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    cinema of the mind

    Welcome everyone!

    That's my DJ where i keep my dreams

    Comments are in grey letters,
    normal dreams are in black letters,
    and lucid dreams are in blue letters.

    Currently I'm attending this DVA class:
    General Lucid Dreaming (Matte87)

    old lucid tasks:

    [ ] teleport to another planet

    [x] activate senses
    [x] eat something
    [x] learn to teleport
    [x] drive a truck
    [x] stabilize a dream
    [x] learn to fly
    [x] look what i find in my pockets
    [x] telekinesis
    [x] tell a DC i am dreaming

    1. Back in school and mirrors

      by , 03-13-2012 at 07:37 PM (cinema of the mind)
      My dreams were a bit strange this morning and i didn't feel rested the whole day.

      I was at school, in a fictional presentation room. We had some drinks, but before i tried mine, i shrugged because it smelled terrible. I'm sure someone had put something in it. Back in class the next lesson starts. The air feels so hot, it's unbearable. The bell rings. i get out of my class. Next door i can make out a swimming pool. I use the showers to cool myself down. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to jump into the pool? And so i do. In the next lesson i have to present something in front of the class, but we end up that my teacher talks the whole time.

      As i walk past a mirror on the wardrobe, i examine my body. It's strangely deformed and my belly seems much bigger than in RL.
    2. Driving a truck / School

      by , 06-16-2011 at 10:51 AM (cinema of the mind)
      I'm again at school, i see all my classmates. Not only them, but also one from a fromer school. I talk to her a bit. I know we can't have lessons at all any more, we are finished with school. As the teacher comes in, we begin to watch a movie.

      carport #1
      I am standing in our carport, totally naked. I can feel the sun shining through the glass roof. As i check if somebody is here, i notice my father sees me from the distance. It doesn't bother me.

      I thought "He must be there because i feared somebody sees me."
      "Furthermore, it's because of my expectations, just like in a dream"

      I get out of the carport without stabilization, the dream quickly fades.

      carport #2
      After DEILDing, i'm again in the carport. But this time, theres a couple doing their loveplay. I watch them for some time, but decide to do further things in my dream. This time it seems much more stable and i get out into our garden. the sun is shining bright, it's warm and i can't see any clouds. I focus on the mountains in the distance, and back to the trees of our garden. I check my range of vision, how much i can see without moving my eyes. It's amazing! My view is totally high-grained. Now, what to do next? I haven't got any current goals, so i decide to drive a car. I get through a garden door into the garden of our neighbor but theres a wall built in front of the street. I decide to fly over it, but after a jump i black out.

      garden again
      I'm back in our garden. I look for a car in our garden. Theres only a Honda and some broken cars, but it's not a good idea to drive in our garden. So i get in front of our house, to the street. Theres a truck standing. I try to expect that the door is not locked and that the key is in there. That worked perfectly. I start the engine and begin driving. The truck has no stearing wheel, i have to controll it through control cables. But that doesn't matter, i can drive it anyways. After driving on a bumpy street the dream fades.

      writing my dj
      I wake up and want to write in my handwritten DJ. I check the current date of my clock, it says 28th. But that isn't true, i remember that yesterday was about 15th. Haha it's just a false awakening!
    3. school's stressing me.

      by , 05-26-2011 at 01:58 PM (cinema of the mind)
      Im at school, with my english class and we learn for our final exams. It's annoying, im not concentrated and can't get half of the things she wants to tell us. I talk with a friend about t-shirts, that they are so expensive. I can also remember watching two other friends.
      Tags: at school
    4. Searching for my watch / Festival

      by , 05-25-2011 at 01:35 PM (cinema of the mind)
      False Awakening, i see a fly on the ceiling.

      Searching for my watch
      I'm in a different school with some people, i pay 50 bucks to get my phone back from someone.
      The dream skips.
      I'm now searching for my watch and my phone. I'm in front of the school at the bus station. I check the time, it's nearly 14:00 i have to get the bus. I see that i have lost my slippers, but i don't care. Next i go into the school again, and at the end of a corridor theres a locked door. The man who i had payd 50 bucks earlier opens it for me. In there is his office. I ask him if he has gotten my phone and watch. He says he doesn't know. I'm pissed and i look for it on my own in all these cabinets. I find a lot of watches but not my one. Later he tells me he has already given me my phone. I'm searching further for my watch. A girl approches me, she wants to kiss me. I think thats not right i have a girlfriend. I turn away from her, but she gets sad and runs away. I didn't want to hurt her, so i run after her to explain my attitude. I run down some winding escalators, which are full of people. Then i see her. I yell after her: I'm sorry, but i'm in a relationship! People are staring at me, but i don't care. I'm going back to search for my watch when i wake up.

      Doing a 20 min WBTB.

      I'm in front of a creepy cottage. Special plants and shrooms are growing all around that cottage. I'm with 2 friends of mine. One convinces us to try some of the shrooms. After a short time i feel very dizzy. We go along into a marquee where a sort of festival is going on. We are at some sort of beer-bar, and i see a big poster advertising some special shroom-beer. I order some. The dream skips. The festival is over, the bar men are now disassembling their bars. I wonder how i will get home, I havent seen our driver for a long time. I think of phoning my girlfriend, but i only went out to look for our driver.

      I remembered my second dream during the breakfast, took some notes but lost this piece of paper during the day. Anyone who will find it will be like WTF
    5. A chance to change my life.

      by , 05-23-2011 at 02:43 PM (cinema of the mind)
      I was set back in time five years to our first class. We are on the way to an introduction in the municipal hall. I look for my classmates, they look so much younger. Before i enter the hall, i look for my clothes. I am wearing only a t-shirt, i should put on a vest. In my bag i find my tracksuit top, better than nothing. I look around, so many familiar faces. I feel like i had gotten a chance to change my life completely by reliving the past 5 years, even when i look as old as now.
      Then the scene stops and I'm standing next to god. He wants to point out something, but my alarm awakens me.
      Tags: at school, god
    6. Programming lesson

      by , 05-19-2011 at 05:15 PM (cinema of the mind)
      No lucids tonight and only recalled one dream. But im looking forward to tonight.

      We are at school and having a programming lesson. The teacher looks for everyone how he has done so far. It seems we had to write a graphical Radio with custom Images, and different sliders. My neighbor has nearly finished it. But i have barely done anything. hm i will have to do this today. But at first i want to get my notebook from our normal classroom. I thought, i wont have to inform our teacher, because we are already graduates. so i just get out of class and want to go upstairs. But there are no stairs upside! They are starting from over my head. I thought they must be rebuilding them. My teacher also wanted to go upstairs but he tried another way.

      Maybe I could use school now as a dreamsign because im already finished with it
      I will also not miss such a dreamsign like missing stairs again.