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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Uknown Island, ID Taken, Invasion, Batman's Reflexes, Sexual Jimmy Neutron, Sonic, Vulturelingus????

      by , 12-21-2014 at 06:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Exploring Unknown Island in Windwaker (DILD)


      Iím Link from the Windwaker game, and Iím exploring a small island that doesnít seem to resemble any I traversed in playing the game in waking life. Though I have a feeling it could be similar to one island where thereís a merchant Goron, and a huge boulder concealing a dungeon. I look out to the sea, and gaze upon the vast sea and horizon. Itís sunset, and itís an absolutely beautiful sight as well.


      Girl Takes my ID & Killing ReDeads (DILD)


      So Iím going into a bathroom to do my business, wash my hands, and head out back to the building that looks like a store. But it seems Iím preparing myself for a party at a bar, or some kind of in-door rave. I noticed a dream character looks like an individual I knew in High school that would have spiky hair, or even a Mohawk at times.

      He glances over at me with this weird facial expression of him puckering up, but itís probably just how he naturally is. I look over, and I get a feeling that one of my neighbors thatís also a co-worker is someone Iím going with for whatever event to come very soon.

      Skipping ahead, I gave her my ID, and she puts it in her black purse. Then when I want to enter some section of a building, they requested my ID, and sheís already in there. I had to move away, and tried to do anything to call her, and tell her to give me my ID back. I go so far back that the plot of the dream becomes irrelevant, and Iím inside of a forest where Iím trying to kill creatures that look like ReDeads from Ocarina of Time.


      Someone Invades House with Dynamites (DILD)


      A little personal for me to put in here for some reason. But someone sets off a dynamite booby trap that I presume to be part of the house I feel I have a family in.


      Batman's Millisecond Reflexes (DILD)


      Batman is literally so fast that his reflexes must only take milliseconds for him to perform nearly impossible feats of escaping intense circumstances. Such as, an enemy preparing to throw a dynamite at a group of people in an enclosed space of a building that looks like a convenience store, and before the dynamite explodes in the other direction, heís already down the stairs to fend off the next group of enemies.

      The enemies seem to represent some kind of guerilla soldiers that look Hispanic.


      I'm Jimmy Neutron Charged for Potential Sexual Assault? (DILD)


      So, Iím messaging some random person on Facebook. I mistake this individual for someone else, and presumed I could be overly sexual. Iím also wondering why I have that kind of disposition in the first place in the dream, but figured since it wasnít a dream, there literally wouldnít be any consequence other than being paranoid that something back would happen.

      It was basically a ďYou show me yours, and Iíll show you mineĒ kind of thing. Then I realized this person is someone else; someone of a more innocent demeanor, and would probably be traumatized if she had to experience something like this. But it didnít seem to be the case, as sheís magically existing somewhere else in the dream. I believe Iím somewhere around a gray wired fence with the diamond shapes to it.

      I realize Iím Jimmy Neutron:

      And he has his penis out, and all I can really do is stop being this guy, and watch what will happen. I noticed Iím in a perspective as if Iím at the same level of the ground next to the same girl I mentioned above with the happy go-lucky innocent disposition. She has a baby near her, and Jimmy Neutron is literally -this- close to the baby, and the girl is so offended that she calls the police.

      Unfortunately, this makes me shift back into being aware that Iím in Jimmy Neutronís pants. I put it back inside my pants, and run for dear life. My initial reaction was to contact Jimmyís parents. After instantly arriving to the house, the mother tells me I can hide in my room, and that she and her husband can put up a barrier near the door so the cops and other authorities will have a difficult time apprehending me.

      I realized theyíre just pretending to help me while they prepare to leave the house completely, and leave me all by myself. I look through the window, and see two individuals that seem to be coming after me. One looks like someone I knew in middle school; Australian accent, curly and fluffy dirty blonde hair, and heís wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

      Iím not sure if heís carrying a weapon, and as for the other person, I canít recall how they looked like. Iím panicking for a moment, but it seems the dream characters arenít competent enough to figure out where I am. Even though I make myself apparent for looking through the window for too long, they seem to make no effort in catching me.

      I do random things like trying to sidle my way through outside the window, and onto the roof with the intention of finding another place to hide. Maybe a secret lab, or something like that.


      Two Shadows and Sonic Go Super Form (DILD)


      Thereís two Shadows; one seems to have sinister intentions, and the other probably wants to go Super form with Sonic. Sonic comes in at some point, and bonks his head by an invisible wall, or maybe heís just clumsy. They all end up going Super form, and thatís all I remember.


      Vulture Picks at a Girl's Private Parts (DILD)


      So Iím in a hallway that resembles that of some kind of spacious education facility; probably High School at best, or even a close-knit kind of college/university.

      Thereís black and white checkered floors, the building itself seems ancient, but still being able to sustain its novelty without looking ruined at all; it seems to have some kind of Renaissance-esque feel to it. I was talking to someone about how on the outside of the windows, thereís a pair of large wings resting on top of the monuments with a flat surface.

      I canít remember what he stated, but he looks where Iím pointing, and gives an expression of confusion as well, and moves on. I look down through the window, and see a group of females talking to each other. The one thatís most noticeable in this boring and dull environment of dark colors is a girl wearing a pink shirt. She looks Hispanic, puffy cheeks with makeup on along with long black hair. She seemed to have a slutty disposition for some reason, and what happens next only confirms my conjecture.

      The same set of wings I mentioned before suddenly transforms into a vulture, and this vulture flies down towards the girl. Sheís not even afraid at all, and is already in a position of bending down to do something, and Iím not sure what it was. But the vulture gets close to her ass, and literally starts pecking into the girlís vagina.

      I expected some screaming, and WTF moments to ensue, but she rams her vagina into the vultureís beak; a bird is getting more action than I ever could in a dream apparently. So while my jaw is dropping, and me being in a state of awe, sheís still having fun having a vultureís beak up her vagina. After a while, she casually pulls up her pants, and walks away as if nothing happened.

      I canít even remember how the others reacted because Iím too bothered with whatís going on right now.
    2. Moral System, Mario Final Star, Running, Sbsia Hall, Toilet of Extending Doom (SDE Pt. Day: 14)

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      So I decided to set an alarm that would make a LOUD 10 second beep EVERY hour ON the hour until 6:22 AM or so. Seems it probably augmented my recall a bit, or maybe this is just the natural collection.

      I did sleep fairly late, like 1:01 AM late, and I usually get shit recall, but not this time. It was okay. I could've extended on some environmental stuff, but I have to go to Organic Chemistry Lecture Before 9:35 PM, even though there's no Tardy system implemented in the first place. But still, I want to see my grade for the second exam!!! OOOH I'm so scared!!! I know I did well, but still, I don't know!!!

      EDIT: I did horrible

      Anyway, have fun reading some dreams. Some actually make sense for once for me. I'm going to do the Alarm ringing every hour on the hour thing daily now to see if I can get conscious at some period, and BAM, DEILD or a WILD that was initiated through a one-second WBTB with my eyes opened.

      Tezuka's Moral System and Picture Taking (Non-lucid)


      Kunimitsu Tezuka from Prince of Tennis is wearing the sports jacket and jogging pants he wore from the series when he had to take rehab for healing his injured arm in Germany. Except this time, the sleeves are light violet, and the base of the jacket is black, along with this long black pants.

      I'm walking with Tezuka, I believe, and it seems me and probably just him are waiting for something. This area seems to be like the section in the airport where they would have a few fast food areas, along with the waiting area in between. I can tell that by this environment, it was night time. Pitch black, it's nearly impossible to see what's going on outside in this dream.

      All I could gaze at really is the reflections on the glass walls inside. The flooring consists of vanilla-brown tiles, and the walls are also of the same or similar color. It could be that the usual orange-yellow lighting saturating the atmosphere in my previous dreams is making it seem that it's vanilla-brown. Everything feels calm, I feel calm, I'm very observant in this dream.

      It's difficult to presume if I'm in first person mode, or just in spectator mode watching as many things possible. Tezuka also is carrying One-strapped Black Sports Backpack of some sort. It looked like his Tennis Racquet Bag in a way, since it was fairly longer than your usual backpack. It seems someone queries Tezuka,

      (Paraphrasing) "What do you believe is good or evil in a moral system?" Something like that.

      Tezuka pauses for a moment, and proceeds to state that (more paraphrasing, though I'm almost exact here),

      "In a moral system, the good tends to go in, and the bad is dragged out."

      Pretty laconic way of thinking Tezuka.

      I can't recall if the person asking the question said "Thank you" in response, but they leave, and I also can't recall how that random person looked like. Then a dark-skinned female, about 5 to 5'5'' tall queries Tezuka the same question.

      Before Tezuka has the time to respond, I get this surge of emotions to just state the answer myself by repeating what Tezuka said before.

      I declared,

      "In a moral system---------" and I decided to stop right there, since it felt rude answering someone's question that wasn't directed at me. I let Tezuka state it once more. The same lady that was asking the question was wearing a Bandana, a pure dark red or close to maroon colored one. She also had a wide dark gray hoodie jacket along with basic blue or dark blue velour pants.

      She leaves, and again, I can't recall if she said "Thank you" in response to Tezuka.

      I felt that his answer was directed towards me, even though he was directing it to this random dream character.

      What amazes me, is that he gave her the same level of respect as the other person. He was extremely stoic in his facial expressions, but he was very respectful and calm. Because of his stoic expression, it was hard to know what's going on in his mind. It was an annoying, but an enticing thing to observe from Tezuka, since that's how he usually is in the "Prince of Tennis" Series.

      I'm stating that observation because if I were to become lucid and met a DC that was unattractive, or just not appealing sexually, etc., I would just treat them like shit, and do the whole "It doesn't matter if I talk to you because you won't be real the moment I wake up." attitude.

      The dream shifts where Tezuka is now getting his pictures taken. One involved focusing on the darkness of his Black Pants, and how the camera of the person taking the shot would do something fancy that I have trouble recalling.

      After idolizing an fictional character from an anime for a while, the dream shifts to the reason why Tezuka may have been at this area with me that looks like it's an airport building. It seems he would be tested to see if he can catch up with Ryoma Echizen and the former Captain of the Seigaku Middle School team when Tezuka was a first year.

      This dream shift had a major contrast than before, it's suddenly a huge rush for me. It's like I'm traveling within a snowy vortex accelerating and rotating at very high speeds. It felt like I'm skiing fairly quickly, trying to catch up with Tezuka, who is trying to catch up with Ryoma Echizen and Yūdai Yamato (former captain at Tezuka's first year) I believe?

      I didn't realize this in the dream until later on but, I noticed that I was following Tezuka in this path for some reason. I know that in the series, Tezuka had to overcome many trials, especially before his fully healed arm. Ryoma Echizen was someone who beat him, and it seems this dream is his path to beating the former captain when he was a first year, and even Ryoma sometime in the future.

      And I'm following right behind him, as if he is someone I need to overcome, or take the personality off before I reach true divinity I guess. It's confusing, but I guess the next dream I'm going to state will add on to this.

      Final Star in Mario 64-esque Game (Non-lucid)


      I'm obviously controlling Mario in this Nintendo 64-esque game. The graphics are way better than the N64 version, and it seems I'm at a very confined floating area in the sky. I move Mario around a bit, and it seems this place is just going around in a long circular path.

      The bottom of the floating land is brown dirt, and the top is green grass, and it's designed to be simple like that, just like in the N64 counterpart. After a few seconds of running around, trying to see something new from this circular path around this floating land, I finally see different things now.

      I also noticed a small dog, and it looks like a Chihuahua. It has a mix of white, gold-ish brown base for its face and some spots on its fur, along with black and white areas as well. It's coming after Mario, and it's making barking sounds. It's not coming in too fast, but I don't want that little fucker anywhere near Mario.

      So I try to out-maneuver it, and when I saw a two row stack of Transparent and Crystal Blocks floating above, I immediately directed Mario to jump on top of them. I continued running, even though the dog most likely would have never reached that height.

      As I'm controlling Mario the jump occasionally on the series of transparent crystal like blocks, I believe there were some words forming on them, but I went by them too quickly to recall anything from it. I finally get to the other side of this circular path in this floating land. Then everything becomes quiet from this point.

      I see a mushroom on the green grass next to some Black Walls. The mushroom has its Cap exhibiting a pulsating rainbow accelerating pretty quickly inside of it. It was going in one direction upwards, but not coming out of the Cap at all.

      Then I remembered having to figure out some small puzzle that was a bit random and confusing at first. I had to hit a block, which would then make some kind of bumper or floater appear. I would then direct Mario to go on it, and he would soar all the way up to where I can see the whole floating land's structure, and then come down.

      I wondered what the heck is going on, and what I have to do here from this point on. I take another shot at going up into a higher level, looked down on the floating land again, and saw there's an open gap on this fairly tall dark brown brick chimney with not house around it. It was just supported by the black walls.

      I decided to shift Mario in the air into that whole. I finally go all the way down, and the bottom was curved slope, so I presumed Mario was able to slide for the rest of the short trip down the tunnel like slope.

      He reaches an empty base, and it's darker than outside, but light Pastel Green light is emitting from the Black rock walls, kind of like glowing crystals if you will. I then get an awkward view of Mario, and can only see the back of his head, and then his red cap as well.

      I heard a distinct sound, the same distinct sound in "Super Mario Sunshine" that verified a Shine Sprite was very close. I turned the camera around, and noticed the Shine Sprite is right there. Out of reflex, and it's probably anyone's reflex to do if they played a Mario game, I grabbed the Shine Sprite.

      Mario does the usual dramatic build-up for twisting and turning around and then floating and exposing his right white glove palm.

      Then the classic Mario font style shows up stating,


      After that, the camera slowly zooms out, and the whole dream fades away.

      Okay, I looked at the general meaning of stars in a few dream dictionary and interpretation sites, and for this situation, it seems that it portrays I'm at some path towards excellence, etc.

      And since I apparently found the "Final Star," what does that mean? Does it mean I'm finished with the path of finding divinity, and I'm now walking and learning into the true path of enlightenment?

      Too vague of a dream to say, especially since it's contained in a video game type of dream.
      Running Really Fast (Non-lucid)


      I'm running with some people on a wide field of grass of what seems to be related to a section of my University that's close to bus section where you can get a ride to the Biochemistry Department and other sections, with a few off-campus routes.

      The grass is faded, it has a yellow-green color to it, with the yellow part showing up just a tad more than the green. I see all sorts of people, a man wearing maroon jacket with a light brown cowboy hat and Khaki long pants.....all sorts of things.

      After a while, it feels like I'm at my final lap, and I decided to give it my all, and started to really go fast but gathering all my energy toward my stomach, and then releasing it to zip through everyone else.

      I remember finally finishing the lap in a few seconds, and the dream ends.
      Resting at Sbisa Hall and Nvidia Graphics Cards (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting outside near the Sbisa Hall at my University, and I'm resting on that seems to be fake green grass. I'm with a group of people, though I can't remember them too well. Based on my emotions at the time, despite them mostly consisting of complacent and passive demeanor, these seemed to be familiar people.

      I think I'm resting my head on a backpack, and I slowly close my eyes. After a while, I wake up and see another set of random people. The fountain at the Sbisa Hall is most likely there, but I don't pay attention to it.

      The picture below is a pretty good example of where I was at. If you look beyond the fountain in front, that's the Sbisa Hall. Look to the left side of the photo near the Sbisa Hall. See the grass there? That's where I was resting and sleeping on.

      I don't know why I'm doing so, but I guess it doesn't matter how I spend my dream time non-lucidly I guess. Then the dream shifts where I'm inside the house of a girl that I know in waking life.

      Let's call her "A. Lee"

      A. Lee's house, with her parents and her twin brothers, are all there with her. It seems my father and her father are actually getting along and having a good time. I don't look at them for too long, and by the sounds of their voices, it looks like they're having a good time watching some kind of sport on television.

      Dream shifts to me being inside some random bedroom. A. Lee's mother is inside, and she's wearing a black female corporate suit. The fancy black dress tuxedo style jacket with a light gray dress shirt underneath buttoned up, along with the Black skirt that goes all the way a few inches above her knees.

      She's wearing fairly thick framed Black glasses, has really curly hair to the point where I think it looks like she's wearing a wig or something. I'm sitting on the floor, looking up at her. She's helping her child sort through some stuff, and it turns out, the child actually broke the laptop he had in half. He starts getting scared and crying out of confusion on why this had to happen to him.

      The mother doesn't seem like she's going to punish him for damaging expensive equipment, which is probably a characteristic the waking life mother has of being non-violent and tolerant compared to the father who does the opposite.

      The mother takes out a graphics card from the laptop, and it turns out it's an Nvidia Graphics card. I assume it is, since I'm mostly seeing Green and Black mixed in, and it probably had "Nvidia" on it, but it's hard to tell, probably because the font changes occasionally if I look back to it.

      The mother asks me a question, and them gently throws the Graphics Card in the shape of a CD upwards and it lands on my lap. I look at it, and I answer her question, even though I can't remember what the question was in the first place.

      I declared, "Well, this used to be a good graphics card back then..."

      And things kind of felt awkward at this point, I was still speculating if the mother threw the card on my lap gently out of a seemingly intention but failed expression of anger when her child destroyed his laptop in half, or for something else.

      I'm concerned because the waking life counterpart is extremely nice to me, like all other women....pffft what nice standard to use her in when it's applicable to the majority of females....18+ or Cougars...you name it...
      The Toilet of Extending Doom (Non-lucid)


      Yes, the title was served as enticing you to read this awkward dream. NOTE: I put this on the bottom for a reason. DON'T LOOK if you don't want to see....I mean, it's not graphic, it's just me taking a #2, but there's some weird stuff that might entertain someone......


      So I'm listening to someone sing a country song, and I have this abnormal fascination at the fact they are actually making rhymes, as if this is some in new age discovery for me or something. The song is your typical country song, some kind of problem the person has, and then how they can overcome it, *insert Christian God morality values expressed in verses here*, and that's how it was for a few seconds.

      ------------------STOP HERE if you cringe at the word "shit" and "Number 2"---------------------------

      I needed to go to the bathroom, and go to the pipes first, but I forget what I did near there, then I turned around to find the stalls for the toilets. I'm trying to take the #2, and the distance from the entrance of the stall to the toilet is fairly long. As I'm actually trying to do the #2, some random guy on the stall next to me asks,

      "How are you doing?"

      I don't know buddy, I'm close to having a shitty time!

      The guy doesn't even look like he's going to take a shit, despite him sitting down as well. And WHAT THE FUCK, HOW CAN I SEE THIS GUY SITTING DOWN? Like, the walls on the sides are so short, that there's no damn point in having a door in front anymore.

      The guy seems to be looking at a text message on his cellphone. He's Hispanic, is wearing the classic "Look at me, I'mma HomeG Sliceboy from the Bronx" looking Black cap that he turns backwards. He's wearing a hoodie with a Black base and dark gray sleeves. He's wearing Khaki colored shorts that go a few inches past his knees, at least when he bends down to sit.

      I feel so awkward having myself exposed, even though the guy isn't looking at me. It feels weird trying to take a shit without that can sneak a peek on you.

      The toilet can extend, I find this out by dragging my feet (since my pants are near my ankles), and I noticed the metal pole from the back is what makes it extend. It can go all the way until the end of the stall door.

      I finish, take care of my business, and I get up to wash my hands and all that fun stuff. Then there's a slight dream shift where I'm naked, and I only have a white towel to cover myself. The towel is too damn short to cover my crotch radius (fancy words), and I really try to pull this thing close to the other end to tie it, but fail.

      I flip the towel over, and there's a smear of shit on it. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. From that point on, can't remember

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    3. Lugia, VHS tapes, You are One of Us............(SDE Day 03)

      by , 08-17-2012 at 06:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lugia (Non-lucid)


      It's night time, and I'm on the upper floor of this random house. It has the default wood flooring that goes longways for each individual piece. I currently have a flashlight with me, since it really is dark, but the light itself is way too dim for me to venture safely in this house.

      I have to walk slowly for most of the dream. I finally find the bathroom in this house, and the whole area consists of white....white walls, white tile flooring...everything. It feels so empty, I can't even sense a living soul in this house. I look around the bathroom sink, and find that there are two flashlights for me to use.

      There's one that's already on.....just laying at the edge of the bathroom shining at the mirror....laid there convieniently just for me....


      I get a little suspicious and wanted to take the other one that wasn't on, but I decided I might as well take the light blue flashlight that's already on. Plus, it looked more appealing, even though that itself shouldn't have allowed me to be passive on the fact that it was on already by something or someone.

      I look at the flashlight a little bit, and it's so bright that I can even see through the blue layering that covers most of the base and top of the flashlight. It also has a fairly thick black rim around the glass where the light shines. I get out of the room, and I quickly see one child in front of me.

      He looks very familiar, let's call him "H." I can tell he wants me to follow him somewhere, and I do. He opens one door, and points somewhere. I go in the room to see where he's pointing, and I hear him mention something about Lugia...

      I think he was trying to say something else, but that's the first word that pops in my mind when trying to recall this dream.

      I tried to find ways to comprehend what he's doing by pointing at the room. Maybe he wasn't focusing on the toys on the bed, and since it was dark, maybe where I was trying to look at where he's pointing was wrong.

      Darn it.

      VHS tapes (Non-lucid)


      I only remember going inside the living of a house. It has red carpet flooring, and I decided to check the DVD shelf near the PC on the floor. I didn't realize this could be my mother's sister's house until I recalled this.

      I look through random VHS tapes, and I see names of people on them, I think? It was so random, these felt like the type of names you would see on a forum or something. I hear voices, but I can't make a clear distinction of the source....
      You are One of Us.... (DILD)


      Before I had this dream, I decided...."Let me turn off my laptop, and everything else in this room." My Blackberry, the chargers for the laptop and phone, and just keep the fan running.

      I always keep my laptop on as a way to ensure that when I wake up, I'll immediately open the DreamJournal system by Banhurt, and start typing away as many thoughts that appear in my mind. That's all I've been doing up to this point, well before this point.

      And I know this may be just random luck that I managed to become lucid from this dream, but maybe I should try having the laptop off when I try the WBTB. In fact, maybe just not have it on altogether, and resort to traditional means of waking up, the less distracting external alarm that I use to wake myself up for in college rather than the countdown timer on my laptop

      Since I don't have to worry about waking up multiple times and forgetting to set the alarm again, I can try it out. I wonder......I've seen threads about electronics interrupting parts of your brain from functioning at a certain time when you need them to, but I never really indulged myself into that belief.

      I'll just believe in it now, since I rarely become lucid in the first place, and the moment I turn off the computer and the phone, I wake up 2 hours later and can recall this lucid dream.

      I'm outside somewhere, it feels like New York, with the gray atmosphere, good weather in fact judging by how clear the skies are. I feel like I'm jogging or running around this random section. I keep moving forward, ignoring the roads to the left of me because I don't recall seeing any cars passing by. I keep running and using my peripheral vision, I see something blue above me, like a store or service sign.

      The whole area consisted of very dull colors, mostly the gray, and I couldn't help but stop to see what's inside this section that looks like those mini-stores in New York. It seems to be shut down, but it's opened. Most of the place is empty, just random objects on the floor. I go inside this area, and eventually find a man sitting down somewhere.

      He looks a lot like the brother of a man that I knew in my childhood, let's call him "G."

      "G's" brother is wearing a white shirt, with short black pants, and dark colored shoes. I think he's even wearing long black socks. He's probably around the age of 50-60, and still using that "Just For Men's" haircolor like always....*giggle*

      Sorry...it's just....ugh, people and their ambition to maintain youth....as your body continues to decay, what's the point? It's like trying to add a bowtie on manure.... Anyway...

      I see another man next to G's brother, but I don't pay much attention to him. I realized that being here isn't going to give me something useful to do or experience. So I turn around and try to get out, and suddenly things turn into a mini-maze for me.

      I had a feeling G's brother was looking at me, and this feeling of thinking he was doing that started to get stronger and stronger, but I'm sure it's just me being paranoid that he might do something to me...can't really have your back faced on them with the sporadic nature of non-lucid dreams...

      I finally get out of this mini-maze, which was just running left and right around wall ledges. As I continue picking up the pace with getting faster, some random guy riding a bike does an insane wheelie stunt, almost coming in contact with me.

      Things are going in slow motion for a little while, and I quickly glanced at him. He was wearing a white vest, and dark colored shorts. He was a dark skinned man, and I can't remember his hairstyle. After he disappears, no one is in my way now, and I keep running.

      The dream shifts, and I'm suddenly on the top floor of a house. I immediately realize this is my uncle's house when I made a trip to Canada for a week a month ago. There are three doors on the left of me, and I'm currently near the first one (excluding the master bedroom) if you were to go up the stairs to get there.

      I decided to check the bathroom, but I can't remember which door I picked, probably the middle or the last one in front of me. I go inside, and I find the bathroom is completely different than the one in waking life. The sink is on the right side, right as soon as you enter the bathroom it's right there compared to having to walk a little bit and seeing it on the left side.

      I see there's a green mini-towel, and out of curiousity, since the whole bathroom was white and shiny, the green made a huge contrast. I zoomed in a little it to see if there's any leterring or symbols, and I find that when I turn it around, there's 5 stars.

      They are all lined up horizontally, and they have a darker shade of green compared to the thin fabric that was wrapped around the mini-towel. I put it down, and I get out of the bathroom. I see that someone is coming in. I see a small child coming in with someone, and I quickly turn around and find something was weird.

      I do a nose plug reality check,
      and I can breathe through my nose. I couldn't believe it, so I held my nose even tighter than before, and can still breathe through. I continued to feel the sensation of my dream diaphragm contracting to inflate the lungs. I surprisingly kept a calm demeanor throughout the rest of this dream.

      Didn't really need to bother with stabilization since the dream itself was vivid and crisp. I can sense that these people are coming up the stairs, hearing the pounding their feet are creating on each step. I can sense that these had to be children, I could sense the enthusiasm.

      They finally come up, and the first one that I notice is my grand-daughter, let's call her "K." I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the children, just her. She was very cheerful and happy to see me, completely different than she was in waking life where she was always too shy to talk to me.

      Even though I didn't pay attention to the rest of the children, sometimes I wonder that if I did, I could've seen a glimpse of the other children my sister would turn out to be when they get a little older.

      I wanted to go inside the other room in front of me, so I forgot about "K" and the other children altogether. I don't know what motivates me to go inside this room, but I opened it and immediately closed it to prevent "K" and the rest from coming in.

      I see a bed in front of me, and I think there's a blonde anime girl 1-3 feet in front of me. She has those big and adorable eyes. I forget what she's wearing because her big and cute eyes are luring me to come closer to her.......

      She advances to me.....

      She tells me,

      "You will now become one of us...."

      Ho ho ho hoooooo, I like where this is going.

      She gets a syringe out, and she immediately stabs the right side of my neck, pushes whatever liquid contained in the syringe, and pulls it out. It actually was painless, and the fact that being lucid and not being bothered by this really concerns me lol.

      I think she tries to explain a few more things, but by this time, things start getting a little blurry for me. There's a dream shift, and I'm back in the bedroom again. I see there's someone sleeping in the bedroom.

      Things get weird from this point, I can't even comprehend how I come into play this time compared to before. The girl realizes that I'm in the bedroom, I think, and she unfolds the sheets to show herself and turns around and blushes.

      She asks, "What are you doing here?" and opens her mouth in shock, and her blushing increases in redness. Then I see there's a person on the left side sleeping on the floor wake up, and he ends up blushing at her in shock. This is the part that I'm confused on lol, was it me, or was it the other random anime guy?

      By this time, I decided I might as well wake up, because I started to get worried about what was going to happen. All three of us were surprised to see each other....then again, that shouldn't have been my reason to just wake up lol.

    4. Lunch, Restroom, Hot Sweaty Sex

      by , 07-17-2012 at 04:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eating Lunch and Saincara (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a family's house, and apparently it's the family of a man in waking life called Mo. That's not his full name, but let's go with that.

      It seems outside is either early morning or early afternoon, because it's fairly bright. Maybe it's too bright for a reason, so that I would focus on the interior of the house more. There's a shiny wood flooring I'm standing on, and furniture, the objects, and the house itself are very realistic.

      There's isn't a Half-Life 2-esque kind of graphic style that I normally see, it's real just like in waking life. Mo is trying to get his family to come together to eat with me, and it feels like this meal would be my last in the house for the time being.

      I think I explore the house a little more in the mean time, but I can't remember all that I did. I think I went to a closet to decide which shirt and pants to wear.

      I'm not sure if this experience that I'm going to mention is a separate dream, but it felt connected with this dream.

      As I'm trying to decide what clothes to wear in the guest bedroom, I see some activity outside through the window on my right. I see three characters from Code Lyoko.

      Ulrich was wearing a shirt, with a small dress shirt opened on top of it. He was trying to confess his love for Yumi, and after a bit of stuttering, he finally tells her that he loves her. I assumed Yumi would say she loved him as well, but she just stands there with her eyes wide opened.

      Ulrich is still waiting for her to acknowledge his confession, and Yumi finally takes one step back and shakes her head. She couldn't say anything back to him and runs away. Sissy, the third character that's outside, gets near Ulrich to console him.

      I can't really tell if Ulrich feels bad, to me, it felt like he knew Yumi wasn't ready for that confession, even though they had many many many MANY MANY MANY moments in the actual show that they had feelings for each other.

      Then I believe the environment shifts a bit,
      and I'm not even sure if this fragment belongs here, but oh well, here goes.

      There isn't anyone outside at the moment, there's just a gray bench, and how it's represented is just like the Code Lyoko art style, so I guess it looks like it's painted, but it's still realistic, just a bit. While I'm staring at the bench and the rest of the environment outside, I hear two people talking.

      I focus on one point in the environment outside, and then blank out on the rest, then I see subtitles on the bottom of the area I'm looking at. The two men talking, even though I can't see where they are right now, are talking about some kind of Camp located in Africa.

      The man declares about a location called the Saincara? Something along those lines, and then the guy tries to correct him by saying, "Don't you mean the Sahara?" The other guy confirms that he's not confusing it with the Sahara, and he goes on to explain that it's some lost location on the map, and that it was sort of like a camp for a specific group of people.

      After that little soap opera and Saincara
      (I think it's really Saincara he said now, but I won't go too much into it), I shift my attention back to the closet, I finally decided what I wanted to wear! I already had a plain white shirt on, it looked like it felt tight on me. I wanted to wear a dress shirt on top of it opened. The sleeves were a little longer than the usual dress shirt, maybe 3-4 inches more.

      I decided I should fold the edges up a little bit, and then it felt uncomfortable, so I unfolded them. I go down stairs, and I see the family of Mo are waiting for me and one other random person. I sit down, and there's some random blonde guy, who seems to be their butler or something, and is handing out their food.

      He's a fairly tall man, blonde hair, but he looked a little too old to still have nice hair. He's wearing a fancy dark blue dress shirt that's buttoned up, slim light blue jeans, and a very enthusiastic expression towards everyone.

      He manifests the plates out of nowhere, for all I know, he could've just pulled them out of his ass or something.........

      But no one cared, so I conformed and decided to not worry about it either. I forget what he serves to Mo, his wife, and his daughter, but I do know that they were completely random food objects. When he serves my plate to me, it's basically Guacamole and Chips. While he was putting the plate in front of me, he said the meal's name in what seemed to be in a French Language.

      Must be from all the French talk during my vacation.

      I look at the plate for a while, it's a dark blue plate, and the Guacamole looks like it's LEGIT Guacamole, with some bell peppers chopped up, and some decent corn Tortilla Chips. Before we could actually eat, Mo and his family prepare for grace.

      Now, I may be putting a stereotype here, but I don't think this type of family would be one to use Grace with their cultural beliefs...but whatever...

      Mo is to the right of me, and his wife is to the left of me. He closes his eyes, and she does as well, and they both spread their hands out to me. It takes me a while to understand what they're doing, and then I realized they're saying Grace. I quickly held their hands, and put my head down to listen to what Mo was saying.

      Within 5-10 second, he's already finished with declaring Grace. He says something at the end like, "Thank you God." etc etc., probably for the food on the table.

      I take one chip and scoop a huge load, since I didn't get a lot of chips in the first place.

      The Guacamole almost tastes exactly like the one I had in a Hispanic Restaurant in College Station or Bryan, Tx. It still felt bland, but I ate it anyway, and once I'm done eating, I say, "Excuse Me."

      Seems no one here cares about anyone having basic table manners....oh well. I pick up my plate, and I head over to the sink and put it in there. I see a small plate filled with some Ginger Ale. Eradicating all basic logic in my mind that it's supposed to be in a bloody cup, I take it and drink it.

      I felt the fizz swirling in my mouth, and it tastes pretty good, very refreshing. I try to look to see if the wife was looking at me, because I wanted to pour more Ginger Ale on the plate. I did my best to make it look like I'm looking at something else, and tried to use my peripheral vision to make sure I wasn't trying to do the obvious.

      Seems she's still busy eating, and I guess I was just being paranoid in trying to get another shot of Ginger Ale. I pour it out slowly, and drink it a little slower this time, since I couldn't have a lot on the small plate.

      I forget what I did next, but I believe the dream after this one somehow correlates to this one.

      But about the Saincara thing, I don't have a lot of background on it, but based on what I read and searched, it involves something about how desire is born and grows.

      Hmmm....my desire for what exactly?

      I have several "desires," but I never really fulfill them, or at least don't think that I can.

      Public Bathroom (Non-lucid)


      It feels like this dream was a continuation of the previous one, so I presume that after I left Mo's house, I'm inside a Public Restroom. The flooring is light gray, the walls are dark gray, and the ceiling itself is probably light gray as well.

      The bathroom stalls are dark gray, so even though things are a bit bland for a bathroom, it contrasts pretty well. I see a man wearing a dark gray jacket and hat
      (like the hats that Mafia members wear) and shiny black shoes. He goes into a bathroom stall, and something about that guy bothered me.

      He wore glasses, looked like he was in his 50-60s, and he was holding his hand with his left hand, and using his right hand to cover up the opening of the jacket he didn't button up all the way.

      Maybe he was just preparing to take them off when he was going in the bathroom stall, but because he held that position with his hands before he even reached 1 feet away from it, it felt suspicious to me.

      By this time, I do my business and get out of the bathroom.
      Hot Sweaty Sex (DILD)


      Spoiler for 18+:

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    5. Alarm, What is this, Titanic??, A little privacy please??,

      by , 05-08-2012 at 12:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm (Non-lucid)


      It's late at night, I'm in a random house, I look at some chick that is sleeping in pink pajamas, I can't make out her visage though, but from what I remembered, she looked cute sleeping.

      I think I was eating something, and was going to get up to put the cup and plate in the sink. I wanted to go somewhere near the female that was sleeping, but when I do, the alarm for the house triggers. It startles me a little bit, but I quickly go to the alarm thingy that you go to enter the code.

      Apparently, the code was related to personal bank stuff....lmao, and I even said the code in a form of a question to someone. Don't know if they responded back, but how could I not tell that I said a personal bank pin to a random DC?

      Then I see my father come out of the door, but he's in a passive state, probably still tired, and he sees the alarm is taken care of and goes back to sleep.
      What is this, Titanic?? (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a group of people, and it seems we're inside a ship because there's water coming up all the way to our knees. I believe me and a girl decide to stay together.

      The girl herself? Not even attractive enough. Either I was extremely fucking horny or extremely fucking stupid to stay with this girl.

      The reason I'm saying that is because the group that's heading out, one of them apparently was going to bomb the doors, meaning we couldn't get out. But I didn't know what was going to happen to us, maybe the water levels might increase gradually, and we'll drown together.

      The girl on the other hand, she didn't care at all on what's going to happen, it seemed she had an abnormally active sex drive, and she was fixated towards me.

      Like, I swear, this girl would be up for any kind of sex. I can't recall too much, but judging by her positive emotions, this girl was probably past the level of insanity. We're going to die either way, and me and her both decide to stay inside the ship that's going to flood...*facepalm*

      Come, at least be Eva or some other hot chick with a vagina. Looks don't matter? pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftt okaaaaaaaaaaay
      Spoiler for 18+ Stuff eeeeew:

      The dream shifts to a completely to where I'm in an area that looks like a place related to my University environment. There was a blonde lady who looked a lot like my AP English 4 teacher I had at High School.

      For some reason, I assumed that this lady was looking for her son, and in my mind, the son was the one who was going all freaky time with the chick from the last shift. The problem is, the guy didn't look like her son AT all.

      Weird logic being sustained in my mind, no doubt, but as usual, I don't do a reality check from something as abnormal as that. I started talking to myself and laughing mentally at this women, and I believe one of those speculations were,

      "Aww poor woman, it's sad that she's not going to know her son is going to die until later on..."

      Don't know why I said that, but hey, guess I'm a real asshole when I don't have control over my dreams.

      There were people lined up near some fence, and apparently, it seems to be some kind of collaboraiton with singers and instrument players.

      The weight size of these people was hilarious, one looked like a bloated balloon, some had bigger proportions in other areas, it was just awkward just to see them do hand formations and even dance.

      By dancing, I mean twisting their bodies to one side and to the other, not exactly professional dancing, but who am I to blame them....I only know two-step and three-step back and forth dancing...meh.

      So I get closer to this group, and go under this small area under what seems like a bridge, and I'm standing in front of a person that looks like a guy's brother that I knew in the Tennis team I was part of in High School.

      I basically have to extend my right hand, with one finger pointing up, and I have to make a reverse U sign from right to left to inform whatever group to move their fingers the opposite direction. And apparently, when they do that, music starts playing.

      I get out of synch at first, but I finally get used to it and synch it right. Then some random guy tells us that he admits that he doesn't give us the instructions online, making it hard to understand what the hell we had to do just now.

      What an idiot....

      Then he starts bragging about this 1:1 interaction is nothing compared to how he has to do 5:10 or 5:20 with other people

      The ratios I mention above just means interaction with people, so I guess he gets 5 people to interact with 10 or 20 people at once. Didn't really see what's the big deal with that, you're just responsible for a few more people.

      Whatever. That's all I remember.
      A little privacy please?!?!? (Non-lucid)


      I'm headed to the bathroom, and my perspective is weird in this dream. While I'm in the bathroom, I can see what's going on in the kitchen or living room in the house, and the people in it.

      It seemed my mother and Kim (another dream with her again...) were going to the bathroom as well.

      Kim was interested in what I could be doing in the bathroom, and starts laughing while she questions me on what I'm doing.

      Ooooh I don't know.....obviously freaked out that you're asking me that question!?!?!?

      (The reason why I'm kind of annoyed is because she's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than me and not really good looking....if it were a younger woman, sure come right in!)

      I brace my back to the door, because I have a feeling Kim is going to go inside, but my mother comes in and says she has to get something in the bathroom.


      That's all I remember.
      Biology Lab Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm in Biology Lab, the setting is different, the TA for the lab is the same one I had for Biology 112.

      It seems that it's the end of the lab, and everyone gets out.

      I think I have another dream shift before or after this one, and I'm talking with a woman who looks Indian. I guess she's average on looks, and I forget what she was telling me.

      I was telling her how I was compared to some other Indian girl I knew in waking life. We'll call this girl I'm mentioning Hum.

      I told the lady that I was in the top 3%, while Hum was probably in the top 8-10%. I don't know how I got that random percentage for Hum's ranking though.

      I think me and the lady were going to enter a building, but I can't remember.
    6. Frida Kahlo Fellatio Queen, Trickster, Ridge Forrester, Melanieb, Alyzarin in Black Dress

      by , 04-09-2012 at 06:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Frida Kahlo Fellatio Queen, Trickster, Ridge Forrester, Melanieb, Alyzarin in Black Dress


      Dream 1: Frida Kahlo Fellatio Queen

      Spoiler for 18+........................:

      ......................if you didn't read the spoiler, basically, there's a dream shift near the ending of it.

      Then I find myself in the garage, but it's still open. Apparently, I'm forming this type of energy disk floating in the air, and I'm controlling it with ease. I use my right hand to move it to the left and vice versa for my left hand.

      It almost felt like water-bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

      It was moving so fast as well, and I think there was this person in the middle of the garage. I had so much control over this flexible and weird looking disk-shaped energy that I moved the energy around his neck, without making it come in contact with his skin.

      I could tell the energy I was forming was dangerous, since it was rotating a little faster than I expected to be.

      Then there's a dream shift to where I see someone in some weird outfit. I think they were wearing clothing that looks like Magneto's outfit from X-men and Brainiac's from Superman.

      I think he looks at me for a while, and then a small menu appears on the bottom right hand corner, as if my first person view was a HUD screen.

      The options were pertaining to rejecting or accepting some type of action, and I think I set my intentions to reject it, but it was too addicting for me to stop whatever it is I'm doing.

      Then there's an option to make things easier or harder, and I see a girl I have a crush on in waking life, I think. Let's call her "Isa."

      Isa was standing there near something electronic, and I decided to put the option for a harder difficulty, and she ends up reading a newspaper?

      (I guess reading newspaper instead of using electronics is the new expert mode or something, hahaha).

      For some reason, everything felt like I had to choose these options quick, or something bad would happen, but nothing serious was occurring at all.

      That's all I remember.

      Dream 2: Trickster Mind

      I'm resting on my bed, deciding what to do to get into a WILD. I decided that I should go ahead and incorporate KingYoshi's relaxation method where you flex your muscles for a few seconds, seeing as I haven't done that in a long while.

      I did that, and then I started to focus on my breathing. I had some thoughts in my head, but eventually, I decides to just....let....go.

      After a few minutes of breathing, one moment I realized my breathing was skipped and suddenly reached a calmer and more relaxed state that didn't need my conscious effort to alter.

      I turn to my sides a few times, not too much, and once I go to my left side.

      I started to feel sensations around my head region and neck.

      I felt a "pull" sensation, almost like a vortex making a warping gravitational pull. I continue breathing slowly, while the back of my eyes are exhibiting a dark environment with a void feel to it.

      There were vibrations as well, and I slightly opened my eyes, but not too much to affect what was going on, since I was being calm through the whole thing.

      Then I find my body instantly rolls over to the other side, without me even making and effort! I just went with the flow, and it was if I was floating, and then turning to my right to rest on the bed.

      After the vibrations stopped,
      it takes a while, but I get up, do a nose plug reality check.

      Yep. Definitely dreaming. My mind is being pretty clever right now, the overall color of my bedroom matches exactly to the current state of how it looks like in the morning in waking life. But that didn't fool me.

      I see the door was closed as well, just like in waking life. I had the intention to find Alyzarin I believe, since I knew Kaomea would be a little too busy for me to find her.

      Since I'm on the right side of the bed, I have to move forward, turn left and then another left to reach the door.

      Then I find myself stopping to a halt, and I'm wondering what's going on, but it seems that I'm not use to using my dream eyes as yet.

      I wake up again, and I get up again, and I see this fairly large chameleon statue on the left side of my bed.

      I was a little shocked to see something appear just like that when I woke up for a temporary False Awakening.

      "Oh that's clever...." I declared to myself.

      I look at the statue a little bit more, and it seems like it was smiling a bit. Not sure if it was at me, but I'm presuming it was smiling at me since I almost fell for the FA trick.

      I find myself in this twilight state, half-awake, half-asleep. And as I'm holding the state with my arms, just to feel things, my waking life eyes open slightly and I see the statute is suddenly alternating to how my pillow looks like.

      I see the ends of my pillow in waking life, and see the blue stripes going horizontally.

      The statue disappears and I wake up.

      Dream 3: Ridge Forrester

      I was at a Hispanic Restaurant, and I'm standing near a tray line to order what I want to eat. I get the Enchiladas meal with Spanish rice and all of that good stuff, and apparently I'm ordering to go.

      After a few minutes or so, the employee at the tray line says that the meal is done, and she gives me it in a To-go package and a bag. I take it, and before I could make a complete step, she tells me,

      "Oh, sorry! It's not heated up as yet."

      I was a little confused, but I turned back and gave her the food. Then things get weird, and she says it's heated up already, and I taste the food to see if it's warm.

      It turns out to be warm, but just to make sure, I told her that it tastes raw. Then she calls someone, not to sure on who it was, but she starts mixing up the food, since most of the heat was on the bottom.

      I do the same thing with my food and go along whatever path I'm headed for.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm in another restaurant most likely, and there are these group of female who want Ridge Forrester from the Bold and the Beautiful to choke.

      I don't know why, but apparently, if he didn't take two pills around the same time, something would happen to his body. They get some people to steal one pill, and Ridge drinks the other.

      If they failed to do so, it would be hard to take him down.

      He's trying to find the other one, but I believe there's one in front of him already, and he drinks that one as well.

      I think the women were shocked, and I think I probably gave him the pill in spectator mode without anyone seeing me, but I'm not too sure on that.

      Well, that was a random event.

      Dream 4: Melanieb

      I'm in spectator mode again, and I see Melanieb doing something with some people. I think they're balancing a mouse or something on a teddy bear that looks like the one from "Bleach."

      There's a cat that is coming from some small hallway, and Melanieb and whoever she's hanging out with wait for the cat to dash towards the mouse. The cat does so, and Melanieb quickly grabs the teddy bear because she doesn't want it to get dirty.

      I'm pretty sure that was Melanieb, seeing as I saw elements of the lady on her avatar.

      Dream 5: Alyzarin in Black dress?

      The way things were in this dream, despite it being short, I'm compelled to believe I may have met Alyzarin in this dream.

      The way this person looked, how tall they were, the blue tiles, the small little details that gave me the vibe that was her.
      I'm in a public bathroom. The tiles blue and white, and I realize that I'm in the female's restroom.


      Some females come in, and I don't think they're bothered by my presence at all. To be honest, I'm not sure if I was a female or male at this point, seeing as the females didn't scream at me or anything.

      I'll just assume I was a male in this dream though.

      I stand there for a little while, and I'm that blank state of mind, until I see another female come into the bathroom.

      She was blonde, she wore a short black dress, and by short, I mean SHORT to the point where it's barely covering her private parts.

      I look at her for a while, I take a good stare into her eyes, a really good stare. It seems she's looking at me as well. But I'm not sure if I made her fall for me, or if she was luring me to her, but either way, everyone else in this dream didn't really matter but her.

      I didn't pay attention to this in the dream, but I do remember the DC Alyzarin met who was blonde and had a black outfit, and Alyzarin is fairly taller than me, and the blonde in front of me fit that description.

      I slowly advance towards her, thinking of what I'm going to do to her. Dirty thoughts are being fabricated as I'm getting closer and closer.

      I hold her hand, and I rest my body on her against the wall. I think she's a little surprised at first, but she felt so freaking warm and nice.

      This vibe of hers, I swear, it's like she puts up the innocent demeanor just to play cute with me, and once I was on her body against the wall, I was trapped by her kindness, I didn't really care if she was playing weak to dominate me.

      I think my left hand was holding her right hand, and my left hand was probably holding her waist. I started to kiss her a little bit, taking control for a little while.

      I honestly do not know how I know how to Kiss, but something is working....

      I can't really remember how it looked like, seeing as I'm busy slobbering myself all over her. Then I carried her for a little while, grabbing her ass so she wouldn't fall down.

      We get closer to the exit of the bathroom which didn't have a door. It was one of those where there was a wall in the middle, so you had to walk in a L-shaped formation to get out.

      We're near the wall of the intersection of the L-shaped path, and by the time my back is agaisnt the wall, she takes control.

      She has her legs wrapped around me, and I'm still grabbing her ass, feeling how soft it is. She takes control kissing me, and by this point I'm in that "Do whatever the fuck you want to do with me" moment.

      Then another female comes in, and I use my right eye to peek to see who it is, while Alyzarin or whoever it was is going crazy with my mouth.

      The other female looks at us for a second, but she just pretends she isn't seeing anything lol.

      (I don't know if it was Alyzarin, the blonde she met in the black outfit, but whoever it was, it was pretty fun).

      We continue kissing and breathing like we're animals, and then I realized I had to go somewhere?

      (wait....what? what do I possibly need to do another than this??!??!)

      DAMN [email protected]$%@^$#%&$

      Yes, Kaomea, I'm going to use Frick now because of you.

      I help her down, and her legs are finally on the ground again, and I can't remember what I tell her, probably something about meeting her again soon.

      I go to a door to enter to a class, and I see look through the window to see someone with crutches.

      So I push the door to get in, and then pushed it out to allow the person with crutches pass. I didn't get a "Thank You" or a modicum of appreciation from the person, but I didn't really care after a few seconds.

      It was just something natural to do, it almost seemed I had to do it so I wouldn't look like an asshole.

      I can't remember what I did in the classroom, but moving to the classroom was pretty fricking pointless after that treatment I had with the blonde in the bathroom.

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    7. Blonde Nicole being Sporadic, Grizzly bears, Blonde w/ Yellow Hoodie, Mini-theatre, Bathroom...

      by , 03-07-2012 at 03:28 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blonde Nicole being Sporadic, Grizzly bears and Blonde guy in Yellow Hoodie, Building w/ white floors, Mini-theater, Mini-Mall with Fast Food chains, Bathroom (Non-lucid)


      My recall is kind of crap, because I slept later than usual, and my Biology Exam starts at 10:20 AM, and it's 8:30 AM right now, and I spent almost an hour typing the dreams before posting it here.

      I hope I do well today, because I'm going to have a really horrible day....oh well.

      Dream 1: Blonde Nicole being Sporadic

      There's this girl who looks like Nicole that I knew in waking life from Art class. She's a skinny girl, which makes her a little fragile. She's fairly short for her age as well. (maybe around 5 feet or a little less than that).

      She's blonde, and she's probably wearing a jacket.I think I take on the perspective of her, and I'm probably just seeing her move on her own.

      I think she does a front flip several times in the air and falls on the ground, probably face planted on the concrete too. But she stands up and still keeps going, despite the small yellow stars that shows that she's obviously dizzy.

      Is it possible to Link with someone for a combined LD??-9043028-3d-dizzy-guy-stars-around-head-isolated-over-white.jpg

      I think I still retain first person perspective of her doing some weird things, she was acting like a monkey by jumping all over the place, and jumping on the tables you see outside of places like Starbucks or restaurants or bars with outside eating.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Grizzly bears and Blonde guy in Yellow Hoodie

      I'm in a random area where I see some baby Grizzly bear and a big Grizzly bear together, and they are at least 5 feet away from me. The baby is giving me a hard time, but I don't know if I killed it or not.

      Is it possible to Link with someone for a combined LD??-grizzly-bear-sow-cub_4140.jpg

      It probably disappears and the bigger grizzly bear just walks away, but keeps an eye on me. Then I see a bunch of random DCs that make themselves apparent after this.

      I'm worried for some reason, and I see some blonde guy in a yellow hoodie trying to grab me as I'm backing away from him doing a short dash towards me.

      He fails and ends up finishing the action of trying to grab someone by clenching his fist. He didn't look mad, he just looks at me, but I just couldn't register anything from this person, I just didn't know how to react to him.

      I keep running and going all over the place in this area.

      Dream 3: Building with white flooring

      I'm in some building with white flooring, and I met a female but it's too hazy for me to remember.

      Dream 4: Mini-theater, Mini-Mall with Fast Food chains, Bathroom

      I'm in some type of mini-stadium, or maybe a mini-theater. It's fairly dark, and I'm trying to find a seat. I check on the right side, and I go through a few people to get in the middle section of what I thought would be an empty seat, and I asked the person sitting near this empty seat if they were reserving it for someone.

      Is it possible to Link with someone for a combined LD??-movie-theater.jpg

      They said yes and I go back to my left, and I see some Asian guy, and asked if anyone is sitting next to him, he says Yes as well.

      So I end up getting out of that section and move on to the left section, I see that the front section has one empty seat probably 2-3 feet away from the same Asian dude on the right section.

      I ask the person one seat to the left of it if anyone is going to sit here, and they said no.

      I sit down and watch what seems to be a video on doing hand signs. It almost looked like this was going to be a Mnemonic to remember something with your hands.

      The person in the video was doing some complicated hand gesture, almost as if he was going to do a Jutsu from Naruto Shippuden or something, it was really difficult making the exact formation that he had.

      I don't know what else goes on in the video, but I guess it's just someone making hand gestures or hand signs for random things.

      The video ends, and I think the place lights up. Everyone leaves, and I think the dream shifts to where I'm sitting on a stool near some kind of eating area.

      The area had several fast food chains (food court) within this area, so it felt kind of like a mall
      (I know Alyzarin had some dreams about schools with mall structures).

      Apparently it's break time and everyone goes to get lunch or just leaves the area. I see a lady in front of me, and I'm talking to her about something, but I can't remember.

      I see another female going to another fast food area to get something inside some white package, and I think there's a few small BBQ packets she gets with it as well.

      I decide that I should go to this fast food area probably 5-10 feet away from me. Then I realize that when I look down to where my hand is on the table near the stool, I see a meal right there in front of me.

      I think I said "I guess I'll eat lunch with this then."

      I can't make a good call on the facial features on the female sitting next to me. I think she was wearing dark clothing, but that's all I remember.

      Then the dream shifts to where I think that I'm late for something, and it's most likely afternoon outside. I don't feel myself sweating, but it looks like I'm sweating, so I probably get a rag out of something to wipe off.

      I was walking by the edge of the building before I got to the entrance, and tried to play is calm instead of showing that I was sweating getting somewhere.

      Once I go in, apparently I'm brushing my teeth, and I need to find somewhere to spit this Colgate in my mouth.

      Name:  iuEqZs.jpg
Views: 2
Size:  5.4 KB

      So I go to the Men's Restroom, and I go in and see a bunch of black dudes inside. One person was talking about how some other guy was talking behind his back, typical crap you'd expect from people worried that people actually give a damn about their being.

      He was speaking in a ghetto accent, and I just try to ignore everything and just spit out the Colgate, finish brushing my tongue and washing my mouth and maybe dabbing some water on my face.

      Then when I'm done, I had the odd habit of turning off the light switch.

      Then I had a "Oh shit" moment because I remember the wannabe thugs were inside that bathroom, so I quickly try to flip back the switch, but the lights do not come on.

      I know there are two light switches, one for the fan, and the other for the light, but nothing works
      (could've used a RC :<).

      I tell the guys that there must've been a blackout or something, and I see some kind of blue light somewhere, but it was really really dim. Then I realize there's another switch somewhere near the switches I was flipping.

      So I turn on the new set of switches that I find and the light comes back on the bathroom.

      I leave and don't remember anything else.

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    8. Cash Register & Emily, Itchy Head , Blonde & Random guy, Weird Class Lecture, Bathroom Mystery......

      by , 03-05-2012 at 03:38 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Cash Register & Emily, Itchy Head , Blonde & Random guy, Weird Class Lecture, Bathroom Mystery, iTouch/iPhone vs Zune talk (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Cash Register & Emily

      This is a middle school type of setting in this dream. I was basically getting something to eat from the food court, and there are several lines to wait from. I see various DCs all over the place.

      I see a line that is fairly short, and I see some really huge adult cashier taking care of this almost empty line. I go up to her, wait for her to put in the amount of the food I had, and I look down to see what I have in my hand is a small white box.

      I thought the meal was going to cost me like $2.75 or something, but the total ends up being above $5 dollars. At first I'm surprised, and I even asked the lady to confirm that price again.

      She ends up increasing the fucking price, and I get REALLY mad at this incompetence. I sense a DC to the left of me, but I'm not paying attention to her just yet.

      The cashier apparently thinks that I'm paying for rent? And I have to repeat a few words to get it into this incompetent's head that I am paying for food, food, food!

      She pauses and then she goes like, "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh." And then she says something else, but I immediately leave the line out of rage to look somewhere else.

      I start to pay attention to the female DC next to me, and she's Black, and she's wearing a green top or something, and maybe a skirt, but the dream is too hazy for me to recall completely. She is wearing a white bow tie, and I'm looking for a line to pay for my meal.

      I finally pick the line that is all the way to the left (and there's probably just 4 lines in total anyway). I see there's a mini vending machine within this line with a tray area to slide your food while you wait to pay.

      I knew who she meant, but I felt she said her name wrong, what she was talking about was most likely a girl in High School I knew by the name of Jasmine.

      Jasmine is not Hispanic, she is mixed, just like me, and she was black, but she was light-skinned.

      Anyway, after all that stuff she's talking about to me while we're waiting in line, it seems I get ahead of myself in the conversation by saying my name is "Brandon."

      I knew she was going to ask my name, but I didn't wait for her to tell me that, then she asks me what my name is, and I repeat to her.

      She's a positive entity, much different from the other idiots in this dream.

      I get a cup and you had to scoop up ice with the cup instead of just press the metal bar to receive it. The female DC next to me starts talking to me about if I ever met some girl before.

      She finally mentions her name before I get the chance to ask her, and she says it's "Emily."

      Emily looks an awful like a character from Everybody Hates Christ. She fades away, I end up paying for my meal without incompetence from the cash register, and I find a seat that looks very familiar to me in the middle school I went to in Texas.

      sharing dreams-6dbml.jpg

      I think I might have shaken Emily's hand.

      It was Thornton Middle School, no doubt about it, because I see a few familiar faces in waking life such as Felix and Brian.

      It seems that it's almost noon at the time, and everyone is leaving, so I get ready to eat my lunch quick. I start opening a packaged cinnamon bun and some other kind of meal.

      I wanted to eat the other meal first before eating the Cinnamon Bun because of salt vs. sweets order in my mind, but I end up eating the bun anyway.

      I start nomming the bun quickly, chewing quickly, and gulping it down hard as well drinking it because I see I'm limited in time to eat for some odd reason. I just feel like I have to get ready to go to class, but I spend the few minutes I have trying to finish the meal.

      The dream fades.

      Dream 2: Itchy Head & Padded Keyboards

      This is another school related dream, and I find myself scratching my head a lot for some reason, and it looks like I have a rash because I see myself in third person perspective and I am turning around seeing my head zoomed in a little with a few small red rashes.

      They look so tempting to scratch in this dream, and it really itches me. I think I'm fiddling around with my Blackberry, and I'm sitting in a random class doing something.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm at a computer lab again, and some keyboards have some padding that apparently is supposed to help with performance when typing.

      I decide to go to one of these keyboards, and I take off this padding to feel it, and it feels like a some cheap imitation, and I believe there's a DC to the right looking at what I'm doing, but I'm not bothered by this since I put back the padding anyway.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 3: Blonde talking to a random guy

      I'm a spectator throughout this dream, and I see two guys skiing at some miniature icy area. It was like one of those ice stadiums or whatever you call it that allowed you to ski at some kind of course.

      A blonde wearing a white fluffy jacket (Moncler Gueran Coat to be precise probably ) getting closer to the guy, and she's trying to ask him a question. The guy notices her, and he gets off his skii equipment, and the blonde does as well.

      sharing dreams-women-moncler-gueran-long-down-quilted-coat-white.jpg

      I think the blonde asks the guy in the black jacket ski-wear if he knows her. It takes a while for the guy to recognize her, and he finally tells her that.

      But I'm not sure if he did one of those fake gestures that some people do when a person they don't know asks them if they remember them
      (like how you hug that same person, and look at your friend wondering who the heck they're hugging).

      They walk a little bit somewhere, and I'm just moving back seeing everything follow through (still a spectator).

      Then I see a flashing image of a Black lady and a Blonde lady walking together with two muscular guys I believe that were most likely bodyguards because the two women had to go next to the wall to prevent the crowd from touching them.

      I don't know what it was for, but I just assumed they were celebrities.

      Dream 4: Weird Class Lecture

      I'm sitting somewhere in class, and the professor is giving really odd references on how a certain point value equals a specific letter grade (A, B , C, D, F).

      I'm trying to write down random words of what they are saying to us, and I believe I was writing something like, "6 6 6 6 9 6 6 6" or something like that, and I end up being confused because I didn't start a new line when she said something equaled another letter grade.

      I think I see a dude to the right of me who is Black, and he's probably confused as well, but the dream is too hazy for me to bother asking him.

      Dream 5: Bathroom Mystery

      Not sure if this dream relates to the previous one, but whatever.

      I was waiting near some bathroom entrance, most likely at some educational institution, and apparently you had to do some kind of puzzle to get in? I don't know what I did, but I go in, and it's dark inside.

      There's some weird things going on the toilet, and apparently, only a few people would be able to see something like that. I come out, and I walk somewhere.

      Dream 6: iTouch/iPhone vs. Zune HD talk

      I'm sitting down somewhere, and it looks like a lot of DCs are having some social gathering in this building I'm in.

      To the right of me are two male DCs, one looks familiar, but I can't remember his facial features.

      They were talking about the iPhone or iTouch, and talked about how it is great, and then compared it with the Zune. I forget what they said about the Zune, but I have my Zune HD 32 gb in my hand.

      I nudge at the male DC next to me and tell him I have a Zune, but before I showed them the screen, apparently I had some inappropriate content showing, so I immediately hide and show it to them.

      I told them since Zune HDs are discontinued, they have rose in price, up to $500+. Then in my mind, I knew that was just for the 64 GB, so I changed the price to around $299+ for the 32 GB.

      Then the DC looks at the Zune, and then looks at me, and it seems they want to take it, at least that's what I feel like he was going to do. Then as his hand approaches, weird stuf happens.

      I'm shifted to a different scene where the movement of my hands and the other male DC's hands shift the movement of some kind of fire forming around in front of us.

      Then I see my mother, and I look at the time, and started to panic because I feel like I needed to be somewhere else other than this place. But she doesn't care, but I still tell her the reason why I am here or some odd reason.

      I think I hug her, and then I shift my attention to another male DC sitting near the other two male DCs I sat to and wanted to greet him.

      I don't know what I did next.

      I feel like there's a dream that I had after this, but I can't recall it because I distracted myself too much doing other things while going back to remember the dreams before it.

      It might be related to me finding Alyzarin, but probably not, maybe I'm just thinking too hard on the matter.

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    9. Blood Tube Gagging, Chibi, Random Tennis Teammates, Fast Food, Code Lyoko & Groceries, Northgate....

      by , 02-26-2012 at 07:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I decided to sleep earlier than usual. I probably slept for like 10-12 hours. I had so many chances to become lucid, and some of the dreams felt like days.

      Dream 1: Blood Tube Gagging

      I'm watching a soap opera that looks like the The Bold and The Beautiful. Nick Marone is in tears, telling a killer why they murdered a woman. The "killer" revives the woman by getting blood from a random tube.

      Reality is Dynamic?-jack-wagner-beautiful-nick-marone.jpg

      The lady wakes up and is gagging while the tube is down her throat. I think I end up having my private parts being sucked by her to help keep the blood in her mouth. (WTF?!?!?)

      Some person tells me to hump 2 times, and I do so because I'm worried that this woman might die, and things were just too chaotic for me to rationalize this random dream. I have no clue what I did would do to the women, I just do it.

      Dream 2: Chibi cartoon

      I think I'm doing some voice acting for some flash animation or a cartoon show. I end up doing something random, all I see is a random clip of me and some other dudes as Chibi cartoons. We're rotating in a square formation in the cartoon.

      Dream 3: Computer Lab & Random Tennis Teammates

      I'm inside a computer lab, and this feels like a High School type of dream. I believe I'm with some random tennis team. The coach tells us that we should make our opponents feel welcomed, and then things get weird.

      Reality is Dynamic?-217-web.jpg

      We started to say "Howdy" to each person coming in from the other school (just another word for "Hi" at Texas A&M). We keep this up until all of them come in, and most of them responded with "Howdy" as well, but there was this one guy who just ignores us completely and heads for somewhere to sit.

      The dream shifts to where I'm with more DCs that look like tennis teammates. Some were familiar, but I didn't pay too much attention to them. I think my pants were coming off, and some people were laughing at me. I quickly pull up my shorts before more people saw my underwear.

      I knew some of them snickered, but I just look at them and they stopped giggling.

      Dream 4: Asian restaurant and Starbucks clone

      It was probably 1 AM in this dream, and I wanted to get something to eat. I go to this place that looks like it sells Asian food. Then the setting shifts to where it seems to be early morning. It's still gray and misty outside, but wasn't too bothered by this abrupt change.

      I think I met an Asian girl. She was a little chubby, but that didn't bothered me at all. I think we were talking, but I couldn't remember what, so I assumed we had small talk. Then I find myself in another retail fast food that looked like a Starbucks clone. I go up to the cash register and asked what stuff they sell.

      The person showed me the meal prices and drinks as well. I asked him what type of drink/coffee he liked (because this place was new to me), and he pointed to the one he prefers.

      I think I ordered sausage biscuit with it as well. The drink tasted minty, which kind of bothered me because I'm not really much of a mint lover, but I just bear with it because I already paid for it.

      Dream 5: Code Lyoko and Grocery Store/Supermarket

      I see Sissy from Code Lyoko going somewhere, and it seemed she was sneaking around. I get closer to her because I see a small portal near some icy spike in the Ice Sector.

      (It didn't hit me that if Sissy was in the Ice Sector with me, obviously she would've found out about the Supercomputer and Lyoko itself...I'm just oblivious throughout this part of the dream).

      I use my body to conceal the small purple portal and I see Yumi in her original Lyoko warrior outfit playing along with my plan to prevent Sissy from finding the portal (at least that's what I thought Yumi was doing). We just act quiet, and I see Yumi look up somewhere, her body was at a side angle, and I didn't pay attention to look up to where she was looking.

      The dream shifts to where I'm probably at HEB
      (grocery store/supermarket). I near the Produce section, and I still feel like I'm trying to hide something from someone. Eventually, I stop doing that and keep walking.

      I try to find some meat, and I eventually see bacon that isn't wrapped in a package. It looked like it was thawed out, and I didn't pick it up, but I just touch it to feel its smooth and wet texture.

      Then I go to the Baked Goods section, and saw these delicious pine tarts that were big and really soft and warm. I wanted a piece, but I didn't see paper holders to wrap it and buy it.

      It was so tempting, I could just imagine how it would taste if I took a small bite.

      Dream Fragment:

      I don't know where this part started, but some female was giving me a white paper to copy stuff. I believe I had a red sheet turned in, but I didn't know for what exactly.

      I just copy it down quickly, and that's all I remember for that.

      Dream 6: Abnormal change to Northgate Traditions area

      I wake up (FA), and I'm wearing a maroon polo shirt and black pants. I get out of my apartment, and I head towards a dirt road that saves some time walking since it cuts through the normal route diagonally.

      This dream was really vivid, and was almost perfect in replicating the area I live at Texas A&M University. I was walking awkwardly, trying to balance myself. I keep going up, and there was something wrong with the area in Northgate.

      It seemed the parking lot that had many levels was gone, and was replaced with another entrance to get into the rooms. I go in and find a bathroom, and apparently there's this secret entrance on the wall in the Men's bathroom.

      I think I had to duck my head a little and then press on the rotatable part of the wall to go somewhere.

      I know I had more dreams, but it's because I slept so long that made them too hazy.

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    10. In the bathroom, reading Naruto, couple in Restaurant, Basketball

      by , 02-24-2012 at 02:42 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      In the bathroom, reading Naruto, couple in Restaurant, Basketball (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: In Bathroom

      I'm going into the bathroom to pee, and there are way too many random DCs in the bathroom and urinals as well. I finally found one after awkwardly avoiding a DC looking at my private parts and did my business.

      Some person was doing something random that I'm not too sure of.

      Dream 2: Reading Naruto Shippuden Manga Online

      I think I'm reading a colored Naruto Shippuden Manga online, and some ad on the side said that going to these types of sites giving new stuff means they can store your information or something like that. (I still think my mind is associating with the fake DV server thing).

      I see Tobi with his new mask and having his Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan and the Rinnegan, and Naruto in Kyuubi mode.

      Bring on the tasty food-tobi-new-mask.jpgBring on the tasty food-%255banimepaper.net%255dvector-box-anime-naruto-vector-%252334-naruto-kyuubi-mode-184326-ala21ddin21-m.jpg

      I also saw some pictures of one of the Rugrats characters named Chuckie, and the name "Dave" was beside the image as well.

      Bring on the tasty food-rugrats-chuckie.jpg

      Dream 3: Couple in Restaurant

      I'm inside a restaurant, and I see some girl with some guy. He's showing off his body to her, and he's really muscular all over. He told her that he didn't let the girl before he came to her touch his crotch.

      Bring on the tasty food-six-pack-abs.jpg

      The girl then asks him what he sees in her all the time, and suddenly I'm taking the guy's perspective in 1st person view, and while he's saying "girls" several times, I see how sad and lonely the girl is.

      Dream 4: Basketball

      I think I'm in a basketball game and I see some person making insane 3 pointers (not really a fan of basketball, but he was doing really crazy tactics that would involve a lot of courage and risk).

      Bring on the tasty food-basketball-3636.jpg

      Then I think I'm the person and I start making random 2 and 3 pointers, then I tried to shoot out of bounds behind the basket, but I fail.

      I even tried to pass the ball to a teammate, but they failed in getting it as well, I think one of them even slapped the ball away from me passing it to them.
    11. Meeting Biochemists And Geneticists Females, Peeing, Mother Closing Garage, Party Time Calendar

      by , 02-04-2012 at 01:38 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I was going to nap for a little while, but when I woke up to the alarm, I seemed to dozed off a little bit after I turned it off, and slipped into an accidental nap.

      OH, and I changed the format of the dates labeled on each dream, I'm used to the typical M/D/Y format, and it was getting annoying seeing D/M/Y from the default setting of the dream journal template that's available on the older dream journal settings thread I believe.

      (Just keeping this as a note so I won't think that I didn't have any dreams on February, since seeing 01.02.2012 would be Jan, if I go back to glance at my older entries and having it at 02.03.2012 might make me think it's from March if I kept conforming to the D/M/Y format instead of the M/D/Y format...just so those who read won't get confused.).


      Dream 1:

      The dream started out with me standing near a few sets of Buses belonging to the bus system at my University.

      They had variation in shapes and function. One was a classic and old school version (apparently), and there was an old lady trying to get the light to turn on, and it seemed she was trying to radio in to the maintenance or whatever to say the lights weren't working.

      I immediately ignored going inside of that bus because the old lady was having a hard time. I believe there was another bus in between, but I go up to the bus in front of it.

      I go in, and I find this bus is really short inside compared to the others. I believe it had 8-10 seats or so inside, excluding the driver's seat. Here's how the format the bus was.

      When you go up the steps to get in, there's going to be four seats or so on your left. And when you turn left to sit on the left side, in front of you is two to four more seats (that are on the opposite side of you), and if you're still sitting on the left side from where you entered, you'll see that there's two or more extra seats placed perpendicular of where you're sitting as the back seats.

      (This picture pretty much explains what I said, with those two guys sitting on the side(but just replace them with females), and I was the one sitting on the left. And there were windows on the sides compared to this picture).

      I couldn't remember if I was the first one to get on the bus, but I stumble upon mostly female DCs coming in. Of course, there weren't going to be many people, so I see a blonde come in, and the dream shifts to where there's probably 3 females on the bus, excluding the female driver.

      I introduced myself to them, starting with the blonde who is front ot me. I put my hand out to her, and she tells me her name, it starts with an "S," but I couldn't remember it. I do remember that I had to ask her twice though.

      Looking back on how she looked like, she was your classic MILF, I knew she had a lot of intelligence within her, and she was just so sexy to me. Her body build was so appealing to me, she was wearing the typical light blue jeans, and I believe she was wearing a blue sweater, almost like the one I wore today.

      How old are you?-cougars-cougar-life.jpg(Just putting this in because it matches to how the DC smiled at me when I greeted her, and she basically had the same upper region as the one in the pic too xD)

      I think she had lip gloss on, because I do recall a shine to her lips, probably was trying to attract me. She told me that she majored in Biochemistry, and then I realized she looked like professor (a really hot one that's probably around her late 20s and or early to mid 30s).

      I believe I greeted another lady, who was probably a younger blonde, I think she had really curly blonde hair, and probably had freckles as well, but I forgot the first letter of her name compared to the older one that was sitting to the right of her. And the younger one looked shy and timid.

      Then I turn left, and I see a Black female DC, I greeted myself to her, and she said she was a Geneticists. She started to tell me more on how she regretted not having Biochemistry as her major since Genetics majors would have to do more work if they wanted to switch or something.

      I agreed with her, but then something in my mind told me that something was wrong with that logic she was declaring to me. I explained to her that both Biochemistry and Genetics are about 95% related to each other, so the small percentage that makes them different wouldn't have made any huge changes in whatever she wanted to be.

      And I felt myself talking while explaining this to her as well, in fact, I would've became lucid if I was wondering why I'm on a bus when I'm actually taking an accidental nap.

      She agrees to my explanation and is like "Oh, really??!" in a surprised tone. Then she tells me she has to speak with one of her advisers to give her a piece of her mind or something.

      In my mind, I thought that it would be already too late for her to complain about how whoever advised her to do Genetics instead of Biochemistry since she looked like she was the same age as the blonde MILF.

      Then after a while, everything gets quiet, so I guess we're all just planning what to say next. Then I started to say how I wanted to major in Biochemistry because I felt I could also do small research on sleep cycles and dreaming, and all three of them looked at me and nodded their heads each time I explained a reason at the end.

      I talked about how Dream research is a science that remains untouched because people are afraid that their beliefs will suddenly be just a method of faith they placed on to define their reality, and other basic things you would say to people who don't look like they focus on dreaming and attempting to become lucid.

      They had that curious facade, and it was cute.
      (Even as I'm typing this, I'm still lured by the blonde MILF, she just had this aura that I could just hug her and smother my face all over her breasts while she gets her hands and holds my my head in excitement, just thinking about it gets me excited too...but let's move on).

      The bus stops I believe and we get off. This is the part where the dream transitions I'm not to sure of what occurred first or last.

      But from what I remembered first, I was inside a bathroom that was mixed, meaning that there was a section combined with male urinals, and you could walk a few steps to go to the female area.

      Of course, I assumed the area with the toilets that were concealed was for females, since I saw the blonde teenager's head that I met inside the bus getting ready to do her business. I think there was another female DC outside the concealed toilet waiting for her.

      Then I go to the urinal, and I took a really long time urinating, I'm surprised I didn't wake up feeling wet down there since I felt the sensation getting stronger and stronger as I urinate more. I wanted to be careful not to urinate too fast because I didn't want the liquid to splash back at me.

      Then the dream transitions to where we're inside some classroom, and we're all going to leave. I only see the teenager blonde I met in the bus with me, and she was doing her own business.

      I think I was searching the desk and drawers to make sure no one left anything. I think I found all sorts of things ranging from deserts, etc.

      That's all I remember for that all. I'm still having an attract to the blonde MILF I saw though. Maybe she wanted my attention, and I gave her it, but I just wasn't lucid.

      Dream 2: Mother Closing Garage Door

      All I remember from this dream was that my father was having difficulty closing the garage door, and he called a DC that looked like my mother to close it for him.

      I look at her try to close it, she detaches the right side of it, and slowly links it back to the grooves to slide it down, but by the time she did that, I ignored her and went somewhere.

      Dream 3: Party Time Calendar

      All I remember from this dream was being giving a calendar of estimated dates of when there was going to be a party that a specific group of older adults called the "Guyanese Club" I knew about in waking life.

      As I'm reading this, apparently some DC is telling me how one DC didn't tell the other DC about this calendar, and it was pretty trivial and petty things that I didn't want to listen to.

      I think I saw some numbers moving around the calendar, but that's all I remember.
    12. Nude Pictures of Myself, Groping in Empty Public Train, Surviving a Tsunami

      by , 02-01-2012 at 02:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: Naked Pictures of Myself

      I don't remember too much about this because it was oddly disturbing and surprising at the same time. I was inside a room sitting somewhere that had an adequate amount of lights that radiated a yellow/orange color to them, and my father is going through a series of pictures on a Laptop.

      The time has come...-green_room___oscars_2011.jpg

      I think a few of them are me naked with me holding my penis and actually take a fully body picture with it too. I'm freaked out as hell, wondering how the hell I would do something like that, but my father just scrolls through them like he didn't even see anything.

      I didn't register any element of surprise from his face when he was going through my photos.

      Either he tried to make it look like he didn't see anything and wanted to scroll faster to avoid the other naked pictures I had, or was a completely oblivious DC that was doing random shit on the laptop.

      That's all I remember for that one. And good thing that's all I remembered.

      Dream 2: Groping Woman's Ass in a Train

      I'm on a train that's pretty empty. A pretty cute black girl is outside wearing a RED shirt and has glasses on (looks like Shi Reeves). She looks familar to me because before the dream, I think I heard the voice of some lady trying to convince me to talk to some people or something.

      She's with a guy though, so she comes in the train with him. We're all standing, and the train moves. It's the type of train that's outside and above ground, not in the subway. But it felt like I was in a bus, but I'll just go with train for now.

      The time has come...-spotless-even-when-full.jpg

      The girl doesn't recognize me, but I have a feeling she was trying to find me in a dream I can' remember seeing her. She was looking outside the windows of the bus while I take a quick glance at her breasts.

      I don't know if she was pretending not to see me, I think she even looks at me, but it was only for a second, but I could remember seeing the cheeks on her face have a little makeup on.

      Then she gets closer to me with her back facing me, but not paying attention to me. The guy who is with her is on her right, and he's close to me as well. Her back is facing me still, and she gets a little closer to me. She gets closer and closer, and I eventually feel her ass in gray yoga pants or some leggings with my knuckles.

      I wasn't trying to touch her intentionally, it's just that she got closer to me. While the bus is constantly moving, making her ass bump into the knuckles of my hand even more, the dude who is next to her grabs my hand I think and forces me to grope her ass.

      He's asks me "Don't you want this???" At first I'm shocked because it feels like this guy had persuaded me to meet this woman before in different dreams that I cannot remember, but I could actually feel her ass.

      It was so smooth and firm. Feeling the texture of the yoga pants was amazing, but I wasn't lucid. It felt erotic just holding my hand around this woman's amazing ass, I felt like a child that suddenly got into the temptation.

      I ended up holding the sides of this woman and starting to move both my hands near the bottom region of her stomach to her vaginal area and continued moving them around her rear.

      I finally was convinced and told the person "Yes...I'll be with her." or something like that. I didn't see how the guy looked though. But damn was this woman I'm touching hot. She really started to look like Shi Reeves.

      I think I'm in a different dream scenario to where they are taking me to a random house. We get there by car I think. The environment overall has some gray clouds, and the neighborhood looks like a pretty maintained and fancy place.

      It was quiet at the time, and the Shi Reeves look-a-like DC is going in it to pack some stuff I think. I go into the car to get random things out to put inside the front entrance of the house.

      When I go in, I see dark brown wood flooring, dining table....stuff that you would generally see in a house. I asked "Hello?" inside the house, and didn't get a response. I started to get louder and asked if anyone was in the place.

      No response, so I go venture around the place, and see a bathroom when I moved forward and turned right. It looked empty, and no lights were on, but outside of the bathroom was partially lit.

      I sensed that the black female DC was in the bathroom with the lights off, but I couldn't tell. I saw another DC that was in there, but I don't think he was doing anything with the lady. She was probably sitting on the toilet, so I immediately moved away to not look like a peeping tom.

      I waited for her to be finished, but I woke up.

      Dream 3: Place gets drenched with Tsunami

      I'm seeing this random area get demolished by a Tsunami, or a huge wave of water at least. I don't feel any of the impact, but I look around a small field of vision and someone was asking me what happened to the place.

      I think I said Scotland had a Tsunami occur, but I'm not sure if that's really what I said. I was telling some random voice that I didn't bother to look for the source it was coming from the experiences I had encountering the Tsunami.

      The time has come...-calculate-speed-tsunami-800x800.jpg

      Apparently I hanged on top of a ledge, but not with my knuckles facing me, but the other way around (palms facing me), and I'm just hanging on to the ledge very tightly until the Tsunami hits my way.

      How does hanging from a ledge where all of your strength relies on your arms and hands prevent one from getting injured from an incoming Tsunami? I don't know, and it felt like silly too.

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