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    1. Getting the hang of lucidity

      by , 06-16-2011 at 09:20 PM
      DEILD/WBTB- Exited a dream because I had to go to the bathroom so I did my usual routine and then went back to sleep. 2 minutes later I was in a lucid dream.

      I remember waking up and telling myself that I wanted to have clarity in this dream. So I kept using the word resolve to increase clarity, I was screaming it in the dream and it really worked. Everything would amplify once I said it. I first performed a nose plug to make sure I was dreaming, it came out positive so I started by trying to fly. I could never get myself to fly in my dreams so the first thing I did was jump in the air, I floated and came back down slowly. I then got into the superman position to try to fly and it worked but it didn't feel real at all, and I couldn't look around. I then had a false awakening, I suddenly just woke up in my bed from the dream and my parents were yelling at me. I did another nose plug and I was STILL in a dream, so I just kept going and ignored the stupid DC's. Next, I warped through the wall. I Always heard of people doing this and it seemed awsome.. It was
      I just walk straight through it and de atomize the door in the process, I could literally de construct things this time. But the wall or door was still intact once I moved through it. I looked at a desk I was walking by and said "resolve" out loud again everything grew vibrant and colorful. I remember there being a golden tulip and some red roses, along with a few pictures of people sitting on this desk. I had nothing left to practice on, so I tried summoning again. I can't quite just imagine it there and it'll be there but going into a closet and coming back out worked perfectly. It even surprised me in the dream when the DC was there... My parents came down while I was talking to a DC and were all pissed because I was smoking moldy weed apparently, they thought it could kill you. I never said a word to them but they just kept going on, I need to learn how to kill my DC's. A bunch of other stuff happened but I can't really remember, I've only been practicing dream control in lucids lately. If anyone has any tips or fun things to do please leave a comment or message me

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    2. Lucid, Dream control practice

      by , 06-06-2011 at 10:18 PM
      Had a lucid dream about 10 mins ago it's 2 in the afternoon (lol)
      I finally figured out that I am having VILD's visually induced lucid dreams, it works very well for me and I love it.
      10 hours of sleep, and it was probably an REM rebound
      Nothing really happens I just woke up and decided to try a WBTB to get some dream control practice I knew it wouldn't be long.

      It was 2 PM when I woke up, I set my alarm for 2:20 so I could try to lucid dream for a few minutes before I got up. So I relaxed and went back to sleep, I felt SP a lil tiny bit this time but only for like 2 seconds. It was a slight pressure on my chest. Immediately after having this sensation I did a RC and I was in a lucid again

      I appeared in my room, in my bed. I looked at the clock but it just changed every time I looked at it. I got up and focused on a bunch of stuff on the floor, it was just all of the normal stuff in my room. I then walked over to the computer to test what that's like when you are lucid, it was very bright and hurt my eyes. And every step I took closer the image on the screen got smaller and smaller. Until it was like 2 inches wide and long in the left hand corner. Again I practiced summoning but it was very difficult... I failed at summoning this time. I didn't really teleport where I wanted to go last time so I decided to practice teleportation, I thought of a place I know well enough to visualize it and I held a blanket infront of my whole body and visualized it. I appeared in the house where people were playing video games, Nate said You won't distract me from this video game when I arrived there (Stupid DC, I kill you)

      That was the end of the dream, remember I only had like 5 mins...