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    The Quest For Lucidity

    all of my strangest and coolest dreams so far of when i started coming to this web site.

    1. Another Lucid Task Complete "Chidori!"

      by , 04-19-2012 at 02:24 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      So last night i had a dream i was a lucid master. i spawned in this area i remember being very rocky and the sky was dimmed. i remember what someone told me on this site to mantra in my head "i will have a long lucid dream" and i did and fortunantally it worked. so i remember wanting to do a rasengan so i put my palm out focused hard. and then it happened i was walking around with it and smashed it into things. i cant really recall much but i remember trying to chidori. id get really short burst of lightning so instead i tryed a "Raikiri" the louder i yelled this the more powerful the strike was. when i yelled it a giant amount of lightning came around me and shot out as if a short ranged explosive attack. so then i used raikiri to focus into my palm by not yelling it and i did a chidori! i was happy so i started running. i saw this piece of yellowish glass and i used my chidori on it. a straight hole went through it and i cheered knowing i was lucid. sooner or later n the dream i ended up in this brown village city kind of thing except it looked like the sand village from naruto. people were in there i remember calling a girl hot and her telling me i already did once so then i was talking to this girl because we ended up somewhere and i remember closing my eyes and i woke up! i was sad but quickly tried to sleep again and i did. i could see reality on the bottom half of my vision and the dream in the next and then sooner or later it went back into the dream. this time when i went it i wasnt lucid at first and then i said. "this is a dream" so i walked around to find a dream character and i told him this was a dream and he said "no way!" i continued on and i found my friend devyn he was in a really black robe with red eyes and a coat. i think we challenged eachother to a duel i remember us both going back and he spreaded apart his coat and it expanded like 30x covering almost all the land in the battle field. He started charging at me and also not to mention he had a puppet in front of him like kankuro in naruto. i charged up my rasengan and ran towards him before he could wrap me in the coat i rasenganed his puppet. using this in another lucid dream i had i learned to use it or become comfortable with it. his puppet flew backwards along with him but he was still standing coming at me at a faster rate this time. i knew i couldent run because the coat was just to long so i stood there while he was charging at me and yelled "RAIKIRI!" lighting shot out everywhere hitting him the coat the puppet. after that i ethier cant recall anything or woke up. But that was one awesome lucid