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    cinema of the mind

    Welcome everyone!

    That's my DJ where i keep my dreams

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    Currently I'm attending this DVA class:
    General Lucid Dreaming (Matte87)

    old lucid tasks:

    [ ] teleport to another planet

    [x] activate senses
    [x] eat something
    [x] learn to teleport
    [x] drive a truck
    [x] stabilize a dream
    [x] learn to fly
    [x] look what i find in my pockets
    [x] telekinesis
    [x] tell a DC i am dreaming

    1. Back in school and mirrors

      by , 03-13-2012 at 07:37 PM (cinema of the mind)
      My dreams were a bit strange this morning and i didn't feel rested the whole day.

      I was at school, in a fictional presentation room. We had some drinks, but before i tried mine, i shrugged because it smelled terrible. I'm sure someone had put something in it. Back in class the next lesson starts. The air feels so hot, it's unbearable. The bell rings. i get out of my class. Next door i can make out a swimming pool. I use the showers to cool myself down. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to jump into the pool? And so i do. In the next lesson i have to present something in front of the class, but we end up that my teacher talks the whole time.

      As i walk past a mirror on the wardrobe, i examine my body. It's strangely deformed and my belly seems much bigger than in RL.