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    1. The Night Before Last: Collective Identification and Sacred Sorrows

      by , 04-19-2011 at 09:18 PM

      From the night before last
      *This is a rough draft that I may or may not get around to cleaning up more*

      There was a slow, tribal, quiet, calm quality to this dream, like the feel of winter. I felt more a part of everything, to the extent that my identity’s separation from the other people in the tribe was vague, as if I was all of them, except the young woman leading the horse.

      One horse knew the way back to our yearly (sacred, I think) place. No humans knew. we all followed. the horse (Neil was his name?) was in front, without a person riding. someone walking besides him so that he would be able to lead. the person still held his reigns loosely. the rest of us on our horses. A very long trek, at least a day.

      We realized we’d lost them. we sped up. Lots of deep snow around as we walked the trail. Then we went downhill a little and it felt like we were in another land. the trail disappeared. Widely spaced, tall trees. The snow looked like it had been blown in exceptional ways. So thin with large mottles on wide scalloped shaped indistinct paths on the ground, like when it is blown off the road and looks like mottled smoke. That magic feeling I get in dreams, where the beauty infuses me. We were there. Or very close. Still looking for the head horse and his companion. Searching, searching.

      After a while of concerned searching, concentrating on which smoke-blown path felt right, I saw them coming down one of the paths toward us. The horse was hurt.

      We went over to them and we saw how badly the horse was hurt. A wide gash to the bone in its front right thigh. Then I saw the leg was missing below. There was a metal plate inside the gash. The girl who had been leading him said she put it there for the horse to heal, but it wasn’t going to help, we knew. The horse had been given an antibiotic but that is not what we called it in the dream. We inspected the gash and went to touch the metal to pull it out so it could heal properly but the girl warned us that it was so painful and infected to the extent that the pain would make the horse go crazy. We understood and sat back, waiting for the antibiotic/pain medication to take effect so we could treat the horse. The horse’s leg had been severed completely (under where this deep gash was?) On reflection (though perhaps it was the calm quality to the dream) I/we felt sadness yet acceptance as well. Something of a treasure, sacred and deep, was potentially leaving us.