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    1. Dungeon and Plane Flight

      by , 08-26-2013 at 11:40 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)


      Time travel. A group. Go back in time. Forest. Guitar. Weapon. Top view. Shooting. Battle field.


      Room, bed, based on my ... to my side, above. I initially thought I was having an OBE. I moved to my side and I was tingling all over. I thought maybe I was out of my body already, or maybe I'm still awake. Unfamiliar room. Dark room. I looked out the window, with vertical bars, also strange, unfamiliar. Greyish sky. I tried flying out of the room. My arms went through the spaces beside the bars, but I couldn't go through like a ghost. So I thought I was still awake. Mirror. Black small thing. Tech... Comm...

      Ran away from the room. I was chasing someone or someone was chasing me. I visualized a chain on the person's hands, and it clamped him down on the floor. He looked orcish. I ran and climbed up a wall. It reminds me of third-person dungeon computer games. Wide area. Like a castle. I climbed up the gate, and on top of something like a roof support (but it's not connected to the roof), there's a female warrior. I talked to her, asked what's going on. She seems okay to me, but another female warrior/guardian arrived, jumping on top of other supports, and rudely told me to go back. I taunted her, calling her names, like AngeliTina.

      ... woke up...

      Airport. Police. Time. 3 p.m. or 1 p.m. There's a plane crash. Don't care about my flight, which is at 7:49 p.m. I was too early. Then I started wondering: why am I going back to my hometown? Then a memory popped up of a high school classmate telling me that it's his birthday next Saturday or Sunday, and he'd want me to be there.
    2. High School Bookstore

      by , 08-23-2013 at 08:36 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in some sort of a bookstore. I was reading a book. It's inside a Catholic school (DBTI?). The lady cashier (librarian) asked if I have a book like it, and clarified if it's mine. Not, it's not. I returned it, and she said it's overdue. I have to pay 21 pesos. I imagined it was already two weeks since I borrowed it, and I thought I was renewing it all this time. I gave her money, but she said, 'Only four [pesos]?' I took more money out of my pocket, and counted two 5 pesos and two 10 pesos, and decided it's a total of 21 pesos.

      I looked around for more books, and found a lot of colorful, hard-bound books, but decided not to borrow.

      I was watching a story before my eyes. An alien. I transformed into a creature. I howled.

      I was in a house. B showed up and we did something like a one-arm embrace or pat, then he went somewhere in the house. R was writing and signing something on the table. He said something about ignoring B. I wondered how can I do that if we're in his house.
    3. Bus and a Thief in the Warehouse

      by , 08-11-2013 at 02:00 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I saw my high school classmates. We were in my hometown. Writing materials. There was a bus. We were going somewhere. To college?

      I went back quickly to get something from our 'house' (used to be a convenience store near our house IRL, but now an empty warehouse). I saw a thief breaking in. I was able to drive him away. He looked like a lanky teenager, brown-skinned (topless?) with curly hair. The room was dark, but the light from the sun outside gave me those details. I wasn't able to see his face, which was mostly indoors.

      I approached the police officers across the street and told them what happened, even though the whole thing was visible. They said something along the lines that, yeah, those things happen. I was no longer sure if I wanted to join the others in the trip.

      NOTE: Wrote this around 12 hours after the dream, from squiggles.
    4. Trinity de Liberas

      by , 08-10-2013 at 02:13 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      WARNING: Sexual content

      NOTE: Numbers do not signify any particular order. They're just for ease of reference for interpretation.

      A phrase: ''Trinity de Liberas'' . No idea what it meant.

      1. Justice. I was in a room. Reminded me of a room I rented in college near a river. He was in the room beside mine. Although there were 'holes' in the plywood separating our rooms, I did not peek into his room, though I was sorely tempted. I heard him talking to someone, but I sensed or knew he was alone, so it must be a phone. I lied down on my bed, looking up at the ceiling, and noticed that the plywood wall does not go to the ceiling, so there's an open space between our rooms near the ceiling. I was looking at the opening when I saw him start to peek through it, all while he was talking on his phone. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, but I can still see him somehow. He crossed over to my room, still talking on his phone, and he looked me over.

      2. A guy got pregnant. At first it was me, and then it wasn't me. When they took the 'baby' out of his (or my) stomach, it turned out to be a frog. Turned out that there's a particular species of frogs (it was clear when I saw or heard it but then forgot it when I woke up) that insert their eggs through the skin, and then it goes in the stomach/uterus to grow. I became careful not to go out with my body parts exposed.

      3. I had sex with a guy, with me on top. I wanted it to be the guy on [1] but it seems it's not. This one is darker. After sex, we discussed the amount, or maybe it was a flashback. The room costs 3000, and he wants 600. He/I complained about the cost of the room.

      4. I was outside our house in our hometown. I was naked, but didn't really mind. I love the cold. I was near the well-pump area. I saw my dad come out of the 'front' door, and he saw me. I waved. He quickly grabbed a towel to cover me and brought me inside the house. My brother was also there. (NOTE: I have no male sibling).

      5. I was inside a house. A guy (L? He looked thinner.) caught a huge roach, about the size of an adult person's forearm and thick. The guy held on to its huge body with his left hand, and used his right hand to cover or play around with the head of the roach. I warned him that it might bite him.

      [Woke up. Went back to bed.]

      6. I was inside a traveling train. It slanted a bit, and I played along by slanting my own body. There were a lot of people there. Caucasian. Then suddenly, the train went out through the 'door', almost hitting a girl on her way out and almost ripping my arm off by the door. It continued running off track through some wilderness. We passed near a gorge, running up along the cliffs and looking down the river. The wilderness was blue and green; it was beautiful. We continued trailing away from it, and through some tall grasses. We even crossed an old, rusty railroad. We finally stopped near a small river. There were people on the other side, and we had to cross the river and get our feet wet to get there. My sister was already walking in the river. I looked around for a dry path. The rusty railings. Some dry cemented area. Finally, on the other side, I looked around and saw a small grassy field and some 'trees' beyond it. Somebody mentioned 'glen'. I looked around, this time with more awareness that we may be in a magical glen.

      7. I was in a hall, with a huge book displayed on the wall. The red and orange or yellow cover was ripped/vandalized, as well as some of the pages. I can see some of the writings inside, and they looked old, like a grimoire. I mentioned this to Rob. He took it out and put it on the table like he didn't mind the fact that it was ripped apart.

      8. Justice. I was in a room. It reminds me of our room in first-year high school.

      More notes:

      * I ate nothing but bread and butter the whole day prior.
      * I avoided sexual activity for the whole day.
      * An old neighbor visited while I was topless. I felt 'exposed.'
      * Before I fell asleep, I happened to think of a dorm mate back in college who I had some sexual activity. He's dark skinned.
      * I went down this morning to use L's toaster grill, and I found a roach inside. I'm thinking whether it was precognition or I simply thought of the Madagascar hissing roach before I slept. Did I? I'm no longer sure.
      * I was supposed to read a small red-white-black book last night, but I decided not to.
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    5. The Llama, the Peacock, and the Princess

      by , 11-24-2012 at 02:28 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Notes: Daydream, ADA

      I was in the home of a friend, LP. His parents were there. We were worried they won't accept us, but they seem pretty cool. The place feels very homey. The father was particularly okay, and the mom was actually thinking he's going to end up with another guy friend, LR. We just laughed it off. His father said that he can't help much with the ritual tools though.

      I was on the street. Supposedly going home after meeting up with friends. The area looks a bit like in one of my dreams before, and at the same time, the area near Cubao irl, near where we take a jeep going to Eastwood. For some reason, I doubled back and waited for my friends in a place that looks very much like a blend of our high school and college irl. I waited for them, and was thinking of surprising them. A guy friend looks a bit lost and he left some money on top of the bag, which he put on the table. I was going to surprise him by pretending to grab the money, but he barely reacted, and just said he thought I was going home. I told them I had to check my bank account's balance.

      I was inside a house with a lot of people. It felt like home, except not sure which home in particular. I went out and saw even more people outside. Like there's going to be a parade, and all of the people are gathering outside the streets. I was thinking of going to a store or something. Then I saw a few people with guns. I wondered what's going to happen to have people carry guns. They don't look like the police either. I hurried back home instead. We talked about what's going to happen and about the guys with guns.

      I was in a building. A lot of people are there. There's some sort of a meeting. For some reason, I was hiding. I was looking at the group from a ledge in the building. Then I think a guy noticed me. I hid behind another guy's dead(?) body. I think it was a dead(?) zombie. I used it as a shield as well as a hiding place, but it looked so awkward I'm sure the guy knows I'm there. I heard him shoot the zombie a few times. Then he went a bit around. He's on lower ground. He looks up at me and said something like, "Sorry, I don't know you but...." and he shot me. Only I wasn't dead. He let his guard down, and I just observed him. Then I grabbed his hand to break his little finger. He looked surprised and more amused than afraid.

      I am looking at a female friend. She seems dazed. She was holding on a Blackberry. I (or was it someone else?) was pressing stuff on touchscreen. Then she woke up.

      I am looking at a caravan of sorts. A llama leading a camel. I commented to someone how tall and proud the llama looks while the camel looked so down and low. I said it's a great metaphor for kings and slaves. The camel's neck was almost nonexistent, and it was very close to the body. On the other hand, it seems that the camel can survive harsher conditions. We arrived at the destination. I saw a huge peacock with it's beautiful tail feathers spread out. It was majestic. It acts as the throne for the princess. It's that huge. However, the princess wasn't sitting on it at the time. She asked the peacock to lay down its tail feathers and it obeyed. There's another woman (is it also the princess?) who was playing with a NDS on the side.
    6. Enrollment and the Night Bridge

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:17 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      12:02 am

      MILD, no countdown (too distracting), day dreamed and tried to stay aware.

      6:28 am

      I woke up before sunrise, but was too tired to write what I dreamed. I woke up again around 6:28.

      I was in a school that looks like our elementary school, but the mood reminds me of college. It's going to second semester and we're hurrying with the enrollment. R was there (a president of an org), also trying to catch up. They announced that they're extending. R explained that he called and asked if they're gonna be open. They said they they would, but he also asked if there are supervisors in case they need one. I didn't understand why he had to call when we're in the school already. I looked at a list on a board.

      Somehow connected, I was in the school still. I was talking to a woman who asked me what group I'm in. She mentioned I couple, but I told her I'm with +. She said she remembers now. I was wondering how, when I'm not very active in +. I got a vision of her name in the group. Primrose or Rose something. And an image of black. She has short, black hair. She went behind some low wall to take a piss, and out of nowhere, a couple of high school kids appeared and tried to peek on her. I told them to back off, but she knows they're there. She handed them a short chain. They didn't know how to react, so they just accepted it. When she was done, she asked for it. They gave it back to her and they ran. They knotted it, and it's hard to un-knot. It's some sort of necklace. I told her that was expected; they're kids and don't know how to handle important stuff.

      Night. I was in Quezon Ave, crossing the bridge to the other side.
    7. Nov 22, 2012 - High School Name Test

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:14 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      4:00 pm:

      I was in a van. I think it's the same location I go to when I'm in Cebu, in Mactan. A couple went down. One has marijuana. The driver and a passenger wanted it as well. It seems I was a dealer of sorts. I told them I can't give them those, somebody already bought them, or something.

      I experience something like SP in a dream. I can't see but I 'know' I am in a school of sorts. I was finally able to move around. There's J.C., high school classmate, talking about something. He asked about the name of our high school Filipino teacher. Or the fourth year janitor name. I was unsure, but I gave him the first year Filipino teacher's name, but he already said it was wrong because he was asking for the janitor's name.

      I was traveling. Not sure if it was with a companion. I was walking in a dusty road. Need to hide. I was on a skateboard and using an umbrella to push/pull me through. I was in the bus station. 3 days and I have to leave.
    8. Nov 21, 2012 - Possession and control

      by , 11-23-2012 at 05:56 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      2:59 p.m.

      I was hanging out with friends in our high school gym (on the first floor) which is attached to a hospital (second and third floors). I went 'home' to our dormitory after a mission, and ate at the attached restaurant. I was talking with a different set of friends inside a room, when I used remote viewing and saw a problem arising with my other friends. Apparently, they were playing with mind control and the subject (a friend of ours but no idea irl) started to act wildly, as if possessed by something else. I rushed there and got his attention. I used a feather fan to keep him at bay, but I don't want him to run away either. I shouted for another ally, 'Chihung' or 'Hungphet,' to come to our aid, but he's taking his sweet time. The possessed person was about to run, but I used web-string to catch him.
    9. Lessons in a Game

      by , 11-16-2012 at 04:48 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I am with some friends. We were escaping from some people, or maybe just hiding. We were in our high school, near the quadrangle. It looked like a forest there.

      Then a van passes by. It's M., my high school crush (who I was obsessed with). He invites us in, although I am wary. I sat in the front row of the van, near the window. The others are sitting behind.

      M. sits beside me, to my right. I am hesitant, but after a while, I put my head on his left shoulder, and we held hands, both hands resting on our legs.

      I am in some sort of abandoned building at night. It's in the middle of some city. The PLUS people appear, and we talk. Not sure of what.

      i think my dream self is partially aware, teaching me how to lucid dream. We are in some sort of technological facility, and it feels more like a game.


      I slept at around 11 p.m., and I watched United States of Tara most of the day. I also wrote some pieces of a story about a wanderer. I was very emotional when I wrote it, in love perhaps? Before sleeping, I recall thinking about how to add a crushing ending.

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    10. Sep 10, 2012 - Taft Ave Bus

      by , 10-10-2012 at 05:30 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      NOTE: Lotus

      Ron.E. High school classmate. I go home. I am in Taft avenue. I took the bus home to Manapla. Mami?
    11. August 13, 2012

      by , 08-24-2012 at 08:59 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Travel. Contact with mom and sis. Met them in a mall. They were still waiting for their orders in Avon. Mom was annoyed for waiting for it. 8:30 p.m. Classmate from high school.
    12. Teeth Fell Off

      by , 11-02-2011 at 10:08 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in school, or at work. I was chatting with a high school classmate, Giesel. He put another high school classmate, Nathan, on a special training at work, because he's failing. I heard that they're mostly on training most of the time instead of taking calls. I initially thought that's actually a good deal, but then I realized that eventually, they'll have to take calls full-time.

      I was at home. Was talking with someone. Then I felt something in my mouth, and went to the kitchen sink. I spit out five or six teeth. Huge teeth. I collected them with my right hand. I threw them, either into the sink or the trash. Was about to go back when I felt a teeth on my upper right. It wasn't off yet, just loose. I couldn't close my mouth properly because it was protruding. I tried pushing it into position, but it fell off. It's another huge tooth. I threw it as well.

      I went back to the living room, and talked to sis. I asked if I can court a classmate of hers. She said no, because "I" have responsibilities, and she particularly mentioned "sa likod...," roughly translated on my back or shoulder, "... pa sang bata" or including the baby. The translation doesn't make sense, but it's like she's saying I'm the one who should take care of her child.

      Mom passed by and asked what we're talking about. I was already lying on the side on the sofa, hugging my knees, depressed. Sis told her it's about my "exploration."
    13. Gathering High School Classmates

      by , 09-15-2011 at 12:48 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in high school. Classmates. We were gathering.

      I recall Pchy and Mario Maurer as well.
    14. High School Life

      by , 09-01-2011 at 01:10 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      DBTI gym? I was with my high school classmates. We're wearing our usual uniform. Talking.
      Tags: high school
      dream fragment
    15. AUG 22, 2011: Dog Training and Van Chase

      by , 08-23-2011 at 01:20 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Plaza Mart? I was talking to someone. There are people there, as if they're staying in a dorm. I saw Solimar. He's far away, and keeps disappearing. I walked to the ground floor. There's some sort of play.

      Then I'm in the supermarket. I still can't find him. I'm in school. High school or college. I keep trying to get close to him, but can't. Either he drives me away, or there are people sitting beside him. There are a lot of chairs. A teacher.

      I found a high school classmate in their home. I asked him what he's doing. He said he's still in college. Or maybe his little brother, with only one class per month. Their parents are there. There's a puppy, and we played with it.

      We talked about dog training. I accompanied the mother to the dog training place. It started raining. We took a tricycle there. The mother complained that the place smells. We were directly on top of the sewer line. The guy there said the dogs are not for sale; just for show.

      We waited for a jeep. It's still raining. It's afternoon. There are jeeps that passed by, but they're not the right ones. We walked until we're near Victorias Crossing. It's already night. There was a van: Nyala. We chased it, and the mother was able to get in, but I had trouble jumping in. The conductor said to hurry up. The van is still running. I can't reach the bars. I asked him to pull me up. He did, but we were caught by the police. I saw his white, fat face, with a displeased look. We went down.

      We arrived home.