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    1. fragmented otherworld journey

      by , 07-29-2011 at 01:18 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      a long long epic of a dream scattered into fragments as i woke.

      i am in another world, no not really... like another dimension of our world. like a narnia but less fantastic.

      i follow a group of like 5 people i know, including heather and my mom.

      near the end of it, we enter this house. its a shitty apartment of two old folks, grandparent types. think florida retirees. but their house is all batty, literally they love bats and spiderwebs and soft goth decor. they show us pictures in an album of something, not their children or whatever like normal.

      i look at the pictures and hold the pages up. me and heather start tearing off the pictures like stickers. we tear off the borders like stickers too. we look at the lady and realize by doing this, we tore her apart and now she is very very thin and we see now she is made of photographs like a photo mosaic:

      for whatever reason we are being detectives, looking for something, trying to find these people guilty. we can't though, so we just make friends with them. when its time to leave, i immediately fear the outside. previously in the dream, it feels like, i encountered something spooky out there and now wanted protection from the door of the house to the car.

      i don't want my mom for protection so i ask the old lady. she doesn't want to really because she is so thin and worn because we took her photos. she agrees anyway and i take her hand. as we open the door, she says dont let the dog out. well, i do anyway on accident.

      the dog, made of photographs like her, runs out and into the fields surrounding the house. i don't really care and just go to the car alone, brave enough. while walking toward the car, the sky flashes lightning and i speed up and hop in.

      scene note: i want to describe the scene for memory's sake and future reference for myself.

      outside the house, there is a dirt patch leading to a shitty garage/shed next to it, attached almost. then about 200 feet of yard area/field. our car is parked at the edge of this, almost in the woods surrounding the house. the house is in a weird center of this giant forest. the trees are mostly dead looking creepy ones, a few coniferous here and there stretching up into the sky. its dark out and all very scary.

      in the car, heather in the back seat, my mom driving and someone else in front of me. there is a bee on this persons shoulder and i freak out. the bee isn't black and yellow though, its grey and black. he rolls down the window and it flies out.

      driving along, i look out and see a dragon. i keep telling heather to look. at first it was just a big white bird that i thought looked cool flying, but as i noticed/put my attention on it more, it "became" a dragon (looked the same, my mind just labeled it different). there were two kids flying on it and heather said it was Falcor (neverending story). my dreammind reminisced flying on a dragon.

      we drive to this room somehow, or maybe we are just there, or maybe i forgot a lot. but we are in this giant room like the room of hidden things in harry potter. there was so much junk in it, ceiling to floor.

      we play around for awhile and then i get 3rd person POV. we are not who we think we are! we are now players from guild wars, we are all in a dungeon (looks the same though). we beat up some bad dragon and hundreds of chests fall from the ceiling and onto the platform where we are. the characters all rush around (i have my own but am "watching", not actively participating and have no control) to get all the chests. theres a cut scene and it shows a final giant dungeonmaster boss ultimate chest fall from the mouth of a dragon.

      one lady rushes over to it and gets it. it transforms into a changing station, she goes in and comes out with the best armor ever ever ever. i've never seen it, but it looks pretty elegant.

      back to me, heather, my mom, and the last party member. we are in the room and i jump from the platform and fall to the ground. i look up at a godfigure who isn't there physically and smile. "its over isn't it", "yep".

      scene switch to me walking on a narrow newly paved road with nothing anywhere else around me except a "longboarding bar" where people take a break from boarding. this is the heaven of longboarders, a place of only new pavement and a snack shop. i am waiting for something.

      jack comes with his car/longboard (huh) and is telling me how to exit this world. i have to do a slide into the portal at the end of this long stretch of pavement. ok! i get awesome speed going down the godperfect hill and slide into it, transitioning into waking life! i wake up!
    2. Jack's Flying Car

      by , 05-04-2011 at 03:33 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      I'm walking through a lot of sludgy snow on all fours down the street. I put my thumb out at every car that goes by but no one picks me up. One car slows down. It's a pink see-through "car" made of cardboard. It doesn't pick me up but I follow it.

      I arrive at some shitty little house. The hallway is so tiny I must walk sideways through it. In the kitchen, I pour myself a big cup of smoothie. My mom's voice from somewhere comes out and says "That's all pineapple!", and taste it. It is.

      I open a door and see a bunch of kids playing outside in the back yard. I don't join them. I open another door and now I'm in my basement from my childhood house. My kitten (that I have in real life) sneaks down the stairs and my mom tells me to find her. I look around and become distracted by noticing my basement.

      It has fused my memory of the basement and the house, and there are stained glass bookshelf cases right next to the stairs. I walk into a room behind the stairs. It's a giant library with our big bookshelf case (usually in the dining room) in a largely empty room. There's a middle room next to this one with three bookshelves, all filled with just two series: One fantasy series my mom read, and another Peanuts-esque comic series my aunt read (it doesn't really exist). On one of the bookshelves in this room is a big collection of all the art Graeme Base (of Animalia fame) ever did.

      I look through a doorway and see a bunch of people and Heather standing around. I do a weird dance and end up on the floor and a girl next to Heather does the same dance. I walk into the first room again and now it's a gift shop in my basement. All of my friends are here on some kind of "field trip". I start reading some holiday cards which are in a case.

      My friend Justine comes up to me and says she's upset that she's so mean. I say "Yeah, you're an asshole, but I am too," and we talk about we are mean and wish we weren't. I end up hugging her and Heather comes over and seems unphased by it, which I'm glad about because it wasn't a sexual move at all.

      I go back to the card section and really want to steal a Harry Potter "card" that is actually a really thick notebook full of original sketches by the author. I imagine that there are cameras in my basement because this is now a store, but end up grabbing it anyway. It's time to go so everyone, including me, walk through a new doorway exit to the driveway.

      I get in a car that Jack's driving and my brother Holden is supposed to be sitting next to me. He gets in for a second but leaves. Jack doesn't know that he left and speeds off. Time lapse to us driving on a main road in my town. I say "Jack, pull over here, Holden's there," and we do. I tap on the glass of my window and Holden looks up. We're on the other side of the road, though. He has an air of superiority so as he walks through the busy traffic, all the cars stop for him, some of them dangerously close to running him over (but he doesn't seem to mind at all).

      He goes to the sidewalk next to the car and starts running. He is challenging Jack to a race to wherever our destination is. Jack takes offense to this and starts speeding to make sure he wins and runs every red light. I'm kind of panicking and as I get more and more afraid, the car goes more and more out of control. Soon we have so much speed that the car starts to fly.

      We are in the air and I see we're going to land in a really bad place, in between some buildings in like a hedge or something. It seems really dangerous. We land....and I lose the dream.