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    My Nighttime Experiences

    1. Halo Star Wars, Lying Mexican RV, Wall Explosives, Normal Stuff ;)

      , 04-12-2012 at 12:18 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      April 12, 2012
      School Pickings
      There was something going on in my school and people were being called up. This happened twice in the dream. During the second time, they tried to seperate the kids from the high schoolers, but the tallest person in the high school wanted to stand with the kids.

      Exploding Wall
      I was inside of some room that, apparently, was attached to my bedroom. I had never gone in the room, but someone used to sleep in there, because there was an empty bed frame and some of the drawers still had clothes in them. There was a wood lining just above the floor, on the wall (I don't know what it's called, itís just wood at the bottom of a wall that goes around the room.) There was one piece of that lining that my mom was suspicious about. She thought there was a gun behind it! I was like, yeah right, and I picked it up, it was loose. There was a small explosion, and I went back a foot or two. (Just from fear, not the explosion; it was a small "Boom!") It kind of burnt my hand. It looked like there was a piece of sandpaper, a lottery ticket, and maybe a match was back there. Then people were being chosen for something outside the room I was in, and they said too bad you have to be in there!

      Halo Star Wars Map
      There was some big map I was in, kind of like in a Halo game. There was me and some other guy fighting. I was blue and could summon a force field that went in the middle of the map so he had to stay on his side. But he was red and he had a light saber, so I constantly had to lure him over to his side, then run back to my side and summon a force field. He would just start attacking the force field with his light saber, even though it did nothing. Then somehow, I broke the rules because I just stopped whatever I was doing with the red guy and picked up some box person. Everyone was looking at me and whispering as if I did something wrong.

      Lying Mexican in an RV
      I remember there was some guy in an RV telling me about what I needed to type in his thread about how I had a lucid dream. He gave me the basic script but I had to add in what the dream was like. He wanted me to lie saying I had a LD using his method. Also I think the guy was Spanish because I remember the word "Oramos". I thought in the dream it meant Christmas, but it actually means "we pray".