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    1. Bus and a Thief in the Warehouse

      by , 08-11-2013 at 02:00 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I saw my high school classmates. We were in my hometown. Writing materials. There was a bus. We were going somewhere. To college?

      I went back quickly to get something from our 'house' (used to be a convenience store near our house IRL, but now an empty warehouse). I saw a thief breaking in. I was able to drive him away. He looked like a lanky teenager, brown-skinned (topless?) with curly hair. The room was dark, but the light from the sun outside gave me those details. I wasn't able to see his face, which was mostly indoors.

      I approached the police officers across the street and told them what happened, even though the whole thing was visible. They said something along the lines that, yeah, those things happen. I was no longer sure if I wanted to join the others in the trip.

      NOTE: Wrote this around 12 hours after the dream, from squiggles.
    2. Lost Bags

      by , 06-13-2012 at 12:58 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I took a bus. When I went down, I don't have any of my belongs anymore. I think I forgot it on the bus. I recall carrying 3 bags. I saw my high school classmates and some clan mates back in Bacolod.
      Tags: bags, bus, classmates, lost
    3. Restaurant Argument

      by , 06-11-2012 at 12:52 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      June 11.

      An eatery. A lesbian couple complaining to the waiter. He answers back unkindly. The couple got all the more irritated. I told them to stop, and to carry their argument outside the place. I ended up lecturing them. The couple understood my point, but the waiter did not, feeling that I was favoring the couple. I left. I thought to myself, that's one place I'll never eat in again.

      I was in Cavite, with relatives. Classmates from high school. Saw Mike G. He gave me a laptop/iPad gadget for use for work.
    4. Teeth Fell Off

      by , 11-02-2011 at 10:08 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in school, or at work. I was chatting with a high school classmate, Giesel. He put another high school classmate, Nathan, on a special training at work, because he's failing. I heard that they're mostly on training most of the time instead of taking calls. I initially thought that's actually a good deal, but then I realized that eventually, they'll have to take calls full-time.

      I was at home. Was talking with someone. Then I felt something in my mouth, and went to the kitchen sink. I spit out five or six teeth. Huge teeth. I collected them with my right hand. I threw them, either into the sink or the trash. Was about to go back when I felt a teeth on my upper right. It wasn't off yet, just loose. I couldn't close my mouth properly because it was protruding. I tried pushing it into position, but it fell off. It's another huge tooth. I threw it as well.

      I went back to the living room, and talked to sis. I asked if I can court a classmate of hers. She said no, because "I" have responsibilities, and she particularly mentioned "sa likod...," roughly translated on my back or shoulder, "... pa sang bata" or including the baby. The translation doesn't make sense, but it's like she's saying I'm the one who should take care of her child.

      Mom passed by and asked what we're talking about. I was already lying on the side on the sofa, hugging my knees, depressed. Sis told her it's about my "exploration."
    5. Gathering High School Classmates

      by , 09-15-2011 at 12:48 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in high school. Classmates. We were gathering.

      I recall Pchy and Mario Maurer as well.
    6. Crime in the Hologram

      by , 08-10-2011 at 03:58 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Libertad in Bacolod. Looking for something. The Smart office? The girl I was with was giving directions, but is finding it hard to describe it. She then said that it's near the dorm where we had a sleep-over before. I said I remember where it is, and so I can find it easily.

      Then I was going into that dorm. It was very messy. Not a room I like at all. And it was dark, with only a little yellowish light, as if from a candle, that lights the place. I went into the bathroom and found two guys there, and the toilet bowl was stuffed with either dirty paper or cloth. I think I slept overnight.

      I was at home. In the kitchen area. It looks a bit dark. Rainy morning or afternoon.

      I was in an office, working on computers. The environment was white. I was with co-workers/students. I was just starting when we were told by a lady in a white lab coat to shut down. I got irritated because it takes ages to shut down my computer.

      Then there was a yellow hologram of a woman wearing glasses. She was saying something but I forget, or probably it was inaudible. Then she disappeared. Suddenly, there were robbers. They were demanding access to something. Probably money, but I had the idea of a "key." Then the hologram lady appeared, and she told them it will take them 10 weeks (or something) to access it. And then, in the hologram, she was shot, and she slumped over her desk. A guy appeared in the hologram, and said he got "it." They left.

      Then suddenly, the "hologram lady" appeared in the flesh and blood, demanding how they could have broken the code. I went, along with others, to the hologram room. It was nothing more than a 4x4 feet closet, attached beside the window. The door and walls are broken.

      I tried tracing the robbers. I draw a pentagram on the wooden floor, and slapped my right hand on it. Then I held it up and feel where they went. They haven't gone far yet. They went into the forest. I chased after them.

      The area actually looks more like a camping site. There were tree houses and a mansion nearby. I then encountered a group of classmates (from high school, presumably, but none of them looks familiar) carrying food and drink (beer, probably). They said something about eating or something. I decided to hang out with them.

      Hazy. I was in the camp, and was asked what I want to eat. There was only a choice of horse soup(?) at the moment. The priest who was there said that they thought they started the fire before they left. The cook (who looks like a bipedal horse) said that they had to catch the horse to be cooked after that. They started praying and ate.

      I was in the city. Italy (how the hell would I know?? I haven't been there, but my mind came up with the place). Someone was chasing "us." There were two of us. And the agents chasing us were from the government. They were trying to catch us with special abilities. Either me or one of us can teleport. We were on a bridge with a lot of people. We "jumped" into something, but were pushed off. It was a scientist doing something. Then we landed on an underwater invention by another scientist. He explained to us how it crawls spider-like on the sea floor. Then he found out we were being chased by the government, and he pushed us off the thing and into the sea of beautiful marine ecology.