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    fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!

    I won't be updating this very often, but when i do, it'll most likely be a barrage of dreams.
    The dates of the dream journal are on the top right of the post. As said, i won't be updating this regularly.

    1. The Beginning of fOrceez Dream Yoga!

      by , 02-25-2012 at 10:21 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Dream Yoga START (DILD)


      Iíve been trying to practice dream yoga, I think itís going reasonably well. It took me about 4 weeks to see any results. My first lucid came 4 weeks after starting to practice dream yoga. The week after that, I had 3 lucids and this week, iíve had 2. Itís probably too soon to say that this lucid rate is steady, but I definitely feel that thereís a lot of progress.

      My lucid from this morning:

      WBTB, DILD

      I sit up in my bed to realise that Iím in a dream. Oh. I couldnít remember falling asleep at all. Oh well.

      Itís dark.. the sun hasnít come up yet. My room looks perfectly normal, even my bedroom dream sign (no desk) wasnít visible. Iíve been reading Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self lately and remember that it mentions intermediate lucid dreamers explore their dream location upon getting lucid before going to explore. I make my way into the living room where I see my friendís computer set out on the floor, the sofa-bed is pulled out and my brother is sitting in an office chair with his back to me. I didnít think to interact with him, but I made a mental note to interact with dream characters in my next lucid dream.

      Having little hold my interest within the house, I walk towards the door leading to the backyard. Not noticing that my dog wasnít waiting outside for me, I ponder whether I should put shoes on.. finally deciding that it was a dream and so it shouldnít matter, I walk into my backyard. Surprisingly, itís a lot lighter outside, being lit up by the moon but pouring down rain.

      I decide that I want to change the weather, something Iíve tried but never been able to do before. Slowly, the rain eases up and within 20 seconds, the sun is out shining. Satisfied, I walk onto the grass and start flying.

      Flying in this dream was much different to any other.. It was like the only thing that was keeping my up was my speed. If I slowed down, it felt like I would fall out of the sky (kinda like flying a plane?). I fly over many rooftops, sometimes almost falling out of the sky due to day drea- .. Can it still be called daydreaming if youíre already in a dream..? huh..

      Due to the mindless flying with no objective, I lose lucidity and end up beating up a few goons.
    2. Lucid Dream 5

      by , 07-15-2011 at 12:17 PM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Lucid 5 (WILD)


      It was night-time, I'm in my room staring out the window, I felt something come up from behind me. I phased through the window/wall and then landed outside in my backyard, facing my bedroom window. I wasn't wearing shoes, I could feel the grass under my feet. The window was bigger than normal. I started to lose clarity and stated rubbing my hands but everything was still going blurry. Oh right- I looked at my hands while running them, then dream began stabilising again.
      I flew up over the roof and phased down from it, back into my room. I was sloowly losing clarity. I wanted to ground my senses, and having read Hyu's dream journals, I materialised an ipod from my pockets and put my headphones on. I said out loud "play". It started playing some Senses Fail.
      I teleported into my kitchen and grabber a pear out of a box, I didn't even reach fully into the box. Taking a bite of the pear, it was sweet. I started walking back towards the bathroom and expected my dg to be there. It didn't work. I closed and reopened the door, attempting to make my DG appear again. Nada.
      I walked back into my room and noticed that my ipod had stopped playing. I lightly layed a finger on it and said "Beast" (an artist). Music started playing, but it wasn't BEAST (maybe it's cause i've only recently started listening to their songs). My girlfriend called and I lost alot of lucidity. She asked me about my day of school.
      "How was your day at school?"
      "I wasn't at school.."

      Then I was somehow talking to my friend John about a new Eminem song and how it felt like it related to his father.
      I looked up at my stereo system, but in it's place was a fanXvending machine.
      I thought "Why don't I put some water in there.."