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    1. Ecstasy Field Trip + Homeless Shelter + The Mansion

      by , 05-05-2011 at 03:23 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Ecstasy Field Trip

      I've just done ecstasy somewhere. I'm in Barnes and Nobles, a bookstore. I "forget" that I'm on ecstasy and just feel really, really stoned. My school is here and we're on some kind of field trip.

      I'm being shown a science demo. An older guy is holding a glass full of some kind of liquid. When he tips the glass a certain way, the liquid drips out the bottom in a gelatinous manner. He tells me to touch it but I'm really sicked out by it and a little afraid.
      Where the magazines usually are in the store, there is a big empty floor. A few people are sitting around in a circle. I stay here and enjoy how stoned I am until a lady who seems to be in charge of the whole thing tells us to go to the Blank Journals Section.
      I follow the crowd into an area with the sections: blank journals, pseudo science, and Japan. We form a circle around these shelves. I'm standing next to the Japan books but I want to be by the pseudo science books so I make a little leap around the shelf to do so.

      Suddenly I remember I'm on ecstasy and go over to a music box. It's playing really soft music. I wonder how different music will make me feel so I press a little square with fractal album work on it. I don't hear the music change and feel no different.

      I walk around to the children's book section. The mentally disabled kids are hanging out here. A teacher begins to laugh at me and says I have an overbite. I realize that my teeth are hanging out of my mouth. It feels like I had fake plastic teeth over my real teeth for a long time and now I'm conscious of my actual mouth. It's bizarre and the feeling doesn't go away.

      Homeless Shelter

      I have no body or consciousness. I am watching my dream.

      My friend Pehry is in the homeless shelter. He's fighting with another boy. The boy says he wants to have a physical fight downtown in a half hour, and Pehry goes along with it. There's a mediator, an older women. She doesn't make him say no, and follows him as he walks downtown.

      I am now myself. I am walking around near the homeless shelter. I'm with Heather. Under my arm I'm carrying several rolled up colorful mats. We're dropping them off here.

      Heather is afraid to go in so I walk up to the place. I remember that it's only available for homeless people to go into at night, so I wonder if I can get in. I knock on the door and it swings in my direction, locking me between the door and the outside wall. It swings back in, I hop over the other way and knock again. I enter.

      A few ladies are here cleaning the place. It smells like cat litter. There's a calendar with a family photo as the month's picture. One lady comes up to me and asks what I want, politely.

      I explain to her I have a few "yoga mats'' she can have for the shelter. She replies rather excitedly but then questions if she needs them. I realize they aren't yoga mats but actually mats for sitting on while you draw with chalk outside. You put the chalk on the mats so the pieces don't roll away. I don't tell her this.

      The Mansion

      For whatever reason, I am walking into a big mansion home owned by a girl I went to high school with briefly. I'm wearing my hat really strangely but don't seem to mind.

      She greets me like we were really good friends and I do the same to her. We walk around her house and I ask her if it's haunted. She says "sometimes". Her boyfriend is a really gangster dude, very unlike her, and walks around us to go to the bathroom. She lets me wander around her house.

      I look up the stairs that are in front of me and see the silhouette of the bathroom. I see a rat fall out of her boyfriend's jeans. I go over to her and tell her this. When he flushes the toilet, the rat falls down the pipe and lands in a box under the stairs. She "changes reality" and when I open the box, its just an outline of the rat. She kind of winks at me.

      I get a ride home from here with Jack and Heather. The road is really torn up and we hit all the bad sections at high speeds, making us airborne for a moment. He drops me off at home.

      I play the sims and make the Brady Bunch's house. The girl calls my phone and asks if I want to hang out, but its like 11 at night and I don't have a ride. I tell her this and feel really bad.