was even harder to get out of the occult. They would try to keep you in.

      I did go in, but only because I wanted to see what was going on, and I knew they weren't going to brainwash me; when I went in though, it was hard to get out. The leaders had the exit kind of blocked just by sheer volume of people.

      I would go out of this room and come back in for some reason, but going back out got harder each time.

      I ended up with a bag of something. There was a candle that I couldn't get to stay lit. the wick was in the wax, so I was trying to let the wax melt away from the wic so it would burn higher. Somehow the candle shown on a girl in th bag. It made sense in the dream. The girl was naked and I wanted to get a better view of her.

      Now everyone was getting ready to do something for the occult. There was an attractive girl getting ready. She was naked, but she was covered in wax. She was really brainwashed. She was going in to be fucked by someone, or to be burned, or both. Then she caught fire from her right leg. She didn't seem to care.

      Then one of the leaders or something--he started telling me and the other guy who wasn't really buying this crap, a story about one of the other leaders. This guy said that the other guy hand taken his two best girs and (accidentally) burned them to ashes, and he would talk to other girls, and taking a little of their ashes, he would say, "This is an ace" or "This is an ace of spaids." Then he would give the ash to the girl he was talking to.

      It was time to get the Hell out of there. I talked to this one guy and asked what he was going to do. He said, "I guess I'll bribe the Sherrif!" The guy hadn't done anything, but that would sure make it seem as though he had.

      I just left, but I don't know if I got out of the courtyard. It was like I could check out anytime I wanted, but I could never leave. I actually could once I got out of that room, but now the courtyard was hard to leave also.


      I was on a beach looking at a huge wave. Some people were surfing. I mentioned that I had surfed waves like that in Melbourne (FL) on the eve of hurricane Hugo. I did surf that day iwl, but it was nothing like the wave in my dream.

      I ended up going to this one girls house. They had chickens. I mentioned that I have a chicken coup half built out. She said she was selling one. I asked how much. She thought for a minute and said, $700.00. I forgot what I said, but I mentioned it would be hard to get it back to my state. Later she offered it for $600.00

      We went further in the house and I saw her dad. He was looking at repairs that were needed. There was a very narrow hall. One wall looked like an extra wall that wasn't necessary. At the end, I looked around it. Down a long flight of steps was a dark, basement. There was debris like rock and dust at the bottom. It was a good, spooky basement.

      The girls father said something about what they needed to do to the basement.

      I left the house with the girl. I was in my underwear, but it looked like swim trunks. I asked if she liked how I was just walking around in my underwear.

      Dream Skip

      I'm with a girl. She was a girl I went out with a couple times iwl, but it just wasn't right--at all. She had asked about us. I had to tell her it was over but I didn't want to hurt her.

      I said, "We had fun, didn't we?"

      She knew what that meant. She started to cry a little. I didn't say anything else because there was no need. I held her hand.

      Now I'm in a car with her and someone else. I'm looking at the girl. I can't take my eyes off her. She looks a little different now and is very cute. Her hair is brown instead of black. Then she has grey streaks in her hair. She's still really cute.

      The girl is gone and I'm in the car with a guy who's telling me how he was once driving this VW Bug in disrepair. He said it was only going about 5 mph once while he was on the phone. I told him I had a dream of the occult last night. I remembered the dream I had 3 hours ago in this dream.

      We pass a business where they are holding a birthday party for someone. The guy says he would like to get with the girl who wants to do 45 hits of GBS. I look and ask, "Which one?"

      He says, "I'll show you." He turned into the driveway, and now I'm with my friend MJ. He drives up and tries to drive through the owners of the business who turns us away. It's a private party. She knows we are up to no good and says, "Sticks and stones can hurt" or something like that.

      My friend turned around, and as we were about to pull out of the property, he slowly raises his finger to point the girl out. I told him not to be so obvious.

      Driving a Charger

      I was with two girls in their Dodge Charger. It was a '67 or so. I was driving it about 80 mph on the highway. It was really shaky. When I saw a car on the side of the road, I had to slow down because I couldn't tell if it was a cop or not.

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    3. A Recent Peak and a Dream Girl

      by , 05-30-2012 at 03:30 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Recent Peak

      I recently saw a women's lib chick. I did the Step and Lean to get a better view as she leaned over. I got several good looks.

      Last night I woke up to go to the bathroom and started thinking about her and ended up dreaming about her.

      I was with J, I saw her breast. Her nipple looked funny, but her breast was really, really soft. That was the story at least. I don't remember feeling it. One of us said something about it and the other explained why it was so soft. I wish I could remember who said what.

      A Dream Girl

      I was in a weird setting. I don't really remember what it was, but there were girls about. I ended up doing a reality check and my hand kind of looked normal, then I had a thumb and 4 stubs.

      I was off on my hunt. There was one really pretty girl with long, dark hair and I went to find her. I did find her and started kissing her, but my dream fell apart.

      I had an FA, but I didn't fall for it. Thinking I was awake, and very disappointed, I did an RC anyway and I was still dreaming, so I found J again.

      I told her I like small breasts like hers. She told me not to be shy, so I started feeling her up. This was more vivid than the other dreams I had.

      I felt the bottom of her breast, and then forced my hand up to feel the rest of it. I got my hand around the rest of her breast. I didn't ever feel her nipple, but it was really nice anyway.

      The End
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    4. Birds; Dentist; Breasts

      by , 02-20-2012 at 04:46 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was in a car with unknown DC's. The scene out my passenger-side window was a very large bush on the left and one on the right. They must have been 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Between them was an opening.

      Behind and between them was open space. I saw a bluebird hanging in the air as though perched on a branch. I thought that was very odd. I told someone to look at it, but then the bird was on a tree branch.

      In the background was a large oak. The trunk was behind the bush on the left. The branches, bare due to the season, and now the blue bird was in the same position, but perched on a branch.

      Now there is a Macaw perched in the tree. I was trying to remember the name. I finally identified it as a Scarlett. It had a white beak and red feathers. It seemed to be in poor shape. Its feathers were matted and it seemed a bit sickly.

      I tried to give it a nut or a seed or something. I was afraid because it was such a large bird, but I didn't really think it would come to me. I showed it the nut and it started to fly to me. I was really afraid.

      Then there was a bird that looked like an Egret, but it was black. It also had some speckles on it. Then there were two or three of them with several other large birds. They were all together as though they formed a little eco-system.

      I was trying to catch one of the birds, or give them food ore something. I can't really remember. I was up against a wall as the scene unfolded now. There was some issue with a toy and who it belonged to. The birds were still around.

      The End


      I was at the Dentist. It was a really cheap office, but I didn't mind. I thought it was a Mexican dentist's office, but the guy himself was American.

      The room was large and baron. The walls were a medium shade of green. I thought how my brother would have never gone there because it wasn't good enough. I liked it because it didn't have the feel of a regular dentist's office.

      The dentist had done some work on a back molar (in good shape in waking life). On some adhesive material was inscribed that there was some deal on the tooth. He had to write it on the tooth to get the discount.

      Then I had to write it in the next tooth up to get the deal. I had to write "Superior" or some shit like that. I was trying to scratch it in with my fingernail and it was not working at all. I explained the trouble I was having, so the dentist put on a bracket as though I needed braces. There was some adhesive cement that went on the top of my tooth.

      The dentist said that I would be messing with it for a while. He meant that I would feel it in my mouth and my tongue would be going to it to feel it for a while until it wasn't messy anymore, or until I got used to it.

      I wasn't happy about it, but now it was done.

      The End


      I saw to girls with sandy blonde hair. They were very attractive with nice, full lips. I kept getting profile shots of them with the sun in the back ground, but the pictures were not washed out. I could see the color of their hair and lips very well.

      Then they were lying down next to each other. I looked over at them and their shirts created a space so I could see their breasts. I kept trying to see their nipples. At first I couldn't, but eventually, their shirts got into position so that I could.

      My eyes were so heavy, it was really hard to keep them open. I got a few more peeks. The top of their breasts sank a little into their breasts so I couldn't see the whole thing. I was a little disappointed, but just kept trying to see their nipples.

      Then my eyes go so heavy I couldn't open them at all. I was trying to open them with my fingers and couldn't.

      The End
    5. Party

      by , 04-01-2011 at 06:02 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I don't know where I was coming from; I forget, but I was in a shopping cart or something, cruising down the street and up a hill so fast that I flew threw the air.

      I had to lean back or else I would fall forwards and crash. I landed in a restaurant.


      I was in my house alone. Three women came in without knocking or anything, and started running around. At least two of them were really cute, but it was still kind of disturbing. Then a fourth girl, a black girl came in. One of them said they were just checking the place out and looking for something. Then they left and my wife came home.


      I was at some kind of party. There were escalators going up to another level.

      As if it were an instructional video, I saw how the escalators could take small tanks up, and if they weighed too much, they would get a jolting bump to push them up to the next step to help them out.

      Then, I was going up the escalator. There was a heavy-set black lady in front of me who couldn't make it up. I couldn't understand why when the escalator would help her.

      Then I was in another room trying to explain what had happened to a bunch of people who were socializing. I started explaining how the escalator could help bump up a tank, but this big lady couldn't make it.

      I started to explain how that was what happened in a dream I had. I was getting confused if it was real or I had dreamed it. Casually but quickly, everyone started going outside. They left me feeling really stupid on the couch.

      Then there was a guy who rode his bike everywhere. He was like super bicycle man with a blue, yellow, and white spandex outfit and matching helmet. He did it by choice, but Work was about 40 miles away, and when I told him I couldn't believe he rode his bike there, he rolled his eyes because it was so far.

      We walked off talking about some stuff; I forget what. Eventually I was going to let him go, but then I saw a gun at his side. I asked what kind it was. I forget what kind it was, but he let me see it. I removed the action the way you would remove a camera from a tripod. Strange.

      Then I released the mag and looked at the bullets. I said, "Hollow-point 40's?" He said, "Yea. It is awesome knowing about guns, isn't it?" I agreed. (I know a little about guns in waking life; not much.)

      He finally left.