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    1. House Stories

      by , 03-29-2015 at 04:34 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Night. I was in a hut. I think it's a pre-lightbulb era. Everything's so dark, and the color theme is the kind of yellow that candles put out at night. I was talking to my sister outside. There's someone inside the hut/house, cooking. Not sure if male or female.

      We went inside the house.

      (There's another story here, but I forgot it coz I wasn't able to write the keywords.)

      Night. I was in our house in our hometown. The gate is locked but can be opened by other keys. We had to guard it carefully and change the lock.


      - Slept around 5 p.m.
      - VERY tired after parkour training
      - WOke up around 9:36 p.m.
      Tags: dark, gate, house, key, lock, night
    2. Three Dogs

      by , 03-19-2015 at 08:12 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with a group of friends (unfamiliar IRL) inside a darkened room. Night. While I was sitting down on the floor/couch, I saw Nimz and another guy. They stood on the bed, I think, and were trying to fix the chandelier. Nimz didn't notice me, and I just looked at him amused. After a while, he saw me and he was surprised.

      I was lying down beside a guy. A lover? He was to my right. We were about to sleep? We were (or at least he was) covered in bed sheet. I was talking to him. I told him I have to leave with Nimz coz he's my best friend.

      Somehow, I went ahead and forgot Nimz. I was in my unit. Night. I was right in front of his house. I opened the lock and the gate, but I stopped at the entrance. I think he wasn't there. I went out and closed the gate. I saw a dog running towards me from... west side. At first, I thought it was hostile, but as it came closer, it just played around me. There was another dog from the west. I thought it was hostile to the dog with me and therefore with me as well, but it paused a bit upon seeing me. The first dog jumped around all of us. There was a third dog. It seems they're friendly. They jumped around me, bumping to me. I went out to the street via the east-side entrance/exit. There was a gate there, unexpectedly.

      I went out to the street, and I just went out of the house in my hometown. It's still night. I looked down up east, then felt something and looked down west. I felt/saw Nimz walking up. I went to meet him. When he saw me, he was almost bouncing while walking. I had a flashlight-view of him. He was wearing very short shorts (black?) and a shirt that's mainly white with other colors (circles?). We talked a bit.

      He talked about getting a touch stone (sparkly crystal looking object) as a prize for a game. I thought I played that game before and won but didn't know there was a prize. There's also mention of the Mortal Kombat game. We walked on.



      - Slept at around 3 a.m.
      - Woke up around 10 a.m.
      - Slept to Sam Harris' audio.
      - I had another dream before this, but I woke up and didn't write it.
    3. By The Window

      by , 03-13-2015 at 05:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a school building on the second or third floor (felt like high school building during senior year). The lights were off and it was night. I looked outside the window. On the ground floor, I saw a guy looking up at me. He's familiar (but not in real life). I had a fleeting memory of him and me doing something and then I think I ditched him for whatever reason. He promised (to himself?) that he'll be there looking at me at night until he gets an explanation.

      I sighed and went down to talk to him. I had to go down the other side of the building because there were no stairs on that side. I didn't experience walking down the stairs. When I reached the ground floor and about to go to the other side of the building, I bumped into a guy I met before (not in real life), a guy I like. He was smiling while we were talking. We talked a bit, but we were separated by crowds while we were talking. I loved his smile. My uncle (familiar but not sure who in real life) started moving a TV on wheels into one of the classrooms. I helped him out and totally forgot the guy who was staring up at me.

      I was inside a HUGE sandbox, the size of football fields. Around it were one-level buildings/houses and walls. I was riding some sort of motor-run vehicle that runs on the sand as if it was water/ice (jet/snow ski?). I was "jumping" (using the vehicle) over the structures using the speed as momentum. I had a vision, however, that I was still boxed in, with the farthest ends blocked by higher structures.

      Somehow, I was able to exit. I was in the entrance/exit area of my high school (DBTI). The color/mood was greyish and gloomy, like it's about to rain really hard. I stopped by a mobile hot dog stand. For some reason, the seller gave me an extra hot dog. The other buyers wanted extra too, but he said they pay for the extra.



      - I went to sleep around 3 a.m.
      - Woke up around 10-11 a.m.
    4. Lost in the Night

      by , 02-27-2015 at 07:14 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      "Anaken"? An event somewhere. It was a grass area. A familiar place but not sure where. Manila? We were looking for a jeep. It's night, so I'm worried I might get lost or end up in a bad place. I imagined a place along the road that's dark. There are trees on both sides. I decided to tag along with others. I think Amben and Sacha were there.

      It's... dawn? Or late afternoon? We were walking near a plaza area. There are stuff for sale. Grey colors, dim, hazy.



      - It was clearer when I woke up but I keep going back to bed to sleep some more.
      - I slept around 11 p.m. Woke up at around 10 a.m., but I kept going back to sleep before that.
      - Slept to Kelly McGonigal's default mode meditation.
    5. Bathor

      by , 02-23-2015 at 01:11 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      The word "Bathor." Probably reference to "Hathor."

      A fight with some people. Unclear.

      I was at home. Darkish but visible. I was supposed to join a marathon or some kind of running event, but I am in a rush. I was looking for stuff (socks?). My sister was there. I think she was supposed to join me. There was a nosy kid there, annoying but somehow friendly and familiar. He gave me a phone/mp3 player. I was supposed to go to the bathroom but the first bathroom was being used. The next bathroom was about to be used by the kid. I ended up in the room next to it and just told the kid to hurry up. Yellow/Reddish color. The doors are open. The rooms are connected by doors and they each have a door to the corridor/hallway. I went out the hallway, and there's a rail right in front. I was on the second floor. I teleported on the ground floor and used the bathroom there. Blueish color. Just as I was about to close the door, Rob almost walked in. He said something incoherent, I think about using the other bathrooms. I said something about the ruined lock of this bathroom. I needed to take a bath before running.

      I was climbing up the stairs inside what felt like a lighthouse. I reached the top level. It was grey outside. Rainy.

      It was night or almost night but the surroundings are still visible. I'm on the railroad tracks that are still being built. Something about a bullet train in the country. One of the guys there (I think we are 4 total) said that the width might be too small. I looked at the tracks and some just criss-cross. As I watched, a small bullet-shaped train ran along one of the tracks. I had the idea that this was the future in our country.

      I was on the road riding a jeep. I was thinking of going to... Cubao? Somehow, I ended up on the road along Quezon Ave. (or somewhere out of the way). I missed a turn. On the road, I saw a monkey-looking creature attack a lion. I felt excited. I watched as the monkey creature knocked out the lion and dragged it back somewhere on the side of the road. A house? A scuplture area. The jeep was high enough that I can see over the walls. I saw a big sundial(?) on the ground. Then I saw the monkey creature walk with a few other monkey creatures take their position near the walls and turn to stone. A thought came to mind about Lico talking about a practitioner near along this road.



      - I went to slept listening to the Dream Lotus by LaBerge.
      - When it finished, it played one of Sam Harris' meditation audio. I had to wake up and turn it off and play the latter part of the Dream Lotus.
      - Went back to focusing on the lotus light.
      - After a while, I felt aware of my body but not quite there. I didn't know what to do to jump into the dream.
      - I decided to just hold my breath (not sure if after I breathed out or after I breathed in).
      - I felt the powerful tingly sensation. I knew I was in the dream.
      - I slept at around 5:30 p.m., set alarm to 1.5 hours.

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    6. Five-Eyed Rabbit

      by , 02-20-2015 at 09:52 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was walking in a dark corridor. I was with two people. I think one was my sister and the other is "Bob." (lol)

      We were looking at ancient civilization architecture/dioramas/etc., but the light seems too dark. Even when we turn on some light, it's still too dark. After we saw one area, I told them about another ancient civilization area on the hallway to my right. I was thinking it's even more ancient.

      We went in and it's still dark. We went inside an "ancient" house, although it looked more like a house in the Philippines during the Spanish era. We were walking around and I can barely see anything. I heard the voice of a child, so I thought someone must be inside. I turned on the light on my phone while we were walking. I partially saw a torso and legs of a kid (boy, I think) lying down on a table to my left. He was moving a bit, like he was woken up. I was going to approach him, but the other two went up the stairs, seemingly in a hurry, while still not running. I followed after them. They jumped out of the window. I was going to go out but I just felt tired and I let my arms hang limp over the window as I watch them retreat to my right. The window is level to the ground even though we went upstairs.

      I felt strange because I wanted to go out the window but I was tired. I felt something cold in the center of my back, and I somehow knew something isn't right. The child, it would seem, was a spirit, and I think the other two knew it so they hurried. However, it caught me before I was able to get out, and it possessed me.

      I partially awakened IRL and I felt cold around my torso (even my back, though I was lying down) and around my arms, as if I was "glowing," but instead of warmth, it was cold. I became slightly worried at the possession but I got over it. (seems it was the fan and cold weather outside)

      I was back in the dream and I was with five people (or were there four and I was the fifth?). They were supposed to be bad guys. They wore dark-colored clothing. I was looking at myself. "I" was a human-sized rabbit with five floating wooden rectangular tiles with a symbol on each, and those things were floating in front of me. One was right in front of my face. They're supposed to be "eyes." For some reason, I got the nickname "Five-Eyed Rabbit." It seems it's the spirit that possessed me.

      We were going to fight my previous allies, and since I was possessed, I was on their side. The other bad guys were laughing about it. I think I was either not going to fight or have the rabbit control me. I complained out loud. I wanted to "have fun" as well, and I usually just get to watch the fight from a third-person perspective. They thought about it and let me fight.

      Along the way, my "rabbit" form changed to a human-like form, but still with long rabbit ears. My body was dark and covered with tattoos. The five floating "eyes" were still there.

      I can't remember much of the fight, but I found myself jumping up some "ancient" walls. I keep seeing walls, usually blank, and I was getting lucid. I finally reached the top of the wall, and I saw nothing but some light. It somehow symbolized awakening or enlightenment. I became some sort of holy man. I changed the other bad guys to good. It felt more like Avatar Aang somehow. From third-person view, I saw "me" as a monk-like person, shaven and wearing robes.

      We were on a boat. It looks... light. Yellow, somehow, but not the drab yellow I usually see in my dreams. This one is bright yellow but doesn't hurt the eyes. It felt... Chinese, somehow. (Dragonboat? Chinese New Year?)

      There were some bad guys in the boat but fortunately, they weren't able to escape. The bottom part of the boat where they were supposed to escape was sealed. I don't remember what they were there for.

      In another area of the boat, we were talking about how to turn the wealth that's being accumulated to help the people. There's one guy there, not a monk like many present, who kept thinking of expanding. I suggested to keep cycling the income enough to pay the expenses and give the rest to... charity? The people? Improve people's lives? (unclear)

      It was then that I shared I need to go soon. I need to go out and see the world (help more people?).

      I was on a bus during daytime. I was with a friend or just an acquaintance (it keeps on changing during the bus ride). I went down, but then I was inside a jeep at night in Quiapo. I was thinking of going home. I looked at the shops outside. Then I saw that we were going through the underpass. I was supposed to go down before the jeep goes down the underpass. I told the driver to drop me off at the next corner. He asked what street. I just pointed at the closest one.

      I went down but saw that it was not a street at all but an entrance to a fancy restaurant. I walked a bit further. I saw Lico (who I think was in the jeep with me) eating inside a restaurant. I talked a bit to him and then I moved on. I was walking along the street. It seems too narrow to be a street. Someone (mom?) warned me to be careful. I took my trusty pen from my right pocket and felt secure. I can face anything with it. (I draw.)



      - I slept for 1.5 hours. Set alarm.
      - I listened to meditation my McGonigal (default mode) before sleeping.
      - No coffee, no medicine.
      - I felt tired and dizzy.
      - I woke up dizzy.

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    7. Experiments and a Sea in the South

      by , 02-01-2015 at 09:18 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      In the dream, I was experimenting with visions I was in a dark room. There was a "crew" of people helping out in the experiment. I supposedly saw a vision of me being raped on a sofa in a room. It was near the window. There was a curtain, but the sunlight comes in.

      I was in a room. The kitchen. I was eating some food. We'll have an online meeting at work. Mom is nearby. She'll also have a meeting.

      I saw a few more Animorph books. It was about Rachel. It was the story right after they fought David, I think, which was from her perspective. This one is still her perspective.

      I was in a parkour gathering. There were Q&A's but I didn't ask anything. It was in a forest. Some were planning to go to the mountain or sea.

      I was in Sulu with other people, avoiding shots from guns in order to visit a beautiful place near the sea.
    8. Hunt for Pokeballs

      by , 01-26-2015 at 02:49 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a room. It was dark. I watched a guy hunt for pokeballs. I went next. I went under the table and chairs, but it was too dark I couldn't see. Then I wondered, why am I hunting for pokeballs in the dark? I remembered I went to sleep because of the blackout. I became partially awake, but not completely. I was just aware I had my eyes open but can't see anything. I can vaguely see the window and curtains but it was hazy. Maybe it was just my imagination and I was still in a dream. I was a bit scared because I might have vision problem. I closed my eyes, hoping I'll be aware in my next dream.

      In my dream, I was in a mall. I was looking for something or someone. I can't remember the rest clearly, but I wasn't aware.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. Provincial Shack

      by , 11-26-2014 at 11:27 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in the LRT area. Then I am in a jeep. We're in the middle of nowhere. It's dark outside, with some hints of trees and grasslands, like in the province. I wondered why I travelled here.

      I was in a provincial area. I was in a shack/house made of bamboo or some sort of wood. Rob was there. I was looking for the comfort room. There was none, only a general area (inside the house) where you can pee. Uncomfortable. There were cats. I think one scratched me.
    10. Lucid: Try to Fly

      by , 08-01-2014 at 11:27 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      6:13 pm

      I was lying on my back and heard a magical sounding twinkle, like in the old cartoons I guess. My eyes were still closed. I then was seeing a dream image where I was in a mall, it's really hazy. A guy was talking to me but I couldn't hear clearly. I said something back to him, something about me being in a dream I think. Then I was lying back on my bed. I heard that twinkling again. I could feel my body but everything's hazy.

      Then I imagined moving my body, and I felt like I was floating. At this point I was still "closing" my eyes. I felt that familiar buzz throughout my body. I decided to stand up and open my eyes. I did, and I knew it was a lucid dream. I had no plans whatsoever. I saw my door partially open. It's also dark outside, like there was a blackout. I think I was scared of what might jump at me. I moved to the window and pushed my head through the glass, and my upper body followed. I saw that it was very cloudy. I thought maybe I should try to fly. Unfortunately, I could still feel the (imaginary) pull of of gravity, and I don't the shock of awakening (or peeing in my pants). I looked at the building across. I extended my left hand and tried to turn the lights on of a room from that building. No much effect. The overall mood is still dark.

      I dropped into a dream. I was in a friend's house. It was also dark. I tried to turn on the lights; didn't work, and I asked them. They didn't answer. R and L were there, and there was another guy (D?). I asked R if he was feeling better. He said something, but the thought came through as he's still trying to get better. The thought also included about me being lucky I get to live my life on my own terms. Then he playfully grabbed me with a full nelson (reverse, the way I do it, which is a mistake), and L playfully punched me twice on the upper right side of my chest. I tried to laugh but couldn't get some air. They released me. I realized I couldn't talk, or didn't really talk. We were talking through our minds.


      - I slept around 4 p.m.
      - I ate late lunch (jasmine rice with turmeric and bay leaf plus instant la paz batchoy).
      - I drank coffee (Cafe Blanca).
      - I meditated to Sam Harris's 26-minute meditation audio.
      - I planned to just take that as a break and go back to work.
      - I was (and still is) feeling a bit sick, slight headache with runny nose.
    11. Asylum for Gifted Children

      by , 04-10-2014 at 12:18 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      Had an interesting dream this afternoon after drinking a cup of coffee (instant cappuccino). I went to sleep meditating  focusing on breathing, but I let the playlist continue. I did not expect it will loop, so when I woke up hearing it, I just flowed into meditating again.
      I set the alarm for 1 hour and 50 minutes. 90 minutes (1.5 hours) for the REM cycle, 14 minutes for the time it takes to fall asleep, and 6 minutes to set up the meditation sound, adjust bed, whatever.


      I dreamed I was in a mental asylum for gifted children. I saw an adult patient trying to choke another with a pillow. It was dark or shadowy. Not night, but it's like the blinds are down. "I" ran, I think trying to escape.

      I ended up in something like World of Warcraft location, facing a crossroad where skeletal beings and wraiths go back and forth on the road that goes towards and away from me, while on the road crossing it are cars speeding from right to left, seemingly unaware of the creatures. There's a hut a little to my right with some people in it. Once in a while, one creature would walk almost right to the hut, but only stay outside the window.

      I climbed on the roof and watched while a couple of creatures attacked, telling one person/kid on the ground to go around the hut, not realizing until then that there were two creatures attacking.

      We climbed up the building nearby with exterior ladders and ended up in a large dorm room for the gifted. "I" (because it's more like I was looking through the kid's eyes) tried talking to them that night when they're asleep because I was too shy.

      We "escaped". It seems like it was an experiment, and the guy who tried to kill another was an actor. I met him outside the "walls" but I still felt the shock. I moved on eventually, with me and a friend taking a huge 10-wheeler-like truck, but with 4 huge tires (reaches up to the roof of the truck) instead of 10 small tires. We crossed a bridge.
    12. Practicing Super Powers & White Monkeys

      by , 01-04-2014 at 11:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was at home (hometown?) and saw an old man through the window, and I thought, he shouldn't be here/there. And then, I must be dreaming! Immediately, the surrounding became darker, until I can't see anything but darkness. I was then inside our living room (hometown for sure), but surrounded by darkness, and crystalline sparks. I kept saying "Clarity" hoping that it will clear everything up, but it just got darker, and I just got confused. I also focused on breathing. As everything went dark, I thought, I must be waking up, but told myself, no way.

      I was outside on the backyard. I felt like it was ours, but it doesn't look anything like it in real life. It was night or just dark. There's a small field for planting. JV's mom was working on it, tilling the soil, and I started to worry. Some things are out there that might cause harm. Some small things. After I secured my own mom, I dragged her to the sidelines and then I fought the small flying... thing. A small robot. It flew up what looked like an elevated garage. I kept focusing my powers of electricity to shoot it, but once I raised enough electricity, they turn into paper. I tried moving stuff with my mind instead. I raised metals and threw it at the robot. Eventually, I forgot all about the robot (which wasn't retaliating in any way) and I practiced my dream powers, trying to lift a heavy metal pipe with my mind. I kept failing, but eventually I succeeded, but not by much. I thought, This will be cool practicing this all the time now that I can lucid dream!

      I was inside an abandoned building with others. It was night outside, and it was dark inside the building. We were avoiding some things. Bad things. Evil things. (Guh... so that's how Good Omens affect my writing...) We hurried to get out of the gate (invisible, which is quite silly) before something inside caught us. We didn't look back.

      I was outside, still night. I looked back. I saw happy faces of my high school classmates (quite clear was JG's face) as if they just finished playing basketball.

      Daylight. We're supposed to escape by climbing some sort of really tall statue that reaches way up in the clouds. A companion commented how there are some snakes up there now, which didn't happen before. A short scene near the beach (or the road near Victorias, where the road is elevated from the sugarcane fields on both sides): someone was walking on the fields. I was walking on the elevated area (road).

      I was up on the statue. There's a platform where barrels and/or snakes roll out, and we have to jump over them and avoid them, which gets more difficult as the level increases. (I swear to gawd that's what I thought in the dream) There were monkeys somewhere here. At first I was just watching, but then I went into first-person view, and I slipped under the mouth/area where they barrels/snakes go out. I ended up outside a building, holding up a window. I had to, or else the whole factory (house like) will collapse, and all the white monkey workers inside will get crushed. After a while, I let go, and the monkeys were able to escape. The area felt provincial, like the areas I used pass by via Don Salvador Benedicto.

      There's something about a chosen one, a child, but that part of the dream mostly escaped me.

      Spoiler for WARNING: Violence:

      I was watching small girl (the chosen one?) talk to God (he looked and felt like the one on Facebook, but full-bodied). She was asking him questions and he answers her with funny responses. I forgot the details of the exchange.


      I slept around 4 p.m.
      I woke up around 5:44 p.m.
      I meditated before falling asleep.
      I was listening to Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory) and The Gorillaz playlists the whole day.
      I thought about how the music I was listening to connects to my high-school memories.

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    13. Meditation and the Snake

      by , 12-05-2013 at 04:27 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was meditating outside the house, on the east side near the door. It was night, or at least it was dark. I was sitting in a half-lotus posture on the grasses near the plants. I was mentally viewing the four corners of the house with a 'construct' of myself, trying to ensure nothing goes through the barrier.

      I started to go inside. I had to bring a lot of stuff with me; books, paper and stuff, and some kept on falling but I must not leave anything behind. My dog was there too. I told him to stay out.

      When I was inside, I noticed there was another dog. The sun started to rise then. I touched it and found it was real. It's a smaller, hairier one. Then another. I saw more of them around the plants. My dog was making that poor-me sound. I wondered how they got in and thought that when I let my guard down, they must have dug down the walls and the barrier. One poked at my dog's clothes, and my dog was on his back on the ground.

      I was in a restaurant. I was eating with some people. One asked where else to find a good Japanese restaurant. I tried to think but I can't remember any. I mentioned/praised the good food in the place. One said (Ate M?) that there's also separate rooms and they serve the food inside. I said that wasn't what I was referring to.

      I was in a restaurant (not sure if the same one). I was an owner or at least a friend of the owner. They were serving food to an (male) enemy? He was wearing a tux. There's wasabi and yellow rice. A friend offered to provide the wasabi, but we all said no. Something about his way of cooking it. Or the rice. There's yellow rice but inside it's still white.

      I was in a room, in a hotel, I presumed. I asked something to be done outside. I was on the bed. A knock, and I said come in. A maid went inside and said there was a delivery for me and that I should hold out my hand. She was on my left. I refused, thinking/knowing she will grab my hand and kill me. She suddenly screamed, and I jumped back towards the window. Someone grabbed me from outside the window; an enemy ninja. Then I heard shots or a shot, and the guy let me go; an ally from across the building was shooting at him. I had a quick view of the outside. When my vision went back inside the room, I saw the the maid has turned into a huge snake and was trying to escape up through the roof. I pulled her down (not sure if through kinesis or by hand), and I pushed her head through the wall and the window, and it got shredded. She was still alive; she's immortal. I pulled it back in a bit and shredded it back through, and I saw the eye get punctured. It looked more like a fish's eye. I saw the innards of the head.

      Slowly, I saw it starting to transform. The shredded bits started to become smaller snakes, but are still attached to the huge snake. I pulled her in to stop the complete transformation. I then asked her if she knows why I did not just kill her with my katana.

      I woke up.

      * There was a part where I drove with some people to the 'water' park down in South Luzon at night. I said that it's a shame we will miss the sights because it was night. I think my crush or boyfriend was there. (IRL, I have no boyfriend, and I don't recognize any of the people there.)

      * I was partially lucid.

      * Slept at around 8:38 p.m., and woke up after 1.5 hours at 10:10 a.m. I had a hard time sleeping. I drank a cup of coffee before to ensure I won't go deep down in sleep (I needed to work). I also tried focusing on my breathing, but I keep getting distracted by hypnagogic/hypnapompic (I keep going in and out of dreams) images. I read Psybermagick before sleeping. I also watched stuff.
    14. Bus and a Thief in the Warehouse

      by , 08-11-2013 at 02:00 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I saw my high school classmates. We were in my hometown. Writing materials. There was a bus. We were going somewhere. To college?

      I went back quickly to get something from our 'house' (used to be a convenience store near our house IRL, but now an empty warehouse). I saw a thief breaking in. I was able to drive him away. He looked like a lanky teenager, brown-skinned (topless?) with curly hair. The room was dark, but the light from the sun outside gave me those details. I wasn't able to see his face, which was mostly indoors.

      I approached the police officers across the street and told them what happened, even though the whole thing was visible. They said something along the lines that, yeah, those things happen. I was no longer sure if I wanted to join the others in the trip.

      NOTE: Wrote this around 12 hours after the dream, from squiggles.
    15. Naked Boat

      by , 08-03-2013 at 12:07 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      August 2, 2013

      I was in a mall. I was naked with some people. We were holding something up with our hands raised up. I think it was a boat. Like a dragon boat. We were in one line. A guy behind me tried to push his crotch behind me. I resented that and pushed him away. He might have felt my annoyance and left. We continued with the 'parade.'

      I was in school or a place where we were watching a film. I went to the comfort room. Some guys were naked. I had to take a leak but the urinals were removed. Yellowish light. I had to pee on the floor in the corner. I went out and realized I can barely see. I left my glasses in the comfort room, so I went back and took it. When I returned to my seat, I realized that my glasses were there as well. I 'combined' them by hiding them from sight and then showing them again as one.
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