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    1. Sex With Teal Scott [DILD] | Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...And a Demon | Chubby Anal Sex

      by , 05-17-2013 at 06:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Didn't really care much for using self-hypnosis for lucid dreaming and just wanted to have the sleep where you sleep through until the next morning.

      Sex with Teal Scott [DILD] (DILD)


      Okay, can't really remember much, but I'll try.

      The dream, at least from what I recalled, was already occurring, it's just that the non-lucid state was so hard to remember until this point. I feel I was lucid at the time, seeing as how it was similar to me doing self-hypnosis sessions to go from waking to dreaming state quickly.

      So the dream starts out with me and a female that looks exactly like Teal Scott on YouTube (The Spiritual Catalyst). My memories of how she would talk, and her overall personality, and her positive demeanor that she naturally shows (or maybe it's just me wanting to believe that), combined with her being half-naked in front of me...it's just hard to describe my emotions at the time.

      Damn it, I need to work on my descriptions more.

      I don't know why two spoiler's are showing up, but whatever, too lazy to edit this.
      Spoiler for 18+ Content - Read at your own risk:
      Spoiler for 18+ Content - Read at your own risk:

      but that's all that I remember.


      Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall....and a Demon (Non-lucid)


      I'm looking at a mirror in a random room that seems to be there for me to focus more on the mirror. The room itself had bland and dull colors of crimison red and burned red (I'm horrible with color naming, sorry).

      I could feel that looking into this mirror would turn into something random and potentially bad. I didn't bother looking at myself, just at the mirror in an angle where I couldn't see myself. I see a sinister face show up, and I start getting jumpy. I shift my focus to a random point in the room, and then turned back to the mirror, having a longer gaze than before.

      I do this once more, and then focused on the mirror until the face of a demon shows up, and I can't remember what happened next.


      Chubby Anal Sex (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+ Content:


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    2. Backpack, Plug, Circular Waterfall, 10 Reports, Alyzarin, Spike Spiegel Dies......

      by , 05-07-2012 at 04:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I took some Melatonin (3mg) last night to help with sleeping. I heard the alarms I set, but since I had some good sleep from the Melatonin, it was kind of hard to stay a conscious for a WILD. For the WBTB, I think I tried at least two times, I had the temptation to sleep quickly.

      Woke up for the final time, and I feel like a new person. Remembered a lot more dreams, some where so long that I should've woken up for a while to write them down. Oh well.
      Left my Backpack (Non-lucid)


      There was a huge dream shift that I probably forgot, making this dream confusing.

      Basically, I go into some random men's athletics room, and I see my backpack to the right of me resting on a bench.

      I had a herp derp moment, and took the backpack just like that. I move forward to left side to rest my backpack on the left bench. There's a guy already at a locker, and he has a bunch of crap to put in, or put out, not sure what he's trying to do, but he has a lot of clothes and stuff in a pile.

      He looked like Felix in waking life that I used to know in Middle School and High School. There was a guy named Brian, who was his friend in waking life as far as I know, who came in. Felix tells him that the locker that Brian is trying to go to is occupied, and Brian says in an almost scared tone towards him,

      "Oh okay...."

      I don't know, either he was afraid of me, or he was doing crack or something, because he was kind of twitching a little too much for my taste.

      Lady with Plug (Non-lucid)


      Some lady is our teacher, and I don't know who I'm hanging with at the time except for her. I think we're in a computer lab of some sort, and the floor is white, and the room is a kind of dark, I was wondering who is going to turn on the lights in here.

      There was some lights from the outside hallway that provided enough to see what's going on, but it would've been a helpful to still turn on the lights.

      A girl has a problem doing something on the computer, and I think the teacher takes the time to help her. There's some other stuff I can't remember to well, but there's a dream shift to where she explains to some girl that the plug, as in an outlet, is prone for error if not inserted correctly in an outlet.

      I guess it served as some kind of flash drive in an abstract way, and it was white all over. It looked like your basic plug-in with a chunky white layer hiding the wires and all that, with the two outlet connections sticking out.

      There also seemed to be something she utilized to protect those same ends sticking out, and when she did, it would light up a small bright green light, probably to confirm that things are in place.
      Moving Circular Waterfall? (Non-lucid)


      Uh, I don't know how to describe this waterfall, not even sure it's a waterfall, it's the best I can come up with. I googled what a circular waterfall was, but that wasn't it...too lazy to edit it out with a different name....

      I believe I'm walking on a Circular moving waterfall? It's kind of hard to describe it any other way, but it feels like I'm walking, or someone is walking while I'm looking in first person perspective on a waterfall that's moving.

      I think I slip down one of the holes after going high to up, and it's basically seeing a person slide left and right in third person view now. Apparently, before the small shift, I think the reason that as each time the person went down, things started to fade more.

      I think they needed a specific amount of points to go to a certain afterlife, but I'm not too sure on that, because even though things faded, the person still went deeper.

      They finally reach the bottom, or at least a good surface point for now, and they start moving a bit. I'm not sure if I'm playing a video game, and watching the character move that I'm controlling or whatever, but it feels kind of weird. I think I'm at some kind of Game Expo or whatever like E3 or even Comic Con.....not sure, just hearing a few people talking, but their voices are diluted while I'm focusing on the video game.

      Oh, and the person seemed to be in some kind of sky city, because the bottom level, you can clearly tell that if they fell off, they would be falling for a pretty long time from above.

      I can't remember anything else from the dream.
      10 Reports (Non-lucid)


      The dream is kind of confusing to me....having a little bit of gaps in recall as well.

      Some parts of this dream I remembered was being underwater I think to see how some kind of demon male can pretty much eat any kind of creature for some reason I can't remember.

      The demon, or at least I thought it was, was dark violet, and when he turns around, he opens his coat layers or whatever it is, and there's a bunch of pink penises on each side. He had white hair too I believe, along with blue horns.

      (The closest picture I can find is the demon girl made by uthstar01 in a certain gallery online)

      The chick on the right...white hair, purple body, except it looked like a male in the dream.

      There are other parts of the dream like me looking for some small animal in the grass, and then trying to kill some guys who want the same animal or object as well.

      The dream shifts to where I'm inside a room, and I see a person that looks like my Biology 111 professor. I had a hunch I had to give my reports on the experiences I had before with the animal searching and all that stuff with the demon.

      I remember a girl being next to me that looked like Linda, a Hispanic girl I knew in waking life. I was giving the professor my report, and the first one was kind of short, seeing how he read it so fast. I think he is getting more impressed each time he sees another report, and Linda is nudging me as if I got this thing for sure.

      She was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and light blue jeans. She had black hair instead of light brown hair as well. I can't remember much after that.

      Swimming to Alyzarin? (Non-lucid)


      All I remember was that me and Alyzarin, at least I assumed it was her, underwater, and she looked like she was unconscious as she's descending. She's still near the surface though, maybe 3-4 away from it.

      I'm trying to reach her by swimming as fast as I can, but I'm going to slow. I assumed it was her because the entity looked a lot like the person on her avatar. Green hair, wearing a light colored full dress. etc.
      Spike Spiegel Dies (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream was Spike Spiegel and some girl who looks maybe 6-8 years of age walking together at some random park. They're on some stone road, and I believe there were Pink blossom trees, and some of the leaves are floating in the air.

      I think Spike decides to kill someone, but I'm not too sure on that. Whatever the reason or action, this causes the girl he's walking with to pull out something that looks like a lipstick of some sort.

      It actually is a mini-pistol of some sort, and she shoots Spike. Spike grunts, and says something like the lines of,

      "You little....you took it while I grabbed your.." something.

      That lipstick trick reminded me of a scene in MGS3 where Sokolov thought Eva was going to kill him with some weapon that ended up being a lipstick...lol.

      (From 0:00-1:15)

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