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    1. Home Going South

      by , 01-07-2016 at 06:28 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Jan 6, 2016

      There zombies. I was running at night on the right. It was dark and hard to see. I was going out of our hometown, heading south.

      I was in a dormitory, trying to find a place to sleep/hide. There was a vampire. I moved/led to my parents' room to hide.

      I was traveling in a bus from our hometown, heading south. I was with mom and sis. There was a lady behind us on the bus that was talking. We know her. I can't remember her name now but I did in the dream.
    2. Repeat Failure

      by , 06-07-2015 at 02:39 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was dreaming about an event that keeps happening. It's like a game where I failed a task and so I have to do it all over again. Something about being caught or something waking up.

      I was looking down at a map and seeing some marker that represents me or us moving on a road from west to east. We reached an area and it zoomed in to the action. We're in a dorm of sorts. I kept failing the task and waking up or being caught. I had to do it all over. I tried thinking how else I can do it where I won't fail.

      I felt anxious.



      - I was feeling sick. Headache and all, and my body aches due to training in Ninja Academy. It was also awfully hot.
      - Slept for like over 8 hours.
    3. New Dorm in the City

      by , 05-02-2015 at 12:08 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was looking for a new dorm. I was talking to someone and he/she referred me to a place near the city. The place is just near the street, but there's construction everywhere.



      - 3 a.m. - 9 a.m.
      - No coffee
      - Listened to a new audio
    4. Invisible Houses

      by , 05-01-2015 at 03:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was inside a dorm. The color theme is yellow and black. I think it's supposed to represent the previous place I was staying in in Sampaloc. I was with L. We were eating. I saw him crush a cockroach, throw it into a pan to fry it, then throw away either the shell or innards and eat the one that wasn't thrown away. I thought that was a little strange, and then I realized I was also eating cockroach. Then I thought, "There's no way I'm eating a cockroach. I must have been mistaken," all the while trying to hold back puking in the dream (not sure in real life, but I woke up a bit sick to my stomach).

      I was looking for homes/places to stay in. Or rather, there was a review of hidden/invisible homes. I was told that the one (tower) I was staying in high up in a cliff is among the top 5 because it's hard to reach. The next ones were simply impossible. One was hidden in some sort of mist, another is a flying pink house that moves from place to place all the time, and another was something that was never found. There seems to be no top 1 yet.

      I was in a dorm. Not sure if the same or different from the one earlier. I was outside this time. I was looking at the facade of the thing. Somehow, I felt like my aunts on my dad's side are inside. I walked just outside the window. I saw a frying pan. I walked up a short set of stairs. The mood was night but with bright moonlight.

      I was at work in an office. I think I was new, and I was sitting in front of a computer. There was a lady who talked to me about work. I think they were saying I seem so serious about work, even seems like I'm going overtime. I thought to myself that I just enjoy it.

      Night. It was already after work. I'm still in the office. I walked around. I moved a sloth to a wall.



      - Slept at around 6 p.m., woke up around 8 p.m. Set alarm 01:46 HH:MM.
      - I decided to incubate a dream, thinking about my plan of moving.
      - Drank coffee with lotsa milk less than an hour prior sleeping
      - Was listening to Dreamgate.
    5. The Devil Tells A Story

      by , 04-30-2015 at 07:52 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a mall at night. I was in the entryway. I sensed that someone or something is after me. I started to run away. I went to the back part of the mall, and it's no longer night. It's daytime. The place just opened, and there's a small crowd gathering during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which concluded just as I arrived. I vaulted over an obstacle and jumped around. The place looked like a mini-forest and obstacle course. I passed by (I was moving around all the time) a lot of net and adventure-like structures.

      I was then kong-running (quadrupedal) along the road at night. It's a small two-way(?) road. I was running on the road itself, so I moved to the side (right) to avoid vehicles. I got tired and had to pause but worried that whatever was chasing me would catch up.

      I ended up in some dorm or mini-mall. It was dark inside but daytime. I was hiding. I saw some people run. I also ran and jumped up a fence with spikes. Daytime. That's where the thing chasing me caught me. It turned out to be a devil. It wanted to kill me or possess me for some reason. I didn't feel fear but I felt so sad that I cried hard. I said something like I don't fear dying but I dislike the fact that I will no longer know/hear/learn of stories. I told the devil that I will willingly die if it will tell me a story.

      He told me a story, I think, but I cannot recall. When it was time to die, I complained at first that the story wasn't done yet. He gave me some sort of ice-pick-looking knife with a flat and thick black handle. I was about to pierce my chest with it when the devil disappeared, cursing (or shouting?). I was in the living room in our hometown. I saw that the VHS tape got entangled. I got frustrated that it happened. My sister was there and asked her if she played that before and she said yes. I told her the last part got entangled.



      - Slept at around 2 a.m., woke up at 8 a.m. due to alarm, slept, woke up at 11 a.m.
      - Drank milk before sleeping
      - Slept listening to Sam Harris' 26-minute meditation audio

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    6. Restaurant with Atheists, Dorm Work, and Parkour by the Sea

      by , 04-28-2015 at 05:08 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with some people. Atheists, I think. I remember Haresh was there. It was night. We were going to eat in some restaurant. I also remember thinking about Amway.

      (woke up a bit, went back to sleep)

      I was in a dorm of sorts with my co-workers (who I rarely see). The dorm "felt" like the 2nd and 4th year building in high school. We were sleeping on the upper floors (4th year floor) and we decided to move to the lower floors (2nd year floor), which was air-conditioned. I was worried(?) that I wasn't included in the move but turned out they included me (wrote my name for moving or something).

      (woke up, did math to shut off alarm, went back to sleep, 8:30 a.m.)

      I was with some people practicing parkour. It was a school and/or island. I saw a few Caucasian guys in the nude practicing near the sea (on top of some sort of rocky place), and a coastguard patrol got their attention, but the patrol moved away after a short while, saying that they (the people in the nude, I suppose) will be receiving a... "friendly?" letter soon. I assumed they were ashamed to see them nude.

      I was in some sort of school waiting for other traceurs to arrive. There were some people I know. Someone mistook me for Jong.



      - Slept at around 1 am
      - Finally woke up at around 11 a.m.
      - Drank milk before sleeping
      - Listened to Sam Harris 26-minute meditation audio
    7. Blue Dorm

      by , 04-20-2015 at 05:55 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was going to transfer dormitory. I was checking my room. There are plenty to things to arrange. The color theme is blue. I also recall doing a front flip and hitting the back of my neck. I just stood up.

      I was looking for bathroom.



      - I saw stuff being brought down and up the elevator this evening.
      - I slept around 8 pm, woke up around 11 pm. No alarm.
      - Light was on.
      - Thinking of moving.
      - Needed to pee badly when I woke up.
      Tags: blue, dorm, flip, room, transfer
    8. Jumping Up and Down

      by , 04-20-2015 at 08:46 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in some sort of town. I was with some parkour people. We were jumping up and down walls/roofs/heights. I remember crawling along on top of the wall.

      A dormitory of sorts. I was living with some people.



      - Slept at 3 am, woke up with alarm at 8, but went to sleep again until 10 a.m.
      - Drank Oishi Choco oats or something before sleep
      - Shimmy-dropped from heights yesterday during parkour training. It was scary.
    9. Low Gravity

      by , 03-30-2015 at 10:01 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Daytime/Afternoon and night. I and some others are literally jumping from island to island in some kind of world/planet. The place has lighter gravity than earth, and we (three of us) were always being blown away when the winds are strong. We were in the forests and other places. We were avoiding meeting other residents of the planet. I think they're aggressive.

      Morning. I was in a dorm of some kind. There were a lot of beds in one room that is shared. My name was there. I thought that it was a place rented by our company for us, but I didn't get to use the place since I have my own place. I thought it's a good backup plan though. I checked the bathroom, I think.

      Night. I was outside a hotel. I was ordering food. For some reason, they gave me a slip, maybe to pay it later. I was planning to pay it on the spot, but oh well.

      I went inside the bathroom. It was very small.


      - Slept at around 2 p.m.
      - Woke up at around 4:17 p.m.
      - Very tired.
      - No alarm
      - I'm thinking of the rent-to-own units sometime during the day
    10. Train Station and the Dorm Cleaning Crew

      by , 01-14-2015 at 03:36 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a dorm. There was a cleaning crew. I was worried they might be killers or something. The other people I was with in the room kind of read my mind so they stayed. Some of them reminded me of theater ensemble in college. Some are from my LGBT friends. I felt anxious.

      I was in the train station. I was going to ride one. I went up the escalator, and the train just arrived. I was with Sharon, and she was on a call standing on the left side after the escalator. The train waiting area is on the right. She was still talking on the phone. When she was done, the train already left. I was going back, because I forgot my facial cleanser or something. I needed some "class." She said not to worry; she brought some of her own and she can lend some.

      Just to note that when I was going "back" to the escalator, it was again going up, not down. I saw some food stalls up there.


      I slept for 1.5 hours starting around 7 p.m. I was very sleepy.
      I woke up alarmed hearing the alarm.
      I worried I might forget the dream, but I thought of the keywords.
      I wondered for several minutes how I lost the monsters in the dreams and they're now replaced by feelings of foreboding, monsters that I cannot challenge or hug. It's unnerving.

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    11. Teens and Borders

      by , 11-02-2014 at 04:27 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Oct. 31, 2014

      I went inside a dorm. I was hiding from some... teens? I talked to a person there.

      Before that, I was in my unit in the upper floors. Balcony. A woman appeared. A warning of war or battle. Something or someone hits the wall of the balcony from outside. An intruder. The woman disappears.

      I went back in the room. I have to escape. There was an elevator, but it was too slow. I decided to take the stairs. The elevator opens; it's empty.

      I was inside a dorm. Hiding. Worried. I talked to a woman there. From the second floor, I was in the upper floor when I saw some teens outside approach. I think the woman said they were the ones after me. I think we're on a border of some sort.

      I went outside on the other side through the window. I stood on some extensions, about 4 meters off the ground, and I wasn't afraid. I saw a teen pass by the window but didn't see me. The woman was talking to them.

      When I felt it safe, I climbed down.

      I hid behind some trees or stuff and observed the ones who are supposedly after me.


      - I've been doing 9 purification breathing, guru yoga, dakini visualization and focusing on lotus with A on the throat for about a few days by this time. I must say, I seem to remember dreams better.
    12. Pirated Books

      by , 10-01-2014 at 06:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      11 AM

      I was walking, looking for a book or store. I was on the street, morning or afternoon. I met a seedy-looking guy who led me to a shop. It looks more like a shop for pirated copies. The clerk there showed me a pirated CD copy of "books". I declined. I looked around the shop. There were Christmas decors for sale too.

      I saw a small ceramic statue of a "sifu" or "sensei", an old man with a long white beard and red clothing. Not sure if he was bald.

      I was in a dorm. My dorm? I went to the bathroom to pee, but then I realized I was in someone else's room, peeing on the wall and floor. Once I realized it, I finished it first then ran for a mop. I wiped the wall and floor.

      Jen/Sarah was giving a lecture and mentioned me to the students.

      Rob was there. He was talking about eating or avoiding eating something since he ate too much of something the night before. Hito? Pork?

      Daniel/Someone was talking to him online. He asked Rob if he believes in the Astral or something. Rob got annoyed and told someone to tell Daniel/Someone to shut up.


      I slept around 5:30 AM.
    13. The Possessed Children

      by , 09-14-2014 at 03:16 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      9:53 a.m.

      I was in some sort of town or place. It's starting to get overrun by gangsters made up of mainly teenagers and some even prepubescent boys. I was walking along the street when I saw one group. They were fighting. It's a mix of adults and young boys, but the latter made up most of the group. I either "tiptoe" all around the place while they fight (they seem to ignore me) or I run away at the sight of them. The latter became more common after a while. There are afternoon and night times.

      At some point, I tried hiding in dorm houses (or just plain houses) only to find that some were already there or some were looking for people with keys to dorm houses so they can get inside. It started getting "scarier" at that point. The kids are no longer just gangster kids. They were possessed. The more they "kill" or do something with, the more they spread out. Like a virus. Almost like a zombie movie, except that they seem conscious. Maybe a Las Plagas zombie.

      Some people are starting to move to the "next town", and I joined in the exodus. But along the way, we encounter death and destruction caused by the possessed. It was very much like a zombie apocalypse, with ruined buildings and deserted cities.

      Somehow, I and the group I was with, ended up in a hotel-like place. I saw some horrific scents where a person is... I'm not sure how to describe it, but some horror/thriller games show it pretty well... a living person "nailed" by a huge nail to a humanoid monstrosity through her private part, people ripped apart by possessed humans, and all of this within the confines of probably someplace that looks like Amnesia or Silent Hill buildings, with a bloody hospital-like setting. Or a dirty morgue. At some parts, I was avoiding them, while at other parts, I was kind of jumping around (tiptoeing?) around the creatures. Also, that human nailed to the monster was the girlfriend of one of our companions. I have the idea that we were slowly getting killed as we traverse the area but I don't really recall.

      At one point, I discovered the "nest" of the main possessed being (or maybe just a really strong monster). I was alone then. The being was "sleeping" in a room filled with clothing or sheets. It was under those sheets so I couldn't see it but I knew it was there and I could hear it breathing. I decided that what safer place to be in than the room of the big monster? No smaller monster will try to harass the thing, and me as well.

      The view shifted somehow and I was with other in a room with... stuff. Not a room, I guess, but more of a warehouse. We found the "egg" that started the horror. But somebody (me?) cracked it accidentally and will now attempt to spread the horror (maybe this was the first part?). The guy who was raped by a demon (I think) and produced that egg lamented that it shouldn't be allowed to "wake up".


      - slept at around 5 a.m.
      - I felt more of a lack of breath while jumping around but not much of horror.
      - I was reading some true-story thrillers before sleeping.
      - I took out my keys while in the elevator and corridor and worried someone might duplicate them somehow and invade our place.
      - I saw the salty egg in the kitchen earlier and wondered if it's still good.
      - This would be interesting to interpret.
      - I seem to have tried doing parkour moves somewhere in the dream, but I could remember clearly.
    14. Dorm Night

      by , 08-16-2013 at 04:46 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      A dorm of sorts. It was night. I saw Nurse A in a car. He was going to work or something and left his kid, K (they're not related in any way IRL, except that they're both gay and active in human rights causes), at home. I decided to go to their home (also my home?).

      I saw seaman E there, and I hugged him tight. I also saw Mommy J.
      Tags: dorm, gay, home, night
      dream fragment
    15. Cody and Solomon

      by , 08-04-2013 at 05:45 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in my college, at the 'back' of Cody and Solomon halls. I was in a dorm. New kid.
      dream fragment
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