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    1. Tulpaforcing+ Enantiomers (SDE Pt. 2: Day 26)

      by , 10-30-2012 at 04:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hmmm, I guess I'm making progress with this Tulpa matter. I tried yesterday afternoon for maybe 15 minutes of going into the shower, no water running, closing the door, turning the lights off, complete darkness, and tried tulpaforcing.

      I mean, I can SEE her image well with my eyes closed or opened, but she's not really "solidifying." Of course, I'm more focused on the distinct voice in my head more than the image, but I do try to practice both visualization and mental auditory stuff.

      It was only my second day....or maybe my third? Gosh can't remember. Going to try random tulpaforcing today though, and in longer intervals.

      Enantiomers (Non-lucid)


      Not really good dream recall for some odd reason, oh well.

      I'm in a science class, and I realized it's similar to Organic Chemistry in a way. The classroom is fairly short for your usual lecture class that would occupy 200 students.

      This one seemed to accommodate 20-30, and the flooring is all white, and so are the walls, though they're showing more of a faded look than the floor is. The professor has a projector screen up, and I believe he's using an overhead to with transparent slides that contain some information.

      There were a few organic compounds, and it reminded me of Alkyne Synthesis that I was trying to do, but failed last night IWL. He was doing some weird stuff with arrow movements, and he popped a question that I can't recall too well.

      I decided to take the chance, and try to just think on the fly with the answer, and it turns out I'm actually right, to some extent lol. He starts writing down that these compounds are Enantiomers, and circles it I think.

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