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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Neighbor's House (Lucid)

      by , 02-12-2013 at 10:45 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a second house of ours. I got in bed.
      There was nice art around the house.

      Dream Skip

      In bed, a skateboard gang was skating outside. The sliding glass window was open. They came closer, so I had to say something, but I was afraid because they could gain entry.

      I said hello, and I used to skate, but they can't come in. One guy came down and walked in my room. I pretended to get a gun, then remembered my dad's old knife. I got it for real, went up to him and stabbed him.

      Dream Skip

      Now I'm in my Dad's old house. I realize that I shouldn't be here because the house was actually sold, and I realize I'm dreaming. I can't leave fast enough. Remembering a discussion I had with CanisLucidius, I jump and phase through the door with ease.

      I decide to go to a neighbor's and make it with her. I fly down the lawn and there are flowers in a garden on the left and right. I take them all in. What a beautiful path to the neighbor's! It was two large beds of Asiatic lilies.

      I don't want to lose lucidity, so I say, "I am lucid" as I fly. I get to the neighbor's door, and with haste, I phase right through. I fly to where I know the bedroom door is. I have my father's knife. I lay it on the bed. I see everything so clearly. Her underwear, others in bed...no problem. I do what I want from the back. It isn't quite right so I pull her blue and white underwear to the side and continue.

      The guy wakes up. I don't want this to ruin anything. He suspects something and moves closer. I back-hand him in the face and he stays on that side of the bed. The chick says, "Well that was something!"

      I flip her over and try to put it in. She puts her fingers in to get it ready. I don't want to lose lucidity so I go ahead and put it in and start to make it with her. I see her so plainly. I touch her while I'm doing her, enjoying the way her skin feels.

      I woke up.

      I don't know if SSILD worked, but that is the technique I used. I used it after waking up to use the bathroom, so it was the right time also. I then thought about what I wanted to dream about. I don't know if it was the technique or not, but it certainly worked out exactly how I wanted and better. This was the best, most controlled, most vivid, longest lucid I've possibly ever had.

      BTB now. Good night.

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    2. OGF in the Ghetto

      by , 01-07-2013 at 07:42 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      OGF in the Ghetto

      I was with an OGF J. She asked if I remember when we used to do it. I said "Yes." I started feeling her breast, and then we started looking for somewhere to go to be in private.

      Then I realized I was dirty, so I decided to take a shower really quickly. I found a bathroom in my Grandmother's house, but it was occupied. I went to a less private bathroom in her house, but as I started looking for it, the house got messy and it wasn't where it was supposed to be.

      I started looking more and ended up in a commercial kitchen. My friend M. S. was there as an employee. I asked about somewhere to just rinse off. They said I could go to the back where there were some sprayers hanging from the ceiling.

      I went back there and then my friend pushed me into a pool of waste from the dishes. My mouth was closed, but I ended up with a bunch of grits in my mouth. It was nasty. My friend started laughing.

      I reached out and pulled him in, but he didn't get anything in his mouth. I was pissed. I started spitting stuff out of my mouth, but he didn't care.

      I was finally back with J. and ready to do it with her. We were in a ghetto. She pulled over to this abandoned multi-story building. There were people outside, and I figured there were people inside.

      I figured it was dangerous and gross, but whatever. We went up a flight of stairs. It seemed some rooms might be occupied. These rooms were open, without doors. They were like the rooms druggies use in abandoned buildings. Crap is everywhere and it's dark and nasty.

      We find a room that looks available on the 2nd or 3rd floor. We start to go in when we are greeted by two women dressed fairly nicely, and now we are in a large living room area.

      They ask if we are OK. They say our parents are probably worried for us. The women know that people who end up in this building are not doing well. We say we are OK.

      The women then put a lease on a coffee table and ask us to look it over. The lease says that there is no running water in the building. I think it also said there was no electricity or anything else. We are not supposed to sign the lease. It is simply to advise us that there are no conveniences.

      I looked at the lease and thought how interesting the lease was. Then the ladies left. Then a black guy was in the room and his dick was out. He wanted a blow job. He wasn't threatening, but he was ghetto and invading my scene.

      Eventually he left and I think we made it to the room, but my dream ended then.
    3. Nice Lips; Late for School; Fighting My Brother; Old Movies; Whisper Awake; Messed Up Sexy Time

      by , 10-14-2012 at 10:57 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Late for School

      I was going down a flight of stairs when I saw a girl sitting at the top on a ledge. I looked at her and told her she had nice -- but I only pointed to my lips to indicate I liked hers.

      She said, "Lips?"

      I nodded. She started talking, but I don't know what she said.
      I went downstairs and started eating breakfast. I noticed I was late for school. It was 11:30 A.M. or so. I used to never be late or absent from school, but I was afraid that I would be in some sort of trouble for just staying out.

      As I left, someone, maybe my mother, was yelling stuff to me that I didn't want to hear. I ran around a puddle. There was a mist in the air. It was raining a very large mist.

      I realized I left my kids at the bus stop. I was horrified that I would leave them there alone. I told them to come on up to the house. It was my Dad's house. My wife came out and reprimanded me for leaving them out there without supervision, and for not giving them breakfast.

      I felt so bad for having just eaten but I didn't give them anything to eat. They had an umbrella, but they were standing out in the rain waiting for a bus that they had already missed, and hadn't eaten breakfast. I felt horrible.

      Fighting My Brother

      My dick-ass brother was being a dick. He was laying out the rules for us fighting. We rarely actually fought, but we were about to.

      He was saying, "If you punch me in the neck, I'm going to punch you in the neck. I can't wait for that." He was tall and thick. IWL he is very tall. I didn't care. I started throwing jabs.

      He ran up the stairs so that I would follow. I decided not to play that game and waited down stairs. He came back down.

      He's an asshole.

      My brother the asshole.

      Sorry, that wasn't dream. That part was a poem I just made up called, "My Brother Asshole."

      Old Time Movies

      I was watching some kind of black and white movies. Two old men were walking on lawn chairs floating in the water. The were connected by something in the middle, but the chairs broke away from the middle piece under their weight. They were in the Bahamas or something.

      E-mail addresses from that era kept flashing. They were all numbers because they weren't as advanced as we are now.

      Whisper Awake

      IWL, my Custom Alarm was on.

      I dreamed I was sleeping and trying to go back to sleep. I was trying to become lucid, so I didn't want to move. I dreamed someone said in a whisper, "I'm whispering. Can you respond?"

      This scared me. It's a strange thing to say unless something is wrong, possibly with me. I woke up.

      Messed Up Sexy Time

      I walked into a restaurant and had a drink. There were two girls in separate beds close by. I was playing kind of cool. They may have asked my name, or maybe I offered. I told one my name and the first answered. I told the second my name, and she said her name was whatever her first name was, and said her last name was my last name. Well, that was all I needed to hear.

      I got a good angle to look up her dress and she obliged. I tried to feel her up, but then just took off my pants. As I took off my pants, I realized that since I was dreaming, I should be able to pull them off by just pulling them through my legs. This thought was a byproduct of always having trouble getting my pants all the way off. I should have become lucid with that thought, but no.

      I decided to get on this girl since my pants were mostly down. When I got back to her, she was turned backwards. I could still do her, but it would be uncomfortable, so I turned her around. Now she had a mans face. Shim still had the same body as before.

      I tried to put it in shims vagina, and I said I would prefer if shim had the woman's face.


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    4. Maggots; Demon House

      by , 09-14-2012 at 02:37 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I think I was in my Dad's old house. It had been neglected. IWL I feel this has something to do with my father having passed. That's not based on dream interpretation formula, but my general sense and emotion.

      There were some kind of worms and or maggots on a wet floor. I didn't want to think about cleaning it up, but this was disgusting, so I resigned myself to clean the mess, but at that point the dream ended.

      Demon House

      I might call this the Haunted house, the house I dreamed of has become a recurring house in my "nightmares." The scariest dream was the first time I dreamed it. There is a big house and inside it's trashed. It makes leaving hard when it comes time to escape the demon. The house is also huge, so you have a long way to go when it's time to run away.

      This night I approached a different door, but I knew it went to this demon house. I was trying to explain to a DC that this house really WAS haunted, stressing there was a demon in the house.

      I don't mind this kind of nightmare now, but this house is peculiarly scary. As with my childhood monster, the demon never shows himself. He is simply waking up very slowly--but once he sees you, you are (would be) screwed.

      Link to other dreams with this house:

      Haunted House

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    5. Lucid Dream Game; Sleeping in My Old House

      by , 07-27-2012 at 06:26 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lucid Dream Game

      I saw little creatures that we designed in our Lucid Dream Game. There were about 40 of them. I also saw some white ones, which we haven't discussed making.

      I was surprised at how well I was visualizing the scene.

      Sleeping in My Old House

      I woke up in my old house. I was nervous because I didn't mean to fall asleep there. That would be dangerous since it isn't our house anymore.

      I had a false memory of having arrived in the first place. I woke up my brother and told him we had to go. I went to the back door and there was an alarm. I had turned the lock, but I turned it back because I didn't want to trigger the alarm by opening the door.

      I went back to get my brother. He was asleep again. I was pissed. I wanted to get the hell out of there. I thought that from the inside, we could go into the basement and head out that way without triggering an alarm, but it was too late. The new owners were home.

      I was trying to sneak out while they were in different rooms, but the maid saw me. She was going to let me leave. She seemed to understand I didn't mean any harm. Then one of the owners saw me. I started kind of crying and explaining what had happened.

      They didn't seem upset, but I was still trying to explain away why we were in the house.

      Then my dad was in the house with his second wife. He was mad at my brother and was being kicked out of the house. I was out watching this all take place, but somehow still trying to escape.
    6. Escaping the Nazi Invasion; Lucid Bad Guys Then The Good Stuff

      by , 07-09-2012 at 09:47 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Escaping the Nazi Invasion

      I was at my house with my brother. For once we weren't fighting. We left my yard hopping the fence in back. It's a flimsy fence, and it was easy to get over, though I remember us being careful. We put our heals in the rectangles as we went over to the other side, then jumped off.

      We ran through the woods a little, then made it to the edge of a Druid Hills neighborhood. I looked over a hedge to see where we had come out. I knew it wouldn't be far enough. Over the hedge was a creek down a hill. We hadn't gone far enough.

      My brother was already headed up the street. I wanted him to stay out of site from the cars passing by and the houses on the right. He didn't seem to care. We continued under the cover of night.

      I went up the street behind the hedge hoping not to be seen by anyone in the houses, and bending down so my head didn't show above the hedge line. Cars kept coming so I couldn't walk beyond the hedge. There was no end even in the middle of the night so I came out of the hedges onto the sidewalk making it look like I'd been bending down to tie my shoe.

      Once I was walking on the street, we were OK. We walked along and made it to someones house. I saw asparagus ferned out, growing along the steps that went down, and then back up to their house.

      I asked someone if they knew what it was, proud that I did. I looked in the windo and saw pincones with trees growing in them. I thought they were so neat. Then I saw these little designs of sea shells stuck together on the counter. I thought they were neat also. The owner appeared in the window and I felt as though I/we were wrong to be at his house. I tried to tell him through the window that I liked the stuff he had.

      Now I was inside with this group of people, but my brother wasn't around anymore. The owner then came in from the outside. Someone said he was with a special group and not to bother him. He was important somehow. He came over though and started talking to us.

      He mentioned he thought we'd used a certain coffee cup and he was glad we didn't. It may have been a yin-yang coffee cup. We had used tea cups, so everything was cool.

      Then I was in a different house. They were Greek. I mentioned how the Greeks had once saved the Jews, so I felt comfortable. In my dream, I confused the fact that the Greeks and Turks don't like each other, but the Turks once helped the Jews.

      Now the Nazis were coming. The Greek guy in this house got a sword and a shield and left to meet the Nazi challenge. I didn't have anything to fight with.

      I ran around looking for some weapons. I saw a friend who was also looking for a weapon. We went up the street where a friend had a car and told us to come on. He went on ahead so I screamed, "Then wait up for us. The guy drove on.

      My new friend and I knew we needed a car to escape. My friend made it on up ahead before me. He ducked into a diner or something. I then caught up, and found a classic car shop. It was a small place. It was kind of dark and hard to access. There was a lot of commotion. People were trying to get a car and leave to escape the Nazi's.

      People were already looting it, so I said to myself, "This is war and the shop is gone anyway. So I went in and started looking for the keys. Someone pulled out a board and let me have my choice, but I was somehow guided to the first key on the board. It was car 547 in spot 337. I couldn't see it on the key, and I was afraid I was going to forget the number, so I kept saying it too myself.

      An old lady with a dog tried to help me. She didn't talk, but she told me where to go. She also told me to put something on, as I didn't have a shirt. (I know, she didn't talk). I told her that I didn't have a shirt. Then I was holding a shirt, so I wrote the number on the shirt very quickly and started looking for the car. (I never found the car. Darn!)

      It ended up to be a really big, commercial dealership. I had somehow ended up outside the shop again. I walked back up to it. I had to get a car before other people got it, but I had a key. Surely they would run out of keys soon. I went inside and now I was being seated with a bunch of other people. We had to be served breakfast and the sales people were going to talk to us before we got our cars. It was part of the experience for them to treat their customers well.

      All the booths were circular. The seats were red. I recognized everyone from false memories. I tried to sit by a pretty girl who said, "Not here!" so looked for another booth with people I wanted to sit with. I noted it was just like riding a school bus (referring to the rude girl).

      I woke up with the number 547 337 stuck in my head.

      Lucid Bad Guys Then The Good Stuff

      I was with my Dad. I had rock playing on the radio and he let it play, but I realized he wouldn't really want that playing, so I told him I'd change it. He nodded. I found 90.1, NPR.

      I was in the breakfast room of my dad's house in Druid Hills again. On the other side of the breakfast table were two guys in the mob and a girl. The guys were going to do harm to me and the girl. I went around the table to get the bad guys.

      I went to move the girl to get access to the bad guys, but instead of putting my hand on her shoulder, I ended up grabbing her breast. It was very soft.

      All my DC's were in freeze mode now, so I decided to take the girl to bed. I lay her in bed and said, "You know what's going to happen now, right?" She nodded "Yes."

      I did a quick reality check. I had six fingers.

      I took of my pants careful not to get them caught up on my feet and spend a whole lucid trying to get my feet out of my pants. I turned to her and got on top of her. She had a rectangle above her vagina. She had dark hair.

      I kissed her flat stomach and went to fuck her. As I was trying to put it in, I woke up.

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