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    1. Light Bow Shooting, False Awakening, Confessing Love to Relative

      by , 12-22-2015 at 10:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Light Bow Shooting In The Skyscraper Building (DILD)


      Itís a rainy environment, and very dark with streetlights as the main source of lighting here. Thereís this green overtone thatís dominating the atmosphere, and has a Matrix-esque vibe to it. I believe Iím wearing a black trench coat, and Iím on my way to reach a huge skyscraper.

      For some reason, I felt the elevator outside was only capable of going down, but I was able to press a button, and wait until I reached whatever floor I intended to go to. I noticed I had the Light Bow akin to Twilight Princess, but Iím sure if I paid more attention to it, there would be more nuances.

      I reach the floor, and the first entity I counter was the Great Fairy Queen from Windwaker just casually power walking her away perpendicular to me. She looks up at me with a smile, and proceeds to go about to wherever, which seems to be the end of the wall.

      I start walking around, and I noticed to the right of me is a base with a desk, computer, and a few office chairs. Itís too quiet, and I felt Iíve been doing this a few times before. I expected guards to come out, and they did wearing your basic agent attire.

      I start aiming my arrows at them, but didnít pay too much attention on the outcome of the light arrow disintegrating their existence with light. Iím getting closer to the base that either has a door behind it, or an elevator. I keep moving while getting these weird vibes surging from the sides of my body and neck for whatís to come the more I venture around.

      I forget what Iím doing next.


      False Awakening Gets Me Again (Non-lucid)


      So I wake up to look at the alarm on my phone, and it states 10 AM, or so. I get up to do stuff, but then dozed off somehow.

      Woke up some other time, and it was around 8 AM.


      Telling Relative I Love Her (DILD)


      I tell her that I love her, and her retort is being shocked, and then smiling.
    2. Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death

      by , 03-31-2014 at 05:41 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death (DILD)


      Iím inside of an educational facility, and apparently, thereís a news station crew that broadcast that itís dangerous to try and enter a certain room because criminals are inside of it. I had the intention of going into the office way before this announcement, but now, whatever plans I had were delayed.

      The ďcriminalsĒ come out, and thereís an outbreak. People are screaming, panicking, and running for their lives. I canít really see the criminals that well, because everything felt like a rushed blur, but the dream shifts to where I eventually get outside.

      Thereís a balloon giraffe thatís probably 300-500 in the air, and as for the actual height, at least 50 feet or so.

      It apparently has the ability to summon large light green squares, and can mentally break them apart into smaller cubes, and theyíre all being directed to me. This ends up being a dream where I just run for my life, trying to use whatever I can in the environment while gradually developing an escape plan, other than to wake up.

      I can feel my back tingling constantly in this dream, and even though it gets annoying, along with the head pressures, it helps a lot with avoiding the green cubes. I already know Iím at a major disadvantage since the floating giraffe can move about anywhere, and can get a quick aerial view of where I could be at. I couldnít cover large distances, so my general tactic was to hide in buildings while peeking to see if the giraffe is off looking at me in the other direction.

      But it seems that as long as the giraffe can locate me, the green squaresí composition can be manipulated to fit into the tightest corners, and then swoop in to try and inflict damage to me. Speaking for damage, Iím pretty sure I was attacked several times, but I didnít really feel any pain.

      The adrenaline, and other surging tendencies prevented me from noticing this. Maybe I knew it wouldnít be something as dangerous, but itís hard to know if I would be aware of that in the circumstance I was in. The giraffeís composition was nagging, and this made me realize why this giraffe may exist within the dream.

      I felt as if I was having to deal with a projection of how I conceptualized someoneís over-inflated ego. And because the visage of the giraffe was stationary, correlating its attacks at me, while it portrays no emotion whatsoever, since itís a balloon, makes things pretty intimidating.

      I speculated on whether or not the same individual I engaged in discussion with in waking life was either a Sociopath to remain calm, and yet still be so aggressive at the same time without even knowing that theyíre being so in the first place. Building after building, and crashing into so many random items and resources, I finally get some breathing time.

      I took that time to speculate why I havenít woken up as yet, especially when all the rushed surging of adrenaline was so overwhelming. I guess what helped sustained me within this dream was that I was fluctuating between going into a dream body, and then just viewing what was happening if things were too overwhelming. Itís hard to describe, itís almost as if I wanted to see how this dream would turn out, despite of its nonsensical nature.

      After a while, it seems the giraffe isnít going to win this hunt, so it decides to turn into what seems to be a godly entity. And I swear he looks exactly like the Advice God meme:

      He has a built chest, and is wearing white robes that seem to move around like smoke. He continues to use the green squares, keeping his distance away from me. I continue to play this game of chase and run, realizing that heís obviously not here to kill me, but rather to intimidate me, and wanting me to respond to his random queries.

      But then again, I donít think it wouldíve been wise to stop someone that turns into a giraffe to hunt you down in the first place. Iím now in a building, and I reach the top floor, and it almost feels as if itís some kind of public school in New York, or some kind of area where thereís mostly dull colored buildings.

      The flooring consists of a checkered tiling with dark gold and dark brown, and thereís all sorts of papers and fliers. The entity starts creating winds to swoosh into the area, and now heís augmented his size so much that I can see his whole eye extend probably up to 20 feet just from me looking at the window. He asks me at some point,

      ďWhy donít you believe?Ē

      I get confused, trying to strip away the obvious reasons why he would ask me this. After this, I believe I woke up at some point. After going back to sleep, Iím now in a building, except it seems like a mix of a laboratory, and a disco dance floor, exceptt with white tile flooring and walls, and no disco ball. Thereís an entity wearing a fancy suit, and had a body composition similar to what you would see in Team Fortress 2ís Spy (never played the game by the way).

      Except his suit is black, and he just has an expression, despite wearing a mask, that makes me feel really bad for this guy. I donít know what it is in particular, but something irks me about him.

      I think I was going to declare generalizations on nihilism to him. But what would be the point of telling a spy that his objectives have no inherent meaning?

      Get it? Get it? Geeeeeet it? Okay, enough cracking existential nihilism jokes.

      After avoiding conversation with the guy, it seems Iím headed for an elevator nearby, and itís really an open elevator where you can see some of the gears and metal bindings. OH, there was another dream shift before this I think where I'm Roxas, and I'm trying to run away from the giraffe, or the godly entity, can't remember who.

      After that, I canít remember what happens next.
    3. Subway Train with Ada and Gave up on Akashic Records [WILD]

      by , 04-18-2013 at 12:36 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Subway Train with Ada and Gave up on Akashic Records (WILD)


      I'm inside of a train within a subway, and I started to feel that this train was similar to the video game of Half-Life 2, except it was wider than usual, maybe 20-25 feet in width.

      I know this is all a dream, and Ada is to the left of me, I decided to take my time to focus on my dream body a bit and absorb the contents of the dream visually. Something in my mind is making me feel very irritated, but I can't really pick out what exactly. I'm holding on to a metal pole within the train as the train slowly moves, making slight rumbles, and I can almost feel the acceleration surging inside of my feet.

      I feel so weird, it's so hard to describe my overall mood. It was mostly combined with creating this dream through sheer will and focus that probably made me feel a bit exhausted. I had another intention to just go back to the Castle like scenario in my last dream with Ada, but decided to just stick with this dream environment for fun. The train stops, and I try to calm down a bit, and the right door of the train slides open.

      Ada comes out of the train, and I follow her, and I ask her where we're going.

      "To find your Akashic Records."

      I felt kind of annoyed by this, but since I didn't have anything else to think about (definitely need to start planning this a bit more), I decided to just go with the flow, since I'm just focusing on getting her more vocal anyway. We have to go down about three steps, and the subway train ends up in an open-environment.

      There's still a Half-Life 2 vibe in the dream, especially at the new train station we're at, except there were some sections that had red light that you would see in a Darkroom for photography. It felt a little suspicious, and I was beginning to speculate on whether or not this was just going to be an ego trip rather than the presumed "ethereal" experience of getting of the Records.

      Ada starts to tell me,

      "Just remember that this is all within the confines of your mind. This whole experience is just to make things easier for you to recall should you actually get to the contents of the Records."

      I felt like she's just repeating all sorts of things that I read about the Records, but I still paid attention to her.

      "Whatever you get out of it depends on the situation you're in now, and based from that, there's patterns and predictions made from behavioral habits and other factors."

      I was going to ask her if that makes life deterministic, but I already knew the answer to that, and kept the naive question to myself. We're finally at the base of the train station, and there's black wired fences in cubed sections protection small random areas here.

      To the left of us, there's a pod about 20-30 feet or so, and the red light is very strong glowing and having its light reflected in a blurry effect. The wired fence door is opened in order to step into the area where the pod is in.

      Ada takes the first step again and I follow her, and we slowly reached to the pod and it opens. I let her go in first, and then I go in as well. The interior of this pod consisted of several hues of light and sky blue, it was easy on my dream eyes compared to the red light from the exterior.

      I tried not to go too much on analyzing why the red light was there in the first place, and now the perspective shifts to where I'm a spectator now looking down on my dream body. I noticed that I'm wearing a white dress shirt with a khaki dress suit and pants along with light brown lace-less shows. I have my collar slightly out of order and have a few buttons unbuttoned as well.

      I felt a bit more calm now being inside of this elevator, and Ada is wearing the default costume from Resident Evil 6 as well, at least for a while. I never really focused too much on what she's wearing, it felt like she was wearing a dress and was in her other form rather than the video game form. So I'm going to assume that she alternates between having short hair and long hair.

      The elevator feels futuristic, but that could be due to the fact that there's still a Half-Life 2 vibe from this whole dream. The elevator was very rounded and cylindrical, and some parts of the Plexiglas were really transparent and had this weird but unique blend of other Plexiglases layering on top of each other.

      The elevator goes down, and Ada is smiling for some reason, she's really happy, and I have a neutral expression on my face as I continued to look at both of us in spectator mode. The dream transitions to where we're not in this short but vividly detailed environment with video game layered grass (the type that's usually flat but with some detail).
      The picture below is kind of how it looked like, except the environment was brighter than that.

      I slowly stepped into this environment with Ada, and this reminded me of the last time I had a dream related to what seemed like me on my way to my Akashic Records or something with Eva last year. Before I came to full realization of this, music started playing in the background that was similar to the Lake Hylia from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

      At first, it was very hard to identify the name of the music despite it's really relaxing tune. At first I thought it was music from a Sonic game, then I eliminate that absurd thought out of my mind, and I started to contemplate on a few more games that might match this kind of music. Eventually, I gave up and decided to slightly lower down the music at will since I didn't want it to distract me too much.

      Ada asks me, "Do you remember this area? Remember the barrier that was here?"


      It felt kind of awkward on how this was a similar waterfall cave (without the waterfall) from the dream I had a long time ago. It's almost as if she read my mind (well, that's no surprise since this is really all within the confines of my mind anyway) and she responds,

      "The environment is exactly the same because it's the only thing we can go by based on your previous experience." I started to map out where to go next without making another step, and after maybe 5-10 seconds, I came back to focus on the green environment. I think we went through the invisible barrier, or maybe there wasn't a barrier there at all.

      We go inside the empty waterfall cave and get into the darker regions that would lead to a set of stair steps leading to a very dull and blurry hue of light emitting diagonally down towards us. We're finally at the library, the same library like before, and there's papers scattered all about on the tables. So the environment went from a train station, to an elevator, to a waterfall cave and the outside regions of vivid grass, moss, etc., to a library that had hues of brown and maybe a mix of orange-brown here and there as well.

      There wasn't anyone there compared to the guards like last time, and I felt that there was definitely a huge difference in experience than before. It reminded me of how Ada told me in the last dream yesterday that I kept thinking my mind was a trickster, which would make most of my dreams "guarded," and anything related to me having to rise up to a challenge or test.

      It feels very empty in here, and I started to become more interested in Ada's existence in this dream because I had a hunch that this floor would be most basic and generic of all types of information within my mind that's scattered about and not taken too seriously. Maybe things that I didn't pick up on as much and left them all behind, and this is just assuming that if I were to go to higher floors, the more complex and detailed I would be able to define how I think and potentially how my reaction to certain events would lead to other events.

      But instead of absorbing the emptiness of this room, I started to become even more irritated at myself for being indecisive with what to do next. This whole thing felt like a huge ambition for me, even though it shouldn't since it's supposed to be something that's easily accessed if you're in the right "frequency" or what have you.

      The table in front of us is long and is brown, and is placed vertically from our perspective. It seems Ada probably knew this place more than I did, she felt so relaxed while I was so anxious for no apparent reason. I decided to sit at the width of the vertically placed brown table, and Ada sat on a chair close to the long side. She's now wearing a red dress, and her arms are very soft just from visualization alone.

      She's looking at a random point in space within the library, based on my peripheral vision to the right as I was becoming anxious. I rubbed my head in hopes that I would have my focus together and hopefully come up with something to say. Then I started to question on why her existence in this form she's in, and it felt as if the question was useless since she was shape-shifting between two forms.

      She looks at me for a while and continues to smile at me, and spreads her arms onto the table, stretching and then stating a default answer to me,

      "Probably just an unconscious desire of yours."

      I asked her more questions on how to get her more vocal during the hypnosis induced lucid dream, and I can't remember specifically what she stated. After we continue to accept that we're the only two people in this very....very...very...large library, I start to notice parts that I didn't acknowledge to well from the last dream I had months ago with the dream character that looked like Eva, except with orange hair and and a damaged body composition.

      The windows in front of me that were about 30-40 feet away were huge, and I could barely see the environment outside since I was busy speculating on other things. However, I did noticed the same gargantuan violet base from the last dream with Eva. I wanted to see what was in there, but I remained in the seat, just speculating and absorbing the emptiness in the room even more.

      Ada finally breaks the silence once more and asks in a casual manner,

      "We can go check that out if you want to."

      I started to shrivel up a bit, feeling as if the violet base was an area that I shouldn't open at all. After a while, I told Ada that I'll meet her again and simply gave up and wanted to take a break from the lucid dream.

      I'll probably check out the violet base later on in the next hypnosis session, things are pretty straight-forward now, and I noticed that whenever I sleep again after the hypnosis, I wake up and can still have good visualization of random things, but most of those things are sexual, probably do to the effects with later periods of REM sleep stimulating the body more.
    4. Two Executioners After Me, Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation

      by , 01-10-2013 at 02:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Two Executioners After Me (DILD)


      It's a Resident Evil 4 and 5 themed dream, and I believe I'm walking along with someone who's my partner. I ask them to be cautious of the Las Plagas enemies and any other random enemies; I even tell them that killing one enemy a certain way would be easier in the long run.

      I believe it was the Las Plagas enemy in the game that wears a red robe, and he wasn't wearing the mask in the pic below:

      I realized I'm all alone now, and I'm walking inside of a dark hallway with white floors and gray walls. It seems there was something in this hallway I was going to get, but I don't have really good recall of it.

      The dream shifts where I decide to turn around and get out, and there's two Executioners in front of me that have mid-ranged weapons connected by chains.

      The environment outside looks like a derived section of the Village section in Resident Evil 4, and the skies are dark brown with thunder randomly appearing. There are dark brown trees with no leaves whatsoever, and the surface is mixed with autumn leaves and a dirt trail in the middle.

      I try to see what they're going to do, and it seems they're going to take turns in trying to kill me, so it's basically a 1 vs 1 encounter.

      I don't know why the other one in the left is here, but I focus my attention on the one to the right because he flings things large metal start spiked object at me, and I'm deflecting it with something I can't recall too well.

      I hear the metal clanks, and I can feel the aggressive force this executioner is exerting when using the chained weapon at me. I bounce back, and I'm honestly having a hard time, and since he has two of these weapons, I have to keep myself aware even after I deflect one weapon.

      It took him maybe 2-3 seconds to chain the attacks together before taking a 4 second break to prepare for another chain, and there were two moments where I almost got injured.

      I keep deflecting the attacks, literally on my toes having to spatially expand my awareness. I don't know what I do next, but I get used to his attacks and I presume that I would make a final kill somehow before I have to deal with the one on the left.


      Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation (DILD)


      I only remember being at an elevator, pressing the up or down button on the glossed dark brown panel.

      The elevator dings, and random men in black suits start aiming their guns at me from both elevator doors.

      I duck for cover somehow and kill them off, and I can't really feel myself being injured or anything like that. I try to press the button several times after dealing with this onslaught, and it just keeps going and going maybe 2-3 times....
      I can't remember anything after that.
    5. Boob Awareness & Almost Had Great Sex, Tied Up

      by , 11-12-2012 at 07:46 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      First Floor Boob Awareness Room? (Non-lucid)


      I'm going into an elevator, and I press the button for "Floor 1," which is going up instead of down. There's a room that gets my attention, it's called "Boob Awareness" or something like that.

      It seems I'm there too early, because there's not a lot of people inside, just two girls showing random purple lineart of drawn women. So I head back out and go back at a later time.

      I head back to the door, slowly open it. There's a female wearing a black blouse, and she has a nice rack on her.

      Spoiler for 18+:


      FUCK IT.
      Tied Up (Non-lucid)


      I only remember being tied up, and I feel like I'm in the body of Ryoma Echizen, the same dude I posted a picture of in the last dream journal entry (where he had green aura around him and held a red racquet).

      My feet were tied up, and my hands were behind my back and tied up as well. I tried avoid this bald dude wearing a swamp green shirt and regular denim jeans that I feel is trying to find me. I scooted over near a pile of dead leaves, hoping that I could avoid him.

      He still finds me, and he takes me back to wherever he wants to take me.

      Then I get a dream shift where I'm probably in a dream body of my waking life body. I end up going into this area that overall has a brown setting to it. It almost resembles a restroom, and the urinals are spread out. I think I'm following a group of random people, maybe 2-3. We're planning to jump over the urinals, since there's a huge gap on top of them to get out of.

      I see the same bald dude with the swamp green shirt and denim jeans, but I don't have the feelings of fear like before when I was Ryoma Echizen. I guess I was a completely different mindset in this dream.
    6. Hotel Alarm, Albino Rats Floating, Apartment With No Bed, Jumping Out of Windows (SDE Day 22)

      by , 09-05-2012 at 02:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hotel Alarm (Non-lucid)


      It's very dark at night, and I need to find a place to stay in, and I forget who tells me this, but there's only one hotel available, and it has what I needed to get. I go inside of the hotel, and there's a lady in front, assuming she's the one who gives out cards to go into hotel rooms and all that. She's wearing the preset secretary type of outfit, dark blue dress with a white long sleeve shirt underneath, and she was fairly tall.

      I could barely see her face at all.....she was literally that tall, or maybe my perspective of being able to look up was very limited. I walk around the hotel a bit, and I open a door slowly, and I see that this much be the kitchen, or the dining area of the hotel. The floor was a black and white checkered floor.

      I think I saw a white microwave, those really big ones that huge a lot of energy, but heats things faster than the regular ones. I thought that I would be able to go inside of the kitchen/dining area, but then an alarm triggers.

      It sounded a lot like the alarm I was going to use to wake me up, and it made a strong beep and faded it, but it was still really loud. I look over and found the alarm, it was white, had a small black screen on top, and I saw some green numbers and/or font glowing. I call the lady, and she quickly comes, and I said that the alarm triggered.

      This moment felt weird to me, I felt like it was supposed to be my fault, but the lady didn't mind setting the alarm off at all. She does some weird motion with her hands pressing the buttons that was underneath the covering that moved downwards.

      She comes back to me,
      and that's all I remember.

      Making Albino Rats Float and Die (Non-lucid)


      So I'm on top of a black metal building, and I believe I'm with a male that's sitting down on the A/C fan. He's wearing a white shirt, dark pants, but I'm not sure if that's him or if this was just me looking at myself, and then shifting back into the perspective of the person sitting down.

      Anyway, I have in my hand an Albino Lab rat, cute little thing, too bad it's going to die. I get a very strong urge to see this thing eradicated. I forget hot it dies exactly, but I do know some kind of crushing was involved. After one rat is gone, I remember another one showing up on my hand, except this time, I'm making it float move my hand. It looks at me, and it's just as cute as the one before.

      I think some electricity surges out to my hand, and I probably killed the little guy right there, but I don't recall actual experiences of seeing it die.
      Apartment with No Bed (Non-lucid)


      I remember going up an elevator that was white, and I'm following some girl to the right of me. She looks familiar, but I'm not paying too much on how she looks like. The elevator finally reaches the destination, we both get out and turn to the right.

      She mentions that we're close to the room now, and I believe the levels in this floor was in the 400s. I look to my right, counting the rooms we're passing, and after 2-3 doors, she opens the door I'm supposed to go in, though I don't know why I need to go in. I believe she's wearing a white sweater that's faded a bit.

      I look down on the floor, and to my left, I see a gray carpet layer on top of the dark brown and shiny wood flooring. To the front of me was a window, it was closed, but it was the main thing that enticed me in this dream. It was so nice outside, calm, a few gray skies, and I would presume that it was fairly windy instead of it being hot as hell here in waking life.

      The girl disappears, probably went to the bathroom, but then again, everything was so enclosed, it's like this place would be perfect for those who want to have an efficient lifestyle with minimal distance to get to where they needed to go. There was a sink to the left of me as soon as you entered the room, I think, and the toilet was just a little bit further.

      I'm wondering where the hell is the bed in this place, and I assumed that the gray carpet layer was a spot where a previous bed was on top of before.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Jumping out of Windows (Non-lucid)


      This dream was a sudden rush, you either get out as quickly as possible, or die. I don't know what the hell is happening in this dream, but a random dream character in some kind of dark outfit tells me to come quickly and get near the window. I wonder why, but the moment I hear some noises in front of me, I could sense that a lot of entities would be coming it, so I take immediately catapult through the window.

      I believe this dream resets itself a few more times,
      that's all I remember.

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    7. Blackmail & Lady's HOT voice, Feigning Crying, Passenger Seat, Taylor Swift Acrobatics (SDE Day 02)

      by , 08-16-2012 at 07:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blackmail & Lady's HOT voice (Non-lucid)


      (Just keeping this for reference: Lady in bed is similar to a lady I talked to about where I wanted to go in life while on my trip to New York, and I had feelings she was into me, even though she is currently married...name starts with "S")....some note that was....ha!!!!

      I believe I'm with my father and mother again, and we're getting ready to pack our things and move somewhere. I don't know where, but somewhere, the environment is dark gray, with white lights emitting from above. I remember seeing a vehicle parked next to them, and it honestly feels like I'm in a parking garage.

      I wanted to go back to the elevator to the room we were in before, I take the elevator, but I'm not aware of picking any kind of floor, I just go in, and I guess things happened just like that. The elevator opens, and I enter into a room. It's dark, with little lighting, and I looked at the bed right in front of me.

      Someone is obviously sleeping here, but I can't tell who, they have themselves covered with white sheets. I have a feeling it's someone I know in waking life, so I make sure I walk silently to get whatever it is that I wanted. I don't know where I went, but I came back to the bedroom that was near the elevator door.

      I look at the bed one more time, and I see the person is finally awake. I'm shocked at first, but I decided I might as well stay for a while and see who it is. She has black hair, she looks up to me and asks me something related to why I'm leaving so soon or something like that.

      She really didn't want to see me go, and I assumed so based on her voice, it was so kind to me, it's as if she wanted me to hold my position near the bed and not move one inch. She had way of words, because I honestly could not see any reason to leave so soon. Whatever it is she said to me, god.....

      Her voice was so bloody enticing, it it possible to be fully turned on by someone's voice?

      After a while, I had to say goodbye to this lady, and I guess she did so as well. I go into the elevator, not even paying attention to which floor I picked in advanced. Then I get a flash in my mind of being in that same bedroom again with the lady with the enticing, lewd, and sexy voice.

      It seems I had a recording of her before I talked to her of when she had sex with someone. The voice recorder resembles the model I have in waking life that I wanted to use for recording lectures, but there just a few extra buttons, and I think it was a different color in this dream.

      Anyway, I play the recording, and I hear her moans as whoever it is continues to penetrate her. She starts using dirty words in synch with her screams and moans of pleasure. After the recording ends, I'd say it was 10 seconds overall, there was a button that gave me the option of sending this information to VH1.

      LOL what?

      I was tempted to press this button, and I think I even clicked it, but I clicked it one more time to cancel the transfer. Apparently, the transfer would be wireless, and I heard all sorts of beeping sounds that I didn't know verified what. I was worried that I was probably to late when I wanted to cancel it, because there were a few beeps occurring that would sound like I sent something in correctly.

      I find another button on the recorder where I could see the video of her having sex with someone. She has herself in the spread eagle position, bracing against the bedhead, and sheets covering most of her waist and part of her legs. I can't see who's having sex with her, but it's a person with light skin tone for sure.

      Definitely not her husband as far as I know.

      Don't tell me I'm a manwhore in my dreams now......

      OKAY, back to the dream, she's really enjoying what this man is giving her, and I hear the voice recording go in synch with the video, so it really is the video version of it. I even get tempted to send that to VH1 as well, but I don't think I do.
      Feigning Crying and Social Anxiety (Non-lucid)


      There was a lot going on in this dream, so it's really hard managing how things started out.

      Holy crap, I need to get better with this recall thing and making sure the only thing I do is type my dreams out the first time I wake up.....this dream could be longer, but because I had trouble synching those events together......eh......just another thing to conquer.

      I remember being inside of a house, it's fairly dark inside, the windows emitting light from the moonlight is pretty much the only thing keeping this house from looking like it went into a blackout or something. I remember parts where I would come in and out for something, and every time, I would see a couple in a bedroom doing random things.

      One was a man in a black tuxedo, and the other would be a woman in a red dress that had portions of the dress that completely wrapped her to where her hourglass body structure was apparent. I took these people for random dream characters, even though I know them being manifested are part of my dream signs of seeing a females in red dresses.

      So much passive demeanor, it's as if I have a naivete of a child that still believes babies are delivered through storks. It's so sickening, but I let myself play things out to see how they go, I just have to....I don't know why....

      I open the door to get outside, and now it's night time, with the tall street lights emitting light orange light, saturating the clean concrete that is now a cul-de-sac. I look around, and see that people are sitting around the edges of the cul-de-sac in fold-able chairs (mostly).

      I see that most are young females, though I didn't really take the time to start doing a mental rating of who's hot and who's not because I was insecure on how I looked to them. They were passing glances at me, causing more mental stinging on my part, which forces me to resort to something to distract myself from their gazes.

      I take my left arm out while continuing to walk, and pretended that I had to do some random inspection of it, even scratching it because I felt a slight itch on it.

      I did this for a while, and then resorted to rubbing my the top of my head all the way down to my chin, pretending that I was tired. I finally reached the end of the cul-de-sac where a straight line would be formed, and sat next to a random person in the small get together everyone is having around here.

      Someone informs me that someone had died, but I can't remember who specifically. In my mind, I honestly did not care about their death, because it didn't trigger any emotions of sadness for anyone that I knew that I thought was close to me. But since this person is trying to be gregarious with me, I started to feign feelings of sorrow.

      I even stood up for a while to ask in a pretentious shock, "Really??? Him???" I slowly descend down to the ground again, covering up my eyes with my hands, making wringing motions as if I'm going to cry.

      No.....merely feigning tears at this point, but I did make sounds to show that I was crying, and I honestly tried to cry to make it seem like I cared, but it only ended up with little more water saturating my eyes, but only at that, no dripping at all.

      I did feel some kind of liquid stained below my eyes, but it was most likely the sweat accumulating from wringing my hands to feign the tears. I get up, and decided to go back inside of the random house I was in before.

      I think the dream shifts at this point, and there's one part that I feel doesn't belong, but here goes.

      I'm inside a house, it feels like the same random house, except it's now daytime, judging by how bright the windows are emitting light, even going through transparent light gray curtains reflecting some of it back. There are a lot of people in here, I'd say 5+, including my father. I pay no attention to the other people except my father.

      The walls in the house are light green, similar to a house I've been too before for vacation. There's an entertainment center just like the one in waking life. It has a glossy and shiny dark brown painted wood finish to it. There's also a bunch of items and accessories around the place, but I only focus on my father.

      He's wearing his glasses, and seems to be talking to someone at the moment. I get closer to my father, just waiting for him to include me in the conversation. I don't know why I wanted to, but I just kept quiet until he makes a response about me. He talked about how I would call him constantly to update on small things.

      I get annoyed by this, and told him that I don't do that kind of stuff. He looks at me seriously, but then puts on a smile and taps my head with his finger.

      WTF, did you just do the "Itachi" tap on the forehead just now? LOL, I'm not Sasuke bro (Sorry, maybe Naruto Shippuden fans might get what I said).

      Spoiler for What kinda sorta happened...:P:

      It made me calm down though, the tap on the forehead that is....what the hell.....WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED. LOL, was I being petted just now?

      I couldn't really do anything, couldn't really feel any kind of anger trying to get it's way back into my reality again...damn it...

      I turn to the man that my father is talking to, and he puts his hands out, and I shook his hand. I didn't know his name at all, all I remember is him wearing a Hawaiian type of dress shirt with dark gray dress pants. I knew he had a dark skin tone, and then I decided to leave the house.

      The dream shifts again, and now I'm back in the same night time at the cul-de-sac. I still reform to pretending that I'm trying to make sure I'm fine, because the female glares still kept mentally stinging my mind, and this time, when I reached the end of cul-de-sac......

      I see a mirror in front of me, and I see myself....I'm wearing the yellow and black horizontally striped sweater I have in waking life, along with denim looking jeans. These jeans were a bit too small for me, in length, but they were perfectly fine in width. I looked so innocent, and I still had some focus on how short the jeans were.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Passenger Seat (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a vehicle, most likely the Chevy Blazer my father owns in waking life, and I'm on the passenger seat. I pay no attention to my father at all, or whoever it is that's driving.

      I have my body faced perpendicular to how they're sitting, and the door on my side was completely opened while they were driving. So I'm facing the door that would've been closed instead of facing the front windows.

      Ignoring the obvious that this is a dangerous thing to do, the passive demeanor on my part is absolutely remarkable. I actually enjoyed having the vehicle door opened, and I realized that there were a few things contained in the little slots on the top and bottom door.

      It's bright as day outside, but since we're going pretty fast, the wind makes me ignore looking up in the sky. The breeze felt so nice......probably my fan in waking life at my apartment blowing in high speeds is what is causing this homologous variation in my dream.

      Anyway, there seems to be a black leather folder contained in the bottom slot of the car door that's opened, and also a stack of papers packed closely together with a black binder clip on the right side.

      The top ends of the papers are blowing very rapidly, but everything is safely contained in the bottom slot. Nothing is going to come out at all, despite the rapid winds from the vehicle going at high speeds (I'd say 70+ mph) because that's the point where if you were to slide down the window, it would just be constant wind blasting in your ear.

      I have my seat belt on, so I guess I'm not that passive. =P

      I have my shins forming a V shape, which makes my feet align closely together, and I have one of my elbows resting on top of the other hand that's perpendicular to the same elbow having the forearm up so I can rest the side of my face on my hand.

      I'm just looking at traffic, random traffic, seeing the cars go by a little slower than what we're going out. In fact, there seems to be a traffic delay, and then I noticed the vehicle I'm in slows down to their speed now. I guess this just gives me more time to look at my environment, whoop dee doo!

      But I really took the time to pay attention to the traffic, and I honestly cannot comprehend why I want to locked in this position facing away from whoever it is that's driving for me. I see a couple of people's faces waiting for the traffic to start disperse. On my side, the vehicle is probably going at 1-5 mph, but at least it's moving compared to the others at a complete stop.

      One noticeable dream character though, as the vehicle on my side continues to advance, I see one lady with only her left side having a complete eye, nose, and mouth. The right side was completely gone, or at least overshadowed by extreme darkness.

      In order to not show that I was really freaked out by this, since she was looking at me, I take the hand on my right side that was resting on the right side of my jawline, and shifted it diagonally to cover my mouth while closing my eyes at the same time.

      I felt so ashamed that I couldn't contain myself with being shocked that this woman's face did not show completion on both sides. I kept closing my eyes, wishing things could speed up a bit more so that this same lady would just be like those other random dream characters that would be faded away from my mind.

      I'm sure I opened my eyes again at some point, but just wanting to forget that lady's visage was my main priority. It just kept stinging to me mentally, "be grateful on how you look."

      DAMN IT.....thanks for the belittlement repressed feelings!

      Taylor Swift Acrobatics (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a room mostly with shades of brown, and I'm near a table with a paper bag in the middle. The table is light gray, extremely thin, and supported by black metal legs. I see a blonde sitting on the floor a few feet away from the table.

      She looks exactly like Taylor Swift, and she's wearing a fancy light violet dress that is slightly transparent. She looks cute, and she's doing some really random things on the floor. The floor was a faded brown, and the lights from above made a reflection on it.

      The Taylor Swift lookalike has her elbow resting on her other hand so she can rest her jawline. Then she starts getting a little too open with herself.

      She literally does a leg split, showing her panties, which are also a color of violet!

      Isn't this cute?!?!? She matches everything together! Go Taylor! /sarcasm.

      (I don't hate her, just couldn't help but be amazed on how she matches everything....EVERYTHING....)

      After watching her giving me a show of her panties, someone comes in, and I think after they talk for a while, I realize the paper lunch bag is actually for me. I started getting ecstatic for no apparent reason, and I had some weird hunch that women would be inside of the brown paper lunch bag.

      Lmfao, what the heck was wrong with me in this dream??

      I opened the lunch bag, and it had all sorts of treats, small blueberry muffins (oh man, they looked soooooo tasty), and all sorts of little desserts inside. I think the person wanted to take one inside the bag, but I just moved the bag away from them.

      MINE MINE MINE is pretty much my behavior in the dream.

    8. Alyzarin and Rave Master, Naruto Shippuden Resurrection, Raising Suspicion, Hyu, Weird Preacher

      by , 08-02-2012 at 04:39 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alyzarin and Rave Master (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much here, but I definitely feel that I'm near Alyzarin. The room is bright, and I believe can see a glimpse of the black undershirt and black long sports pants with the white stripes on the side that she wore with my peripheral vision.

      Alyzarin is showing me a few drawings she did, and from those sets, she showed a picture Haru and Elie from the anime version of Rave Master.

      It wasn't like this, just using this to remember the outfits.

      We continued to talk about random things that I can't remember too well. I didn't get to see her face unfortunately.

      She has light brown hair, a beautiful shine to it, long, curly and wavy too. I couldn't recall her actual voice, but she was cheerful and talkative when she was next to me. She was glowing with enthusiasm, even though I couldn't hear her at all, and she had a slightly pale skin. It was probably because of the lighting in the room that made it seem that way, but I didn't really mind at all.

      I looked at a picture of Haru and Elie. Haru is on the left side of the picture (from my view that is), and he's wearing the long sleeved black jacket with the Rave cross symbol just like in the anime version.

      He also has a white shirt underneath the black long sleeved jacket as well, and Elie is on the right side next to Haru. She's wearing the sleeveless tank top with the rave cross symbol in the middle of it as well, and she's wearing the short blue shirt (it could've been the light red one she occasionally wore too, or not, oh well).

      Haru and Elie are smiling, and it seems they have their focus on what's ahead of them. Haru has his right hand elevated above his head, probably to block something like the sunlight. I can't remember what Elie is exactly doing in the photograph, but she does have her mouth wide open smiling.

      The next set of fragments are kind of confusing in finding out where they belong in this same dream plot. They could've been different short dreams, but I'll just combine them together based on certain characters showing up.

      (Okay, this is the part I'm not sure belongs here, but my gut feelings says that it does).

      After talking to Alyzarin, I go inside of a room that's way darker than the one I was in with her. I eventually reached one of those old types of elevators. It had a wooden base, and metal railings formed in a rectangle. Honestly, the elevator itself just looked like two wooden bases (top and bottom) being connected by metal rods to create space for those going on it.

      The elevator, or whatever this thing was, could only contain one person. It felt kind of small, so I decided to sit down crisscrossed on the wooden base. The elevator slowly lifts up, and as I'm waiting to get to wherever it is I'm going, I see the bright white light emitting from the room I exit to get to this room.

      I see someone slowly come out into the light, but I can't see their visage properly. I look at the blurry image of the person in front of me looking at me go up, and the more I look at them, the more I feel that I'm going to miss them a lot.

      The only person where I would have that kind of feeling in a dream would be Alyzarin.....I couldn't do anything but just watch whoever it is stand there, and once the elevator went so far up that I couldn't see her anymore, I just stare at the brick walls from this point on

      The room, and even while going up the elevator, had that kind of dark blue atmosphere you see in dark rooms, if that makes any sense...

      The elevator finally stops, and I get out, but I'm looking down on the floor before looking up.

      I see things in first perspective, just like when I met Alyzarin, and I'm still looking down on myself, and see that I have no shoes on at the moment. I look up, and find Haru from Rave Master is on the left side. He tells me that I can find some shoes to where he's pointing, and while he's doing that, it seems he's in the middle of a conversation with someone else.

      I look at the shoes Haru is wearing, and it's a pair of black lace-less shoes (maybe there were strings, but they were most likely too small for me to tell at first glance).

      I look over to see which shoes are there for me to use, and the only ones that are there is a pair of light brown shoes. I couldn't tell if it was lace less, or had small shoe strings, and I picked them up and before I put them on, I realize these shoes look exactly like my father's shoes in waking life.

      Greeeeeat, this moment is just screaming, "Being in your father's shoes..."


      I didn't really have time to think about this dream making me be in my father's shoes, so I quickly put them on, and I think I asked Haru what we're going to do, because I honestly don't know why he's around, or why I'm around with him.

      He puts his right hand on his shoulder, smiles and declares,

      "We're going on a new adventure."

      I can't remember what happens next after that though.
      Naruto Shippuden Resurrection (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this dream, and I honestly would just classify it as a dream fragment, but this is only because the moments starting to flee from my mind when I woke up abruptly this morning.

      I'm at a table covered in cloth, and on this table are several white printer type papers. Each paper has a portrait drawing of someone from Naruto Shippuden, and maybe a few random anime like faces. The perspective changes to where each drawing is panned over the other one, like, when I see one drawing, someone would say the name of that person, and then move on to the next drawing.

      I think one name I remember sounded like saying "Sumo" or Suno," something like that. These definitely look like people who were resurrected or are going to be resurrected during the Shinobi War in Shippuden.

      Raising Suspicion (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking around at a random place outside, and I believe I see a gun that's not loaded on a table to the right of me. I see a dark skinned man wearing an orange shirt, and baggy pants.

      He has a gun blatantly located between his shirt and slightly tucked underneath the top region of the pants he's wearing. I start getting suspicious that he's up to something, especially if he isn't concerned that he should conceal the weapon in the first place.

      I slowly reached for the gun to my right to try and get it loaded,
      but I forget what happens next.
      New York and Texas (Non-lucid)


      Apparently, to get to Texas, I had to take the path that was previously set out for New York instead. I saw all of this on a brochure, or some kind of paper with transportation information on it.

      The dream shifts to where I'm inside of a vehicle in the back, with my father driving on the left side. I think he's getting ready to make a right turn,
      and that's all I remember.
      Alyzarin and Hyu's Avatar (Non-lucid)


      I took a short nap in the afternoon..

      I log on to Windows Live Messenger, and I see Alyzarin has her status as "Away," so I decided to go on Dream Views and look at dream journal entries in the mean time before she would come back as "Available."

      I go to Hyu's dream journal entry, but I can't see the title and the content clearly, the only thing that pops out is a new avatar of Yuya. She has her right hand resting on her chin, and has her left hand laying parallel to surface she's resting both arms on.

      There's also a pink background behind Yuya. I think I go back to see if Alyzarin is available again, but she still is away. I look at her profile on Dream Views, and it shows she's online, so I guess she was going to get something and come back soon.
      Weird Preacher (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside in an environment that has a very gloomy setting to it, and it feels so empty being in here. There are a lot of skinny gray trees, and the surface was all covered in dead autumn leaves.

      There's a house ahead, and it looks very old. Its exterior is composed of gray painted wood, and I keep hearing a voice that sounds as if someone is trying to preach something. I get closer to the house, maybe 15 feet away from it, and I see a man to the right of the house, in the middle of field.

      Either this man has a Bluetooth headphone set talking to someone, or maybe he's just crazy and all alone. I think he is repeating the same set of words, and randomly walking around the area. I keep my distance away from him, but we eventually come close range to each other.

      I can finally see his visage, he has an extreme frowning expression with his mouth slightly open. His eyebrows are pointing downwards, and his eyes are almost bulging out. He doesn't look mad, it's just that he has the expression pasted on his face.

      He doesn't do anything to me, except to just look at me for a few seconds while he goes back to being crazy and talking to himself again. If only I could've recalled his repeated message, I wouldn't have labeled him as a complete nutjob.

      Then random things happen, like I could hear voices of other people making fun of this same man walking around. There's a video screen that shows up in the middle of nowhere, and there's a gray pointer on top of the streaming bar with the letter "B" in white font.

      It seems it's just a short advertisement for something, but the only thing I was paying attention to was the letter "B" in the white font, since it did take up a lot of space to serve as a time marker.

      I heard someone make some smart-ass remarks about the advertisement, and the crazy man walking around the gloomy setting.

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    9. Janitor & Elevator, OpheliaBlue & Alex, Eyeball, Head shot, Swimming, Carrot the Mastermind.........

      by , 05-03-2012 at 06:46 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Janitor and Elevator (Non-lucid)


      I remember going inside this pretty huge elevator, and there's this janitor that comes in at out of the stops. He is wearing a gray dress shirt, and some shorts.

      He asks me a question that I can't remember, probably something related to cleaning up the floor on within the elevator, but I said No.

      The elevator opens, and as he's taking his stuff out, I noticed he forgot that one of his equipment was dangling out inside the elevator, so before door closes completely, I dash towards the area move it aside.

      I come out, and I'm in some random area, it feels like in a firm of some sort, seeing out things are fancy. It doesn't feel like a hotel, because area itself I'm in is too small.

      I turn around and explore the place a little bit, and there's two doors. One is for going to different floors of a bank, and the other I can't remember too well.

      I'm kind of hesitant on which door to pick, and I remember going near the ledge and holding on to the metal barrier on top to look down. I think some small thing falls on my head, or maybe it was a spider's web that got on me.

      OpheliaBlue met Alex in Texas? (Non-lucid)


      OpheliaBlue tells me that Alex was in Texas in waking life one time, and she got the chance to meet and talk with him.

      I don't understand why she would tell me something that would technically be confidential and only released to staff members, but I guess it wasn't big of a deal for her to tell me.
      Eyeball (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking around random areas, can't really get a good description of any, too many dream shifts, and they were most likely short experiences anyway.

      The one I do remember is me in the bathroom. I'm looking at myself in the mirror, but I'm not seeing myself, I'm seeing my eyeball zoomed in.

      There's a hair strand right on the middle of my pupil, and I carefully slide it to the white area and took it out. Then something else random was in my eyes, it looked like half of a transparent shower curtain hook was in my eye as well.

      It felt kind of weird how I was taking it out, but it in a twisted sort of way, it was relaxing feeling it come out of me as I'm moving it out.

      Someone is telling me something, but I don't really pay attention to them, and I don't think it's my higher self talking or anything like that.
      Over sized Clothes (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a store with a female named Kim in waking life, I don't know what she's doing in this dream, but apparently, she declares to me that she'll some clothes for me.

      Okay, free stuff, sweet, so I go around the store, and the carpet is dark brown, and there's somewhat of decent lighting in the store. All I'm seeing from this store are dress shirts and some fancy suits, nothing NORMAL to wear, and they're all over sized.

      I can't possibly wear any of these over sized clothes and make myself look like I'm fat or something. I try to avoid Kim seeing me, seeing as I can't pick out any clothes as yet.

      I don't know what I'm being a wimp with not going up to her and admitting there aren't any clothes my size because they're over-sized for me.
      Head shot (Non-lucid)


      I know more went on in this dream before, but I can only remember this certain starting point.

      I'm outside and it's bright as day, the building I exit seems to be a skyscraper or some kind of large corporation building with glass windows making up most of its composition.

      I see a light brown brick wall somewhere in this dream, and someone was supposed to appear behind it I guess?

      I look to my right and see someone coming out, they look at me, holding a weapon most likely since I'm sure I raised both my arms to show that I'm not going to do anything to them.

      I slowly motioned myself towards what seems like a backpack, and I think I knew there was a gun I could use, but again, the lapse in recall makes this a bunch of presumptions of what's in it.

      When they turn the other way to look at another person I think, I quickly grab a gun, probably from the backpack or whatever, and immediately shot the person in the head.

      I didn't hear a gunshot from it, it was like hearing the sound of a tranquilizer gun, but I'm pretty sure that guy I shot was dead.


      The bullet went in pretty deep inside of his head, and there's no blood coming out.

      Swimming with Zora, Aqua, or Alyzarin? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in an environment like in the video below, it definitely had a strong resemblance of it.

      Exclude that I'm Link on a boat though, it's just me, half naked wearing a long black dress pants. I'm swimming pretty fast in this down stream, or maybe it's because of the current speed that's accelerating me.

      There's someone swimming with me, and I feel it was a female Zora, and I could tell it was female because I heard her say things to me in a voice that could only be a female.

      I think I told her to be careful swimming and try not to bump into too many of the green colored boulders. So I guess in my mind, I had the logic of the boat game where if you bump into the boulders or anything, you would lose points.

      Except this time, it was the Zora/Aqua entity that I was concerned about, because every time she was being ditzy and bumped into something, I felt some of her life force getting weaker and weaker. Maybe I was just concerned about her well-being rather than it being her life force, lol.

      She was a mix of these: Aqua from Tales of Symphonia 2, Zora from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (the image is a male, but it's hard to tell if Zoras are male or females in TP though), and Queen Rutela from Twilight princess as well.
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      It was pretty fun being around this entity, despite their Klutzy nature.

      There were some moments where the dream resets at certain points, probably when the person's life ended and was set to full back again, not sure, I just remember a few blackouts and us starting wherever she hit a boulder or something.

      Alyzarin did mention her swimming in a dream last night, and I wonder if it's her in a different form, since she is kind of klutzy and ditzy in her dreams sometimes, especially in this one.

      Anyway, we're (I still don't know who) finally reaching the end of the stream, and it seems this one is carrying us at a higher acceleration than before. We finally reach the end, and I think I thank the person I was swimming with, and went out alone.

      Carrot the Mastermind (Non-lucid)


      It's kind of hilarious seeing Carrot, a member here on DV, being in control of what I do in my apartment. Even now, I wonder if she's actually doing that, hahahaha.

      From the dream above with the Zora/Aqua/Alyzarin speculation, I believe this dream is a continuation of that.

      I remember floating up to water surface, and feeling the water rush out of me as I'm on ground level. As I'm walking, I'm shaking my head to get rid of the water, and I still feel myself wearing the long black dress pants from the last dream, and I think I was still half-naked.

      I'm clearly headed for somewhere, but I don't know where exactly, I just know the area I'm in resembles certain areas at my University. There was this small gap I was going through at some point in the dream, and I had to jump on some small ledge and edge myself along the path.

      Okay, enough of that boring stuff. I finally reach my apartment, go inside, and there's a person inside. He's skinny, brown hair, wearing a white jacket with some small black font on it probably, and is wearing some generic blue jeans that were faded.

      I ask him,

      "How did you get in here?"

      He starts getting a knife, and tries to stab me, but I dodge most of his attacks, just barely.......

      He is telling me some things, but I can't remember anything except when I asked him the same question like before basically.

      He responds saying Carrot is able to control who goes in and out of my apartment electronically.

      And that it's all part of her twisted game in having fun with what I do inside my apartment. The person said I was an S1 or G1 type of ranking, not sure what that meant.

      I think he even said something along the lines of compared to Carrot's rank, I'm like a third grader. I was a little shocked by this, and he continues attacking me with the knife. I dash towards my bedroom, close it quickly.

      It's a good thing the guy thought I locked it, because I know that in waking life, the bedroom door doesn't have a lock, and doesn't even close all the way. (It makes a clicking sound, but it always retracts and slides just a little back).

      While I'm peeping through the small crevice, I see him going back, then turning around facing the door. Instead of just waiting for him to do something, I think I turn around to go to my closet and find something to attack him with.

      I do it quietly, and the dream shifts to where I open the door, and he's coming at me, and he grazes his weapon on the lower regions of my chest, but it was just a graze.

      I can't remember much after that.
    10. Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus

      by , 03-10-2012 at 04:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus


      Dream 1: Building & Glass Elevator

      I remember going to a huge building and I'm walking with a few DCs. In my backpack, I have some statement verifying I have funding for college, and it's a lot of money for me.

      I go inside and I see a lady that looks like she would be someone at a Help Desk. She looks like she's in her 30s wearing a short full body skirt.

      There were other DCs that had statements for funding from different banks as well, and I wanted to show her mine, but I decided that I should go up somewhere.

      I wanted to use the restroom, and it was designed for one person to use. There's someone occupying it, and the door is slightly open.

      He's washing his hands, and he sees me and tells me I can come in since it looks like he's almost done anyway. I tell him "Thank You" and he responds "No problem."

      Then when he leaves, I do my business, I have trouble aiming at first, but I get it on target. The door is still slightly open. A male peeks and I notice this, and then I get mad at him and start to close the door quickly with fury.
      (Funny how someone lets me use the bathroom while they're almost done with it, and I get mad when someone tries to come in. But I guess if the other dude was still doing his business, he would be bothered too).

      After that, I was going up a lot of stairs and felt like a corporate building, and a I knew I met a female along the way, and when I get to the top after talking for a while, the fire alarm rings, and we all decided to go on.

      I wanted to go down the stairs but someone tells me that I should come to the elevator with them. I think it was my mother, and I ignore whatever she's trying to telling me next.

      We're in a glass elevator (sort of, I can see outside though), and I'm waiting for it to go all the way down, and it's pretty bright outside.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ABiWy.jpg 
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      We go outside and I see an Asian guy that looked Viet that I used to know in High School. He's going after this girl, and it seems he likes her. There's another girl behind him sitting down watching him make a move on the girl.

      She starts to follow them, and they're probably 15-20 feet away from me, I look at her for a while and then I shift my attention to going forward somewhere.

      Dream 2: Sportsmanship at Bar

      I see a group of males that looks like they are on a football team, but they're just wearing athletic shirts like Powerhouse shirts. Two males look like they have the same body structure, and they all gather together.

      The whole environment seemed to be in a bar late at night.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      One guy comes up to join in on the victory, but since the opponents are close to them, he portrays some sportsmanship and stays quiet until he reaches his group.

      After that, he even shakes hands with the other team to just help them not feel like they're complete losers.

      Dream 3: Mechanical Insect

      I'm inside a building again, and I see this monster in front of me. From my view, it looks like it's around 6-9 feet tall, and it's weird.

      It looks like an insect, but it's a mechanical insect, and most of the colors that coated the metal were blue and green. It starts releasing green goo, and me and another guy are dodging it.

      One person tries to stab literally straight to its heart. One sword goes on the top section, and the other goes on the bottom. A lot of goo is spewing out from this creature, but it just won't freaking die.

      The person sees this isn't working, and tries to go for the right torso region this time, there's more goo spewing out, but it is still alive. The guy decides he has to make some kind of radial attack to cover all sides near its heart.

      It finally dies, and I swear the guy who killed it looked like Zolo from One piece, but I'm just going to presume it was him.

      The dream shifts to where this a male has some cleaned metal base from the creature and it's black. Whenever he adds oil to it, it makes this really hot flame.

      I can literally feel the heat as it radiates and I cover my face and neck region, and I tell the male that he should stop doing that, and he's like "Ooooh okay" in a stupid hippy accent.

      Dream 4: Keiko

      I'm in a building again, and there's this anime girl outside. We (I'm with random DCs again) had to keep her safe somewhere because she's tied up with white rope.

      We decided to lay her somewhere, and then as I start to turn to follow whatever group of DCs I'm with, I see some being near the girl.

      The person looks like Elder Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, and before he could do something horrible to her, a random anime chick comes in to save the girl, but I think she vanishes, which was really no point in her coming in the first place.

      Elder Toguro vanishes and gets closer to the same girl being bound by white rope, and he starts to form a weapon, kind of like a cutlass from his arm.

      He has the girl by her neck, and I see Kurama is behind him, and he's talking like Kazuya, one of Shinobu Sensui's personalities. I found that a bit odd for another character's voice to be one of the main character's accent, but I just go along with it.

      Kurama does a rose-whip attack on Elder Toguro's head, which apparently kills him. We leave the girl safe again, and we loosen up the white rope a bit so that she could move.

      She looked a lot like Keiko Yukimura from Yu Yu Hakusho.

      Dream 5: Aang Crying

      I'm riding down a huge slope with a bicycle, and it's daytime. The road is really wide, and when I have to go up, I end up flipping some object all the way to the top.

      Once I reach there, I see an image of Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender crying as Katara is holding him.

      Dream 6: Bus

      I'm going inside a bus and I go to the back end of it. In the middle are three seats. There's a DC to my right that's sitting on one end. I'm not sure if it's a male or a female, but I sit in the middle of the seat.

      I feel like I took someone's spot, but I didn't care.

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    11. In Elevator and Sedated Female, Tennis, Listening to a Door lock

      by , 02-12-2012 at 05:22 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: In Elevator and Sedated Female

      I'm with a group of random DCs, I go into this room first where this lady was resting on a bed or something like that. I'm not sure if we were in an elevator or anything, but apparently, this woman was sedated with something to keep her from confessing in a trial.

      I don't know why she needed to be sedated, but she was just looking blankly at the rooftop.

      Then I think me and the group of DCs get off the elevator that was carrying us up.

      One DC told the other DC to not make any kind of small intrusions that might trigger the alarm system, and the person responded with a face that said "Okay okay...I won't do anything extreme."

      We kept going forward and I forgot what we did after.

      Dream 2: Tennis

      Playing tennis, a guy joins me and some other dude who was with me. I fail a lot with my ground-strokes, I even tried going slow-mo to the ball and do a one handed backhand, but it I think it went flying away.

      Then it was time to pick up, seeing as everyone started to leave. There were so many tennis balls on the court, and I got them by pressing the balls between the holes inside the basket instead of bending down and picking it up.

      More confidence-babolat_ball_basket.jpg

      Then weird objects like a high heel shoe or something came out of nowhere, I didn't bother picking them up though.

      Dream 3: Listening to a Door lock

      I was inside of a room, and I had my back braced against a door. Some DC that looks like the father of a guy I knew who was incompetent in a few functions said that he was in there.

      I listen carefully to how the door was being locked.

      Not really interesting, I know, but it just felt kind of intense for those few seconds.

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    12. Tied up and Dodging Goo, Blonde DC and me getting cock-blocked...

      by , 01-28-2012 at 03:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Tied up and Dodging Goo, Blonde DC and me getting cock-blocked... (Non-lucid)


      It amazes me how much I remembered this dream...while I was typing, both dreams I recall still had lingering images that helped me remember what was happening...it's like my mind just went to a whole new level with image memory or something that's it's scary at the same time (in a "holy-shit-never-knew-this-was-possible" kind of way).

      Dream 1: Goo/Sperm Dodging, Escaping with the embodiment of Batman and Naked Snake

      This dream was a bit Western like in the future kind of setting. Apparently me and two DCs had to kill 3 Cowboys who where black outfits to make themselves look like bad-asses.

      I think one of the DCs (both were male) was carrying a dog that looked an awful like those fluffy ones. One of us (can't remember clearly) had to tie the dog to the side so it won't escape while we dealt with the 3 villain DCs.

      Then when we were ready, we were tied up instead in some random place. But I didn't know I was tied up, the villains were shooting us, but it was bullets, it even looked like blue goo or sperm even.

      I failed the first time, so the dream restarts, and then it's back to the same scenario where it's like a flash animation cartoon that you would see on Newgrounds our something ( the bulky black outlines etc.). I think I was "L" from Death Note, and he was naked as well.

      The other two DCs who were supposed to fight with me already died at the start from being blasted goo/sperm.

      When I realized I was the one tied up (but I'm still seeing things in the villain's perspective; so it's probably me playing it like it's a video game), I dodge left and right from their blasts of goo. The way to dodge them was me realizing that they shoot at the previous location I was in, and to quickly move to the other side.

      Then it got a little difficult because they started to anticipate where I was going to go, and some landed on the face of the "L" character I was playing (the control was simple, just move left or right on a 2D game).

      After a while, everything just stops and it scans over to a new scene playing where the "L" DC is standing on some circular area that turns into a mini-elevator and sends him back down.

      The dream changes again (It doesn't have the cartoon setting anymore, everything feels like reality again) to where it feels like Batman is running away after escaping the villains in the scenario before. But somehow it feels like I'm the one who is him. I'm looking for a way out, and I tried to click "down" on an elevator, but it doesn't work AT ALL.

      I'm assuming they started to increase the security by shutting off the main methods of escape. So in my head, I'm wondering what the hell to do. Then I turn around, and go to the room left of me that's open. It looks like a regular bedroom.

      I go in and if I do remember correctly, the bedroom had several windows that I could use to escape. The ones of the left looked like they had thick Plexiglass material to it, so I didn't bother trying to break those.

      Dry spells....-p1010067.jpg

      While I'm picking which window to go through, I take quick glances from time to time in that short period of time to see if anyone found where I was. Nobody as yet, so I finally look to my right and see a window that I could turn the knob to open. I open it quickly and slowly descending near the edge of the rooftop.

      From here, things got weird. I swore I was wearing Naked Snake's Outfit from MGS3 (when he did the HALO jump). I saw the straps and everything. And because of this, the two little loops near the straps that I put my thumbs on, I knew that if I pull those something would happen to help me float while I go down to the ground.

      (The straps on his chest, that's what I mean)

      But the environment itself didn't look like an area where villains would have a secret base though. The outside looked like any regular place, it had the setting that it previously rained, I didn't feel the sensation of the weather in the dream, but if it were, it would probably be a little chilly. One thing I noticed was a Tree in front to the right of the house too.

      There were a few DCs below me that looked like regular people, and some of them were wondering what the hell I'm doing on top of the side of a rooftop of a house. But I quickly ignored them because I still feel like I'm being chased.

      I had two options, jump down and fly and spread the wings in the outfit (in my mind, I'm a mix of Batman and Naked Snake now), or turn my head to the right and try to carefully press my body against to the side of the walls near the rooftop to go down to the ground.

      I keep looking left and right, and trying to think of several results if I picked one or the other, and decided to prepare for the first option. I slide my thumbs through the loops that I thought would release a parachute or Batman wings.

      (Even though from above, I was at least 20 feet above the ground, which may not be a challenge if I was lucid, but I still had the laws of gravity stuck in my head).

      I count to myself to get ready so that I won't fuck up the landing. After the final count, I made a leap of faith and extending the loops with my thumbs in hopes that something will come out of it.

      NOPE. Fell straight to ground. Falling and hitting the ground had that rag-doll effect you see in video games. Then the last that I remember of the dream was Batman (or me) standing up perfectly fine.

      Dry spells....-batman.jpg

      Dream 2: Blonde DC that was someone that I knew IRL and random DC cock-blocks me.

      This dream was a bit funny and again, was another opportunity for me to become lucid, but it just felt so real for the first few moments.

      I open my eyes slightly and realize that I'm on the ground. It felt like I got my head hit by a brick when I was slowly trying regain focus.

      There's this blonde DC who comes up to me that looks EXACTLY like a blonde that I knew in real life. Let's call her Victoria.

      (I had her for Biology in High School, and even though we rarely talked outside of class, we had some funny moments with each other in class. She was so beautiful too sigh..)

      Anyway, she comes up to me and I'm still on the ground wondering what the hell is going on. (This dream probably carried on the passed out state when I hit the ground from previous dream).

      She crouches down on her feet, and slowly sits by the right side of me. She's smiling and radiating this positive energy towards me. She's asking me if I'm okay in that cute and "awwww look at you, you poor guy" kind of tone.

      Dry spells....-smiling_blonde.jpg

      She starts patting and rubbing my head a little bit. Then she went to get something for me to drink. But before she could, a pack of Sunny D appeared out of nowhere close to us. She gets one from the pack and asks if I need something to drink.

      I told her "Oh no no, thank you though." She focuses back on me being on the floor while I'm still feeling a bit hazy. I think she starts massaging me a little bit, and think she asked "Does that feel good?" or something like that.

      Things looked like it was going to be mostly cuddling and warmth, but then when she starts talking more, this anime DC that either looks like a mix of Kikyo from Inyuasha or the ghost from To Love Ru is the one getting her breasts groped from the same blonde I believe.

      (I'm not sure if it was the blonde doing it, or if a quick video clip of the girl getting her breast groped) because I still heard the blonde's voice.

      The dream just ends with the female DC that cock-blocks me while she gets her F-cup sized breasts massaged.

      I saw a quick nipple shot, but the hand that appears out of nowhere covers it and moves it around in a circular motion while she's making that weird face with her mouth open like you see when anime girls are nervous or scared.

      I hate how I was this close to a blonde, she literally tries to help me out, but she could have at LEAST told me to do a reality check or something! I was so close to this woman that I could've heard her breathing....

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    13. School then FIRST LUCID DREAM!!

      by , 07-05-2011 at 02:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      7/5/2011 Talking Non-Lucid Lucid

      Before this, I was practicing a technique of repeating a certain mantra "I BECOME AWARE I LUCID DREAM" http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/repeat...ue-rmt-117791/ by writing in down with a Sharpie on a piece of printer paper. I just kept using that same message through the whole day before I slept. Every time I got into something so much in real life, I would look at that paper and have the though manifested into my head.

      This is all I remember for this dream part

      I was sitting outside, and itís bright as day, with a bunch of students while some adult was telling us some jokes. Apparently he was joking around and telling us all these funny things. Everyone and me were laughing, but the guy said I was the one who wasnít faking it? Then I realize he had the same voice as my Psychology teacher, and everyone left to go to their next class I assume.

      While I was going to class, I saw one person wanted to know where the teacher got all the jokes. The teacher showed his iTouch or iPad or whatever (couldnít tell the size from a distance). Then I turned back and went to my class.

      Then I believe I was in a bus, and I was sitting down listening to some guys say some stuff about girls I think. I think as I was going out, I was just laughing like crazy, and the same guys asked me what I was laughing at. I said it was what they said. They laughed and I included, ďYou have some funny stories,Ē and they laugh some more.

      Anyway, then I was in this luxury type bathroom just doing my business. Then as I go to wash my hands, I felt as if someone spit on my neck, so I grab some paper towels (a bit too much), and someone said, ďYou use too much.Ē So I responded, ďBut I think I have spit on my neckĒ or something like that. They said ďOh, okay.Ē (All I remember for that one)

      The next one I recall is walking through the school hall and seeing some event where studentsí mothers were involved, (I donít really remember). I heard some girl I know named Angie I believe was excited because she could get her mother to be involved. Then there was another scene where some guys got some small blue double dong dildo (or maybe it was just a small one) meant for anal play (obviously), and the Angie girl I mentioned above came to them. They asked her if she wants to play with the anal toy.

      Surprisingly, she said ďYeah.Ē I believe she even wanted to go back home to get something real quick. The guy or two of them I believe were freaked out by her response. Thatís all I remember for that one.

      I also believe in the dream I had prior to these few, (the one about me sitting down on a bus seat) I was worried about getting some object destroyed; it looked like a piece of a box crate and some weird components on it. Thatís all I remembered.

      I think Iím climbing out of something, I believe as Iím climbing out, there are small bits of fire on top. I believe I was tardy to class again (a recurring pattern for some of my dreams because I was never tardy to school, and even if I was, I had a pass that would excuse me from it ). I heard some people talk but didnít bother to remember much, I was rushing towards a door. The moment I opened that door and walked a little bit, I could think for once while Iím in a DREAM! . I repeated my mantra Iíve been looking at on a piece of paper for the whole day for about two times in my head.

      Then I said ďI am Lucid Dreaming.Ē I took form and had complete control of myself. There was this window in front of me that was shining bright white light, but just enough to have some lighting. Then I see my previous AP English Literature teacher Ms. Park. I asked her if Iím dreaming. She said, ďNo.Ē But I get a hold of myself and asked her, ďAre you sure?Ē She looks down on the floor for a while, probably just thinking of what to say to me. For some reason I canít remember what I said to her next.

      I believe I was asking if she could show me the path of where my dream guide was or something. She showed me with her arms and then this door appeared. I heard footsteps coming in rapidly (I was on a wood surface), and I got a little scared, but I kept my cool and even had my fists up. I even went back a little to ask Ms. Park on whatís going on. But she wasnít there anymore.

      I automatically thought that I would see a few Agent Smiths from the Matrix Trilogy, but it ended up being Will Smith I think. The room I entered was this big library with many levels of stairs. I didnít have a clear view of this (I didnít do a reality check at all, I just said to myself ďI am lucid dreaming.Ē)

      Suddenly I had to urge to do a move in Naruto: Shippuden called Chidori that Sasuke Uchiha used. I did the hand signs that I did for a few times in real life. Bam! Chidori on my right hand.

      Then I think Will Smith freaked out and started running (LOL, if you know Will Smith in the Fresh Prince show, you know that expression on his face when he freaks out).

      Then instead of running after him and some other figure, I decided to extend my Chidori like Sasuke did like a linear object and try to kill them. I saw my right hand with the Chidori, but I couldnít extend it.

      So I canceled it and did a Shadow Clone Jutsu, but then random Naruto figures appeared.

      (I guess I was just doing things to quick instead of taking the time to manifest clones of myself) The clones looked like they were in 2-d form, and they disappear. I continue running after Will Smith and the other person I canít remember too much of. They go into an elevator I believe, but it was one of those old-school elevators that was wide. Will Smith just comes out of nowhere and said ďTheyíre just scared.Ē

      That was a very odd experience there for him to say that ďTheyíre scaredĒ when Iím the one chasing them down. Anyway, he disappears, so I opened the elevator, but I just see the bottom of the floor. So I looked up to see the elevator going up. I kept going higher and higher by using the stairs. Then suddenly Will Smith and the other figure came out the opposite direction (WTF~#[email protected]#%). As they are running around like crazy on the bottom floor. Iím looking over from top seeing all these people come in. Most of them were black, I saw a few other ethnicity and races as well. But then this cop comes out of a door, in the typical cop uniform with the light blue shirt and black pants.

      He was Caucasian, and when he saw all these black people, he went, ďNow thatís too much.Ē

      (Iím African American too, well that and mixed with some other races, what the hell xD). I canít remember much (even though I wrote a freaking NOVEL just now LOL).

      This lucid dream was pretty short, probably because I was excited but I didnít feel excited, I didnít even close my eyes. Maybe it was something else, but I donít know what. I know it wasnít outside forces. I opened my eyes and was back at reality. I did a reality check by pinching my nose to see if I could dream. But nah, reality (sad face). Anyway, now itís 5:15 A.M. I canít wait to have another LD!