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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Tagline for a Metier; A Colorful Death

      by , 01-30-2013 at 10:27 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Tagline for a Metier

      I was standing at medium sized red pick-up truck. It sat up high with a lift kit, it had roll bars, and the engine was in the bed. I read on some part of the engine where the owner had affixed some kind of sticker or embossed right on the engine block this tagline: "Unfortunately, nothing NO2 occurs before a gas line."

      I had a hard time reading it, but when I did, it was in plain English.

      A Colorful Death

      Some guy was seemingly just going about a typical day, but something happened. I don't really remember the circumstances. What I do remember is that it was like the Nightmare on Elm Street III in 3D. The guy was dreaming, he died in his dream, and so he died in real life.

      He died in his dream, which may have been more symbolic--that is, it may have simply been that he died in his dream story, but as I watched him in his own dream, I never saw him die.

      After I watched him in his dream sequence, my view turned to his actual bed. It was pristine white and didn't have any covers. There may have been a top white sheet pushed towards the foot of the bed. Then a head appeared and rolled just a bit. His dream death equated to a decapitation in real life, but without a body.

      The white bed was like a canvas, and a rainbow of color appeared on the bed. It was a rather striking contrast to the head.
    2. Rare Coins Found; A Brush with an OGF, HUGE Tatooed Construction Workers; Strange Movie Scene

      by , 03-26-2011 at 04:36 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Rare Coins Found

      I was floating down a large creek in a boat with a few other people I don't see the boat or the people. A lot of my dreams are like that.

      Someone mentions that someone gave a person named Oro (gold in Spanish) some silver...or something like that. I thought that was odd. Then we past some rocks. There were coins spilled all over the place.

      I looked at a nickel and saw it was a war nickel (in waking life minted 1942 to 1945, 40% silver with a large mint mark above the Monticello). I saw the S above the Monticello, so I said, "Hey, a war nickel!" On closer inspection I noticed that all the coins were silver, and many were very rare, special pieces. It was a treasure!...but it wasn't ours!

      We started picking up as many as we could. I filled to sport-coat pockets full, and of course I filled my mouth with them

      Dream skip: We are all in a building and I get the feeling someone suspects we found the coins. I try not to look suspicious. I can't talk obviously or I'm busted. Someone asked why I have my hands in my pockets. I look like, "Whatever. I'm just walking around."

      I tell someone about the coins in my mouth and he says, "Just take an aspirin." He was no help!

      That's all I remember.

      A Brush with an OGF

      I was with a girl who used to torture me in waking life. I put my hand on her shoulder and very slowly inched towards her breast. She let me and I felt very relieved, but I never actually got to touch her. I just know that in my dream, the point was that she let me. It was like a dream saying, "Yada yada" right at the good part.

      Anyway, then she was across the table and I couldn't be close to her. A sweet, sweet beauty but so, so cold! That's the way she always treated me in waking life and that was the end of that dream.

      HUGE Tatooed Construction Workers

      I was in a strange house. I looked out a window and saw a huge construction vehicle. It was like something you see on a PBS special about huge vehicles that you never get to see in waking life. I was amazed.

      There were guys lined up on the ground all...doing something...at the side of the vehicle. They were like 7 foot tall body builders, all tattooed, every last one of them. I saw their builds. Just as in waking like, they had different body types, and I just looked down the line, amazed at how someone got a special crew of monster sized people. They must have been working on a very special project.

      I kept going down the line until there was another truck. This truck was smaller, and had smaller guys, but I was thinking that if it weren't for those huge guys, these guys would all look pretty big to me.

      Then there was a guy in a bobcat driving on top of two construction vehicles. He needed to be up hi for some reason, but what a ridiculous balancing act.

      The End

      Strange Movie Set

      I was on some kind of movie set. A scene was acted out where a guy lost his head. I forget how he lost it, but when he was supposed to lose his head, he would press a button on his neck and his head would pop off.

      His head was separate from his body, talking, asking if they should do the scene over where his head is cut off with a sword instead of however he lost it the first time.

      The End