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    1. I'm PREGNANT!! + Come Hither Woman, Pinnacle of Perfection Tennis...AGAIN!

      by , 11-17-2012 at 09:29 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'M PREGNANT LOL (Non-lucid)


      16 and PREGNANT, OMgz0rs LOLzzz BABY SHOWER!

      Okay, I'm lined up with my arms bracing against a female to the left of me, and there's probably 2-3 more females lined up just like that.

      There's some random man walking around in a jacket. I had a color of red on the shoulder region, white in the middle, and red for the rest of the jacket.

      It's hard to remember if he has it unzipped or zipped. And the women in line with the profile view of our faces parallel to what we're looking forward at, the glass windows far away from us, seem to be wearing red and white clothes too.

      I look down, and my stomach is huge...HUGE. I look at the women to my left, and they're stomachs are huge, which is disproportionate to their actual body composition, which leads me to the assumption that they're pregnant.

      Then I look at my stomach and theirs, and it's about the same radium, same surface area, same whatever you want to call it....I'm PREGNANT.

      I'm pretty sure I don't feel like I have a vagina, so................

      I wonder how things are going to come out!!! I rub mah belly, yes, "mah," and I swear I could feel something kicking. Oh shit.

      OH SHIT. No water didn't break, thank goodness.


      This was taken from a site that I had here, but now it disappeared for some reason EDIT: Never mind, here it is:


      A man who dreams of being pregnant himself is often in a situation where his virility or creative participation in the world is in question.

      This occurs most among men who see themselves as less creative than they would like to be.

      The dream serves as a form of compensation to illuminate the more creative facets of their personality.

      Men who are pregnant do not give birth exclusively to children, but a wide range of objects that somehow support their mission in the world.
      The first thing that pops up is that it's associated with me trying to tulpaforge, or maybe how I go about drawing. Maybe I feel like I can't be creative enough, I don't know. You see, just like the interpretation implies, my creativie participation in the world is in question, but I think it's just a question within myslef?


      But if you are not actually pregnant in waking life, or even if you are a man dreaming this, is it usually about a new area of your potential or personality developing; a deepening relationship with your potential is producing a new area of experience, a new talent or facet of your personality. If it is still unborn – i.e. not yet expressed outwardly – it is developing. It can also be shown in the drama of the dream, how you are bringing to birth a new scheme or creative idea is ‘hatching’.
      With this one, I really think it could be related to tulpaforging, making a slight dissociation, making an extra limb in your body that you are aware of that's extended. I hope this is the case, because I don't see much of myself being extended, even though the tulpa is an extension of myself.

      Does that make any sense? Hahahah
      Come Hither Woman (Non-lucid)


      So there's this blonde female wearing a black shirt and regular blue jeans that I presume is my U.S. History teacher, but she's nowhere close to any of them in waking life.

      She looks like she's in her 30s, and she looks pretty attractive without any makeup on. I think she announces some kind of project we had to do, and what would be considered artistic for extra points.

      I was a picture of a man in a red military uniform, probably the British redcoats, and he was wearing Khaki pants. He has one foot on top of a rock that's ideal for a foot pedestal. It's curved upwards, and then makes a downward curve, almost like a mini-uphill cliff.

      I believe he's holding a red flag, and it's very enticing, despite its bland shading here and there. It was shiny in a few areas as well. The man is standing proud, your classic stereotypical manifestation of the ideal patriot.

      Then after she was done announcing, I wanted to talk to her SO bad. After seeing the drawing, I wanted to show her some traditional drawings I did in waking life with a pencil. So I somehow find the same blue folder where I store most of my traditional media graphie portraits of people I drew in waking life, and waited for her to get near my area.

      She was about 10 feet or so away from me, and I alerted her to come next to me. She comes slowly, and then I have to motion my "Come here" finger to her, and she gets really close to me. She has her hands on her thighs, and her spine is bending down so she can move her face close to my face, so that she can hear me.

      I don't know why I wanted to speak privately to her, but has I'm opening the folder, I take out one drawing, the first being this one I did:

      Spoiler for A little big:

      As I'm taking it out, I turned to her quickly, and told her she should keep her voice down if she'll offer any advice on whatever it is that I'm asking her to do.

      I even put my index finger close to my mouth, and I feel I'm showing her this to get an ego boost or something, and to see if she would give me a response if I could get extra credit for the high example of an acceptable drawing she put up with the patriotic soldier from before.

      She tells me that they look good, and as long as I can fix a few things, I should be fine. I showed her this drawing I did at some point as well:

      Spoiler for Another big one:

      Pinnacle of Perfection Tennis...AGAIN (Non-lucid)


      There's this really short anime boy who looks like he's 5-8 years who is wearing a black cap, white dress shirt, and black shorts. He asks this anime girl, who looks like she's 16 years of age or so to play some tennis with her.

      I had the feeling this girl was a REALLY good tennis player. She's wearing the usual Asian school outfit you would have engrained in your mind, white blouse shirt with a red tie in the middle, along with the insanely short black skirt.

      She was playing the boy for a decent amount of time surprisingly, and I was shocked at how patient she was playing with him, because the boy had no skill at all.

      Looking from the back of of the girl, I could see how she sees playing the boy. She can see all his weak points, and they're indicated on the green tennis courts with white arrows going one direction.

      I assume these direction arrows were places she can hit the ball to. It all seems like this is a waste of her time, UNTIL the little boy suddenly unlocks Pinnacle of Perfection from Prince of Tennis.

      Pinnacle of Perfection, in a nutshell, is the final gate where you have the assurance that you have fun playing tennis, and aren't worried about winning or losing.

      Each ground-stroke the boy takes, they get more powerful, each grunt of him performing a backhand or forehand is replaced sighs of joy, them giggling, then laughing, he is having fun. His footwork augments tremendously, and he's so fast, I can't even catch up to him looking at the side view of the tennis court.

      There's a big SWOOOOOOOSH, and he's gone. Then in a split second, he appears on right in front of the girl who is at net-play area now. He's floating in the air, and he slams the ball with immense force that it makes a white smoke.

      I can't recall much from here, but I can assume the little guy owned the girl in a tennis match.

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    2. Duo Missionary Sex, Went Through Hell, Video Game Run, False Awakening Level: >9,000 (SDE Day 28)

      by , 09-11-2012 at 01:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Duo Missionary Position (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      Went Through Hell (Non-lucid)


      I don't know what's happening here, all I remember is that the environment has different hues of red, orange, and yellow, and there's some weird stuff going on in this room. I could've sworn that I saw Johnny Depp is red Thriller costume, and he's squatting down with his knees together. He has some freaky hairstyle, and he turns his head to the right to look at me.


      Even though he's far away from me, it still irks me, and I believe he has blood dripping out of his mouth while he's smiling at me sinisterly. There's a female, and even though I can't recall how she looked like, I had a feeling she was important in the dream. To me, the female was some kind of gray blur, and as I'm trying to really get into detail on what she could look like, I imagine long dark brown/black hair, kind of like Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R game series

      Whoever it was, she was close to falling into a hole on a ground, and I think someone is trying to trick her into going inside of the hole. She decides to prepare to run and jump into the whole, and I think I started screaming, "NO!" as she's getting closer and closer.

      I forget what happened next....
      Video Game Run (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching someone, or maybe it's me mentally controlling a video game, but whatever it may be, the character in the video game is going through a lot of areas on a level pretty quickly, and without getting any kind of damage (that I can recall) from enemies.

      The game itself was 2D, kind of like playing an older version of Zelda, but I can't recall the character at all, just light green grass everywhere, and there's final part in the game where these two creatures that look like they have tentacles are chasing the character. The person controlling the character seems to be able to escape them with ease, and then there's one part of the area, like, to describe how it's set up, when you go past the borders of that area, it shifts to a new area.

      Anyway, once I get to the final area, and I don't know how I know this, I just do, the two monsters end up catching up to the person running away from them, but by that time, the level was completed.
      False Awakening Level: >9,000 (Non-lucid)


      I wake up naturally, and I get up immediately, but I'm still just at an erect sitting position on the bed. I immediately do a nose plug reality check, and I believe I can't breathe at all.

      I started to count my fingers, but the time I go to my right ring finger to get to the number 4 on my head, I quit counting the rest. I look at my alarm, it looks exactly the same as in waking life. It's black, has red digital font numbers on it, and it the time was 7:xx AM (I can't remember the exact minutes).

      I look back again, and I could've sworn the time shifted to 5:xx AM, but I just take it as me not looking t the time right.


      Everything is dark, and I didn't even bother to realize that it's NEVER THIS DARK if it really was 7:xx AM.

      Nope, I just sit on my bed like an idiot for a few seconds, and I go back to sleep.

      OKAY, I know one thing for sure, like with most false awakenings, they start with me waking up in my apartment, and in some rare cases, at a different bed, be it a hospital bed or something else, but those cases are very rare. In fact, I think it's just only one dream I remember where I woke up next to a lady. sitting down at a chair somewhere.

      And then there's another dream where a blonde in a pink Victoria's Secret panties and bras was right next to me in bed, but I ignore her and probably went back to sleep. Those were from a loooong time.

    3. Lugia, VHS tapes, You are One of Us............(SDE Day 03)

      by , 08-17-2012 at 06:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lugia (Non-lucid)


      It's night time, and I'm on the upper floor of this random house. It has the default wood flooring that goes longways for each individual piece. I currently have a flashlight with me, since it really is dark, but the light itself is way too dim for me to venture safely in this house.

      I have to walk slowly for most of the dream. I finally find the bathroom in this house, and the whole area consists of white....white walls, white tile flooring...everything. It feels so empty, I can't even sense a living soul in this house. I look around the bathroom sink, and find that there are two flashlights for me to use.

      There's one that's already on.....just laying at the edge of the bathroom shining at the mirror....laid there convieniently just for me....


      I get a little suspicious and wanted to take the other one that wasn't on, but I decided I might as well take the light blue flashlight that's already on. Plus, it looked more appealing, even though that itself shouldn't have allowed me to be passive on the fact that it was on already by something or someone.

      I look at the flashlight a little bit, and it's so bright that I can even see through the blue layering that covers most of the base and top of the flashlight. It also has a fairly thick black rim around the glass where the light shines. I get out of the room, and I quickly see one child in front of me.

      He looks very familiar, let's call him "H." I can tell he wants me to follow him somewhere, and I do. He opens one door, and points somewhere. I go in the room to see where he's pointing, and I hear him mention something about Lugia...

      I think he was trying to say something else, but that's the first word that pops in my mind when trying to recall this dream.

      I tried to find ways to comprehend what he's doing by pointing at the room. Maybe he wasn't focusing on the toys on the bed, and since it was dark, maybe where I was trying to look at where he's pointing was wrong.

      Darn it.

      VHS tapes (Non-lucid)


      I only remember going inside the living of a house. It has red carpet flooring, and I decided to check the DVD shelf near the PC on the floor. I didn't realize this could be my mother's sister's house until I recalled this.

      I look through random VHS tapes, and I see names of people on them, I think? It was so random, these felt like the type of names you would see on a forum or something. I hear voices, but I can't make a clear distinction of the source....
      You are One of Us.... (DILD)


      Before I had this dream, I decided...."Let me turn off my laptop, and everything else in this room." My Blackberry, the chargers for the laptop and phone, and just keep the fan running.

      I always keep my laptop on as a way to ensure that when I wake up, I'll immediately open the DreamJournal system by Banhurt, and start typing away as many thoughts that appear in my mind. That's all I've been doing up to this point, well before this point.

      And I know this may be just random luck that I managed to become lucid from this dream, but maybe I should try having the laptop off when I try the WBTB. In fact, maybe just not have it on altogether, and resort to traditional means of waking up, the less distracting external alarm that I use to wake myself up for in college rather than the countdown timer on my laptop

      Since I don't have to worry about waking up multiple times and forgetting to set the alarm again, I can try it out. I wonder......I've seen threads about electronics interrupting parts of your brain from functioning at a certain time when you need them to, but I never really indulged myself into that belief.

      I'll just believe in it now, since I rarely become lucid in the first place, and the moment I turn off the computer and the phone, I wake up 2 hours later and can recall this lucid dream.

      I'm outside somewhere, it feels like New York, with the gray atmosphere, good weather in fact judging by how clear the skies are. I feel like I'm jogging or running around this random section. I keep moving forward, ignoring the roads to the left of me because I don't recall seeing any cars passing by. I keep running and using my peripheral vision, I see something blue above me, like a store or service sign.

      The whole area consisted of very dull colors, mostly the gray, and I couldn't help but stop to see what's inside this section that looks like those mini-stores in New York. It seems to be shut down, but it's opened. Most of the place is empty, just random objects on the floor. I go inside this area, and eventually find a man sitting down somewhere.

      He looks a lot like the brother of a man that I knew in my childhood, let's call him "G."

      "G's" brother is wearing a white shirt, with short black pants, and dark colored shoes. I think he's even wearing long black socks. He's probably around the age of 50-60, and still using that "Just For Men's" haircolor like always....*giggle*

      Sorry...it's just....ugh, people and their ambition to maintain youth....as your body continues to decay, what's the point? It's like trying to add a bowtie on manure.... Anyway...

      I see another man next to G's brother, but I don't pay much attention to him. I realized that being here isn't going to give me something useful to do or experience. So I turn around and try to get out, and suddenly things turn into a mini-maze for me.

      I had a feeling G's brother was looking at me, and this feeling of thinking he was doing that started to get stronger and stronger, but I'm sure it's just me being paranoid that he might do something to me...can't really have your back faced on them with the sporadic nature of non-lucid dreams...

      I finally get out of this mini-maze, which was just running left and right around wall ledges. As I continue picking up the pace with getting faster, some random guy riding a bike does an insane wheelie stunt, almost coming in contact with me.

      Things are going in slow motion for a little while, and I quickly glanced at him. He was wearing a white vest, and dark colored shorts. He was a dark skinned man, and I can't remember his hairstyle. After he disappears, no one is in my way now, and I keep running.

      The dream shifts, and I'm suddenly on the top floor of a house. I immediately realize this is my uncle's house when I made a trip to Canada for a week a month ago. There are three doors on the left of me, and I'm currently near the first one (excluding the master bedroom) if you were to go up the stairs to get there.

      I decided to check the bathroom, but I can't remember which door I picked, probably the middle or the last one in front of me. I go inside, and I find the bathroom is completely different than the one in waking life. The sink is on the right side, right as soon as you enter the bathroom it's right there compared to having to walk a little bit and seeing it on the left side.

      I see there's a green mini-towel, and out of curiousity, since the whole bathroom was white and shiny, the green made a huge contrast. I zoomed in a little it to see if there's any leterring or symbols, and I find that when I turn it around, there's 5 stars.

      They are all lined up horizontally, and they have a darker shade of green compared to the thin fabric that was wrapped around the mini-towel. I put it down, and I get out of the bathroom. I see that someone is coming in. I see a small child coming in with someone, and I quickly turn around and find something was weird.

      I do a nose plug reality check,
      and I can breathe through my nose. I couldn't believe it, so I held my nose even tighter than before, and can still breathe through. I continued to feel the sensation of my dream diaphragm contracting to inflate the lungs. I surprisingly kept a calm demeanor throughout the rest of this dream.

      Didn't really need to bother with stabilization since the dream itself was vivid and crisp. I can sense that these people are coming up the stairs, hearing the pounding their feet are creating on each step. I can sense that these had to be children, I could sense the enthusiasm.

      They finally come up, and the first one that I notice is my grand-daughter, let's call her "K." I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the children, just her. She was very cheerful and happy to see me, completely different than she was in waking life where she was always too shy to talk to me.

      Even though I didn't pay attention to the rest of the children, sometimes I wonder that if I did, I could've seen a glimpse of the other children my sister would turn out to be when they get a little older.

      I wanted to go inside the other room in front of me, so I forgot about "K" and the other children altogether. I don't know what motivates me to go inside this room, but I opened it and immediately closed it to prevent "K" and the rest from coming in.

      I see a bed in front of me, and I think there's a blonde anime girl 1-3 feet in front of me. She has those big and adorable eyes. I forget what she's wearing because her big and cute eyes are luring me to come closer to her.......

      She advances to me.....

      She tells me,

      "You will now become one of us...."

      Ho ho ho hoooooo, I like where this is going.

      She gets a syringe out, and she immediately stabs the right side of my neck, pushes whatever liquid contained in the syringe, and pulls it out. It actually was painless, and the fact that being lucid and not being bothered by this really concerns me lol.

      I think she tries to explain a few more things, but by this time, things start getting a little blurry for me. There's a dream shift, and I'm back in the bedroom again. I see there's someone sleeping in the bedroom.

      Things get weird from this point, I can't even comprehend how I come into play this time compared to before. The girl realizes that I'm in the bedroom, I think, and she unfolds the sheets to show herself and turns around and blushes.

      She asks, "What are you doing here?" and opens her mouth in shock, and her blushing increases in redness. Then I see there's a person on the left side sleeping on the floor wake up, and he ends up blushing at her in shock. This is the part that I'm confused on lol, was it me, or was it the other random anime guy?

      By this time, I decided I might as well wake up, because I started to get worried about what was going to happen. All three of us were surprised to see each other....then again, that shouldn't have been my reason to just wake up lol.

    4. Purple Scarabs, Almost Late to the Bus, InvisibleWoman

      by , 05-17-2012 at 07:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Purple Scarabs (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a lecture room, and I think everyone is watching a screen presentation. I could tell that most of the students could care less from what was being presented, and after it was done, a lot of people started to leave one by one.

      There was a female professor in the back of the area that wanted the students to stay, probably to see if they had a few questions related to the presentation, but her voice was weak, it wasn't convincing enough to startle the students that left the room.

      I look at her face after she wanted to students to stay in the room, and then she has this passive demeanor that is full of disappointment, it's like she felt like a failure, and she just looks at space randomly. Probably to forget about how she can't even instruct the students with confidence.

      After there were only 10-15 students I decided that I should go ahead and leave as well, seeing as this lady failed. I felt kind of bad for her, but there wasn't anything interesting after the presentation was done.

      I think some point while I'm in the room, a swarm of purple beetles or scarabs start from the front area and begin covering the walls quickly. I think I'm running from them, but that's all I remember.

      Almost Late to the Bus (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting near the stairs of a building outside, and it's probably late afternoon. I'm resting from some kind of activity before, but I can't remember. I was wearing short pants, gray or black, don't know why I'm mentioning that though.

      I'm just taking my time relaxing, just watching, hearing, just getting used to calming down.
      I could've done a reality check at this point, because everything was neutral, which should've made me realize something was wrong.

      There were a few people walking past me, and I believe I had my shades on, so I that gave me a little confidence in staring at them a bit longer than usual. Pathetic....I know.

      After watching and looking at random people, some girl and her friend suddenly remembered that they have to reach for the Bus before it's too late. She said it's 7:25 I believe?

      I find that funny because I set my alarm to wake me up for a CANWILD technique attempt around 7:45 AM...wonder if that was a cue for me...

      She and her friend get up and run to the path to get to the Bus, and I had a hunch that I should be going to the bus as well. I end up passing the two women, and a blonde female is riding the bus.

      She was pretty skinny, and was wearing a very light violet hoodie the was opened. Then I look back to see if the other girls would come, because I was going to tell the bus driver to wait for them. After they go in, the dream shifts to where the bus driver is taking a right somewhere.

      I'm still holding on to the small pole near the entrance of the bus, and something doesn't feel right...it's like I don't really belong here. It's because before, I could've just ignored what those women said about being late to getting to a bus stop.

      Funny how things turns out when you decide to take a random path...

      InvisibleWoman (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this, but I'm on IRC chat, and InvisibleWoman (DV member) was showing me a link with a lady with large breasts. She was wearing a light pink dress shirt with both sides lining up half wear on her breasts.

      I think it was an anime picture as well, reminded me of a certain woman from a movie called "Immorality."

      Oh right, the chick's name is Sayako, she's kind of like some kind of sex demon that drains the life force out of men while seducing them....isn't that funny.....another succubus...

      And as for the movie itself, you don't want to watch it, it's lame....reallllly lame.
    5. Foursome, Shoot the Fake, Kaomea and her Pain meds, Rich Blonde Saves my ass...

      by , 05-05-2012 at 06:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Okay, so after sleeping a little more, I recalled more dreams. The first one is the most recent one, and the rest are just in random order lol.

      Foursome with Melanieb and Twin Sisters (Non-lucid)


      I'm at my University, and I'm riding my bicycle pretty fast, barely managing to dodge a few people or run over them. I just ride just for the sake of riding, and I'm headed towards a new area.

      I shift to the right lane of the road, go to a small downhill road to turn left, passing through a truck just in time before it can block me.

      Then I reach a dead end, and was worried I was going to crash, but I leaned towards the side of my bike with both of my legs on one side, and jump off it while holding the handles.

      I walk inside a random room, and I go all the way in, turn left, and then decide to go back outside and go to my apartment. I'm my way out, I barely notice a bald guy wearing a striped shirt with red and white going down vertically.

      I felt like an idiot to just randomly go in, so I pretended to be dumb and said "Hi" to the guy. He was in the process of sitting down on a black rotatable, and was looking at the computer in front of him that was black, and shining pretty bright.

      He responds to me saying "Hi" to me, and I do this awkward leave, slowly walking backwards and smiling, and just getting out of there.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm back at my apartment. I go inside my bedroom, and I find there's some clothes on the bed.


      Looks like all of these are mine. Then I hear someone say,


      Shocked, I slowly peek to see who it was, but I couldn't see anyone, because I had the living room lights turned off, though the kitchen light should've helped me see the outline of the person at least.

      I decided I should go to the living room section a little bit closer, and I see a woman with black hair, red shirt and a small thin black jacket on top of it.

      She turns her face around, and it's Melanieb, without her sunglasses on her profile picture.

      She has glossy lips, like this:

      I don't know why, I didn't have complete control over myself, but I am seeing things in first person perspective, and I kissed Melanieb on the cheek.

      I asked her,

      "Wait, how did you get into my apartment?"

      She responds saying that she told the managers some clever reason that I can't remember exactly. She then said that they didn't believe her at first, so she lied to them again and said,

      "I wanted to preserve my virginity for you..."




      Why didn't I do a nose plug RC? Especially since melanieb was in my apartment?!?!?!?

      Anyway, I looked into her eyes for a while, and it's kind of hard to assume that this person was a dream figure, I looked into her eyes pretty deep, and she felt happy to be around me, or maybe she's just being cheerful overall.

      She holds my hands, and from this point, my mind is going blank on her cute expression towards me. While she's guiding me to the bedroom, I'm still shocked and blank.

      When we get to the bedroom, it looks a bit messy. I hear her saw a few things, but I can presume that she wanted me to clean up some areas in the bedroom before we did anything.

      I tell her that I will clean it up, and I declared that the reason why is because I've had so much free time lately that I've been passive on managing my bedroom.

      I start to pick up an underwear on the bed, and put it next to another small piece of clothing on my left hand.

      The dream starts to fade a little bit, and it shifts to where I'm outside.

      From this point, I thought I was awake, and was mad at myself for the dream fading away, because I was looking at some old man walking at some random point in a section that looked like a pharmacy drive-thru.

      I got annoyed, turned my face back to its natural position to see Naruto in his older form smiling at me while he's walking over some grass.

      Then I see some girl who looks a bit like she's from an anime, but at the same time, she looked realistic, like 3D Anime or something like that, but even more realistic than that.

      I believe she wore glasses, and had black hair as well, and she was driving a white or silver car. She looks at me, and I look at her, and then there's another car coming in, and it's another girl in it as well.

      They both look the same in facial composition, I was confused. Both of them were following each other while in their cars.

      Then the dream shifts to where Melanieb and the twins were inside my apartment apparently, and I was going to go inside with them, but the dream fades and I wake up....

      Loooooooool. So much for the foursome.
      Shoot the Fake one (Non-lucid)


      I don't really care much about this dream.

      There were two men on the floor, and they both looked the same, and I had a handgun in my hand, and I had to kill the fake one.

      I had a hunch on who it was, and I aimed the gun at him while they're busy fighting and rolling on the floor in a garage.

      I almost shot the real one, and then calmed down until the fake one rolled to the left to get on top of the other guy.

      Before he could punch him, I shot him in the head.

      I dropped the gun, and I think I went to someone and started crying, but I don't know who...
      Kaomea and her Pain meds (Non-lucid)


      Okay, so I'm reading Kaomea's Dream Journal about how she's taking her pain meds or something like that.

      Rich Blonde Saves my Ass (Non-lucid)


      I don't know how I got into affiliations with Asian gang group members, but these were one of those high class ones where men in fancy suits would come after you and "take care" of you if you did something wrong, in other words, you'd either be dead or severely injured.

      There's something that's bothering my mind, and apparently, I had to pay off some shark loan or something like that by tomorrow.

      I believe the amount was $1,600? Obviously, I'm screwed, and I'm worried on how I'm going to get this payment done and over with in a short period of time. I think I'm with someone, but I can't remember, and I can't remember what happens next except in the next dream shift.

      I'm near a blonde female, and she's positive towards me, though I'm not really paying to much attention to the vibe she's giving me, probably because of the loan I had in the back of my mind worrying about.

      She writes a check that basically will let me pay off the loan. I look at her and had a face that said, "Why????"

      She smiles at me, and she even gives me a $100 in cash just like that. I acknowledge her by showing her how grateful I am, and I looked at the $100 bill and thought of the things I could buy with this amount of money.

      I think I replaced the $100 bill since it looked a little bit blank in the middle with a black censor or something like that.

      The blonde didn't mind at all though, that's all I remember.

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