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    1. Team Rocket Tries to Hack Me (SDE Day 29 Part 2)

      by , 09-13-2012 at 04:28 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Team Rocket Tries to Hack Me (Non-lucid)


      This dream was kind of fun, even though I'm being hunted, with the sliding down a steep hill and all.

      A nap that isn't too random to actually get some substance of action for once. I slept around 3 PM until 6 PM

      Damn, the recall on this one....and just for a freaking nap too....how is it in this case, I'm remembering my naps, which are basically 1-3 hours of sleeping compared to me sleeping for 4-5 hours and then going back for another 2, or 3 if I'm lucky, and getting horrible recall....

      Must be REM rebound, and the experiences of this nap feeling pretty strong....hmmmm...this sleeping style I'm taking is weird, taking naps late in the afternoon, or early night, and then staying up for maybe 3-4 more hours.

      I remember two people are after me in some way, I just feel like I'm being hunted. The environment outside consists of mostly autumn leaves on the ground. It was a large and spacious area, and I believe it had at least one STEEP hill going downwards on your right when you look at this screen. I'm pretty sure there's also a hill going up as well covered in gold-ish brown autumn leaves.

      There were a lot of trees, most were very, very tall, and their color almost looked like a mix between dark brown and black, they look like they were fading away. But because the environment was so freaking huge, you sort of ignore how many tall trees there were, and they were so spread out, it wouldn't be a distraction at all if you happened to see two of them together if you were sliding down.

      The skies are not apparent at all, because it seems the trees themselves would extend even towards space. The atmosphere's color becomes apparent from these trees blocking all signs of it, and the color is a light muddy brown mixed in with some swamp-ish green.

      It's hanging there, and I could even see small white specks of light around it as well, but just barely, since most of my focus was sliding down and going up two steep hills that are spread out. I see James, a member of Team Rocket, looking for something. He appeared in a 3D form, like a Nintendo 64 version of him.

      He's around one of those tall black trees, and at first, I didn't see him as a threat, even though he is the only person other than myself in the dream at the time. He turns around, but he's barely making any kind of reaction towards me. It's very hard to pick up what kind of mood he's in.

      In fact, the more I think about, I think this is just a person wearing mask with James smiling, because the face has a mouth opened, but it looks like a cut out, and also, the eyes themselves are completely black, and probably has some small hole in each of them, so that whoever is wearing the mask can see of course.

      I feel that at some point in this dream, it had frequent dream resets.

      I felt like attacking James, to try and get his attention, since he had his back turned on me. From seeing the back of him, I could tell he's wearing the default team Team Rocket costume. The black (or dark gray) gloves, boots, and belt along with the long white pants tucked into the boots with the shirt tucked into the pants as well.

      I'm wondering if this guy is just some kind of lifeless dream character, it's like he's not taking any effort in at least pretend to feel like he's in pain from me kicking his legs. He turns around, finally....and I quickly look at his hands, and realize he has a machine gun....

      I waste no time to quickly dash before I'm covered in bullets, and from that point on, the calmness of the whole dream is completely eradicated, it's all a rush now. Run or die. Even when I quickly move to cover, which is basically hiding behind on of the many dark trees spread out.

      It seems James is a little slow in his reflexes, since I could still see him shooting at empty space that I was at a few seconds ago..maybe I was too quick, but it didn't feel like I really was that fast though.

      I'm having some trouble in remembering the gaps between those dream shifts and resets, but one prominent moment was that I'm aware that Jessie is now part of the hunt with James to find and possibly kill me.

      I recall sliding down those same steep hill I mentioned before covered completely with autumn leaves everywhere. It felt so exhilarating, the simple act of going down this steep hill, I could just get a sense of how it would feel as the wind clashes with my body. This moment of sliding down itself temporarily alleviated the feelings of being hunted.

      I recall seeing Jessie near the end of the steep hill, and even though she's far away from me, I could zoom in on her, and it seems she's ready to attack me. She has her mouth open smiling at me, but it was hard for me to distinguish if she's smiling at the thought of killing or injuring me, or maybe she's really eager to meet me and possibly not do anything bad to me at all.

      But because of my preconception of Team Rocket, if James was going to shoot me from before, obviously Jessie wouldn't mind doing the same. But there was something completely different about her compared to James.

      One, she looked like the exact counterpart in the show, and she didn't have cutouts on her eyes and mouth as James did in this dream, she looked like the real projection of Jessie. and not a person wearing a mask.

      She wasn't wearing her version of the default costume the suspicious James was wearing. She wore a Black version of it, with the same Red "R" logo between her chest. I most likely take another turn somewhere to avoid her.

      Oh and she had Red Hair as well, rather than the Magenta colored one that shows up and is changed around with the Red color a lot throughout the series.

      Then I have another dream shift where I'm going down the hill again, maybe a new hill, but it's going down like the other one before, and the moment I passed through one tree, still feeling like I'm being hunted, I could just sense that something distinct would be on the ground.

      I look to my right, since I was sliding down
      (I think) on the left side of the dark tree before I decided to turn my head. I quickly noticed that they was 1-2 Blackberry Curve phones, like the one I have in waking life. So I make 180 degree twirl to stop the momentum of sliding down this steep hill to go hide behind the tree where the Blackberry phones were contained.

      I immediately take one of the phones, or both of them, and replaced them with duplicates. I don't know why I did this at all, since I'm shifting a lot between feeling these non-lucid experiences and just letting the forces in motion as I'm seeing myself and others in third person throughout the majority of the dream.

      As soon as I replace the phones with duplicates or fakes, I see myself grinning as I'm holding one of the phones with my right hand. It seems that as I'm sliding down the hill again, I'm also probably using the trackball on the Blackberry to scroll through some information. I see all of this occurring when I'm watching myself in third person.

      I noticed that I'm wearing a jacket, and judging by how rare it is for me to wear jackets, it looks a lot like the brown leather jacket I have in waking. I'm probably wearing generic dark pants as well.

      After a while, I'm shifted into another perspective in third person where I get a mental image of a screen that has the format of:


      And I saw the black circles being entered, so I couldn't tell what the username or password was at all. The screen login had a very light magenta bar on top of it that went horizontal, and it was thin as well. Maybe it was Jessie hacking into something.

      My eyes were wide opened, and my mouth is slightly hanging down a bit, as if I went with a trance state of mind for a moment. My eyes were blank, like information was being inserted rapidly, and all that I could remember was the "" being put inside the Username and Password slots.

      The experience was like this video of Light Yagami (brown haired guy) getting his memories of the Death note back, excluding him going batshit crazy again of course:

      Then there's another dream shift (yes, it's all very confusing with which hill I'm on, but bear with me), and now I'm sliding down the hill on the OTHER side, which means I would've went up to it if I kept sliding down from the other hill.

      I see Jessie again, waiting for me, and I quickly hide, and suddenly, I have a feeling that I have a machine gun, an Uzi specifically because of how light-weight it felt on my hand. I quickly exposed myself to see if I could aim for Jessie, but I had a hunch that shooting anyone in this dream is not necessary when I can just use the trees spread out for cover.

      In fact, whether or not I did have a machine gun was very hard to tell in this dream, I could've shadowed the motion of preparing to shoot a machine gun, or maybe the gun was just that lightweight to make it seem as if I'm holding nothing.

      Anyway, I didn't see Jessie anymore when I exposed myself to try and aim at someone, so I assumed they went to another spot, or disappeared completely. However, I still had strong feelings that I was being followed and hunted still.

      Then the dream shifts (another gap in my recall unfortunately) again where I'm not inside some kind of base. It's mostly shades of blue and turquoise, which is completely different from the orange, gold-ish brown, and yellow setting from outside. And to the right of me is some extremely muscular guy. It's very hard to tell what his visage looks like, since he's pretty tall. I looked to my left, and I see Jessie stops right where she is and looks at me.

      I look at her, and for some weird reason, the same tall muscular guy that was really a big blur to me seemed to scare Jessie. She was kind of freaked out, but that was probably because I motioned my eyes towards that same guy to my right, as if it was me warning her that she's going to get it if she tries anything funny with me.

      She makes a weird expression on her face like she's tired, so I guess she gives up on whatever it is she's trying to do or say to me.

      After that, that's all I remember.

    2. Middle-Aged College/University, Edward from Twilight & Girl's Bedroom

      by , 03-02-2012 at 06:28 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I slept for 4 hours from around 9PM-1AM, tried to do WBTB that lasted for 20 minutes, and I went to bed attempting a WILD, but failed.

      I wake up around 6-7 AM I believe, didn't remember any dreams, then slept again around 8AM and woke up around 10:45 ish AM and remembered two vivid dreams.

      Dream 1: College/University with Middle Age City Setting

      I'm inside a house somewhere, and I see my mother and father. I think my mother asked if she wanted to go to groceries with us, apparently they're getting some stuff for some kind of party.

      I respond to her that I would have to come with them anyway to help move the cart and pick up heavy stuff for her. She said I didn't have ot come if I didn't want to I believe, so I just head out the door.

      The environment feels so compact, it feels like the type of city where you would know almost everyone because there is so little of them here. It had that home feel to it, it almost resembled the city of Flanoir in the Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 series.

      Lucid by jumping on one foot...-flanoir.jpg

      Except, it wasn't winter, it was average weather. I think I head outside a little more, and the place feels like the housing had that castle feel to it. I think I go up to a group of DCs to hear them talk about something probably related to college.

      I think they were talking about how some girl is a junior in college, and how she would use some kind of notepad that would give her practice problems for exams in college, and how she would just get A's easily I believe.

      After listening to them more, I think I move somewhere else. I think I wanted to take a few pictures of this area with my Blackberry Curve, but I didn't want to take it with people in it because I didn't want them to think I was being a creep.

      Lucid by jumping on one foot...-blackberry-curve-8330-reviews-2.jpg

      The dream setting starts to gradually turn from day to night, and the whole environment has that middle-age century vibe to it. I feel more comfortable taking more pictures now, and some of them looked pretty nice to me. Some of them had a lot of lighting at dark, and then I was concerned about the flash on the Blackberry Curve.

      I wanted to turn it off, and all I had to do apparently was simply press black button on the side of it, which made the images a little dark, but I didn't mind. I'm probably moving around some random area in this weird city that still feels like I'm in a college/university.

      There's some route that looks abandoned, and I decide to go there, and it leads to this slightly dark area with a bunch of old stuff, but not too much. It was like going inside a cave or something like that.

      I was afraid to go deeper in some parts, and I think someone was saying something that's bad about the area I'm in, and it was most likely just DCs outside that were talking. I try to peek to see what's on the other side of this dungeon/cave like area, and I think I end up going through it to see that it's just dark and nothing bad within it.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Meeting Edward from Twilight in a Room?

      I can't remember a lot of thing from this dream, but I'm inside a bedroom that has a little yellow-orange lighting to it.

      Everything is first-person perspective for me, and it almost feels like I'm playing Half-Life 2 because I see some stuff like ammo, etc., and I simply walk over them and I hear that sound that your ammo was replenished.

      I go around this room for a while, and I think I see Edward from Twilight in the room for a few seconds. I believe I was talking to him, but I'm not sure what exactly. I do know that I was looking under the bed of this room that seems to be have a girly setting to it.

      Lucid by jumping on one foot...-edward-cullen.jpg

      I see more stuff underneath this bed and I'm surprised apparently, but I can't remember what was under there.

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