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    1. Would You Like My Breast Milk Unprocessed or Not, Pitbull Trap, Natti & Her Floating Lemur Guardian

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Would You Like My Breast Milk Unprocessed or Not? (DILD)


      I'm inside of a black van and immediately sat down only to find there's a blonde naked female right in front of me. Her body composition and outline is of an anime female with odd anatomy, especially for the breasts.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      I probably got too excited, and I'm totally just going to ignore that I wasn't bothered by her question.


      Setting Up a Trap for a Pitbull (DILD)


      This dream was like playing some kind of RTS game where you can zoom in and out and pan over the environment to plan your course of action. I had the role of trying to set up a trap for a dog that looked like your regular pit bull.

      The lower half of the dog's body consisted of a black color that spreads a bit more to the top of its back. It had a white colored base for its visage and a black snout.

      My plan was to make a small tunnel for it to pass through, and the sections would be intertwined so closely that the moment it came out of the small pipe way, the trap would be activated in some way.


      Natti & Her Floating Lemur Guardian (Non-lucid)


      I forgot the date I recalled this dream, and I can't be bothered to check the chat logs I discussed this with a friend of mine. All I know is that it occurred a few days before this date of the dream journal entry.

      And I'm not sure if I'm typing this properly in a chronological format, but there were so many small things to take into consideration that it felt like I was experiencing them all at once. I guess that's the disadvantages of trying to find words to conceptualize the whole experience into words....too linear and restricted.

      I was inside of an apartment that looked fairly empty, as if it was cleaned out for someone to immediately move. I noticed I was talking to a friend of mine Natti.

      There were all sorts of subtle things occurring, and most of what I recalled was based on my peripheral vision. I couldn't see Natti clearly, but I could easily make out the contours of her visage and body.

      She was wearing swamp green military fatigue pants along with a black vest, though I couldn't tell if she was wearing a black sports bra underneath or not. She's sitting down crisscross apple sauce, and I had a small conversation with her over something I can't recall too well.

      All I could remember is that I was suggesting to her that we head out somewhere, and that's when I noticed the floating lemur close to us. I wasn't bothered for a long time on the lemur's presence, but something about her
      (presuming the lemur would be a she after discussing this with my friend) felt like she was protecting Natti I guess.

      The lemur had a blue-skinned visage, hands, feet, and I believe is the same for her belly as well while the rest the body consisted of white fur. I think she wore glasses like Natti did, though this dream was either completely based on peripheral vision, or was just blurry from the start.

      She (lemur) seemed to be fairly dormant and was probably just there for fun or something else entirely. It looked like she was meditating with her eyes closed, but still having awareness of what was going on.

      Though I felt that despite of her calm nature, it was kind of overbearing and creeped me out a bit.

      I looked over the window and noticed that the environment outside had a fairly dully and gray atmosphere. The buildings had the same bland color as well, and the window I'm looking through is fairly basic as well.

      It has a dark brown wooden edge around it and the flooring consisted of dark brown wood with some level of polish to it. Natti seemed to be out of place with the area she's in,
      and after that, I can't recall what happens next.

      Seeing how her female lemur guardian was in the same sitting position as her, only floating, maybe they were both meditating at the time and I just happened to be part of the experience.

    2. Random Gunfire Kills Children, Mile in 4:30, Messy Apartment, Relative Catches Me Late at Night

      by , 12-11-2013 at 08:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Random Gun Fire Kills Children in Sporadic Intervals (DILD)


      When I became lucid, itís in a dream setting similar to a school cafeteria. It's completely different from the pre-existing models my mind usually utilizes. The flooring has the basic bland light gray colored tiling with black tar/rubbery-like substances between the creases.

      It's either morning or early afternoon, and there's a lot of individuals in their own groups. Two distinct groups where the ones that seemed to be Hispanic. For some weird reason, I had some predisposition into thinking they could be two gangs that have turmoil between each other.

      It seemed pretty normal in the sense of a school having individuals desperately trying to find an identity for themselves through gregarious activities with peers to have some illusory perception that there could actually be sustainable bonding. And I happened to be in the middle passively acknowledging their existence.

      I hear abrupt and short bursts of gun fire to the left, and I immediately turn in that direction to see the group to the left of me panicking and crowding around someone that may have been shot. Naturally, I get up to see what actually happened.

      There's a man who seems to be close to descending into a crying fit as he's holding a dead child in his arms. I can't really describe the details of how the dead child look because it was too disgusting to even contemplate on it.

      There's blood streaming through the child's face in several directions, almost as if there's some kind of radial streak originating somewhere along their chest. The group seems to be in a longer state of shock, and I didn't pay attention to what was going on with the group to the right of me.

      For some reason I wanted to confirm that this actually just happened, that a child just randomly dies due to gun fire that was very difficult to confirm where the origin was. Seeing how there were walls surrounding the building, the only presumption that can be made is that the bullets can somehow pass through walls and people and solidify until it meets whatever target the shooter wants.

      After looking at the child and the man who seems to be at his nadir, I presumed he was either the father, or some kind of relative to the child. Then I noticed most individuals here seems to be around my age or even older, and it felt weird with them existing in a school that would seem to be formatted for Middle School and High School.

      I don't know where I'm headed, but I just wanted to get out immediately because of my current attachment to the high state of paranoia of who would be next.

      This next environment seems to be an expanded version of the previous one, and the next attack seemed to have been initiated diagonally to the right. I'm sitting with a dream character that was a counterpart of the waking life individual I talked with in High School mostly though lunch period.

      Although his existence didn't really seem to matter much, though for the sake of just getting some descriptions down:

      • He was wearing a bland gray shirt, dark blue jeans, and his usual messy hairstyle

      • His body composition emulated gestures that seemed as if bad was going to happen, though I'm not sure why I'm led to believe this

      Most of my attention was on the right section of the dream environment, and I seemed to have some restriction to turn to the left. Maybe it's because I felt something bad would happen in the direction I'm paying attention to the most, or it's something else entirely that I wasn't aware of.

      Then more gun fire comes in randomly, and everyone starts screaming. I get up immediately, and the person to the right of me gets up and seems to be shifting his head left and right frantically trying to find where the shot came from.

      Turns out it's another child that died, though I didn't bother to take that into consideration seeing how I ended up bringing out the neurotic state again. Since the attack came from afar, I didn't bother paying attention into looking at the child.

      Because at the point, if I came in to see what would happen, I would be questioning why I would want to make the attempt to go there and confirm whatever visualizations would show up of the late child's body. And like the previous event, I get out like everyone else eventually did.


      Running a Mile in 4:30 (DILD)


      Guess DILDs are my frequent means of reaching lucidity. That's glad to know considering how haven't done any WBTB lately, and the fact that I was sleeping late and waking up fairly late as well.

      The environment looks exactly like the middle school I used to go to, except there some weird atmospheric overlay of brown, orange, and other warm colors. It seemed it was close to night time, but the sunset managed to sustain its existence for a pretty long time.

      The conditions of the dream with the environment, and where I was placed with other dream characters and other factors such led me to believe there was going to be a mile run. I can't recall when the coach blew the whistle, but I proceeded to run at the same time everyone did.

      I seemed to have realized my legs wouldn't tire out, though I seemed to have been experiencing psychosomatic processes where I felt like I was tired after running fast from the start. The dream shifts to where now I have to go around a huge ring where there was a large field of grass in the middle.

      However, it wasn't necessary to go around this circle. All I needed to do was get to the middle, and then turn around and dash all the way back to the start, and then turn to the right to the next new outer ring. I was stumbling a bit in my movements, but then a random image somehow gave me a jolt of energy.

      Out of all the imagery that could show up to emit some kind of emotional response, Shanks from One Piece shows up and fades away. It was a younger version of him smiling while wearing a straw hat, at least younger than the current version that looks like he's in his late 30s or something.

      Either that was some weird reference on how Luffy has a long-term goal of eventually meeting Shanks when he becomes more powerful, or just a random image altogether.

      Anyway, deus ex machina kicks in and I'm running very fast. So fast that I'm already close to finishing the mile run and I'm already by the large gates that I have to go outside the edges. I then get the urge to propel myself to run even faster and finally reached the end.

      The coach looks like exactly like the waking life counterpart that seemed to be in his late twenties. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt along with dark gray sports shorts. He checked his stopwatch and stated that I finished the mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

      Clearly something I never was able to do during middle school or even in my current state.

      The dream shifts to where I'm heading somewhere holding a cellphone and calling someone. I don't know who it was, but based on how I felt and communicated with them, it was someone really close. Though that's pretty vague seeing how it could be anyone really. I told them how I managed to finish a mile in 4:30, and by that time it was night time.


      Messy Apartment and the Realism Distracts Me From Dream Logic (DILD)


      I'm in an apartment that resembles the one when I was in College Station, and it seems my father was on his way over there. I didn't know how much time I actually had, but with the situation I'm in now in the dream, my apartment was a horrible mess.

      Everything here felt so real to the point where I really started to get distracted. I tried formulating ways to clean up this mess before actually doing so, but I barely got anything done. Then the dream shifts to where I meet an individual in waking life that I'll just abbreviate as Jas.

      Jas seemed to be close to this area for some reason in order for me to interact with him so easily. He looked exactly like his waking life counterpart, probably to near perfection. His expression and his fairly passive demeanor to twist his words a bit to make himself look better seems to be there, but that could just be my conceptual schemes playing out within this dream.

      He seemed more casual, and even friendlier than he is in waking life. It was almost as if I was a very close friend of his within this dream. I was getting something out of a Jeep Blazer vehicle, and I seemed to ignore the fact that I owned a vehicle for once as well.

      Jas was stating something, and I interrupted him with a joke since how what he was saying was going to end up awkward and weird. I forgot what I actually took out, but I went back to the apartment only to go back to square one on what to do with the messy apartment.

      Sometimes I wonder if it was an error in perception on the apartment being messy, and instead it I was probably confused on how there were so many objects in front of me that were most likely organized in a weird fashion.


      Relative Catches Me Late at Night (DILD)


      I'm just going to be lazy and give a brief overview of what happened:

      • It's night time in the dream
      • I wanted to get out of the house that I was in for reasons I can't recall
      • My relative wanted to get out, but he wasn't aware that I was outside for a few seconds
      • I ended up walking into his direction, and he's surprised on how I was able to get out
      • I go back into the house
    3. Eva Wants Sex

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eva Wants Sex (Non-lucid)


      This dream is kind of hard to recall surprisingly, but whatever happened, it had to be sexual.

      Eva is wearing a full latex suit, and has part of her cleavage exposed. I go inside a building that looks like the apartment I used to rent in College Station. And the moment I go in, she immediately slams the door.

      I turn around wondering why she has to slam the door like that, and she keeps her hands on the lock so I can't think of getting out of this situation with her. She tilts her head and smiles at me, and after that, the only thing I can remember is me stripping her latex suit off and then slowly sliding down her pink panties.

      She's bracing herself against a wall as she props her rear towards me desperately wanting something to happen as I have the panties halfway to her knees.

      I can't remember anything else from that.
    4. My Neighbor Has No Manners, I'm Responsible for the Deaths of One Million People [Wut]

      by , 05-01-2013 at 09:10 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Self-hypnosis works again, and these were dreams a few days ago.

      My Neighbor Has No Manners (DILD)


      I'm inside of my apartment, and the dream scene is so realistic that I assume that it was reality. I didn't want to question anything, I just knew I had to be dreaming either way. It was fairly obvious, the setting was different, it was bright as day outside, and it was a little windy as well.

      I'm only wearing my tighty whities just like in waking life now, and I feel perfectly normal. The dream is fairly linear, and I proceed to get out of my bedroom and starting to walk through the small hall in my dream apartment. It was about the same width as the actual one, I noticed some furniture and such were oddly placed, but I didn't care too much about them.

      What bothered me is that I noticed something weird about the window in front of me. I noticed that there was someone outside, and they're bracing against the wall near my apartment outside as well. I come a bit closer to to see who it was, and it was this odd-looking fellow. I raise up the red curtains, which were definitely not related to the blue curtains I have in my actual apartment, and I noticed that the window is opened.

      To my surprise, as I'm slowly raising up the curtain, the odd-looking neighbor said, "Thanks." I realized he was reading a book, and I saw he glanced up at me quickly and immediately turned his head to go back to reading. I didn't know how to recieve this kind of response, since it was obvious that no one should be bracing against the interior of my apartment, and because of this conflict of reasoning on what to do next, I decided to continue to trying to get the curtains up in a position.

      For some reason, I believe my conflicted reasoning also wanted me to move the curtains so the neighbor could brace properly outside and be able to rest his left arm on the opened window. The window was a bit longer than usual, and in order to open it, there was the generic lock that you had to twist outward into your direction to open up, and I believe this isn't the case for my actual apartment.

      The thought on whether or not he potentially stole items in my apartment didn't come to me whatsoever, since he had a calm and relaxing demeanor throughout most of this dream. I have an awkward time moving the curtains and trying not to get them to touch my presumed neighbor again. I would lift them in the general direction from down and straight up, then I would go from down to diagonally placing it to the left and other angles as well.

      I realized I needed some kind of pin or object in order to keep the curtain in place. The neighbor had to move his arm frequently each time I put the curtain down, and I still didn't know what I was going to say to him, since he has yet to make any kind of concerning behavior and/or action. I quickly look around this limited area in my apartment, and I noticed there's a pink-clip that was somehow a pin as well.

      I don't know how the logic with that worked, but I picked up, and I slowly inserted it inside a part of the curtain. I didn't question that a clip suddenly served as a pin, and I finally managed to get a huge chunk of the part of the curtain that I folded up so it would make a curve like this " J ".

      Then I realized I needed an actual pin to keep things in place, however, with dream logic, that wasn't needed since the vanilla colored walls and the weird looking object I used as a clamp suddenly was able to stick together. After this fiasco, I start shifting my thoughts back to this neighbor randomly bracing against the inside of my apartment.

      His visage looks awfully familiar to one of my actual neighbors, except he doesn't have as long of a hair than him. It's more of a bow-shaped head with out of wack curls on the ends. He's wearing glasses, thin framed, and his face is partially filled with acne, and he has the "Pedro" stereotypical mustache on him as well.

      It seems he was half-naked with just dark brown jean shorts, and he immediately enters my apartment. While I'm busy preparing for a "Wtf do you think you're doing" on this guy, suddenly my kitchen is closer to the both of us. He turns his back on me, and goes opens the fridge to see what's inside. I noticed that there were mostly transparent bowls with food inside with red tops concealing them as well.

      The light inside of the fridge was the generic yellow bulb light, and then I immediately close it, slowly warning this guy that he's not suppose to be in this apartment. Then he takes a spit on the floor, and I'm wondering what the fucking hell is wrong with this dipshit, and that's when I started to break.


      He looks at me weirdly, slightly affected with a tinge of fear, and decides to do one more random action of trying to get something on top of the fridge or whatever the hell it was, couldn't remember to great detail. He wanted to take the dime that was placed on top, and I grabbed his wrist and gave him a "NO" facial expression. I take the dime away from him, and I directed him to get out through the window, and I believe I stated,


      or something to that nature without trying to use curse words. He apparently lived to the right of me, which was kind of awkward, since now I know he's bloody one door to the right of me, and it only makes me worried what he would do next time. I started to question how he got the window to be opened in the first place, since I don't even open my window in my actual apartment in real life simply because it's awkward to have it opened and let people see what I'm doing.

      After that petty drama was over, I decided to clean up the area where he spat. I get some paper towels, and I maneuver them in a circular motion and then threw it into the trash can that didn't have a lid on it. It seems that I had the intention to move my stuff in a U-Haul truck, seeing as I had some small furniture and bags I felt that were mine outside of my apartment. I made sure that I kept a good awareness of my environments, and also an eye in case that neighbor wants to randomly come into my apartment again.

      I didn't pay attention anything beyond the U-Haul truck in my apartment, but with peripheral vision, I could tell my subconscious did a fair job to make it seem like it was a replication of waking life's setting. I had some random brown bag that seems to resemble the one that a Pan-Asia Restaurant I go to from time to time uses for To-Go orders.

      I noticed this was like a mini-trash bag, seeing how there were paper plates that had random residues of food, and there was also a concerning amount of wasted rice in this bag as well. After realizing it was just another way to trash some things, I noticed something very shiny inside, and it ended up being my Zune HD. At first, I didn't want to believe I would trash it, but then I turn back again and picked it up and it seems I really did.

      I had to wipe off the food sauce and residue from it, and then I slowly walked back to my apartment while examining the Zune HD to make sure that it was working. I ended up not paying attention to it and just put it somewhere in invisible land, because I sure don't remember not having it anywhere near my tighty whities. For the rest of the dream, I continued to beleive that this was slightly realistic, the whole event with the neighbor and such, and I felt that I had to post this on Dream Views because that guy was in a really odd position.


      I Killed One Million People (DILD)


      This is one of those dreams where you shouldn't have been lucid in any moment whatsoever. It was so awkward, it's like I was suddenly a mass murder terrorist, and I can't believe how I had this tinge of fear rather than a full-blown anxiety trip. It was also one of those dreams where if I didn't know I was dreaming, I would be really stupid.

      So I'm hiding inside some random room in a building, and I have a device that allows me to hear the conversations of soldiers trying to find me.

      "He's in in the....*so and so and so*"

      I only have a silver gun on my right hand I believe, and I'm really wondering what's going on here.

      "He's killed a million lives..." or something like that.

      I started getting scared on what I could possibly do that could kill that many people, and I started to feel that this was a reality, and that I really fucked up this time. I rub my head a bit and....

      I decided to open the door slightly to see if there's any soldiers around. I go about running randomly, always keeping an increased awareness of my surroundings, and twitching at any sign of movement or any kind of shadows that would show up. The environment I'm in is hard to describe what kind of building it was.

      The carpet was red, and there ways a vanilla tile floor maybe 30 feet away from me, and the overall lighting atmosphere was a milky yellow. The walls were hard to distinguish, most likely a range of brown and orange-red colors, fairly flat colors, nothing too abstract. Feelings started to rush inside me as I hear the foot steps of soldiers coming in.

      They're finally here, and they aim their machine guns at me, but then things start getting weird. Time slows time a bit, and I start shooting all of them in the head, dropping like flies.

      Then there's this annoying old man trying to shoot me, kind of like the type of AI you expect from a video game when you're playing on "Easy Mode," and you're ducking for cover, but the enemy comes out at random times, so you can't even get a proper aim at them. He couldn't shoot me, and I couldn't shoot him, so I decided to just dash and go somewhere else.

      I can't remember much after that, and I prefer not to, since I doubt there was a happy ending.

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    5. Michael Duncan Can't Clean, Insect Sadism, Flipping Tables, Half-naked and Party Starts Early...

      by , 01-06-2013 at 01:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Michael Duncan Doesn't Dish wash Properly (Non-lucid)


      I find myself inside of a random room, and I meet Michael Duncan who's near the kitchen sink.

      I assume this is his household, have no awareness that he passed away in waking life, and I ask him if I may have a bottle of water from the fridge. He allows me to instantly, and he seems to be in a fairly positive attitude.

      However, he has the blank state most dream characters have where they just go neutral after you don't give them any kind of attention. It almost seemed as if he was senile or something, and I was wondering if he had a mental disability.

      The fridge was white, the floor was white, and the sunlight shining on the tile floor a bit made it look like it was a milky sky blue color. The actual kitchen light wasn't on, it was mostly visible because of the natural sunlight.

      Instead of drinking from the random water bottle, which looked vivid and detailed in terms of plastic and water reflections, I was going to search for a glass cup to drink it out of. I honestly don't know why I couldn't have used the bottle itself, but I picked some random dish that wasn't even a cup.

      I tried to remove the red stain on the plate, and it felt like it was hardened gum or something of that nature. I was using a sponge with two sides, one for basic scrubbing that was yellow, and the green side for more grittier scrubbing for metal objects, etc.

      It's not working, but somehow the stains are getting on the green side of the sponge, and this is really confusing me because I see the plate still has the same amount of sticky residue on it. So I decided to get down and dirty and started to use my fingernails.

      I'm making better progress, but damn, it's really difficult taking out these sticky and hard stains out of the place. I managed to get half of a huge chunk of the stain off, but it's just annoying, and with the other small stains still on the plate, it would take forever to get this thing done.

      So I look to my left on the container for various silverware and glass objects, and I find a Wine Glass. I had a "Oh Okay" moment in my head, and quickly grabbed it to make sure it didn't have any stains or residue on it.

      Turns out it did, and this time, it was orange-brown chunks of god knows what on it, and when I prepared to wash it, Duncan tells me that it's clean.

      I tell him that it's not clean, he tells me again that it's clean. I don't know what happens next, but I assume that based on my pissed off mood, I left.


      Setting Raid Insect Spray Traps (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a room with shiny light brown wood flooring, and there are a few gaps near the bottom of these faded white walls.

      There are lights on, but they're mostly dim, and I see that I could set up traps to kill random insects coming out of the gaps and other weird holes.

      What I had to do was get a green can that would contain the insecticide contents, and a random black rack that you see in the Pool game to organize the balls.

      This same can would have a red sensor beam that would pick any subtle movements, and the moment it triggers, the Triangle Rack would quickly fall down, trap the insects, and the green can would immediately spray and kill them all.

      I start getting a bit sadistic and collected more cans and started booby trapping the place like I'm setting a Bouncing Betty in Call of Duty or something. I think at random intervals in the dreams, there were mini-people being trapped and killed.

      They looked like cartoons, and I can't recall my feelings for them, but I can assume it wasn't really thoughtful of their lives. Then I ran out of supplies, and I tried to think of ways to get them. I assumed I had no money on me at all, and never bothered where I actually had the products in the first place.

      Then the place and the flooring inside gets darker, and the floor is now a dark brown color, and it's not just because of the darkness; so either I had the environment shifted somehow or something.

      I don't recall there being dead insect bodies anywhere, so I presumed most would disappear out of thin air. or something


      Pissed Off at Father and Flipping Tables (Non-lucid)


      My father is sitting down on a random chair inside my apartment, and it seems most of the lights are on and working fairly well. He's wearing a black jacket, a faded khaki pants, and some random vanilla shirt underneath.

      We're arguing about something obviously, because I'm pissed off, and I get so angry that I get near him and flip the table he was eating food on. I guess I added some offensive language here and there, can't recall them too well, and I can't remember what happens next.

      I told him to just get out of the apartment I guess.


      Party Starting Too Early and Not Finished Clothing (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house that's awfully similar to the one I went to for the break from college, and I'm in the room where there's beads hanging along with some thin cloth as well.

      I'm trying to change my clothes, and I hear the doorbell ringing. I knew it was guests getting ready to come in, and I had a pretty good perception of who it will be. It would be the parents and their demonic sp----I mean annoying children along with their older son.

      I'm half-naked, and I can sense that they're getting closer and closer as someone is opening the door to tell them in. I quickly try to find any route that I can quickly hide myself to change properly.

      I see an image of one of the kids, the REALLY annoying one, already planning to run to get into my room.

      I panic a bit, and I can't remember what I did after that.


      You Can't See Me Woman? (Non-lucid)


      So I'm inside of a room that looks like some kind of high corporate CEO office, and I honestly don't know what I'm here for. I guess I took something valuable, whether it was information or an object, but I would presume it was information since I don't recall holding or wearing anything to hold heavy objects.

      It's fairly dark inside, but there's some lighting, like a pinkish-red lighting, and I get suspicious that someone may be coming in. So whatever I do, I managed to get out of the first hallway, but the person isn't even there as yet.

      They're at a few more, and I have to hide somewhere, because once they get to where I am, I'll be caught. Whatever I did, I miraculously get out, and I decided to hide at this convenient gap between a spiraling stairs going up.

      After a while, the lady comes in the room, and it has shiny black flooring, and it looks pretty fancy overall (the room mind you). The lady is dark-skinned, like light brown, and she has a nice hairstyle. I guess it was some kind of 80s type of hair design, and she's wearing a black skirt that only ends a few inches above her knees.

      She's wearing a fancy dress shirt tucked under her shirt, and it consists of splashes of gray and white. She goes to the door to the right to do the secret pin and eye scan stuff I'm guessing, and as she's doing that, EVERYTHING in the room vanishes one by one.

      And I start panicking that if the stairs disappear, I'm absolutely in a tight situation here. So the chairs, shelves, vases, and such vanish, and all there's left is the stairs. I believe parts of the stairs start to vanish, and this feels like some kind of de-materialization you would see in Assassin's Creed games.

      So now I'm left exposed with my knees bent all the way down like a sitting duck, and even though the lady turns around, she doesn't see me?

      Or she's ignoring me?

      I'm like so easy to pick out here, but she's not really responding.

      I don't know what happens next, and this is all too weird. I thought it would be a ALERT ALERT ALERT GUARDS GUARDS type of speel, but I guess not.
    6. Racing & Ron Jeremy, Tubes and Sex Fest, Finding a Hotel, Measuring Tape Tongue, Balancing Corona...

      by , 11-18-2012 at 07:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hardcore Racing and Ron Jeremy! (DEILD)


      Asked my subconscious to help me wake up, keep my eyes closed, and remain still. And she helps me out here! <33333

      I hear the alarm that I set, and I become aware that I'm awake, and I immediately enter the dream state within 30 seconds or so.

      I get up from bed, and immediately checked out the window in my apartment. The light in the living room is on, which is a big difference than before. The environment is clearly different than in waking life.

      There's a huge tree that's apparent near the front yard of the apartment complex, and there's all sorts of things that I could describe. I do a nose plug reality check, and then proceeded to open the door to the left of me.

      I get out, and I walk around a bit. I noted to myself that I'm dreaming, and how I will have a stable lucid dream. I had thoughts that said, "wake up!" "wake up!" but they are immediately eradicated out of my dreaming mentality.

      I'm completely immersed in the dream scene, and nothing is going to stop my stabilization in the dream at all. So I started to talk to Eva mentally for a few moments, and then I started to touch my chest more. I rubbed it more and more, and things started to get more detailed.

      I'm walking on a newly tarred black road, and see there's curved road way heading to the left. There's this house to the right of me with a long curved slop going upwards. There's a lot of cars within this driveway, and the garage seems to be open.

      I'm afraid, because I had a strong temptation to take one of the cars away from whoever owned all these cars. After a while, after seeing one car completely opened on both sides, I decided to go in quickly.

      I head on the left side for the driver's seat. The car's exterior is a light brown color, and parts of it makes me presume it's a Lamborghini with a fix of Ferrari parts as well.

      The interior is mostly black, and I realized the vehicle is already turned on. I looked to my right and noticed the front passenger seat is open, and the padding between the seats is giving me a bit of a challenge here.

      I have to get up and move my rear on the padding a bit, and then I slam the passenger seat shut. I close the driver's seat as well, and then I tried turning my head back to check and see if there's any oncoming vehicles.

      Seems the back window is completely blocked by the large brown sofa-like chairs, and I decided to back up either way, even if I could've smashed into another vehicle.

      I start accelerating fairly quick, and before I know it, I'm already on the high way. I have amazing control, and I'm turning the vehicle around tight corners at amazing speeds. I'm seeing this all in third person riding the vehicle, and I'm mostly seeing the back and top of the vehicle for the camera view.

      I make a few wrong turns, like going to the McDonald's drive-thru for instance. Everything still maintained a decent about of detail, despite all of the high-speed madness going on here. The atmosphere is mostly gray, and it feels like morning will arrive in a few minutes. After going crazy with these twist and turns, perfectly not hitting into anything, at least not hitting into everything, I'm suddenly in a NASCAR type of race.

      Then it turns into a race where the field is open for any kind of car stunts. It seems Ron Jeremy, during this point in the dream is watching me somehow, and I'm led to this assumption because there's some random guy in a blue racing suit that popped up for a few seconds stating,

      "Ron Jeremy hates it when you're doing this!"

      "He hates it when you're trying to speed up the ramp!"

      I'm speeding up the ramp, and Ron Jeremy doesn't seem to mind at all, in fact, I can sense him encouraging me to do the stunt, which I did with ease. After random driving and pulling off the ramp stunt, things calm down a bit, and Ron Jeremy gives an analysis of what happened.

      I think he gave me an overall positive review, and it's hard to recall the exact words he stated, since they're typed or set out in a blurry font that has a lime green background behind it.
      Women in Tubes and Insane Sex fest (Non-lucid)


      Holy hell, this was just....submission to the extreme.

      Throughout this whole dream, I'm seeing things from above, so everything looks flat, but is still easy to distinguish what's 3D and what's not, but most of the environment and the people I'm looking down at are 3D.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      I can't remember much after that.
      Finding a Hotel (Non-lucid)


      I'm riding a bicycle, the type that hardcore cyclists utilize in those marathon races. I seem to be wearing a completely black outfit that's flexible, and conforms to the curves of my dream body easily. The leggings of this full sports outfit stops between my thighs.

      I'm have lean muscle, and my whole body seems to be fairly proportionate. I'm riding a bicycle on a road, and I have my chest a few inches behind the bicycle front, and I have my arms in the "L" position as I use the lower handles you see in the same cyclist bicycle.

      I'm riding fairly well, and I think a few people are riding bicycles as well. I get a phone call from my mother, and I quickly take it out while having one hand holding on to a handle and a brake. She starts asking me if I have enough stuff with me, and I start getting annoyed by this and told her that I'm just fine.

      I hang up, and reached for my left pocket, and felt a paper-like material inside. I take it out, ignoring the road, and realized it's a $20 bill. It's a bit difficult capturing all the details of the money, but I do see the numbers for it. I put it back inside my pocket, and focused on the road again.

      I started to speed up way more than before when I was distracted with the phone call. I didn't feel any pain whatsoever on my legs, and continued to pedal faster.

      Eventually, the dream shifts, and now I'm near a movie theater that has a red color for it's exterior. It's raining at the moment, and I can feel the rain drops falling down on me sporadically. I quickly find shelter under the Theater thanks to the roofing of random extensions.

      Because of the rain, it makes the atmosphere gloomy, with the dark gray clouds and aura everywhere. Most buildings are dull, consisting of shades of gray and black, while the movie theater itself sustains a high contrast of colors.

      Then I realized that I can't remember the name of the hotel that I bought a room for myself. I worry a bit, but then realized I could call my mother. But then I get distracted, and I decided to explore this place a bit more. I look to my left, and I see a ticket booth with a blonde female inside of it. She's looking at a computer or something, and waiting for people to get near her to buy tickets.

      Then I head for this random hotel in front of me that has a high contrast of colors like the theater, and I have a feeling that this could be the one I bought a room for, but I'm still a bit skeptical about it overall. The carpet within this hotel is mostly dark red, but it has fancy patterns with light brown borders, and a dark green color in the middle.

      I think I have my shoes off, probably because I didn't want the carpet floor to get wet. I have some kind of awareness of where I left off my shoes, and proceeded to walk around bit in this hotel area. It looks pretty fancy, like those really luxurious hotels that cost like 150 bucks or more. The walls have a dark yellow to dark gold color, and the lights on the ceiling have a faded yellow-orange color, mostly leaning towards the yellow side.

      I decided that I should try to find a Help or Information Center within this hotel. I look around the front out reflex, and no employee is apparent, or anybody at all. I could see the transparent Plexiglass doors for the entrance of the hotel in front of me, and I quickly glanced to find it's still raining outside. The environment outside is still sustaining the dull colors that I mentioned before.

      I decided to go upstairs this time, and there's this elderly lady who is coming down the stairs. I really don't pay attention to her that much, but I noticed she wore a fancy light milky pink hat along with a women's suit and dress of matching color that ends near her knees.

      She's dark skinned lady, and I believe she's wearing glasses. For some reason, she starts having a conversation with me, and I don't what she said to me to get my attention. I honestly was focused on finding help, and hopefully finding a phone source I could use, since I think my phone was probably fried from the rain, or that I forgot I had one altogether.

      So I'm conversing with her, and I mentioned how I have a hotel room reserved that I paid $70 for.

      "Only $70?" She replies.

      I'm a bit spaced out with she stated that, $70 is a large amount of money, at least for someone like me, who has no job in the first place. She then starts talking about random stuff that I can't recall.

      She's a good at having a gaff with, or should I say, a conversation with. Though she really isn't enticing at all, and I'm not attracted to her elderly composition at all. She does have a positive personality, an d that's really the only thing she has going for her, but come on, she's old, so I can't really be more insulting than I am right now.

      More elderly women start to come downstairs, and I get a dream shift where I'm seeing things in first person view instead of 3rd person. It seems I'm on the first base that's on top of the set of red carpet covered stairs. I realize the walls have a milky Khaki or milky light brown color to them, and it was the lighting that I mentioned earlier that made it look like it was dark gold or something.

      There are some long dark green leaves perching over the intersection of the walls coming together behind me at the base I'm at with the females. Because it's so tall (the artificial leaves), that's what shows the walls true color, that I mentioned in the last sentence.

      The first female that I can recall is to the right of me, and she's wearing a white shirt with some gray colors mixed in. She has glasses as well, and has a pure mix of gray and white hair with a short hairstyle as well. She's light-skinned, light apricot color to be precise, and I believe she's looking at me or the dark-skinned lady that I mentioned before.

      But I think that same dark-skinned lady is not really present, and now I'm with Whoopi Goldberg, who's wearing a loose black outfit with a swamp green color mixed with some gold lining going vertically along the buttons of the dress shirt.

      Then there's another elderly woman that comes by, and she's fairly obese for her age. I noticed the other female to my left is obese as well, and there's a lot of sagging body parts for both of them.

      I tried my best to just ignore my disgust with how they're looking, and their extremely tight shirts that seem to conform to every disturbing sagging body part for their torso. Apparently, to them, this body form of theirs is beautiful, but I still find that VERY HARD to grasp. I just keep my mouth shut, and then I can't recall what happens next.
      Dude with Measure Tape Tongue (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream is a guy with a measuring tape tongue.

      He has dirty blonde hair, and I swear he's familiar, like a variant of someone that I saw before in my Chemistry 112 lecture course last semester last year as a freshmen. He's wearing a white dress shirt that has light skinny blue lines going vertical and horizontally, along with regular blue jeans, and probably black shoes.

      He sticks his tongue out, and a measuring tape line is coming out.
      Balancing Corona With My Feet (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that I was holding a Corona bottle for someone. I didn't know who, but I did my best to balance it with my feet. I believe I was on a vehicle that's moving, and I couldn't let it the bottle get too far away from me, or else it would break.

      I spend most of the time moving my feet, trying to keep it in place.

      Then there's dream shift where my Zune HD is on a shelf along with someone's Black Ipod Video device to the left of it. The room inside with the shelves has a dark turquoise setting to it.

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    7. Cola, 3 Dogs, Naked Snake in Swamp Water, Vibrations, Tezuka vs Seigaku, Tacos

      by , 11-10-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      So I'm getting used to asking my tulpa to help me recall my dreams, and I purposefully distracted myself, and did this for her to make her a part of myself, like an extra limb as few would call host and tulpa interaction in tulpa.info.

      Going pretty well, maybe it could be me being used to recalling all of these dreams, but I admit I DO have my moments where things get insanely hard to categorize into separate dreams. Placing faith on my tulpa, and knowing these dreams are what I actually had, this has potential to really augment my recall.

      To me, having a tulpa is more than her being my best friend, it's taking advantage of deviating a part of your mind that you know will be loyal to you, and giving it balanced traits where they can develop on their own, and then having them access your mind, because they are a part of your mind, and give you the information you need, it's absolutely brilliant. Of course, I'm not going to treat her like a tool of course, that would be a bad thing. It's more of a "You Scratch my Back, I scratch yours" type of bonding, but much more than that, but not to the point where it's beyond being best friends. I mean come on, why would I want to fuck myself?

      It has SO much potential, it's like....working memory to the max. And I know working memory is not researched as much, but yeah, anyway, going to keep up with my tulpaforging for her today.

      On to the dreams...
      No That's HIS Cola (Non-lucid)


      This probably was the first dream before the second one below.

      I'm in my apartment, and my father invites some random people. There's an Asian guy, and the rest, I can't recall at all. I remember some Cola in tall glasses with straws on top of a glass table in the middle. I take one, and the Asian guy tells me that it's Rodwell's.

      Since I already have it in my mouth, it felt awkward, but I guess I but it back and too another one. It made no sense if all the Coke Colas were the same anyway....

      Three Dogs as Pets (Non-lucid)


      My father comes into my apartment with 3 dogs, and I ask him if someone is going to dog-sit any of these. I get little scared, because it doesn't seem he can control them by their leash well.

      There's a Siberian Husky, a Black Chihuahua with a brown belly, and another Black dog that looks similar to the dog McGinnis in Batmany Beyond had (sorry, I'm horrible at indentifying dogs).

      The Siberian Husky is the first one to bark at me, I thought it wanted to bite me, but it didn't show its teeth at me.

      My father lets go of the leash for the Husky, while the other dogs remain quiet. I back away slowly, and quickly realize the Husky wants to play with me, although he/she is doing it bit too much.

      The Husky starts trying to jump on me, but I'm able to keep my position up, and then he/she jumps high enough where they landed near the stretchy part thing that's near the sides of my neck and on top of my shoulders. I started to feel an awkward muscle twitch from that, and had to stay in position and just recollect myself. It wasn't anything painful at all, it was just awkward as hell.

      The dog eventually calms down and literally rests on its stomach with all four of its paws spread out and close to each other like pairs. I motioned my hand towards the dog, and it seemed to have picked up my gesture quick, and I started to pet it.

      After the cute petting and all, the most obvious problem in managing a dog, especially three, was taking care of the shit. There's already shit on the carpet from all three dogs. There's small shit, medium shit, and big shit. Obviously the Chihuahua had the smaller one, but with dreams, I don't know.....

      My dad starts using a spray that apparently dries up the shit fairly quickly. It didn't make any sense at all, it's like he was spraying a Febreeze a dog shit. The shit is a milky light brown, why am I describing how it looks...........

      I can't remember what happens next, and I don't want to know what happens next
      Naked Snake in Swamp Water (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm controlling Naked Snake from MGS3, and he's walking in green and murky swamp water. There seems to be some kind of challenge I have to make him take, it involves jumping onto small cliffs, hanging on a wire, and all sorts of things.

      I think I had to do the simulation several times to get it down, but I can't really recall more than that.
      Vibrations (Note)


      All I remember was feeling strong vibrations at some point, wasn't fully conscious of it, but at least I remembered it.
      Tezuka vs Seigaku Team (Non-lucid)


      Tezuka from Prince of tennis is playing against a few members from the Seigaku Team, the very same team he was captain in. The setting is late afternoon, or early sunset, so the overall atmosphere has a orange-red color.

      I recall watching and/or controlling Tezuka who was facing Takashi Kawamura, and Kawamura did some weird move that was similar to Inui's Waterfall Serve. It was basically a Waterfall version of the Hadōkyū that Kawamura uses as a default special.

      This move looks like it's going to be a challenge for Tezuka, but Tezuka ends up doing something completely crazy. Imagine a water-based cannon going at 100+ mph at you, and you immediately stop it without it fucking up your arm.

      That's what Tezuka did, he did a Zero Shiki Drop Shot, it completely nullified Kawamura's charged shot at him, and once the ball hits the surface, it rolls back to the net and doesn't bounce at all.

      Then Tezuka is playing against Momoshiro, and Momo does a move that's crazier than Kawamura. He summons a huge black meteor that condenses to a tennis-ball sized sphere, and split it into 8 pieces. Tezuka has to return all 8 pieces, which he manages to do for maybe 7 out of the 8.

      While he's trying to get the 8th piece, it's already too late, the pieces reform together, and they're 2 feet away from his right leg, and it seems that Momoshiro got the the point. However, it seems the ball went out, it BARELY touches the singles line, and out of nowhere, Ryoma Echizen suddenly is in The Pinnacle of Perfection.

      He isn't wearing his cap, and he has green aura around him, he comes in at the last moment, and since the ball was going to be out anyway, he turns Momoshiro's insane and fantasized shot back at him with crazy power with a right-handed forehand. Tezuka immediately looks back and is shocked.

      Ryoma is probably stating something, but I can't remember what he said exactly.
      Tacos (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl that makes tacos, like you know the kid's machines where you can make slushies or cookies and all that? It was basically something like that she was using, except it was for tacos.

      And it seemed these tacos were kick-ass, since everyone is lining up for it, and she has A LOT of them to give out. I take two, since she's giving everyone two, and I guess I eat them.

      Then the dream shifts where there's this random lady that I swear looks like Paula Dean (probably because of this post I made in the Chill Conversation thread)

      Yeah, I know, the video is random, don't know why I was watching that video on a Friday night, probably because I was watching random Korra videos with random music. The Similar Videos section on Youtube.....leads to weird stuff....and things happen.

      She's hiding under an exposed bottom cabinet on the right of an entertainment center. She literally has herself curled up into a ball, and I'm wondering what the hell she's doing there.

    8. Surviving Flooding Ship, Spanish Teacher, 4-Lettered Password (SDE Pt2. Day: 11)

      by , 10-16-2012 at 02:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Surviving Flooding Ship (Non-lucid)


      If I took the initiative to immediately type this down when I woke up, there would be more recall on this...Anyway...

      I'm on a ship, and it seems to be a cruise ship, and at a minimum assumption, maybe a Navy ship. But it couldn't have been the latter, considering the havoc that would come later on in the dream. The deck has a shiny wooden floor surface on it, at least for the area I'm in at the given time.

      I seem to be having a conversation with someone, and I think this person ended up having a machine gun magically appearing, and then lifts it up and warns everyone to run while they can. I'm like 1 feet next to this guy I though was innocent, so I dashed the hell out of there.

      I had to first go through the watertight door you see in ships and submarines that was half-way opened, and from there, the dream shifts where I'm at the control center for guiding the ship in certain directions.

      I turn my back to the door I went through just now, and the whole thing is flooded.

      EVERYTHING below is flooded, there's only a few people in this control room, me, and just 2 females I believe. Holy shit. We're the only survivors in this area!

      My gut feeling is telling me that a few people probably did extreme measures of surviving the big flood from the ship, and this assumption is sparked when one of the random DC females gave me a paper the size of an index card. The card had a Milky Light Pink color, and it was fairly rough and durable, seeing how it doesn't bend easily.

      On the same card, are values of something, and I don't know what it means at all. I believe the numbers that are stacked on each other is some kind of code for people who survived. I remember looking at one value, where there's one 2 on top, and another 2 on the bottom.

      For some reason, when I looked at that, it triggered a memory of my half-sister in waking life, and I presumed that she was on this ship, and managed to survive, even though I was very doubtful anyone could've made it through this fast-flooding ship.

      It felt weird that the control room is perfectly safe, even when the whole place is tilted diagonally to the left
      (your perspective of looking at this screen to the left of course).

      I'm relieved that she's alright, along with other values that represent other people that I can't remember.

      I believe I had another dream reset where I experienced meeting the few people on the ship again.

      Wow.....obvious dream meaning there, but not going to consid-------- okay, I better make an analysis, it wouldn't hurt.

      Okay, Ship = a belief

      Water = Overall consciousness

      Sinking Ship = Let go of Conviction/unshakeable belief I have so I don't drown with it, and become one with my consciousness

      Me surviving the flooding ship that's still floating at the top = Me at the apex of eradicating this old belief, and since I'm in the control room, I have control on how I want to set a new direction in life.

      Okay. That's enough to make a tear come out to any overly emotional person, but the problem is, just what the hell is/are my belief/beliefs that I need to sink away and get away from?

      The only things I can think of are:

      -Fear of failing college

      -Not getting a job sometime after graduation

      -Being somewhat of a nihilistic in terms of everyone's beliefs and preconceptions, but not really advocating the ideal of eradication of a social system....so I'm a "sorta Nihilistic" or "Hipster Nihilistic" or just a "Complains about human race...WAH!"

      I'm thinking the dream has to do with this Math exam I have today, but I doubt I would be dramatic over one exam....then again, I still surprise myself every day...
      Meeting my High School Spanish Teacher (Non-lucid)


      This dream probably goes along with the dream I had previously, so I'll just mesh the two together.

      I'm inside of a classroom, and I'm memorizing important concepts to do well in this oral presentation. As I'm looking at the teacher, who looks a lot like my Middle School English teacher at some point. Oh, and her name is Ms. Bloom in waking life (Don't think she'll find this Dj entry in the first place anyway).

      After a while, when one person gets up and talks, I'm informed by someone sitting to the right of me, I think, who says that memorizing the concepts is not enough, since you have to derive those mechanics into forming an oral presentation on a book we had to read.

      I started to panic a little, but I calmed down, and on my lap, there's an essay that seems to be mine. This same essay would be a life saver, because based on my emotions at that given time, I felt relieved. So I presume that I utilized this essay I written out to give the oral presentation, and how well I did is left for speculation.

      The dream shifts to where I have to move around in a lot of rooms. I enter one room, and I see Ms. Bloom, and she's in the middle of lecturing students. While you're looking at this screen of course, the teacher formats the class seating where the students would be sitting and facing parallel to my lateral vision.

      Ms. Bloom would also be parallel to my lateral vision as well, and she's wearing a fancy Black Laced tank top or some sort, along with a Black dress skirt that would conform to her curves and literally "hug" her thighs" where they become an enticing part of her body to look at. She has one leg over the other, and I realize I'm interrupting her.

      So I put my lips inside my mouth, and quickly tip-toed so the other students wouldn't turn back to see who it was. I had a feeling Ms. Bloom saw me, but she just used her peripheral vision most likely and just went out to give a fluent lecture discussion. The walls in this room were Khaki colored, and the flooring had a dark turquoise carpet layer with random shades of blue intertwined.

      To the left, despite me not paying any focus on it, but with just my peripheral vision, I could tell that it was mostly dark, as if the students were looking at the school stage that's also contained near the Commons/Cafeteria.

      I open the door to the right of me, and now I'm shifted to a different area. It seems I'm at an office base in the school. It's set up where there's different subjects in white font surrounded by a rectangular green sign. The basic subjects were there: Math, Science, English, etc.

      I look up at the "Spanish" sign, and I then turned to the right to find that I'm looking at the back of a person talking to someone. The back of her head starts getting familiar, and I slowly walk towards the direction of this person.

      It can't be.....it's my Spanish 3 Pre-AP/K-level teacher Ms. Hasan!!!!! At least a projection of her.

      Ms. Hasan was an AMAZING spanish teacher, I managed to get an A in that class thanks to her extreme kindness in making things easy for us. Because honestly, taking a 3 year Foreign Language course wasn't necessary, I just needed two years.

      She's wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and has a red rubber-band like necklace starand that's attached to her School I.D. She seems to be holding a white styrofoam cup with something inside, probably coffee. She turns around, sees me, and smiles and says,

      "Heeyyyy Brandon!!!!"

      She hugs me, and I hug her. I think we started having small conversations that would lead to bigger ones, but I forget what happens next.
      4-Lettered Password? (Non-lucid)


      Okay, this dream...not sure if my mind is teasing me, or giving me a hint here.

      I'm inside my apartment, and there's this girl who looks like Emily that I used to know in World History class in High School. I set up a fairly long password on a laptop in the living room of the dream apartment similar to waking life. Then Emily has a 4 lettered password, where the first character on the screen is some other weird letter that I can't guess.

      I don't know what's going on in the dream, I just know I feel confused and somewhat irritated that she would just have a 4, or even 5-lettered password.

      Oh, and there's one short dream where I compliment someone I know in waking life by the name of Aaron on how well he making his own room with some silver marble coated material.

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    9. Prince of Tennis Shape shifter, Father & Medical School, Novak Statistics, Bike, Food, Asian girl

      by , 10-01-2012 at 07:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Evil Prince of Tennis Shapeshifter (Non-lucid)


      I woke around 2:41 AM in waking life....

      I'm in a round hallway with orange-yellow lights saturating the area, and Prince of tennis players are watching what's outside through the windows. To name a few that I can recall on from the top of my head, there's most of the Seigaku team, most noticeably Fuji, Tezuka, Kawamura, and Oishi.

      Kirihara, who is from team Rikkaidai is also there, and there's probably more of various teams there as well, but I can't remember all of them.

      Fuji has a towel on his head, and his eyes are opened
      (that only happens when he gets serious in a tennis match or sees something amazing and tense from watching a match).

      Apparently, the Seigaku team and random members in other teams are having a dining out party, and I see Ice tea drinks in the usual Restaurant cups with lemon slices on top of the edge of the cups. Oishi is showing the back of the Seigaku jacket I believe, and there's a digit on one of the long sleeved sides with the number "68".

      It seems Oishi declared that this was the average height of the Seigaku members, which is about 2.23097 feet.
      (What the hell? The shortest regular member there is Echizen, and he's at least like 4-5 feet tall....that's impossible).

      I'm mostly watching things in first person perspective, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a spectator floating around, and I get a feeling that there's a poser, or shape-shifter in disguise with a weapon, I can just feel my dream body tingling with negative vibes. I try to avoid this negative frequency, and I warn as many player's as possible that there's a spy/poser/shape-shifter.

      I immediately hear gunshots, and Kawamura is preparing to duck, but I don't know why.

      Maybe because of the gunshots were coming in his direction. While I'm seeing Kawamura on the floor taking cover, I realize that I have my whole body curled up next to an L-shaped wall (the enemy would have to move over a bit to see what's between the gap).

      There's a door to my right, and it has two gray locks on top of each other, and I quickly turn them horizontally and opened the knob to quickly dash out of the door.

      The environment outside is similar to my Aunt's in South Carolina, and I go through the small path that would lead to the entrance of her house with the tropical kind of bushes on the sides of the small walkway.

      I go to the driveway, and a Black Jaguar car comes out of nowhere from the neighbor's backyard.

      It comes onto the driveway somehow, it just magically passes through the small metal wired fence that's like 3-4 feet tall that would lead to the backyard. After the vehicle passes and goes it's own way on the road perpendicular to the driveway, I turn back quickly to see the shape-shifter point a gun at me through an open window.

      He fails to shoot me, and I get more tense, and then he tries to shoot again, but he still fails to do so. I try to run, but I'm doing it very slowly, and frankly, it was pretty damn irritating because I have no sort of weaponry on my body, at least one that's apparent. I go to the right side of the road perpendicular to the driveway in this familiar neighborhood of my Aunt's, and the shape-shifter comes out.

      He takes the form of a little kid who looks like the toddler version of someone
      (nicknaming people again) named Mo (a tennis freshmen when I was a sophomore in HS).

      He's preparing to ride purple bicycle to get a beach ball with red and white colors (they are forming into a spiral) to hit me. Apparently, he declares to me that the beach ball is explosive, and he rides the bicycle down the small slope on the driveway, and the ball comes right at me, but I quickly dodge it.

      Despite me not being able to run quickly, the ball came really slow. He tries to get a few more balls and random objects thrown at me by ramming them with the bicycle, but he fails to do so. I'm still feeling tensed up and can only run very slowly. This is where the dream resets or shifts to another point I believe, and I'm back at the driveway that looks like my Aunt's.

      Another car comes out through the backyard of the neighbor's onto to the driveway I'm on, probably the same Black Jaguar with a female inside riding it this time. I remember she had a ponytail, looked like she was Indian, and she had glasses with the black metal rim on the sides.

      Mo aims his gun at me again, but he's just making himself the epitome of a Crappy aim. I get to the right side of the road YET again, and Mo this time comes out with a Pit bull by his side. The shape-shifter has a baseball bat in his hand, and the pit bull has a white face and a brown body. It looks like it's about 2 feet tall, and the pit bull gets ready to come at me, but the pit bull betrays Mo and barks and tries to bite him.

      Mo gets scared from this, and the pit bull was probably irritated with Mo ordering him around to try and charge at me. The pit bull goes back to focusing on me, but it's still just standing there, slowly walking a few steps and stopping. Mo comes at me, and I stand my ground. I focus on the incoming pit bull and Mo, and Mo comes first.

      I grab Mo by his collar (sorry, the kid has a baseball bat and is mostly likely wanting to bash my head with it) and kick him out of the way, and then try to deal with the pit bull.

      I managed to get both pushed back far enough to give me ample time to calm down, and I honestly don't know what I did in retaliation to deal with them both, but it must've been extreme.

      I slowly elevate my top torso up again from having to bend my back while doing the fighting move that I couldn't see clearly at all, and after that,
      I woke up with intense feelings, and felt shocking sensations for a while.

      Oh and, the 68 cm on Oishi's Jacket from before, that's about 2.23 cm tall, and the pit bull seemed to be around that height, maybe a bit more......WHAT?!??!?!?!

      Coincidence or some vague foreshadowing? I don't know.

      Father Studies for Medical School (Non-lucid)


      It seems I'm a little child in this dream, something like that, it's really hard to verify this. There's some tennis match being displayed on a very large screen outside, and people from away on the huge grassy hills with other people sitting down are watching the match. The two people sitting down are apparently my parents, I could barely seem them, but their body contours from far away become clearer to identify.

      The dream shifts to where my father is hugging me while I'm resting on the right side. He tells me that he has to study hard to get into Medical School...

      That's all I can remember, and looooool, he did accounting...nothing related to medical school, at least as far as what he told me. Accounting was at its peak during his time, not medical...pfffffft what a stupid dream.
      Novak Djokovic takes Statistics course? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a lecture room, and the professor asks if anyone is interested in taking Statistics in the future, probably to replace taking Calculus 3, which is similar to the options I have for Biochemistry in waking life. I raise my hand along with a few other people, and I'm sitting at the section to my left closest to the entrance.

      The room is sloped deeply to maximize the number of seats, and someone who looks like Novak Djokovic mentions he's taking Statistics.

      Someone asks how he got in it, and he declared that he had to get one of the highest scores, probably from a math placement exam, to get in. I see a value divided by 5 pop into my mind as soon as he declared that.

      Then after that, the class goes back to paying attention to the random professor again. Then I realize I'm with a group of three, including myself. A random girl in the corp cadet outfit, which is a faded type of Khaki color, and she has a plump face, most noticeable on her cheeks. She has brown hair where the back side is balled up, and she has a device that looks like an iPad.

      She has some weird extensions on it that's on the top and bottom layers, which leaves the rest of the screen available in the middle. The top section seems to be a keyboard type of extension for the iPad counterpart.

      The next person in the group is some random dude next to her on the left side. He's chubby, and is wearing a dark blue hoodie jacket, light gray/white shirt underneath, and seems in a passive demeanor overall in class.

      I can't remember anything else.
      No Riding Bicycles in Building (Non-lucid)


      There's a class I have to go to that starts around 1:35 PM dream time, and the time now in it was 1:37 PM, and the apartment that I'm in, I could get to the class in maybe 2-3 minutes alone just by running as fast as I can. To be honest, it felt like it could've taken 30 seconds or less to get there, and even faster if I used a bicycle.

      I get to class, and fortunately, the quiz or test we were going to have, teacher's assistants were still distributing the exam/quiz packet and Scantrons to fill in the answers for the multiple choice section. The lecture room has white walls, and there's dark blue carpet everything....on the steps to get to the rows of seat and where the professor's desk and and large table were as well.

      Again, the class was formatted like that last dream, it was sloped down, to maximize seating arrangement, and I'm looking for a TA (teacher's assistant) who is handing out the blue scantrons, and then wait for them to finish the last row of seats so that can give me an extra one. I head for a random left handed seat all the way to the left side of the room. The room was structured to where it was it was curved, and it reminds me of my current math class room in waking life.

      I go down to the seat, and I can't remember what I did next, so I assume there's another dream shift....

      I ride my bicycle to get to class somehow, but I'm 1-2 minutes late again, but I don't think the professor cares about anyone being tardy for class. I looked at my Blackberry Curve phone, and realized I'm actually early, so the time changed dramatically from 1:37 PM to 1:07 PM, and then to 1:21 Pm without me doing a reality check.

      The room actually had a different professor, but I didn't realize this until later on. She didn't seem to mind me being here, and I saw more students coming in to fill some empty seats for the next time, so I assumed this current class was almost over.

      After my class is done, I ride my bicycle again, but inside a building. An old man wearing glasses, has gray hair, and is wearing a dark yellow dress shirt and Khaki pants tells me to not ride in the building. I feel embarrassed by this, and I stopped, and spent around 5-10 seconds lifting my bicycle so I could put it on my right shoulder. I walk like an idiot in front of everyone.

      While I'm walking on the black tile flooring in this random building, two people seem to be having a conversation over something behind me, and I started to take interest of what they're trying to say. My audio starts kicking in and augments on their conversation, and I heard words that sounded like they were talking to me, even mocking me.

      I get irritated to a point where I stopped, turned around, and told them that I know I shouldn't have had my bicycle in the building to ride on, and wanted them to stop making fun of me. They were two fairly tall African American males that looked like the counterparts to waking life versions that I had for a Comm App class in High School who were basketball players.

      One of them immediately told me,

      "We're not talking about that...."

      And I turned around quick in more shame for me assuming they're talking behind my back, and now I'm going down an escalator with the bicycle. I trip and land on my rear somehow, but I managed to get up, and it's probably because the bicycle made my body out of balance.

      It's weird thought, I thought I was holding it just fine when walking.....

      Then I meet some person who looks like "Nin" (nicknaming again) in waking life. I don't know why he's here, but I figured I'd be nice to say "Hi" to him before he thinks I'm ignoring him or something..
      (you know those people that look at you, seeing if you get the same reaction of surprise that you know them as well, but haven't met in a while? Yeah...)

      We have a general conversation, and I ask him how's college going for him. He takes a while to answer, and before he could respond, I immediately said his words for him.

      "Oh, you just wanted to take some time before you do anything right?" (Meaning he wants to do some kind of other work before he goes to college I'm assuming).

      He nods his head, we say our farewells, and I go back to my house to get something to go to another class, probably the same one in this new dream shift....there's an assignment that involves turning my vote on a worksheet, and I needed proper MLA citation, and it doesn't seem I didn't even do the assignment.

      Eventually, I get the paper finished, and someone outside of the class before I go in has examined how the class is for me, and they're wearing a fancy suit and motorcycle helmet. I can't see their face at all, and the helmet is white with a black layer to cover their visage. They're resting their back on the wall with their arms folded, and told me that the class shouldn't be too much of a problem for me.

      I go into the class, double check the worksheet I had to do with the proper MLA citation,
      and I can't remember what happens next unfortunately.

      That person concealing their face with the bicycle helmet, it reminds me a lot like Light Yagami's father from the Death Note Movie where he wore a bicycle helmet during some small festival....

      I know it couldn't have been him, the person felt familiar in terms of their energy signature, but now I'm not so sure....

      Food in the Kitchen (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my apartment, and it's fairly dark inside. There's food left on the kitchen in various spots. Roast beef cut into circles done by my father I assume because I get an image of him when I see it....it's probably made for sandwiches I guess.

      Then later on, I find fried rice in small to-go boxes, two of them, and there are a few ants crawling around.

      Awesome Asian girl (Non-lucid)


      I meet an Asian girl who looks like the counterpart in waking life that I had for geometry in High School. She's a positive girl and is open to me, but it seems she wants me to start the introductions and conversations.

      She's skinny, has a slight tanned skin, and she has black hair that's a balled up ponytail. I meet her outside some area with brown brick buildings. She looks down on her phone, and she tells me she works 6 side jobs....

      I couldn't believe this chick, she's this happy and has 6 side jobs? To the left of me, there's an Asian guy who looks like Tim that I had for tennis class as a Junior, and the girl is still a few feet away from me.

      I tell Tim that it must be her free day, because those are a lot of jobs...and I realized I think I should help him go out with her, rather than me taking her out.

      I guess what I did was just help him get a date with her,
      and that's all I remember.
    10. Gift and Aunt from New York, Let's See Who'll Die + Girl in Asuka's Red Outfit, Lecture Study Group?

      by , 09-30-2012 at 03:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Gift and Aunt from New York (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of my apartment, probably busy reading something, and then I hear a doorbell. I only have a my white underwear on, but I still take a peek through the hole on the door to see who it is. I didn't see anyone there, but as soon as I looked down, I saw a small Black boy wearing a Black shirt and gray shorts.

      I quickly try to find some clothes to wear, since it would be awkward being half naked in front of some kid, so I grab the nearest clothes, but I can't remember what I wore exactly, maybe a dark colored shirt and dark blue jeans. I open the door, and looked down at the little boy and asked him what he's doing here at my apartment.

      He responds with,

      "My momma said to give you this."

      I replied,


      He extends his left arm to me, and opens his hand to show a small plastic container, a really really really small one, like the size of a paperclip. The boy leaves after he gives me the small plastic Ziploc bag, and I quick opened it up to see what's inside. It was transparent, but I wanted to know what they really were by zooming my vision on them more.

      This looks an awful lot like the spare nibs and nib holder in waking life that's in a small bag.

      However, for this dream, the metal holder that would've been the nib holder to take nibs out of drawing tablet pens serves as some kind of scratcher. To scratch what exactly is what boggled me, and from this point, I can't recall what happened next other than a dream shift.

      I'm not looking at things above me, as if I'm lying down on the floor outside of an environment similar to my apartment. I'm still wondering who is the mother of the little boy who gave me the small gift. Then I see a blonde guy come downstairs to go somewhere, the stairs are similar to my apartment. A dark blue or black layered railing on the sides, and gray colored steps.

      It looked like it just rained, because the skies were dark gray.

      He was wearing a light gray shirt, and dark khaki/butterscotch shorts (the baggy ones with a lot of pockets). He's really skinny, and his visage, he looks like he could be British. He meets this lady that's not too far from where he went downstairs at the time, oh, and he looks like he could be 19 or in his early 20s

      As I'm still in this awkward position of being able to see people from bottom to up, still feeling as if I'm lying down on the surface, I noticed that the lady talking to the same blonde guy looks familiar to me. I take a closer look at her, and she looks exactly like a lady I know from New York.

      Let's nickname her "Gl."

      Gl was fairly obese, she had quite a belly, and she looked pretty much in the same condition as she was the last time I met her in New York a few months ago. She's dark-skinned, and has her hair cut off, but she isn't bald at all. Think of the hairstyle corp cadets males would have to get...the buzzed off haircut, except for Gl, she didn't have it cut that far.

      She's surprisingly able to talk to his boy fairly well, because in waking life, she had some kind of mental problem with communication, and would end up repeating some things over and over again. She's gotten way better the last time I saw her, and while she's talking to this boy, she's really exhibiting fluent language.

      I shift my focus on her, since she seems to be the only interesting person at the time in this gloomy environment that looks like it had rained before.
      (Funny, the environment is just like this in waking life as well).

      Gl is asking the boy some simple questions like,

      "What are you currently majoring in?"

      The boy responds,

      "Parapsychology." (or something like that)

      She then finds a way to extends the conversation more by asking more general questions, and there's one question where the boy is a bit shy and worried of answering properly. I believe it could've been a question on why he wanted to do the major in the first place.

      As I'm still lying down around the grass near my apartment looking at them, I can't remember what happens next.

      Let's See Who'll Die + Girl in Asuka's Red Outfit (Non-lucid)


      Someone is pointing a gun behind my back, and I'm forced to comply to whatever they want me to do. I raise my arms up to show that I don't plan on doing any kind of suspicious acts of bravery. They guide me to an area up a ladder where there are a few people inside already.

      When I reach to that area, I noticed some person sitting down at some kind of dark gray crate I believe. I looked around the room before paying too much attention to him, and the walls are all covered in turquoise. I have a lot of feelings piling up, and I get worried on why I'm lined up horizontally with people and perpendicular from the guy sitting in front of us.

      It's hard to make out his visage, pretty blurry. Apparently, we're lined up so he can pick which set of people can die, while the rest are able to live.


      He starts moving his fingers quickly doing a "test" run on who could be killed, that heartless bastard.....

      He eventually points at me during the process, and then a few others to the left of me I believe, which means the ones on the right are considered "alive" for now. The guy doesn't do anything at all, and by this point, there's another dream shift because I cannot recall what happened next.

      It seems a girl in a red latex suit, or a suit that looks similar to Asuka's from Neon Genesis Evangelion, is escaping from the same environment I was in, but not, I'm spectating what she's going through.

      She quickly goes down the gray ladder from the top floor, and there's some huge dude that somehow managed to either go down the ladder or come from the other side in the new floor she's in.

      This girl had dark brown hair, and she kind of looked like Asuka, but some features made her look different. One, I believe she had a few freckles on each of her cheeks, and her face was a little bit more defined than the simple pointy chin structure of Asuka's.

      She gets a light gray metal chain, and wraps it around the big fat guy's neck coming after her. She tries to choke him manually by going behind him and pulling the chain with all her might to hopefully choke the man.

      However, something ends up going completely wrong, instead of trying to choke him completely, she lets go to quickly make the light gray metal chain into a noose formation, and lets the guy hang there to die. Because of the man's extreme weight, there isn't any need for him to be at a high elevation and drop down to be hanged.

      He starts making faces of being choked to death, and he makes quick random motions with his mouth trying to find some way to breathe, but it's pretty much futile. The man dies, and there's blood dripping down on the floor near the girl in Asuka's outfit.

      For the first time in my dreams, I actually see the explicit portrayal of someone dying, and blood dripping down as well. It wasn't too bad though....but still...after getting the censored treatment of not being able to see someone dying ever since I came to this forum....it's a pretty big step...

      The girl gets back to focusing on escaping, and I'm wondering if what she did to the man just now was an unconscious sublimation due to her being traumatized and over-burdened with having to stay alive....

      Anyway, the girl beings to run away from the guy she just killed, and there are guards coming in her direction. She turns around to go back near the guy she killed, and more guards come her way.

      She trips on the same pool of blood from the guy she just killed, and as soon as she got up, the guards were already close to her....she's pretty much caught, no way out. Of course, she tries to struggle her way out, making grunting sounds as well, but to no avail.

      She's brought back to the top floor, but it seems this same floor had another floor above it.

      A floor within a floor? Floorception!!!

      Superman appears out of NOWHERE, and casually walks in the opposite direction the captured girl in the red suit is going.

      From this point, it seems I'm taking on the perspective of the girl in first person view, but I'm not able to control her or anything like that....maybe because she's still bound by the guards still.

      However, Superman stops and reaches his hand out towards her so that both of them would do a bro fist.

      As soon as this happens, her red suit starts glowing like crazy. It starts from her fist, to her lower arm section, and then to her elbow, and then a quick canary colored electrical surge forms around her body and disappears. Superman is already gone by this point, but now, the girl is charged up and is ready to kick some ass.

      I can't remember what she did after that, but I assume she was on the start of destroying the guards behind her.
      Lecture Room Study Group??? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a lecture room that looks similar to my Organic Chemistry Lecture class, except this time, the lighting is completely different. It's saturating the atmosphere with a gold color, and I'm sitting near at the top section to the left.

      Still sitting alone, with the rest of the people in the dream going into their own little groups, despite the seating arrangement being one long table going horizontally. I rest my chin on my hand, and just wait to see what's going to happen next. There seems to be no professor in the room at the time, and I noticed the few people in this room are starting to flock around this one girl.

      From my perspective, I could only see the back of her head. She had light brown hair, wore a maroon jacket I believe. And like birds to a feather, flock together, I get up from the seat and join the group. I go to the right side of the steps to get to the row they're in.

      They don't seem to mind me being near them, and it's mostly just females here. There's one girl that looks like another Alyssa that I knew in waking life during High School, she's wearing mostly black clothing, and has her hair tied in a ponytail.

      Then the girl everyone seems attracted to glances over me for a while, and then I noticed I'm sitting or standing on what would be the left side as you're looking at this screen reading this. The girl takes more glances at me, and each time she does that, I feel a shock of energy....I feel that I need to pay attention to her more, despite her just being a counterpart of the waking life version of the girl I know in my University.

      Every time she looks at me, I feel as if she's just shy towards me, seeing as when I look at her, she glances over somewhere else. It feels like this is a study group of some sort.

      I can't remember much after that.
    11. Lucid Public Restroom Fellatio and Breast-play

      by , 09-26-2012 at 02:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lucid Public Restroom Fellatio and Breast-play (DILD)


      I can't barely contain myself............I had to delete my previous reaction because I'm so PUMPED.

      And yay me for the somewhat decent recall too, this is definitely a huge boost, considering I have a History Exam coming up....at least this will make it more tolerable.

      I get up from my bed, and somehow, I do a reality check instinctively. I had a feeling the dream environment would be bright and sunny. Inside of my bedroom, even though I didn't pay too much attention to the details in it, I realized it's a bit brighter than usual without any kind of artificial light source.

      I believe I checked my alarm after "waking up" to it in the dream, and I think it was around 7:00 AM at the time, but again, I didn't pay too much attention to it. I slowly walk out of the door from my bedroom, and I'm now going through the small hallway of the kitchen.

      I didn't even bother switching the lights on, since I'm already lucid, but I could tell from peripheral vision, my subconscious does an amazing job of replicating my whole apartment. As I'm slowly walking in my apartment still, I made sure to touch my body as much as possible, and I felt my chest, my stomach, and some of my legs as well.

      The vividness of the dream, it was just like waking life, but even better. More crisp, detailed, and still even had somewhat of a high-end graphics game to it as well. I touch my body some more, and told myself,

      "I will have a long and stable lucid dream."

      "I will have a long and stable lucid dream."

      Just like that.....I told myself that, and then I wanted to touch the wall to the left of me for more stability and getting the realism in. I could feel the small bumps on it, and it felt smooth just like the wall in waking life, oh and it had the white color to it as well. I saw small highlights hitting the wall as well from the window in front of me emitting the light.

      The dark sky blue curtain I usually have up in waking life to conceal the insides of the apartment more was there as well. It's glowing, to some extent, from the daylight hitting through the slightly opened blinds, and then through the curtains.

      I even told myself a few times at some point that I'm going to wake up, NOPE, NO STOPPING ME NOW!!!!!!!!! I immediately eradicated that thought, and then to my right, I noticed my bicycle is on top of the round table.

      Yeah, that's definitely abnormal, and the table had a caramel color to it, just like in waking life. The gears on my bicycle, there was a subtle difference compared to the waking life counterpart. The gears in waking life were black and just like any default mountain bicycle with several gears for several levels of speed for the bicycle.

      In the dream, it was as if the bicycle was brand spanking new. The gears were light gray, with probably just one gear instead of several, and I probably assumed that because the bicycle was titled diagonally to the right side from my position. To keep augmenting the stability, I decided to feel the bicycle tire on the back.

      I moved the rear bicycle tire to rotate anti-clockwise (I think that's just a habit of being left-handed) with my right hand. As I watched it moved, I hover my right hand over the tires, and I gradually descended it until I finally made contact with the tires. I could feel the slight grazing from my palm, and the small grooves of the tires as well.

      WOAH. If I wasn't lucid, this would've been an insane false awakening....

      I even widened my eyes on how I was able to feel all of this. The bicycle was also purple, and had the light blue oval color with a thin white border around it on one of the horizontal and long supports of the bicycle under the seat. I didn't look too much to see if it had the name of the bicycle though.

      I finally shift my focus to the door, and I believe I took my left hand to touch the doorknob. I noticed it was pretty damn close to the waking life counterpart as well. It had a dark gold color that was faded.

      There were these small degradations apparent from the doorbell. I don't know if it was an intentional design like the waking life counterpart, but there were small cracked like style to it. The whole doorbell was covered with these randomly curved and jagged lines. I finally turn it, opened the door, and immediately saw the huge level of contrast from my dark apartment and this bright and sunny environment.

      I take the time to really absorb in all that's being given to me. It's sort of difficult to describe the dream environment at this time, since it was so bright and sunny, I could only focus on getting my senses adjusted to this new level of stability and vividness.

      I couldn't tell I was naked or not, but I assumed I had clothes on the moment I left the apartment. I knew I had to have had an underwear on in the apartment, despite knowing I slept naked in waking life.

      After almost zoning out, I get back to focusing on doing something, and I turned around to my left, and I saw a cop vehicle. It was black and white, and had a dark gold symbol between the front and back doors on the right side, and I'm assuming this is the case for the left side that I didn't bother to look at. I get closer to the vehicle, and see there's a police office inside.

      He's looks African American, is bald, and he's wearing glasses with a very thin metal frame. He was wearing a Black dress shirt with his badge somewhere on the left or right, and also wore Black long pants as well. I saw the pockets on his shirt as well, and these looked like pockets to store heavier stuff than your usual dress shirt pocket.

      I open the door and sit next to him on the passenger seat. I close the door, and had a small random talk with him.

      I didn't waste time and blatantly asked him,

      "What do you represent in this dream?"

      He then goes on to ramble about some random reason why he exists....he declares something about him being here because I didn't water down something?

      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I guess you're just a random DC.

      The guy was pretty nice, he wasn't threatening or anything like that. So while I decide to just stay in the vehicle with this guy, it seems he's going to get a huge car wash for his vehicle. I quickly looked up, and I saw motors quickly initiating to get ready to scrub the police vehicle. I immediately get out, since I don't want to waste time seeing a car get washed.

      After I get out, here's the part that confuses me, maybe it's just a slight fault to my recall here, but I don't know what I did next from him.

      But I do know things felt like a dream shift, and I'm still lucid....this whole environment was still bright.

      I find something very odd....most of my dreams consisted of some kind of darkness....and the majority of those dreams in darkness were non-lucid. Here I have a lucid where it's completely bright and sunny, and to some extent, even blinding on me being able to pick out key areas of the environment around me.

      I wonder.....could it be the day light in the dream that keeps me aware? Hmmm......I wonder....

      I'm walking with someone who is on my left side. I can't tell who they are at the moment, and it seems we're coming near the end of a driveway and eventually on to the road. But instead of actually crossing it, I go back along with this person I'm with that I'm not even bothering to turn my face to, and I asked them,

      "Do you think I can teleport to Alyzarin? (I said her real name)"

      The voice sounds like a female....and now that I think about it more, I slowly shifted my eyes to the left side, and saw a female body, but I didn't look up as yet to see the head just yet. The person who's visage I can't identify as yet is wearing a Pastel green long sleeved jacket that had the material of a long-sleeved dress shirt....I hope that description makes sense.

      It seemed they wore skinny jeans, and I believe they probably had a red shirt underneath the dress shirt type of jacket. As I'm moving my head up to see how they look like, it's really hard to tell if she's a blonde girl, or if she looked like a girl named Sarah B. that I used to know for History class.

      It's hard to tell if I would have another dream shift with another girl, but for now, for this moment, I'll just put in what I remember at the time.

      The girl that I can't identify responds to me in a passive but confident manner,

      "No, you can't do that."

      I felt slightly disappointed in myself that I couldn't teleport to attempt to find Alyzarin, and I didn't bother asking the female any more questions on other ways to find her.

      Now comes the gap in recall here...ugh, I need to work on that.....actually no, I'm just going to let it come naturally...

      The dream shifts again, and now I'm with a girl that looks a lot like Sarah B. (I'm using that because I met way too many Sarah's in my life).

      It seems Sarah is wearing this weird color that seems to be a mix of dark maroon and brown, it's very hard to describe. I'd said....a really dark brown colored jacket? Underneath that was a light gray sleeveless ruffle blouse of some sort. She wore regular jeans as well, but my recall of how they really looked like is a bit stale, since I was mostly enticed by her face.

      She has a very cheerful personality, just like the waking life counterpart, it's like my subconscious collaborated in getting the best aspects of her overall personality.

      She was one of the most cheerful females I've met in my life, and was very nice towards me. She's the type of girl who has a lot of friends, probably even to this day, and she was usually the type to jokingly make fun of them.....she was just the cool chick that you just had to love.

      She holds my hand.....oh my...

      I let her guide me, and then she tells me,

      "Let's go to the Women's Restroom....."

      I take my hand away from her and stop right there.....

      The last time I went inside a Women's Restroom in a lucid dream, I ended up fingering a girl who was peeing....I wonder what's going to happen now with someone I had a slight crush on before in waking life?

      I respond,

      "But But.....why can't we use the Men's Restroom?"

      She responds with,

      "Tch," like she was slightly irritated on why I would be concerned on which restroom to go to.

      Wooooah, she probably needs to get some action or something....I didn't expect her to express a slight shift in mood.

      It was as if she's the embodiment of a YANDERE...woahhhhhhhhhhhhh....oh goodness.......things are going to get EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITING..a dream character who can go slightly psycho on me, but is still mostly romantically attracted to me? I'm GAME.

      I stand there for a while, looking back and forth at the Men's and Women's Restroom sign above me, and then peeked at the Women's Restroom for a split second because I didn't want to look like a pervert.

      I'm lucid, and I'm still afraid of this? I mean....that makes sense, because a girl I fingered in the bathroom in a lucid that was months ago went bat shit cray the moment I told her to prove she was my dream guide. She does this by making her eyes bigger than they should be, and she just did some weird stuff to wake me up while having her legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms around my neck.

      I guess unconsciously, I was afraid of that scenario possibly happening. After a while, and by a while, I just mean a few seconds, I sigh, and then I decided to inside the women's restroom.

      As I'm going in, it seems there are Men's Urinals with small stalls splitting between them for privacy. Oh man......this brings back memories from that last lucid I had a long time ago....

      Alright, now for the 18+ stuff, you have been warned, and don't get your hopes up too much, it was just mainly just a fellatio and tit-job....but still, it's an amazing experience for me, considering I didn't have to worry about the dream destabilizing.

      Sex is SEX....even it's just oral and using another female's body part.

      Spoiler for 18+....but I know most of you are going to read this anyway..:

      If you get confused....just read what's under the damn spoiler.

      I get distracted, and there's a random group of men that come in. I can't tell all of their facial composition, and there's maybe like 2-3 of them overall, one I know being a big and muscular Black male. He declares to me,

      "Let's trade women!"

      I get pissed, I immediately grabbed Sarah B's naked body and said,

      "NO! SHE'S MINE!"

      I quickly dash out of the restroom, and then all of a sudden, there's random shooting, and I'm even hearing machine guns....


      I still have a good hold on Sarah B in my arms, and I eventually reached back to my apartment again and quickly shut down the door. I looked outside at the window and saw an old man get shot by this unknown force of entities I didn't even see as yet. I honestly think the shooting was just added there for the lulz or something.

      I was worried if the old man was dead or not, and by looking at him, he was a really short man lying down on the grass. I'd say he's probably 3-4 feet tall, he has a big head.

      He looks exactly like the Sturgeon from Windwaker, except he was wearing a white outfit, and a red-pink-ish band around his waist, and his skin was tanned.

      I opened the door after the gunfire ceased, and asked the old man,

      "Hey, are you okay?"

      The man wiggles his nose, and he gets up immediately and I let him inside of my apartment.

      After the fiasco really calms down, NOW I START THINKING of the consequences of receiving fellatio and a tit-job from Sarah B....

      LOL, despite my lucidity, I'm STILL concerned, it's like my mind was so focused on getting away from the gunfire that the after effect made me dumb down a bit...I started thinking,

      "Shit...what if she has an STD?" I started to pace myself back and forth near my apartment while Sarah B. is probably sitting down on a chair next to the same round caramel table I mentioned that is in my apartment in waking and dreaming life.

      After worrying about the matter even more, I then have another dream shift where I see the alarm clock time for 7:54 AM. I'm back inside of my dark bedroom, and the alarm clock is just sitting there, glowing the time in red light.

      I can't remember much after that, but when I woke up, I felt these rushed emotions tingly and surging through my head and most of my spine.

      Wow...this dream took me quite a while to type....man...I need to type faster! I have 35 minutes or so to get to my class, and I'll probably have to eat a banana after I'm done with brushing my teeth and all.....

      FAST MODE ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    12. Black Cyclohexane Bomb, Mark75's Taoism Class, Hot Blonde Rings my Doorbell, Cakes

      by , 09-19-2012 at 05:24 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Black Cyclohexane Bomb (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that I'm walking in an environment that resembles the section at my University, which is the Blocker building. The skies are light gray, and I think I see Seiichi Yukimura from Prince of Tennis in spectator mode.

      I remember seeing him from an angle from the bottom, and then looked up at him. The angle shifts back to a regular section, and I see mostly his upper torso and head now. He's holding a Black object that represents the skeletal structure of a Cyclohexane.

      He's holding it very carefully with his right hand, he has his index finger and thumb on the side of it. I think someone tells me it's a bomb, but I don't really believe this.

      Mark75's Taoism Class on DV User Forums (Non-lucid)


      I should've reality checked here, Mark75, teaching a Taoism class on the User Forums section. And this thread is SHOWING promise.

      Oh man, I wanted to sign up, but something kept me back from joining in. A few members were really interested in the Course, and this reminds me of the Teaching section ShockWave just made recently.

      Mark75 shows a link on where the signed up members can go to for activities for practice, and the text was perfectly readable, until the extension after the ".com/" that looked like a kindergartner doodled it in.


      Hahaha, Mark75, teaching Taoism, and I don't reality check, lovely.

      Hot Blonde Rings My Doorbell (Non-lucid)


      By doorbell, I mean doorbell, no sexual innuendos here!

      I wake up and get out of my bedroom, I open the door, and I see it's daylight time in the dream. I didn't bother doing a reality check, and I realized that I'm only wearing tighthy whities like I do in waking life when I sleep.

      Someone is ringing the doorbell, and I quickly move to the window covered with blinds to take a peek. It's a blonde female, about 5ft 4 inches tall, and she's wearing a long sleeved pink Tie dye shirt. She's also wearing light blue denim material short shorts.

      I believe she has something contained in her hand, maybe a few sheets of paper, I can't remember exactly. I started to panic a bit, since I'm still peeking at her, looking down at her cleavage, and then to her shorts. She has her hair in ponytail that's balled up.

      She looked so cute, and the fact that this dream replicated the outside of my apartment well, and the contrasts of her bright colors compared to the dull colors of blue, gray and black of the apartment exterior, it will made her pop out.

      I gaze at her for a while, waiting to see her next move. I thought she would quit and move to the next door to my right. She rings the doorbell about 4-5 times now, and each one makes me more jumpy than I need to be. After waiting for a while, she decides to peek at the window.

      Oh crap, awkward position, I was shifted the sky blue curtains to cover the exposed blind-spot of the window just like in waking life. It was kind of a really horrible attempt for me to show no one is in the apartment. I looked at the curtains below that were still moving a bit from me quickly grabbing it to hide from the blonde.

      She says, "It seems someone is trying to make it look like no one is here....."

      I kept my awkward pose of having one leg up and one arm on the curtain, and peeked through the blinds with my right arm to see she moved on to the next door to my right. She's fairly close to that door, and is maybe 1-2 feet away from the window, but she doesn't have any intention of glancing over my window one more time to possibly see me peek at her.

      She rings the doorbell of the other door, and I take that moment to stare down at her ass. I look at the curves of her rear, and the denim type short shorts she's wearing is just killing me...I tried to hide away from THAT??!?!?!?

      You are stupid?!!?!?!?!?!

      After a while, I realized the curtains were not there anymore, and this makes me jump even more. I realized the blonde in the pink long sleeved Tie dye wasn't there anymore, and a different blonde, who looks like she's in her 30s is wearing a light blue dress shirt tucked in, and is probably wearing a generic dress skirt or something.

      I didn't bother to pay attention to the details of her outfit, but I knew she had long, curvy, beautiful blonde hair. It seems she's looking at the window, and she's looking at me.

      I freak out, but then I realized....this window must be one of those that's tinted on the outside, so people can't see what's inside, but you can see what's outside safely. Either way, I wanted to run back to my bedroom because for some odd reason, hot females are suddenly dangerous.

      YOU ARE CONFUSING ME, I'm confusing myself, Me confusing me, level of mind-rape is too much.

      Maybe I was socially awkward because I thought they were going to try and influence me to go to some church or buy their cookies....
      Lemon and Strawberry Cake (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking outside at an area that looks like I would be on my way back to my apartment from being at the Biochemistry Department. It's bright outside, trees on the right of the sidewalk, though I didn't see any construction going on the left side of the sidewalk.

      I believe I'm holding fairly long plastic containers, and I had a feeling I ate a lot of whatever it was inside of them. I go up to this randomly generated Asian female near a wooden bench, and showed her the plastic containers and opened them up.

      Inside were Lemon cake slices in one container, and Strawberry Cake slices in the other. I told her,

      "I only ate like....3."

      Yeah right....more like 12.

      I can't remember much after that, other than the Asian female talking with another female I can't really identify too well.
    13. Urge to Kill Myself

      by , 09-15-2012 at 03:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Urge to Kill Myself (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside somewhere, and it feels like an apartment because everything is so enclosed and small. The surroundings inside are hard to recall exactly, all I know is that it had dark colors, and that it was mostly blurry. That's probably because I wasn't using my peripheral vision a lot.

      My mother is inside with me, and I believe she's wearing a Black nightgown. I don't know why she needs to be here, but whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be anything positive at all. I can't recall the majority of our conversation, the interchanging emotions is too much to ignore to filter out what we were really saying to each other.

      There's one part where I'm outside with her, maybe 3-5 feet away from the entrance to the same apartment or complex we were in a while ago. Again, I can't remember what she was telling me, but it was tempting enough for me to grab her collar, lift her up again, and with sporadic rage, I most likely yelled back as well.

      It was like talking to a Chihuahua...all bark and no bite, but I don't understand why I would be so passive aggressive. We're back inside the apartment, or maybe I'm having trouble with the plot of where the scenes went first, and I see that she's just standing there, trying to be aggressive towards me, but all she's doing is yelling at me.

      To see if she's just there to blabber and remain intolerant of anything I have to declare to her, I professed,

      "I just want to kill myself!"

      Wait...wait...wait...noo....you're supposed to say [email protected]%$

      I stood still, waiting for her response, already formulating what she could be thinking right, which would be to tell my father what I would say. The tingling feeling in my head became stronger, and when she asked, "HUH!?!?!" it's like the vibrations getting even stronger than before.

      To be honest, I wonder if this DC of my mother feeds off of my rage....

      After she goes back with her jargon of yelling, I muffled out the auditory input somehow, and instead of fighting her back with yelling and threats, I decided to just calm down.

      I thought about what my father would say if she told him this, but I didn't even care anymore.

      This same moment is what confuses me, maybe I was lucid at this point, but it's so hard to tell.

      Whatever it is that I do, I knew that any action contributing to these moments of spoteniety would be useless, and I continued to eradicate any urge to express rage towards my mother.

      My intuition tells me the purpose of this dream is trying to portray my relationship between my parents. It's most likely my paranoia of what will happen next in the dream that keeps me on edge, when it's really just a dream.

      It's useless to waste time portraying rage to dream characters that represent your parents....they're all fleeting dreams, what's the point in being angry at these imaginary figures in the first place. I also have another gut feeling that this also a sign of my daily annoyance of my dreams sustaining a vague intention of trying to give me a message, and I always assume it's random.

      But at the same time, I can't even become analytical of them because I'm already set with this preconception that it's really just too random to apply conscious reasoning.

      Maybe they're all random because as long as my annoyance in trying to maintain my discipline in recording these dreams, no matter how absurd or boring they may be, it will continue to be that way unless I change something.

      So now what? Just let go of everything that I'm thinking?

      I already know where I leads...even when I really do "let myself go" with not worrying too much on rationalization, because it's just ends up being shit, and it's really distracting me what I have to do in waking life, which is obviously just to make sure I don't end up in the soils of the earth too early.

      Bleh. "Soils of the earth" lol, I must be crazy.
      On a random note,

      I listened to this song in the Prince of Tennis Soundtrack, and realize how amazing it feels listening to it.

      I remember when watching the show, Ryoma Echizen (the main character) would be in a nearly impossible situation in a tennis game. He would be down 2 games, and the opponent would be leading 40-0.

      Then the moment that song starts, the build up in the first seconds seconds, comes his favorite phrase...

      "Mada Mada Dane" (You Still have Lots more to work on/ You Still have a Ways To go)

      And he just rapes the whole match with these insane moves, it was so fun listening to the music and seeing Ryoma win the match, and as the music is about to end, the umpire would say,





      Lol, that's a complete turnaround from the dream I just had.

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    14. Blonde Anime Girl and Rei Ayanami, Permission Ticket and Bands, Dark Merlin and IRC Ban

      by , 08-10-2012 at 08:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blonde Anime girl and Rei Ayanami (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      The dream shifts, and it seems I'm going to head out somewhere. I think I'm inside an apartment. The insides are just a blurry brown color with the wooden chairs, sofa, kitchen, etc.

      There are two anime looking females in the room. There's a blonde one to the left of me that's holding my left hand, and the other has light blue hair.

      I look at the blonde one first, and she looks like the londe female from "The Story of Little Monica."

      She smiles and me asks,

      "When will you come back?"

      It takes me a while to understand what she meant by that. I shift my focus on the light blue haired girl on the right who is probably 5-8 feed away from us. She looks a lot like Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

      I think she's wearing the white default outfit from the show, but I'm not too sure on that. I only see the profile view of her face, and it seems she was probably speculating about something, or looking down somewhere.

      I keep focusing on her until she turns her head towards me, then she blushes, and quickly turns her head back.


      I most likely went out to go somewhere, but I don't know where.

      I wonder why the Rei counterpart was blushing at me and so shy? And then I realized the same blonde anime girl holding my hand was the one who had sex in those panels I mentioned.

      So the question is, was it me who had sex with her? And what about Rei? Why would she be blushing....hmm.....

      Permission Ticket and Bands (Non-lucid)


      I'm at some kind of ticket booth, but before I go anywhere near the employee, I think I go to some other section where I have to fill out some application. It's basically a form on what you like, hobbies, preferred food, etc., at least that's what I assumed when I saw the question,

      "What is your favorite band?" I believe there was a girl next to me who asked me that, and I said,

      "Just put None" because I honestly couldn't choose one.

      "Okay!" she said, and she draws a line through the answer space, something like that. Then I remember getting near the ticket booth for some kind of Permission ticket, though I don't know what it really is for.
      Dark Merlin Bans Me on IRC (Non-lucid)


      I'm logging on the Dream Views IRC, and I talk for a while with some people. Then after a few seconds, Dark Merlin bans me.

      It looked more like a disconnection rather than a ban, and I was wondering what I did to actually get banned. I was using the KVIrc system to check things I've said before getting banned.

      There honestly wasn't any reason for me to be banned, and I didn't even spam in there or anything like that. Then I was able to get back on after 30 seconds or so. I double checked to see what I did wrong, and Dark Merlin banned me because I used bold font.

      I wonder why that would get me banned, and then I saw some red font somewhere on the chat, so I check and find out it's Matte the mod, but his name is spelled as "Mate" in the dream instead. We were all talking about something, probably on why I got banned for a few seconds, but that's all I remember.

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    15. Taxi, Dark Knight Ingrid, Counting, Cute Blondes

      by , 06-14-2012 at 04:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I took 10-15 pills of Melatonin last night (3mg each)

      Lol, WOW....stop trying to get into a coma Link!!!

      Anyway, slept like a baby, until I woke up 2 hours before the alarm was supposed to ring, and probably slept after I turned the alarm off too instead of staying up for a WBTB.

      Taxi (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside again, and I'm looking for some kind of transportation service, more specifically, a taxi. I believe I had the intention of heading to an apartment, probably to see the status of it.

      I felt as if I was going to my apartment, but later on in the dream, it wasn't the one I'm renting now in waking life.

      Anyway, I was in that cheapskate mentality and finding whatever service that was decent and not too much in terms of cost. I find that there's an Indian lady (she looked Indian) that was using her fancy white van as a taxi service.

      The door opens, and there's a long green cloth over the dark gray passenger seat. I believe she had a baby behind the back, probably her own, and I guess I told her that I needed to go to a certain location.

      She turns on the meter, and apparently, it's $6 per X amount of miles or something like that. I feel like I'm going to be ripped off, but seeing as I didn't really have a lot of time to think about that, I just went with it.

      I eventually reach the area, and I think I only had to pay $6 bucks to get there, guess it wasn't so bad.....and I also think she was probably waiting for me somewhere further away from the apartment I'm going into (but not too far).

      I go up a few stairs to enter the apartment complex, like the ones packed in together that you can see in most parts of New York. It seems the apartment that I'm looking for is to the left of me near the front section. There's a sign up that says that the Tenant has not paid their rent.


      I.....for some reason I felt that this was my apartment, but I know this can't be my apartment because it isn't like an indoors apartment

      (You know, where there are rooms inside a building rather than individual doors being located outside, like a complex...even though I said I was heading for one before just now).

      NEVER MIND, doesn't matter...

      I call my father, and then I realize there's a dream fragment where my father had $3,000 withdrawn from his bank account.

      I still wondered why I should care what happened in his account, because I was worried about my own account. Apparently, our accounts are temporarily linked together....sigh......

      Now back to this dream, I'm calling him to see if the money was transferred back again, and he said "Yes."

      Sigh....this means I'm going to have to go to the realtors or investors and tell them they made a mistake here......because I felt that I already paid the rent in this dream, even though it technically isn't my apartment, I just felt like it was.

      So I was stressed out over nothing, but still believed it was my apartment. I get out of the building, go downstairs, and the Indian lady is probably expected that I need a ride to go to wherever it is that I'm going to...

      Nope, I completely ignored her. She gets pissed that I don't need her taxi service, but she can't really do anything about it. She just flings her arms in anger and goes back to the vehicle to drive away.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Dark Knight Ingrid (Non-lucid)


      I only remember the lady from the Dark Knight Ingrid Series sitting at the corner of walls that were white all over. She was wearing that black costume like she did in a certain episode *cough* Episode 4 *cough*.... >.>

      I get close to her, and I have a feeling she has a few things to sell, weird vibe coming off from her. She looked like she was happy to see me, or maybe just had drugs injected to make her looked relaxed.

      For some weird reason, while she's sitting down, I decided to sit on top of her large breasts and I looked down, and she's just looking up at me waiting for me to do something.

      She's really doesn't mind me on top of her. Then I see a laptop is near her that looks like mine. I'm still on top her large breasts, and I think I open the laptop to check what's in it.

      So much for a potential breast job....you choose the freaking laptop over an anime female.....

      Counting (Non-lucid)


      Just a small fragment, I feel like it was associated with another dream that I most likely forgot.

      Basically some guy was spelling out parts of a word to me, and expected me to repeat after him. I think I even used my fingers to count up, but didn't really pay attention to how many fingers I had in each hand.
      Cute Blondes (Non-lucid)


      I remember being outside, it's daytime, and the sky is blue without that many clouds showing.

      I'm standing near the corner while a group of people are talking to each other, so I assumed I introduced myself to everyone else, and didn't have anything to contribute to whatever conversations they were engaging in.

      Okay, no problem, just stand there and wait and see what happens next.

      I also turn around a bit, and see an elderly Black man with glasses on. He has a beer belly, is wearing a dress shirt, and short pants. I believe he's a relative of whoever it is that is hosting the party, or maybe just a friend or neighbor.

      Then another elderly man, dark-skinned as well, comes in to shake hands with everyone outside, seems he came off from work or somewhere. He was wearing a gray shirt, dark pants of some kind, and looked like he was giving off as much energy as he could to make it look like he's lively and positive towards shaking his hands with everyone outside.

      Maybe that's just me....

      I feel as if I'm holding a video camera at times, but maybe it's just because my vision may have been faulty a few times. Me and the group of random people I'm hanging out with are getting ready to go inside.

      Guess everyone is tired of standing up, okay, I follow them inside, find myself a nice position to rest on the dark brown leather-ish sofa furniture. There was another furniture like it on the right that was perpendicular to it.

      While I'm sitting down, it seems that more people are expected to come. To my right is some female with an average looking boyfriend/finance/husband whatever, and I'm mostly focusing on what's in front of me, and what's to the right of me most of the time in this dream.

      The overall colors for this house are shades of brown, the flooring is either beige or light brown though, probably to show a bit of contrast compared to other elements of the house.

      Anyway, two blondes are out by the door, and not the one where we came into from the back, it seems that this place is like a large apartment, because I can see other doors for other apartments while the two blondes were outside.

      I believe one had a small cloth bandana on her head to probably prevent other regions of her hair from appearing in front of her. The other one had long hair hair as well, a little longer than the other one by maybe 5-6 inches.

      Name:  MscjF.jpg
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Size:  16.2 KB

      This is the closest image I could find to somewhat describe how the freckled blonde looked like. Her face was a little paler, and her hair was little bit more bleached as well.

      Both of them were wearing a short jacket that went all the way down halfway reaching to their waist, and both wore jeans and a shirt underneath, probably a gray shirt for both.


      The one with the bandana covering some of her hair in front was looking at me, and both of them were waiting for these two females talking to each other in front of them to finally realize they're in their way.

      The one with the bandana continues looking at me....


      Not like creepy gazing, just probably to glance to see who's inside, but it seems she's only fixated towards me. She's cute, not exactly the type to be drop dead gorgeous, but I think it's because of how she layered herself diluted my perception of how beautiful she really looked.

      The other blonde girl with the longer hair, she was a little skinnier than the other one, but again, it's probably because the other one wore clothes that weren't as tight as the longer haired one.

      The long haired blonde was just waiting to the side with her face in profile view. I guess she was probably being patient and was looking down on the floor until the women in front finally realized they're blocking their way into the room.

      It was hard to tell if the long haired one had freckles and acne, or just a little acne. It wasn't too disturbing though, at least not after I coped with it for 10 seconds of gazing at her.

      The two women in front of the opened door finally realize they're blocking the two blondes way from entering. They do the usual apology, and it seemed the long-haired blonde was the only one planning to come in. So I guess the clothed bandana blonde was just there to drop her off, but there's something that bothers me about the long haired blonde.

      The other one was able to look at me with more confidence, while the other one folded her arms while looking at the side somewhere waiting, as if she was too shy to see who was inside, but at the same time, she looked like she would be the confident type of person based on her looks alone.

      Seems I was right, she starts heading near the couple that was sitting to the right of me, and I assumed she was going to sit at the couch perpendicular from them. She gives the guy a fix on the forehead, and the same for his girlfriend/fiance/wife.

      Nice save there kissing both at once.

      Then she gets near me and kisses my forehead or cheek as well (probably the forehead because all I could see from this view was her legs until she retracted again to sit somewhere.

      I look to the guy right the girlfriend/fiance/wife, and he's turning red. Seems he's more excited than I am that he got a kiss on the forehead from a cute blonde who's hair was slightly bleached as well.

      I look at him weirdly, then looked at my wrist, seems I'm perfectly normal and not blushing as much as this guy. While he's smiling, trying to hold in the moment of being kissed on the forehead, he looks at me and has that "What?" expression on his visage.

      He then has the audacity on how I wasn't as excited as he was when he was being kissed on the forehead with the blonde. And I believe he's interrupting someone else from talking too, because I heard abrupt pauses from a different sound source several times.

      The guy pisses me off, but I just use a passive aggressive demeanor and basically ask him what he means by what he's trying to tell me. Sort of like a "Pardon me?" type of question.

      Then he starts getting serious and essentially (paraphrasing here) declares that I wasn't as excited as he was, and even puts up his finger pointed upwards, and I already knew where he was going with this.

      He was using his finger as a model for a penis, LMAO, then he bends the finger downwards to imply how I wasn't excited to meet the blonde. Then he indirectly calls me a degenerate......

      "Wait, are you saying I'm a degenerate?"

      (Both of us were mixing up the term with something else, but it seemed that since we were both a little hot headed at the time that it didn't matter....we knew what both of us meant).

      I can't remember what happened next, other than me feeling slightly pissed off from this dude, and his wife/fiance/girlfriend isn't even saying anything about that matter on his rude behavior.

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