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    1. Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money (DILD)


      The exercise I did for an hour about 2 days ago is really helping my recall alot, but I'm beginning to think it's much more than that helps with recalling this dream despite having to take my time typing other dreams. The exercise is basically made for me to imagine things without being able to put conscious judgment in anything, and how I'll have to rely on unconscious thoughts to stream in to connect the dots.

      Now, this isn't what I'm doing for this dream, this is what I actually experienced, the exercise itself is completely different from this. This is just a result from that practice, and of course, the discipline I tried to give myself with recalling as many dreams as possible. The thing is, instead of me being so focused on recalling dreams instantly, I'm letting my mind form those events because I know that as long as I want to recall them (which isn't that hard obviously), the more the mind will make those connections to make the dream a bit more cohesive.

      Now, you're probably wondering if one doesn't recall their dreams sooner or later, it might become less valid. Well, with how the concept that's made with the unconscious mind, it seems that if someone thinks that, it's really the person underestimating what your mind can do if you just allow it to do its job of helping you remember things.


      The environment I'm has a major color of green and shades of it and has a darker overlay to it as well. It feels as if I'm within the depths of some ancient chamber that has all sorts of secrets and jargon all over the place.

      I interact with several dream characters, and I can't really make a cohesive structural plot to do this because there's so much going on at once, but I will try my best. Anyway, I go to a dream character that looks like an albino, and he has a floating orange object in his hand, so I go up to him and ask what he's doing.

      He declares to me that he's training how to make thought-forms imposed into his reality, and how the orange object he's holding that's floating on top of his hand about 3 inches up is the thought-form he's trying to make. I take a closer look at the object that's floating about his hand, and it kind of looks like some weird fruit. Imagine cutting Mango, and finally getting to the seed, but there's still some orange-yellow flesh surrounding it. Now imagine scraping the flesh with your teeth that would give the flesh that doesn't come off as easily a slightly curvy and smooth spiky look to it.

      Like this,

      except the ends are bit longer and wavier. And there are a few red orbs/eyes/balls on this weird looking object as well, and I see that a few more dream characters have thought-forms similar to the albino I'm near. He's wearing a black monk outfit similar to the Las Plagas monks wear in Resident Evil 4. I turn back to look around the environment again, and I see Naruto in Kyuubi mode, and he's using the Kyuubi arms to hold onto a dark orange orb.

      I can't recall why he's doing this, but it seems to be something very important to hold on to seeing how everyone is worried that he might make it drop down in what seemed like a bottomless pit. I think at some point Sasuke shows up for something, and as Naruto is continuing to hold the orange orb, it seems something throws off his balance.

      He isn't able to hold the dark orange orb for very long and it drops all the way down to the bottom, and Sasuke I believe gets irritated on Naruto's clumsiness. Naruto closes his eyes and tries to give a fake laugh, and I end up diving towards the bottom.

      The dream shifts completely where after the darkness subsides while still falling all the way down head-first, I noticed there's some kind of tug on the pants that I'm wearing. I turn my head quickly to see that it's Azula from Avatar.

      From this point, I'm shifting back and forth from third person, spectator, and first person view, and as I'm trying to get Azula away from me, I noticed that I shift between the body form of Aang and myself. I end up taking the role of Aang, and realized that if I airbend at the right time, I won't fall faceplanting the floor.

      I look down really quickly, but I can't make out the surface other than it being a light brown-ish or khaki colored tiled flooring. I noticed really huge columns that were a mix of brown and orange, and I believe there were a few lit fire torches maybe 30 feet above from the surface.

      And as I'm trying to get Azula off me, she continues to persist and is holding onto the regions of my pants near my ankle more. I try shaking my legs a bit to see if she'll lose her grip, but it seems she's not going to give up. I decided that when I was about 15 feet away from the ground, I somehow managed to make an Airball and flipped myself over on it and landed softly.

      Not sure how Azula took the fall, but as I'm preparing to run and create another air ball to sit on, Azula is already back on her feet. She prepares herself like in this video clip below:

      Except this time, she's lightning bending to propel herself, and as I'm instantly creating an airball to travel on and escape her, it seems she's having a hard time catching up to me and sustaining the lightning. I don't really look back from that point other than hearing her grunts as she talking to herself wishing the lightning bending would've worked for her.

      Pretty sure if she wanted to kill me, she would've done it right from the start. But you know, logic doesn't come in like in a snap that when you're fucking falling down 200-500 feet from above. And I remember her showing up in my dreams at least two times, and it's in really awkward situations. I wonder......

      Anyway, my recall of what occurs as I'm continuing to travel with the airball is patchy, and all I know is that there's a dream shift that still relates to this dream I'm having. I'm in a similar environment like I described in the first portion of this dream, except this time, the area is much more expansive and even comforting despite of its dark setting.

      The walls and columns are all still green, and I believe the fire is green as well, which makes a huge contrast from the patches of darkness in random places. I can't recall what happens next other than another dream shift in a similar environment, only this time, the atmosphere and lighting has a yellow-orange hue to it (leaning more to yellow).

      The more I traverse through the depths of this presumed ancient underground, the more I feel there's going to be surprises just waiting to happen. I find myself walking at what seems to be a dead end, and there's some wording on the walls the seems to be instructions on how to operate the switch in front of me. I had to go around a wall in the middle to the left to reach this area, and I press the switch for a bit to see what will happen.

      Nothing happens as yet, and then there's a dream character that looks like the same albino monk I met holding a floating fruit that looked like a Mango. This dream character informs me that I have to keep pressing the switch in order for something to work. I think there's a leveling format involved where there's the maximum number listed and I had to hit the switch, or twist and turn it a certain amount of times to get the result.

      The monk leaves I believe, or maybe I just become less aware of him, but anyway, the moment I make the maximum turn/rotation/push/whatever on the switch, it magically slides in a bit more through the hole it came out of. Imagine the event here like watching a movie like the Mummy or even Indiana Jones where if the person presses something they don't know they're dealing with, you start building up tension that something is going to go wrong.

      Well, it's pretty much like that, and there's a lot of rumbling occurring, and the ground and the whole area shakes for a little bit. I go back around the wall in the middle where the switch was behind, and looked up.


      I couldn't have described the moment any better, there's a huge statue with glowing orange eyes that has the visage of an ox. It's pretty slow due to its gargantuan size, which gives me more time to find a way to get out of this place, things have gone too crazy for me to try and find anything anymore in this area. I go straight towards the huge statue that's probably 200-300 feet away from me, and I go to the right with the stack of columns perpendicular to me to get some cover.

      And as I'm running straight on the right side, I noticed there's a set of glass windows bordering something inside, and I peeked to see that beyond those glass windows is an exit. It's dark, but it's definitely my chance of escaping.

      Suddenly, another entity comes in from the dark opening, and it's basically a mini-version of the large statue that's probably coming after me. Imagine for a moment of how a person would play a game with someone else where they go around in circles trying to catch each other, but then one person stops and waits for that person to come into that direction; and how we predict where a person's going only for them to make a sharp turn in the opposite direction.

      It was kind of like that, except this entity was a bit more competent to fall for such tricks. I end up going to the right inside the entrance from the set of glass windows bordering the interior area that has white lighting and is more bright than anything in this ancient environment. Then as the beast comes in from the opposite direction, I quickly turn back and tried to make a dash, but then the beast catches on to what I'm doing, and it makes a sharp turn as well.

      All I remember is trying to get out, and probably trying to get away from the mini-ox humanoid entity,
      the rest is just a mystery to me.

    2. Preliminary Horse Lineup, Licking Azula's Fingers, Azula's Traps, Epic Horse Racing, Pre-Cal Math

      by , 02-04-2013 at 11:03 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Preliminary Horse Lineup (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a stadium that didn't have too many people sititing on the bleachers, but I'm within the playing fied with light brown dirt/sand. There's this mini-trial to see who can better control a horse to be a contestant for a horse race that will be starting tomorrow.

      It seems kind of weird having to face against someone tomorrow that would already have more experience than any of us that participated in this pre-run. There were many dream characters that tried to control their pace with the horses, but nearly all of them failed.

      Horses were like rodeo bulls, with as much rage to fling their whole bodies literally STRAIGHT UP, thus throwing off riders with ease. It was my turn, and I felt kind of scared. The horse I had to tame or at least ride around with was a brown horse with a nice fur shine to it. It had a black mane and tail, and pure black eyes with white reflections on them.

      I get on it, and surprisingly, this horse is following the majority of my commands without going crazy on me like the other riders. I tried to use my very limited knowledge of controlling horses, and focused on my feet and the way I stroked its mane. I gently rubbed my feet forward to make it move forward, then to make it turn to the left of this very limited environment, I slowly tapped my right feet to the left and slightly dug its skin gently towards the left. It complies with my orders, and I basically end up doing random things with it.

      Basically, this horse was the most peaceful, probably because it liked me the most. I started swaying my hips left and right, and the horse is doing the same. This whole scenario with me doing random commands with my hands and feet reminds me of the ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final Video I watched when my Chemistry professor showed it in class in High School:

      So I was slowly guiding it in an oval path, and then I was qualified to participate in the race. I felt kind of shocked to be picked, and I haven't had any practice whatsoever, at least any dream recall of me doing some kind of activity where I am practicing for horse racing.

      So in the mean time, I believe I have another dream as a sort of vacation from all of that competition just now....


      Azula Chokes Me and I Lick Her Fingers Sexually (Non-lucid)


      So apparently I'm sitting with Azula from Avatar, and in this dream, she'll be age Infinite, therefore, that prevents me from feeling insecure of what I did to here.

      You hear me Dream FBI?? YOU HEAR ME?

      Anyway, I did something to piss off Azula, or maybe it could've been an intentional thing to start getting into this whole.....err....how do you say....(never mind). She gets pissed off at me, she picks me up with her right hand and starts to lightly choke me. She tightens the grip a bit more and tells me,

      "If you ever do that to me again, I'll..."

      I want to say that she said "I'll kill you," but I don't think she would be happy if she started disposing me and having to find someone else to play with.

      Whatever it is that she said, I get a little scared and turned on by this. We were in an area that was very dark, and I remember two blue flames to the left and right of her as she holds me up. She slowly lets me go down, and she sits on a couch or some kind of furniture.

      I started getting submissive, and I felt as if she wanted me to do something sexual to her. I don't know, I just had this weird hunch that she would automatically go from dominant to submissive.

      I can't even string together how this felt.

      I start cudding with her, yes, I was cuddling with this fictional character,

      So I wrapped myself under a blanket with her, and she puts her right hand in front of me, showing her slightly sharp nails at me. I slowly licked her index finger, and then started to taste the salty sweat saturated all over. It wasn't completely wet, but it was strangely a turn on to lick a female's fingers.

      Then it went OVERBOARD when I clasped her right hand together and slowly engulfed her fingers a bit more. She slowly pushes it down my mouth, and my tongues starts going crazy licking every nook and cranny of her hand, every crease it can reach forwards and backwards.

      The salt from her hands, and feeling her soft skin in my mouth......it's hard to put into words what's going on in my mind. So I take her right hand out of my mouth, and the slobber is going down slowly on the couch...

      I forget what happens next, and I'm kind of glad I don't remember lol. It would be weird having sex with someone that could kill you with firebending if you didn't satisfy her enough. LOL.

      Ugh....scary thought, but seriously though, I can't believe I did that.


      Azula Sets up Traps (Non-lucid)


      I'm with Azula, and this time, we're outside at some Aztec type of environment where it's very sunny outside. She had a random plan to collect all the males, except me, to be trapped and knocked out.

      She had some wooden objects way up some columns where if the males went anywhere near them. They would be picked up by some weird object, then slide down to the bottom and become unconscious by gas.

      Not sure what's going on here....


      EPIC Horse Racing (Non-lucid)


      So now that the dreams I had before this dream are now over.....

      I'm at a larger stadium than the previous dream I had with the brown horse. It's still my companion for this race, and I felt an overwhelming feeling of confidence rushing inside of me from the large crowd.

      Compared to the last dream where there's barely anyone in it, seats are now completely full, and I can passively hear their roaring of cheers. The place is dark with stadium lights fixating only on me and the opponent I was going against.

      Apparently it was a man who was at least 6 feet tall, and he's wearing a red sweater and black pants. He's smiling for the crowd, and he looks at me. He still sustains his smile, which makes it hard for me to judge how he feels having me here as his opponent.

      We both get on our horses, and before everything starts, I see what's in front of me for the course. There was this long white, flexible object that would split both of us so we either had to take one side and go along with that side for the rest of the course. The race starts, and I decided to take the left side. Things get pretty tense quickly, and I feel as if I'm not even controlling the horse most of the times.

      I was interchanging with specator mode and third person mode, analyzing the environment around me, checking to see what would be apparent beyond my horizon if I were to stay in third person riding my horse. I see there's a small gap that extended for at least 5 seconds where my horse and I could move to the right side and trick out opponent into slowing down.

      I shift back to third person and decided to move to the rightside, and I'm still passively acknowleding the lights flashing around the stadium, but that's most likely because we're going at insane speeds with our horses. The opponent was a male and then suddenly turned female for the majority of the match.

      I could also see my perspective in spectator mode panel over to her side in the front, and her mouth and face are going backwards a bit from the wind from the speeds. She's holding on to her horse for dear life, like, she's literally hugging the horse's neck as much as she can.

      Our Horses basically go on autopilot, and I'm not in front of her horse. Her horse decided to trip us all, but everyone gets back up, proving that trick wouldn't work on me. We're finding getting close to the finish line, which apparently would be beyond the double gray doors at was at least 100 feet away from us (with our speed, that would be accomplished in a matter of seconds).

      It was weird, whenever I shift perspectives, like spectator mode, everything was normal pace, like some kind of time dilation, and then when I'm in third person mode, it's very quick and hyper. We crash into the double gray doors, and we both fall down with our horses. I had a feeling that having our horses to the finish line wasn't necessary, so I quickly ran to the finish line.

      Even though I touched the wall after the "FINISH" undernearth me on a ramp going upwards, I noticed my opponent was 1 second late from reaching the wall as well. I didn't hear anything as yet to signal that I won the race. Then I realized, we needed our horses.

      Her horse was way closer than mine was. I decided I have to somehow bring my horse or at least touch one of its hooves and quickly bring it along while I touch the wall again. I do so, and my opponent is almost getting there before me. In fact, she did, and then she turned into a male again, this time, a dark-skinned male.

      He looks at me as I felt miserable for almost losing after having so much effort being put into this race, and I felt that he started pretending that he couldn't reach the wall out of sympathy for me?

      I quickly take the oppportunity to touch the wall and won the race. After a while, I started talking to my mother for some weird reason, and then informed her that I won the race and that it would go my funds for college. I couldn't remember the prize money at all, or even recall reading any flier that had the prize money for the 1st place winner of the race.

      I think it was at least $1,000 for 1st place, and I felt as if this was so real and that this would help me so much that I did something as random as horse racing to get this kind of money in my posession. I saturate myself into this pseudo-reality, continuing my assurance that this dream was a reality, and just went completely blank in content that I can't remember what happens next.


      Pre-Calculus Math Class (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a room that's in front of a math class I had in my last High School. I saw the blonde teacher that I had in waking life, and she's wearing a light violet shirt with blue jeans.

      There's some student that's flinging things at people, and the teacher notices this and gets annoyed by him. I peek over and watched the whole scenario, and she's going to turn around to write more formulas or something on the black chalkboard.

    3. Gunfight, Infection, Herbs, Lucid Sex Attempt Fail, Take out, Getting a Job, and Airport Brochures

      by , 07-11-2012 at 04:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Gunfight and Fashion Assassination? (Non-lucid)


      I took two tablets of Halls Cherry Cough Drops, each containing 9.8 mg of Menthol. I woke up with an erection, so I guess that's because I had a REM cycle or something like that. I doubt it was the Menthol though.

      I can't remember any romantic or sexual dreams unfortunately, and I believe I slept for 3-5 hours. I slept around 1-3 AM, and woke up around 6:30 AM-6:45 AM Canada time. (So one hour ahead compared to Texas time).

      I'm sucking on two more tablets because I'm going to attempt an WBTB, each 9.8 mg of Menthol as well.

      In case anyone is wondering why I remember so much, it's because I closed my eyes and tried not to think about daily life (though it still was on my mind a few times, but I guess I can get away with that by trying to keep up a daily draem journal that helped with recall tremendously....even though I'm still a newbie compared to some great people with amazing recall like Hyu, Melanieb, Kaomea, and such.

      The color of the atmosphere was orange, so the sun must be now setting at the time in the dream.

      I'm standing outside in a field, the whole dream is blurry, everything is a rush. I'm frantically trying to avoid men who have costumes like the common enemies that I forget the name of, but the outfit itself was the black version of it.

      It wasn't exactly like it, but it didhave some features of it. The grass was very high in this dream, it was a faded brown, and looked like wheat. It probably was as high as to reach my chest. While I'm escaping, I have moments where I'm walking backwards and shooting at random people in the same black outfits.

      I'm using an Assault Rifle on one enemy, and I feel like I'm not damaging him at all. For some reason, I feel as if I get some logic in and realize I have to aim the guy at the guy instead of just firing out of range.

      The gun sounds were diluated and slow, probably because some moments of gun fighting were literally in slow motion. This created augmented pitches of bullets being fired, and I believe I die a few times in the dreams, but had a dream resets each time.

      I finally reach a dead end, and I quickly turn around, things get a little faster, but not too fast, normal-paced now. I see a black helicopter coming in my direction, and I feel like the person inside is trying to shoot me. I quickly aim my guy and the window, but I couldn't see anything beyond that.

      Then I did something crazy, I literally zoomed in to the window naturally. I don't know if it's because I'm still feeling the adrenaline from having to avoid and kill some enemies, random luck, or just a natural skill I never paid attention to.

      The insides of the window of the helicopter went from blurry to crystal clear. Things went in slow motion again as I'm preparing to shoot the man in the helicopter with my new zoomed in HD vision skill. I think the helicopter crashes, but it doesn't explode or anything, it just grazes the ground hard and is probably stopped by a wall.

      The dream shifts to where there are several men and myself inside of what seems to be like an old-fashioned garage. Things still feel sketchy for me at the time. I have a feeling I have to start shooting these men before they shoot me.

      There's a man looking in front of me, he has brown hair, looks like he's in his late 30s, early 40s. He's wearing a jacket, probably gray or a faded swampish green one that does all the way down his ankles or knees I believe. He's wearing some bland shirt and pants as well.

      I presume they were gray too, his visage is what I remember better, since I am aiming my gun at it.

      Back to his face for a moment, it felt animated, like a Oblivion/Skyrim-esque type of animation to it. I believe he had brunette hair, or a very dark red hair, and his facial composition was wide and cheeky.

      He was probably chubby based on his facial composition, but the jacket and everything gearing my attention towards his head instead made it difficult to analyze more before I shot him.

      As I'm getting ready to shoot him, he opens his eyes in shock, and I believe he says something like,

      "No.....he can't do that!!!"

      Too late. Bullet pierced right into his forhead. There's probably a 2-3 second delay time for me to collect my thoughts, and for the other men around us to react to this as well.

      I feel there's a dream reset here, because the man I shot in the head was in front of me again. Maybe I was shot somewhere after shooting him the first time.

      I aim my gun again, but this time it's a slightly different weapon. It's a semi-automatic I believe, and I aim for the guy's head again. Same reaction he gives me, and he dies.

      I don't see his head being splattered on the floor, just a bullet wound that gets pierced into his head deeply again. I believe the dream resets again at some point, but I'll just skip those because it'll just lead to confusion on the recall.

      After I kill the same guy in front of me, I believe I shoot the other one to the right in front of me as well after he heard the gunshot. There's one guy on the left of me, and I threw a cold water bottle at him as a distraction.

      I see that there's an open entrance to some random room within the garage, and as I'm getting ready to get out of there before things get sporadic, I lied to the man and said there's a bomb inside of it.

      I don't really wait to hear his reaction, but seeing as a lied, no explosion happened.

      This part gets weird, I'm in the mental conflict of whether or not I've shapeshifted (dang it Alyzarin!!!) or if I'm inside the body of someone else other than myself, or if I'm watching someone move around.

      The girl that I feel I'm the embodiment of looks a lot like Azula from the Avatar. She has the agility like Tai Lee, but then again, Azula herself is in a completely different league than Tai Lee with her tact and all that.

      I honestly believe I'm Azula right now, and this is still occurring in the same dream too. I'm trying to run away from whoever it is that's chasing me. I don't look back at all, and I have to move around these really small gaps that would require someone with a petite structure to even wiggle through fast enough.

      And Azula's body is the perfect match.
      I find it weird that I would take on a female persona....hmm, don't mind at all.

      There's definitely someone chasing me, and the person is a female as well. But now I'm confused on whether or not it's Tai Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender, or another person taking on the visage of Azula.

      Both of us are wearing the red outfits in the episode of Avatar where Zuko, Azula, Tai Lee, and Mai were at beach for a temporary vacation while Ozai made plans for his world domnition thing.

      I'm moving around, and I feel very flexible and sexy in Azula's body. All the walls are gray, and the flooring is tiled and has either a very light gray or white color with a faded hint of gray.

      Sorry if I'm getting to specific with simple things like that, but I need to start paying attention to things like this more.

      I'm really high above the ground, and I'm going around corners in this really narrow route I'm taking. It feels like I'm in a maze or something, since I'm constantly going left and right, and having to go back to a certain location to create a mental map of where to go next. There's some areas high off the ground to walk and brace my back against to carefully sidle to the side to here and there during my escape.

      But I couldn't just stand there, or rather, have my legs on the sides of the wall to keep myself high off the ground for too long, because the same girl in the red outfit following me has tentacles as arms. These tentacles with really huge suction cups have a light pink color to it on the bottom.

      As for the top section of the tentacles, it was probably dark violet, or a very dark shade of pink. She extends her tentacles to my feet, very smart thinking there, and I believe I try to spread my arms out and hold on to the sides of the walls with my hands.

      I don't really feel a grip from the tentacles, I feel like I've shifted consciousness to where I'm just a spectator, and the body of mine manages to do some tricky moving to get her feet from the girl's tight grip with her tentacles.

      My consciousness is shifted back into Azula's body, and there's finally some surface to walk on, and I believe the female with the tentacle arms is gone now. I see the body that I'm in from a different perspective, and Azula slowly elevates her body upward from being on the ground after trying to get loose from the lady's grip. Then I'm back in a first person view again, and I see some kind of red dress in the center about 10 feet away from me.

      To the left of it had some black text on the wall or like the stands where a first place winner would be at the center and higher than 2nd and 3rd place being on the sides.

      Anyway, the words were "First .........." something something. I get a feeling that this is some kind of fashion company brand of clothing in front of me.
      I start formulating that the lady with the tentacles was trying to assassinate me for some reason when I woke up to recall this dream.

      DAMN IT! I know I remembered what was the rest of the fashion name brand when I woke up, but it started to fade away too quiickly...ugh......

      Something tells me that this was associated with someone I know here on DV....maybe someone is the daughter of some CEO of a prominent fashion company?

      Hmmmm, and the color of the red dress being the only set of clothes standing out in the middle reminds me a lot of Kaomea for some reason. But it's probably just all silly stuff, and maybe it's because I was glancing at Soap Operas like the Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless hours during the afternoon.

      Hm....I wouldn't think Kaomea is the daughter of said CEO, so I guess I'll just put this dream as random since I don't like interpreting non-lucids anyway.

      Wrist Infection (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting down with a group of people, probably all females, and the place is kind of darker than it should be if we'er in a classroom. I can't really pick out distinguishing features of people's visage, but I do notice my father is coming from the back.

      He goes up to a random girl that's two seats away from me. He's wearing a grey vest, and he has some hair under his pits. He's sweating a lot, and he has his glasses on.

      He's telling her about something on her wrist that she has, probably looks like an infection because there's slightly bigger bump on it. My father disappears, and then the dream shifts to where I see pictures of what I assumed to be the same girl. She was overweight, and I'm not sure if her face was like a mole or something.

      I'm sorry, but she wasn't attractive to look at in the first place.

      Most of the pictures involved her being in a forest, and her hair was dirty blonde as well. I would say her age was around mid to late 30s.

      She mostly wore a big white shirt, probably to conceal unwanted creases of her stomach from showing, and wore black sports long pants.

      Chopped up Herbs? (Non-lucid)


      Someone helps me chop up some herbs. The dream itself had a Runescape-esque kind of setting to it, but it still was a realistic setting for me.

      It feels like I'm walking around a house made of wood, and it's very fancy too.
      Lucid Sex Attempt Fail (DILD)


      I took another 2 tablets of the Halls Cough drop, so that's another 19.6 mg before the WBTB.

      I don't know how I do it, but something makes me do a nose plug reality check. I was able to breath through, and I had a "wtf" moment when I did realize I was dreaming.

      I think I was trying to call out someone's name before I was lucid. The room that I'm in is very bright and has white walls and floors all over. Things are a little blurry, but as soon as I rub my hands a bit, things become vivid now.

      For some reason, as I'm headed to exit through a door, my thoughts were,

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      I kept doing this affirmation until I finally opened the door.

      No fucking bedroom, but I do get a garden. It's nice and green, bright and sunny.....DON'T FREAKING TELL ME I'M HAVING A HAPPY DREAM LIKE KAOMEA IS.



      Dream fades before I could decide to do anything else. I feel your pain Kaomea. This really sucks! I think I really was on the verge of a happy dream.

      Oh, and as I was waking up, I felt myself on the edge of the bed I'm sleeping on, literally. I convinced myself without thinking to not worry about it, and my body had this urge to just go ahead and lean over, but I knew I would hit the ground, I would most likely fall straight head first in waking life.

      But I think this was a false awakening, and I do a nose plug reality check.....but I think this was somewhere between the dream above, because the lucidity was very short, obviously because I was too damn horny to find a bedroom.


      Oh well, still have 5 Cherry flavored Halls tablets, and two more packs with 9 in each, so maybe better results tonight. n_n

      Ordering Take Out (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm driving some kind of vehicle, and my mother is to the left of me. I go to where you have to pay first when you made your order. You have to pay in quarters, and the paying medium itself sucks.

      It's this close from falling off, and when I do insert a few coins, the slot was in the wrong position, so the quarters were not recognized in the little screen that showed the price in increments each time you put a quarter or whatever small change inside.

      I grab the coins out of the awkward spot, and put them inside the right place, and it starts recognizing everything.

      I forget what I ordered though.
      Getting a Job (Non-lucid)


      I go up to another slot machine, and I wanted to book in confirming that I arrived at the place on time. It said "10:9" or something like that, and I assumed it meant I worked from 10 AM to 9 PM.

      But when I looked at my white card with various times on it, it said "9:9." I try to find someone to ask if there's some kind of mistake, and a person finally explains to me what it means, but it still doesn't explain the abnormality. Then I see some short man wearing glasses, a gray suit, a light gray dress shirt underneath, and some long black corporate office style pants.

      He looks Indian based on his skin tone, but he has a classic American accent. He elevates his nose and mouth a bit, and I just know he's going to be pissed off. He asks us with a slightly elevated tone on what we're doing here just standing.

      Obviously this guy is our boss, and I politely respond to him that I wanted to make sure the amount of hours I'm working is right. He goes back to a normal tone and realizes the situation I'm in. I eventually asked him if I can work part time.

      I think he's skeptical at first, but he smiles and says that I can. But I don't think he understood what I requested. I didn't mean part time just for the weekends. I mean part time for everything, and not full time for the week or anything like that.


      Glad that was just a dream.
      Airport Brochures? (Non-lucid)


      Bleh, don't really care much about this dream. I'm inside a building, with white tile flooring. The walls are made of glass, and I think there are some fancy stuff hanging on top, but I'm too busy looking at someone to get the details of what's above.

      The girl looks like someone I know in waking life, let's call her Am.

      "Am" apparently did something bad in college, don't know the exact reason, but her mother looks ashamed of her. "Am" has to go to the airport to hand out airport brochures, something like that.

      Too lazy to tell the rest.

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    4. Picard and my Crush, Levitating Downhill, Aang with Katara vs. Azula...

      by , 04-17-2012 at 06:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Captain Picard and My Crush (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking upstairs, and things are really weird. I believe Captain Picard wanted me and a small group of people to go into a high pressured room.

      We had to do some procedure where we would lower the pressure of the room before getting out of it, because if we didn't, our bodies would explode in an instant from the abrupt change in pressure.

      The room overall had a light green lighting to it, and it felt kind of like a lab, and all the tables and the floor, and even the drawers most likely were all pure white.

      After a while, I can't remember what we do in the meantime, but when we get out of the room, and close it, I think Picard gets pissed off and said we did something wrong.

      All of us just stay back, and he goes back into the high pressure room again, and I started to worry about him because he then immediately opened the door again. I honestly thought he was going to explode, and I get a gradual zoom-in on his face, and nothing wrong is happening to him.

      But the dream shifts, and apparently he died? So I guess the dream didn't want me to see his body exploding, because that's the only way he could've died, at from associating it before the dream shift.

      I'm walking up the stairs again, and I'm in a room that is purely white. Everything is white, the chairs, tables, etc. I believe people are mourning his death, but it doesn't really seem like a legit funeral, especially when the room itself is all white.

      I guess everyone else was just doing something else, while I had the presumption that they were paying their respects.

      I see a few familiar people, and all I'm doing now in the dream is walking as if I'm patrolling and monitoring people's actions, but I'm not really doing anything to them.

      There's this dude who looks like a guy named Joel that I hated with a passion because he always made himself look like a piece of shit when talking or even just existing in waking life.

      He goes on some small whiteboard to write his name on it, I think it was listing who was on which part of the tennis team, and I see my name on it.

      Then when I turn to my left, I see some horribly built structure made of cardboard and white blending stumps. I go to it and see my name somewhere, but I didn't make it, I think someone was just mentioning my name for some weird purpose.

      I touch the weird cardboard structure and everything falls down. I panic a little, but no one seems to really care that I made it break apart with one touch. I was talking to myself that someone did a really horrible job on this.

      Then I feel a person behind me saying,

      "Yeah, someone really did a crappy job on it." The voice sounded familiar, but I ignore it because I didn't need to apologize to anyone.

      Then I see a girl who looks like my previous crush in waking life, Isaura.

      She's sitting down with some guy, but I'm not paying attention to him at all.

      Before I advance towards her, I saw her with her dyed Auburn hair. I believe she was wearing a Gray Gathered Frills Blouse, along with light blue jeans.

      She looked beautiful, and how she wore something so elegant with a dull color, along with her Auburn hair made her the eye-candy of this room full of white textures.

      I pretend I'm just walking around randomly in my room, and it seems Isaura is on her phone doing something, seeing as her head is down most of the time I'm looking at her.

      I finally get closer to her, and she immediately looks at me, and whispers to the guy next to her while doing slight giggles,

      "Hey, he's trying to read my text..."

      I wanted to say I wasn't but I just kept quiet and moved on. I guess I just wanted to gaze at her pretty visage for a while, no matter how awkward things were going to be in getting that small satisfaction.

      I think I go near her again, and then the dream shifts a little where I'm holding what seems to be a black iPad. I see some random video clips of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

      (This same dream was probably foreshadowing dream later on with Aang and Katara vs. someone who looked liike Azula).

      I decided I should go ahead and turn it off, and to do so, it had the same function as the Zune HD where you would press the button on top, and hold it for a few seconds before another screen barely shows up on top of the screen for you to slide all the way slow to turn off.

      I do so, and once I slide all the way down, I quickly tuck it under my right arm. Then I felt like I didn't turn it off at all, so I press one button, and it was still on, so I attempt to turn it off again, and waited for the screen to fade away.

      Two reasons why it didn't turn off in the first place:

      1. Electronics aren't really stable from what I recall in my previous dreams, which should've prompted me to do a reality check.

      2. When I quickly tucked it under my shirt, the friction between my clothing probably made the slide screen go up, which was probably a way to abort the off function

      But it was most likely the first reason, but again, just keeping this for reference later on.

      When I have the iPad under my right arm again, I believe Isaura is close to me. I felt so compelled to just turn over and look at her again, it was as if she wanted to see me, and the force was so strong and short.

      But I forced myself to ignore her, and then the after I get out of the room, I can't remember anything else after that.
      Levitating Downhill?? (Non-lucid)


      Not sure if I should split the experiences into two or combine it into one dream, but it's safe to just combine these two since where related to each other based on how the same characters showed up in both (or at least some of them).

      I'm walking with a group of people inside a building, and we're following a teacher whose back facing us. The whole time in this dream, I never see turn around to show his face to us.

      He leads us to a room, and apparently it's supposed to be where we would find out our grades for something. There's a long brown table in the middle of the room, and there are a lot of brown chairs to sit on.

      I believe there was a long and huge carpet in this room as well, and I go to a random seat and wait for someone to pass out some green sheets, something like that. The scores were pretty low, and I can't really remember what I got, but I think it was based out of 20.

      I probably got around 14/20, maybe lower, but that was just part of the overall grade. We're given more sheets on other parts of the overall grade, but I don't really recall seeing an entity showing up to give us this. It's like the sheets are just appearing and magically going to our hands.

      Now shifting towards the next scenario, I'm outside with another group of people, with some familiar faces from before the dream shift.

      We're supposed to go around a few laps outside this oval road made for jogging or biking, and there are people doing construction work, so it made things a little difficult.

      One of the areas was this fairly deep brown ditch, but the people participating in the jog/walk didn't have a problem walking through it.

      I didn't want to go there, so I quickly go to the left side, and there's this small wooden fence that I jump over to continue walking with these group of people.

      Then the dream shifts for a while where there's this huge and long downhill. I see some people starting to run down this huge road hill, and I while I get ready to do the same, I tell myself,

      "All right.....let's do this..."

      I accelerated pretty fact to the point where I jumped a little bit, and I believe I was levitating while going really fast down the hill? But at the same time, I felt like I was just floating because of the air pressure and the speed making it seem like I was flying for a while.

      I was still close to the ground, but by a few inches. I basically keep going down on what seemed to be an infinite road path going down hill for the rest of the dream.

      Aang, Katara, and Azula??? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in spectator mode, just watching how things will turn out in this dream. I see Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender's head pop out from the surface.

      He's with Katara I believe, and there's a group of girls in this huge lake, and someone tells me, but I can't pick out who exactly, that Aang is is going to airbend from his mouth to blow all the water from the lake, along with the girls. I'm not sure if that was meant to be a vauge sexual innuendo, seeing as the narration voice was extended their sounds on words like "blow."

      Anyway, Aang does so, and the whole lake is empty, I don't know where all that water went to, but it's gone, and the girls in the lake were pretty pissed off at Aang for some reason. They get near him slowly, and by now, his whole body is on the surface instead of being buried.

      The dream shifts to where he earth-bends for a while, and a girl that looks like Azula comes up to Aang and says,

      "Hey! You! Show me how you earth-bend like that!"

      Aang is a little frozen because she came up to him so fast, and she kept being persistent in asking him how he's earth-bending.

      Then Katara, who is behind both of them is getting annoyed by the girl asking Aang, and she starts to water-bend for a while, and attempts to throw shift the water to splash on the Azula look-a-like.

      But she is able to water-bend as well, and Katara has to quickly respond to that but forming the water around her again to attempt to throw it back at the other girl. They keep doing this for a while.

      Then I think what happens next is that the girl starts to fire bend, which leads me to assume that she really is Azula now. Aang and Katara are having a hard time, despite it being 2 vs. 1.

      Katara starts doing some crazy shit by flying with water, and Azula is chasing her. She starts to do lightning-bending, and Katara and Aang are surprised that she can do this as well along with Water-bending and Fire-bending.

      (I know Azula can Fire-bend, which would be normal for her to be able to do lightning-bending, seeing as that's the advanced stage for fire-benders....just like metal-bending would be for earth-benders, and blood-bending for water-benders, but I guess Kataara and Aang lost all basic logic of this).

      But apparently, Azula isn't really creating lightning, she's using some kind of poisonous chemical that she bends to shoot in a straight light, and then holds two fingers and blows fire on top of them to create this lightning kind of web that helps her catch up to Katara.

      I think Aang comes in, earth-bends to create an attachment to go on his arm, like some huge fist to punch Azula, but she dodges it quickly. Aang gets up and pulls out the earth arm of his, leaving a crack on what seemed to be a semi-domed earth temple.

      Then I realized the environment they're in are full of violet stalagmites, which leads me to presume they're in an underground cave.

      Aang managed to distract Azula so Kataara escapes, and my view now pans over to me seeing Katara's back facing me, and she's going up towards this bright white light.

      There are these floating ledges she has to jump on, and she struggles to get on a few of them, but she managed to get out. The view now shifts to Aang, and he quickly gets out with ease since he can Air-bend.

      Then I see Appa blocking Azula, and now they're fighting each other. Their fight was similiar to a Tales of Symphonia 2 fight. Appa rolls on Azula with his huge body, and I see damage counters show up with some insane numbers, so I guess Azula had high health points or something.

      Azula is paralyzed from this, and Aappa also leaves to head some teleporation altar as well.

      Aang and Kataara and Appa are now all back to the previous environment before being shifted into the underground one.