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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. "One Can't Maneuver!"; OGFJ-1; OGFJ-2; In The Water; Car Problems

      by , 01-21-2013 at 08:18 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      "One Can't Maneuver!"

      I think I forgot the first part of this dream, or it started with a false memory that there was more of a beginning.

      I am walking down to a street in the dark. I'm looking at a t-shirt being put on a hanger by only a set of hands. Something was wrong with it and it was going to be returned to the store.

      Then I decide to take the shirt to someone, or simply that it was a good opportunity to go to this person. Now it is raining, and very dark. I say, "One can't maneuver!" and I hear this refrain echoed by someone across the street and to my right. I shouldn't keep saying this, but I do. I'm intrigued by the sentence and that someone is repeating it. It is like a chant.

      I turn to the left and start flying. Now I'm evil because I'm not supposed to be going where I'm going and saying what I'm saying, and I'm flying to get there which somehow adds to my lack of concern. I see a car coming from one direction so I fly to it and figure on scaring the person in the car, when another car comes around the corner from the other direction. I manage not to get hit, and I'm now across the street.

      I fly a couple feet above the sidewalk and approach a witch of a woman lying on the ground, but moving forward. She is lowly and evil, but I encounter her as a reflection of myself. My own "evilness" is a self-imposed view.

      I continue flying down the sidewalk feeling a sense of power, but end up flying to a place that is narrow, and like a tomb. It isn't really a tomb, but there is nowhere else for me to fly. I do more self reflection and consider that I am here because of my evil nature.

      I guess I shouldn't have crossed the street saying "One Can't Maneuver!" That's "very bad"!

      The End


      I am with my OGFJ. She is in a weird metal suit that shows her body. It is designed for me to take her, though I never did.


      I am with J again. At first we are in at my dad's house, though it isn't necessarily his real layout and all. She is naked. I am going to take her, but then she is outside on the street naked. It is purposeful for some reason, like that is how we are going to get together. I'm supposed to see her outside naked, and then she will walk up to me and finally in the house. It was like foreplay.

      Finally she was in the house, but now she had her clothes on, and she was asleep. I started to take her clothes off when she woke up. It was as though this scene was repeating itself even though this was the first time it happened. (?)

      In The Water

      I have a jar with a fish in it. There is sand and a plant at the bottom, and there is barely enough water for the fish to swim. I put more water in the jar but it is warmer than the water already in the jar, so I'm worried for the fish. I put more cold water in to even out the temperature.

      Now I'm at a creek. I may have been at the creek the first time I put water in the jar, but why would the water have been warm? I was trying to get to the creek for more water though, so now I'm there in any case.

      All of a sudden I'm lying in the water. It's not really gross, but I'm a little concerned for what I can't see. Mostly, I'm not thinking about it though. I look up at the leaves on a branch of a shrub hanging in my reach and realize I'm dreaming, but only kind of. It feels more like I'm aware that I'm awake in this dreamy world rather than realizing I'm dreaming in my asleep world.

      I put my hand behind some of the leaves and see shadow. I find the view really dreamy. The leaves are foggy green, and the sun in the sky is not bright. It looks like the sky in the beginning of "Tales from the Dark Side" when they show the creek.

      I see that I am next to a big, black cloth thing in the water which makes me nervous. I have no idea what is living under it.

      I begin to figure out that I am dreaming, though it is kind of an FA. I try to imagine my self sliding down a slide to start moving, and sure enough I start sliding on a curved slide.

      Car Problems

      I'm in an old, 70's green car. I think it is a Mercury, though it isn't the shape of a Mercury in my dream. It is a great car, but the transmission is out. It won't go. I press the accelerator but slide backwards.

      I decide to put it into Park and hope that will reset it. I then put it into 2 and it does start to go.

      The End

      I'm categorizing this as lucid because one of my dreams was pretty much lucid, but I'm not tallying another lucid where I keep track of them.

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    2. Not Memorable: Witch Meeting; Back at the Party; Old Coins and Going Back for my Daughter

      by , 11-06-2011 at 04:20 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Witch Meeting

      I was at a table with a guy and a girl. I don't know what the discussion was about. Another DC walks up. The two DC's at the table start to talk about what we are going to do. The new DC has changed the dynamic of our plan and I get nervous about it.

      A silver or stainless steel pipe cut in half length-wise is now around our chairs binding us as a group inside the piping. Blood is in the half-pipe. It didn't seem odd in my dream. The female character "put" it there.

      I start to tell everyone that "The only way...

      The two DC's already seated are still talking. I am insistent, and so I keep talking as I stand up..."I am going to keep going is if I am in charge of a couple things." I put my arm around the new DC and walk away. I assure the folks at the table this will only take a minute--maybe not even that long. We walk away.


      I come back to a party, though it isn't the one from my previous dream. There are lots of people at a sports bar scene. As I approach the door, a beautiful brunette walks out and to see me. Her name is Dianne. Names are rare in my dreams.

      We are going to go to a less crowded room to hang out. I tell her, "I'm going to go get my pool stick and a pack of smokes." I have a pool stick, but I quit smoking years ago. She says "That's cool."

      I go out to my car, but try to get a better parking spot. It actually seemed farther away when I got there. As I got out of my car, I was now getting off a lawn mower. It had a blade that stuck out. It was covered, but tilted to expose the blade. I had to adjust the blade so it wasn't dangerous.

      I was getting frustrated because I was trying to get back to Dianne, though I was starting to lose that part of the dream.

      I finally started walking back to the party. There were tons of people walking my way.

      I usually don't have so many DC's.

      Old Coins and Going Back for my Daughter

      I was finding coins in a creek--mostly from today's time, but then I found a really old coin. It might have been commemorative.

      Dream skip

      Time has passed. Some friends are going somewhere and I am going with them. I am in the creek to get just a few more coins. I didn't want to leave the quarters. It seemed like such easy money. Then the coins started getting older. I was finding treasure, so I really had to keep getting them.

      Finally, I had as many as I could carry. I went back to the car with wet legs from getting on all fours. We left, but we left my daughter, who I think had my name in the dream.

      I was waiting to see if the driver was going to get her, but he never did. I told the driver I had to get out to get my daughter, so he pulled over. I was now 5 miles from home. I was afraid because I would never leave her out of my sight, much less out of the house alone with no one watching her for that long.

      I started to walk home and ended up in a building. A guy had me look at a TV which was showing a room full of servers. He said that Drew set the whole thing up. This was because some people I know are hosting a forum for a game I am mildly involved in. The name Drew was from a singer on the X factor.

      Someone else came in the room. She looked like a teacher at my daughter's school. It was made known that she actually installed the servers. It bothered me that the wrong people were taking the credit for setting up this room full of servers.

      Dream End
    3. Lunar Lander; Lucid with a Hottie; Saving a Salem Witch

      by , 10-18-2011 at 05:43 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lunar Lander

      I was with someone--a friend or my brother. We were out in a field. There was a space vehicle
      that looked like the Lunar Lander. The DC I was with had found it and done something to it. It
      was nothing major, but I started getting nervous that the government would be able to figure
      out that it had been tampered with. We decided that it would still fly because the DC hadn't
      done anything to it of consequence.

      A later had a dream that was supposedly to explain how I had come to be at the place where the
      space vehicle was. I was flying over these camps at night. They had strange configurations of a
      circle connected to a square, or modifications of that design. It seemed very logical and futuristic.
      I flew over several of these camps or cities or whatever they were, then started back over at the
      beginning to view them again. By the second or third fly-over, I started to realize I should remember
      the shapes and or the layout of the city.

      This was itself a second chance for me to remember this scene as the fly-over was a false memory.
      The first time I flew over seemed to be a reminder even though I don't remember ever having the dream
      the first time.

      Lucid with a Hottie

      I was with a bunch of people. There was one girl who was reminiscent of Christa Nicole on the X Factor.
      I liked her. She was friendly in a cold, manipulative way.

      I had some cookies which I was giving to everyone, but they fell in the sand of a playground. I was sad
      because I am a germ-a-phobe. I decided to eat one anyways, and someone else was willing to eat one too.
      Then, the girl I liked asked if I would get her some orange drink and some chocolate drink. I thought that was strange, but then thought that the combination sounded pretty good.

      I said something to her like, "You're being nice, but you don't really like me, do you?" She never answered before I headed off to the store.

      I ordered the chocolate drink and the orange drink. I was thinking about gallons so everyone could have some and so it would be cheaper. The guy started giving me a bunch of regular size drinks. I knew that would cost more than I wanted to spend.

      I ended up leaving when I saw my Dad. I immediately knew I was dreaming. At this point, I wanted to talk to my dad, but sometimes he just stands there and doesn't say anything. I decided to turn towards the girl I was with and make it with her.

      I took her to some steps inside an apartment. I started to undo her pants. Up the stairs was someones room. There was no door to the room and the occupant, a heavy-set white lady, was in bed. I was afraid she would see us, but I didn't let it hinder me.

      I started making it with her. It felt so real. I moved her up the stairs into the room where the other girl was in bed on the phone. I was trying to get a more comfortable place to do it. Once we were up there, the girl in bed said, "Hey, y'all get out of here!"

      We floated back down the stairs. I continued making love to her until I woke up.

      Saving a Salem Witch

      I went back to sleep and started dreaming about some ladies who were going to go somewhere instead of a bunch of guys having the opportunity to go. I forget where the ladies were going to go, but I started seeing, as if in a movie, Mt. Rushmore, with different carvings. I saw the real carvings, then I saw witches carved into the mountain, though they were just women, and then I saw men in hooded robes standing very tall.

      As if in a movie, the carvings kept cycling so I saw the same carvings like a slide-show. Finally, the scene became real. I was watching the men in hooded robes walking in a natural setting. They were like the Spanish Inquisition. They were looking for a witch.

      They ended up finding her. They were going to burn her. I found myself in a hotel room with 5 other guys in a more modern setting, but we were still going to kill the witch, and now I was in the group.

      Somehow I knew that nobody in the room wanted to kill the witch, but nobody was saying anything because they might then be killed along with the witch. I spoke up. Nobody would go along with me. There were several people outside the room and we were about to leave to kill the girl.

      I said to the guys, "Look, we have six people here." Somehow that made our numbers strong enough to stand up to the others.

      One or two more guys walked into the room. We tried to convince them that we should not kill the "witch," but they weren't going for it. We explained that we were already six, and with them on our side, we could stop them. One of the guys got very upset and said, "Come on!" He was angry and mean looking. I got scared and started to go with him.

      Then one of the original 5 guys I was with started talking to them and we all decided to stand up to the others to not burn the witch.

      Dream-skip to a scene where two little girls were planting clover around the edge of circles of mud. They represented the peace from the witch being let go.
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