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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Women in a Store

      by , 01-26-2013 at 04:33 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Women in a Store

      I was in a dorm room, but I think it was also a restaurant. It was very crowded. I had a football in my hand, and I pretended like I was going to throw it. Then a pretty, long, straight, dark-haired waitress type held up her hands for me to throw it.

      I was happy to throw it. There were lots of people in front of her but I made a perfect throw over their hands and she caught it. Then she threw it back to me. I caught it, but so did someone else. I fought for sole possession of the ball, but couldn't get it. I told the girl that I did catch it though, meaning I didn't miss the ball.

      I was going down the street in a car that you propel with your feet like in the Flintstones...or something. I never saw the vehicle, but that's the best I can imagine it. The only thing is that I didn't propel it like Fred in the Flintstones. I moved it along more like a scooter or a bike, but it wasn't like that either. It was more awkward.

      Anyway, I passed a store with an open front. There was a man on a cell phone tossing a large, foamy, red football up in the air the way I toss a ball to myself when nobody is there to throw it to. I had passed him and stopped to check out the ball. I wanted it, but realized that it wasn't a quality ball, so I'd rather not have it at all.

      Then I payed more attention to the store. I saw jerseys hanging from the ceiling. The store was packed with hanging clothes, but that was just the opening to get people's attention.

      I decided to check it out, and once I started to go in, I was already in the store. It looked like Hobby Lobby the way the aisles and light looked.

      There were about 4 or 5 older ladies talking. One mentioned something about weather this was a dream. I thought about that myself and decided to RC. One of my fingers looked a little funny, but I had five fingers. This always happens to me, so I always count them until I have six, which I did.

      I walked up to one of the ladies and told her it was a dream alright, and started copping a feel. Her breasts were wrinkly, so I said, "Hold on." I wanted to be polite (to my DC ) and not let on that I wanted younger breasts. I left and found some people in a line waiting for service.

      There were three attractive ladies. I turned their faces to me for a better look and only one was really that attractive, so I took her out of line.

      I took her to a room with a table and lay her on it, then I started making out with her. It was a great kiss, but unfortunately it was the best part of the dream.

      I decided to take off her clothes. I looked down where her pants or dress would be and she was in some kind of plastic case. I lifted up these latches all along the case and opened the lid like a plastic, top loading file box, but there was just more plastic under the lid. I was pissed.

      I tried to take it off but was just wasting my time. I took my pants down instead and sat up near her face and made her give me a hummer, but that didn't last long. Someone peeked in the door and the DC didn't want to cooperate.

      Then a man and some lady came in. I didn't want to get in trouble, so I was going to kick their ass. I went up to the lady and said, "I'll get to you later." Then I went up to the guy, but then I was outside the room and didn't need to fight him; I was still in fight mode.

      I ran up to a table focusing on belief, jumped onto it, and jumped off it and started flying. I became heavy, but kept flying until I went up just a bit. I started fighting some short black guy, though it wasn't really fighting. It was more showing dominance. I asked, "How can you fight me when I can do this?" I was flying all around him, though I was so heavy, he could grab a-hold of me. Not my finest lucid hour, but it was still fun.

      Then I was outside. A lady came running up and screaming. Something was wrong with her little boy, so I lay her down and tried to make her give me a hummer. She didn't fight, but I didn't really get a hummer either.

      I did first consider helping the woman and her boy, but it was a dream, so I decided against it. I wonder if the dream would have been more interesting if I had helped her. Maybe next time.

      Anyway, now my friend J. F. is with me giving me advice on such occasions. I asked him if he'd been looking in on my dreams. He said, "I've been paying attention." The point was, he thought I shouldn't be making people give me hummers, or at least not when they are in need of help. I was offended that he would and could spy on my dreams, but I thought it was interesting also.

      I wondered how he did it. He said you take a diaphragm-and he held up some little something between his fingers. It had cartoony sparkly lines coming out from it like it was glowing. This scene repeated once or twice. I don't remember what he said he did with this "diaphragm."

      Anyway, it was time for us to fly off and help the lady. We all went in that direction, but the lady had to run. J.F. and I flew. I was still heavy, so we pulled me up a bit, though I saw him pull me up from third person as I was flying. He grabbed onto the flying person by a coat, probably a coat I've been thinking about lately.

      Then my dream ended.

      This dream was full of inspiration of what I've been thinking about lately, including inspiration from CanisLucidus. I should track my lucids inspired by intention after talking to my DV friends. There have already been several instances, mostly, if not all by MoJoe and MrDreamsX.

    2. A Plane Going Down

      by , 01-14-2013 at 08:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Plane Going Down

      I was on a yellow air plane. It had gaping holes as though large doors and windows were missing. It was as though we were in a huge, plastic, childs toy plane that was really flying.

      There were a couple other people in the plane. The pilot was flying low, and going lower. The terrain was mountainous and jagged. The pilot was now flying along the inside face of one of the mountains. Then the pilot said, "I'm going to get out" or something like that.

      A passenger objected, then the pilot explained how everyone would be fine. "All you have to do is go like this" and he flew close to a ledge and skid on his but along a smooth, flat ridge.

      I ended up getting out in a similar fashion, but I was just all of a sudden outside. Then I was busy trying to keep wild dogs away. (I saw several dogs IWL yesterday) I somehow obtained a chain with something on the end which I used to protect myself from the dogs.

      Then I saw a woman that had another chain weapon thing, and I wanted it. The woman was an extremely attractive cinnamon girl with dark hair up in a bun. She was wearing a white bath robe. I walked up to her and held her in my arms and said what she was thinking, "When will this stop happening?"

      Then there was a dog in front of me. I took the chain with the weight on the end and swung it. It wrapped around the dogs mouth.

      Then there was a scene with my son , my keys, and I was trying to get the keys or show him where they were for him to pick them up. There was a dog there and we needed the keys. I tried to get the keys with my chain thing. Then I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Lady Robber

      by , 09-05-2012 at 04:58 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lady Robber

      I was with my first girlfriend. A young lady had been seen in her house to rob her. I ran through the house to catch her. I looked in a couple rooms and quickly found her.

      I saw her crouched in a corner. I had sympathy for her. I asked why she did it. She said it was because she was fat. I was happy to be able to help her. I explained I am working on the perfect diet.

      I then touched her silky, dark hair, then led her away. R saw me with her, and I felt a bit of a traitor, but as this was a dream, and I can't say that I was in fact a traitor.

      I found myself in a pool with this young woman and a male friend. I accidentally held the woman by her vagina and quickly moved it to her leg.

      I looked over at my male friend. I almost hit him with a friendly punch in the arm at my luck.
      Tags: ogfr, robber, woman
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. High-flying Lucid; Burning the Street; A Bug in a Nut

      by , 02-12-2012 at 05:32 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was typing on an old IBM typewriter. It was the kind I learned how to type on. I was trying to type a phone number that wasn't in the system, which made the typewriter start to smoke.

      Someone came over to look at it and I explained that I know what I was doing. I'd learned on that kind of typewriter.

      Dream Skip

      I was at Kelly and Cohen Bedrooms. I thought how interesting it was that after so many years, I was right back where I'd started so many years before. Then I realized I was dreaming.

      I decided to look for my childhood home to enter my worst nightmare. I did a reality check. As usual, 5 fingers, then it turned into 6. Time to fly.

      I headed out and flew at a moderate height looking for houses, then I came to a cliff and I was so high above the trees it was amazing. I felt my stomach drop. I can never get that high when I try to fly up.

      I tried to focus on the wind on my skin as I did last time. It was not as intense, but I could feel it. Then I looked down to see houses.

      I flew down trying to land near a nice, big house, but I landed too far from it. I tried to go too it, but I was having a hard time. Gravity was pulling me the other direction, so I went the other way.

      All of a sudden, the subdivision was a grave yard. I saw all these graves. Then I saw an antique cash register in the middle of it all. I wanted to check it out, but decided not to waste time. I should have looked at a headstone carefully.

      I saw a house up a hill beyond the graveyard. It was a siding home. I decided to pass through the wall or the window. I saw a man on a phone inside. I decided to enter and see what I could find. I passed through the window and the man was a woman.

      She was extremely attractive, wearing a white shirt. She was on the phone. I was willing her to take off her shirt. She would have, but as she was getting off the phone, I woke up. Grrrr.

      The End

      I was on a blacktop street. I saw a piece of plastic about 4" by 8" embedded in the street. I set it on fire wondering what it would do to the street. I told some guys there that I was nervous to do it, but I would just blame it on them, then I told them I was only kidding, which I was. (Funny joke )

      Dream Skip

      I was in the water at a man-made beach. Someone came up to me and gave me a strange apparatus and told me there was a bug inside of a nut inside the apparatus.

      I examined the thing I was given and concluded I had to open it. I did so, and found an odd electrical device with a light bulb. Inside the light bulb was a mosquito. Others were looking at what I was given.

      When I looked up, there was a boy who was with an older girl. I was jealous that this older girl liked the little brat boy. They ended up kissing a rather mature kiss for such a young kid. Then he walked away to play. I thought the kid didn't know what he was doing. He should stay with the chick if he knew what was good for him. She had a beautiful mouth. It was very red, partially natural, and partially lipstick/lip gloss.

      Dream Skip

      I'm in a building trying to get something to drink, but I don't have enough change on me. I needed a dollar. All of a sudden, I look up and drinks now cost $3.00. I thought how fucked up everything is that just when I can afford the damn dollar that drinks cost, they go up again so I can't afford them again.

      Then I look in the change return and find some coins. I thought how someone had put them there on purpose to pay a good deed forward. Then I started finding lots of money. It was all in change, but it was all dimes, quarters, dollars and such.

      Someone who managed the building came around and I thought I was going to get in trouble for taking all this money.
    5. Encounter with a Woman; The Butterfly

      by , 01-03-2012 at 11:14 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Encounter with a Woman

      I was in bed with a woman next to me. She was older, but sexy. Beside her on the other side of her was someone else, likely a man.

      I started rubbing her back, nervous that she wouldn't like it, or that the person on the other side of her wouldn't like it. The woman ended up rolling over me to go to the bathroom.

      She was wearing a white robe. As she rolled over, we were chest to chest. I was somehow able to feel her breast as she rolled over. It was not a bear cop, but I felt it better than if it were through a terry robe in waking life.

      She went to the bathroom. After a minute, I went to the bathroom. As she came out, I wanted to spend a moment with her, but there were two kids that could possible see. I started to go through the bathroom door. I looked back and now there was a small hall with another door, so that we had privacy. In other words, she could pass through her door back to the bed room, and I could pass through the bathroom door, and go to the bathroom. Until then, we were both in this hall way type room.

      After a moment, I realized we wanted each other. I held her, but then she said that she couldn't do it because it would affect the rest of her life.

      The End

      The Butterfly

      I was kicking a football around a yard. I kicked it kind of far, then there was a soccer ball. I tried to kick it to where I had kicked the football, but it went to the left. I went to retrieve the soccer ball and found a butterfly about twice the size of a Monarch. It was black with blue and yellow spots.

      I called to my cousin N. to look at it. It was alive, but not well, or it couldn't fly because of the high winds There was an ant on one wing. I didn't want the ant to destroy her wing because I wanted to make jewelry out of it like a ring I had seen in waking life.

      The End.