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    1. frequency of a pawn shop

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:15 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in a giant warehouse store, like mardens or renys...cheap versions of walmart. dollar store kind of place.

      its all in an attic of some building, or maybe i'm just on the top levels. i have to duck kind of to walk around. i can't see the other ends of the room, just where i am. it goes on forever, it seems.

      i walk into a few offshoot rooms from this main one. i enter one and the expansiveness is overwhelming. i have to get on my hands and knees to walk around because of how low the ceiling is. i romp around the room and then notice its completely empty. am i supposed to be here? there are three or four employees getting ready to fill it in, marking where the shelving will be. they suddenly glare at me and i turn away.

      i notice a police car is parked in here. how? we're in an attic! i begin to become aware but this causes me to lose balance. i tumble toward the car and then notice there's another one. its a dark purple sports car. i am about to fall into it and i'm afraid it has an alarm. it doesn't, and when i hit it i balance out, no awareness. i leave this room.

      there is so much SHIT. i want to leave. instead of stairs, i look thru the railway and down at the first floor. i overhear a conversation between a lady who works register and a guy. he has a gun and is going to shoot himself. she calms him down and he leaves. "you just wanted to do that to say you escaped, didn't you" she said.

      i jump from the railway, bouncing off the different levels inbetween the attic and the ground floor until i'm safely down. i leave following the guy. the exit of the store is made of plastic wrap

      i take a fake gun and point it at my head as i walk away. i don't know why.

      outside the store is a pawn shop on wheels. there is a huge crowd around the vendor. its a pretty cool set up, a glass case, five tier shelf system and the guy runs it all in a booth with wheels.

      everyone is fighting to see a particular object. i take this time to scope whats for sale. my eyes are drawn to a stone plate with a carved spider in the center and a matching spoon two shelves down with a fox on it. on the very bottom shelf is some kind of case/bank that is a wooden carved whale. its huge and pretty magnificent.

      the vendor caters to all the customers and then takes the whale out for me. i want to tell heather about this. the vendor talks to me about it for awhile and then says they are having a frequency display later and i should come. i agree to.

      i go with a friend to visit someone until then. we have to adventure into deep swamp forest land. after we visit our friend (no recollection of this happening), we have to get back to town. we get lost and go in circles on roads made of floating bridges over swamp hundreds of feet below us. the bridges are made of wood planks five feet apart. its all very difficult but we make it back.

      its darker out now (my mind usually doesn't transition/follow days like this!). theres a crowd of muslims around the pawn shop display, looking at dozens of tuning forks layed out all around. thats cool....i guess. i go over to the actual shop and notice that everything is now in a box and inside the box is a comb. people flick the combs and they vibrate a specific frequency, the same frequency that the object is supposed to be on. some are really low and some are high, in between, etc etc. i don't know if it means anything to be higher or lower.
    2. to find the aura

      by , 07-26-2011 at 03:28 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am at my father's brothers house (none of this is waking life true). we come here twice a year, once for christmas and once for a birthday.

      its night time. i am inside with my two cousins and my half sister casey (fathers daughter). casey is an artist in this dream and is creating a 3D painted character on cardboard.

      i do the same. everyone jokes about how ugly mine is, but casey and I know it is pretty good technical skills.

      we go outside but casey stays inside. there are neighborhood kids out here doing something. we run around hills even tho we cannot see much.

      suddenly, all three (me and two cousins) of our ankles get clamped with a metal chain to lock us onto the hill. we are prisoners of the neighborhood kids.

      they come over and have this strange device. they ask each of us to find something to counter the spinning saw inside the device. if we don't counter it, it will saw thru our ankles.

      we all somehow manage to find things to counter it. we put metal things in front of the saw so it goes thru that instead of our skin. i find a pair of scissors. there is plastic around the metal part but i say "dont worry i got this", which i do.

      casey comes out and rescues us and shoos everyone off. i get in the car with her and my dad and we leave.

      i realize that the entire dream is actually a short story in a magazine. i continue reading.

      we drive to a big store. we get out and i never see my dad for the rest of the dream.

      inside the store i meet up with a few other friends. at the store, there is a big prize counter in the center. everyone has a certain number of points, points = money to spend on the junk inside the counter. a few carnie people are running it.

      i tell my mom to get me more paint with some of my points, and she gets me a set with the same color scheme as the one i used to make the character in the beginning of the dream. i ask for a refund and the carnie says no.

      i ask my mom how many points i have left and she refuses to tell me. i dont want any of the junk here so i walk away.

      i jump onto a cart loaded with soda cans. casey is pushing it and my friends are in it with me. we open all the soda at the same time and are propelled like by a rocket of de-pressurized soda thru the whole store.

      casey and i leave with someone else. there is another group of stores across the parking lot.

      while walking, i tell casey my idea: "i want to make a belt that begins at your shoe and comes up to yr pants vertically, on both legs and one small one in the middle." "that will make you look like you have a bulge" she says.

      my feet are burning on the tar and i realize i have no shoes or socks on. i skip into the store and lose casey.

      i want to find socks and the back door that i enter leads to the sock section. i find a pair i like and take them, but realize theres a worker here. she is with my friend chase.

      chase is trying to buy a bra. he is claiming to want a sex change (he always makes ridiculous claims in waking life). i tell him to buy heather's size, 36 C. he puts it on his body and looks at himself in the mirror.

      he is embarrassed because he still likes being a boy.

      i forget about the socks and walk thru the store. i see casey on a small red pedal powered truck for a child. it says "looking for a friend". i run up to her and she laughs and pedals away. i see another red truck with someone in it. i realize the game is to find eachother in the store.

      time warp. i hear casey saying, about the store i was just in: "we had three hard workers on duty today. thats the equivalent of 1000 pairs of sunglasses and 500 windows. how did we let this happen?" she was referring to a theft in the store.

      i leave wherever i am at this point and end up in the original store. i see holden, my brother.

      we talk about surfing and how i would really like to try it. he says he'd like to go on a trip to the west coast.

      my dream turns into a long strip of pavement surrounded by 50 foot waves on both sides. most cars get taken by the waves before they can reach safety on the other side.

      my sight follows a woman in a car like a tv show camera would. she is talking by herself, to the camera that is my consciousness.

      she tells about how gay people come here to find their auras. someone/something asks what that is and she disregards. she parks her car and gets out.

      this is a very brave act since the point of the area is to go as fast as you can to safety. to find the yr aura, you must park and risk yr life.

      she steps onto a median which runs thru the whole road for about 200 feet. there are steps into a little pool on it.

      she walks up the steps and says this is where the aura can be found.

      i wake up.
    3. Touching Angelina

      by , 03-11-2011 at 02:00 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Touching Angelina

      I am in an airport with Jack, Heather and Autumn. I see some famous chef in all white outside the big the glass walls of the entrance room we’re in. She’s with a guy in a gray tuxedo. I realize this is who Autumn came to meet. They are famous.

      The chef woman has a pad of paper and I go take it from her and spit on a few of the first pages, hand it back to her, and run back in. When Autumn goes to meet them, they talk about how mean I am. The guy comes in and lectures me on being nice. He tells me how Autumn emailed him. He’s some political guy. I don’t really care about any of them and let them leave.

      Heather points out an Arabic guy and gets really afraid he’s going to bomb the place, so we all book it to the car outside. Heather steps in dog shit and slides into the front seat. We all laugh about it. I’m in the back.

      Everything kind of turns into a big giant ship. We are all part of a ship, and the ship is made of lego blocks. Heather and Jack are green and blue blocks and I am red blocks. I start taking my pieces away from the ship and they question why. I don’t really know why, I just want my own ship. So I take all my pieces, make my own ship with red and black blocks, and zoom away.

      I fly to a clothing store. I am now inside. I start looking around for a full length mirror because I remember I haven’t shampooed my hair in a long time and I’m self conscious. I look through a big mittens section of the store and find a few different mirrors but they are all too close to my face. I find a little hat and wear it, thinking it will cover my hair.

      I find a mirror and see that I have really long hair (not in waking life) and a center part. The hat looks not too bad on me. I start walking around and find a section of really nice textured dresses. I touch them all. I realize Angelina Jolie is one of the dresses, and she’s wearing it. I keep touching it anyway.

      “You shouldn’t touch my family dress,” she says. She smiles and walks away. Wow, Angelina Jolie talking to me, what the fuck! I get really excited. I walk around some more.

      There’s a little dark tunnel section of the store with a map of the whole place in it. A lot of people are just hanging out in here. I ask about Angelina Jolie being here. They tell me she’s starring in a movie here, with her girlfriend, a young girl my age. What! I get jealous. That could be me! I start walking around the store more.

      Outside the little tunnel, the set is displayed. I see the girl. She’s half Emma Watson and half a girl I know from school. She’s being filmed. I sneak around the set and find myself in a new area of the store. There’s a big stage. I enter kind of next to the stage and am facing a giant crowd of sitting people. They are watching an opera show. It’s really dark. The whole store is kind of dark, like there are no lights on, but you can still see with the natural light.

      I move on. I sneakily enter into a little passageway into a room. They are storing all the costumes for the movie here. I manage to take a stuffed animal that is the symbol and mascot of the movie. It’s reminiscent of Mickey Mouse the original but the head is just one giant black blob.

      I take it to the passageway of people in the tunnel. They’re all surprised at how I got this. I told them I was practically invisible and just grabbed it. Pete Wentz, the bassist of Fall Out Boy, is here in the tunnel too. He takes the doll. The people tell me the girlfriend actor is also in a new band with him. I get jealous again! Why does she get all these cool opportunities? (Why was my dream mind judging her SO HARD??)

      The girl is now in the tunnel too. She is talking about doing an interview with Pete on some TV show.

      “Will it be just us or the whole band?” she asks Pete. Pete explains it will probably be just them because they are the “face” of the band.

      “I always liked when the whole band showed up,” I told Pete. “I like when I get to see Joe.” I ruffled his hair and left. Outside on the set, Angelina had makeup on so she didn’t even look like herself. Some teenage boy kept telling me to look at how different she was. The girl came out and they filmed a part. We all went back into the tunnel.

      Somehow I had a connection with Angelina even though we didn’t really speak that much (perhaps we did, and I don’t remember). She started to take off her makeup. I sat down and thought about how much I didn’t like the girlfriend. Now Angelina came over and started to take off her dress. She kind of straddled me while standing up and began to take her clothes off. I wanted to touch her legs, but could I do that? It was fucking Angelina Jolie and she was taken.

      I noticed her legs were Heather’s legs: they had her scars on the thighs. I wake up.

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    4. A Foreign Coin

      by , 02-23-2011 at 03:36 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      I am in a store with Heather and Tyler. I upset Heather for whatever reason and end up walking around by myself. I search for the book section in the store and take an astrology book to a picknick table to read. It's specifically on Leos for 2011. At the table, a boy sits down next to me, reading the same book but for Libras. We exchange a glance that has some friendly emotion behind it as we notice we're reading similar books. Another boy comes and sits in front of me. He starts handling some things of mine which I set on the table (though don't remember doing so). One is a little metal squirrel (which I had in my pocket that day) and one is a coin.

      "What coin is this," he asks. I take it from him quite angrily.

      "A fifty cent piece, obviously. Look at Kennedy," I say. I look at it and am suddenly embarrassed; it's not a fifty cent piece. On one side, there's a big piece of an engraved deep purple stone set into it. The other has the face of a man who I don't know. My dream-mind knows this is an Atlantean coin.

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