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    1. the dreamwolf

      by , 01-18-2012 at 02:58 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      im part of a staged audience
      being filmed. we're in the wrong kind of stage hall though. this one is just for speeches.
      i start yelling about how we should be in the right one and leave.

      on a wintery soccer field with my brother. we kick around soccerballs.
      when you kick them, even tap them, they go flying in whatever direction you want them to go.
      i'm lucid.
      i kick the balls, and it feels awesome, like i'm david beckham.
      like i have all the soccer skills in my dreambody, i'm just really good at the sport.

      my brother and i walk around the fence of the field. i follow him.
      i try to tell him he's dreaming but i dont think he hears me or something.
      he climbs up on top of a garage. i follow.
      from the peak, i can see a huge black wolf (in a totally white snowy background- easy to see)
      i get afraid but remember its a dream.
      my attention makes her walk over to me. i get a little afraid.

      i tell her its a dream. disappear. go away.
      when i say this, she says it too at the same time.
      "those tricks dont work on me, i'm not like that" she says and laughs,
      and a wolf laughing is quite scary.

      she disappears and i instantly lose lucidity.
      Tags: lucid, snow, soccer, wolf