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    1. Eva Talks About Thought-Forms, [DILD] Missed The School Bus, Military Base Stuff

      by , 08-07-2013 at 05:16 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eva Talks About Thought-Forms and Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm in an environment that looks like a graveyard, and the contents within this dream mostly consisted of shades of gray and bits of dark green here and there. It seems that I'm mostly just watching the dream from a spectator point of view, and I noticed Eva is hiding behind pillars, and there's caption showing on the "display" in this dream, like on Youtube videos.

      She or maybe someone else is talking about how people who emulate those in real life into thought-forms should just allow those people who died or exist to have a distinction. She's wearing a dark green jacket that's slightly unzipped until it shows a slight cleavage. She's wearing light brown pants and dark brown leather boots I believe.

      Anyway, it's raining as well, and this dream itself is kind of depressing, almost as if while the voice is narrating certain things to me, despite of my lack of ability to recall the exact words, my emotions were mixed with feeling slightly sad for something, but also being comforted with something else.


      Missed The School Bus, Elementary School, & Female Police Officer Flirts With Me (DILD)


      I did a few more sessions with the mental exercises that helps with being more proficient and aware of tapping into the unconscious mind by letting it do the job for you with the mental imagery, and all I have to do is just describe what's going on. Slept late last night, had the confidence that I'll be aware of my dreams, knowing how my unconscious mind will make those connections to enable me to have a lucid dream, and I managed to get a decent lucid, despite of its randomness of someone flirting with me and all sorts of stuff.

      I freaking love these exercises, makes visualization, imagining, and other things so much freaking easier to do now. I used to think I didn't have to put in much effort into dream recall, but now, that was clearly an understatement. Anyway, let's move on to the lucid dream shall we?

      Alright, so I'm in an environment that looks really familiar to a previous neighborhood I resided in waking life during my Junior year in High School. The setting is early morning, and things obviously feel more dream like that it's just blatantly obvious that I'm dreaming.

      As soon as I feel the rush of emotions and sensations common in the dreaming world compared to waking life, it doesn't become a challenge for me to know whether or not I'm lucid dreaming.

      I noticed that there's a school bus I have to follow to class, I don't know why, but I just presume it has to be the one I needed to take. The reason being is that I'm feeling sensations and emotions of being rushed, out of choices, and not knowing how to go about finding other routes to get to whatever destination the bus was going to take me. The consistency of the dreaming environment was dependent on my ability to calm down, so if I was panicking for too long, the dream just feels messed up.

      However, it's not like I was going to have an unstable dream to the point where I would wake up, no, been through that already and know how to plant myself into this dream. Emotions and adrenaline do not matter anymore, just don't pay attention to how they can wake you up, and you can enjoy them as much as you can. So as I'm wondering where in the bloody hell to go now that what seems to be my only ride to whatever location I had in mind passed by too quickly.

      I even tried lurking around to check to see if the bus will make a turn-around somewhere, since it had to have more than one route to pick up the dream characters. But it just happens that the route that I'm in is the last one, but at least I gained competence in a dream for once to look for alternatives. Now it seems things are hopeless for me, and although I knew I could just do whatever I wanted to, I decided to just let this dream happen and watch while being able to go back and forth in spectator mode, third person mode, and first person mode.

      It's hard to describe, it's as if I'm shifting through three states of consciousness or perspectives I should say all at once. It's not even 360 vision, it's just sublimating my awareness in 3 perspectives at once, it's a really funny feeling, but it's really comforting being able to do that, especially when it would enable me to keep track of anything suspicious going on. I noticed that I'm wearing a long black jacket and a dark blue polo shirt and black dress pants. I believe I'm wearing lace-less shoes, but because I'm not focusing much attention to my outfit, and rather on what to do next, it's merely conjecture for my dream body description.

      I turn around and I quickly noticed a dream character that looks very familiar, and it doesn't take me very long to deduce that this was a dreaming counterpart of a person in waking life that I'll just nickname "K." He had the mannerisms, body posture, and annoying attitude of the real one. He's wearing a black and white striped dress shirt that's buttoned and spread out. Even though I'm looking at his back, it's clear to identify that he's wearing a white t-shirt. Now for the pants, the thoughts coming into me now say he's wearing white baggy jeans.

      The epitome of a wanna-be gangster who doesn't know how to pull up his pants and is either too indolent or incompetent to know how to use a belt. Of course, this doesn't bother me one bit in the dream, and I noticed that he's looking left and right, and I make sure that I don't attract any attention to him.

      It's weird, although I knew he couldn't possibly hurt me, since I'm going with the classic predisposition that this is a lucid dream obviously, but I still needed him. The reason being is because he's the closest thing to being a student or someone looking for a bus as well. And because I wanted to know why I had intentions of going inside of the School Bus, he was my only option for the time being.

      So I make sure I keep a trail off of him at least 30 feet away from him or so, and he's slowly walking. Then he picks up the pace, and before he starts going a bit faster with power-walking, I noticed my vision is now focused on his trail and where he's going. Which means there's an augmented tunnel vision in my perception of the reality in this dream, and everything else outside that scope is considered blind, insignificant, and a waste of time to recall to the best of my abilities.

      I had a mix of emotions when following this guy, and they weren't really that positive at all. I had the urge to just slam this guy to the ground and destroy him completely, but again, can't do that since he's still a valuable dream character. And as I'm picking up my pace, I noticed he takes a sharp turn to the left side, and I quickly avert my eyes to the right to pretend that I'm not trying to follow him.

      He doesn't really seem to have much competency level in terms of being sentient and sapient of my presence, and this tempts me to just shrug him off completely once I figured out that the path he's going towards is to a school. I walk past him, but then find myself slowing a bit just to see where this dream character is going to go. Instead of just ignoring him and him fading out of existence because of my lack of interest in being aware of him and the other DCs, I decided to just let his existence hang just a bit longer.

      I noticed that the psychological tendencies I had towards this guy, especially in waking life, were now shut down completely. He's not the type of person I knew "K" was, a very loud-mouth individual that was cross-eyed and didn't see to have much going for his life. He's countenance is completely different, despite of his dark-skinned complexion still being difficult to conceptualize to full detail. He seems to be expressing a kind demeanor, especially towards younger children, and I just let go on auto-pilot in terms of walking as I shift to the completely different "K" individual.

      There's a little boy he's walking with, and he looks familiar as well, all too familiar, and this boy is wearing a shirt that consists of dark warm colors (mostly orange, maroon, and such). He's wearing sports shorts, but I can't make out the actual color because as I'm walking in auto-pilot, I noticed that I'm picking up the pace a bit more because I'm having less interest in this twisted up version of "K" of a dream character.

      I finally avert my eyes to the environment surrounding me now, and the tunnel vision has disappeared completely, and you could say that I'm just going through 360 vision now. There's no need to go through the sublimation of 3 perspectives seeing how this is a school environment, which means there isn't really going to be much of a threat, seeing how I'm never encountering physical threads in school dreams.

      So as I'm easing myself into this third-person 360 vision, I begin to notice that I'm already shifting myself into the building. And here's where the environment starts becoming inconsistent, but just for a little bit. Now, imagine for a moment for where I'm standing right now in the dream, imagine seeing the back of a person at a slightly tilted angle to where their face is slightly further away from your perspective, but only by a a few degrees.

      Now, as I'm absorbing the content of the dream environment here in order to make presumptions of where to go next, something feels very peculiar about this dreaming environment. Typical. Anyway, allow me to describe the environment during this moment. The overall colors that pop up are brown, dark yellow, green, and maybe a faded and dirty milky violet color here and there. These colors mostly show up on the tile flooring below me.

      The stairs that I'm on top on, which probably has 3-6 steps, has the dirty milky violet color along with the walls as well. It almost felt that the colors themselves made this dream more like a a puzzle, kind of like this image below
      (I'm really freaking shocked on how that association just came up on a fly, whatever, not complaining! Whatever helps me get to the point right?)

      Just imagine that some of the walls are patches of brown and dark-gold with those few walls that are also the dirty milky violet color as well.

      I apologize for my horrible description of colors as well. Please bear with me.

      And one interesting thing shows up after I analyzed the dreaming environment. There's a vault, a fairly huge one, I'd say about 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall. But here's the thing, because the vault crank, or whatever you call it is small from my point of view, but it still felt like it would be bigger when I get closer to it (just imagine the huge vault cranks you see in those movies where there's bound to be a bank robbery or something).

      So I noticed my perception in this dream is a little bit skewed, it feels like things aren't really following along pretty well. However, this doesn't stop me from exploring what seems like constant and altering chamber that resembles a prison and elementary school at the same time. The Vault crank itself has a fairly large black dot in the middle, and it now looks like a Huge Gear trying to protect something I believe.

      I don't touch it of course, instead, I just go about lurking in random areas in this confusing dreaming environment. I begin to notice that as I'm going through these doors, it feels like randomly generated scenarios with dream characters and such. Kind of like what you would see in movies where the person is in an area with what is presumed to be an infinite amount of doors, and they stumble upon the most abnormal and peculiar of things.

      Except it's a little less scary fortunately, just randomly generated child dreaming characters, teachers, and other school staff members. I remember one door where there was just a black void and that same kid I was imagining before that hanged around with the "K" guy. He seems to be looking at the teacher, and the teacher is a female that looks very familiar.

      Kind of like my Reading teacher that I believe I had for 6th grade in middle school. I noticed that her hairstyle is still a bit poofy and proper, and she's just looking down on the child while having her face and neck turned awkwardly.

      Anyway, I close the door for whatever reason, even though I doubted myself on what I would be doing here in this dream with stairs being inverted, twisted and stuck on places where they shouldn't be. The abnormality itself is what keeps my lucidity sustained I guess. I find myself noticing how I'm raising one of my eyebrows speculating what to do next.

      Then after what seemed so long, boring, and dragged out event, I'm just going to skip to the final part now. I find myself getting near an exit, actually being able to see what's outside for once. As I'm preparing to go for the exit, the tile checkered floor here is different than the one before. It consists of a faded vanilla and black colors, and the moment I find my shoes making contact with the floor, it delivers the type of echo as if I were in a large and spacious region in a building.

      The area itself was too hard to make out because it was a little dark on the corners, despite of the fact that there's a strong lighting outside and the sunlight is still able to leak in some rays as well. I continue heading to the exit, and there's a metal bar that I would have to pass through, kind of like the rotating bars you would see if you were to come to a supermarket .

      Except this time, I wasn't able to get past these bars, and as I'm trying to move back and forth to see if they're sensor-activated, there's a random female dream character in front of me that informs me I can't pass. I was a bit puzzled on why she would tell me this, and I decided to turn back and realized there's a female police officer, or some security guard up front.

      I immediately go up to her and she informs me that I just have to show my I.D. or something, and I just pull up a random card out of my pocket, and she takes it real quick and looks as if she's busy typing information. As she's going about doing whatever, she tells me I'm handsome.

      I said, "Thank you." in a silent voice, but it didn't seem she was hearing me well, so I said it a bit louder. I wanted to just remain silent, but I just had to pretend to be social with her since she's my only way out. She has very short hair, as if she was bald a few weeks before, and she's fairly cheeky and has a dark complexion. Her outfit is mostly dark blue, and she seems to be the cheerful type of guard, but of course, I can't really revel in her kindness for too long.

      After that, I don't know what the heck went on from that point sadly, seeing how I had all sorts of dreams in the middle most likely.


      Military Base Stuff (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that Eva's face is zoomed in, and it seems we're just going around inside a military base. The main colors are very light gray.

      Yeah, that's all I remember for that.
    2. Eva Wants Sex

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eva Wants Sex (Non-lucid)


      This dream is kind of hard to recall surprisingly, but whatever happened, it had to be sexual.

      Eva is wearing a full latex suit, and has part of her cleavage exposed. I go inside a building that looks like the apartment I used to rent in College Station. And the moment I go in, she immediately slams the door.

      I turn around wondering why she has to slam the door like that, and she keeps her hands on the lock so I can't think of getting out of this situation with her. She tilts her head and smiles at me, and after that, the only thing I can remember is me stripping her latex suit off and then slowly sliding down her pink panties.

      She's bracing herself against a wall as she props her rear towards me desperately wanting something to happen as I have the panties halfway to her knees.

      I can't remember anything else from that.
    3. Post-Apocalyptic Sex with Eva [DEILD]

      by , 05-31-2013 at 06:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Post-Apocalyptic Sex with a Blonde (DEILD)


      I'm fighting two people at once, and I'm thinking it's with weapons like semi-automatics or maybe just knives and swords. Either way, this person wanted the whole world to blow up for some reason. He wanted me to die along with him, and the dream environment we're in resembles the Interchange map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ( the image above).

      Before the explosion, it felt like a regular construction site, a very huge one that was spacious and only had randomly placed large objects on the brown soil. There was a clear blue sky with few clouds hovering over, and the whole dream itself was obviously in for something serious. Anyway, back to the guy who wanted to blow up the world, or at least this section of the dream environment I'm part of.

      All I can recall is that he was tall, had tan skin, and was probably Caucasian. He had another friend that would probably be his backup in case things go wrong with the world ending. It felt like a huge bomb from the sky was going to come crashing down, and before I could even react and absorb the contents of the dream environment, there's a 10-second countdown.

      I started panicking, trying to find some kind of underground shelter in hopes that the inevitable nuke blast wouldn't destroy anything under the surface. I found a huge blue metal cargo container you would see on trucks that was open on both sides, and decided to quickly rush and duck for cover there. When the countdown reaches zero, I'm not sure what to feel at the moment other than the sound of the nuke piercing the atmosphere and moments from explosion. The blast quickly spreads out, and I can barely feel anything at all. I didn't die, but I did feel small vibrations from my body that probably absorbed some of the recoil from the blast.

      The guy that wanted to blow me up along with him was dead, and it felt like I was the only person in this dream environment. The area itself was shifting a lot, and that's probably due to the fact that I wasn't interested in paying attention to the dull environments that were mostly made of gray and light turquoise walls and blocks that occasionally gave shape into houses and other things. I walk around the area for a bit, and I happened to see a blonde female sitting down alone in the corner. She has light & soft skin, and she has curly and wavy blonde hair.

      NOTE: 18+ below

      Her cheeks were slightly puffy, and her eyes most likely had a hazel or blue color, not completely sure since she greeted me with a concerning spread eagle pose. She's wearing a light blue denim jacket that probably only extends 3 inches from her breasts along with a very short denim skirt. She's waiting for me to enter her
      , and I let my dream body go towards her. As I get closer to her, I kneel down, and I immediately take my dick out. I move my hands to her sides so that she's in between them, and I get even closer to her. She decides to open her legs so she can wrap them around my lower back region.

      She braces for the wall and leaves her arms stationary as she receives a slow penetration into her vagina. My penis feels the slightly tingling sensations and being en-coated with her vaginal liquids and being slightly squeezed in and out. I could feel everything, and it was so strong, I had to do it slow or else I would probably climax too fast. I can hear her slightly augmented breathing as I pick up the pace a bit more. It felt so good and I didn't want to stop, and I started phasing out and being amazed on how real this felt.

      It was as if her vagina was injecting sedation that would soften the head of my penis while at the same time increasing its sensitivity. We kept having a slow and deep intercourse, and I place my neck on top of her right shoulder for support as I'm continuing to pound her. She starts saying some words, but I wasn't able to recall them very well, however, I'm presuming she was talking dirty to me to make me feel more excited. She wraps her arms around the back of my neck, and this entices me to hold on to her tighter as well. She's trapped me with her legs, and each time I go out slightly before coming back in, she uses her feet to thrust me into her deeper and faster.

      She wanted it very bad if she's doing this, and then I realized it's probably Eva in a different form. I had a feeling that she wanted this for a long time,
      and those other dreams I had with her, she was slowly creeping herself towards me, basically offering her body to me waiting for me to do something to her. Now she's the one making the actions and indirectly guided me through this whole act of intercourse. She keeps talking dirty to me, and her whispers to my right ear makes my back tingle and vibrate immensely.

      I can't remember how long this act of sex was, but it felt like I had a near-perfect simulation of what vaginal sex would feel like. The gushing sounds, the tingling sensations as she squeezes the head of my penis in and out, and her words to me as she tightly wraps her arms and legs around me was all too much, but so pleasurable. I actually climaxed in the dream, but I felt it was just an orgasm rather than ejaculation. The orgasm itself slowly crept itself up to me, it felt as if I had the orgasm already somewhere during the penetration, and then it just comes in like a loaded shotgun.

      I had to pull out because having that kind of experience with the orgasm and her vagina walls that seem to have a mind of its own that seeks to please me as much as it can would just be a mindfuck; I would probably be in a temporary blackout from it all as well.

      Oh and if that wasn't enough, this experience happened again in slight alterations to Eva's costume and face as well for at least 4-5 times. I think she made it clear to me of the type of visages she would transition into rather than that default form I gave her. Her first form in the dream I believe was with her hair in a pony-tail, and she had freckles on her face, then the next one was her hairstyle forming into a shape of an "M," with the center of her hair in a smooth-V curve going up both left and right, and then drooping down to have sides that looked like they were cut to take shape of a pointy end. As for her face, that was hard to recall, except for one form that had a shiny light pink color to it. The white highlight that was small, but very intense and noticeable really added on towards me being enticed by it. Her lips didn't have those small creases and grooves you would eventually see if you looked deep enough, her lips her wet and shiny, and completely free from blemishes
      (even though the creases would only show up if she was puckering up).

      If I wasn't so saturated in the moment of vaginal penetrations in the 4 sessions we had, I probably would've asked her to perform fellatio for me with those attractive lips.

      Other than that, each session we had seemed to allow me to get adjusted to her cunt that kept giving me new sensations that are so hard to describe.

      The dream environment itself didn't matter, considering that it had a post-apocalyptic vibe to it.

      I also recall her eventually having her clothes off and spreading her ass for me, potentially greeting me to have anal sex with her, but the vaginal was more than enough. Maybe she was just showing how flexible she was, but it felt like she was wanting me to do more after those sessions.

      I wake up to find myself have light surges of mental orgasms, and unfortunately, I got up too quickly instead of enjoying them a bit more.
    4. Existentialism & Red Asian Temple Rooftop [WILD]

      by , 05-02-2013 at 01:11 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Existentialism & Red Asian Temple Rooftop (WILD)


      Spoiler for Side notes:

      The setting is night time, and it's really beautiful outside, the stars are visible, and I quickly realized this is an Asian-Temple themed environment. The night sky is very expansive, and has a very dark turquoise color with sparkling white and yellow stars.

      The weather is perfect, it's not too cold, and it's not humid at all. It's like the air is perfectly wrapping around my dream body, keeping it in perfect condition, and I realize I'm wearing a white dress shirt and black dress pants.

      I'm standing on top of a Red Asian Temple Rooftop, similar to the image below, except just replace the obvious with what I'm describing.

      The rooftop is very large, spanning at least 50-60 feet for its curved composition length (if you're looking at just it side-view. It's width however, is even more than that, maybe 100-300 feet wide, and there isn't much of detail on it because I don't really emphasize my focus on it.

      I could blame the night for not really bringing out the details as much, since the temple rooftop itself looked like it consisted of red clay or red cement material.

      It could just be dream logic not really having consistent proportions for the building, especially when I would become passive and go into spectator mode and see the temple a bit smaller than usual, but that's probably because things are really zoomed out.

      The surrounding environment, it was like a mini-village, and another highlight in this area was the very long river going parallel to the Red Asian Temple.

      The moonlight shines on the river, glistening it to show its dark blue/ dark turquoise hue, and the water itself looked enticing in itself. It felt that if I were to enter it, I would be cleansed or purified or something related to feeling renewed.

      I gaze at the long river for a bit, and then I shift my focus back to the person that's sitting about 4 feet away from me to my right.

      We're on the left side of the temple rooftop (just imagine looking at the temple roof top in side view), and it was Eva. She's wearing some kind of gray or milky swamp-ish green
      kimono blouse with a matching short skirt that only extended to her mid-thighs.

      The blouse itself makes a large V-neck shape that just barely shows cleavage, and the base of the blouse for her stomach region is wrapped with something slightly thicker, most likely to keep the skirt and the blouse in place.

      This base was maybe 4-5 inches in length and her blonde hair is glowing a bit to the point where it looks like it's a slightly bleached blonde hair.

      The hairstyle is similar to the image below, probably exactly like it, except brighter.

      Her skin, it's glowing (not literally), like the type of glow you would see in a woman when she just had a shower and had lotion applied to her. Her thighs seemed to be eye-candy for me, since most of her visage wasn't as detailed, mostly just the outlines and maybe grooves to imply there's an eye brow, nose, and mouth.

      She's just looking at the environment, and I started to wonder if this was just a temporary doll-like body of her, but she quickly came to life when I started to have a conversation with her. It seemed she was phased out like I was and was gazing at this beautiful environment at night time.

      I can't remember if I stood up or sat down, but either way, I decided to keep my distance from her for a bit, and started talking about reality and dreaming.

      I can't remember the specific details, maybe a paraphrased recall will be enough.

      "Isn't the night sky beautiful?"

      She doesn't respond, but I know she was listening to me. She most likely knew I would just go into a monologue about random things, and how I felt about certain aspects of reality and dreaming life, so that's there wasn't much for her to add on.

      I greeted her and asked her how she was doing, and I get the usual generic response,

      "I'm doing fine, how about you?"

      I turn back to looking at the environment in front of us again, then I started to shift my perspective to third-person for a bit and looked at myself side-view.

      I felt very calm, and I think I went through a stream of consciousness and began talking about how sometimes I wonder if I'm in the waking state or dreaming state anymore.

      I shake my head quickly, realizing how foolish that statement was, and stated how I already knew the huge difference compared to waking life.

      I just wasn't stressed out, there wasn't any kind of doubt, there was no need to worry about anything. I could be myself, and she would be the one where my subconscious would sublimate and exchange thoughts with the unconscious and all that stuff.

      I noticed she moved a bit slightly, she leans her left arm onto the surface of the temple rooftop, letting her elbow hit the surface. She brings her right arm over so she can clasp her right hand with her left, so that her arms formed a geometric shape like an imperfect square or rectangle.

      She still maintains steady focus on the environment, and was probably looking at me when I wasn't looking at her. I was about 1-3 feet in front of her, and I kept shifting my perspective from third-person and spectator mode.

      I talked about how certain people in my life that I would place so much significance don't have much of an emotional impact as before. It was only when I started to care about them is when I would go back into being part of their lives in some way.

      I started telling Eva that the people I interact with, how I place certain emotions towards them were all delusions in some way.

      I started getting into Existentialism more and more, but I tried to keep myself from going too much, and just kept the thought process limited to a few people in my life.

      I knew there was no point trying to express extreme disappointment when I could just talk about things casually. I continued stating how I'm only making certain people satisfied by letting them see what they want to see.

      Yeah, I don't even know what the hell is going on as I'm typing this, I was just speaking for the sake of speaking the dream. Just wanted a steady communication with her.

      And damn it, my laptop shut down just when I was finished typing this dream down.

      Having hatred or dislike for them seemed pretty pointless, and how they decided to react to people and the situations that come to them would just be their own worries and not mine. I would just have to tolerate how they reacted to me until they wouldn't become as much of a bother anymore.

      Then I tried to break the seriousness by joking around with her by asking if she would try to run away from me again.

      I even had a mental image of her doing that, or at least both of us running together on top of the huge temple rooftop, but the idea goes away because I felt it was just too silly. This only made things more awkward, and I started to wonder why I used that in jest. But it seems Eva doesn't really mind, just listening to whatever it is I wanted to say.

      I decided to break the awkwardness by sitting next to her and braced against the rooftop surface. I spread my arms open and clasped my hands together so I could rest my head on them.

      I looked at the sky, and decided to spend a few minutes just relaxing and staying in this position with her next to me. I go back to feeling the weather in this dream, the environment and such, and I eventually decided I should get closer to her.

      I turn to my right and hugged her and braced my head against her chest. I told her she smelled nice, and I could feel the slight sweat from her body that trickled down from her neck to her cleavage.

      I liked rubbing my face against this area, even though it was kind of creepy rubbing into someone's sweaty chest. It felt cold, but very nice as it extinguishes my heated body.

      Then I embraced her by hugging her tighter, and then ignored the environment as I closed my eyes and embraced her warmth.

      There wasn't much else to do in this dream, other than possibly go and see if there were people in this large village. But I didn't really care anymore, and I decided to wake up.

    5. Sandwiched Between Ada and Eva [18+]

      by , 04-28-2013 at 09:38 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sandwiched Between Ada and Eva [18+] (WILD)

      Just a heads up, there are no lettuces, tomatoes, bread, or even mayonnaise in this dream. Just a heads up.


      I'm inside of a bedroom and there's a female in red lingerie sitting freely against the head of the bed. The bedroom and the environment is a bit bland since I didn't want to give much attention to it in the first place. I advance to the female and I take my clothes off as well, and I slowly braced my chest onto hers, and she wraps her legs around my rear and hugs me as I continue to increase my ability to feel her warm and slightly sweaty skin.

      I can hear her slowly breathing, and slowly moving up and down her body entices me to have sex with her.

      Spoiler for Not for the light hearted:

      Definitely not the mayonnaise you expect to come out from being sandwiched.

      Anyway, after all that, we decided to just chill in the bed and I spread my arms open so they could rest their heads on the side of my chest. I close my arms in and we snuggle.



      You know, sometimes I wonder how far I can go with this shit man. Where do I draw the line? There is no fucking line here.

      Oh well, guess I'll just have more sex after this gets posted.

    6. Fix Yourself Instead of Fixing Others [WILD]

      by , 04-08-2013 at 05:18 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Fix Yourself Instead of Fixing Others (WILD)


      We're in a room, the fancy hotels that would have a large glass window that let's you see the city and beyond. I'm wearing a blue polo shirt and black jeans, I tried not looking at her for a while and decided to focus on something rather than her.

      I don't know why, things felt awkward, so I continued to look at the darkness over the window. The room we were in was at least 200 feet or so above the ground. I didn't focus on the city itself, just the darkness. The moon is beautiful just using peripheral vision, it illuminates the bland structure of this simulated city.

      Eva: You know looking at the city is not really real.

      Me: I just wanted to enjoy the view, even if it's just simulation.

      Eva: You didn't come all this way just to look at a city, or the sky, or the moon. You came to see me right?

      Me: .............

      Eva: Don't be shy, there's nothing wrong with you wanting to see me. Wait, are you afraid of what people will think about you just because of me? Remember what happened to those people who mocked you right?

      They were just distractions, they prevented you from having fun, even though you knew it was all a dream, and not reality.

      I turned around, ignored the city view and decided to sit at the edge of the bed Eva was resting on. The bed is kind of hard to describe, all I know is that there was a bed, and that it consisted of a dark maroon color with different shades of red. The bed was comfortable, but I just wanted to sit at the edge before things get too comfortable in this room.

      Me: They were my friends Eva.

      Eva: Sure they were your friends, but they didn't really take your behavior too kindly. You let them drain all the kinds of fun you could've had.

      I slowly turned around to her, slightly irritated, but she was clearly right. Instead of trying to argue, I decided to let her give her own opinions on how I reacted towards these people. I felt a complete sense of privacy within this dream, only one person to really focus on. There was a brown desk to the right of her, and it had a lamp shining with a hue of yellow. The base of the lamp was a laminated brown marble texture with mixes of white, gray, and milky yellow.

      Eva: Come a little closer.

      I decided to just freeze and not make a move. She takes the dark maroon bedsheet and gets closer to me.

      Eva: I'm just kidding silly, come on, lighten up.

      I still didn't know what to do, I decided to just let her take action.

      She's just wearing a black bra and underwear, and she gets closer to the left side of my shoulder. She wraps her arms around me and we stayed like this for a few minutes. I started to phase out, slowly feeling her presence around me. The feelings were mixed, and I decided it was best to let whatever happen, happen.

      She broke the silence and went back to the topic on my experiences with friends overall.

      Eva: You spent more time satisfying these people more than being pleased with yourself. As long as you had an emotional bond with them, you respected them no matter how they looked like. You even allowed yourself to almost fail college just so you can help another friend out.

      Me: But she really had a difficult time...

      Eva: Yes, but you're not responsible for her life.

      Me: But she was my friend.

      Eva: Do friends almost make you fail college?

      Me: Tch.....you really are honest aren't you?

      Eva: Isn't that what you wanted me to be?

      I closed my eyes and thought things over, it was the first time in a long time since I talked with someone in my dreams where they struck a nerve on me a few times. I realized I shifted my perspective back to myself near the glass window, except this time, I was bracing my back against it.

      I had my left leg up forming an "A" and had my right leg completely stretched out. I decided to look at the bottom of the bed with the dark maroon sheets hanging all the way, almost touching the floor. I still didn't want to look at her directly, but at least have her in my peripheral vision.

      I did it so that I would have more focus on her because I would be forced to see her presence. She gets off the bed and slowly walks towards me. I looked down on the dark red carpet with random circular designs. I get a bit anxious, but I quickly realized that I'm being a wimp for nothing since this is just a dream.

      Eva: Come on, she wanted you to have some fun for yourself, there's no point feeling depressed about her, she has her own life to worry about.

      I'm back at the edge of the bed again, focusing on her with my peripheral vision once more, and she sits to the back of me, spreads her legs and locks them around my waist. She moves her arms under mine, wraps them on my stomach and places her head on my back.

      Eva: Instead of trying to fix others, try fixing yourself. You shouldn't feel awkward around me, I'm just trying to help you. You're thinking about the worst case scenarios, and you wonder why it's so difficult for you to find me.

      You're already aware that this whole experience is within the confines of your mind, and you shouldn't let other people's opinions affect what you want to do with your life, both in waking and dreaming.

      Those same people who tried to change you ended up leaving you and forgetting about you, they focused on their own lives, and you should do the same. You realized that no matter how much you wanted to help people, that virtue has its limits. There's no point in trying to cleanse a person of their doubts and guilt, there are just some things people want to hold on to because of the memories behind them.

      I'm sure most people have at least one experience that they regret, and they let it drag them down. You shouldn't try to help them fix their problems if they're consistently showing that they don't want to forgive themselves. What hope is there for a person who doesn't want to help themselves? The only thing you can do is to simply have faith that they will make the right decision.

      You have to try your best and keep pushing forward, and I'm more than happy to help you. If you really want to live your dreams, you have to be willing to make difficult choices, even if it means forgetting your friends. It also means allowing yourself to change in order to accomplish those goals, there's no point letting other people drag you down; don't become too fixated with their lives that you forget about your own responsibilities.

      Do you even know what you want to do in the future?

      Me: [*editing that part out*]
      I just want to continue pursuing knowledge and developing myself, is that so wrong?

      Eva: No, I didn't say it was, but I..............

      editing that part out >_>

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    7. Dr. No Has ED, [DILD] Eva Is a Miner, Alyzarin's Gradual Vision (SDE Pt. Day: 23) + Tulpa

      by , 10-27-2012 at 03:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oh, I'm making a Tulpa. Sounds like fun, and it can help make college less bullshit.

      Dr. No can't get his Thing up (Non-lucid)


      Pretty sure is a dream frag.

      Okay, Dr. No, who looks nothing like Dr. No, apparently, based on what I'm recalling on random images, he has ED.

      Yeah, weird. Dr. No's Thing is basically saying No to Erection.

      I can Duplicate Money & Eva is a Miner (DILD)


      I'm near a brown table, pretty generic, nothing added to make it look a ltitle more appealing. I can make money appear by holding it with my left hand, and then take my right index finger and thumb to flick it around the center.

      Flick....money....another flick, MONEY. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!


      I started out with coins, pennies, nickles, then quarters, and finally dollar bills, 10 dollar bills and ultimately 100 bucks. The 100 bucks came out of random when I was flicking the 10. Then I looked at the money duplicates, and they were fake. Either way, I'm still having fun creating fake money.

      I'm REALLY into this, it's so amazing destroying the dream economy like this, keep flicking and raising the inflation rate Link!

      I do a nose plug reality check,
      hmmmm, can't breathe through properly, or maybe I'm just not plugging it hard enough and breathing in.

      After a while, I head to an office to the right of me, it's a casual environment, quiet and empty. The carpet layer seems to be a mix of smoky gray and violet. The walls are probably a light gray color, and I stumbled upon Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfield.

      She's wearing a black office suit, with a white dress shirt underneath. Her hair is tied about a bit.

      I literally asked her, with a full awareness for once,

      "Am I dreaming?" She holds the office phone, which is vanilla colored, to her chest, and does a nod.

      Guess who's dreaming? This guy.

      Then I finally, for once, get the urge to ask Julia if I can meet Eva right now. She responds,

      "Um, she won't be here until 17 minutes?"

      I asked her, "Why for such a long time?"

      She replies,

      "Because she's a miner."

      Me: "What?!?!?"

      I just stand there for a while, and then started to walk rapidly into some door to my right that led to some dark area, probably the mining area she's in apparently.

      I lose lucidity from this point, I think, maybe I'm semi-lucid, but whatever.

      I'm at the mining area, and there's this black cave hole to my right. It has Minecart tracks coming out, and SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, in comes Eva.

      Now I'm seeing things in third person or spectator view, Eva is wearing her default costume from MGS3. I think she's coming close to me, and then wraps her arms around my waist and looks up at me.

      I look down at her, and I can't remember anything else after that.
      Alyzarin and her Vision (Non-lucid)


      I meet Alyzarin apparently, and she tells me how it takes a while for her vision to come into full color.

      First she starts out with Red, Blue, Green Vision, and the Purple finally comes in to make her see things perfectly in full color.

      There's some other thing I did with her, but it was random.
    8. Girls, Past Stuff, FA, Rejected and Punching, Eva Can Fart (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 01)

      by , 10-06-2012 at 05:57 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Girls (Non-lucid)


      There's a group of women coming at me and saying,

      "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Brandonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn."

      Settle Things in the Past? (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is a voice telling me to take care of something from my past....
      False Awakening Trolling Me (Non-lucid)


      OH MY FREAKING GOD, IF I DID AN RC, I would've been lucid RIGHT THERE and then.................


      I wake up, and I noticed that my mother is in my room, and she's just staring at me and the window to the right of her. The whole bedroom in the dream looked almost exactly the one in waking life. Even the setting of the light emitting from the red blinds is there, somewhat.

      It's obviously morning time in the dream, and the nightlight is also sitll on I think, which is another thing I wasn't aware of that wasn't on in waking life. I look at my mother, and ask her what she wants with me. She looks at some stuff on the bed I'm on, and I noticed that in front of me, there's some random things like a white rag with a turquoise font on it.

      That same color font automatically makes me assume it's mine, so I grab it, and then I threw it along with the other stuff on a wooden foldable chair.

      Wait a second....the wooden foldable chair is supposed to be RIGHT next to me to the left, NOT on the bottom left side from where I'm still on the bed! Dang it LINK!!!!

      I look at my mother again, who's sitting down on a foldable chair still, and I think she wants me to wear a jacket or something like that without even talking to me. I just wanted to go back to sleep, so I grabbed it and wore it.

      Then I go to sleep....

      I get Rejected and Punching Someone (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking down an area that looks similar to the environment in waking life near the Blocker Building at my University, except on the left side, there's a huge sidewalk slope. The whole atmosphere looks as if it's going to rain, seeing as there's a gray sky all over.

      I'm on top of the same slope I mentioned above, I'm going down it and noticed someone familiar. I don't even know her name in waking life at my University, but I go up to her and get my left arm around her shoulder and walked with her for a little while.

      She immediately rejects me within the first 10-15 seconds, which leaves me wondering why. I saw that she was looking for someone to pick her up. There's a guy driving a black car, and I assumed it was her boyfriend. The car door on the right opens automatically, and the girl leaves. She was wearing a green shirt, along with a long white dress skirt, and I think a white laced dress shirt kind of jacket.

      Then after that, I go inside of a store to get something, and I get this urge to just find some random stuff and just waste my money in doing so. Then there's some kid pencil tapping on the metal shelf opposite of me. There's a lady that asks,

      "Who is making that noise??

      I look to the left, and the person looks like a guy named Brian that I knew in middle school is the one doing the annoying pencil tapping. He's wearing a maroon or dark red shirt, and I get pissed off at him, and threaten to punch him. He still makes the noise, and I yelled at him, and he finally stops. He tries to look back at me, but I am way too pissed for him to try and defend himself.
      Eva Can Fart Too (Non-lucid)



      So I'm walking casually near a section at my University where you can lock your bicycles. It seems to be morning time as well in this dream, the trees look the same like in waking life, almost at a stage where the leaves are losing their natural color and are turning brown.

      The flooring looks the same outside, brown cement, and there's even the dirt patch with the small tree on the left side of one of the walkways to get into the bicycle lock area.

      Before I even get the chance to go in there, I see a blonde in a Black Latex Catgirl suit.

      She's fairly tall, at least from 5-10 feet away from me, and she has her cleavage showing. It takes me a while to process this whole visual, and then she turns around and flaunts her ass at me.

      She tells me,

      "Come on!!!!"

      She shakes her ass more,

      and I'm hoping this came out of her mouth, but I hear a


      Dear mother of god, level of traumatizing is just.....too much.

      "Come onnnnnnnn!"

      She turns to the side where I'm seeing a complete profile view of her body and face


      After that, things just go to hell from perspective, and all I'm seeing and hearing is her butt shaking left and right and PBBBBBBT farting sounds.


      Women do not fart!! That's impossible!! >.<

      Exchanging Souls (Non-lucid)


      Some statue that can move and talk like a human being is giving this random demon girl orders that if she takes someone's soul, he'll reduce her count by a lot.

      I'm like hardcore paraphrasing here, there were some digits involved, but it doesn't really matter. The demon girl agrees, and all I can remember about how she looks is that she gave off a light violet aura around her body.

      Then when she leaves, the statue guy starts talking to himself.

      Oh and I had another Dream where I'm at a Political Science class, and the teacher has on the board of some concepts on previous exams.

      The second exam had a low average, and some girl said, "oh because of the trade exchange" concept or something like that.

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    9. Eva in an Office? and Blonde Guy Wearing Brown Sweater

      by , 09-25-2012 at 02:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      You Can Just Use My Password! + Eva In an Office? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in an area that resembles my university, it looks like it's going to rain because there's absolutely no sun present in the skies. I remember seeing a section of concrete with some pebbles fused with it, and a few trees here and there. The trees looked weird, they looked black, but it was probably an extreme hue of dark brown.

      There's a few people around me, and I don't know why I'm here at all, I think I'm just standing there zoning out somehow. There's some part in the dream where I'm in an even darker environment, and I go inside of this small house that's actually a mini-museum of some sort. When I go inside of the house, there's this wooden rocking chair that has a shiny light brown wood polish to it.

      Behind the resting area for one's back are words that are engraved. The font is sharp in form, like someone really took a chisel or knife to make it look like some serial killer wrote it or something. The house itself feels like it's smaller than it should be, and I can't help this inside was a lot brighter than outside. The lighting had a orange-yellow setting to it, the flooring of the house seems to be made of wood as well.

      The walls, it's hard to presume, but I maybe without the yellow-orange lighting saturating the whole area, they probably would've been white, and I also think they had a series of small brown polka dots all over them as well. There was something about the message behind the chair that I wish I knew, because it definitely sparked my interest.

      The dream shifts, I think, where I'm back at some section that resembles my university again. There's this girl who looked a lot like my SI tutor for CHEM 101 my Freshmen year. She had a plump face, brown hair, a cute smile, and was slightly chubby down there. She was wearing some kind of small teal or turquoise jacket, a white shirt underneath, and maroon short shorts.

      (Just exclude the ruffles and vertical lines, and just imagine a maroon jean short shorts material and that's what she wore)

      Her wearing the short shorts made me look at her ass and her thighs, and the thighs surprisingly looked smooth and had some glow to it. I think she wore default sneakers with white laces and a gray base with a white round section near the front side of her feet. Despite her not being the type that was attractive in waking life, but at least had an ass and perky breasts, she did make this gloomy environment that I'm in a lot more tolerable.

      She then asks me if I want to go somewhere with her, which she eventually said it was the building for BIMS majors (Biomedical Science Majors). I asked her in sort of a passive-concerned manner,

      "I though non-major BIMS majors weren't allowed to go into the building?"

      She responds in a cheerful tone,

      "Oh no! You don't have to worry about that" *giggle* "When we get there, you can just use my password to get in!"

      I still was doubtful about the whole thing, because I really felt that I would be in trouble if they found out I'm not a BIMS major, and that I'm encroaching the area for no logical reason or something like that.

      I eventually agreed with her.

      Maybe I agreed to follow her because this environment would've just set myself for a melancholy demeanor anyway, and since she was probably the only cheerful soul in this gloomy atmosphere, maybe she would've directed me to a more positive environment. I go inside a building, and I'm at a huge office with her.

      The environment inside, the main color was a mid-tone of Pastel Green all over the walls, and there's dark blue carpet flooring as well. I hear papers ruffling, the sounds of a really busy office of productive people most likely, or everyone rushing to reach their quota.

      It's your typical office, certain blockers with a section for each worker that would have a computer, desk, and chair, and all sorts of stuff on their desk

      I stay still for a while, and lose awareness of the girl I'm following just for a few seconds. I remember glancing over a lady who looked like my teacher in middle school in English class when I had Ms. East for Social Studies
      (she was an awesome teacher....she really loved having me in her class because I did so well in it)...

      I still can't help but think that my motivation to do well was so clear during my childhood, as if it came naturally, that I didn't need to think about why I needed to do something, I just did it to the best of my ability....maybe seeing that same teacher made me realize that....and that I shouldn't worry about the current failures I'm going through as long as I just keep my head up and persevere.

      The lady that resembled the past waking life counterpart of the English teacher, she had Black and slightly curvy and curly hair that went down all the way to her chin. She wore a white shirt, with some kind of polka dots, and even though she was sitting down, I had a feeling she was wearing some kind of pink jeans. She wore red lipstick, and the area around her eyes seem to have a little mascara.

      She looked like she was in her 40s as well. After coming back to "reality" in the dream, I realize the girl who looked like Megan (the same one I described that was cheerful in a gloomy environment) is now back to being by my side again.

      She has some papers in her hands, and I don't know what's contained in them. I continue to follow her, while I still had feelings fear and being in an awkward situation that someone might pick on that abnormal behavior and possibly call me out. But it seems that people were so busy in this office to even care or even look.

      I eventually reach the upper areas, which I noticed transitioned to warmer colors than the cool from floors below. I finally reach a floor with the Megan counterpart, and by this time, I lose all focus on her. I think she disappeared at this point in time, and it seems I have papers in my hands now.

      Maybe she gave them to me and left, I can't recall it too well. I noticed that my Biochemistry adviser was inside this building, in fact, the tone of her voice, ordering some student workers around, I presumed she was in charge of this section. Hm.....that's a bit ironic, my Biochemistry Adviser commanding a section in a building that I presumed to be a Biomedical Science Building...

      I looked at her, and she looks at me, and we just have awkward moment of, "Dafuq??????" for a few seconds, until I quickly glanced somewhere else before she probably noticed who I really am. The environment in here was like at the bottom floor.

      Busy people everywhere, tight work spaces that I have to move in awkward positions. People just kept coming in and out of nowhere, and while I have the papers in my right hand, I seem to be looking down at someone at a particular workspace in the office. I don't know who it was, but their back was facing me.

      The environment that I mentioned in this room being similar to the red atmosphere you see in the Darkroom for photographs and such made it difficult to get a decent vision of the contours of their body.

      As I'm typing this, I keep feeling it's the back of a female that I'm looking at, and she has long blonde hair.

      The outer layer outfit she's wearing looks like a light brown pilot suit, which I think is the same outfit Eva wears in MGS3. Other than that, it's really hard telling if could be her or someone completely different.

      I only remember advancing to them little by little, feeling the anticipation go up with each step.

      Blonde Guy in Brown Sweater (Non-lucid)


      There's a blonde guy that looks an awful lot like a someone I know on the internet...yes I'm afraid ot stating who it is lol.

      Anyway, it seems I'm going through some pictures mentally of this person wearing a long brown sweater and dark blue jeans. The brown sweater had a few stripes from the top and bottom region that were light brown, almost a vanilla type of color.

      He had hair that went down until it was chin length, and these photos looked like he was posing inside of those small photo booth stands you would take with a friend or lover of yours, except that he was inside of a house. The house had a orange-yellow lighting to it, and he's sitting down at what seems to be a dinner table.

      This dinner table had a fancy dark brown wooden polish to it, and the wood flooring was light brown with a nice shine to it as well. Some noticeable photos I can recall of him taking were:

      -Playing a Guitar

      -Sitting on a chair, and turning a quarter of his body while the picture is being taken by someone else where his bottom region is closer in the photograph than his upper region.

      -He's making some weird hand gestures, along with weird facial expressions.

      And that's all I remember.

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    10. Was that Eva?, House of Payne Character Ratings, Gardening, High School Biology Class, Solomon Moto

      by , 06-19-2012 at 03:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Was that Eva? (Non-lucid)


      Oh if you see me say "blonde," I really mean "blonde female," I'm just too lazy to type "blonde female" all the time, sucks I don't know her name, because she pretty much saved me.

      This blonde had to be a double agent.....and Eva was technically a double agent when she pretended to be a replacement for Adam in MGS3....hmmmmmmmmmmm, could the blonde had been her? Probably, but my recall is a bit horrible....visual recall on the blonde is what I mean by horrible...everything else is pretty much decent.

      Seems I'm at the outside of what seems to be a fortress, and Asuka Langley Soryu is apparently the one who owns this place, because I've had several encounters where she finds me if I go to a certain spot, and I have to escape out of the fortress again until she gives up on finding me.

      I believe I'm saving a blonde, that's for sure, but at the same time, there's other blondes, like Rika Shiraki, who ends up being a klutz, and some other random blonde that finds me at some point in the dream.

      The amount of dream resets, or re-entering in the fortress is so crazy, that I wonder how important this blonde I don't even know is to be going through this.

      Everything is kind of mixed, and my recall is a lacking a bit, but I'll try.

      I go into the fortress, and it's really really dark, and I believe the fortress is most likely set out at some uncharted island. It doesn't have any trees, at least from what I recalled, because the fortress itself took up the whole structure of the area.

      I tried sneaking in to the right side of the fortress, but Asuka finds me, and I get so scared of what she's going to do to me for some reason that I decided to make a run for it. There's some device floating above me that shining so many lights at me.

      Like really, there isn't any point of shining that many lights on me for one little machine, the whole fortress already knows I'm invading....ugh.

      Anyway, I have to go up a few stairs and descend down a bit to get out of the fortress, and I believe the dream resets itself. I think it takes me a few times to get it down, and to realize that Asuka chick is always going to be looking for any intruders on the right side of her fortress.

      I don't know why I'm presuming that she's the leader/owner of the fortress, but her voice....it sounded so dominating, like that bratty older teenager kind of voice, almost the perfect candidate for a tsundere.

      Spoiler for Tsundere Meaning:

      After going at it with the fortress a few times, I get closer and closer to other areas. There's one moment where I think I'm following a blonde, but I only see the back of her, and her long and curvy hair. She senses that Asuka is coming, and prompts me to duck under a table to the right of us.

      I just go with whatever logic this blonde is dishing out at me, and it seems the section of the floor under the table contains some weird objects, there's a lot of them, but I didn't bother worrying too much about them because Asuka is coming.

      The blonde, or whoever it was, damn it, it was someone helping me though, tries to play innocent with Asuka when she comes in. Asuka, being the observant bitch that she is in this dream, and I'm sorry for using that word, but she really was a bitch, god, I swear she wants to kill me in this dream!

      Or best case scenario, capture me, tie me up, and do sexual acts....something tells me that she was smirking every time she saw me....

      Anyway, Asuka gets closer to the table that I'm under, and the blonde quickly walks a bit closer to Asuka, and there's a bottle of Ginger Ale on top, Canada Dry Ginger Ale more specifically.

      Lol. Sweet, dream uses what I like to drink as a means for the blonde to save my ass completely. Even though I'm under the table, I'm able to change how I'm viewing the room with ease. It seems the blonde "accidentally" drops the ginger ale, and "accidentally" open it so that it sprays all over.

      Good, using all the sporadic spraying to distract Asuka, I like this blonde! Or whoever it is that's helping me. Asuka looks at her weird, and even though I can't tell her facial expressions at the moment, I just felt she was trying to be cautious, since I entered the fortress like.....2-3 times, even more?

      The blonde tells Asuka that everything is okay, and the blonde immediately gets on her knees and spreads her arms frantically under the table I'm in. She starts moving the objects on the floor surrounding me. I honestly thought this would be the moment where the blonde screwed up her clever tactic, but it's still going strong here!

      Asuka has that look that the blonde is just being silly with the Ginger Ale, and her constant awareness of being cautious dies down a little.

      There's a dream shift, but we're all in the same room again, and I believe the blonde that's helping me let's Asuka drink from the bottle of Ginger Ale. The moment Asuka gulps it down, she dies. Apparently, she was chewing tobacco, and since the Ginger Ale just fell from the floor, the blonde opened it, and the fizz combined with the tobacco being reactive somehow to it makes Asuka go crazy.

      She falls down, yep, she's dead. By this point, Asuka looked like someone else, but I'll just keep labeling her as Asuka because of the orange latex suit she was wearing most of the time in the dream.

      I believe there's another dream reset, and this time, I'm in the same room, except Asuka is not here. Rika Shiraki, the adult version of herself from Bible Back: New Testament *gulp* (I'm innocent here!!) looks at both of us.

      She's wearing some green outfit, like a green military uniform. She asks the blonde or whoever it is I'm following why am I here with her.

      Recall gets a little scratchy here, but I'm sure that if Asuka was someone the blonde could trick, Rika wasn't going to be that difficult.

      Another attribute that leads me to believe that could've been Eva, because she did manage to trick Volgin in MGS3 that he was her little plaything/secretary type of role, when she was just doing that to get closer to the Philosopher's Legacy roll tape (which had the locations of where the total sums of currency were located).

      Okay now for the part that still gets to me.....

      We're at the same room again, that same room that seems to be like an office of some sort. I'm under the table again, and this time, I don't have the ability to go into another perspective while I'm under the table. I tilt my head, and I see a blonde come in, she's in a green military outfit as well like Rika was.

      She turns around, and she already know I'm under the table.

      Shit. I felt as if I was going to be captured, but she just smiles at me as she turns her head at me. Seems like she's going to talk to someone.

      And she pretty much looks like Eva with her hair tied up....and it's not even me wanting it to look like Eva. I've tried suppressing the possibility of it being her, but my mind just keeps locking in on her smile that she gives me.

      Just add a smile, and bam.


      From this point, the dream shifts to another location, you know, going to the right side of the fortress and finding Asuka yet again...but you know what? I'm tired of mentioning her all the time, she's just a thorn on my side.

      Things get random after that Eva lookalike.

      Tyler Perry's House of Payne (Non-lucid)


      I'm googling on the ratings for "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

      I don't really have a liking for that show, guess I must've been really bored. One of the characters that I'm looking for a rating for is Malik Payne (Larramie Shaw). I read what one site has to say about his performance in the show, can't remember though.

      Gardening (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside, and I'm 50 feet away or so from getting close to the entrance to an academic institution. It felt like a college, but the atmosphere was completely different, maybe it was, it's just my perception at the time, and the randomness with the dream that distracted me a lot.

      There's seems to be some kind of outdoor convention of some sort, or maybe all of the resources, chairs, furniture, etc. are being moved outdoors to fix something inside the building. I walk around a bit, and I see a table that had huge books resting, and I a few sketching pads with drawings of head models.

      I decide I should go ahead and sit down somewhere, since other people are sitting as well, and there seems to be an elderly lady who is probably a staff member, a teacher most likely, that tells everyone that they have to show that they're doing some kind of work.

      She doesn't want us fooling around, so I take that as pretending to study for something. I'm on the right side of the section outside, and there seems to be a mini-garden in front of me. Some student is watering the plants, but I'm wondering if that constitutes as "work."

      I look at the elderly lady to see her response to this student, but she doesn't really mind her at all. After that, I only remember the female watering the plants having a little difficulty setting the hose to the right setting.

      High School Biology Class (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking down a hallway, and had that feeling that this classroom I'm entering would be one that I haven't gone to for a few days because of some circumstance.

      I see the Biology Pre-AP/K-level teacher I had as a Sophomore in High School looking and smiling at me. I think she asks me if everything is okay, and if I finished the Biology lab.

      I say yes, but I'm not really sure if I did finish it. I sit down in front row of the class, and that's all I remember.
      Solomon Moto is a Grave Robber (Non-lucid)


      It's dark at night, and I'm near some graves, and I think I'm being informed that grave robbers are coming.

      So to find a place to hide, go inside a hole where a coffin was contained, and cover myself in dirt. I see Solomon Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh with 2-3 people wearing masks coming to take the coffin I placed above me.

      After they left, I quickly remove the dirt and get out of the hole.


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    11. Eva, Eva Again, Biochem Seminar, Melanieb's Older Daughter, Get Out, Ho-Oh, Sidney Poitier, Kidnap

      by , 05-10-2012 at 01:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Had the alarm wake me up at several times, well, just 2-3 times, which is why I remembered a few dreams.

      Took 6mg of Melatonin before going to bed, had one moment where I could've done a DEILD, but gave up, had one moment where I could've used the CANWILD tech, but failed to cooperate....ugh...but I met a certain someone, twice.
      Eva in my Arms..... (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting in a gym, and I'm resting on a wall somewhere, and it seems that me and someone in my arms is in an area with some group of children and teenagers. She was resting on my chest, probably sleeping or something, because there wasn't a lot of movement on her part.

      I think she probably was injured, but I'm not sure. While I was wrapping my arms under her armpits and to her sides, I also touched near her upper thigh region. There were children around, but I didn't really care if they were going to see some awkward things happening.

      I didn't realize it at first, but I had to be holding Eva, because for some reason, I think I had a dream shift from a previous dream, and I don't know if it's the second time I held her in my arms below, or if that was first and this was second.

      Ugh...anyway, I had her wrapped on me while she's sleeping, and I had my hand close enough to where her private areas could be touched, but I didn't do anything else.

      Some child who looked like a kid I knew in waking life is looking at us basically groping each other, or maybe groping her, and tells me,

      "Hey you can't do that!"

      Just hearing this brat's voice pissed me off, I wanted to tell him to Shut the fuck up because he has no say in this matter, but I tell him in an awkward tone,

      "Yes I can! She's my girlfriend!"

      Uhhh did that just come out of my mouth in this dream?


      The worse part about this dream was that I could only feel someone embracing my body, so it being Eva could be wrong, but it felt like her....I guess? Even though I never really knew how she was towards me?

      I guess she could've been alive, or I could've been a necrophiliac and had a near to death body....BAHAHAAHAHHA, that's not really funny....*cries* who knows....
      Eva in my Arms.....again? (Non-lucid)


      I'm playing Metal Gear Solid 3, or at least seeing Snake walk around in third person perspective, and I believe I'm controlling him without actually playing the game, if it is a game....

      I believe we were in the Swamp/Forest/Jungle part in the game, and I believe I was trying to hide from Ocelot, but I didn't notice until the dream resets just a little bit.

      I saw Eva disguised as Tatyana, her alias, and she was wearing the whole green outfit as well. She looked like she was waiting for someone, seeing as she was just standing there.

      There's some gaps in my recall on this, so I'll presume there's a dream shift, and it seems that I'm holding Eva in my arms again. I think there was some major fighting going on, since I saw Snake being pulled up from a helicopter, along with a few other DCs except for me and Eva.

      She looked tired and injured, like in the last dream. I go to an area in the Jungle where we can both rest. I believe I braced against a wall and sat down while holding her in my arms.

      The dream resets, and I say reset because Eva was standing in the same position I saw her in.

      This time she asked to herself,

      "Where is that asshole?"



      ...............heh....hope she wasn't referring to me.....*cries*

      Anyway, while she's standing around, I hear the Caution music for MGS3 playing, and I think I'm playing as Snake again in third person mode. I think I had to lure Eva to go to a certain spot so Ocelot wouldn't see me.

      And the same item I had to use was a Croc cap....loooooool, okay, working with the logic, I throw the croc cop somewhere in front of Eva.

      (It wasn't the whole croc cap, just the package it comes in when you find it in the game)

      As she goes towards it, I go around this small boulder separating us, and I think I put her in a CQC hold, or in short, just holding her near her neck, but not really trying to kill or injure her.

      I think I had another moment where the dream resets again with me throwing the Croc cop near Eva's area, but I kind of threw it in an awkward position, so I picked it up, and threw it again.

      I don't know why the dream resets for me to be in that situation, but I get to Eva again either way, but I didn't get to hold her because Ocelot was still around.

      I thought he caught me, but apparently, he doesn't have any intention to kill me, he's just surprised that I'm here, I guess, and he wants me to take out all the weapons and items I have.

      The environments starts getting weird, I'm seeing Solid Snake in third person view instead of Naked Snake (Solid Snake isn't really supposed to be born right now, seeing as he's the son of Eva being the surrogate for Naked Snake???....but it's a dream, so oh well).

      The environment turns blank and has some colors of gray or silver. The whole place is dull, it's like this whole thing was simulation like in the VR missions you see in MGS2 with Raiden or Snake.

      Anyway, Solid/Naked Snake (I can't tell anymore) starts dropping his weapons and items, they just come out of him like that lol.

      Ocelot is inspecting them, picking them up, and while he's doing that, my perspective is kind of weird. I'm also checking them as well, in a weird third person perspective. I saw some letters like "p squared (p^2) and probably "q squared (q^2)" as well.

      For some reason, that has to be related to the Hardy-Weinberg equation of p^2+2pq+q^2=1......

      Hmmm, I wonder why the description on some items had elements of that equation???

      I can't remember much that occurs later on in the dream, except for Ocelot looking around and picking up all the items around Snake that he wanted him to take out.
      Biochemistry Seminar Class (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking outside near my University, around clock tower, and it seems I'm headed for the Biochemistry Seminar course I had this semester. I see a guy wearing a fluorescent green shirt and black pants, along with a black packpack as well.

      I couldn't make out his face, but it looked like he was one of the classmates I had for the class, and he was headed his way to the classroom as well. I go the usual way to get to the class since there was construction going on from the last route I took the first semester of college.

      I tried to see if the construction still went on in the dream, but the place was gated, so I couldn't go the other way even if it was all cleaned up and brand new.

      Now here's the next part that I'm confused on which happened first......

      I go inside a building, and the carpet is green I believe, I head near a room that I assume is the class I have to go to. Then I see a blonde girl sitting near the door, and I sit next to her. She was wearing a white shirt and black sports shorts with the white lining on the sides of them.

      Then I believe I decided to head into the room, and I see almost everyone that took the class in waking life. I see that they're turning in some paper for a seminar, and it had the previous guest speaker's name on it...let's call him Pat.

      I realized something was weird and asked them,

      "Wait, didn't our teacher say that since it was our last seminar meeting, that we didn't have to turn in a paper?"

      They all realized this and some probably had a mental facepalm moment and said, "ooooh yeah."

      Even though I realized that we didn't have a paper to turn in, I still didn't do a reality check myself because I'm already finished with the course, so I guess it wouldn't have been any better to tell them that, but I guess it was better for me, because I would be panicking, because I didn't think I had a paper to turn in for the teacher.

      Since we didn't have a paper to turn in, and since it was our last seminar class last week, I told them while standing up getting ready to leave,

      "So I guess this means we can go........right?"

      I look at them, and it seems they're turning their face towards a Biochemistry Adviser in waking life that I've seen before. I sit back down and ask her a few questions like if the teacher is going to show up.

      Apparently, she's there just to fill his spot in the mean time. I was confused, and ask her why she's here, but I said it indirectly, which made it harder because she didn't understand what I was asking her, looool.

      She was talking about some theories on the white board, and was making some kind of weird model of some kind of hormone, RNA, DNA, or whatever molecule.

      She told us to watch out for any small green parts to the model being on the floor. I lean to my left side, and I check the floor, which was fluffy, and there seemed to be no green parts at all, so I get back up and watch her go on some wild tangent over random information.

      It was something like a Butter something Theory, where the hottest region in the universe would roll all over, like a dab of butter in the middle of the pan would be heated up, and the pan would lean to various sides, causing the butter to move around.

      She didn't really tell me all this, but the name of the Theory automatically made me associate it with that in the dream.

      The dream shifts, and I think the real professor actually is here. I forgot if I asked him if I can use a printer, or if he needed to get something printed, but I use the printer to the left of me, and it seems that it isn't printing right. As the paper is going down to be printed, it goes down too fast, which means things get misaligned. The paper even folds into two because of the force, and I look at the professor awkwardly.

      Then he starts talking about some stuff, and was using some headphones I had as a microphone, but I signaled him that he should use the microphone that's placed right in the middle of me. He takes it, and I move the wire away from the printer so he can have more wire to move around with.

      I'm not listening to ANYTHING this guy is saying, I just pretend that I'm interested in everything he's saying. Then I get some flashing clips of some lady in a shiny and silver latex suit, kind of like the suits one of the ladies from the Beauty and the Beast unit in MGS4 would wear when they had the name "Laughing (name)."

      Even though I'm seeing the ass of the woman, I think the lady had black hair or something, and she was crawling all over the place showing her ass off. I think it was probably Raging Beauty.

      Better view than listening to the professor....and I should've caught that the guy never taught in class, all he did was just have the filler role of guiding the guest speaker to the right place after they gave us a little preview of that they'll be talking about.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Melanieb's Hot Older Daughter (Non-lucid)


      Okay, this dream.....either I'm seeing someone in the future, or maybe Melanieb has a daughter my age that she hasn't talked about to me.

      Anyway, I'm looking at a photo of a hot blonde girl, probably around my age of 18, and there's this guy who has six pack abs and everything, a perfect trophy boyfriend for the girl.

      Melanieb is talking to me through some instant messaging program, but it's appearing as a small hologram instead of me using a laptop. She starts talking about how fine the guy looks, and I just take what she says about him.

      I zoom in closer on what might be an older daughter of hers, and she was pretty hot. Her lips were little big, but it wasn't a distraction or anything.
      Get Out... (Non-lucid)


      This same dream...I could've done a DEILD from the CANWILD tech I was trying to do...you'll see...

      I was arguing with my mother about something, and we're inside my apartment, lol that's weird......

      Anyway, I started to get serious with her, and eventually, she can't take it anymore and wants me to get out of my apartment.....um okay....it's my apartment, but okay, I'll get out if you lost the verbal battle with me.

      I look at the table to my right, and I grab a shirt before going outside. She's pointing her way to the door, and as I'm getting closer and closer....

      THE ALARM RINGS....and I wake up. Lol, I could've went for a DEILD, but eh.....I don't know what was wrong with me, that was the PERFECT association my body has made to signal me that the alarm was about to initiate.

      Oh well...
      Ho-Oh (Non-lucid)


      I'm in this area where there's a few green hills, along with buildings with some stone gray stairs, and having an overall color of gray to them. There were a lot of areas where you hide under the stairs.

      I think I was playing a game with some random people, I can't remember exactly, and I believe I saw a Ho-Oh somewhere in this dream.

      The dream shifts to me just running around the place, trying to find the people I was playing with....

      What a boring dream......

      Sidney Poitier Arrested? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a house, and my mother and Sidney Poitier are with me as well. The doorbell rings, and I go check to see who it is by looking through the hole. I couldn't get a good view of them, because everything was blurry. I told the people inside what they looked like, but I can't remember the exact description.

      I head to go back to a room somewhere in the house, and the door opens. It was two cops in black uniforms that came to arrest Sidney Poitier.

      One of the cops comes in while Poitier is being hand-cuffed, and he's asking if one of us is the father.....lol wut??? I looked at my mother, and asked her if I should call my father (wait why would I do that???).

      The cop said I can call him, I think? I can't remember much after that.

      Blonde girl kidnapped (Non-lucid)


      I'm honestly freaked out by this dream....ugh...

      There's this blonde girl who looks like she's around the age of 4-7, and she's wearing a light pink outfit. I believe she was going to walk with her friend to go home, but I think she disappeared.

      Then a random old man in horrible clothing, almost as if he's a homeless guy, comes in and grabs the little girl, and has one hand over her mouth so she wouldn't scream.

      He said that they would both have a fun time together...


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    12. Almost close to finding Eva (Old Entry)

      by , 05-01-2012 at 04:13 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I figure posting this other entry of mine will give me motivation to REALLY find her and figure out if she can be my dream guide or not, AND to find what was inside of the letter.

      And again, forgive how I was all lovey dovey with her.....I was really really really REALLY desperate to find my dream guide, like....REALLY DESPERATE.

      This was probably before I made some friends here on DV, I think I was one of those people who only made DJ entries, and didn't really go into the off-topic section on Dreamviews

      I was alone, so you can clearly see how desperate I was

      Even now, I'm laughing at this a little bit. I did way better back then than I am now.

      Here's the link, lol.


      Sorry if this second post of an older entry annoys any of you, just making sure how things were set out, and hopefully, I'll incubate the same environment below when I almost found her.

      Dream 3:

      I believe Iím inside of some mini Asian house, it was temple looking like. Itís overall color was brown.

      I was inside my bedroom in my apartment though, so the room was basically attached to inside the Asian mini-temple. This girl named Angie that I knew in real life was trying to tell me something.

      I canít remember what she said, but she was complaining about something, so I decided to record what she said with my voice recorder I had in real life. After she was done talking, I told her ďThank you Angie for letting me record what you said.Ē

      I believe I did a RC to see if I was dreaming, but I knew I was dreaming. Instead of just running around like crazy whenever I get the chance to become lucid. I thought to myself ďOkay, itís time to meet my dream guideÖIím tired of this!Ē

      I walk outside of the Asian room, and went into another one. I screamed out ďEVA! I know youíre here somewhere!Ē As I go deeper into the other room, I turn left to another path, and I see an arm pass by quickly, and I could tell it was a person wearing a jacket, just like how EVA wore her outfit in Metal Gear Solid 3

      (If by now you donít know who Iím trying to find, Iím trying to find EVA from Metal Gear Solid 3, since I met her in a dream once, Iíve been fascinated in making her my dream guide, or at least, thatís what I want my actual dream guide to alter their form in).

      I started to chase where she was going, and Iím going through various rooms, and every time I turn my head to go to another area, I kept augmenting my confidence that I will see her! But I just kept seeing parts of her body dash to more rooms. I canít remember much after that though.

      I you EVA! :3

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    13. How I met Eva (Old Entry)

      by , 04-30-2012 at 07:09 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Just posting this to hopefully clear some things up about what people think about me finding a video game character.

      I'm finding her because she said she was my dream guide.

      This is part of a collection when I was a fairly new member on Dream views

      Please forgive how I typed my dream journal entries and my syntax, but it's best I keep it as is.



      (LUCID) I wake up in a dream with my fingers on my nose and Iím breathing. I automatically know Iím dreaming. Itís kind of dark, and random DCís are passing by. Thereís a door open, so I can see all of them go around. I ask if I can see my dream guide. I couldnít get a clear mental image of her, but she was pretty old, but not that OLD, old enough to be a cougar (30+). Her name was Yessica Krovezkel or something like that. I think now sheís younger than my fuzzy image of her, but I started to get sexual with her (licking her asshole) instead of asking her questions LOL. I even started to get my penis out to have sex, but I opened my eyes.

      Now I feel bad because that was probably my dream guide because I asked her ďAre you my dream guide?Ē and she responded something about how come I donít believe her or something like that.

      I had another dream as if Iím Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3.

      I started out in the jungle trying to kill the snipers, but end up failing in killing them, so I quit. Then Iím in a different environment from MGS1 and Iím trying to infiltrate a lab, but the guards keep spotting me.

      I even tried to kick with my left leg or right to hit the guard in the face, but I miss and the guard reported ďEnemy attempted to kick me in the face but failed.Ē So I thought ďScrew this!Ē So I got up a long ladder to reset the alarm system.

      Then Iím up this long ladder and meet a lady who looks exactly like EVA and the spy she played as well.

      But apparently she was named Margaret, and apparently she was my dream guide because I tried to ask her a question, but she just gave me a gray card and wrote her name on it.

      I forgot her last name, but I remember the first because she also put a big ďMĒ on the other side of the card for me to remember.

      Then I woke up.

      You see? She gives me a letter, and I wake up.

      Now, what could be in that letter?

      And because she was in rush, that's all she could give me.

      I wasn't even interested in her. To be honest, if she didn't say she was my dream guide, I could care less about her.

      But because she said she was my dream guide, I can't really pass up that opportunity to see if she's lying or not. She did appear randomly, as you can clearly see when I was trying to get out of the area to reset the alarm.

      I hope this clears any preconceptions. I hate to see people in ignorance. It really sickens me that people make fun of a person trying to find someone claiming to be their dream guide.

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    14. John Travolta and Blonde Girl, Room Hotel 200+, Luisa Gets Married...

      by , 04-27-2012 at 04:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      John Travolta and Blonde Girl (Non-lucid)


      The John Travolta look-alike doesn't appear until later on.

      I'm inside a house, and I'm near the dining room, and it's one of those fancy wooden tables with a shine to it. It had a white table cloth on it, and there's this wierd machine that looks a little bit like a mini-space shuttle machine with legs extending and landing on several sections of the table.

      It's white, with black parts that attaches it to make it whole, and its feet are triangular. Me and some random DCs are supposed to use it to spread out the white table cloth.

      We managed to spread it half-way, and I wondered why the table isn't being covered completely. I go to the right side where one of the DCs were sitting at, and a huge portion of the cloth was on the floor.

      I go back to the left side of the table, and because the machine was still on top of the table with the cloth stuck underneath it, I have to pull the cloth as hard as I can.

      After that's taken care of, there's another shift.

      John Travolta is out in the backyard somewhere. The place is mostly just green grass being bored by brown fences on all sides. There's one part of the fence that you can flip to go to another backyard, and Travolta is trying to hide that same spot to prevent a girl from finding out.

      The blonde girl is maybe 4-6 years old based on how tall she was, maybe 3-4 feet tall....and she wore a black or dark green dress.

      The girl asks him some question that I can't remember exactly, but he makes some random and lame excuse that he went to school or something.

      The girl is completely clueless, and falls for it, and declares in an adorable cute voice of a young child,

      "Oh okay....I never seen you in school before though..."

      and she leaves.
      Room Hotel 200+ (Non-lucid)


      I put the title as Hotel 200+ because I can't remember the exact room number I was in later on in the dream...and some parts may be a bit jumpy, since I have some lapses with my dream recall, so I'll just assume I had dream shifts here.

      I believe I was inside in my apartment before the Hotel, and I wanted to eat the rest of the tortilla chips with the spinach dip that was inside the fridge. There's this feeling in my stomach, like it's growling and that signals that I'm hungry, which is why I had the sudden urge to find the food and pig out on it.

      It's day time in the dream, and I'm busy fiddling around with doing something in my apartment. I think I kept the entrance to the apartment unlocked, and it was slightly open too.

      I saw my laptop was near the white wooden table cabinet I normally put my laptop on, and it had the same background screen in waking life of showing only the top area of Eva wearing a black bra.

      (My laptop is on a chair near my bed, not on the cabinet in waking life....that could've been a time to RC if I was aware )

      Then I realized someone is coming in the apartment, and I'm surprised that they randomly just opened the door and came in.

      It was a blonde girl, her face is slightly cheeky, she's wearing a gray shirt and dark blue jeans I believe, and she says "Hi" to me in a cheerful voice.

      It seems she found out about the background photo of Eva on my laptop, or maybe I was the one worried as assumed she found out.

      I mean, the laptop was open, and any person with sight can obviously see Eva in the laptop as a background picture. But I don't think she was surprised too much by it, and I told her she can come in.

      The dream shifts a little, and I think some guy is doing some kind of filtering with my trash can or something like that. He gets a transparent trash bag, uses some weird machinery that's supposed to decompress the contents in it I guess, and then he's finally done.

      It smells like chicken strips with that weird spicy smell where the meat has that dark orange type of flour or batter to it pre-cooked and frozen.

      I asked him what he did with my trashcan, and I forget the exact word he declared to me, but when I asked him what the word was, he's like,

      "You know? De-Oxidized? You do know what that is right?"

      It takes me a while,

      "De-Oxidized?....Yeah...yeah, I know."

      He leaves and the blonde female, I'm not sure where she went lol.

      The dream shifts where outside, and I'm maybe 10-30 feet away from my apartment here, and apparently, I just have my underwear on.

      I'm aware of this
      (not aware that I am dreaming unfortunately) and I try to cover up my body with the clothes I have on my arms. Instead of actually wearing the damn clothes, I just try to cover it up as if I only had a leaf to cover my private parts.

      Then the dream shifts again to where I'm inside some fancy building, it looks like a hotel, or maybe even a college dorm area. There's some people looking at me, but it's just them glancing for a few seconds, and I think I have clothes on this time.

      I see a long leg extending all the way on the floor. Whoever it is, they wore blue jeans and a sneaker, so I jumped over their leg instead of posssibly tripping over it.

      Then it appears again, I walk over it........

      Then again...................I do the same thing....

      and it shows up one more time I believe.

      (I wonder if that was Kaomea trying to trip me or something...LOL) You did say you and GypsyKiss would do pranks to wake people up in their dreams >.>

      I continue walking, looking to my right and see rooms over 260+ in their numbers, and I had a feeling that isn't where I'm supposed to go, so I turn left, and see rooms around 220+ in room numbers on the doors.

      I head that way and I forget what I did after that.
      Luisa is Married.......... (Non-lucid)
      I'm on the Swiftkit IRC Client, so I guess I was planning to play Runescape, or at least see if any of the channels I used to be a part of are still alive.

      I go to a channel called #Integrity-PC, I'm assuming I'm in it because some of the members' names show up, but I rather not post them seeing as I'll probably forget them all anyway.

      One person that used to be Voice as now an OP rank, and he tells me Luisa, one of the girls I drew in waking life, is married to someone, but I don't know who

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    15. A Sidenote of Eva

      by , 04-24-2012 at 11:28 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

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      side notes
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