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    1. Tuesday 11th September 2012

      by , 11-25-2012 at 11:54 PM
      Last nights semi-lucid dream.

      I'm with a girl and we are walking up a road by my moms house. I decide to fly instead of walking and I say to the girl "come on, fly!"
      After a few minutes I say "I can see lots of clear, floating things like orbs, can you?" The girl says "no I can't" I feel amazing and very, very spiritual.
      It's night time and everything looks so much more beautiful and amazing than normal. We now get to town and I say "come on, I wan to go to Dunelms"
      We get inside and it's different. It's beautiful in here. We walk past some kids, but they don't look real to me so I say, "I need to touch them to see if there real and not spirit" so I touch them and find that they are real, they were sort of see-through but then they turned solid. . We now have to go up some steps and again I decide to float up them. I say to the girl who's with me "this is probably a dream" and she shakes her head like I'm a mad woman . I now know that I'm dreaming but I don't have full control, so I just go along with the dream plot. The girl with me says "why can you see spirit?" I say "I hypnotised myself and they said ill see spirit, and I need the stone in 4 days and this is day 4, so now I know I'm ready!"
      We now reach the top of the stairs and come to an amazing room. This room is bright and shaped like a half-moon. In the middle of the back wall is the most beautiful and clear fish tank I have ever seen. On either side of this large tank there are green stone pillars carved with the most beautiful carvings. They are a light green colour and reminded me of a crystal called malachite. The colour and everything is bright. It's like a 3D fish tank lol. People are sitting on a half circular sofa and they are admiring the large tank. I think they were waiting for something or someone. We now go outside the room into another part, but I have to just pop my head round to take another look before I go on lol.
      We now come to a lady at a till and she give me 2 small, thin tubes. 1 tube has sea salt in and the other has another substance in. The lady says to me "you look after yourself". I put the tubes into my coat pocket to keep them safe because I know they are important.
      We now come to another area and 2 women are here. I say to the girl I'm with "I'll get my stone from here" ((meaning my green crystal)). I now realise I'm only holding 1 thin tube and panic. I panic because I need to swap these for my green crystal. I search my pockets but I can't find it or feel it anywhere. I now think to myself "it MUST be in my coat pocket!" I again put my hands in to feel for it and suddenly it's now there lol
    2. Saturday 18th August 2012

      by , 11-25-2012 at 09:29 PM
      Last nights lucid dream

      I'm in my bedroom and I'm floating and flying around. I now find a girl who looks similar to my daughter S. we are now both floating and flying around my house.
      This part is now hazy, I can't remember it very well but I do remember the girl I was with pushing me. She is trying to make me fly forward with speed. I'm now saying "no stop" and I'm laughing about it.
      We are now playing about with our flying and hovering abilities. I remember us laughing a lot and having a lot of fun.
      The next bit is a bit of a blurr again, but I do remember waking up at one point and then I shut my eyes again, and again I'm flying around in my house.
    3. 7th August 2011

      by , 08-12-2011 at 12:28 AM
      I am in water with about 4 or 5 other people, the water is a little muggy. Agiant plant is after us, I remember something about "scooby-doo", maybe someone said it or it was someones name like "scooby" or something. Anyway this plant is after us, a girl who I was with hit it with fire power and blasted it out of the way. This girl is slim with long blonde hair. Now she has blasted it we swim past to a cave of some sort, this cave was also filled with water, we have to swim under it to get to safety in this big house like place.
      I am in this large room, the room is like a house, no upstairs or seperating walls etc just a big room. I see glass windows and a glass door, well more like glass french doors. I am with about 4 or 5 other people. This room is like some kind of meeting place. We are all standing about and then 2 of the males there say "Coming for a swim in the swimming area?" I thought this was a little strange because the water wasn't safe. 3 of them went in and got to the safe area of the water, the girl with long blonde hair went in after them but very shortly after she came back up and came into the room...she was couging and as she leaned over a little she spat some green algie out of her mouth, this was due to her going into the bad water. I remember water surrounding the meeting place where we were. ((Dream Skip)) I am now the blonde haired girls boyfriend , we are in the "safe water" and we are playing "catch ya!" I catch her and hold her then I kiss her LMAO eek:. I remember feeling that she was totally in love with her boyfriend/me.
    4. 29th June 2011

      by , 06-29-2011 at 08:42 PM
      I am with my youngest daughter, I remember something about being split up and away from others. I am pretending to be a little girl, i have changed my name. The women come and measure my nose and my face etc, she is says "its amazing, you have progressed much quicker than a child of your age". I am in a school like place but it isn't a school. I am colouring a picture, a woman has told me to. There are lots of squares on the paper, some are joined up and some aren't. The woman has told me to finish it, i have to draw the outsides of the squares black, some are already done, i have to fill in the ones that aren't done, i am scribbling on the picture and i haven't finished it, i am feeling angry but don't know why. The little girl has died thats why i am pretending to be her. I am pretending to be this young girl of 5 years old but i still look 34. I remember something about a group of men but not sure what though. I remember there was something about a certain man and lady being my parents. A man has made me be the girl and everyone is fooled by me, it is strange because i feel like her age aswell as my own real age.