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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

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      by , 06-12-2013 at 03:36 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      • I had some car trouble yesterday that scared me a bit.
      • I woke up to use the bathroom and decided to cycle.
      • About a month and a half ago I was shoveling fertilizer and got stuck in a mud pit.

      I was at the end of a neighbor's driveway talking to a cop. He was going to help me with my car as it was giving me trouble.

      The cop got in and started my car and ended up going off the driveway onto the soft ground, where we got stuck. I started crying saying, "What am I going to do now" over and over.

      Then I realized I was dreaming. I did a hand rc and went through my usual routine where I had 5 fingers, but after staring at them I had 6. I sat there and counted a few times to be sure and they went to 7 and then 6 again.

      I decided to punch the cop in the chest, and then I asked if he wanted me to pull his heart out. I reached my hand into his chest, but couldn't find his heart.

      I may have had a false awakening. At one point I remember trying to go back to sleep and feeling my body buzz, and trying to relax and go with it, but I was having trouble falling back asleep. I think that was an FA.

      Dream Skip

      I'm at school and can't remember what the class is doing. Everyone leaves except this one girl. I look to her for help but she doesn't want to help. She gets up and leaves also.

      I got up and feel stoned and nervous that someone is going to question my red eyes. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands but there is no sink. Where there would be a sink, there is a Port-a-poti urinal. I left disgusted.

      Dream Skip

      I am in some other building and I'm getting something to eat. I see this older black lady feeding from another woman's breast. She is a vegan, so she didn't want to eat any of the food at the cafeteria we were in. I was thoroughly disgusted...again.


      I had another dream where I made it with some hot chick. She was so hot that when I was done, I was trying to do it again.
    2. Tagline for a Metier; A Colorful Death

      by , 01-30-2013 at 10:27 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Tagline for a Metier

      I was standing at medium sized red pick-up truck. It sat up high with a lift kit, it had roll bars, and the engine was in the bed. I read on some part of the engine where the owner had affixed some kind of sticker or embossed right on the engine block this tagline: "Unfortunately, nothing NO2 occurs before a gas line."

      I had a hard time reading it, but when I did, it was in plain English.

      A Colorful Death

      Some guy was seemingly just going about a typical day, but something happened. I don't really remember the circumstances. What I do remember is that it was like the Nightmare on Elm Street III in 3D. The guy was dreaming, he died in his dream, and so he died in real life.

      He died in his dream, which may have been more symbolic--that is, it may have simply been that he died in his dream story, but as I watched him in his own dream, I never saw him die.

      After I watched him in his dream sequence, my view turned to his actual bed. It was pristine white and didn't have any covers. There may have been a top white sheet pushed towards the foot of the bed. Then a head appeared and rolled just a bit. His dream death equated to a decapitation in real life, but without a body.

      The white bed was like a canvas, and a rainbow of color appeared on the bed. It was a rather striking contrast to the head.
    3. Nuclear Bomb; Mom Dreaming; Guys and Dolls; Messed Up Lap Top

      by , 01-11-2013 at 12:01 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Nuclear Bomb

      I was looking at the scenery towards the North Georgia mountains. It looked like I was about a hundred miles away.

      I turned in what I guess was the opposite direction. Pine trees were in the foreground. I walked about 10 feet to see beyond them and I saw the most beautiful mountains I'd ever seen. They were snow-capped mountains that looked like the Rockies.

      These mountains were tall. The Georgia mountains were pretty small. These mountains were like what you see in Colorado. They must have been a half a days travel, but they were fantastic.

      I thought I saw a Bald Eagle, but it wasn't vivid. Then there were several large birds. I tried to take a picture with my phone. I was going to take a picture of the mountains and a bird, but then a bird flew out of the scene of the mountain. I turned to take a picture of this bird, but between the bird flying and my crappy phone, I couldn't get the picture.

      I decided to just snap the beautiful picture of the mountains. I was really in awe. I wanted to move my home closer to them. I struggled to find that same wide view of the mountains, climbing in the bed of my truck, around some junk I had in the bed, and found the shot. Then I heard a boom. Someone had hit the U.S. with a nuclear bomb.

      The bomb hit a few miles from the mountains. My heart sank. I looked for the mushroom cloud but didn't see it, so I tried to snap the picture. As I was finding focus, the mountains were obscured by redish smoke. I felt as bad that such a beautiful scene was ruined as I did that we were hit by a nuke.

      I got back in the truck as I received a message from my mom (whom I do not talk to IWL.) As her message came in, I had brought up some other function on my phone.

      In a nearby field, the nuclear bomb had turned into a rain storm. Someone playing soccer fell in a hole and was climbing out. The hole had appeared due to the rain storm.

      As I was leaving, someone I knew only in this dream, started walking backwards in front of me showing me advertisements to his pizza joint. He said he'd give me 2 pieces of pizza if I would find two pieces of pizza in the ladies car behind me that they didn't want, or just two pieces of pizza in their car or something. I was hesitant.

      I asked if she was pretty. The person said, "She used to be." Then I realized she was a friend (in the dream.) She asked what we were saying. I didn't want her to figure out what he had said. As I looked in her car, I saw she was fat, but she was chewing on a new, hot pizza. It was too late though. I couldn't "find" that pizza because I'd already seen it.

      I drove on and passed a pond near my home/destination. I stopped and got out and I was then with someone at the other end of the pond. The pond was red from Georgia red clay. We discussed the possibility of fish being in it.

      Dream Skip

      I'm in a tractor trailer and I was stopped by the police. I find myself with an OGFJ. She saw I had a picture of her when she was going through something bad. She got mad at me for having it and ripped it up.

      I started crying because I don't have many pictures of her, and she is no longer with me. We argued about it, though not yelling, for some time. I was really broken up to be near her but not with her. (I haven't dated her for 16 years IWL, but she was the one.)

      There is a lady cop. She asks for support to come. There are lots of people around, though nobody is threatening at all. When the other cop gets there, I'm upset about J. He asks where the other damaged vehicle is and I said there was no other vehicle. They decide to let me go.

      The End

      Mom Dreaming

      My mother had a hypnogogic jerk, hit her hand on the night stand, and woke up. Then I saw the scene from the beginning. My mother was typing on a number pad. She had a hand brace on. Her hand looked thin and not quite right. It's a shame I didn't go lucid.

      Slowly her hand drifted off the keyboard. She fell asleep. She never hit the table, but it would have been then that she had her hypnogogic jerk and hit her hand...except thinking about it, she already had a hand brace on which was probably because she had hit her hand the first time the dream played out.

      I explained to her what had happened. She didn't believe she had been dreaming. I explained to her that we (the DV community) log and record our dreams and track dream signs. I explained that I had waken up at either 2:48 or 3:48 to log the Nuclear Bomb dream above.

      The End

      Guys and Dolls

      I dreamed of a girl who had discussed me putting my hands on her hips. I ended up with another girl. I put my hands on her hips but she wasn't receptive. I explained I was thinking of someone else. I thought that would make her think better of me as someone else wanted me.

      I looked around the kitchen where we were and saw several blue pictures. This is really the reason I'm logging this dream. The pictures were vivid and bright.

      The End

      Messed Up Laptop

      I had a laptop with round keys. Many of the keys had popped up on a kind of plastic stick. They stood up about a half an inch.

      They popped up because they had gotten wet. I pushed them down one by one and most would stay down. Some would pop back up. Apparently they hadn't dried out yet. I tried to push them down again because I was nervous that the laptop wouldn't work .

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    4. Dad; Repairing my Truck / Vacation / Pond

      by , 01-10-2013 at 10:06 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      My dad was sitting up in Bed. We was at the end of his life, but when he was able to talk and eat normally.

      I told him I'd been wanting to tell him so many things, and now that he was back I could finally tell him.


      Repairing my Truck / Vacation / The Pond

      I was with M. S. and we were having a good time. I needed to fix my truck. It needed a red tailgate. I got the job done, but wasn't sure it was good quality so I gave the tailgate away.

      Then I came back to get the job done again. I was embarrassed because I was coming back after the job had been done already.

      The mechanic cranks up the car. The radio is blasting, so I told him I could turn the radio down if he wanted. He starts to sing the song that was on to let me know that he knows music and doesn't mind loud music just because he's old.

      I started talking to Mike about going to someone's sister's beach. I imagined a scene of a nice white beach. I asked someone for a cigarette. They gave me a whole pack. I ran it back to the guy because I didn't need a whole pack.

      When I opened it, there was only one cigarette, but I really only saw a bunch of tobacco at the bottom of the box.

      Now we are really pressed for time. I ran back to the truck but now it was a boat, and it had sunk into a holding pool where it was parked.

      There was a bunch of stuff in the boat. I wanted to bring it up without everything falling out. I tried to crank the boat while it was under water. I pulled the string like a lawn mower to crank it. The guy I was with told me, "No, get one of them" or something, pointing at some monkeys. There were some monkeys that had been trained to do this in some movie. He thought a monkey could do a better job cranking it because they were stronger.

      Dream skip

      We made it to our destination. I approach the side of a yard where there are bird nests stacked about 5 high, one on top of each other. I saw some of the birds dart into their nest holes.

      I approached wanting to see the birds. The lady who owned them came out. I hoped she wouldn't be mad that I was looking / disturbing them.

      Dream Skip

      Then I was at a pond. There were small looking galaxies in the pond. Then they were 3 different kinds of fish. One was like a leach. I think it was called a Cutter. There was a little round thing, and there was some other type of fish/organism. I wanted to catch them, but they would all bite, so I left them alone.
    5. A Hippy Friend

      by , 11-27-2012 at 05:07 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Hippy Friend

      I was with a hippy friend of mine. She used to talk to me sometimes. She was with her boyfriend and I was jealous.

      They got in a small pick-up truck. I started to get in also, but for some reason, I could only get on the rear bumper and hang on. I was afraid of falling off as we went down the road.

      A tire was in the bed of the truck. The girl (I) gave it a small push and it rolled out of the truck, which was bad for me for some reason, somehow though, it rolled back in the truck.

      I ended up in a room with her, and her boyfriend wasn't there. She left the room.

      I wanted to take her, so I thought I might be dreaming. I had a hard time finding my hands, but I kept looking. Finally I found my hand and counted. As usual, I started out with what seemed to be five fingers, but then there were several.

      Realizing I was dreaming, I took off my underwear. It got caught up around my feet. I spent my time trying to get it off from around my feet. She never came back in before I woke up.

      My alarm woke me up.

      I went back to bed and thought about the girl. I was lucid right away, and did a hand RC (my favorite). Then my alarm went off again.

      My alarm goes off every five minutes. I keep saying I'll change that. I'm going to mark this as two lucids...even though they sucked.

      I've had a total of about 4 that ended right when they started. I'm going to break those out of my total so I can know how many times I've successfully become lucid, and how many times I had any kind of a dream to speak of at all. I consider it a success to re-enter a lucid. It just sucks the way it happens sometimes.
    6. Destroying a Bomb; Zombies; Chinese Taking Nigerian Slaves; Trafficking Cocaine; Fish

      by , 04-27-2012 at 11:00 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Destroying a Bomb

      Three nights ago I had a dream that someone had a bomb strapped to them. It consisted of 3 M-80 sized explosives -- 1 each in black, red, and green.

      If I broke the wires, it would blow, but I couldn't let it stay on the person, so I took my foot and broke through the wires. It did not blow.


      I dreamed there were zombies with powdery-white hair and faces. One had a ware-wolf face. He had the powdery-white hair and face also. He was an outcast even among the other zombies.

      He was trying to climb up on a window ledge, but was having trouble because he wasn't very strong.

      Chinese Taking Nigerian Slaves
      Another Alarm-infiltrated dream

      I was playing a game with some lady. I was a guest in her home I think. The game was like Risk. I was in the position to make a diplomatic tie with China. I wasn't happy about their stand on human rights, but I decided to make friends with them because it seemed better than not doing so.

      I went to a box with cartridges and pulled out the one to make friends with China. That would be a pain in the ass game!

      As I pulled out that cartridge, another came out a bit. I left it, and the lady got a little upset that I left it out. I explained that my dad would have been upset to, but I would push it back in when I replaced my cartridge.

      Then I realized that in real life, China was taking up the practice of enslaving Nigerians. I though, "Oh God! We got over that 150 years ago, and they are just now starting?" I pictured the horrors starting all over again with one person representing everyone who would now become slaves. It was horrible.

      Trafficking Cocaine

      I was in a Semi going across the border to Mexico. I was being stopped so border patrol could check my truck. It had cocaine in it. I now realized I was in trouble because of course they would check a trailer like mine.

      I saw a truck that was parked really poorly. I thought I did such a poor job of parking. Then I realized My truck was actually parked properly.


      I was in the water. I saw several fish. I caught one fish by the tail. It was friendly looking, but had a ferocious looking mouth. It was blue and white.

      At first, I wasn't sure it was a fish, but I looked at it closely and saw what I thought were eyes, which they were. That's when the fish came to life. I caught it by the tail between my thumb and forefinger on the flat part of its tail.

      Someone was with me. I tried to tell them how to catch a similar fish.

      Then I was by a coral reef. It was large and flat, and things could live under it. I was afraid something could come out from under it because I was right there at the edge.

      I saw muscles too. They made me feel a bit uncomfortable.
    7. Home Components Equal Music; In the Military

      by , 01-06-2012 at 07:00 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Home Components Equal Music

      Someone had explained to me, and then I was trying to explain to someone else, how different parts of a home correlated to parts of a symphony.

      There was a large home, and a symphony playing in the background. I was trying to explain how if you took the columns away from the home (huge columns, though the house was really just a model), a certain section of the symphony wouldn't be heard anymore. The columns then floated away from the model, and one section of the band was no longer heard.


      I was in the military in a truck of sorts. I was standing between the drivers seat and a seat behind me. The two seats were so close together, that I was squeezed tight. This helped me with the next part of my dream.

      I was holding on to an ovular ring on the ceiling of the truck with two fingers. I intended for it to look like I was holding up the weight of my body with two fingers, but in fact I'm pretty tall, and the seats being so tight held me up, and I could just reach up to the ring.

      Other's looked at me in amazement that I could hold up my bodyweight with 2 fingers. A short, fat guy tried to jump up and grab a ring, but he couldn't even reach it. Then it came into question how I could really hold on with just two fingers.

      I was going to have some kind of test about it now, and I wanted to explain how I couldn't really have held up my body weight, but I couldn't explain it because my dream slowed me and my reactions down.

      I ended up being thrown under the truck with another person. It was easy enough to stay out from under the wheels, and I was thinking of rolling out from under the truck.

      Later, I was talking to my commanding officer. I was nervous about telling him the deal with the truck.
    8. Room Under a Roller Coaster - Addict looking for Her Milk-carton Daughter

      by , 10-19-2011 at 05:04 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Room Under a Roller Coaster

      I only remember bits of this dream. I was with a group of people. I had a room where I kept my stuff in a closet. There was some guy, older than me, whom I did not trust. I had an old video camera that belonged to my father. There were some video cassette tapes with it (the camera would have taken film, but you know dream logic), a calculator (to time when transitions should start and end), razor blades (they looked like fingernail clippers) to make transitions (by scratching between frames [on film]), and other chachkas related to video.

      I had a feeling the guy in charge of the dorm/apartment place wanted to steal my stuff. I got busy trying to take the video tapes so I wouldn't lose my work even if I lost the camera.

      As I opened the box to rearrange stuff and get the tapes, I saw an old Macintosh laptop for editing the video. This older laptop was advanced even for today. It was made of clear, tinted plastic. Very cool. When you opened it, there was a mini laptop built into it that you would unfold and flip up.

      The dream kind of changed, but I was still in the same room. I looked out a giant picture window to see a roller coaster. Every few minutes, it would go by the window. I liked to get up to the window and wave at the people going by. Some would see me and wave back.

      Now I was outside, but it was kind of the same place. I had a bunch of items with me; likely carryover from the video stuff. I was keeping them arranged and in their proper place because of the commotion from the roller coaster. At this point, I noticed a very pretty girl (25 yrs old maybe), but she was troubled.

      Her daughter was missing, and had been for years. Somehow she was able to send money to the girl to help her in life. Leonardo Decaprio was telling the girl not to waste her money on the girl. There was a poster of the girl the mother thought was her daughter. The poster-girl did favor the mother.. Decaprio said the mother wasn't even sure the girl was her daughter.

      Someone had asked the mother how much she needed. She held up 10 fingers to signify 10,000 dollars. She apparently gave the little girl all her money. Then the poster-girl opened her eyes really wide and they looked more like real life. That was pretty freaky.

      Then, Decaprio had thick, robotic fingers. He held them up and showed his bottomless pit. He spent all his money on transforming himself into some weird creature. Then the mother was spending all her money on plastic surgery to change her look. She looked great both ways, but her new look involved too much make-up...eye make-up specifically. Then Decaprio was her boyfriend (not Decaprio anymore), and he had some addiction. He said, "I have my addiction, and you have your carbonated oxygen." Looking at the mother again, she had an oxygen mask on. She didn't take pills or smoke or anything. She had a tank of whatever she was on.

      Driving a Truck

      I was driving a semi. There were intermodal containers on the side of the highway making it difficult to drive without an accident. Many truckers were hitting the containers. I maneuvered away without hitting any, but my truck was skidding.

      I picked up a girl who said she was trying to get her CDL. I told her I had my Class A license. I told her to get in the driver's seat because like an idiot I was driving from the passenger's seat. I got scared at how I could do such a thing.
    9. Trucking; Buying a New House

      by , 07-05-2011 at 04:13 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I dreamed I was driving to my last destination in trucking.
      Along the way I ended up at a house I was looking at buying
      or it was my father's second wife's house. She was somehow
      in the dream.

      All of the above comes straight from what is
      happening in my waking life.
    10. Picking Up My Daughter; Your Truck is Fixed/Restaurant a Church for a Survey

      by , 05-25-2011 at 10:58 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Picking Up My Daughter

      I had to pick up my daughter from school. The clock said 3:14. I probably didn't see the numbers strange because
      the dream was not vivid.

      Your Truck is Fixed

      My mechanic called and told me my truck currently in the shop, is fixed. It would cost $114.00.
      I told him I loved him because he always treats me right. My real bill will be closer to $600.00

      This led into being at a restaurant where something was going on with the staff. They were involved in something.
      Someone was talking to the owner about doing a survey. They wanted to use the restaurant as a church on sunday
      to get a bunch of people there so that they could do a survey for something (?) on everyone who showed up.
      The owner didn't want to use the restaurant for another business purpose.
    11. Mercenary Man?

      by , 04-06-2011 at 04:02 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a warehouse. There was some kind of issue which I didn't understand, though neither did I question it. I had a 9mm gun and I was ready.

      I wanted something with more punch, and there was a rack of rifles, so I took one. It was really heavy, but I kept it. It takes too much energy in a dream to pick out a new rifle!

      I tested the rifle towards a warehouse bay door. There was no bolt. Instead, I would shake the rifle a couple times and get two more shots.

      The bad guys backed up a box truck full of weapons. The back of the truck was open and I could see all the guns in the back.

      There was an Uzi near the truck with a magazine beside it. I thought I would run get it, but I was afraid the bad guys would pour out any second. Then I decided I better get it because I didn't like the hand gun or the rifle I had.

      I ran and picked up the Uzi and the magazine which was wood (I was dreaming about would a couple nights ago all over the place). It was shaped like a long Kit-Kat bar, but made of wood. Also, there was a filler mag in the gun made of foam.

      The End
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