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    1. Random Gunfire Kills Children, Mile in 4:30, Messy Apartment, Relative Catches Me Late at Night

      by , 12-11-2013 at 08:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Random Gun Fire Kills Children in Sporadic Intervals (DILD)


      When I became lucid, itís in a dream setting similar to a school cafeteria. It's completely different from the pre-existing models my mind usually utilizes. The flooring has the basic bland light gray colored tiling with black tar/rubbery-like substances between the creases.

      It's either morning or early afternoon, and there's a lot of individuals in their own groups. Two distinct groups where the ones that seemed to be Hispanic. For some weird reason, I had some predisposition into thinking they could be two gangs that have turmoil between each other.

      It seemed pretty normal in the sense of a school having individuals desperately trying to find an identity for themselves through gregarious activities with peers to have some illusory perception that there could actually be sustainable bonding. And I happened to be in the middle passively acknowledging their existence.

      I hear abrupt and short bursts of gun fire to the left, and I immediately turn in that direction to see the group to the left of me panicking and crowding around someone that may have been shot. Naturally, I get up to see what actually happened.

      There's a man who seems to be close to descending into a crying fit as he's holding a dead child in his arms. I can't really describe the details of how the dead child look because it was too disgusting to even contemplate on it.

      There's blood streaming through the child's face in several directions, almost as if there's some kind of radial streak originating somewhere along their chest. The group seems to be in a longer state of shock, and I didn't pay attention to what was going on with the group to the right of me.

      For some reason I wanted to confirm that this actually just happened, that a child just randomly dies due to gun fire that was very difficult to confirm where the origin was. Seeing how there were walls surrounding the building, the only presumption that can be made is that the bullets can somehow pass through walls and people and solidify until it meets whatever target the shooter wants.

      After looking at the child and the man who seems to be at his nadir, I presumed he was either the father, or some kind of relative to the child. Then I noticed most individuals here seems to be around my age or even older, and it felt weird with them existing in a school that would seem to be formatted for Middle School and High School.

      I don't know where I'm headed, but I just wanted to get out immediately because of my current attachment to the high state of paranoia of who would be next.

      This next environment seems to be an expanded version of the previous one, and the next attack seemed to have been initiated diagonally to the right. I'm sitting with a dream character that was a counterpart of the waking life individual I talked with in High School mostly though lunch period.

      Although his existence didn't really seem to matter much, though for the sake of just getting some descriptions down:

      • He was wearing a bland gray shirt, dark blue jeans, and his usual messy hairstyle

      • His body composition emulated gestures that seemed as if bad was going to happen, though I'm not sure why I'm led to believe this

      Most of my attention was on the right section of the dream environment, and I seemed to have some restriction to turn to the left. Maybe it's because I felt something bad would happen in the direction I'm paying attention to the most, or it's something else entirely that I wasn't aware of.

      Then more gun fire comes in randomly, and everyone starts screaming. I get up immediately, and the person to the right of me gets up and seems to be shifting his head left and right frantically trying to find where the shot came from.

      Turns out it's another child that died, though I didn't bother to take that into consideration seeing how I ended up bringing out the neurotic state again. Since the attack came from afar, I didn't bother paying attention into looking at the child.

      Because at the point, if I came in to see what would happen, I would be questioning why I would want to make the attempt to go there and confirm whatever visualizations would show up of the late child's body. And like the previous event, I get out like everyone else eventually did.


      Running a Mile in 4:30 (DILD)


      Guess DILDs are my frequent means of reaching lucidity. That's glad to know considering how haven't done any WBTB lately, and the fact that I was sleeping late and waking up fairly late as well.

      The environment looks exactly like the middle school I used to go to, except there some weird atmospheric overlay of brown, orange, and other warm colors. It seemed it was close to night time, but the sunset managed to sustain its existence for a pretty long time.

      The conditions of the dream with the environment, and where I was placed with other dream characters and other factors such led me to believe there was going to be a mile run. I can't recall when the coach blew the whistle, but I proceeded to run at the same time everyone did.

      I seemed to have realized my legs wouldn't tire out, though I seemed to have been experiencing psychosomatic processes where I felt like I was tired after running fast from the start. The dream shifts to where now I have to go around a huge ring where there was a large field of grass in the middle.

      However, it wasn't necessary to go around this circle. All I needed to do was get to the middle, and then turn around and dash all the way back to the start, and then turn to the right to the next new outer ring. I was stumbling a bit in my movements, but then a random image somehow gave me a jolt of energy.

      Out of all the imagery that could show up to emit some kind of emotional response, Shanks from One Piece shows up and fades away. It was a younger version of him smiling while wearing a straw hat, at least younger than the current version that looks like he's in his late 30s or something.

      Either that was some weird reference on how Luffy has a long-term goal of eventually meeting Shanks when he becomes more powerful, or just a random image altogether.

      Anyway, deus ex machina kicks in and I'm running very fast. So fast that I'm already close to finishing the mile run and I'm already by the large gates that I have to go outside the edges. I then get the urge to propel myself to run even faster and finally reached the end.

      The coach looks like exactly like the waking life counterpart that seemed to be in his late twenties. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt along with dark gray sports shorts. He checked his stopwatch and stated that I finished the mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

      Clearly something I never was able to do during middle school or even in my current state.

      The dream shifts to where I'm heading somewhere holding a cellphone and calling someone. I don't know who it was, but based on how I felt and communicated with them, it was someone really close. Though that's pretty vague seeing how it could be anyone really. I told them how I managed to finish a mile in 4:30, and by that time it was night time.


      Messy Apartment and the Realism Distracts Me From Dream Logic (DILD)


      I'm in an apartment that resembles the one when I was in College Station, and it seems my father was on his way over there. I didn't know how much time I actually had, but with the situation I'm in now in the dream, my apartment was a horrible mess.

      Everything here felt so real to the point where I really started to get distracted. I tried formulating ways to clean up this mess before actually doing so, but I barely got anything done. Then the dream shifts to where I meet an individual in waking life that I'll just abbreviate as Jas.

      Jas seemed to be close to this area for some reason in order for me to interact with him so easily. He looked exactly like his waking life counterpart, probably to near perfection. His expression and his fairly passive demeanor to twist his words a bit to make himself look better seems to be there, but that could just be my conceptual schemes playing out within this dream.

      He seemed more casual, and even friendlier than he is in waking life. It was almost as if I was a very close friend of his within this dream. I was getting something out of a Jeep Blazer vehicle, and I seemed to ignore the fact that I owned a vehicle for once as well.

      Jas was stating something, and I interrupted him with a joke since how what he was saying was going to end up awkward and weird. I forgot what I actually took out, but I went back to the apartment only to go back to square one on what to do with the messy apartment.

      Sometimes I wonder if it was an error in perception on the apartment being messy, and instead it I was probably confused on how there were so many objects in front of me that were most likely organized in a weird fashion.


      Relative Catches Me Late at Night (DILD)


      I'm just going to be lazy and give a brief overview of what happened:

      • It's night time in the dream
      • I wanted to get out of the house that I was in for reasons I can't recall
      • My relative wanted to get out, but he wasn't aware that I was outside for a few seconds
      • I ended up walking into his direction, and he's surprised on how I was able to get out
      • I go back into the house
    2. [DILD]Arrested for Not Having a Light While Skateboarding

      by , 06-29-2013 at 08:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Arrested for Not Having a Light While Skateboarding (DILD)


      It seems I'm heading for the apartment I used to reside in college, and as I'm going through this very familiar dream environment from College Station, the setting of the dream goes from afternoon to night time fairly quick. I'm apparently using a skateboard, which is rare for me to do in a dream, and as the walk light confirms I can move, there's a police vehicle about 15 feet away from me.

      I ignore it because I didn't feel I was doing anything bad, just strolling along and riding a skateboard back to the dream apartment. Then I look inside to find a police officer is looking at me suspiciously, and he prompts me to stop and then informs me how I have get arrested for not using a light while skateboarding.

      I couldn't even fathom why I needed a light in the first place if I have nothing to attach it on the skateboard, and holding it on my hand wouldn't make a different either. It just didn't make sense to me since the setting wasn't even that dark. I enter the police vehicle, and the composition of the vehicle is very abnormal. There's about 3 more police officers in the vehicle, and suddenly the same car as the space of a limo. There's two cops sitting on the left side, and one on the right, and I guess I sit somewhere on the left, and I didn't even pay attention to see if anyone was going to operate the vehicle in the first place.

      It's almost as if the moment I said that, the dream characters that were police officers suddenly lost all competence and awareness of their roles of actually BEING officers. But I decided to just let it play along and see where this is going to lead me. The dream shifts, and I'm not in the police station office, and it's pretty busy, but not too hectic. People were going about doing their usual thing, and I'm not even sure if I had handcuffs attached or not. There were moments where I had my hands in the position that implied I was handcuffed, and other moments where I was venturing around the huge police station office with many stairs, levels, and floors.

      The environment inside mostly was saturated in a turquoise color which really created the theme of how chilled and relaxed this area of the dream was. I could sense that it was fairly air-conditioned, and it just had that office smell to it, most likely because of the blue-violet carpet that had all sorts of colors in small dots, but not too much to where they dominate the general color. I could hear some fans blowing when I'm going around the police station office, and just random dream characters that are occupied doing desk work and such.

      I was beginning to wonder if I'm really committing a crime here, seeing how I'm not in jail. The dream shifts and I'm sitting down bracing my back against the wall with handcuffs still attached. I turn to the right and saw I'm near an exit of the building, and then I turn back to find some random blonde male coming near me. He seemed like a friendly guy, and I guess he asks me what I got in trouble for.

      I told him I got stopped by the police for not having a light at night while skateboarding, and I started to explain how it was silly to even be arrested for doing so. Everyone but him started to make those quiet remarks to themselves about what I just said, like:

      "Ooooh, look how he's trying to *insert whatever they said*"

      He looks around them for a bit and focuses on me again. He mentions if I wanted to hang around with him sometime later on, and with this logic, I'm not so sure if an office is supposed to ask anyone to hang out when they're handcuffed. He stated how he has friends that drink, and I felt his logic was even more contradicting especially since I had a hunch that he arrests his friends for drinking as well.

      I don't know, maybe it was just my dream emotions preventing me from conceptualizing a cohesive thought on what's actually going on with me and this guy talking. I forget what I stated to him, but whatever it was, he casually leaves and probably goes back to his duty.

      I can't remember much to that dream seeing how I put off the recall for a day.

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    3. College Appointment

      by , 08-05-2012 at 07:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      College Appointment (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a room, and it seems to be a hotel, and not my apartment. It seems my mother and father are both in here as well...looool.

      Anyway, while I'm looking through some random papers, I think it somehow reminds me of the appointment that I can set up to switch my classes before the year starts. I think I'm going inside of a room to change or something, and my father passes by, and I tell him that I have to go somewhere to find what classes I need to change.

      I thought he would say something negative, but it seems he keeps clear and just nods. I think my mother gets worried about the funding that I'll be getting for college. I get annoyed by this quickly, and I find some small random video clip that should convince her to ease her paranoia.

      The same clip involved Elie from Rave Master, and then some random female voice declaring that college funding isn't really all that bad or something like that. I tell my mother to listen to that video clip when she can, and she leaves.

      I noticed the carpet is red, and there are two beds as well, and the walls are white as well.

      This is the part below I'm confused on whether or not it belongs in this dream plot.

      It automatically changes to night time, and I'm riding my bicycle along the bicycle lane slowly. I reach an intersection, and look left and right for any cars coming, but it's clearly obvious that this place is empty of traffic.

      Even the traffic lights have shut off, but I still make sure to check. There's a few randomly generated DCs walking on the sidewalks as well, and for some I had a weird hunch would look similar to people in waking life if I paid attention to their presence.

      I turn to the left, and keep riding until I get on the street that will lead me to the Sbisa building. The dream setting suddenly gets brighter. I go into a random building, and it's a long stairway going up. I go up a few levels, and then see a girl with black hair. She's wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, she's petite, and is Hispanic.

      She looks a lot like a girl named Olivia that rode the same buses I did in Middle School and even in High School. She's chasing boys, literally, but I don't know what factors she's using to do so in the first place. I feel bad for her in a way, and I quickly went up to her, put my hand slowly on her shoulder and declared that she shouldn't put herself in a position like this.

      I know I felt bad for her, but I don't think my words matched to the situation, but either way, I smiled at her, even though she didn't look at me, and I walked away.

      After that, I can't remember anything.

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    4. Sasuke's Ultimate Attack, Riding my Biycle, Age Regression, Wolf Armor, Age Regression Part 2...

      by , 06-20-2012 at 04:20 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sasuke's Ultimate Attack (Non-lucid)



      Lol, this Ultimate Attack was so funny....

      Alright, I'm watching Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden face Orochimaru again, and he already has Orochimaru trapped in some kind of Susanoo hand that's starting to form from the bottom of his feet.

      The hand gets bigger and bigger and eventually contains Orochimaru almost completely. As the hand or whatever part this glowing violet aura is getting close to reaching completion, I think I stepped on a wire.

      The Susanoo starts degrading......LOL, it needs a power outlet.

      LMFAO, what kind of ultimate attack is that if you need an electrical outlet???

      Instead of almost rolling on the floor laughing, I quickly plug the plug back into the outlet.


      I forget what happens next, but I guess Sasuke succeeds.
      Riding my Bicycle (Non-lucid)


      I'm riding a bicycle, and it seems to be the one I use in waking life, but I didn't pay too much attention to verify that. Someone says my bicycle is for little kids basically, and I get a little mad because the size would be too much for little children anyway.

      I ignore the person who tells me this, and I continue riding until I reach an intersection. I wait for the Walk sign to turn on, and I go on the wrong lane (left side). Someone else was doing it, which prompts me to do so as well.

      I didn't hear any honking from the busy traffic, so I guess the logic of the America road system was eradicated in this dream. I continue riding my bicycle on the left lane, and see a car coming up.

      I quickly shift to the extra lane to the left, and let it pass. After that, I presume I continue riding on the left lane.

      Age Regression? (Non-lucid)


      I'm following some tall male in the dream, but I can't see him at all. Seems we're at some party, and it's very dark outside. There's quite a few people here as well. Some are already leaving to come home, and some are coming through the garage that is open to enter through the door where one section of the party is held.

      While I'm following this guy, I think I see some small hairball with a small piece of transparent tape on it. I don't know how it appears, but I quickly throw it somewhere else. The guy I'm following says we're going to get something to eat, probably because the food in the party sucks or some weird excuse, not too sure.

      I think I see my mother, lol.

      Okay, she's wearing a black dress I believe, and I can't see much of her visage because it's dark outside, but the guy said she was my mother, I think.

      The car we go inside of is dark red, and it seems the seats were flooded with water a little, but it didn't bother either of us. I wanted to ask this random dude I still don't know who I'm following where we are going to eat, but I kept quiet.

      For some reason, I felt like I was a 6 year old child in this dream, it's like some kind of age regression occurred at some point here.

      I think the guy said I could go anywhere I would like to eat, and I made a joke and said,

      "Let's go to Canada and eat at Tim's." (The Tim Hortons place)

      I don't know how I came up with that as an initial joke, but I acknowledged to the man that I was merely joking. I have my elbow on the side of the door of the passenger's seat, and look through the window as the night starts to fade away and early morning makes itself apparent.

      That's all I remember.

      I don't think the male was my father, it was definitely someone else. But the fact that I didn't even see his visage or any signs of obvious physical attributes annoys me a bit.
      Wolf Armor (Non-lucid)


      It seems I'm playing Runescape, but how I'm experiencing it is weird. It feels I'm controlling the character while moving at the same time simultaneously.

      I think I'm killing some Greater Demons, or some kind of weird dark red monster that was way taller than I was, at least for the character I was playing.

      Then I see someone wearing a Wolf Mask, along with some weird looking armor. It was black and had gold trimming, but this armor was only placed on the elbows and the needs of the person. The person had a wolf-like body, a skinny torso and slightly wider hips.

      You could say that it was like a Lucario from pokemon, just for the body structure, not the face. The person in this wolf form was attacking another player who was trying to kill Tormented Demons in Runescape.

      Wow, that would be a horrible experience for the player being attacked because Tormented Demons uses all three forms of attacks: Mage, Range, and Melee. Just keeping track of which protect prayer to use to make yourself invincible to the attacks of the Tormented Demons is one thing, but if you add that player attack him, it makes it even more complicated.

      I don't know what happens to the Runescape character, but I assume he got destroyed pretty quickly. I remember the wolf-like character doing constant verticle flips and even floated in the air while rotating when he attacked the player.


      Age Regression Part 2 (Non-lucid)


      Seems I feel like my age in this dream now, and I think I see the guy I'm following a little better now. I believe he's wearing a blue dress shirt with black slim corporate type of pants.

      He's shaking his head about something, and I think I tell him that there's some other way we can approach the matter that I forgot about.

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    5. Kaomea and then my Mother, Would you like some fries with that, Incomplete stairs

      by , 06-09-2012 at 08:23 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea and then my Mother (Non-lucid)


      It's very late at night, and I remember seeing a girl with a red shirt and blue pants, long chair, a little round on the sides for her face.

      It's Kaomea, didn't really do an ignore test to see if it's the real deal or not, but yeah, I follow her around a bit in his house that barely has any lights one. I think I'm asking her for a card, and she's being too playful with me right now but stalling for a little while.

      I keep up with the persistence, and she makes a slight pout face, which was cute to see, and she stretches her arm quickly to hand out what seems to be a white card.

      I think Kaomea turns into my mother from this point, but I didn't realize this until later on. The dream character was wearing a black dress, and I was extremely horny.

      Keep following me on this "I didn't know it was my mother" mentality, because I REALLY DID NOT KNOW it was her until later on. I raised up the black dress of the dream character, and noooo, I didn't think it was Kaomea, she was long gone lol....I think.
      Spoiler for 18+:

      Would you Like some Fries with that? (Non-lucid)


      Seems I'm at an area that resembled my apartment, though I didn't know this until I woke up. I go near a few doors to the apartments, and there's a covering over this area like my apartment. Like imagine having a few columns sticking out, like you're below a stair's surface, yeah something like that.

      There were these weird looking creatures that were hanging under those stairs. It reminded me of those creatures in Half-Life 2 that would pull you up if you came in contact of their really really really long tongue.

      Name:  barnlamp-405x550.jpg
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      Fortunately for me, all of them were dead, and their overall color matched with the dark blue of the apartment's exterior.

      Then there's a slight dream shift where I'm watching a video, but without seeing some kind of external video sources portraying it though. There was this girl, dark-skinned, had a nice glow to her, and she's with this squad force, at least they acted like they're in a squad.

      There were detonators on top of the roof and near the top of the doors of the apartment, and they were making beeping noises, so she and the other group of squad look-alike were feeling tense because these things could explode from touching them.

      The girl sees one detonator right on top of her, which she completely was oblivious to seeing while being distracted to the one on top of one of the apartment doors. She ducks for cover right under the one on top of her, not really a smart move.

      I even make a comment to myself that what she's doing right now is stupid, then the girl shoots the detonator on top of the door, then throws the other one inside of a hole somewhere, but it turns out this hole she threw it in led to a room where some of the squad members were in....

      LOL....you just bloody killed probably a decent amount of useful people because you were too hesitant to find a decent place to throw it...don't blame her though, I probably would've kept the detonator in my hand and just stand in shock and not do anything.

      The girl realizes there were people inside the room where the hole was showing, and makes a mental face palm to herself with how her facial expressions were.

      I can't remember what happened next, but I do know the video or clip in my mind was coming to an end.

      I believe my mother is behind me now, and she's following me as I'm heading forward to leave the apartment. I'm still walking under the stairs instead of actually go out the other gaps. I'm walking slowly, something tells me that someone or a group of people might show up.

      I see a foot coming out, seems the whoever it was is walking slowly themselves. My heart literally is in shock as I see that the outfit of the person looks like some General or Commander's Outfit. It had a Khaki or Beige color all around, and the person was wearing the General or Commander's type of hat as well.

      He has another person following them, and both are dark-skinned too. He takes a smile at me, does the nod that signals, "How are you doing?" and he turns his focus back to what's in front of him.

      I feel less tense, and continue walking, then my mother stops, and the same guy and his companion stop too....um.....

      The guy turns around, and I think he was going to talk to me and my mother, though I didn't feel like listening to the conversation because I wanted to go somewhere, but I didn't know where exactly.

      The conversation ends pretty quickly, I'd say 10 seconds or so, and then the dream shifts to where it's night. I think my mother wants something to drink....forgot what it was though.

      But I tell her I can buy something from the fast food area right behind us, and I think I tell her I can't just buy only a drink, or something along those lines. She tells me I can buy some fries with the drink or whatever.

      I go to the entrance of the store to see if it's closed, and I see some sign saying "Closed," but it's actually inside of the store somewhere else other than the front.

      For some reason, I still thought it was closed, but I saw people in it, so I double checked again and realized it's still open. There was a brunette to the left of me that looked like she was the person to ask if whoever came in wanted "For Here or To-Go," something like that.

      But it was a fast food area, so I don't think it would fit her role to be there. Anyway, I go up to the cash register, and it's this fairly decent looking blonde...........okay she's kind of cute too, and she's wearing a black hat while her hair is in a ponytail I believe.

      She smiles at me, like anyone else who would be paid to do a forced smile at customers, and before I could take my order, she asks me for my name.

      Don't know why she would ask me for my name, the store wasn't busy, so they didn't need to go that route to ensure that orders were given to the right people, it's pretty much close to empty here.

      I play along with her and tell her my name.....I even spell it out for her, first and last.

      Um. Okay. Lol.
      I'll just remain oblivious to the possibility that she could've been that dream girlfriend Kaomea was talking about.

      Okay, she continues smiling at me, which forces me to smile at her because by this point, I could tell it wasn't a forced portrayal of enthusiasm.

      She starts asking some more personal questions, though I can't remember what exactly, but some made me stand still and even blush too because I felt myself having to smile to hide those feelings away.

      I think she asked something related to how much I was paying attention to her, it was something that made me feel embarrassed for some reason, but I'm sure she was just playing around with me.

      She was really nice to me.

      So much for the fries for my mother though, lol.

      Where Are the Stairs? (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking near an area of the Clock Tower at College Station Texas.

      (I'm going to have to add that as a dream element because I've been at this area at least 5 times from previous dreams I can sort of remember from the top of my head).

      Seems that I'm trying to quickly get somewhere, and I have to wait for a little while in traffic for the walk sign to turn on. It finally turns on, but I barely have enough time to even walk, I have to dash before the counter says "0," and by the time I made it past the other side, the vehicles to the right of me were already moving.

      Wow, seems everyone is in a rush lately. I continue running until I get to the area with the intersection and stop sign....Socially Awkward Penguin moment...

      But I didn't have a cellphone to pretend that I was busy texting with someone, so it was felt really awkward for a while. Then I see some guy flash by, completely destroying the logic with the Socially Awkward Penguin moment when you're stuck at an intersection, not know when to go because you don't want people in vehicles to wait for your decision for too long.


      Anyway, I eventually make it to the other side, and the dream environment changes. It seems to be a mix of a school area, and incomplete houses.

      I go towards the one on the right side, and see there were incomplete stairs. Like, I only saw the little hooks that would support a step of a stair, but no steps at all.

      And there were people inside the house too on the top floor inside....lol, how did they even get there if there weren't stairs, or a door that should've been apparent by now.

      I think I even see the Pre-Calculus teacher I had in the last High School I was in, and she was blonde just like the one in waking life. But I only see her for 1-2 seconds probably, and I think I'm asking someone a few questions.

      Then there's a slight shift to where I'm in class, and I'm staring at a girl and wonder how her ass is so big (it wasn't that big). I think I even blurted out how that girl's ass can be big...looooool.

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    6. Dogs, Party, Hypocrite

      by , 06-06-2012 at 12:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'm really motivated to start drawing out my dreams in the near future, especially when I think back on a few and can still remember the actions I did, facial expressions, etc.....maybe when college starts again for me, or some time during this vacation I might find one dream to do some drawings on.

      My ultimate goal is to even add music along with the drawings too. I can already tell that would take a lot of time, and I would have to do it gradually because of that, but it should be interesting.

      I'll just stop being reserved of what I can do and just use what I can do instead of wasting it each day I don't.

      Dogs (Non-lucid)


      The environment was kind of confusing to presume what time of day it was, but I assume it was morning because the sky was light gray, and the weather was kind of neutral, so it had to be morning, otherwise there would still be glaring hot rays over here.

      Very calm environment, very nice as well, I could even push it a little and say that this would be an ideal environment to take a little stroll.....definitely at my University in this dream.

      I believe I'm walking to get to my bicycle at what seems to be College Station in Texas, more specifically, the area where the statue of Sul Ross is located at. Yes, I can see it now......large spacious area in front of me, the statue probably 3-6 feet away from me if I paid attention to it.

      I see there's a small chihuahua, light brown fur, and probably wearing a little pink cloth hanging around its neck was barking at me.

      The owner was right next to it, and looking at the dog, I thought it was kind of cute for it to bark down on me like that. It looked so fragile that I could've squished on it if I wanted to.

      Then when I focus my attention back to walking again, something zooms past me to my left. By the time I turn my head to the left, whatever it is already gone, and I'm still a bit delayed from this.

      I'm like "uhhhhh" while still looking to the left and to the ground, and then after a few seconds, I look where the thing was headed that went ahead of me. I see it's a dog.

      Okay, no problem, I'm a little slow that it basically looks like a double sized pit-bull, and that the owner trying to stop it, even though her weight alone and her holding on the leash should've been enough to prevent the dog from moving.

      When I said her weight should've been enough, she was pretty chunky and short. She looked very young as well, I'd say 15-16 or so based on what I saw from far away.

      This dog was obviously not within her control, and I believe it was wearing a dark blue cloth around its neck as well.
      This reminds me of the group of dogs in Okami that are supposed to be guardians or something.

      I'd say the dog looked like the 4th one on the bottom to the right, and wore a blue scarf or cloth like the one 3 squares above it. Oh, and it had the ears of the one 3 square above it as well.

      I believe it also has a deformed white oval extending from the bottom of its neck, all the way to its body. I look at it for a while, still being a retard until something clicks in my head.




      That dog was this close from freaking tearing my ass into pieces!!! I quickly look at it, it's still a good distance away from me, but if it could go that fast to where it takes a while for me to notice something passed me, the "safe" distance didn't matter.

      I'd say it was 20-30 feet away from me, and I saw that the owner was trying her best to stop the dog by pulling the leash very vigorously.

      I could've just played it off and ignore the dog, but this thing is too freaking twitchy for me me to be passive all over again. I finally get me legs in synch with the "holy shit" moment I just had, and the dog turns around 180 to see what's behind it.

      Something tells me that in that dog's mind, it was saying "Did I get him? Did I get him? Did I get him? Did I get him?"


      But enough for instilling a Black stereotype on myself. I was still scared, just a bit, of this dog possibly coming after me. The owner finally had a good grip on him/her/whatever the fuck you want to label that atrocity, but I didn't want to take my chances.

      Me and the dog are both looking at each other from a distance, and it seems that it just happened to glance at me while it's looking at other people as well. I didn't want to take my chances, so I ran a little to the left away from it, built up some speed, and then prepared to do a twirl while jumping in the air like I'm some kind of Ice Ballerina.

      I actually pull it off with ease, and I think I land perfectly as well, I can feel myself twirling in the air, feeling as if I might fail and fall, but I land majestically, at least from what I experienced.

      When I landed, I bumped into one of those La-Z-Boy furniture chairs, so I guess the landing wasn't really perfect. It seemed I just happened to step on the lever that brings the sofa chair back, so I bend down to pull/push the lever to bring it back up.

      I can't remember what I did next.
      Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm shirtless throughout most of the this party. It's held inside the house that I'm at in waking life. There seems to be a lot of young people here at first, and I assumed I guess I hosted the party, even though I never hosted on in my life.

      I walk around, see a few familiar people, and then I saw her...


      She's not with her boyfriend. Why did she have to be in this dream?

      She's wearing a short black jacket that just hands half way to her waste, and I believe she's wearing a striped shirt going horizontally. She's also wearing a really short denim skirt with black stockings underneath and some pretty fancy dark red heels.

      Her lips as well are dark red, which makes her more enticing to have a conversation with. But she had a boyfriend in waking life, I'm not going to talk to her at all, even if it is just a dream.

      I'm waiting in line to get some food, wait, I have to wait in line if I'm hosting this bloody party?


      Anyway, while I'm waiting in line, I see some guy that looks like Ivan in real life (guy from High School that I kinda knew in one or two classes).

      He's shirtless too, though I don't really pay attention to the details, and I think some guys like myself were either wearing short black sports pants or some weird yellow or black cloth covering our private parts. Ivan asks a stupid question, like he mostly does from what I recall in waking life, and this query of this is wondering how he can alter the color of the cloth he's wearing.

      There's supposed to be an island cabinet in the middle of the kitchen (so much for reality checking), but the brown dining table replaces it, and some random person grabs Ivan's cloth, and you know the tiny little gap that shows from tables that can be split in two in order to save space when you don't need them?

      Yeah, someone puts the cloth between it, rubs it a little in between, and take it out, and it matches the color of the brown table.

      Okay.....don't know exactly why Ivan wants a change in color for his cloth, but not my concern, hell, I think I wanted mine changed too....LOL.

      Anyway, as I'm getting closer and closer to the food, I'm still waiting behind Ivan. Then I realize the food in front of me would be gone. Ivan goes around the table to where we're facing each other, and I see there's like 4 pieces of food left, like Hors d'oeuvres type of food.


      I let Ivan take it, and try to look around to see if there's any food, but the only thing I'm seeing are chips and some small packets of what seemed to be red salsa for it. I think there were Fruit Loops cereal as well.

      I get a bowl, and I think I put some chips inside, but I also think I put some Fruit Loops inside of it as well. I guess I forgot that I put chips in the bowl.

      The dream shifts, and I'm in the same kitchen, and I see bottles of some black stuff. In my mind, I thought they were overloads from Runescape.

      To describe what Overload potions are in a nutshell: Basically, you need 96 Herblore to make these things, but you can boost your stats up if you're lucky and get a 5+ bonus from Spicy Stew. When you drink a dose of an Overload potion, your combat stats go WAY up, making it useful for killing things faster, and the effect lasts for 5 minutes.

      If you're 99 in all combat stats, you're basically level 125 in Attack, Strength, Defense, Range (I think) and 106 for mage I think? (because having 125 Mage means you're a fucking god). Oh and if you drink potions that drain your stats, as long as you have Overloads and have the effect own, it boosts them back up to max, so it's the perfect potion when you use items like Saradomin Brews that boost your health way up, but drain your stats as tradeoff.

      Think of Overloads as Steroids in the game.

      Okay back to the dream.

      I'm filling out this black substance in different containers starting from as small as a regular bottle with a cap on it, to as large as a oil barrel.

      My second thought of what the black substance was is oil as well, the overload thing came into mind after I assumed it was oil. I pour it out in bigger containers, for some odd reason, and then I think I reached the point to where I just pour things out without really giving much thought to it.

      I think I drank some stuff from the bottle, then realized I probably took some of the black substance, panicked a little, but it was actually water, not the black substance.

      Then someone calls out my name, I turn around, and it's one of older people in their 50s calling me. It's from a group in waking life that basically has parties for anyone's birthday.

      Anyway, as I'm listening to her, though I forget what she said specifically, I'm tying up what seems to be a trash bag. I tell her to give me a few seconds to finish tying up the bag, and there were several people sitting near the couches and chairs as well.

      The dream shifts again to where the party finally ends. I go outside the garage, and the environment outside is completely mixed up. On my right, I see parts of College Station, Texas, more specifically, areas near the Clock Tower and Texas A&M.

      Name:  vfiles5938.jpg
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Size:  20.1 KB

      I even see the railroad lane and some oncoming traffic as well, and yet I don't do a reality check for this. I think someone comes in to see if the party is still going, but I'm not sure what I said, but they left eventually. I think I was outside at the garage to get some kind of fairly large blue object, like an over-sized notebook of some sort, and probably went back inside the house.

      Hypocrite (Non-lucid)


      I sitting on my bed, it's bright as day from what I see through the blinds and the overall natural lighting of the room I'm in. There are a few kids around, so I presumed I have to babysit them while the adults party it up....-.-

      I threw a paper ball at one kid, and quickly changed my facade to where I had no participation in this. He turns around to find out who it was, and he's not completely stupid fortunately.

      He's a small kid, probably 6-7 years of age I believe, and resembles one of the twin kids that I sometimes have to make sure behave when they come to this house in waking life. He's wondering where the paper balls are, and they are right next to my left leg. It seems I'm wearing long gym pants.

      Before the kid could check the left side, I slowly put my leg on top of the paper balls, and when he goes on the left side, he's wondering what the hell happened to the rest of the paper balls.

      Lol, what a bloody idiot. I continue pretending that I didn't do anything by asking him where they could possibly be. I even pulled out some sheets that I probably used to cover myself while sleeping to help him see if there were there.

      Nada, still under my legs, he isn't going to find those paper balls.


      I guess he gives up eventually because there's a dream shift where I'm talking to another child. I have to bend down on my knees, and slant my back forward just to make eye contact with him.

      The kid did something that irritated me, probably something he said to the other kids. He's dark-skinned, resembles another kid who is a little bit more mature than the other twins, probably 9-13 years of age in waking life now.

      I tell him he's a hypocrite.

      His face is still, I don't think he knows what hypocrite or hypocrisy means. I almost thought he was going to tell on me for calling him one.....LOL...but really, he asks me,

      "What's that?"

      I gave him what I thought it was at the time with my diluted logic in this dream. I told him that a Hypocrite is a person who tries to proclaim ideals that should be met, and contradicts those intentions by not trying to follow them.

      I even give him an example, a horrible example that went a little out of context. I declared something about believing in God, The Bible, Angels, etc., and then contradicting those intentions and ideals by not believing in Angelic symbols.

      I'm paraphrasing here, but I know I did a horrible job with telling this kid what it means. Oh well, don't give a crap on what I instill in that kid's head, just wanted to enlighten him so he wouldn't be bothering me, or possibly go up to his parents and declare that I called him a hypocrite.

      Boy....that wouldn't be fun.....especially with how my father tries his best to let the adults enjoy and loosen themselves at parties...I might as well fabricate whatever came out of my ass at the time.

      Not saying I want to ruin the parties or anything, just that the children can be horrible sometimes with their behavior. Thank goodness for video games or just basic television, because that's the only thing that will shut them up.

      Man, I really do hate children huh? Guess I won't be considering marriage for a loooong time.

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    7. June 2 Dreams

      by , 06-03-2012 at 11:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Helping Out (Non-lucid)


      I'm at a building, but some parts of it transferred me to a random house that I assumed was mine.

      Anyway, there were a group of young teenage boys walking and talking with each other. One of them was asking the other one why they didn't post their defense level to whatever site or group he was talking about.

      The building inside was one of those structures that you could hear the footsteps of people quite well slamming on the tile floor. There was adequate lighting, but not a lot, probably because it was still daytime when I looked outside.

      But even when I did, outside was a little darker because the clouds were covering the sun at the time.

      The guy said he'll do that, and the other guy asking him said there's only 2 spots left. Out of randomness, I wanted to help the guy, but I had things to do on my own.

      I'm going to assume they were talking about Runescape. Anyway, I tell the guy who has to post his defense level or whatever to follow me, and then we're transferred to my room in a random house. I have a T.V., and I can't really remember what game console I had in the room.

      From what I recall, there was a controller I gave the teenage boy to, and it looked like a XBOX 360 controller. I tell him to grab that, and then find a way to connect to the Internet, and do whatever it is he needed to do.

      For me, I believe I had to go to a school at around 11:30 AM-12, but going at 11:00 AM would be better to prepare for some things. After helping that kid out, I think it's close to 11:25 AM, so I started to worry a little bit if I'll be late to whatever it is I have to go to a school for.

      I can't remember what happens next, but the dream shifts to where I'm in the room again, with different people. There's one child in my room, and he's standing on those chairs that you see director's sitting on in movie production.

      I tell him in a slightly heavy and angry tone to get his feet off the seating area, and put them on the level slightly below it to rest them. He looked exactly like one of the children I have to babysit when one or two of their parents come.

      Finding Someone (Non-lucid)


      First, I was riding my bicycle with someone who looked like my Psychology teacher in the last High School I attended before. I believe we were looking to see if someone would come near the oncoming traffic. The environment looked almost the same as the area that's a little far from where my apartment is at in waking life.

      The guy I'm following decides to go on the other side of the road, and once traffic clears up a bit, I ride my bicycle to follow him riding his own too.

      I had a little trouble pedaling it, the gears where shifting a bit, and I tried ignoring it, but it kept doing that for a while.....

      There's another dream fragment where the same guy was wearing a shirt that said "Gay" or "Gays"????

      You Can Sit Here!! (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm in a lecture room in college, and I think I either tripped or something, because I landed on a random seat somewhere, and a blonde in a pick shirt I believe is right next to me on the left side.

      There's another girl on the right, but I don't pay attention to her, I apologize to the blonde girl in the pink shirt on how I didn't mean to sit between her.

      She said with a really enthusiastic voice,

      "That's okay!" and she really meant it. Her smile, her facial expressions, it was as if she was glad I was sitting next to her.

      I can still feel some of the positive energy from her. I don't know.....I could imagine hugging her and her showering me with wonderful energy...

      Star in Space (Non-lucid)


      I remember walking with someone, and it was near Traditions at Northgate at College Station. It was a little dark outside, maybe in dream time, it was associating that with early morning in waking life or probably just the type of 6PM-8PM darkness here in Texas.

      I look at the sky and see some kind of orange-red star in space, it continues floating slowly, and then as it's fading away,

      I take my right hand,

      formed it into a gun gesture and said,


      I said it with weird confidence, as if I felt alive, as if I........

      I don't know...
      Any Life forms on other Planets? (Non-lucid)


      This dream was weird lol.

      I was at a void, and I could select which any planet within this solar system I wanted to explore. I was excited but also afraid as well, since I felt that when I do choose one, the sensation of going to another planet, and seeing the mysteries my mind could come up with would probably be too much for me.

      It was set up where I could mentally scroll which planet I wanted to go to, and I wanted to check Uranus,

      Lol, I wonder what would be in Uranus....looool, anyway, mind out of the gutter Link!

      I asked someone in the void if there are lifeforms in other planets, and they showed this screen panel of examples of lifeforms from other planets including humans from Earth as Well.

      How the entities were portrayed was like seeing an Anime representations. Kind of like the Chibi-style anime, and the entities varied from looking like Humans to completely different forms.

      They were all cute though, but something that made it weirder was that a penis related to their own kind showed up, and a female of their kind was giving them a tugjob.



      It just didn't match having a Chibi-style portrayals giving tugjobs penises that would match their type.

      All of them had the same animation of giving the tugjobs as well.

      Faye Valetine and wine (Non-lucid)


      The environment I'm in is a cold one, at least it looks like it would feel cold because the whole setting was slightly dark, and the overall colors were different hues of blue.

      I'm walking with someone again, and it seems it's Faye Valentine. My recall of this is decent, but who I actually was with still confuses me, so I'll just go with Faye Valentine for now.

      I believe I'm holding wine bottles in my hand (that's something new, never drank alcohol in my life, or even in my dreams).

      I poured out some wine, and I'm not sure if I took a sip or anything, maybe I was pouring it out for Faye. I then decided I should mix the two bottles of wine together.

      Faye basically tells me,

      "No! Don't do that!" while smiling at me.

      I mix them anyway, and she just responds with a "whatever" look on her face.


      Hmmm, wonder if I was setting up a roofie on her. LOL.

      Nah, I wouldn't do that, and I wouldn't know how to do that anyway.
    8. Northgate Fight, Blackout at Parking Garage?

      by , 03-16-2012 at 04:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Northgate Fight, Blackout at Parking Garage? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Northgate Fight

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photos%5CTradition%20at%20Northgate%20Picture.jpg 
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ID:	3006

      Some guy in a jacket I believe is facing some random DC that I can't remember. He grabs the person and literally throws them down on the ground.

      He starts moving around a bit, waiting for the person to get back up again, and he is watching the person like a hawk. Then I see a flashing image of Elder Toguro, where he's going to extend his fingers and has a cutlass just like in the DJ entry a few days before where I posted a picture of him.

      Then the same person that throws the person on the ground, for some reason, I'm suddenly on the ground, and I have my arms up to try and defend myself because I think he might attack us next.

      He isn't even paying attention to us, but he turns to us, and I think he tries to attack us, but he was just faking it just to make us flinch.

      Dream 2: Blackout at Parking Garage?

      Name:  Enclosed-parking-garage-2-s.jpg
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Size:  79.5 KB

      I am walking with someone, it feels like I'm walking with Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, but I'm not too sure on that, I remember him walking somewhere, I saw him in a perspective where you see his bottom region up close while he walks slowly towards my view.

      I only remember something causing a blackout, and a few lights going on and off of what seems to be me inside a parking garage.

      This dream probably is related to the first one because Traditions at Northgate in College Station has a parking garage for people who rent rooms there.

      Oh, and apparently, Kaomea had some guys help me when I barely remembered much about being in the parking garage, so I might as well add a tag for Kaomea.

      Here's her entry:

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