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    1. Changing COD Name & Saving Someone via Non-Sequential Tasks

      by , 12-01-2015 at 06:55 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Changing COD Username Never Felt So Hard (DILD)


      Iím trying to change my username in a Call of Duty-esque related game, but as Iím doing this, I hear the bantering from two females that seem to have intentions of me not changing my username. I eventually do it, but it was just too annoying.

      Then, when I tried to get on a server, I think I had to step into a portal to get into a game, but when I did so, and went around it, someone immediately killed me. It was an Asian male, and he was wearing a gray shirt with dark jeans. He had long hair that stretched all the way to his neck, and was probably in his early 30s.

      I was irritated, and left the game.


      Trying to Save Someone through Non-Sequential Tasks (DILD)


      Iím trying to save someone, but I donít know who in particular, and some sprite-animated anime girl with white hair, faded violet long trench coat, red shirt, and white tank top informs me that if I followed her instructions very clearly, I could save them.

      It starts out, or my recall of it starts out with her instructing me, as if sheís talking to me via mind voice, of having to save certain images in certain formats that donít really resonate to their respective formats. The one that I remembered the most out of the rest was her telling me to save a picture of Tsunade from the Naruto Shippuden series smiling in an .android format.

      I was easily able to find an image, but it was most of her face being cut off, and it was in black and white.

      I tried saving it the easy way of erasing the extension of the picture/gif, but wasnít able to, for some reason. So, thereís this program that comes out of nowhere, the software-converter-ex-machina, which comes with all the formats I needed. I navigated through the software for a little bit, and it has some bland color of a dirtied-up vanilla, and the arrows to scroll down had this old Windows style to it.

      I eventually saved it as an .android, and the moment I did this, some black rectangle with green words were portrayed transiently. The girl professed to me that the next thing I had to do was play same sprite-based, adventure game on the same computer/laptop Iím on. She gives me a vague concept of the plot of the game, or at least the deterrent set up that would make it somewhat tedious.

      There were these female entities where if your character had their back facing them, they would subsequently slash behind your back, and it would be quite graphic a full of gore. I tried the first time to see if that would actually be the case, which it did. When I started navigating through the game, things became blurry for a bit, and I received some kind of message of ways I can figure out where I can find the person Iím trying to save. Within the message, I had two attachments of .xls documents, or Excel related documents. If I could figure out how to assess the instructions, the same black rectangle would show up on-screen with some green text, and a green checkmark with a rotating circle behind it confirming I solved it.

      I believe the Tsunade picture was part of the objective, now that I think about it. Iím on my way to figure out the second .xls document, but I canít recall what happens next.
    2. Birthday Party, Gambling Again, Supernova Banned, OpheliaBlue, Another Sneaking Mission...

      by , 06-27-2012 at 02:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Birthday Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm upstairs, and I believe I'm talking to some kid that looks familiar.

      Let's call him "Keen."

      Keen was talking to me about something, but I forgot what it was, and then he started to imitate his uncle in real life, and he's doing it really well! I tried to contain my laughter because I heard his uncle was nearby, like in another random bedroom.

      I believe the uncle was calling someone at the time talking about some birthday party, and then he asked something about the day of his birthday.

      Maybe he was trying to hint at the person that it's his birthday.

      The uncle finally comes out, and it really is like him in waking life.

      Keen goes downstairs, and continues imitating the accent of his uncle, and finally shifts his attention before he trips downstairs.

      Gambling Again (Non-lucid)


      I remember playing Runescape, and apparently I'm in a clan that doesn't mind if you gamble. I'm playing the hot/cold x 2 game again.

      (Basically you bed on what color flower will show up when a person plants, and if you're right you get double the money you gave them....have to watch out for people who log off with your money though, looool).

      Anyway, I believe I decided to gamble 6 million gold pieces to a player, and like always, I say "Hot" because I assume that a warm flower color will show up, but it ends up being a cold flower (purple/blue mix).

      I get pissed off at myself from trying to risk 6 million gp for 12 million gp, and the person who bet says, "aww."

      Damn it. I can't tell if I'm the one walking or if I'm still playung runescape, but anyway, I go upstairs somewhere as me I guess by now.

      There are white floors, and I see red chinchompas from Runescape walking around. And guess what I do.....

      I start setting up traps....LOOOL (Red Chinchompas can be hunted in Runescape with Box Traps, and it seems I was doing the same in the virtual reality of this dream).

      I decided to go south of the small section I'm in (there's a reverse-L shaped wall that takes up most of the space on the left).

      I set up the traps, and some random person comes up and starts talking to me about something, most likely related to how I'm setting up the traps. I see the person setting up traps near the same stairs I came up to this floor, and he takes the traps off.

      I decided to set the traps....or maybe I just gave up overall.

      Supernova Banned???? (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside of a house that feels like a replica of the one I'm at in waking life. The garage is closed, and I'm sitting down, resting my back on the garage talking to some guy doing the same.

      There's another guy that comes around the corner to add on to the conversation, and I believe our main topic was about old members or members who decided to leave Dream Views for a few weeks/months or whatever coming back.

      I get a flashing image that Supernova gets banned? Like, I see a random post, and I look at his avatar and signature, and they're all blank.

      Then after the image fades, I'm back into the conversation, and apparently this same person I'm sitting next to is a DV member himself who quit.

      How I knew was because the other person standing talking to us said something about him leaving DV for a while and then coming back. He said it in a surprised accent as a question to the guy.

      The guy looks at me for a few seconds, and I can't remember what happens next.
      OpheliaBlue and Digital Drawing (Non-lucid)


      OpheliaBlue has a deviantart, and she has a lot of colorful digital drawings up.

      In fact, while I was looking at her deviant art gallery, she was working on another digital art, and I could see her progress. I don't think she knew I could see it though. I tried talking to her on the IRC or some kind of messaging medium, but she's probably busy working on the drawing.

      I believe she's using gridded drawing, and she has several screens popped up for many of these drawings. The one that she's currently working on in the dream seems to be making rainbows and trying to add them together for something I can't remember too clearly.
      Another Sneaking Mission? (Non-lucid)


      Feels like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in this dream.

      It starts out with me following someone, and this feels like the mission where you use camouflage and use a sniper rifle most of the time.

      We're ducking for cover, and slowly walking into an abandoned house. There are some elements of this same level, but the enemies end up looking different, at least that's what I remember from not playing Modern Warfare campaign for a while.

      The guy I'm following tells me to plant some kind of grenade, and I just go by his word, and plant it to the wall, and then I think he prompts me to activate it.

      I did so, and expected some kind of loud boom, but it seems to be some kind of grenade specialized for electronic interference. And it seems that the enemy that's at least 10 feet away from us didn't hear us.

      I had a feeling that this mission was going to be bad-ass because the guy I'm following seemed to know what he was doing. He tells me to go ahead and crouch down to the dirt floor because an enemy is near.

      It takes me a while to get ready, and I turn my back facing the enemy, and I hear the enemy say, "Huh?"

      I quickly duck down, and the enemy quickly retreats to his position, guess he assumed it was just the wind blowing on the faded and brown grains or leaves.

      I slowly rotated, while still on the floor, and I looked up to see how the enemy looked like. Seems they are wearing a gas mask.....hmm.....

      I think we wait for the enemy to move somewhere else, or the guy I'm following kills him, not sure. Anyway, we both go inside the old house, and there's probably 2 enemies inside right now. The guy following me gets really close to them.

      I'm wondering how he can be so damn risky almost getting himself exposed like that. And since the floor is wood, I was worried it might move too fast, and possibly get one of the floors making the "creak" sound.

      But this guy seems to know what he's doing, and he's even sitting by the edge of one wall with his legs spread out. And the enemy is coming in the same room he's in, but they don't notice anything at all. He starts trying to have a little conversation with me, but I still feel uncomfortable talking right now because the enemies have automatic weapons while I think I still have a sniper rifle.

      Not going to risk anything at all, so I kept quiet. The guy turns his head to the left, but doesn't look at me, more like looking at what's outside from the house we're in. He's trying to see if I'm going to talk, and then realizes I'm probably still afraid to do so, so he gets back to business.

      I can't remember what we do next though.

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    3. Give Me a Dollar, Small Flood, Middle School Again,

      by , 06-22-2012 at 04:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Give Me a Dollar (Non-lucid)


      Inside a random school building, and I believe I'm at an auditorium. I forget what is going there, but there are quite a few dream characters listening to someone.

      Whatever event happened ends, and I believe I get out of the building to go do something, then I forget I left something at the auditorium looking place.

      It was dark, so it was hard to tell if it really was one, anyway, I go back and I find that one guy that looked like Spencer from "The King of Queens" (the sitcom) is responsible of containing lost material.

      Apparently, some girl to the side of me that I can't remember too well told me about him, and as I'm going to speak to him, she interrupts me and says,

      "Give me a dollar."

      "Hold on," I replied while putting my up my hand. I talk to the Spencer looking guy, and he starts showing me what I left behind. I get the stuff back, and then I have a dream shift to where I'm near a school bus.

      It's pretty difficult trying to get inside of the bus, and I basically spend nearly 30 seconds or so looking like a complete idiot trying to climb up to the entrance of the bus. You literally have to take one arm, lift yourself up, and then find a place to plant your opposite feet just to get a small boost.

      The bus starts, which prompts the others to start as well, and I still haven't gotten inside the bus as yet!

      So I'm left dangling with my hands holding tightly at the edge of the entrance to get inside the bus. After a few seconds, I managed to pull myself up. This bus is really small, like build for only 2-3 people at most, excluding the bus driver.

      I glance over to see some lady trying to run after the bus, and apparently she's some kind of assistant for the bus driver since I heard her screaming at the top of her lungs that she's supposed to get on there as well.

      The bus driver ignores her though, and I only remember standing for a while inside the bus, but not sitting down.

      Small Flood (Non-lucid)


      I believe this dream goes with the first dream. I find myself shifted to a place that feels like home. I go inside, and my father invited a few of his friends to hangout and have a drink. There's probably 3 men I recognize.

      Let's just nickname them "W," "R," and "C."

      R is basically standing there relaxing, and probably speculating about something because he looks a bit spaced out from my view. W is sitting down, and he looks pretty chilled as well, and he tries to ask me a question, but like the other girl in the previous dream, I tell him to hold on a little bit.

      I go up to C, an adult I played tennis a few times with outside the realm of being in tennis teams in High School.

      Anyway, C tells me that I've lost some weight since the last time we met, which is probably just my mind telling me that I really lost a few pounds.

      I forget what I say in response, but the conversation eventually ends. Then I realize that the floor I'm walking on, it's flooded with water. It's as high as my ankles, and I decide to go upstairs.

      There hasn't been a house that I remember having a two story, except for one, but it was a really small area to be in, so technically it was still a one story house.....meh whatever.

      I have a few dream bits that somehow get incorporated with this dream. I see Kakashi when he was much younger from the Kakashi Gaiden arc or whatever you call it from Naruto Shippuden.

      Seems Kakashi is trying to protect something wrapped in white cloth, I would presume it's a baby safely contained with open space to breathe of course. Seems he and a few other shinobi are trying to send these babies or containers for them somewhere else.

      They're stored in what looks like a random house, and the most apparent feature of the place were the shelves with books.

      I think Obito was there as well, but things went a little fast for me.

      Demon/Incubus Version of Me? (Non-lucid)


      Seems I'm engaging in some kind of Call Of Duty: War at War-esque type of dream. I believe I'm a spectator most of the time, but I have moments where I'm shooting people as well.

      The area resembles the "Cliffside" map in COD:WAW, but the thing that makes it different is that the bases inside look completely new compared to old, dark, and ancient look from the actual game map. It almost felt like being inside a mini locker room.

      I don't recall myself dying at all, and I do some weird things too, like lifting dead bodies and using a person's weapon to kill a few people, but that itself is something I'm not sure of.

      I continue doing this until I probably get bored decided to spectate for a while. I'm inside from of the bases, and after I've seen that people aren't coming it as frequently, I see a woman come in.

      She looks a lot like a girl who was from my art class that I thought was really cute.

      It's call her "Allis" for my own sake.

      Spoiler for 18+:
      Middle School Again... (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a Middle School environment all over again, more specifically, Thornton Middle School in Texas. Some parts are a little different, but the section with different food selections and all that is still preserved like in other dreams I've had about this school.

      I wait in line to get the side meals for the foam tray we're using to contain it. One of the servers, who was a male, looks young, like he's probably still in college, asks me if I wanted another part of the meal added. I kept saying yes because all of the food looked pretty damn good.

      While I'm waiting in line, I arrange the food properly, and even took a little bite out of the french fries on the tray. It seems the line I'm in, the supply of the main meal is already done, so we have to move to another line, but there isn't anything interesting.

      I get out of the line, look around for other sections, and I see there's a soda machine. I get a foam cum and start filling it up with Sprite, even though the logo for the part that I'm getting the Sprite from said "Asian."

      In fact, all of the soda names were "Asian."

      I was this close from doing a reality check, but assumed it was just some prank.

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    4. Stay Right Here, One shot, Blonde & Kitty, Killing Spree, Bacon and Anderj101, Starbucks, Steve Jobs

      by , 03-18-2012 at 06:25 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Stay Right Here, One shot, Blonde & Kitty, Killing Spree, Bacon and Anderj101, Starbucks, Steve Jobs (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for Extra information:

      Dream 1: Stay Right Here....

      I'm in a classroom, and Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy" is the teacher. At first I am not taking notice of this, I'm mainly focusing on the fact that there's a bunch of random people here.

      Name:  lucille-ball.jpg
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Size:  21.0 KB

      After a while, it seems that students start to head out of class one by one, then it feels like they're getting even more scared every time one leaves. After a while, there's only a few people left, and I can't really remember the girl to boy ratio, but I saw
      Lucille roll her eyes a little bit.

      She said something about us staying right here, and she's declaring this as if we're her possessions. I try not to worry too much, but I remember a flash before this where one student that I thought was tough freaked out.

      I pretended as if I was afraid of him by purposefully sucking up to him and asking that a tough guy like him should be able to handle this type of situation. I felt kind of bad being sadistic in my own way because his response was that he wants to get the hell out of here basically.

      Poor guy, guess he was just being tough on the outside. Then the dream is back to where I'm in the classroom with the
      Lucille look a like. She's being a little quiet, but she's making sure that no one else leaves the classroom.

      I'm still assuming she's a crazy fuck who wants to make us her play things, but the women in this dream seemed to be perfectly okay with that, or maybe I was paranoid in this dream. I couldn't pick off any kind of fear from these women, if there would be one, it would just be a small expression of being bored.

      I think
      Lucille started to write on the chalkboard "QJ" or "JQ," and it was in red writing I believe with a thin yellow outline or some kind of bright color. Then Lucille said something that sparked an interest to the women in this classroom.

      She said something about a workout plan that we're going to do, and one of girls were filled with joy, and I think they even said that feel like things are going to get better or something like that.

      I think this whole time, I'm pretty much the only guy in the classroom, at least from my perspective.

      I'll just stop there, because I feel I'm just assuming the women's feelings if I continue.

      Dream 2: One shot Kills

      Name:  2011-03-07_145804.jpg
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Size:  80.7 KB

      I'm in a Call of Duty type of simulation dream again, and apparently the mode that's set is all weapons have a one shot kill. I become aware of this because I see the menu and an option hovering over what seems to be one hit kills, or something related to it.

      I'm in this weird place that is mostly water, so there's a lot of mini wooden bridges, with some mini-huts that help link to other bridges. It feels like I'm in a jungle, and I'm actually in the water looking up so I can do a sneak attack to random people in the battle field.

      I see one person crouching wearing camouflage, and I'm literally just a few inches of him noticing I'm right below him. So I take out a weapon, and I'm not paying attention to what it is, but I shoot him.

      It fails the first shot, so I try shooting again, again, nothing works. Then I start spamming the shit out of the weapon. Nothing works, I KNOW I AM SHOOTING HIM, I mean, I'm THIS close from him, missing a shot from this distance would either mean I'm have the competence of shit, or I'm having problems with weapons actually killing people in my dream.

      Then the dream shifts to where I pick other victims, but this time, I think they realize I'm there, and this time, the water that I thought I was using as a means to do a sneak attack is completely gone. At first things seem to be going at normal time, and by that, I mean seeing things in a logical smooth transition.

      Then when I lose grip on holding on to the edge of the mini wooden bridges, everything goes in slow-motion. Even though I'm basically falling, I'm still shooting this person who is also shooting me in slow-motion.

      Things get even slower, and I see a bullet that's slowly coming towards me, and then the first person perspective changes to third person perspective where I see my arms spread out and my legs out. Basically, my body is in a "U" shape formation, probably just conforming to the gravity occurring.

      The bullet is getting closer and closer, and I try to do something about it, and the bullet has a light gold tint to it, but that wasn't my main concern.

      The dream either fades or I'm just too afraid of the bullet actually making lethal contact with my body.

      Spoiler for Extra information on what I did for a failed WILD:

      Dream 3: Blonde & Kitty

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cat-beautiful-white.jpg 
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ID:	3021

      I'm in this random neighborhood, and the sky sort of gray, it almost feels like it's going to rain or something. It has that mystical feel to it, the weather just felt like it was perfect, and the gray clouds were soothing in some way to me.

      I'm walking on a sidewalk, and to the left of me is a long white fence I believe, maybe it was another color, but my first assumption is that it was coated with white paint.

      As I'm going forward in this random neighborhood, in fact, everything is in third-person perspective for a while, and then I notice a cat resting on the edge of the window outside of a house.

      It was on a pretty high window, and the cat looked like it passed out or something, because it really looks like it's having a good time sleeping to not be concerned about possibly falling down in its sleep.

      I look at it for a while, and then I turn around and I see a female in front of me? I know it was a female, and maybe she was a Brunette, or even a Redhead, or blonde, I'm not too sure on this.

      Then I hear a cat meow for a few seconds, and it seems it's the same cat that took a nap high above the edge of the window of a two-story house. It got closer to me, and I heard it purring for a while.

      I thought it was going to rub itself on my leg and purr, but it came closer to the female in front of me who is standing on the edge of the sidewalk. The cat is trying to get her attention, and it eve pokes her near her ankles for a while.

      Then it starts touching near her waist by extending its body a little bit, and I realized this cat is a little bit longer than your average cat.

      I believe the girl turns around to see the cat is interested in her, but I didn't see her face immediately, despite her turning around to see what was all the commotion with the cat touching her and everything.

      Then I turn my face to the right, and I see a blonde. She's wearing a small white hoodie jacket most likely, light blue jeans, and I believe a blue shirt underneath the white hoodie.

      She comes closer and closer to me, and I believe she's mentioning the content on my Zune HD, and how I have promiscuous videos in it, but when I look at it, I only see a small random clip of an Episode of Danny Phantom.

      (I don't even have Danny Phantom on my Zune HD, nor was a I huge fan of it anyway. I mean, I watched it whenever I had the chance a LONG time ago, but that's just it).

      I didn't really see anything bad on the Zune HD, but for some reason, I agreed with her because I still felt ashamed of what was in it. She started to mention other things, but I forgot most of them.

      Dream 4: Killing Spree

      I'm in a building that's fairly dark, I believe me and three random DCs have to kill a group of people. There were 4 windows, and each of us were assigned to a specific window, and I had the one to the right that was south of the other one.

      I don't know what weapon I'm using, but I'm assuming it has an explosive attachment, since I'm trying to blow up a huge vehicle that is slightly left of my perspective. I try to kill the person inside the vehicle first with regular gun ammo.

      He finds me and looks at me like he's scared, and starts running, but I end up shooting him after missing for a while. The thing is, I don't really recall him actually dying or at least seeing his corpse.

      After I presumably killed him, I started to shoot the vehicle he was in, and hopefully see that it would blow up or something, but it doesn't work.

      Dream 5: Bacon Fast Food & Anderj101 in an Adult Scene???????

      Name:  crispy_bacon_4.jpg
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Size:  21.7 KB

      It's bright outside and I believe I'm with my father, we're going to some fast food that seems that it uses a lot of bacon. We go inside, and I look up at the menu above and see that there isn't a lot of options other than bacon, bacon with eggs, more bacon, and some other stuff I couldn't remember.

      My father is trying to ask one of the employees a question, and I'm trying to nudge at him to make him stop, but it seems he's just ignoring me. I look at one of the employees who is a female. She's kind of overweight, and she's wearing Khaki pants or light brown pants, and she's wearing your typical fast food uniform.

      The uniform mostly consisted of light yellow and dark gold colors, and it seems like she's a new employee, since I see her reading the instructions on how to make something. It looks like she's using a glass container to store some things like a huge block of cheese to fit its rectangular shape.

      She adds some rice on top of it along with a few extra small blocks of cheese while reading the instructions in front of her. She starts to mix if up a little, and then something random came up in my mind.

      The store seems to sell custom made photos of people who come to the restaurant often, and apparently, Anderj101 is their #1 customer!

      As I'm scrolling down this list, I see nothing but Anderj101 pictures, like him wearing a party hat, or with a small dog, and many things. It was funny seeing all these pictures of him, until a video clip came up of him engaging in sex scene with a lady and some other guy.

      He was in a double penetration porn video shoot, and I just can't process my expression after seeing this. I think he even says one point in the video, "Look what I can do!"

      Dream fades and he starts to abuse this woman along with the guy doing the same to the lady as well.

      Dream 6: Starbucks Conversation?

      I'm at Starbucks, and they're keeping the place fairly dark with small lighting. I'm waiting in line, and after it's my turn, there's this girl who skips me, but I let her skip me for some reason because I didn't want to start some type of petty conflict.

      The employee near the cash register saw this and didn't let the girl choose her order, and I think she says that she can after I get to pick what I wanted, so in a way, my silence was rewarded.

      I chose the Vanilla bean milkshake Frappuncino thing, and I ordered it in Venti. I wait a while for it, but I can't remember actually getting it. The dream shifts to where I am holding it most likely, and I go to a random seat, and I see a few familiar faces.

      I saw a girl that looked like Jasmine that I know in waking life, and I believe another person who looked like Kevin. Let's call him Kevin G.

      They're asking me some random questions and are smiling, and they usually are people that smile at me a lot when talking to me, and usually had small conversations while they were working when I went grocery shopping.

      I don't remember what they were asking me, but I sit there for a while and forgot everything after that.

      Dream 7: Meeting Steve Jobs??

      It's afternoon, and I believe I'm calling a person named James that was ranked #2 in a High School I went to in academics.

      I asked him if he knew about the event for the tennis team, and he confirms that he knows about this and says that he's going. I tell him all right and told him goodbye.

      Then I started to walk funny. You usually take a step to balance yourself for the other step, but I stretched my legs a bit further reach step, as if I was trying to rush to get somewhere. I could feel my legs going faster than normal, and I was worried that I might start sweating near the bottom region of my body.

      The environment feels like I'm at A&M at College Station, along with other structures that were probably contained in my unconscious from other large areas. I continue walking funny by stretching my legs far away from my body than usual, and I see two males riding a bicycle.

      They looked like twins, and they were wearing dark sports clothing. They took a break to stop and drink some water or whatever it is they're drinking, and they're doing it simultaneously!

      So before they're almost done with their drinks, I decided to move up a little bit to pass them so that I wouldn't have to wait for them to ride their bikes perpendicular from the direction I was going.

      I move up a large set of steps, and as I'm heading towards the left to go down to another set of wide steps, I see Steve Jobs just walking by with long gray business pants and a black shirt.

      I believe as I'm passing by him, and even before I saw him, I heard voices on people saying that others shouldn't have some kind of new interest in Steve Jobs accomplishments this late in time of his death.

      That's all I remember sadly. I'm not really trying to attempt MILDs, DILDs, or anything like that for now because WILDs are going to be the only thing that will increase my chance in finding Kaomea and Alyzarin.

      The other methods just don't cut it anymore, so I guess I'll be going through a lot of moments being pissed that I missed a lot of opportunities to go into the dream state directly after WBTBs.

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    5. Call of Duty: WAW simulation, Meeting Someone

      by , 03-13-2012 at 03:11 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Call of Duty: WAW simulation, Meeting Someone (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Call of Duty: WAW Simulation

      Name:  RcIHv.jpg
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Size:  18.1 KB

      Okay, I was playing a match in Call of Duty: World at War, the only thing different, is that I'm actually IN it. I was picking a choice between which attachment I should pick for the MP40, and I believed I decided to go with the Silencer.

      I can't determine if I'm lucid or not, but I AM feeling everything, I'm feeling the gun, I'm feeling the tension, I'm feeling the sense of having to kill or be killed mentality rushing inside my mind. So for this one, I guess I'll say I was semi-lucid.

      I'm within the Makin map for Multi-player, and I already start having plans of knowing where the other teams are going to be. I stay crouching down, and only dashing when I need to in this dream.

      It's really dark, so I had to pay attention most only my vision for any kind of movement, and my hearing as well since the map mostly consisted of sand and concrete, with the mix a little grass as well.

      I throw some type of grenade, like a testing grenade to see if the opposing team is over there, and it the test verifies that because like in the game, I heard that sound when your grenade or weapon made an impact to another player.

      Then I realized I had to become even more serious since they probably knew which direction the grenade was shooting, and since I know I would have more attention coming towards me, with the high chance of dying and re-spawning again, I threw another grenade for the hell of it.

      Then the dream shifts where I'm in this shallow water, and something is covering the area I'm in to where the small fire sources emitted a tan-yellow or an orange type of radiance.

      I think I'm moving backwards, since I know no one could be behind me in this path that would lead to a dead-end. I just knew it would lead to a dead-end. I continue moving backwards, and I start to feel more enemies coming in.

      I crouch done on my right leg so that my knee makes an L position to the ground while my leg left has its foot, but is making an upside down L position so that I can support the weapon I'm holding.

      I already know the direction the enemy is coming, which has to be a left motion from my view, and try to spray and pray me.
      (Spray and Pray is basically shooting like there's no freaking tomorrow with an automatic weapon, and hoping that it hits and kills your enemy).

      Then as I see the enemy, I start shooting immediately, and I back up a little as well while we're both shooting at each other.

      I'm wondering which one of us is going to freaking die already, and I'm in the moment of thinking if I'm going to die along with this random enemy.

      I think I killed him even with the feelings possibly dying. I know I did more things in this dream, but it was most likely just a shoot-and-run type of thing, which is a bad idea in a dark environment.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      I know I had more dreams despite how short I slept last night/early morning (which was around 3-4 AM lol).

      Dream 2: Meeting Someone (dream frag)

      I met someone, I know I did, I would like to believe it was someone familiar.

      Maybe it will come in time, or just fade away, but it's better to jot something down than forget.

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