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    fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!

    I won't be updating this very often, but when i do, it'll most likely be a barrage of dreams.
    The dates of the dream journal are on the top right of the post. As said, i won't be updating this regularly.

    1. Walking Out Of School

      by , 06-29-2011 at 03:55 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Walking Out Of School (Non-lucid)


      At school in B-Block, our Ancient History room, I walked down the stairs to student services to look for a friend that was supposed to have my half-day pass (so I could go home.) CJ walked out from one of the cooking rooms and handed me my pass.
      My roll call teacher walked by and saw me with the slip, she said to me 'I hope you're not doing anything naughty.' I laughed and walked out of school.
      It was sunny outside. I walked out of the school gates but everything looked totally different. The bus bay was on the highway and a bunch of juniors were already finished. They were throwing around a bag. I sat on a wooden fence and watched for a while, then the bag landed near me. I picked up the bag and threw it, it went flying and landed near the road.
      A teacher looked at me, one of the deputy principals. She started walking over.
      Then i woke up
      Tags: bag, school