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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. #66 & #67

      by , 07-02-2013 at 06:48 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lots of dreams last night. I had a bad argument with a good friend. I was really depressed, at a big Mexican meal very late, had a cup of coffee later than usual, and I cycled for the first time in a long time, so what triggered my lucids? I have absolutely no idea.

      A kid needed a blood transfusion after an accident. I picked him up, put him on the hospital bed, and stayed holding him even though his father was right there.

      This scene kind-of alternated with a scene of a plane crash. I viewed this in 3rd person. A black guy inside was having heart trouble. The plane ended up in the water and it is up to everyone's chest. The black guy held his chest and said, "I shouldn't have come." (Ya think?)


      I was starting a company with my friend M. S. A hot brunette was working for us. We were all sitting around. M. told the girl to turn on the T.V. just so he could tell her what to do. I told M. to then tell her to come sit in my lap.

      It didn't work out exactly as I wanted, but eventually, I figured out I was dreaming. I looked at my hand to be sure--six fingers. I was so happy. I started making out with her and feeling her tits. She was delicious. I decided to lick her ass, so I told M. to come over and he could make out with her. I had her for a little, but soon woke up.


      A knight was riding a horse along the bank of the ocean or something. The water was like 50 feet below or something. The knight was riding along and I got it in my mind that his armor was purple, and that he was the Purple Knight.

      I was afraid he would fall in the water. Instead, he kept riding approaching a crowd. At this point, I focused on the crowd. I ended up in a room with several people, and I realized I was dreaming again. I looked at my hand and counted six, so I took a girl and started to eat her.

      I quickly found someone else though. She was dirty blonde and had bigger tits. Her skin was smooth and soft, her lips were deep pink to light red, but natural. I made out with her and felt her up. I soon
      woke up again though.

      It was early afternoon when I woke up. My rough night left me restless in the morning so I kept waking up, but going back to sleep. This gave me the opportunity to lucid.

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    2. Elephant Looking for Water

      by , 04-02-2012 at 03:01 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      There was an elephant walking in the desert looking for water. It was able to sense water with its trunk.

      Two researchers were in a deep hole. One had on a blue dress that was making it look like water was in the hole. It created the look of the sun reflecting ripples off of water.

      I was looking at this from the perspective of being in the hole. I could see it looked like water, and I was sad that it was a trick. The elephant put its trunk towards the hole, and then in the hole looking for the water.

      The end of the trunk didn't look exactly like an elephants trunk. It was too round.
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    3. High-flying Lucid; Burning the Street; A Bug in a Nut

      by , 02-12-2012 at 05:32 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was typing on an old IBM typewriter. It was the kind I learned how to type on. I was trying to type a phone number that wasn't in the system, which made the typewriter start to smoke.

      Someone came over to look at it and I explained that I know what I was doing. I'd learned on that kind of typewriter.

      Dream Skip

      I was at Kelly and Cohen Bedrooms. I thought how interesting it was that after so many years, I was right back where I'd started so many years before. Then I realized I was dreaming.

      I decided to look for my childhood home to enter my worst nightmare. I did a reality check. As usual, 5 fingers, then it turned into 6. Time to fly.

      I headed out and flew at a moderate height looking for houses, then I came to a cliff and I was so high above the trees it was amazing. I felt my stomach drop. I can never get that high when I try to fly up.

      I tried to focus on the wind on my skin as I did last time. It was not as intense, but I could feel it. Then I looked down to see houses.

      I flew down trying to land near a nice, big house, but I landed too far from it. I tried to go too it, but I was having a hard time. Gravity was pulling me the other direction, so I went the other way.

      All of a sudden, the subdivision was a grave yard. I saw all these graves. Then I saw an antique cash register in the middle of it all. I wanted to check it out, but decided not to waste time. I should have looked at a headstone carefully.

      I saw a house up a hill beyond the graveyard. It was a siding home. I decided to pass through the wall or the window. I saw a man on a phone inside. I decided to enter and see what I could find. I passed through the window and the man was a woman.

      She was extremely attractive, wearing a white shirt. She was on the phone. I was willing her to take off her shirt. She would have, but as she was getting off the phone, I woke up. Grrrr.

      The End

      I was on a blacktop street. I saw a piece of plastic about 4" by 8" embedded in the street. I set it on fire wondering what it would do to the street. I told some guys there that I was nervous to do it, but I would just blame it on them, then I told them I was only kidding, which I was. (Funny joke )

      Dream Skip

      I was in the water at a man-made beach. Someone came up to me and gave me a strange apparatus and told me there was a bug inside of a nut inside the apparatus.

      I examined the thing I was given and concluded I had to open it. I did so, and found an odd electrical device with a light bulb. Inside the light bulb was a mosquito. Others were looking at what I was given.

      When I looked up, there was a boy who was with an older girl. I was jealous that this older girl liked the little brat boy. They ended up kissing a rather mature kiss for such a young kid. Then he walked away to play. I thought the kid didn't know what he was doing. He should stay with the chick if he knew what was good for him. She had a beautiful mouth. It was very red, partially natural, and partially lipstick/lip gloss.

      Dream Skip

      I'm in a building trying to get something to drink, but I don't have enough change on me. I needed a dollar. All of a sudden, I look up and drinks now cost $3.00. I thought how fucked up everything is that just when I can afford the damn dollar that drinks cost, they go up again so I can't afford them again.

      Then I look in the change return and find some coins. I thought how someone had put them there on purpose to pay a good deed forward. Then I started finding lots of money. It was all in change, but it was all dimes, quarters, dollars and such.

      Someone who managed the building came around and I thought I was going to get in trouble for taking all this money.
    4. S.t.; tadpole

      by , 01-17-2012 at 02:27 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I dreamed I was with S.t. We were in bed. I rolled into position so that "I" was in S.t.'s hand. It was a very short dream, but the one I was waiting for.

      I had another dream where I was by the water. I never actually swam in it, but at one point I was concerned because I was swimming in it, something was swimming after me, and the thing knew which way to swim because the water had a memory of where I had gone, and the fish thing that was after me could read the water. (This comes from something I saw on youtube of how water really does have a memory.)

      I saw the water retain the swirls of where I had swam, and knew the fish creature would follow the current and find me.

      Then I saw some tadpoles. I looked at them in my dream. They were kind of evil looking. That was the most vivid part of the dream. I really focused on the fish. I saw them in very shallow water, and they looked like some other kind of fish. Kind of evil looking. They were kind of long and hand round heads like Alien.

      I was afraid of a tadpole.
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    5. JF Sitting on Me; A Hurricane is Coming

      by , 10-15-2011 at 06:33 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Last night I had a dream that I was at my Aunts house. The neighbor's lawn was a lake after a hard rain. It was one of those days where it was overcast, but not grey. Instead, everything looked yellow. I don't know if someone said it or it was just a thought in my mind, but a hurricane was coming.


      An old friend of mine JF was sitting on my back. He was heavy. I was freaking out inside. I tried to get him off, but it took all my energy, then it was even harder to breathe. There was some hair by my nose and mouth and this made me even more freaked out. I have a gag reflex at hair near my nose or mouth...unless attached to a person. The dream seemed to last about 30 seconds, but it was very scary.
    6. Over Japanese Nuclear Plant Disaster

      by , 04-06-2011 at 05:08 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Background note: I used to work at AIG. I did some unique, creative work for them which they liked. I was "promoted" a few times, but never rewarded with rank or title; but I was given better work. The used me for two years.


      There was more dream that led up to this but I forgot it, so I start out in a strange vehicle flying over the Japanese nuclear disaster.

      With the plant shut down, they are releasing all the sea water being used to cool the spent rods back into the ocean as it will be diluted by the rest of the ocean.

      I was being flown in a long box thing with windows. It flew by jet power or something. I looked down and saw the water rushing. There were officials overseeing the operation on top of secured train cars with water almost touching their feet, but they were safe some how.

      The driver of my vehicle swoops down very fast and erratically and comes very close to the water, but we kept circling. It was like we were the news. Then, the driver becomes this Armed Forces guy--very serious, and he DOES go into the water...and we are not enclosed anymore. We have to hold our breath!

      We go deeper until my head is under water. WTF?! The guy doesn't even warn me? So we are cruising deeper and deeper and I think this is pretty ridiculous now, and soon I need to come up for air.

      I make it back to the top for air. Now I feel like I need to save the other guy, so I take four deep breaths to get oxygen back to my brain, I started feeling better, and then I went back down to see how the guy was doing.

      Now I'm with my dad. We are all in Army attire but kind of futuristic (my dad was in the army), and we are lined up as if at a bank. My dad and I are signing papers.

      My dad said to me quietly, "See, I've never had to sign papers with three other people." Only three people were signing the paper, but that is what he meant. (His point was that someone else could change something later and then his signature would still be on the paper, and he didn't feel comfortable with that.)

      Soon, the person behind the counter was an old boss J.H. I was going back to work with her at AIG...kind of. The papers I was signing indicated permissions. I was allowed to map drives on my computer to Google and certain other programs.

      I asked about it for more information and J.H. told me how my dad and I were signing the papers because I was known for talking a lot before. I couldn't get my argument out in this dream of how much I did for this company, so I said, "When do I get a promotion?!"

      At this point they let the cat out of the bag. J.H. pointed to a man on her left and said I'll be working with the devil.

      Fuckin' A! I looked at my dad realizing we were in Hell. Then, very quickly, I realize this I'm in a dream. Cool! I decide I'm going to bitch-slap the devil! I turn to my dad and say, "Watch this!" Then I walked around the other side of the counter and told this bitch of a lady who knew I was going to Hell, "Watch this! Hey...watch this!" I couldn't really get her attention.

      I woke up. Still, of all the times to go lucid, I was really happy for that moment!
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    7. Mess? No Problem - Kidnapped and Made to do Bad Things with Love

      by , 03-12-2011 at 04:36 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Side note: I forgot my dreams from yesterday, but remembered this morning going through my routine...

      Fragment: We have a top-fill type water filter that also stores the water. My wife had gotten some and left the lever down so water was spilling everywhere. I told her about it and she didn't bother to turn around and flip the switch back up.


      Fragment: I was being held by these people who were going to make me do bad stuff (don't know what. ?) I was pretty upset about it. All of a sudden we were outside. It was a beautiful sunny day, though I didn't see detail.

      The lady in charge gave me a thick chicken salad sandwich on toasted wheat bread. I felt love with that sandwich. I told her that I know I still have to do things.

      The End