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    1. Drowning At Shore

      by , 10-16-2017 at 12:50 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Morning: (somewhere along 5am-7am)

      I was staying in a mansion of sorts. Reminds me somehow of Victorias. There was very white pug that wants to be scratched on the belly. I was waiting for someone or some people. There were cars. The place feels familiar from another dream.

      Afternoon-Evenng: (around 5pm-7pm)

      I was looking for something. I ended up near or on the old place I was renting (doesn't look like it IRL). Some people are renting the place. I needed to get something there or do something. A massage? I went in. Lico was there? It wasn't him at first. There are two other rooms. One room was for business. I asked for the price. I got an answer but forgot it immediately. It was a decent, big office but mostly empty. I thought it'd be great to have the center there. It's in Mandaluyong.

      I went in. It was dark but not blinding dark. Just no light but I can see a bit. The landlady(?) handed me the papers but gave it to Lico first for checking. I asked again about the rent. I think I mentioned 18k, but I think she scoffed. I told Lico I'll just ask her when she's not busy since she seems to be going about. I left along with the others. I thought about how nice would be to stay in that place. Then I realized everybody left, and the place would be empty. I wondered if it's for rent now, and if I can get a discount. That would be nice: a place all for me.

      We walked down the stairs and along the street. It was evening, and it felt more like a medieval evening with its cobblestone sidewalk, not the light-filled evening of Metro Manila. It's reminiscent of a 3 a.m. Manila. Mostly quiet, few people about. A hint of danger.

      We kind of got separated, some of us walking with others. I was kind of in the middle. In the back, I saw two of ours (a male and a female) approach another (a couple of males). The approached male reminds me of a BL actor. They were all wearing black suit/pants/dress. We continued walking.

      We somehow ended up near the shore. And then I noticed that some of our group that went ahead are walking and almost drowning in the water. They just kept walking. Some of us realized and helped them. However, an old man and an old woman are already dead, and somehow both naked.

      Somehow it seems that some of us were possessed or pretended to be possessed and killed them. One guy in particular was walking and I felt like kicking him in the face. Not sure if he was lying. It was daytime then.
    2. Reclaiming: Possession and Destruction

      by , 11-06-2016 at 04:04 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a cabin of sorts. I was with friends. I baked/cooked a cake for another friend whose birthday won't be on till after a few months. I thought of putting it in the fridge. For some reason, they had some reasons not to put it in some fridge located somewhere. One was in that cabin but for some reason, we had to move. Something about disturbing the spirits. We also thought of putting in the house fridge but won't the person find it easily?

      We "went out" of the place using a special key and a special door. We traveled through the spirit realm (why?). And we walked and avoided and escaped the malevolent spirits of the realm. There were two particular spirits we avoided: one was a male shadowy figure that follows us and one white ragged woman who screams and chases us. I remember hiding behind some crates and avoiding her. There were also some "puppy spirits." At least they looked like puppies. They were used by a teacher and some children to practice escaping from. There "attack" in swarms. I was going through a door when a swarm rained in. I led them out the door with difficulty but without any negative emotions whatsoever.

      Somehow, I was caught and I felt my physical body turn to the left. I was told in the dream it's wrong and somehow spirits can enter that way.

      This part happened somewhere in between. There's no linearity in the dream (like in some dreams). I was with a family flying through space. We went through zero space, and we've "heard" about some delays in such a travel but thought they were rare occurrences and don't have any serious repercussions. There was a boy (third-person) in this family who seems to have such a delay and asked where the others were and what took them so long. For the rest, it was an almost instant flight. I was that boy (first person).

      We were being chased by other space fighters (I don't know the name of the small space ships used to harass bigger ships without causing a lot of damage due to the energy shielding). I had a hard time with the controls. I turn too fast so instead of arcing back, I end up facing the enemy almost face-to-face with our ship. The rest were away. I was eventually able to control it enough so I see... stars and space and space stuff instead of a poorly modeled image of the fighter or the nearby planets and moons. I felt elated.

      My ship was destroyed. I was possessed.

      I was in a familiar place. I think it's the place in the "first" part of the story. I was kept in a room, and I felt different. I felt like I was glowing and there's a tingle throughout my "skin." I overheard that a woman (a friend?) was partially possessed. I went out/through the walls and doors and approached her in a room. I "absorbed" whatever was possessing her and I left. I felt stronger.

      I think this is a separate story but somehow still connected to the possession dream. I was at home. It was evening and very dark. We went home and closed the gate, but somehow, someone forgot to close one of the two gates. There's like another perimeter around the house, and there are two boys/guys just outside the inner perimeter, which means the outer one was open. A child was talking but I could barely understand. Mom was saying something too complaining about the other gate not being locked.

      I was outside the house. It was morning, or at least daytime. Someone was teaching me how to fly properly. I was able to "jump" on the first level with his help and then jumped the next two after. I looked up and saw the clouds. I was elated. I wanted to fly about the clouds and stay there. I was partially lucid and happy to be able to experience that.

      Everything was falling apart. Buildings were crumbling down. Alien attack? It was like a game in 3D. I used my possession skills to hold back falling buildings and debris. I felt powerful.

      I woke up feeling powerful and in control.



      - I went to sleep feeling down. After a few days of anxiety due to an overwhelming addition to my required subjects to take to finish school, I had my previous dream that really brought me down. I could barely do anything so I went to sleep. That was around 7:30 pm. I woke up around 10:00 pm. I thought the dream was so long I could swear I woke up around 3 or 4 am.
      - I felt powerless these several months, from failing to finish some courses I need to proceed with my long-term plan to being unable to complete Inktober or start NaNoWrimo (again). I think I was trying to regain control by putting an enforced structure (school).
      - There were a lot of mental chats that had no image. I was talking to myself about the meaning of the dream within the dream. A short while after(?) waking up but still lying down, I thought about how I reclaimed a part of myself (through possession and self-destruction) and it made me (feel?) stronger.

      Questions: How do I know this feeling of control is not as illusory as the feeling of lack of control? Both have real-life repercussions if wrong, and even if right, how do I distinguish what's within and without my control? How do I know I'm making the right decisions if my senses and mind betray me?

      For now, back to basics: simplify.
    3. Heartbreak

      by , 11-06-2016 at 12:23 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I dreamed of a guy I dated but who ultimately rejected me. We were talking in a cafe or some place. It was a lighthearted talk about what happened and about how he was already dating the other guy and me asking why we dated (or tried to date...?) anyway. It was really light, and I forgot most of it when I woke up, thanks to a raging headache and asthma attack threat.

      Now, it just hit me full force and I can barely write this down.

      Other details: It was evening. It was in some familiar place but can't remember exactly where. There was a train and bus station. Somehow I got lost going home or at least going away from that place.
    4. Rhino-Alligators

      by , 02-02-2016 at 02:54 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I had precognition ability. I was in a forest. There's a rhino-alligator. There ARE rhino-alligators. One tried to chase me. I jumped on a tree stump. It didn't chase me there. I think I tried to fly.

      I was in school. I was flying around but only on roof level. Sis and Nimz were there.

      Night. I was traveling with friends. I was in Bacolod. The jeepney dropped us along Lacson St near Ramos. We had to go down and take a trisikad (bike with sidecar). We ate somewhere. Outdoors. We walked. We were going home. We walked out (?) of the hotel to the street. There were cars. I think we were going to take a cab.
    5. Focusing on Problems

      by , 01-28-2016 at 06:00 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a room, in a house/apartment I was renting along with a couple of people. I was talking with someone, a classmate from high school. I tried to give him suggestions and solutions but he seems intent on just focusing on the problem. I got annoyed at him. I was moving about fixing or arranging things in the apartment while we were talking. There was a (birthday?) party. There were balloons and some food on the table.

      I was at home in our hometown with sis and mom. It was night. When the scene transitioned, the classmate "moved" to the outside of our fence. We went to our small store. Mom mixed Emperador rum, Coke, and Mentos. I told her that seems dangerous.

      I was on a train. Keyword: racist.
    6. Flying Home

      by , 01-18-2016 at 05:10 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Morning dream:

      I was at a school. I have a duty. Shin. Game . Withdraw.

      Afternoon dream:

      Night. There were zombies. We were going to take the train. I saw the train: it's a bullet train, and the sides are open but people inside don't seem to be flying out nor do they seem worried. The mood is like that before or after heavy rain. The surrounding looks destroyed. Some buildings were leveled; none were more than 1-storey high. I can see the debris all over the place, but the train looks new and undamaged.

      We walked. We took a bus? We passed by the airport. I saw Jm on the stands, like in the sports arena. People there are waiting for their plane. He's going to take a vacation outside Manila, I thought. He didn't see me but he was looking at something in my direction. We went on. I was going to take the plane too. I was going home.



      - The Afternoon dream happened in a 1-hour 45-minute sleep.
      - I took phenelephrine before sleeping but also coffee. The medicine was stronger than the coffee.
    7. Two Houses

      by , 01-17-2016 at 05:07 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane. I was packing my things and thought I was late. I hurried out to the airport, which turned out to be right beside our home, where the municipal building was supposed to be. The plane is no longer there. I was told that it's near the market area, and it turned the roads to a runway. I walked to the market. There's a fair. It was a sunny day. When I reached where I thought the plane was supposed to be, it was dark, night, and flooding. I think it was raining. I was on top of some sort post. I looked down at some of the debris being swept away by the flood. I didn't feel fear. A bit of fascination.

      I was walking along the road with mom and sis in a subdivision. Sis mentioned about renting a place. The one she's currently in is horrible. The space is small, the light is dim yellow, security is awful. It also looks cheaply made. I led them down the road. There's a bit of flood on the road. It was raining. There were cars passing by. I was impressed by one car that looks expensive but was able to go through the flood without sputtering. We reached the place, a house I was renting (all on my own or sharing?). I pointed out how the setting is perfect. Sunlight does not go inside too often, only on the east where it rises, and on the west, there's a building that will block it. The house looks decent. Mom wanted to hurry back home. I thought sis was supposed to back home with mom but apparently she's staying. She was in the living room working on her laptop.

      I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane.



      - I woke up pre-dawn and wrote keywords for the first paragraph. I slept and woke up around 10am and wrote keywords for the second paragraph.
      - Had a hard time sleeping. I went to bed around 2am.
      - I tried going to gamma through alpha but I keep getting distracted.
      - I will have to go back to basic meditation.
    8. Half-Bridge Over Aurora

      by , 01-15-2016 at 06:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      I was in Katipunan-Aurora area at night. I was walking with some people. We were going to cross the bridge over Aurora but it was cut in the middle. It was as if the other half of the bridge was just gone. We had to go down, which was tricky.

      Daytime. I was trying to do some parkour flows in some ruins. I was with some friends. I watched S teach a new flow.
    9. Home Going South

      by , 01-07-2016 at 06:28 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Jan 6, 2016

      There zombies. I was running at night on the right. It was dark and hard to see. I was going out of our hometown, heading south.

      I was in a dormitory, trying to find a place to sleep/hide. There was a vampire. I moved/led to my parents' room to hide.

      I was traveling in a bus from our hometown, heading south. I was with mom and sis. There was a lady behind us on the bus that was talking. We know her. I can't remember her name now but I did in the dream.
    10. Parkour on the Train Tracks

      by , 11-25-2015 at 10:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a house/apartment. I was looking for something. I was supposed to just stay there temporarily. I think it was after the death of the owner, an old man. I'm not sure how I'm related to him. It was night, and I was looking for the bathroom. For some reason, I can't find it. Then there were ghostly apparitions and then a vampire-like monster. I was able to turn it "off," as if a game, although I wasn't scared. More like annoyed and frustrated for not getting to a bathroom.

      I was able to visit a friend (who?) and I used their bathroom. The water was warm. Then I'm not sure whether I was peeing in the right area. It might be their sink, but it was made of solid cement.

      I was looking at a small representation of some hills and a lake. It acted like a game map. I saw lines and arrows of where I'm supposed to go but it keeps changing and mixing because I'm "clicking" all over the place.

      I went outside our building. I climbed up to the train station, but not through the stairs. I climbed up, easily, through the walls and to the elevated tracks. A train just passed by but it was going the opposite direction (south) of where I was going (north). I was thinking whether I should walk to the station (a bit north). I decided to run on the tracks instead. I parkoured my way over obstacles. It felt liberating, especially when I saw how high I was able to jump up and landed precisely on a small ledge. There was a nice background music playing while I was doing this, which made it even more awesome. Not quite opera voice, and there were background instruments.

      I arrived near my destination (SM Megamall though it doesn't like anything like it). I got a little lost first but quickly found my way. I was in an area where there are some construction going on. I arrived at the area where they have sci-fi human-art installation. Basically, there were monks/priests and nuns and KOAs, and they were "attached" to sci-fi art (spaceships?) that are, in turn, attached to the ceiling/trees. One monk was even moving a bit, and the person holding him doesn't seem to be making an effort.


      - I was tired and sleepy. I was also hungry, but my sleepiness and tiredness overpowered me before I slept.
      - I slept around 3pm. I had instant coffee around 10am though.
      - Last night, I slept a good 7 hours.
      - I took Bioflu (paracetamol + phenelephrine) around noon coz I felt like I was going to get sick. Might have caused the sleepiness.
    11. Invisible Houses

      by , 05-01-2015 at 03:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was inside a dorm. The color theme is yellow and black. I think it's supposed to represent the previous place I was staying in in Sampaloc. I was with L. We were eating. I saw him crush a cockroach, throw it into a pan to fry it, then throw away either the shell or innards and eat the one that wasn't thrown away. I thought that was a little strange, and then I realized I was also eating cockroach. Then I thought, "There's no way I'm eating a cockroach. I must have been mistaken," all the while trying to hold back puking in the dream (not sure in real life, but I woke up a bit sick to my stomach).

      I was looking for homes/places to stay in. Or rather, there was a review of hidden/invisible homes. I was told that the one (tower) I was staying in high up in a cliff is among the top 5 because it's hard to reach. The next ones were simply impossible. One was hidden in some sort of mist, another is a flying pink house that moves from place to place all the time, and another was something that was never found. There seems to be no top 1 yet.

      I was in a dorm. Not sure if the same or different from the one earlier. I was outside this time. I was looking at the facade of the thing. Somehow, I felt like my aunts on my dad's side are inside. I walked just outside the window. I saw a frying pan. I walked up a short set of stairs. The mood was night but with bright moonlight.

      I was at work in an office. I think I was new, and I was sitting in front of a computer. There was a lady who talked to me about work. I think they were saying I seem so serious about work, even seems like I'm going overtime. I thought to myself that I just enjoy it.

      Night. It was already after work. I'm still in the office. I walked around. I moved a sloth to a wall.



      - Slept at around 6 p.m., woke up around 8 p.m. Set alarm 01:46 HH:MM.
      - I decided to incubate a dream, thinking about my plan of moving.
      - Drank coffee with lotsa milk less than an hour prior sleeping
      - Was listening to Dreamgate.
    12. The Devil Tells A Story

      by , 04-30-2015 at 07:52 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a mall at night. I was in the entryway. I sensed that someone or something is after me. I started to run away. I went to the back part of the mall, and it's no longer night. It's daytime. The place just opened, and there's a small crowd gathering during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which concluded just as I arrived. I vaulted over an obstacle and jumped around. The place looked like a mini-forest and obstacle course. I passed by (I was moving around all the time) a lot of net and adventure-like structures.

      I was then kong-running (quadrupedal) along the road at night. It's a small two-way(?) road. I was running on the road itself, so I moved to the side (right) to avoid vehicles. I got tired and had to pause but worried that whatever was chasing me would catch up.

      I ended up in some dorm or mini-mall. It was dark inside but daytime. I was hiding. I saw some people run. I also ran and jumped up a fence with spikes. Daytime. That's where the thing chasing me caught me. It turned out to be a devil. It wanted to kill me or possess me for some reason. I didn't feel fear but I felt so sad that I cried hard. I said something like I don't fear dying but I dislike the fact that I will no longer know/hear/learn of stories. I told the devil that I will willingly die if it will tell me a story.

      He told me a story, I think, but I cannot recall. When it was time to die, I complained at first that the story wasn't done yet. He gave me some sort of ice-pick-looking knife with a flat and thick black handle. I was about to pierce my chest with it when the devil disappeared, cursing (or shouting?). I was in the living room in our hometown. I saw that the VHS tape got entangled. I got frustrated that it happened. My sister was there and asked her if she played that before and she said yes. I told her the last part got entangled.



      - Slept at around 2 a.m., woke up at 8 a.m. due to alarm, slept, woke up at 11 a.m.
      - Drank milk before sleeping
      - Slept listening to Sam Harris' 26-minute meditation audio

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    13. Restaurant with Atheists, Dorm Work, and Parkour by the Sea

      by , 04-28-2015 at 05:08 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with some people. Atheists, I think. I remember Haresh was there. It was night. We were going to eat in some restaurant. I also remember thinking about Amway.

      (woke up a bit, went back to sleep)

      I was in a dorm of sorts with my co-workers (who I rarely see). The dorm "felt" like the 2nd and 4th year building in high school. We were sleeping on the upper floors (4th year floor) and we decided to move to the lower floors (2nd year floor), which was air-conditioned. I was worried(?) that I wasn't included in the move but turned out they included me (wrote my name for moving or something).

      (woke up, did math to shut off alarm, went back to sleep, 8:30 a.m.)

      I was with some people practicing parkour. It was a school and/or island. I saw a few Caucasian guys in the nude practicing near the sea (on top of some sort of rocky place), and a coastguard patrol got their attention, but the patrol moved away after a short while, saying that they (the people in the nude, I suppose) will be receiving a... "friendly?" letter soon. I assumed they were ashamed to see them nude.

      I was in some sort of school waiting for other traceurs to arrive. There were some people I know. Someone mistook me for Jong.



      - Slept at around 1 am
      - Finally woke up at around 11 a.m.
      - Drank milk before sleeping
      - Listened to Sam Harris 26-minute meditation audio
    14. Low Gravity

      by , 03-30-2015 at 10:01 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Daytime/Afternoon and night. I and some others are literally jumping from island to island in some kind of world/planet. The place has lighter gravity than earth, and we (three of us) were always being blown away when the winds are strong. We were in the forests and other places. We were avoiding meeting other residents of the planet. I think they're aggressive.

      Morning. I was in a dorm of some kind. There were a lot of beds in one room that is shared. My name was there. I thought that it was a place rented by our company for us, but I didn't get to use the place since I have my own place. I thought it's a good backup plan though. I checked the bathroom, I think.

      Night. I was outside a hotel. I was ordering food. For some reason, they gave me a slip, maybe to pay it later. I was planning to pay it on the spot, but oh well.

      I went inside the bathroom. It was very small.


      - Slept at around 2 p.m.
      - Woke up at around 4:17 p.m.
      - Very tired.
      - No alarm
      - I'm thinking of the rent-to-own units sometime during the day
    15. House Stories

      by , 03-29-2015 at 04:34 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Night. I was in a hut. I think it's a pre-lightbulb era. Everything's so dark, and the color theme is the kind of yellow that candles put out at night. I was talking to my sister outside. There's someone inside the hut/house, cooking. Not sure if male or female.

      We went inside the house.

      (There's another story here, but I forgot it coz I wasn't able to write the keywords.)

      Night. I was in our house in our hometown. The gate is locked but can be opened by other keys. We had to guard it carefully and change the lock.


      - Slept around 5 p.m.
      - VERY tired after parkour training
      - WOke up around 9:36 p.m.
      Tags: dark, gate, house, key, lock, night
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