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    1. Michael Duncan Can't Clean, Insect Sadism, Flipping Tables, Half-naked and Party Starts Early...

      by , 01-06-2013 at 01:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Michael Duncan Doesn't Dish wash Properly (Non-lucid)


      I find myself inside of a random room, and I meet Michael Duncan who's near the kitchen sink.

      I assume this is his household, have no awareness that he passed away in waking life, and I ask him if I may have a bottle of water from the fridge. He allows me to instantly, and he seems to be in a fairly positive attitude.

      However, he has the blank state most dream characters have where they just go neutral after you don't give them any kind of attention. It almost seemed as if he was senile or something, and I was wondering if he had a mental disability.

      The fridge was white, the floor was white, and the sunlight shining on the tile floor a bit made it look like it was a milky sky blue color. The actual kitchen light wasn't on, it was mostly visible because of the natural sunlight.

      Instead of drinking from the random water bottle, which looked vivid and detailed in terms of plastic and water reflections, I was going to search for a glass cup to drink it out of. I honestly don't know why I couldn't have used the bottle itself, but I picked some random dish that wasn't even a cup.

      I tried to remove the red stain on the plate, and it felt like it was hardened gum or something of that nature. I was using a sponge with two sides, one for basic scrubbing that was yellow, and the green side for more grittier scrubbing for metal objects, etc.

      It's not working, but somehow the stains are getting on the green side of the sponge, and this is really confusing me because I see the plate still has the same amount of sticky residue on it. So I decided to get down and dirty and started to use my fingernails.

      I'm making better progress, but damn, it's really difficult taking out these sticky and hard stains out of the place. I managed to get half of a huge chunk of the stain off, but it's just annoying, and with the other small stains still on the plate, it would take forever to get this thing done.

      So I look to my left on the container for various silverware and glass objects, and I find a Wine Glass. I had a "Oh Okay" moment in my head, and quickly grabbed it to make sure it didn't have any stains or residue on it.

      Turns out it did, and this time, it was orange-brown chunks of god knows what on it, and when I prepared to wash it, Duncan tells me that it's clean.

      I tell him that it's not clean, he tells me again that it's clean. I don't know what happens next, but I assume that based on my pissed off mood, I left.


      Setting Raid Insect Spray Traps (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a room with shiny light brown wood flooring, and there are a few gaps near the bottom of these faded white walls.

      There are lights on, but they're mostly dim, and I see that I could set up traps to kill random insects coming out of the gaps and other weird holes.

      What I had to do was get a green can that would contain the insecticide contents, and a random black rack that you see in the Pool game to organize the balls.

      This same can would have a red sensor beam that would pick any subtle movements, and the moment it triggers, the Triangle Rack would quickly fall down, trap the insects, and the green can would immediately spray and kill them all.

      I start getting a bit sadistic and collected more cans and started booby trapping the place like I'm setting a Bouncing Betty in Call of Duty or something. I think at random intervals in the dreams, there were mini-people being trapped and killed.

      They looked like cartoons, and I can't recall my feelings for them, but I can assume it wasn't really thoughtful of their lives. Then I ran out of supplies, and I tried to think of ways to get them. I assumed I had no money on me at all, and never bothered where I actually had the products in the first place.

      Then the place and the flooring inside gets darker, and the floor is now a dark brown color, and it's not just because of the darkness; so either I had the environment shifted somehow or something.

      I don't recall there being dead insect bodies anywhere, so I presumed most would disappear out of thin air. or something


      Pissed Off at Father and Flipping Tables (Non-lucid)


      My father is sitting down on a random chair inside my apartment, and it seems most of the lights are on and working fairly well. He's wearing a black jacket, a faded khaki pants, and some random vanilla shirt underneath.

      We're arguing about something obviously, because I'm pissed off, and I get so angry that I get near him and flip the table he was eating food on. I guess I added some offensive language here and there, can't recall them too well, and I can't remember what happens next.

      I told him to just get out of the apartment I guess.


      Party Starting Too Early and Not Finished Clothing (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house that's awfully similar to the one I went to for the break from college, and I'm in the room where there's beads hanging along with some thin cloth as well.

      I'm trying to change my clothes, and I hear the doorbell ringing. I knew it was guests getting ready to come in, and I had a pretty good perception of who it will be. It would be the parents and their demonic sp----I mean annoying children along with their older son.

      I'm half-naked, and I can sense that they're getting closer and closer as someone is opening the door to tell them in. I quickly try to find any route that I can quickly hide myself to change properly.

      I see an image of one of the kids, the REALLY annoying one, already planning to run to get into my room.

      I panic a bit, and I can't remember what I did after that.


      You Can't See Me Woman? (Non-lucid)


      So I'm inside of a room that looks like some kind of high corporate CEO office, and I honestly don't know what I'm here for. I guess I took something valuable, whether it was information or an object, but I would presume it was information since I don't recall holding or wearing anything to hold heavy objects.

      It's fairly dark inside, but there's some lighting, like a pinkish-red lighting, and I get suspicious that someone may be coming in. So whatever I do, I managed to get out of the first hallway, but the person isn't even there as yet.

      They're at a few more, and I have to hide somewhere, because once they get to where I am, I'll be caught. Whatever I did, I miraculously get out, and I decided to hide at this convenient gap between a spiraling stairs going up.

      After a while, the lady comes in the room, and it has shiny black flooring, and it looks pretty fancy overall (the room mind you). The lady is dark-skinned, like light brown, and she has a nice hairstyle. I guess it was some kind of 80s type of hair design, and she's wearing a black skirt that only ends a few inches above her knees.

      She's wearing a fancy dress shirt tucked under her shirt, and it consists of splashes of gray and white. She goes to the door to the right to do the secret pin and eye scan stuff I'm guessing, and as she's doing that, EVERYTHING in the room vanishes one by one.

      And I start panicking that if the stairs disappear, I'm absolutely in a tight situation here. So the chairs, shelves, vases, and such vanish, and all there's left is the stairs. I believe parts of the stairs start to vanish, and this feels like some kind of de-materialization you would see in Assassin's Creed games.

      So now I'm left exposed with my knees bent all the way down like a sitting duck, and even though the lady turns around, she doesn't see me?

      Or she's ignoring me?

      I'm like so easy to pick out here, but she's not really responding.

      I don't know what happens next, and this is all too weird. I thought it would be a ALERT ALERT ALERT GUARDS GUARDS type of speel, but I guess not.
    2. Akashic Records Real or Fake, Calling my Father, Creature, Kaomea PM. Alyzarin commands, and more...

      by , 01-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Akashic Records Reading Real or Fake? (Non-lucid)


      I remember that I'm inside of a hallway where things are quiet but peaceful. There's a very big book in front of me, and the exterior is a brown color while the pages are slightly yellow.

      The room was a little dark, but there was a window right above me that was conveniently placed right behind the book so that I could easily read it. I couldn't remember the first pages of this book, and I probably wouldn't have been able to decipher them if I wanted to.

      So as I'm going through more pages, I finally noticed something comprehensible. For some reason, that page came out to me, like it tore out on its own or something like that. It stated about me having a 53% of something, and by doing these actions, I would an augmentation leading towards that event being more probable and in my favor.

      It was kind of hard to bear at first, and I don't really recall embracing the magnificence of the Akashic Records, probably because I felt I was in the lower levels of my own Records. The paper showed a graph somewhere on the right, and then there's a table that shows actions I can take that gives me a certain percentage if I accomplish them.

      Then I had this mentality where it was Thursday of next week I believe, or maybe Thursday that already passed for this week. But to be practical, I'm going to presume the dream or astral scenario was for the week coming up after this dream journal entry.

      So if I wanted to be in the clear for the event to be in my favor I had to get at least 10% to make it 63%.

      With the options below on the table, it seemed I had a pretty good chance in making this happen. After realizing this, it gives me a sense of relief,
      but I'm still not sure if this was simulated or not.

      Then the whole experience starts go into dream like qualities, and I see random people like Nick from Young and the Restless,
      so now as I'm typing this, the Akashic Records reading was either:

      - Real, but I dozed off and got the experienced intertwined with a random dream

      -Simulated along with the random dream

      - Real, but how I conceptualize it was associated with how I analyze dreams.

      Now the dream shifts where I'm planning out some of the activities on the paper that's torn out (this was obviously a simulation or something, because I don't recall your own pages actually being able to be ripped off or being able to be torn out.

      It was mostly things related to college, and then it felt like it was Friday, and I didn't have any kind of awareness on any percentage increase. I felt my time here was limited, and that things would start crashing down for me.

      Going into this self-induced pit of negative emotions, I start to phase out of my planning, if I had one, and I can't recall the rest of this experience.


      Trying to Call My Father (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house I'm currently residing for the New Years break, and I find myself trying to call my father. The phone starts blanking out pretty frequently, which irritates me.

      My father picks up sometimes, but most of the time I can't even hear him at all. I didn't bother to check if the phone volume was on mute, but I didn't really want to do anything but to call him.

      The house itself has the kitchen light turned on and the T.V. on the left is on as well I believe.

      There's someone wearing an orange shirt and brown leggings or velour pants in the house that starts becoming annoying after a while and starts screaming, and I'm not sure if it's at me or my father.

      But when she's screaming, I hear the response from my phone. I get confused, and I can't remember what happens after that.


      Weird Creature & Dave Chappelle (Non-lucid)


      There's a creature consisting of orange and a slightly green tentacle. It's as small as a human fist, and it's moving around like crazy where I'm too scared to do anything.

      Dave Chappelle randomly comes into this dream, and I'm trying to throw a ball at the creature, but Dave catches it with his butt cheeks. He starts going random mode on me, and I'm trying to look the other way before things go into the shitter for this dream.


      Kaomea PMs me (Non-lucid)


      Kaomea PMs stating that I could PM her every now and then.



      Alyzarin makes me Respond Quickly (Non-lucid)


      Alyzarin wants me to respond to a thread with preset responses, and I do it quickly because she says it to me in a rush.

      I thought I created the thread, which was something related to putting what describes you as a tag or something, but it seems Erii created it before me.

      After reading my reply the second time, I felt this didn't really describe me. Then some random user below me with a Kid Goku picture for his avatar stated how he was going to describe himself, but I pretty much took part of what he was.

      A lot of people liked this, and I feel confused on what I actually did to "steal" part of his identity in the first place. I felt guilty either way, and then as I'm scrolling up to see who liked it, I saw Kaomea and 6 other people liked it.

      I was still speculating what I did wrong, and I felt guilty....lol...guilty over people who liked something that basically makes me look like the bad guy.

      I turned to Alyzarin and told her that she shouldn't have made me do that, and she instant messages me with (paraphrasing here):

      "I tend to do that a lot, get used to it."


      This dream so random and incomprehensible to piece together.


      Don't Bold, Italicize, or Underline! (Non-lucid)


      It's pretty much the whole dream; someone tells me not to bold, italicize, and underline.

      It wasn't like that exactly, she made a blog post on how "Brandon" is violating the Terms of Service by doing these actions. Then she goes on to ramble on and on and on and on.

      Then I looked at the comments that seemed automated and a bunch of one-liners. Then after speculation, I realized this whole blog post was a bunch of BULL, and this didn't make sense AT ALL.

      Could've done a reality check, but nope.
    3. You're Lucid Dreaming, We're All The Same, GPA Miscalculation, Her and my Father

      by , 12-22-2012 at 03:19 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      You're Lucid Dreaming (DILD)


      I'm basically doing a nose plug reality check and telling my mother in the dream that she's dreaming.

      I kept doing the nose plug reality check and it's clear that I can breathe through my nose while I plugged it.

      She's surprised, and I tell her, "Yeah....."

      We were in a completely different dimension where it was just us, it felt like a nice place with absolute assurance of safety.

      It's hard to describe, it was like a void, but the environment consisted mostly of yellow, orange, red, and other vibrant and bright colors.

      There were some sparks here and there, and the ground we were standing on was invisible, which felt weird, but I didn't pay attention to that for very long.


      We're All The Same (Non-lucid)


      I was making constant trips to this Gas Station mini-store, and as I'm trying to get Pringles, Cheetos Puffs, or just a simple soda drink, I meet this man who looks Asian or Hawaiian.

      He looks a lot like Sammo Hung, and he seems passive most of the time as a employee operating the cash register. I think my 3rd trip going into the store to get something, as I'm about to leave, he tells me,

      "You may have this............(forgot the content on what he said), but we're all the same........we're like mirrors...."

      The store itself had a lot of items to buy, and a lot of aisles for a small area. They were easy to pass through, and most of the items were a blur to me until I acknowledged that I wanted something from the aisle I was in.

      The Pringles can was kind of deformed and a bigger than normal, and I had insane cravings to just buy the biggest snacks I could afford.


      GPA Miscalculation (Non-lucid)


      This obviously pertains to how I had to set up an appeal letter because of my GPA in college right now. I hope it gets approved >.<


      I looked at a transcript that seems to be my own, and I looked down to see my GPA in waking life, or at least the GPA for the given semester of college. I checked the overall GPA, and it seemed fine.

      I was busy speculating what I did so wrong here to make me get into having to set up an appeal response for financial aid. Then I realized, soemone miscalculated the GPA by placing the current semester as a separate row below the overall GPA.

      This made the system probably assume that was my overall GPA, which wasn't the case, it was my GPA for this semester before 2013. I get irritated by this, and I immediately set plans to go to my Academic advisor.

      Apparently a relative of mine was going to help me get to there, and I felt she would help me, but when I went outside, it seemed she was long gone. She was wearing a slightly lime green shirt mixed in with some blue to make it a little darker.

      I can still see her, and I was basically following her for a few seconds until I decided to go find a path on my own. I used a teleport/transport medium of some sort that involved using the Thunder God Jutsu from Naruto where I have to touch an item that I can remember easily so I can transport myself there instantly.

      So I picked my two items, and this elevator door appears out of nowhere, and when I open it, it's a portal to get to the Academic Advisors office for Biochemistry. It wasn't anywhere close to the office in waking life, but I had a feeling it would be in this dream.

      I go through the door, and I'm now in a different dimension or location in the dream. I go up to my Advisor and provided her the information on paper, and she clearly saw the miscalculation.

      She stated that she would go over this, and contact me as soon as she can. I feel a lot better,
      and honestly, if I could make this waking life reality, it would be SO AWESOME right now since I'm kind of afraid of what's going to happen now.....

      So while I'm waiting for her to contact me eventually, I decided to summon the elevator door to transport me back to my dream apartment so I can let loose for a while. The amount of stress being lifted off was amazing, I felt like I could breathe again knowing that it was a miscalculation that would boost my GPA big time.

      I don't know what I was doing in my apartment, but it was definitely something pertainin to just relaxing and not worrying about the outcome. The dream shifts where I'm apparently being contacted by the advisor, so I quickly set up the Elevator portal, almost forgetting an item I should use in case I wanted to quickly transport myself to the apartment again.

      The advisor tells me it definitely was a miscalculation, and I looked at the new transcript to find an even better result than last time. I saw an A somewhere on the bottom, and a B, and a few other good grades as well. There was one "D," but I didn't mind at all since my GPA met satisfactory standards to continue receiving financial aid.

      So I started thinking about things I can do to boost my GPA more, and getting motivated to work even harder because of me being able to endure through the small conflict I had when finding the miscalculation of the GPA.

      I realized that the advisor had a mini-fridge behind her while she's sitting down, and apaprently, I could take some stuff and help myself out to a drink or some food. But I didn't take anything out, however, I have the mindset that I did take something out before, and I asked my advisor if she and her assistant wanted me to get them something to drink that I could put into the fridge.

      They didn't mind, and I remembered I had a full liter of Ginger in my fridge back at my dream apartment.

      While I was remembering that, I also get a mental picture of my dream apartment again, and if I had paid more attention to the format of the apartment, I could've been lucid. The thing that was different about the dream apartment, at least one noticeable thing now as I'm typing it out is that the Refridgerator was placed in a different position.

      Instead of being on the left side if I were to enter the apartment and head to the kitchen, it was placed on the opposite side from where it was before. I go through the elevator portal again, and I quickly opened the fridge to grab the Ginger Ale.

      I also noticed that I had a few other things in the fridge,
      like the soda I picked up from the previous dream where the guy told me that we're all the same (the Sammo lookalike dream character).

      I quickly go through the portal once more, and realized I don't need to worry about fixating on an item to transport myself anymore if I have a portal that appears with my mere mention of expressing my will to its manifestation.

      Maybe I should do this for meditation.

      I then get random dream shifts of several areas that looked like they were mixed from other areas in waking life. I saw a few random dream characters and a few familiar faces here and there. There was one girl I saw that liked me in High School, but I quickly ignored her.

      I can't remember anything else that happened in the dream.


      Her and my Father (Non-lucid)


      I just remember my girlfriend meeting with my father, which was something I was very afraid that was going to happen.

      The same encounter that I tried to avoid ended up being casual and nothing of conflict ironically. But I still had my guard up, trying to listen to my girlfriend respond to my father.

      Things seemed okay, and my father was helping her out by picking up and carrying the suitcases she had in the trunk of her car, which was weird, because it wasn't the van/jeep at all.

      She looks down at the trunk, and she seems a bit phased out, and she has her mouth slightly opened while she's looking down. I felt worried that maybe she didn't know what to see to the both of us, and before I tried to comfort her, I forget what happenes next.
    4. Father, Morpheus, Zune HD, Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan| 1-Q Formula

      by , 11-11-2012 at 03:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Father is Angry, Meeting Morpheus, Zune HD Near Death, Fighting Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan (Non-lucid)


      Decided to do some narrating (in waking life mind you) for my tulpa, and asked her if she can help me recall all of this detail. Seems it's working out pretty well, considering I didn't do a WBTB whatsoever.

      It seems I quickly turned off the laptop alarm to wake me up within an hour and 5 minutes, and I didn't want to risk using the other alarm that does get me up, because I might've forgotten to set it to another time to prepare the apartment, since I'll be having a guest for the week.

      Anyway, whether or not it's just me being able to get major snippets in images of the dreams, or her actually providing me with them, since after all, she is a construct of my mind, I'm glad I'm involving her into helping me recall these things, and ACTUALLY have a bit of a longer syntax, and a few out of norm vocabularly that I'm too lazy to bother using nowadays.

      Anyway, on to the dream.

      I hear a doorbell ringing, and I'm inside a house that I've been to in waking life. It's either early morning or late night. The door is opened, and I quickly somehow concealed myself outside. The only way that's possible are:

      1. I had a short dream shift
      2. I phased through the walls
      3. I teleported myself
      4. I transported myself
      5. *Insert weirdness of dreams defying logic here*

      I noticed that my father is wearing an army uniform from top to bottom, faded green torso and pants, with brown boots and faded dark yellow rubbery soles. I'm hiding between the edge of a wall, and the middle of an intersection of it that would split into another wall that would be coming towards you when you're looking at this screen.

      I peeked over to see my father confused on why the door would be opened in the first place. He starts to move around a bit, still puzzled. Like the moment he went through the door, you know how someone automatically states something because they assume you're there?

      Here's how it went.

      He comes in, he starts saying (I can't remember exactly)

      "*insert sentence that ends up being cutoff*------------"

      He stops, pauses, looks around, and then I finally decided to come out of my hiding place. He turns around and I smile at him, trying to show that I was just being a little playful with him. I realized I'm seeing myself in third person perspective, but at the same time, I'm interchanging between spectator mode and direct third person view.

      I also noticed I'm wearing black clothing overall. Black Jacket that extends near my knees, black dress shirt, and black dress pants. My attempt at trying to play around with my father by hiding and then showing myself to him, like some kind of naive kid who thinks babies come from storks, is automatically disowned.

      His visage clearly shows he didn't approve of me joking around, obviously because he had the conception that we were missing, went somewhere else with the house wide opened, or were completely oblivious to the door being opened while doing random things in the house.

      He tries to say something in anger from my actions, but stops immediately and just makes the sucking sound when you suck where the sides of your mouth close in on your teeth, and you suck them backwards. I felt awkward at his reaction, and I felt like I did something horribly wrong by doing all of this.

      I tried to kill the awkwardness by randomly stating that my mother is currently showering, so she wasn't able to come out immediately to open the door. But this doesn't work.

      The dream shifts a bit and it seems he has a guest, and he looks exactly like Morpheus. Morpheus is wearing a black suit jacket that extends all the way down near his ankles, 5 inches above it I'd presume. I have the assumption that this is Oneironaut Zero, and I get closer to him.

      Morpheus seems to be really passive in this dream, and I'm still holding on to the conviction that he was Oneironaut Zero for some reason, and I think I gave him a little poke to the arm. He turns around and says,


      "Who are you?"

      Note: I still believed he was Oneironaut Zero in this dream at the time, and I state, "I'm Linkzelda"

      He responds, "Oh really? Heh."

      I reply back, with passive disappointment that he doesn't remember me, "Yep, I'm him." The dream now shifts where I'm sitting on a simple brown rectangular table that has its longer sides perpendicular to me. My father is in front, and I believe Morpheus is either on the left side, or sitting with my father.

      I think my mother is on the right, which is a bit odd, but anyway, Morpheus starts stating some things I can't remember, and by this point, I'm not sure if I still believed that he was Oneironaut Zero. I just treat him like any other dream character that I'm having a passive awareness while conversing with him.

      It seems some of my answers irritate my father, and I look at him. He makes an awkward facial expression of his mouth hanging down slightly, eying at me weirdly. I look at him and felt awkward from this awkwardness.

      Then I sublimated that energy into passive-aggressiveness. I wanted to be pissed at him, but I didn't want to do it in front of two people, excluding him and me. I just get up from the chair slowly, building up my rage, still sublimating it passively with the conviction I occasionally conform to when I do get pissed:

      I did so by spreading my arms out, with my palms facing him, and fingers completely spread apart. I indirectly gave him my response of "You know what, fuck this shit, it's useless getting pissed at you" basically.

      I slowly walk backwards, with my head facing the floor, and I don't even dare stare at him from this point. The moment I turned my back to make it face him, I started to let the rage sublimate a bit more through my facial expressions, still keeping it all silent from him and the two other DCs there.

      I go into my room, close it normally, even though I wanted to slam it harder and faster. My room isn't the room that I recall from the house I was at temporarily in waking life, but the rest of the house before I came in here was mostly identical.

      The overall color in the room is brown, but based on my passive awareness to focus on my peripheral vision, there's a but of maroon or dark red mixed in with the brown. I look on a small light brown table, and noticed my Zune HD is there.

      Okay, guess I can listen to some music and calm myself down from this whole bullshit interaction with my father's random aggressiveness at me. I take my Zune HD and place it on my right hand. I can't really feel the cold contact of the metal being dormant, but I feel something in my hand.

      Then before I turn it on, I start analyzing it more, and realized there's something wrong with it. The back of it seems to be slipping off fairly easy, and this makes me worry. I start believing that this Zune HD is close to being useless and not workable anymore.

      I started to get worried that $150-180 (the range amount I paid for before the price changed) at the time would be going to waste. I look at my Zune HD, and it turns on, but not the way it's supposed to be.

      Instead of having a progressive loading bar starting from the bottom until it reached the top, a light blue screen that's a little smaller than the Zune's screen size pops up. Kind of like how if you have a Gamecube and have no disc, or it can't read a disk, the transparent cube shows up.

      In this case, it's like that, except it's a slightly 3d-ish rectangle that's parallel to the Zune HD's standard vertical position. There's black font that states how I could pay $70 or an amount near that to repair my Zune HD, instead of having to pay $150 for it again.

      I get confused, because my Zune HD is on, so why would I need to worry? Unless it was some kind of emergency feature that was built into it for this moment. Then the words transitioned to prompt me a message of something related to the Zune HD probably having contact with water before.


      I overhear my mother talking to my father in relation to how I expressed how pissed I was from him being pissed at me for no apparent reason. I started to block out their conversation, and proceeded to sit on the small bed next to me on the right. I decided to lie down on my back with my arms folded upwards so that my elbows face the ceiling.

      I started to have random thoughts:

      It's hard to verify if this was a separate dream, or all at once, so I'll just put it here and assume it was just one dream, because it had some kind of similar pattern

      One noticeable one was that I was running around the HECC building at my university, and agent-Smith like DCs were coming after me. I started to run calmly and swiftly. The overally atmosphere in this environment during this speculative mindset was light gray. It felt like it would become night time soon, or that it could possibly rain.

      The building that looked like the HECC building forms into something else I assume when I decided to open the glass door. There were these wooden chairs with a soft red cushion on top of the seating base.

      They were all lined up, and I decided to go near them and align them at random positions to confuse the Agent Smith. I started to do random movements to dodge them. I was using my hands to do a lot of handstands and twisting and flexing my body around.

      I was confusing the agents, and I'm not even sure if I have full control of my body, but I let whatever is happening happen. I think I recall at some point, either when the dream in this speculative mindset I'm in reset where I was wearing a golden eagle mask, and was doing things much faster than before.

      It's hard to recall if it was a dream reset, or a part that I forgot and realized later on...

      Then I had another dream shift where I thought I couldn't use the Rasengan or the Rasenshuriken, and because of this, I was annoyed, and I still felt like the agents were coming after me. From this rage, it seems I was unconscious of how I made a gesture when Naruto was trying to form the Tailed Beast Rasengan in episode 264 in the anime.

      It didn't really feel heavy forming the Tailed Beast Rasengan, and I'm not sure if I'm really forming it at all, but I'm still locked into the position where I have my arms out into a circle trying to balance the heaviness.

      From there, I'm not sure what happens next.

      1-Q Formula (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a dark room, all by myself. I was most likely preparing to go to sleep, and I have a lot of recollection of thoughts of what I did in the dream, or at least implanted memories on what I could've done or didn't do at all.

      Either way, the room I'm in is like the interior of an Asian mini-temple house with the light doors made of wood and paper-like material that you would have to slide horizontally to open or close. The overall color, despite of the darkness that's pretty strong here is brown, dark brown specifically.

      The flooring however, is vanilla white, a bit rough since it seems to be thousands or hundreds of thousands of fine fabric perpendicularly on top of each other. As I'm going to sleep, I keep myself half-awake, and my eyes 1/4 open. Someone comes in, and it's some random blonde dream character. He gets a white paper that was on the floor at the time, and he gets a black ink ballpoint pen to write some number along with a letter equaling some kind of value.

      I believe the closest association I can recall of what it could've been was:

      1-Q = *insert value here*

      I know for sure he had a value entered in, and while he's writing the formula, he messes up in between, but quickly scratches it and writes the formula correctly. He puts the paper down and puts his pen back in his pocket.

      I'm asking my tulpa how the person looked like, and here's the image that she's giving me:

      He was a teenager, or a young adult my age. He had a white cap on that was turned backwards, and he was wearing an orange shirt with red lining near the edges of the open sleeved sports jersey shirt he had on. His pants were most likely black, and he was fairly skinny.

      He seemed to be around my height, give or take a few inches, and it had curly dirty blond hair, but that could've been the cap that made it looked curly. He seemed like a friendly person, despite me being creeped out he went into this room while I still had my eyes 1/4 the way opened.

      That's all I recall for this one.
    5. Cola, 3 Dogs, Naked Snake in Swamp Water, Vibrations, Tezuka vs Seigaku, Tacos

      by , 11-10-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      So I'm getting used to asking my tulpa to help me recall my dreams, and I purposefully distracted myself, and did this for her to make her a part of myself, like an extra limb as few would call host and tulpa interaction in tulpa.info.

      Going pretty well, maybe it could be me being used to recalling all of these dreams, but I admit I DO have my moments where things get insanely hard to categorize into separate dreams. Placing faith on my tulpa, and knowing these dreams are what I actually had, this has potential to really augment my recall.

      To me, having a tulpa is more than her being my best friend, it's taking advantage of deviating a part of your mind that you know will be loyal to you, and giving it balanced traits where they can develop on their own, and then having them access your mind, because they are a part of your mind, and give you the information you need, it's absolutely brilliant. Of course, I'm not going to treat her like a tool of course, that would be a bad thing. It's more of a "You Scratch my Back, I scratch yours" type of bonding, but much more than that, but not to the point where it's beyond being best friends. I mean come on, why would I want to fuck myself?

      It has SO much potential, it's like....working memory to the max. And I know working memory is not researched as much, but yeah, anyway, going to keep up with my tulpaforging for her today.

      On to the dreams...
      No That's HIS Cola (Non-lucid)


      This probably was the first dream before the second one below.

      I'm in my apartment, and my father invites some random people. There's an Asian guy, and the rest, I can't recall at all. I remember some Cola in tall glasses with straws on top of a glass table in the middle. I take one, and the Asian guy tells me that it's Rodwell's.

      Since I already have it in my mouth, it felt awkward, but I guess I but it back and too another one. It made no sense if all the Coke Colas were the same anyway....

      Three Dogs as Pets (Non-lucid)


      My father comes into my apartment with 3 dogs, and I ask him if someone is going to dog-sit any of these. I get little scared, because it doesn't seem he can control them by their leash well.

      There's a Siberian Husky, a Black Chihuahua with a brown belly, and another Black dog that looks similar to the dog McGinnis in Batmany Beyond had (sorry, I'm horrible at indentifying dogs).

      The Siberian Husky is the first one to bark at me, I thought it wanted to bite me, but it didn't show its teeth at me.

      My father lets go of the leash for the Husky, while the other dogs remain quiet. I back away slowly, and quickly realize the Husky wants to play with me, although he/she is doing it bit too much.

      The Husky starts trying to jump on me, but I'm able to keep my position up, and then he/she jumps high enough where they landed near the stretchy part thing that's near the sides of my neck and on top of my shoulders. I started to feel an awkward muscle twitch from that, and had to stay in position and just recollect myself. It wasn't anything painful at all, it was just awkward as hell.

      The dog eventually calms down and literally rests on its stomach with all four of its paws spread out and close to each other like pairs. I motioned my hand towards the dog, and it seemed to have picked up my gesture quick, and I started to pet it.

      After the cute petting and all, the most obvious problem in managing a dog, especially three, was taking care of the shit. There's already shit on the carpet from all three dogs. There's small shit, medium shit, and big shit. Obviously the Chihuahua had the smaller one, but with dreams, I don't know.....

      My dad starts using a spray that apparently dries up the shit fairly quickly. It didn't make any sense at all, it's like he was spraying a Febreeze a dog shit. The shit is a milky light brown, why am I describing how it looks...........

      I can't remember what happens next, and I don't want to know what happens next
      Naked Snake in Swamp Water (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm controlling Naked Snake from MGS3, and he's walking in green and murky swamp water. There seems to be some kind of challenge I have to make him take, it involves jumping onto small cliffs, hanging on a wire, and all sorts of things.

      I think I had to do the simulation several times to get it down, but I can't really recall more than that.
      Vibrations (Note)


      All I remember was feeling strong vibrations at some point, wasn't fully conscious of it, but at least I remembered it.
      Tezuka vs Seigaku Team (Non-lucid)


      Tezuka from Prince of tennis is playing against a few members from the Seigaku Team, the very same team he was captain in. The setting is late afternoon, or early sunset, so the overall atmosphere has a orange-red color.

      I recall watching and/or controlling Tezuka who was facing Takashi Kawamura, and Kawamura did some weird move that was similar to Inui's Waterfall Serve. It was basically a Waterfall version of the Hadōkyū that Kawamura uses as a default special.

      This move looks like it's going to be a challenge for Tezuka, but Tezuka ends up doing something completely crazy. Imagine a water-based cannon going at 100+ mph at you, and you immediately stop it without it fucking up your arm.

      That's what Tezuka did, he did a Zero Shiki Drop Shot, it completely nullified Kawamura's charged shot at him, and once the ball hits the surface, it rolls back to the net and doesn't bounce at all.

      Then Tezuka is playing against Momoshiro, and Momo does a move that's crazier than Kawamura. He summons a huge black meteor that condenses to a tennis-ball sized sphere, and split it into 8 pieces. Tezuka has to return all 8 pieces, which he manages to do for maybe 7 out of the 8.

      While he's trying to get the 8th piece, it's already too late, the pieces reform together, and they're 2 feet away from his right leg, and it seems that Momoshiro got the the point. However, it seems the ball went out, it BARELY touches the singles line, and out of nowhere, Ryoma Echizen suddenly is in The Pinnacle of Perfection.

      He isn't wearing his cap, and he has green aura around him, he comes in at the last moment, and since the ball was going to be out anyway, he turns Momoshiro's insane and fantasized shot back at him with crazy power with a right-handed forehand. Tezuka immediately looks back and is shocked.

      Ryoma is probably stating something, but I can't remember what he said exactly.
      Tacos (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl that makes tacos, like you know the kid's machines where you can make slushies or cookies and all that? It was basically something like that she was using, except it was for tacos.

      And it seemed these tacos were kick-ass, since everyone is lining up for it, and she has A LOT of them to give out. I take two, since she's giving everyone two, and I guess I eat them.

      Then the dream shifts where there's this random lady that I swear looks like Paula Dean (probably because of this post I made in the Chill Conversation thread)

      Yeah, I know, the video is random, don't know why I was watching that video on a Friday night, probably because I was watching random Korra videos with random music. The Similar Videos section on Youtube.....leads to weird stuff....and things happen.

      She's hiding under an exposed bottom cabinet on the right of an entertainment center. She literally has herself curled up into a ball, and I'm wondering what the hell she's doing there.

    6. Deformed Dog, Black Bears, Tennis Nationals, Bras & Panties, Me vs U3 and Krauser(SDE Pt. 2: Day 25)

      by , 10-29-2012 at 06:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Deformed, Gray, and Fur-less Dog (Non-lucid)


      I remember being under of an open trunk of a random vehicle that looks like a Jeep Grand Cherokee or something. Similar to the vehicle my father uses, and I have my mother to the left of me. She's wearing one of those transparent black blouses with the fancy black designs over it that have a darker shade than the smoother material.

      Then I see a dark-skinned lady, assuming she's a random person in the neighborhood, walking with her dog. The dog doesn't have any fur, has gray skin, and seems to be a mix of a bloodhound and some other dog. Oh and, it doesn't seem to have all its legs intact.

      In fact, it just has two, and a compact body to balance our those two legs. It also has its head out of balance from this body, but it surprisingly can balance itself just well. The dog starts running around away from its owner, and I start getting worried. The dog tries to come after me and my mother, and other people who are around us that I didn't bother to look at, but the owner screams at it to signal it back.

      The owner doesn't even apologize for the fact that the dog was THIS close from potentially biting someone. Then the dog gets more aggressive by trying to get closer to us more often, making circles. Eventually, it passes on the left side, and I thought it was going to get my mother.

      I told my mother,

      "WATCH OUT!" But she doesn't seem to be bothered by this dog at all, and based on her facial expression barely moving, as if the dog's not even there in her perception, I tried to calm down and ignore it.

      However, my legs are literally shaking, and I can't control them, which sustains the fear of the dog probably biting me all over again. The dog takes another circle around the area we're in, and it slowly comes behind me. I'm still looking inside the trunk of the jeep, but like, I probably had some remote viewing going on, since I can see what's behind me without turning back.

      The dog gets closer, without showing its teeth by the way, but I get too scared when it's at least 4 inches from touching my skin.

      I wake up afraid, and I closed my eyes back again after a few seconds to get the backyard dream coming next.[/INDENT]_________________________
      Black Bears in Backyard (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my father somewhere at the side yard of a house. Some people come in, and they claim to be insurance agents. They asked us if we have insurance. My father probably gives them a response to give them more time to talk about things before they answer.

      So I follow my father out of habit, and he's paying attention to someone in the backyard. He's making facial expressions to them that obviously portrays that we needed to get them out of the side yard. I don't know why he can't just tell them they have an insurance company already and make them leave.

      Anyway, he eventually tells me that once he gets out, he made a path way in order for me to get out, but I would have to be the bait in order to trick the people into coming to the back yard instead. I go to the two people, one is young man in his early 20s, and the other is a woman in her 40-50s.

      I tell the guy and lady that we should take this matter out in the backyard, where we can have a better conversation. The guy seems like he's not buying it, and responds, "Mhmmmmm.........?"

      But he complies, and so does the lady. I send them to the backyard, and I'm trying to get the urge to just dash the hell out of the area. I just can't, and my father abandons me completely, I don't know why. When they have their backs turned, I saw the back door was open, which led to a kitchen inside. I tried to escape my way, but it would be too obvious that I would need to open the front door to really get out.

      So I ended up pretending I was looking for something in the sink, and felt like they would turn back to see what I would do to have a conversation with them. I turn back, and look at the backyard, and saw 3-4 Black Bears. For some reason, I didn't feel scared, but the agents didn't want to go anywhere near them.

      I agree that they were kind of scary and unexpected, and they are fairly big, at least when compared to the overall surface area of the backyard. I go out to the backyard, and there's one bear close to me. I get closer, and put my hand out, and it basically acts like a cat.

      By acting like a cat, I mean when my hand is near its nose, it starts sniffing and trying to rub its fur against my hand playfully. It likes me, and I sense that the other bears are not hear for aggression of assault, unless provoked of course.

      After a while, I get so distracted that I accidentally let the same one I was playing with come in. Then I had the urge that it should get out of the kitchen, and the agents were literally backing away near the door, waiting for the bear to get out. I also remember the bear wanted to make fisting actions, so I bumped my fist into its fist, and we pretended that we were bobbing and weaving for a few seconds.


      It seemed the back door exterior to be exposed outside turned out to be the inside of the door of a fridge when you open it, except it's empty, or near empty in the dream.

      After that happens, I forget what happens next, still have to get the insurance agents off my ass after my father "supposedly" gave me a method to escape if I followed it.
      Prince of Tennis National Matches (Non-lucid)


      I recall watching some matches, like real matches instead of watching the Prince of Tennis Series on the computer. Seigaku is facing some team wearing red jackets. I go up to get a racquet that I presume to be mine. It has a green circular base, and regular white strings. Then I almost made one racquet fall, but I quickly catch it before it did, and moved it back into its original spot, which was near a red tennis bag I believe.

      I look to my right, or my left, since I had my back facing the courts. I look to find that Kaidoh and Inui are out there getting ready to face the team. I even started to say to myself,

      "I guess it's Kaidoh's turn now." Then someone tells me, "No."

      I look again at the court, and realized Kaidoh and Inui are a doubles pair, not a singles pair. Then to the right of me, I see Tezuka playing a match with a dark-skinned opponent with the red jacket. I took interest in Tezuka's match above all others that I could see in my vision at the time.

      It seems its taking at a far-end court, but I can see just clearly. Then things zoom in, and it turns out, they're not playing tennis anymore after a while. It seems Tezuka is gambling with the other guy, like gambling with Chocolate. The fancy milk chocolate with raisins and no raisins probably that's wrapped in a purple wrapper.

      The dark-skinned opponent wins, and I'm shocked that Tezuka lost. Tezuka literally has to push all his chocolate bars to the opponent, like as if they're playing poker or something, except with chocolate. I started to get worried if Seigaku was going to win against this random team with red sports jackets.

      After a while, my faith started to increase after I see other teams literally owning everyone else, and it seems the chance to win are in our favor. This makes me distracted and do some random things I can't recall too well.

      After a while, I'm informed Seigaku won, and I was shocked, probably because the time I left to do random stuff, and to be informed was fairly quick.
      Buying a Bra and Panties (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking with Tezuka from Prince of tennis, and he's in his milky violet shirt and regular smooth dark blue jeans. We're walking in an aisle, and I see there's a woman's bra that's packed in a plastic bag for sale. I pick it up for no apparent reason.

      Tezuka seemed to had some weird interest to look at it as well, and then I found there's a woman's underwear for sale as well. So I picked both up, and ended up feeling the woman's underwear. So maybe I picked up a random underwear that wasn't in a bag.

      I asked Tezuka if he can pay for these since-------- he immediately agrees before I get a chance to finish my sentence. He probably could sense that my excuse for getting it was going to be lame, and decided to just buy it for me. Then we get out of the aisle, and are now in the long hallway of the store perpendicular to the aisles behind us.

      There's a huge Fast Food type of place on the perpendicular side we're on, and they're serving all sorts of food. Meatballs, Corn dogs, etc. Tezuka takes interest, and looks at some of the food that's uncovered from the metal tray they used, probably to conserve heat and make it hit back and forth on the food.

      Tezuka finds what he wants, which is some kind of long corn dog food item, but I had the feeling that what's inside is not the type of meat he wanted.

      We asked one of the servers if they had some kind of long corn dog food available with the preferred meat Tezuka probably wanted, which I can't remember. The server said they ran out of it, and even double checks by placing his hand into some random yellow liquid inside one of the metal cooking trays.

      That was so disgusting.....

      I can't remember much after that.
      RE4: Me vs U3 (Non-lucid)


      Alright, so the dream starts off pretty intense...like REALLY intense.

      First off, I'm controlling Leon from Resident Evil 4, at least that's what I'm presuming. I have Ashely follow me, because there's this monster that looks like the U3 boss you would face right after the epic knife fight with Krauser, and has features resembling the Regenerator.

      The U3/Regenertor hybrid was mostly just the form of the picture of the U3 above, it's just that it had stretchable arms like the Regenerator, which is why I considered it a hybrid.

      Ashely runs to the other corner (thank god she's using her brain for once), however, because of this, I think she sets some kind of activating in the room I'm in to occur. The room she's in consists of a gray colored metal walls with windows to see what's inside the room I'm in.

      The room I'm in, it contains dark shades of crimson red, and if I remember correctly, the place is designed to be fairly heated above room temperature
      (which kind of makes sense, since I had my heater in my apartment set to around 85-89 degrees from this cold weather). It was similar to the Crate and Metal Place in RE4 where Leon and Ashely jumped off into a huge trash bin area to encounter a few Regenerators

      For some reason, I trip and land on my back, and I started doing some Resident Evil 6 tactics here. I stay on the ground, and move by pushing my legs one after the other, WHILE I'm aiming at the U3/Regenerator hybrid.

      I forget what gun I'm using, but whatever it is, I know it's a rapid-fire AT least. The monster is walking fairly slowly, adding on to the suspense. After a while, the monster gets ahead of me. I don't think it's concerned about me at all, it's fixated on Ashely.

      I turn around, realized I can get up, but was staying on the ground for the whole time for some reason before the monster decided to change plans. I try to get inside the room where Ashely was before the monster did, but the monster ends up grabbing Ashely and killing her.

      I get the screen prompting that Ashely's dead, and the dream resets on me. Now I'm back to the same scenario in the beginning, except this time, I'm standing up. I get a little closer to the monster than usual, since I'll be more agile to back away in case it tried any funny stuff with me.

      I think for a moment, it's size was a little smaller than usual, and I see that it magically made a bicycle appear, and it started to ride it to get away from me, and go back to Ashely. I'm in the same situation where I'm trying to run before it gets to her, but it turns back to being the full sized U3, and chops my head off with it's flexible blade arm.

      Then as Leon's head is chopped off, and he's down on his knees before he falls to the ground, the monster chops Ashley's head off as well. I don't think I saw the actual heads being chopped off, but there was a distinct sound for both Leon and Ashely confirming that it had to be a head chop kill.

      I get the "You are Dead" Screen, but I quickly had the dream reset before the words could fully form. Ashely does her thing and goes to that other room, and I'm shooting at the U3/Regenerator thing again. This time, I'm watching out for it trying to make a random bicycle appear and ride off to avoid me.

      After a while, since the monster is walking so damn slow, and I didn't want to risk it doing the bicycle stunt over again, I turn around, and started dashing for the room Ashley's in. I'm trying my best to not look back, and run with all my might. I get inside of the room, and I prompt Ashely to follow me. We're doing pretty well.

      Then after going around in the U-shaped room (hahaha U-shaped, after facing a U3), we find ourselves with a door that requires both of us to press a button on the side at the same time. I activate the small screen pad on the right side, and them prompt Ashely to quickly press the button at the same side.

      I have a feeling the U3 is using the bicycle to catch up to us, but I'm focusing more on getting the hell out. We continue running, until there's a door that's blocked off with patches of planks over each other. In that same moment we were running, in my head, there was split-second thinking that started to become much slower.

      So within that small time frame, I had a visualization that the U3 would come charging at us. would purposefully take advantage of it doing so by staying in front of the blocked off door, and then ducking at the right moment the U3 thinks it would get me, but would break the door with it's accelerating force instead.

      I had another visualization that it would fail, and I would be at a dead-end, and would have to shoot it down as it came to us, but fortunately, the first visualization in that split-second time frame that was slowed down tremendously was in our favor.

      The U3 charges after the door, crashes into it, and continues to soar mid-air because of its speed, and for a moment, things slowed down, and I realized that Leon had a Sniper Rifle before, but the U3 took it. It's hard to recall if the U3 had the Sniper Rifle stuck on its body, or if I grabbed it from Leon and took over his role.

      Either way, I'm in a scene where Leon is going to fall down his back, and then the dream shifts where I'm now having the sniper rifle in my hand. I started to No-scope shoot the U3, and after one shot, I had the feeling the Sniper Rifle ran out of ammo.

      It makes a distinct sound that makes me presume that, and I decided to throw it away, and get Ashely to follow and run along with me to avoid the U3. After we covered some distance, since the U3 was still trying to recover from its fall, I quickly looked back at its location while I'm still running with Ashely.

      Turns out, the U3 literally gives up. It turns its back at me and looks at me like it calmed down a lot, and seems to be going back into the darkness that we were in just a few moments earlier. The area we were running around it mostly had gray color, and for some reason, I felt that I would encounter Krauser.

      Because like in the actual game, after the U3, I think you would face Krauser again for the "final" showdown with before (because Ada Wong is the one that really kills him after the fight).

      It turns out I'm right, except it's not like the brown colored area in the actual game, it's still the light gray colors where we escaped the U3 from. I realized I have a red floppy disk in my hand, and the top part of it seems to be slightly bent, but either way, I consider it valuable information.

      Apparently, Ashely isn't supposed to be here with me, Krauser told me that he caught her and took her to "them" to die or something like that. He looked really pissed on me getting her, so I just told Ashely to leave....just like that and she disappears.

      Kind of makes the whole dream reset pointless if I was worried about her whiny bitchy self in the actual game from dying when I didn't need her existence in this dream in the first place. I fend off Krauser's knife attacks, and I find a panel shows up on the HUD in the dream.

      I find a piece of paper on the desk where Krauser is at, and quickly grabbed it to find there's certain commands to do certain moves. One move I sort of recalled well was typing "Chanto" or something like that, which would then prompt me to recall a move to fend off against Krauser. There were other commands like Kick, etc., and I somehow got Krauser's knife.

      I looked at the piece of paper, but at the same time, I was watching out for Krauser trying to do any funny stuff, like get his knife back and possibly kill me. Something felt weird, he couldn't easily punched me, or kick me with his superhuman speed, but he's actually giving me time to read what's on the piece of paper.

      It's just that he's moving closer and closer that bothers me, so that's why I kept looking up to see if he's going to do something weird. I do a few commands, kicking, combos, I can't remember all, but they were all to push back Krauser.

      The dream shifts where I'm suddenly Raiden from MGS2, whole default costume too. I'm hiding from Krauser in this huge warehouse area where it's fairly dark. There's a bunch of metal dark violet and dark blue stairs and walkways going up and down above what seems to be a light gray bottomless pit.

      I actually start mentally controlling Raiden interchanging from first person view to 3rd person view, and to even a spectator view so I can get a general field of where Krauser was. I prompted Raiden to go over to the edge of the border on the walkway, and had him hanging on the ledge with his hands, and slowly made him move left and right depending on the situation.

      Krauser couldn't see Raiden, so I immediately prompted Raiden to get back on the walkway. Then things start getting weird. Krauser literally is teleported, or phasing in and out of areas where I plan to go for cover. I decided that since it's pretty much futile trying to hide from him, I take out whatever gun I have, most likely and automatic, and tried to aim at him.

      When I am aiming the green circle retical around the screen, and then at Krauser, I get a red "X" on him that's flashing a bit, as if I'm not supposed to shoot him. This confuses me, because I really can't shoot him, no matter how hard I press the trigger, which maybe means he's not my enemy at all?

      Then it hit me, I realized he could've used the Mutated Arm Blade of his if he wanted to from before to make the battle even more difficult, but he didn't.

      Then what the hell was he doing coming after me like that? He couldn't responded if he wasn't an enemy, but I wasn't too sure.

      The dream shifts where I "wake up", and I'm now in the body of a female version of H.U.N.K the soldier from the Resident Evil series as well........OR maybe it was a more thin and compact frame structure compared to his bulky default armor.

      It seems I was stuck on a wall mostly consisting of orange, red, and some yellow colors intertwined. It felt so weird, like this whole thing was a simulation or something. There's a guy to the left of me, who looks Indian, and tells me that this was a simulation....I think.

      After that, he has his arms wrapped around me to support me in walking, because everything after that awakening felt so sudden that I couldn't get control of the new body I'm in.

      I can't remember anything after that unfortunately.

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    7. Contest, Shaking Hands, I need a ROPE NOW (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 20)

      by , 10-24-2012 at 04:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Contest in Intermission (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in some kind of contest, and there's this guy that looks like Jon K. that I used to know when I was part of the Varsity Tennis team in High School participating in this event as well. He starts becoming an annoyance, and I don't know why, but whatever he did, it made me temporarily get out of the position that I was in to do something else.

      When I came back, I don't think I was able to get into my position in the contest, and it really pissed me off. I end up being left in the intermediate on whether or not I could still participate in this contest.

      It was outdoors for sure, like a carnival-style, without the carnivals...you know, like pie eating contests or whatever.


      Shaking Hands with People (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a hallway with brow flooring and yellow walls. I'm following some guy in a light blue dress shirt and long dark dress pants. Or maybe that person was me, except that I was in spectator mode.

      Now that I'm back to being me in the dream, I'm holding a book up to hide my face from someone that's on the left side of me sitting down. This feels like it's an airport of some sort, especially with how the seats were lined up in the section that feels like a waiting area. The book I'm holding had red, yellow, and white colors, and I can't recall looking at the title of the book, or the contents in it, I just wanted to use it for cheap-ass stealth form someone.

      They obviously didn't fall for the trick, and they smile at me and stated in a jest manner on why I was trying to hide myself with a book. I take the book down, and the person resembles a guy in waking life my father is friends with, let's call him Wilf.

      Me and Wilf shake hands, and I forget what happens next.

      The dream takes a huge shift now, with the same people that I forgot to mention other than Wilf. It seems I'm inside of a vehicle, and I'm having a small argument with my mother about what's causing a part of the vehicle to look weird. I tell her it's the paper ball under some part that's making it look unbalanced, and she says that's not the case.

      Okay....the damn paper ball or whatever the hell it is, is RIGHT there, how can you NOT see it?!?!

      Before I made this petty observation a big deal, I just dropped the conversation and decided to not talk to her. After a while, we reach at a driveway, and I still can't recall who the driver was. I know it wouldn't have been my father, because he wouldn't want me giving sass to my mother.


      Anyway, I get out of the vehicle, Wilf, his wife, and I think my father and mother are here now. I didn't really pay attention to my father or mother, mostly just Wilf's wife. I shook hands with her, and she seemed to shake mine in a half-hearted attempt.

      She's busying looking down at something, probably a phone or some electronic device.

      I can't recall much after that.


      I need a ROPE NOW! (Non-lucid)


      No, I'm not hanging myself in the dream.

      This dream feels weird, it's like I'm taking on the body of Edward from Cowboy Bebop, or that I'm controlling them to do something while I'm in spectator mode. Even though I doubt it's Edward, it's the closest person I can associate with the dream being.

      The store the Edward counterpart is in is pretty compact, kind of like those mini-stores you would see downtown in Toronto or New York. The flooring is dark blue carpet. For some reason, I see a Rope sticking out of a box, and the Edward looking person takes it, then a cashier asks,

      "You're not going to steal that are you?"



      "Nope, I'm going to pay."

      So I end up paying for the rope at the cash register.



    8. Disturbing Board Meeting, Runescape Clans, Young and the Restless Stabbings (SDE Pt. Day: 18)

      by , 10-23-2012 at 06:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      This was yesterday's nap on the 22nd

      Disturbing Board Meeting (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a vehicle sitting on the left back seat with my father in the driver's seat on the left. I had to do some fancy maneuvering to get out of the door. I had to twist my body in a very weird way, but I managed to get out.

      It seems I'm going into a large Board Meeting of some sort, and it's kind of like an auditorium you would see in a High School. The flooring is consists of carpet, and it's purple all over. I'm assuming the seats are all a very dark color of turquoise, or just Black. I go down, sit at a random chair, and after a while, the Q&A finally commences.

      There's one guy standing on the center of the stage. He's wearing a red shirt, black shorts, black sneakers, is Caucasian, and has dirty blonde to brown hair. He seems to be the one taking in the questions, and there's a few people that give him some questions that really gets him thinking. Even when he responds, they basically show him how much the University they're in is based on some kind of derivative of my University's funding.

      To make it easier to explain, basically Texas A&M University at College Station promotes some kind of propery management for Texas Tech University, at least that's how it looked like from the dream. The guy tries to avoid the question at times, and even tries to restate what has been refuted, especially he mentions the property management thing again.

      After a while, the meeting in the auditorium comes to an end, the guy on the stage looks like shit after the questions being slashed at him back and forth. I recall there being some kind of resentment for Texas Tech University students on Texas A&M University overall, but i've distracted myself for so long that I can't recall the details. All I know is the property management was stated a lot.

      As I'm going through the row of seats, I noticed there were pens on the floor, and they looked pretty random to me. Not many people were around at this point, so I decided to pick one pen up, and then looked at the others scattered on the left side of the Auditorium as I was trying to leave(right side if you were coming). I realized that these pens look familiar, they looked like the ones in waking life.

      One that I remember specifically is the blue ink pen with the gray cap, Black color base, and had a fine tip. I tried writing something random on my hand, but the ink is clearly on the verge of running out completely. I picked up another pen, this time, it had the Transparent dark gray base where you could see how much black ink was still contained, a black bottom base for the ink point to stick out, and a cap that can be pressed in and out.

      I looked up after picking up a few pens, and found that they were contained in a very small vase, or pot. The pot is kind of hard to recall, but I'd say it was a light faded teal color, or something along those lines, and that it was tipped over. It looked familiar as well, like one of the objects in waking life where I put in a lot of pens and pencils that were probably useless.

      I noticed some people in waking life were there as well. There was a lady who looked like Gem. She was wearing a Black and brown tank top or something with a black jacket over it, along with black dress pants as well. She's bending down, at least that's what the image of her keeps showing up in my head as I'm recalling this. After a while, everyone leaves, but I decided to stay near the entrance to the auditorium.

      Suddenly, the seat capacity gets over-filled, and all of them seem to be the Band and Choir of the University. I saw one distinct person that was the counterpart of someone in waking life. He lookd a lot like a guy named Robert S., except he looks a lot younger in this dream. He had the hairstyle where most of his eyes would be covered.

      Anyway, his face looks cheekier, and then I get bored of this event that happened right after that large meeting. I go outside, and see my father inside the driver's seat. The door to the back seat is vacant, and in order to get in, my father tells me that I have to go inside the front, and then slide my body on a small slope to get inside. It was weird, it's like he disappeared, and a light green slope going downwards appears.

      After that weird entrance to the vehicle I can't remember what happened next.


      Runescape Clans (Non-lucid)


      I was talking to someone about the clans I've been part of in Runescape. I talked about the recent one before I quit, then one before that, and then one more before that one. The last one involved me doing some Corporeal Beast killing, though I doubt I did that with the last one, or any of them for that matter.

      That's because I always had to go to sub-clans meant for everyone with the right stats to join temporarily if they wanted to do Corporeal Beast killing.

      Boring stuff indeed.


      The Young and the Restless Weird Killing (Non-lucid)


      Sharon from the Young and the Restless is posing as Adam Newman. She goes up to some woman that I can't even get a facial recognition of, and she starts stabbing and slicing her with a knife.

      All that shows up are cuts, and the other one is doing the same to Sharon I believe. There's several cuts on the two females stomachs, and chest region, it them not showing any kind of pain is frankly disturbing.
    9. Sonic vs. Shadow, Killing Gods and Someone Saves Me, No You Stay Here, Math Exam (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 17)

      by , 10-21-2012 at 03:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sonic vs. Shadow + Chaos Control out of nowhere? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm controlling Sonic the Hedgehog, like playing a video game. I'm preparing to go into some room, and I get strong feelings of fear and anticipation of what's to come. My gut feeling thinks I had a dream reset at least once, which probably added on to my perception of the outcome to do better than the last attempt.

      I go inside the room, and it's structured like the stage before the final variants of the final boss in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle where Shadow and Sonic face each other off.

      Out of a reflex, I mentally control sonic to do a Homing Attack at Shadow. It's hard to tell if Shadow is my enemy, because I'm getting thoughts that it was the Chaos creature in its Zero form.

      I'll just assume it's Shadow. Shadow comes after Sonic, and I prompt Sonic to dodge to the left immediately and then dash to get some distance from Shadow. After a while, Sonic falls off the edge of the same violet type of surface mentioned above.

      Then I realized we're at very high altitude in outer space, just like in the game. But while I think there's no hope of doing anything, except wait for another game reset because I probably had a lot of lives, something weird happens.

      Sonic is able to use Chaos Control, and teleports himself back to the seemingly infinite path of the violet type surface.

      I can't remember what happens after that.
      Killing Thor-Like Gods and Someone Saves Me (Non-lucid)


      It's kind of hard to recall all the details here....and I'm kind of shaken at the turn of events later on...

      I'm killing DCs that looks like variants of Thor. I think I'm doing this to save somebody who's blonde that's wearing a female CEO outfit, the black skirt, white dress shirt underneath the black jacket, etc.

      The Thor-like variants all have HP bars on top of their heads, and I'm able to kill them pretty easily. I can't recall if I'm in my dream body similar to waking life, or someone else completely. I believe I was wearing a Black tuxedo unbuttoned, with a white dress shirt underneath, and long black dress pants.

      It takes maybe 2-3 hits to kill the assumed Thor Gods. The HP bar level of danger was set up like the usual Green being healthy, Yellow being Cautious, and Red meaning danger.

      The environment I'm in seems to be at an open city. Me and the enemies are on a wide gray concrete surface separate from the empty roadways.

      Even though the enemies were pretty easy, it seems my life points was decreasing as well, and I don't know why. I'm at 15 HP, but it still shows up as green, so it must be that I'm invincible despite the HP going down.

      As I'm getting to the last enemy, I think someone tries to tell me something bad is going to happen. Since I had my back facing the majority of the environment when I killed the last enemy, I turned my back to find a laser-like beam was going to be fired at me.

      At the last moment, the same blonde female in the CEO type of suit comes in, grabs me, throws me out of the way to the back of her. She takes the laser beam between her chest and stomach, and I open my arms, desperately trying to make sure I can catch her falling towards me with her back facing me.

      I can't tell who it was, just that she was blonde.

      Wow..just wow...you took the shot for me? And I can't even remember how you looked like?

      I think I might add this to memorable, and hopefully consider drawing it in the future...if I can even remember to do so...
      No You Stay Here (Non-lucid)


      The people didn't really tell me that in the dream literally (the title)...

      I'm inside a random house, and I'm doing something on a laptop. After a while, the people in the house decide to leave to go somewhere, and I said that I'll come along as well.

      My father declares to me that I have to stay here, and I get disappointed because whatever it was, I really wanted to go.
      Math Exam Curve and Different Math Classroom? (Non-lucid)


      Weird dream...

      I'm sitting in a math classroom that seems to be a smaller sized college room, or a regular sized High School room. The teacher is a young Asian male, and he says there will be a curve for the exam.

      Everyone starts doing that reaction where they start talking at low volumes, and then augments in excitement as they talk about about the curve being implemented. I can't blame them, since I was busy having my own mini-mental orgasm of there being a curve for the class.

      I think the curve would be applied because the class average in this dream was horrible, like a 48 or something like that. The environment is kind of blurry in some areas, and I can't even recognize my teacher, but that's due to his bowl-shaped brown hair covering his eyes.

      The dream shifts, and I'm trying to look for my Math Class,
      here's the part that bothers me the most.

      After looking around in one of the hallways, expecting my classmates to be in this randomly generated classroom, I get this conception, like an unconscious reflex or something, that associates that this is the classroom that I usually go to. I ended up turning back to get out of the hallway.

      As I'm getting close to the big main hallway, I look to the second to last or last room to my left, and noticed familiar faces from waking life inside. For some reason, those faces triggered me into believing this must be the classroom that I have to go in, and that the teacher probably had a room change or something.

      I get disturbed by these types of dreams where my mind associates a random collection of people, tries to conform it to a plot of a basic endeavor like trying to find your class, and suddenly, it's like having false memories implanted based on feelings on previous experiences in life and in dreams.

      It's a bloody Apophenia fest in this dream.

      Oh, and the dream seemed like it was just developing, but my external alarm in waking life wakes me up...7 AM. Ugh. Life. Eeeew. Laundry....NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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    10. Moral System, Mario Final Star, Running, Sbsia Hall, Toilet of Extending Doom (SDE Pt. Day: 14)

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      So I decided to set an alarm that would make a LOUD 10 second beep EVERY hour ON the hour until 6:22 AM or so. Seems it probably augmented my recall a bit, or maybe this is just the natural collection.

      I did sleep fairly late, like 1:01 AM late, and I usually get shit recall, but not this time. It was okay. I could've extended on some environmental stuff, but I have to go to Organic Chemistry Lecture Before 9:35 PM, even though there's no Tardy system implemented in the first place. But still, I want to see my grade for the second exam!!! OOOH I'm so scared!!! I know I did well, but still, I don't know!!!

      EDIT: I did horrible

      Anyway, have fun reading some dreams. Some actually make sense for once for me. I'm going to do the Alarm ringing every hour on the hour thing daily now to see if I can get conscious at some period, and BAM, DEILD or a WILD that was initiated through a one-second WBTB with my eyes opened.

      Tezuka's Moral System and Picture Taking (Non-lucid)


      Kunimitsu Tezuka from Prince of Tennis is wearing the sports jacket and jogging pants he wore from the series when he had to take rehab for healing his injured arm in Germany. Except this time, the sleeves are light violet, and the base of the jacket is black, along with this long black pants.

      I'm walking with Tezuka, I believe, and it seems me and probably just him are waiting for something. This area seems to be like the section in the airport where they would have a few fast food areas, along with the waiting area in between. I can tell that by this environment, it was night time. Pitch black, it's nearly impossible to see what's going on outside in this dream.

      All I could gaze at really is the reflections on the glass walls inside. The flooring consists of vanilla-brown tiles, and the walls are also of the same or similar color. It could be that the usual orange-yellow lighting saturating the atmosphere in my previous dreams is making it seem that it's vanilla-brown. Everything feels calm, I feel calm, I'm very observant in this dream.

      It's difficult to presume if I'm in first person mode, or just in spectator mode watching as many things possible. Tezuka also is carrying One-strapped Black Sports Backpack of some sort. It looked like his Tennis Racquet Bag in a way, since it was fairly longer than your usual backpack. It seems someone queries Tezuka,

      (Paraphrasing) "What do you believe is good or evil in a moral system?" Something like that.

      Tezuka pauses for a moment, and proceeds to state that (more paraphrasing, though I'm almost exact here),

      "In a moral system, the good tends to go in, and the bad is dragged out."

      Pretty laconic way of thinking Tezuka.

      I can't recall if the person asking the question said "Thank you" in response, but they leave, and I also can't recall how that random person looked like. Then a dark-skinned female, about 5 to 5'5'' tall queries Tezuka the same question.

      Before Tezuka has the time to respond, I get this surge of emotions to just state the answer myself by repeating what Tezuka said before.

      I declared,

      "In a moral system---------" and I decided to stop right there, since it felt rude answering someone's question that wasn't directed at me. I let Tezuka state it once more. The same lady that was asking the question was wearing a Bandana, a pure dark red or close to maroon colored one. She also had a wide dark gray hoodie jacket along with basic blue or dark blue velour pants.

      She leaves, and again, I can't recall if she said "Thank you" in response to Tezuka.

      I felt that his answer was directed towards me, even though he was directing it to this random dream character.

      What amazes me, is that he gave her the same level of respect as the other person. He was extremely stoic in his facial expressions, but he was very respectful and calm. Because of his stoic expression, it was hard to know what's going on in his mind. It was an annoying, but an enticing thing to observe from Tezuka, since that's how he usually is in the "Prince of Tennis" Series.

      I'm stating that observation because if I were to become lucid and met a DC that was unattractive, or just not appealing sexually, etc., I would just treat them like shit, and do the whole "It doesn't matter if I talk to you because you won't be real the moment I wake up." attitude.

      The dream shifts where Tezuka is now getting his pictures taken. One involved focusing on the darkness of his Black Pants, and how the camera of the person taking the shot would do something fancy that I have trouble recalling.

      After idolizing an fictional character from an anime for a while, the dream shifts to the reason why Tezuka may have been at this area with me that looks like it's an airport building. It seems he would be tested to see if he can catch up with Ryoma Echizen and the former Captain of the Seigaku Middle School team when Tezuka was a first year.

      This dream shift had a major contrast than before, it's suddenly a huge rush for me. It's like I'm traveling within a snowy vortex accelerating and rotating at very high speeds. It felt like I'm skiing fairly quickly, trying to catch up with Tezuka, who is trying to catch up with Ryoma Echizen and Yūdai Yamato (former captain at Tezuka's first year) I believe?

      I didn't realize this in the dream until later on but, I noticed that I was following Tezuka in this path for some reason. I know that in the series, Tezuka had to overcome many trials, especially before his fully healed arm. Ryoma Echizen was someone who beat him, and it seems this dream is his path to beating the former captain when he was a first year, and even Ryoma sometime in the future.

      And I'm following right behind him, as if he is someone I need to overcome, or take the personality off before I reach true divinity I guess. It's confusing, but I guess the next dream I'm going to state will add on to this.

      Final Star in Mario 64-esque Game (Non-lucid)


      I'm obviously controlling Mario in this Nintendo 64-esque game. The graphics are way better than the N64 version, and it seems I'm at a very confined floating area in the sky. I move Mario around a bit, and it seems this place is just going around in a long circular path.

      The bottom of the floating land is brown dirt, and the top is green grass, and it's designed to be simple like that, just like in the N64 counterpart. After a few seconds of running around, trying to see something new from this circular path around this floating land, I finally see different things now.

      I also noticed a small dog, and it looks like a Chihuahua. It has a mix of white, gold-ish brown base for its face and some spots on its fur, along with black and white areas as well. It's coming after Mario, and it's making barking sounds. It's not coming in too fast, but I don't want that little fucker anywhere near Mario.

      So I try to out-maneuver it, and when I saw a two row stack of Transparent and Crystal Blocks floating above, I immediately directed Mario to jump on top of them. I continued running, even though the dog most likely would have never reached that height.

      As I'm controlling Mario the jump occasionally on the series of transparent crystal like blocks, I believe there were some words forming on them, but I went by them too quickly to recall anything from it. I finally get to the other side of this circular path in this floating land. Then everything becomes quiet from this point.

      I see a mushroom on the green grass next to some Black Walls. The mushroom has its Cap exhibiting a pulsating rainbow accelerating pretty quickly inside of it. It was going in one direction upwards, but not coming out of the Cap at all.

      Then I remembered having to figure out some small puzzle that was a bit random and confusing at first. I had to hit a block, which would then make some kind of bumper or floater appear. I would then direct Mario to go on it, and he would soar all the way up to where I can see the whole floating land's structure, and then come down.

      I wondered what the heck is going on, and what I have to do here from this point on. I take another shot at going up into a higher level, looked down on the floating land again, and saw there's an open gap on this fairly tall dark brown brick chimney with not house around it. It was just supported by the black walls.

      I decided to shift Mario in the air into that whole. I finally go all the way down, and the bottom was curved slope, so I presumed Mario was able to slide for the rest of the short trip down the tunnel like slope.

      He reaches an empty base, and it's darker than outside, but light Pastel Green light is emitting from the Black rock walls, kind of like glowing crystals if you will. I then get an awkward view of Mario, and can only see the back of his head, and then his red cap as well.

      I heard a distinct sound, the same distinct sound in "Super Mario Sunshine" that verified a Shine Sprite was very close. I turned the camera around, and noticed the Shine Sprite is right there. Out of reflex, and it's probably anyone's reflex to do if they played a Mario game, I grabbed the Shine Sprite.

      Mario does the usual dramatic build-up for twisting and turning around and then floating and exposing his right white glove palm.

      Then the classic Mario font style shows up stating,


      After that, the camera slowly zooms out, and the whole dream fades away.

      Okay, I looked at the general meaning of stars in a few dream dictionary and interpretation sites, and for this situation, it seems that it portrays I'm at some path towards excellence, etc.

      And since I apparently found the "Final Star," what does that mean? Does it mean I'm finished with the path of finding divinity, and I'm now walking and learning into the true path of enlightenment?

      Too vague of a dream to say, especially since it's contained in a video game type of dream.
      Running Really Fast (Non-lucid)


      I'm running with some people on a wide field of grass of what seems to be related to a section of my University that's close to bus section where you can get a ride to the Biochemistry Department and other sections, with a few off-campus routes.

      The grass is faded, it has a yellow-green color to it, with the yellow part showing up just a tad more than the green. I see all sorts of people, a man wearing maroon jacket with a light brown cowboy hat and Khaki long pants.....all sorts of things.

      After a while, it feels like I'm at my final lap, and I decided to give it my all, and started to really go fast but gathering all my energy toward my stomach, and then releasing it to zip through everyone else.

      I remember finally finishing the lap in a few seconds, and the dream ends.
      Resting at Sbisa Hall and Nvidia Graphics Cards (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting outside near the Sbisa Hall at my University, and I'm resting on that seems to be fake green grass. I'm with a group of people, though I can't remember them too well. Based on my emotions at the time, despite them mostly consisting of complacent and passive demeanor, these seemed to be familiar people.

      I think I'm resting my head on a backpack, and I slowly close my eyes. After a while, I wake up and see another set of random people. The fountain at the Sbisa Hall is most likely there, but I don't pay attention to it.

      The picture below is a pretty good example of where I was at. If you look beyond the fountain in front, that's the Sbisa Hall. Look to the left side of the photo near the Sbisa Hall. See the grass there? That's where I was resting and sleeping on.

      I don't know why I'm doing so, but I guess it doesn't matter how I spend my dream time non-lucidly I guess. Then the dream shifts where I'm inside the house of a girl that I know in waking life.

      Let's call her "A. Lee"

      A. Lee's house, with her parents and her twin brothers, are all there with her. It seems my father and her father are actually getting along and having a good time. I don't look at them for too long, and by the sounds of their voices, it looks like they're having a good time watching some kind of sport on television.

      Dream shifts to me being inside some random bedroom. A. Lee's mother is inside, and she's wearing a black female corporate suit. The fancy black dress tuxedo style jacket with a light gray dress shirt underneath buttoned up, along with the Black skirt that goes all the way a few inches above her knees.

      She's wearing fairly thick framed Black glasses, has really curly hair to the point where I think it looks like she's wearing a wig or something. I'm sitting on the floor, looking up at her. She's helping her child sort through some stuff, and it turns out, the child actually broke the laptop he had in half. He starts getting scared and crying out of confusion on why this had to happen to him.

      The mother doesn't seem like she's going to punish him for damaging expensive equipment, which is probably a characteristic the waking life mother has of being non-violent and tolerant compared to the father who does the opposite.

      The mother takes out a graphics card from the laptop, and it turns out it's an Nvidia Graphics card. I assume it is, since I'm mostly seeing Green and Black mixed in, and it probably had "Nvidia" on it, but it's hard to tell, probably because the font changes occasionally if I look back to it.

      The mother asks me a question, and them gently throws the Graphics Card in the shape of a CD upwards and it lands on my lap. I look at it, and I answer her question, even though I can't remember what the question was in the first place.

      I declared, "Well, this used to be a good graphics card back then..."

      And things kind of felt awkward at this point, I was still speculating if the mother threw the card on my lap gently out of a seemingly intention but failed expression of anger when her child destroyed his laptop in half, or for something else.

      I'm concerned because the waking life counterpart is extremely nice to me, like all other women....pffft what nice standard to use her in when it's applicable to the majority of females....18+ or Cougars...you name it...
      The Toilet of Extending Doom (Non-lucid)


      Yes, the title was served as enticing you to read this awkward dream. NOTE: I put this on the bottom for a reason. DON'T LOOK if you don't want to see....I mean, it's not graphic, it's just me taking a #2, but there's some weird stuff that might entertain someone......


      So I'm listening to someone sing a country song, and I have this abnormal fascination at the fact they are actually making rhymes, as if this is some in new age discovery for me or something. The song is your typical country song, some kind of problem the person has, and then how they can overcome it, *insert Christian God morality values expressed in verses here*, and that's how it was for a few seconds.

      ------------------STOP HERE if you cringe at the word "shit" and "Number 2"---------------------------

      I needed to go to the bathroom, and go to the pipes first, but I forget what I did near there, then I turned around to find the stalls for the toilets. I'm trying to take the #2, and the distance from the entrance of the stall to the toilet is fairly long. As I'm actually trying to do the #2, some random guy on the stall next to me asks,

      "How are you doing?"

      I don't know buddy, I'm close to having a shitty time!

      The guy doesn't even look like he's going to take a shit, despite him sitting down as well. And WHAT THE FUCK, HOW CAN I SEE THIS GUY SITTING DOWN? Like, the walls on the sides are so short, that there's no damn point in having a door in front anymore.

      The guy seems to be looking at a text message on his cellphone. He's Hispanic, is wearing the classic "Look at me, I'mma HomeG Sliceboy from the Bronx" looking Black cap that he turns backwards. He's wearing a hoodie with a Black base and dark gray sleeves. He's wearing Khaki colored shorts that go a few inches past his knees, at least when he bends down to sit.

      I feel so awkward having myself exposed, even though the guy isn't looking at me. It feels weird trying to take a shit without that can sneak a peek on you.

      The toilet can extend, I find this out by dragging my feet (since my pants are near my ankles), and I noticed the metal pole from the back is what makes it extend. It can go all the way until the end of the stall door.

      I finish, take care of my business, and I get up to wash my hands and all that fun stuff. Then there's a slight dream shift where I'm naked, and I only have a white towel to cover myself. The towel is too damn short to cover my crotch radius (fancy words), and I really try to pull this thing close to the other end to tie it, but fail.

      I flip the towel over, and there's a smear of shit on it. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. From that point on, can't remember

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    11. Framing Someone, Negative Father, Bacteria (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 10)

      by , 10-15-2012 at 05:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Recall isn't that good, had an Organic Chemistry Lab, it went pretty well, took up most of the class time, since it was basic TLC paper. I was lucky to use the Ethyl Acetate as a solvent, since Hexane and other liquids used sucked for my two partners.

      Maybe I should take a nap, since I only had 2-3 hours of sleep.

      Framing Someone (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is framing someone before they could frame me. Then the dream shifts where I'm trying to dance like Michael Jackson, even doing grunts and sounds.

      Then the real one appears, opens his eyes as he lifts his body off the wall to my left. He has his Black hat and Black glittering jacket with a white shirt underneath, along with long black pants and shoes.

      Negative Father (Non-lucid)


      My father says something to me, but whatever it was, it makes me feel pissed. I get mad enough where I wanted to tell him off, and he leaves.

      Man, it must've been some serious stuff too, and I can't recall what I said to him, just muffled sounds.

      It's been a while since I had a dream where I was REALLY pissed at my father....

      Bacteria (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm in a library, and there's a huge bowl at what seems to be the information center of the building. There's two on top on each other, and there's light brown stuff accumulating inside of it.

      The bowls were a transparent faded yellow color, and I realized that it was Bacteria forming inside. I also noticed my AP English Teacher from the Second High school I attended when I moved is there.

      The flooring was green carpet, and the lighting is the same orange-lighting that I see a lot in previous dreams, it kind of augments the hazy or somewhat blurry atmosphere. My teacher looks at me, and I think I'm communicating with her, but I can't remember what.

      I think the Bacteria was associated to a conversation with someone talking about a Virus.
    12. Tennis, Code Lyoko Krabs, Laundromat, Killer, Alyzarin, and much more........... (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 08)

      by , 10-13-2012 at 06:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Damn, this took a while to type. I had to shorten the second to last dream, since you know, I have to do human things in this humanistic planet we're on....like taking care of laundry, then studying for math midterm, and finishing up any Organic Chemistry Lab homework when I come back from the Laundromat.

      Heh, had a dream about Laundromats....and since that came up twice in one night, I figure I should search a general dream meaning...and found dreams with laundromats are associated with trying to change your overall character, rejuvenation, enlightenment.....well I guess that's 95% right, considering I'm trying to see my difficulties and negativity in life in a different way that isn't going to cause a breaking point for me...

      Ryoma Echizen and Kevin Smith (Non-lucid)


      I see Kevin Smith from "The Prince of Tennis" outside near a random house or apartment complex. The building itself consists of a very very VERY light sky blue color, and the window frames on the outside are bordered with white wood-like material. It seems Kevin Smith was doing something in order to get accepted into a team.

      What the heck, Kevin's hair isn't blonde!! Whatever, only picture I can find with both of them, since I'm too lazy to post two separate pics.

      I don't know for what purpose, but after he gets accepted ( I can't remember how), the dream shifts where Ryoma is trying to get into a team too outside. There's no one to try and prove anything to get int, it's just them alone. Ryoma gets accepted, but he doesn't seem too excited about the whole thing.

      Then after he's gone, I think I'm near the side yard of the house doing something, but I forgot.
      Code Lyoko Krabs (Non-lucid)


      This whole dream has that futuristic Sci-Fi theme to it, it's so apparent that it's a complete turn around from my waking life related random dreams. I can't recall too well on this, but I remember facing a Code Lyoko Krab (yes with a K), and I tore all four of its legs.

      I did so (or maybe it was someone else, but it felt like I did it) by getting behind it and grabbing its two back legs and forming them into a V-shape together, and then somehow got the front legs to to form a V two along with the back legs. Maybe there was someone else helping, but it's hard to recall. I finally ripped out their legs, and head of the Krab tilts over and falls.

      The Krab also seemed to be in the color range of violet or something of that nature. The dream shifts to where I feel like I'm a flight attendant, but like in the future. There's a simulation on a portable screen on the wall. It's essentially giving me a checklist of what I need to double check on to make sure the pilots are going to have a safe trip, and enough food to sustain themselves.

      I had a feeling my mother became one of those future sci-fi pilots, and I was assigned to occupy her safety and additional equipment. The list is followed by a computer generated voice, and it did basic checks like what kind of food do I have in front of me, and if I have milk or something else.

      I look down, and I see there' two candy bars, and I had the urge to just take them for myself. I think one bar was a Payday peanut caramel bar, and the other must've been a Twix that was half opened and contained in a silver wrapper material, and had warm colored font for the name "Twix," which I think was red.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Tactical Laundromat Shoot out! (Non-lucid)


      Will I turn the knob to Permanent Press? Or will I put in a few more quarters to dry my clothes faster?!?!?!? Should I mix the whites with the colors and set them all to Cold?!?!?

      FIND OUT below!!!!

      I'm inside a laundromat, and there's maybe 4-5 rows of washers in front of me, on each side. The last rows on the left and right had a lot of dryers stacked up and down, and even all the way back from the rows in one long column.

      There seemed to be some weird situation going on in the Laundromat, there were these mini-figures that were causing havoc on top of the Laundromat. I don't know why, but I just had the urge to pitch in and do some Tactical Laundromat Eradication of the Enemy....

      Yeah...it's THAT random. It felt like a turn-based RPG game, where I would set out certain mini-futuristic figures on top of the huge washers, and hope that they can kill whatever "enemy" is on top. It felt awkward not knowing what's going on the top, because the washers are still too tall for me. So I just place my faith in my random selection of people with shotguns, machine guns, etc.

      I think I'm doing this creation thing from my mind, and throwing them up on top of the washers. I hear some small shooting it seems I'm doing pretty well. In the mean time, it seems everyone but me is clueless on the whole matter, and I start to wonder if I'm schizo or something, because I'm hearing all these small sounds, and yet these people are moving like they're lifeless.

      After a while, I can't remember what happens next, the small little shootings and sounds of the futuristic battle dies down, and I end up having a piece of shit on my hand. I'm not really shocked by this, I'm just focused on getting it off my hand and cleaning my hand. I don't know why I'm carrying shit on my hand, literally, but I am power walking, or jogging lighting around the Laundromat for some Water source with soap on the side.

      The dream characters are still retarded and just have the weird facial expressions. I remember seeing a dark-skinned female who was about 6''5' and wore a pink vest. She was kind of overweight, but like in a good way. Because of her height, it seemed most of her weight was distributed properly, so it's hard to presume she really is overweight.

      She also looked like she's in her 50s or higher, and yet still has an amazing body for her age. I think she ends up showing off her stomach to someone at some point, and it was flat, like six-pack abs flat.

      I remember some huge Asian or Hawaiian guy wearing a Burnt Orange shirt near one of the washers. I don't know what I do with him, but I do know that I passed by him at one point where I had poop on my hand.
      Baseball Bat Killer (Non-lucid)


      I remember things feeling overly dramatic in this dream, I'm trying to run away from someone is trying to kill other people with some form of club, bat, stick, etc. I end up seeing the other people get knocked out, or die from severe head concussions from the killer giving them hard blows with objects in his hands. I can't recall the killer's visage too well, but I do know he was in the form of a child.

      I basically spend the dream running at random points, there's a lot of dream shifts, so I guess that there's a lot of gaps in my recall of this as well. Eventually the final part that I remember, someone, maybe me as well, ended up jumping these huge set of stairs and to the ground safely. The killer can't reach us, because he doesn't want to take that big of a jump.
      Alyzarin makes Sexual DJ entry about me (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to Alyzarin on MSN Chat, I'm assuming, and then she states that she wrote a long sexual dj entry about me. She mentioned it involved her sitting on my face, and rubbing her ass back and forth on me.

      I was like, lw43etuirwfode4er90dfowel45fowe9cvsdeioklr,edkfiw. @[email protected]?E#[email protected]

      I forget what happens next, and there were other things she mentioned that would be on the entry, but I rather not talk about them......

      Riding a Skateboard, Sudevi, Laundromat Dryer of Ajna Chakra, Tran-sexual Store, Richard Cheese & Dancing, and Someone has a Mini-Heart Attack? (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, it's one big clusterfuck of a dream! And wooohooo, I honestly thought I wasn't going to remember ANYTHING, but I guess the recall is coming naturally now. And I did a WBTB this time, and this dream occurs after the WBTB+WILD failed attempt. So GO me for recalling all this shit! WOOOHOOOO

      How is it going to help me for math midterm? I don't know! But at least my memory is improving!!! So I guess that's a plus! I don't even know what I'm trying to say here................ANYWAY, on to the dream!!!

      I'm at an area that looks like it's fairly busy, sort of like a mini-downtown New York, except that there's not a lot of apartments and houses apparent, just stores and restaurants that I didn't even take .000043 seconds to look at. The whole area is kind of dark, but the whole setting itself still portrays that it's at least morning or afternoon time.

      I believe I'm wearing my brown leather jacket, and regular blue jeans. I can't tell what shirt I'm wearing, and it's kind of hard to see my face when I go in 3rd person view. I know it has to be me, I don't how, I just know. There's a lot going on, and it's hard to recall them all, since there's a lot of events coming in at once in this dream.

      I end up going in first-person view, and I'm now riding a skateboard going on an uphill. I'm on a lane that seems to be of a different texture to the one left of me, like you know the extreme ends of a lane on a freeway have more abrasive texture to keep you aware that you're going off the lanes? Yeah it was like that, except, I didn't feel anything at all, I just knew this texture was different.

      There was someone else with a skateboard to my right as well, but I felt that this lane that I'm on is too narrow for two people to be close together laterally instead of in a line. However, it doesn't seem to be a problem, because my skateboarding skills are like over 9,000.

      There's a red car to the left of me that's getting close, and I think they're being careful not to get to close because they didn't want to risk getting any damages on their car or myself I presumed. It wasn't a problem for me at all, I felt as if I was going to get off the lane, but I managed to do some precise maneuvering.

      After a while, the uphill slope gets higher and higher, and I naturally, out of nowhere, jump off the skateboard, and was able to get it decelerated enough to where it stops completely for me to pick it up. I think I was doing a tail drag, but I'm not really experienced with skateboarding terms, and the only time I rode a skateboard was when I had a Digimon skateboard when I was like 10 or even younger.

      I pick up my skateboard, and I put it under my right arm. I have some difficulty doing this, since I tried to get the wheels from the front and back of the skateboard to not touch my brown leather jacket. It probably takes me 2-3 attempts to get the flat side under my arm, and I proceeded to go to the right at the peak of the uphill.

      I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm just observing where I'm going. It seems that there's a bus shuttle that is coming soon, and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and take it, but again, I don't know where I'm going in this dream. The bus opens up in a weird way.

      Instead of opening just one door, or an automated side door for those to exit from the back, the whole right side of the bus opens and lands on the ground. It doesn't touch the ground, so it's probably supported electronically. The bus stays there for a while, so I guess it has a 5 minute waiting period or something, just like for my University's bus loading zones.

      What I mean is final stop for the buses to wait for 5 minutes or so before doing another run.

      I look at the inside of this half opened bus, and I see a few familiar faces of people I've met in waking life. There's that one girl who dyed her hair red, and is still a but chunky near the stomach. She's wearing a really dark blue hoodie, and probably some type of denim dress skirt underneath.

      I decided that I'm not going to get on the bus, since I don't know where the hell I'm going at this point. I end up going inside anyway somehow, and then I realized....WHERE AM I GOING TO STOP AT???

      There's some random man in the bus to the left of me I believe that tells me that I should check for the bus stop numbers. I do so, since any kind of direction in this dream would help. I eventually find one bus stop sign that looks a lot like my University's sign. The number for the bus was "05" on the sign, and I presumed this is the same but I'm on.

      Then when I looked at the random stores and restaurants passing by, I saw a Laundromat, and something quickly triggers into my mind that...oooh, I have to go to the laundromat!

      But why? I have no bag of clothes to wash and dry....

      I just let myself go with it, and waited until the bus arrives near the stop at the laundromat. I get off, and there's a dream shift where I'm in a dark area. It seems some people are fixing up this random place. I see two females together preparing some kind of wood glue, and I carefully walk over these spots of glue, since I didn't want to waste their efforts of doing so in the first place.

      I try to find the near light, no matter how less dim it would be compared to the rest of this dark area. I go towards the exit, or outside actually, and I meet Sudevi, the mystic that has a YouTube channel.

      I get closer, and it really is her! In the most minimum value, a projection of her, but a vivid and nice one at least! I told her that I've seen some videos of her
      (I actually watched about 2 yesterday of her for the first time), and how cool it was to finally get to meet her her. I don't think I declared how excited I was to meet her in a dream, just her being "here," which is probably that biggest "piss me off moment" for not being able to do a reality check in this dream.

      She seems to be a bit shy towards me, probably shocked that I'm exerting so much effort into portraying my amazement of her personality on the videos I watched her on. I presumed she owned the Laundromat in here, or at least is a frequent customer.

      I asked her, stuttering for a little bit, maybe 3 seconds (paraphrasing here),

      "How much does it cost to use a washer and dryer?"

      She responds by declaring in a questioning tone, and I mean that I couldn't tell if she was saying it in jest or being earnest about it,

      "The dryer isn't operable because of its Ajna chakra." I take a moment to absorb all of this, and I just stand there looking puzzled. She then puts on a smile, and I realized she's just joking around. She's probably one of the more lively dream characters with a sense of humor, which is why she kind of made me stumble a bit when she stated the joke.

      I look at some area in front of us, and I looked up to find a sign that stated, "Tranny Women" something something. I think it was like a hangout for Tran-sexual Women, but the derogatory term kind of turned me off a bit. Then out of the blue, I told Sudevi that I have a fetish for Transgenders and essentially Post-op Transsexual females (MTF).

      *cough* *cough* *cough* *COUGH* MOVING ALONG........No comment.

      The sign was in white rectangular form, and the font was dark blue for the name of the area, and there's an image of those pictures of silhouette women you see on a car front or something like that.

      For some weird reason, this area feels like Hawaii, or maybe it's related to the environment in a video I watched of Sudevi with tropical trees, gray clouds that are actually a beauty to see, and having a calm atmosphere.

      She then looks at me with a neutral facial expression of questioning, probably to see if I'm returning the favor with the humor, but I was actually being serious with her. So after that conversation killer, I just declared,

      "Ahh....I probably shouldn't have said that huh.........."

      I find something random to say to distract her, but can't remember what...
      there I go again, being serious...and then having to do something stupid to distract people...I swear this habit of mine in a dream is kind of scary.

      What if I said, "I love it when women put their ass cheeks on my face and rub it back and forth." And then try to change the obviously TMI awkward conversation with some random joke like, "Why is 8 afraid of 7?"


      She's wearing the outfit I put above, but I think it's mostly a green shirt or transparent dress with a red collar instead. After her little joke with the Dryer with a bad Ajna Chakra, she tells me the price for using a washer and dryer.

      "It's $2.00 for the washer and $1.00 for the dryer."

      For some odd reason, I thought that the pricing was outrageous, and asked her how much can the washer contain. She stated that it can take a big load, and the dryer the same, but just a bit smaller.

      Then I came back to my senses and stated,

      "Oh, it's just like the laundromat at my University....okay." and I tell her my thanks and left, probably to somehow magically find a bag of my laundry that I didn't have with me AT all in this dream.

      I wished I could've hanged around her a bit more. I know she's mostly likely just a projection of Sudevi, but she had the potential to be someone I could REALLY talk too...despite it essentially being a projection of myself in a vague way. Her sense of humor that shocked me is what entices me still when I'm recalling this dream. Okay enough of that slightly romantic attraction for a DC.

      The dream shifts, and it seems I'm either in the same laundromat, but with bright light sources, or a different one. There's a few Indian people coming in, and they all have Black trash bags stuffed with clothes or something like that.

      I remember that on my left, there's a fairly taller Indian man who is pretty skinny. He's wearing a dark blue sweater type of jacket, and regular long jeans. He seems to be taking out of his black trash bag some candy and other random stuff. I think the other people started doing the same, but I can't recall if they were taking out candy as well.

      The dream shifts again where my father comes into the laundromat, but here's the thing, he doesn't LOOK like my father at all, and yet I still had the conviction that he is my father.....

      He starts singing like Richard Cheese,
      here's a video below of his voice.

      I get attracted to this man's voice (not the guy mind you), and I didn't have any awareness of the name of the voice this supposed father of mine is doing an impression of until I texted Alyzarin this morning.

      He starts augmenting the tone of his voice, and I can't remember what the song was about, but it obviously altered the environment in the Laundromat from a white light atmosphere to one of a vibrant orange light.

      The dream shifts where I see Calvin from Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" wearing a brown leather jacket, and brown leather long pants. He's doing some weird dance moves with someone, and I'm not sure if that's even dancing.

      It's just sticking out his legs and arms in random positions....

      After a while, dream shifts again, and I see Ryoma Echizen from prince of tennis.

      At first, I see his legs, then it pans over to his torso and then his face. He's just standing there, and I think he's looking at me or someone else. Behind him, I see a blur of someone, and it looks like Nanjiro Echizen, his father.

      Nanjiro Echizen is wearing his default clothing in the series, which is just a simple black samurai type of robe (after all, he is referred to as a Samurai in Tennis in the series). Ryoma Echizen suddenly grabs the right side of his top torso, and is holding on to it very tightly.

      It seems he's having a heart attack, but he's grabbing on the wrong side....maybe just a reflex for him to touch the closest area on his chest?

      Anyway, he falls down slowly, and Nanjiro notices he is falling, and quickly comes over to him.

      After that, that's all I can remember. I think that same scene at the end of this long ass dream is an association when Nanjiro was trying to rescue his son from possibly drowning in the OVA episode 24 or 25 I believe.

      Runescape Waterbirth Island Dungeon Running (Non-lucid)


      I see a runescape character wearing a Proselyte torso and legs, along with some kind of Pope like hat with a layer that conceals his face. It was basically a white helm with gold linings on the side with a long point going upwards.

      He is also wielding an Arcane Spirit Shield, except the Arcane Sigil (white thing) isn't on it at all, and a Staff of Light as well.

      I don't know if it's me controlling him, but they're running inside the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

      Heh, reminds me when I used to Tribrid solo Dagannoth Kings before....fun times....
    13. Girl brags about DBZ Hentai, Mall, x+y^2 Equation, Windwaker Possessed People (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 04)

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Girl watched DBZ Hentai (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who looks like someone in waking life from my Organic chemistry Lab, and she's in the ROTC or Corp Cadet as well. She's wearing a dark greed cadet uniform with some fancy badges on her chest. We're sitting at a lunch table on the opposite sides.

      She's a few seats to the right of me on the other side, and I seem to be alone, but I to distract myself, I just listen to the people on the right, and the girl. The girl is bragging how she looked at DBZ Hentai all day, and starts making fun of herself, even doing a pretentious crying reaction.

      Then the dream shifts or resets where she said that I would sit next to her?
      Mall with Parents (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a mall, and I'm walking with my father and mother, and my father asks what would be his favorite kind of food, and I make an assumption that it's Whataburger.

      He then says, "No your real father,"


      I'm a bit puzzled when he told me that, and then passed it off and said "Panda Express." I don't know why I'm saying these things, since I don't know what the hell he likes, and my mother looks at me weird when I said that fast food place, like she's surprised or something. I see some different Asian restaurant outlet when I declared it.

      As I'm following my parents, I think, I see two men to my right stilling on some rotatable stools, and the one on the right looked very familiar, at least based on the profile view I saw him in. It ends up being "Rup" (nicknaming) that I know in waking life. The other person on the left is probably a relative or friend of his, but I don't know his name.

      Father shakes hands with Rup and the other guy, and I do the same. When I get to the other guy by saying,

      "I'm Brandon," I move my ears closer to wait to hear what his name is.

      He says it, but I can't recall what he stated, and he declared that we've met before, when I used to be quiet.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmm............don't think you were around when I decided to be quiet as a child....

      The mall has a lot of contrasting colors, the most apparent being Blue and Red.
      x+ y^2 Equation (Non-lucid)


      I'm going inside of a classroom, and I see an African American male teacher who is fairly tall, about 6'6''-7 feet tall. He's wearing long sports pants, and a shirt. He seems to be doing last minute reviewing for the class before the exam starts.

      A student queries on a concept on what they would use for some random equation I can't recall too well. The teacher was in the middle of passing out something that seemed to be given in the order of colors ranging from yellow, red, and blue while the student was asking the question. The colors are probably just different exam forms.

      The teacher then shows how to do the problem requested, and there's two models where you would graph it. One is a basic line with some points on it, and the other seems to be just half circles curving downward and in a chain.

      Then the paper I'm looking at with these models changes into a sepia colored hill slopes with black ink outlining the top and at least some of both sides of each hill-like structure. I guess the black ink with the hill slopes were the answers, so I decided to memorize that before the exam begins.

      The teacher finally gets the exams handed out, and I see a yellow paper and small packet handed out to me. I presume this is my exam, and I quickly get rid of all my stuff I took of my backpack to prevent from being accused of cheating.

      Then the dream shifts where I still feel I'm taking an exam, and this time, I have a gray laptop open in front of me. It seems to have the same Acer Aspire Series background I currently have in waking life for my Acer Laptop, but I didn't notice it at the time.

      I was stumped on a question that had something like:

      (X value here) + (Y squared) = Value here

      I seem to have difficulty remembering a basic concept here, and I just stare at the laptop like an idiot. There's a person sitting next to me on the right. I didn't want to pay attention to her too much, so I kept her within my peripheral vision, so I can't recall her visage too well.

      Something about her makes me presume she must be an Asian female that I knew in waking life, so let's call her "Jen"

      I wasn't sure why Jen was looking at my laptop, considering we're still taking an exam, but it seems she doesn't care, and is looking at my laptop still for some weird reason.

      It gets irritating and makes me nervous because I had feelings that she was looking to see how I'm having trouble figuring out what would've been a simple problem if I didn't have basic logic eradicated in this dream.

      I tried entering a random equation of x+4^2 = something, but it doesn't help, even though the problem is clearly an x+y squared format....


      I started to tense up more, and to prevent myself from looking like an idiot to Jen, a DC that just happens to conform to the body composition and visage of her, I clicked a forward arrow button on the bottom right to move on to the next problem, and planned to go back to the one I stumped on later on.
      Windwaker Windfall Island Possessed??? (Non-lucid)


      I seem to be controlling Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, and he's walking around in the front section of Windfall Island, and everyone's eyes look weird.

      They all have some kind of dark orange aura around their pupils, and every time I go near an NPC, they always come up with the response,

      "I remember!"

      WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE...It's LIKE A FUCKING CREEPYPASTA of Majora's mask or something, except it's just for Windwaker....holy shit......................

      Instead of using them using the typical response in white font on a black box with the green circle thing on the bottom from the actual game, it's on the blue-violet type of box that would show up if you were to get an item or it couldn't be used.

      After looking around a bit more, I feel I finally like I'm really just playing Windwaker as a game through a gaming console, and I see one person's eyes who are normal, but they quickly enter some building.

      From the quick glance I took, it was Orca from Outset Island in the game, and I quickly go into the random house/store (which seems to be the bomb shop in Windfall placed near the water instead of the hill).

      I finally see Orca to my left on the other side of a small border that's like 2 feet tall. He has no shirt on, just like in the game and concept art, and his the blue pants or whatever along with holding his long spear too.

      I try to catch up to him, but it seems he breaks some vases that concealed a portal that looked a lot like the Twilight Portal Midna uses in Twilight Princess to warp to several main areas.

      He uses it, and I don't know where the fuck that portal is headed, and I can't remember if I decided to chase him.

      What the hell is going on in this dream?!?!?!

      Seemingly possessed people with orange pupils all saying "I remember!" every time I go near them....and then Orca who just magically wants to disappear through a portal on a floor?

      UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, how the hell am I supposed to interpret this?!?!

      Bleh, N-REM bullcrap.

    14. Prince of Tennis Shape shifter, Father & Medical School, Novak Statistics, Bike, Food, Asian girl

      by , 10-01-2012 at 07:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Evil Prince of Tennis Shapeshifter (Non-lucid)


      I woke around 2:41 AM in waking life....

      I'm in a round hallway with orange-yellow lights saturating the area, and Prince of tennis players are watching what's outside through the windows. To name a few that I can recall on from the top of my head, there's most of the Seigaku team, most noticeably Fuji, Tezuka, Kawamura, and Oishi.

      Kirihara, who is from team Rikkaidai is also there, and there's probably more of various teams there as well, but I can't remember all of them.

      Fuji has a towel on his head, and his eyes are opened
      (that only happens when he gets serious in a tennis match or sees something amazing and tense from watching a match).

      Apparently, the Seigaku team and random members in other teams are having a dining out party, and I see Ice tea drinks in the usual Restaurant cups with lemon slices on top of the edge of the cups. Oishi is showing the back of the Seigaku jacket I believe, and there's a digit on one of the long sleeved sides with the number "68".

      It seems Oishi declared that this was the average height of the Seigaku members, which is about 2.23097 feet.
      (What the hell? The shortest regular member there is Echizen, and he's at least like 4-5 feet tall....that's impossible).

      I'm mostly watching things in first person perspective, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a spectator floating around, and I get a feeling that there's a poser, or shape-shifter in disguise with a weapon, I can just feel my dream body tingling with negative vibes. I try to avoid this negative frequency, and I warn as many player's as possible that there's a spy/poser/shape-shifter.

      I immediately hear gunshots, and Kawamura is preparing to duck, but I don't know why.

      Maybe because of the gunshots were coming in his direction. While I'm seeing Kawamura on the floor taking cover, I realize that I have my whole body curled up next to an L-shaped wall (the enemy would have to move over a bit to see what's between the gap).

      There's a door to my right, and it has two gray locks on top of each other, and I quickly turn them horizontally and opened the knob to quickly dash out of the door.

      The environment outside is similar to my Aunt's in South Carolina, and I go through the small path that would lead to the entrance of her house with the tropical kind of bushes on the sides of the small walkway.

      I go to the driveway, and a Black Jaguar car comes out of nowhere from the neighbor's backyard.

      It comes onto the driveway somehow, it just magically passes through the small metal wired fence that's like 3-4 feet tall that would lead to the backyard. After the vehicle passes and goes it's own way on the road perpendicular to the driveway, I turn back quickly to see the shape-shifter point a gun at me through an open window.

      He fails to shoot me, and I get more tense, and then he tries to shoot again, but he still fails to do so. I try to run, but I'm doing it very slowly, and frankly, it was pretty damn irritating because I have no sort of weaponry on my body, at least one that's apparent. I go to the right side of the road perpendicular to the driveway in this familiar neighborhood of my Aunt's, and the shape-shifter comes out.

      He takes the form of a little kid who looks like the toddler version of someone
      (nicknaming people again) named Mo (a tennis freshmen when I was a sophomore in HS).

      He's preparing to ride purple bicycle to get a beach ball with red and white colors (they are forming into a spiral) to hit me. Apparently, he declares to me that the beach ball is explosive, and he rides the bicycle down the small slope on the driveway, and the ball comes right at me, but I quickly dodge it.

      Despite me not being able to run quickly, the ball came really slow. He tries to get a few more balls and random objects thrown at me by ramming them with the bicycle, but he fails to do so. I'm still feeling tensed up and can only run very slowly. This is where the dream resets or shifts to another point I believe, and I'm back at the driveway that looks like my Aunt's.

      Another car comes out through the backyard of the neighbor's onto to the driveway I'm on, probably the same Black Jaguar with a female inside riding it this time. I remember she had a ponytail, looked like she was Indian, and she had glasses with the black metal rim on the sides.

      Mo aims his gun at me again, but he's just making himself the epitome of a Crappy aim. I get to the right side of the road YET again, and Mo this time comes out with a Pit bull by his side. The shape-shifter has a baseball bat in his hand, and the pit bull has a white face and a brown body. It looks like it's about 2 feet tall, and the pit bull gets ready to come at me, but the pit bull betrays Mo and barks and tries to bite him.

      Mo gets scared from this, and the pit bull was probably irritated with Mo ordering him around to try and charge at me. The pit bull goes back to focusing on me, but it's still just standing there, slowly walking a few steps and stopping. Mo comes at me, and I stand my ground. I focus on the incoming pit bull and Mo, and Mo comes first.

      I grab Mo by his collar (sorry, the kid has a baseball bat and is mostly likely wanting to bash my head with it) and kick him out of the way, and then try to deal with the pit bull.

      I managed to get both pushed back far enough to give me ample time to calm down, and I honestly don't know what I did in retaliation to deal with them both, but it must've been extreme.

      I slowly elevate my top torso up again from having to bend my back while doing the fighting move that I couldn't see clearly at all, and after that,
      I woke up with intense feelings, and felt shocking sensations for a while.

      Oh and, the 68 cm on Oishi's Jacket from before, that's about 2.23 cm tall, and the pit bull seemed to be around that height, maybe a bit more......WHAT?!??!?!?!

      Coincidence or some vague foreshadowing? I don't know.

      Father Studies for Medical School (Non-lucid)


      It seems I'm a little child in this dream, something like that, it's really hard to verify this. There's some tennis match being displayed on a very large screen outside, and people from away on the huge grassy hills with other people sitting down are watching the match. The two people sitting down are apparently my parents, I could barely seem them, but their body contours from far away become clearer to identify.

      The dream shifts to where my father is hugging me while I'm resting on the right side. He tells me that he has to study hard to get into Medical School...

      That's all I can remember, and looooool, he did accounting...nothing related to medical school, at least as far as what he told me. Accounting was at its peak during his time, not medical...pfffffft what a stupid dream.
      Novak Djokovic takes Statistics course? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a lecture room, and the professor asks if anyone is interested in taking Statistics in the future, probably to replace taking Calculus 3, which is similar to the options I have for Biochemistry in waking life. I raise my hand along with a few other people, and I'm sitting at the section to my left closest to the entrance.

      The room is sloped deeply to maximize the number of seats, and someone who looks like Novak Djokovic mentions he's taking Statistics.

      Someone asks how he got in it, and he declared that he had to get one of the highest scores, probably from a math placement exam, to get in. I see a value divided by 5 pop into my mind as soon as he declared that.

      Then after that, the class goes back to paying attention to the random professor again. Then I realize I'm with a group of three, including myself. A random girl in the corp cadet outfit, which is a faded type of Khaki color, and she has a plump face, most noticeable on her cheeks. She has brown hair where the back side is balled up, and she has a device that looks like an iPad.

      She has some weird extensions on it that's on the top and bottom layers, which leaves the rest of the screen available in the middle. The top section seems to be a keyboard type of extension for the iPad counterpart.

      The next person in the group is some random dude next to her on the left side. He's chubby, and is wearing a dark blue hoodie jacket, light gray/white shirt underneath, and seems in a passive demeanor overall in class.

      I can't remember anything else.
      No Riding Bicycles in Building (Non-lucid)


      There's a class I have to go to that starts around 1:35 PM dream time, and the time now in it was 1:37 PM, and the apartment that I'm in, I could get to the class in maybe 2-3 minutes alone just by running as fast as I can. To be honest, it felt like it could've taken 30 seconds or less to get there, and even faster if I used a bicycle.

      I get to class, and fortunately, the quiz or test we were going to have, teacher's assistants were still distributing the exam/quiz packet and Scantrons to fill in the answers for the multiple choice section. The lecture room has white walls, and there's dark blue carpet everything....on the steps to get to the rows of seat and where the professor's desk and and large table were as well.

      Again, the class was formatted like that last dream, it was sloped down, to maximize seating arrangement, and I'm looking for a TA (teacher's assistant) who is handing out the blue scantrons, and then wait for them to finish the last row of seats so that can give me an extra one. I head for a random left handed seat all the way to the left side of the room. The room was structured to where it was it was curved, and it reminds me of my current math class room in waking life.

      I go down to the seat, and I can't remember what I did next, so I assume there's another dream shift....

      I ride my bicycle to get to class somehow, but I'm 1-2 minutes late again, but I don't think the professor cares about anyone being tardy for class. I looked at my Blackberry Curve phone, and realized I'm actually early, so the time changed dramatically from 1:37 PM to 1:07 PM, and then to 1:21 Pm without me doing a reality check.

      The room actually had a different professor, but I didn't realize this until later on. She didn't seem to mind me being here, and I saw more students coming in to fill some empty seats for the next time, so I assumed this current class was almost over.

      After my class is done, I ride my bicycle again, but inside a building. An old man wearing glasses, has gray hair, and is wearing a dark yellow dress shirt and Khaki pants tells me to not ride in the building. I feel embarrassed by this, and I stopped, and spent around 5-10 seconds lifting my bicycle so I could put it on my right shoulder. I walk like an idiot in front of everyone.

      While I'm walking on the black tile flooring in this random building, two people seem to be having a conversation over something behind me, and I started to take interest of what they're trying to say. My audio starts kicking in and augments on their conversation, and I heard words that sounded like they were talking to me, even mocking me.

      I get irritated to a point where I stopped, turned around, and told them that I know I shouldn't have had my bicycle in the building to ride on, and wanted them to stop making fun of me. They were two fairly tall African American males that looked like the counterparts to waking life versions that I had for a Comm App class in High School who were basketball players.

      One of them immediately told me,

      "We're not talking about that...."

      And I turned around quick in more shame for me assuming they're talking behind my back, and now I'm going down an escalator with the bicycle. I trip and land on my rear somehow, but I managed to get up, and it's probably because the bicycle made my body out of balance.

      It's weird thought, I thought I was holding it just fine when walking.....

      Then I meet some person who looks like "Nin" (nicknaming again) in waking life. I don't know why he's here, but I figured I'd be nice to say "Hi" to him before he thinks I'm ignoring him or something..
      (you know those people that look at you, seeing if you get the same reaction of surprise that you know them as well, but haven't met in a while? Yeah...)

      We have a general conversation, and I ask him how's college going for him. He takes a while to answer, and before he could respond, I immediately said his words for him.

      "Oh, you just wanted to take some time before you do anything right?" (Meaning he wants to do some kind of other work before he goes to college I'm assuming).

      He nods his head, we say our farewells, and I go back to my house to get something to go to another class, probably the same one in this new dream shift....there's an assignment that involves turning my vote on a worksheet, and I needed proper MLA citation, and it doesn't seem I didn't even do the assignment.

      Eventually, I get the paper finished, and someone outside of the class before I go in has examined how the class is for me, and they're wearing a fancy suit and motorcycle helmet. I can't see their face at all, and the helmet is white with a black layer to cover their visage. They're resting their back on the wall with their arms folded, and told me that the class shouldn't be too much of a problem for me.

      I go into the class, double check the worksheet I had to do with the proper MLA citation,
      and I can't remember what happens next unfortunately.

      That person concealing their face with the bicycle helmet, it reminds me a lot like Light Yagami's father from the Death Note Movie where he wore a bicycle helmet during some small festival....

      I know it couldn't have been him, the person felt familiar in terms of their energy signature, but now I'm not so sure....

      Food in the Kitchen (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my apartment, and it's fairly dark inside. There's food left on the kitchen in various spots. Roast beef cut into circles done by my father I assume because I get an image of him when I see it....it's probably made for sandwiches I guess.

      Then later on, I find fried rice in small to-go boxes, two of them, and there are a few ants crawling around.

      Awesome Asian girl (Non-lucid)


      I meet an Asian girl who looks like the counterpart in waking life that I had for geometry in High School. She's a positive girl and is open to me, but it seems she wants me to start the introductions and conversations.

      She's skinny, has a slight tanned skin, and she has black hair that's a balled up ponytail. I meet her outside some area with brown brick buildings. She looks down on her phone, and she tells me she works 6 side jobs....

      I couldn't believe this chick, she's this happy and has 6 side jobs? To the left of me, there's an Asian guy who looks like Tim that I had for tennis class as a Junior, and the girl is still a few feet away from me.

      I tell Tim that it must be her free day, because those are a lot of jobs...and I realized I think I should help him go out with her, rather than me taking her out.

      I guess what I did was just help him get a date with her,
      and that's all I remember.
    15. Pepper Seed Jar, Angelina Jolie Spams God mode, Sensui and his New Light

      by , 09-24-2012 at 05:36 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I took a nap around 4:15 PM, woke up to alarm set for 7:00 PM, set it to 8:00PM and slept until I woke up around 7:50 PM.

      Pepper Seed Jar and Biochemistry Adviser Office (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside an office, and there's a lady to my right sitting at a desk. It has a computer, a bunch of papers spread out, the usual thing. From the front left, I see there's another door opened to another room near the main office, probably 10-20 feet away from me. Inside of that same room, I saw my Biochemistry Adviser sitting down looking at the computer.

      Before I describe her, the office itself was slightly different than the waking life counterpart. My adviser's room is designed to where you can't see her unless you actually go into the room, because when the door opens, only half of her room is visible when you come into the main office before looking inside. Here, I could possibly see everything there, if the door was completely opened in the dream.

      My advisory wore a dark gray polyester female dress shirt (it was a thin material), and a light gray dress underneath that. The door was slightly opened, and I assumed that I talked to her previously in the dream, but I can't recall what we talked about. But by judging my feelings in the dream, it didn't seem anything too serious, and as I'm close to leaving this section of the Biochemistry Department, I just happened to see to my right, pepper seeds.

      They were contained in a circular jar, like those types where the ends would be cut (not literally) with rectangular ends, so the jar wouldn't roll off the counter or shelf. There was a black text that showed the price to eat the pepper seeds I'm assuming, and it was for "15 cents" each, with the logo for cents.

      I didn't know about this until later on, so I took one pepper, and quickly put it in my mouth and chewed on it.


      OH MY.......SPICY!!!!!!!! Its taste is hitting certain areas around my tongue.....

      Ooooh, tasting the salt there......ooooh tasting the bitterness there......OH OH OHHHHH THAT WAS SPICY]

      All that I said in brackets is how it felt in those few 2-3 seconds of chewing it (Note I wasn't really saying that, just added expression to how real the taste was).

      I prepare myself to leave the office, but I immediately hear the lady that was to the right of me before I turn my back declare,

      "15 Cents will be taken off.."

      I respond,

      "Ooooh....Oh! Sorry, I'll go ahead and pay for that right now!" (the pepper seed).

      I take my left hand to dig through my left pant pocket, and heard some change jingling around. I take as much as I can out of it, and I quickly counted 15 cents and gave it to the lady.

      I think she said "Thank you," and as I'm turning my back again to leave the room, I turn around once more and declared,

      "Oh! I gave 20 cents instead huh?"

      She quickly looks at the change with her hand opened, but before she could say something, I professed,

      "Oh, don't worry about it..."

      I left the area, and that's all that I remember.

      Angelina Jolie Counterpart spams God Mode (Non-lucid)


      I looked up Pepper Dream meaning signs, and most of it foreshadows danger of some sort, be it through quarreling, financial loss, etc....but I feel that previous dream was just prelude to this one.....I can't really take dream meanings as set in stone notions of truth...but still....

      *sigh* Anyway

      Ugh....not this kind of dream again.....

      Invincible DC+ me being a crappy aim or them spamming God Mode = GETS ANNOYING.

      I'm inside a gym, and the carpet is dark blue, there are mirrors attached to the walls on all sides, excluding the entrance and exits I'm assuming. There's a pretty large collection of treadmills around this area. I happen to be close to one, and I believe I'm just observing what's around me.

      There's this man who looks like he's an inspector of some sort, like to see if the gym equipment are in good conditions for gym members. He's a really picky guy, he has that really really really analytical eye going about these treadmills and other gym equipment.

      There was one treadmill where he put his finger around some buttons, and he didn't like it at all. He takes his index finger off the machine, quickly wipes it off his pants in disgust, and declares,

      "I don't like this at all!!"

      Not sure who he's talking to, but he was looking at someone. I also recall that same man wearing a dark colored dress shirt tucked into some long Khaki pants I believe.

      Then the dream shifts a little bit to where I'm near a dark-skinned lady, and she wants me to look through something that resembles that scope thing you see in submarines to check what's out there. As soon as I put my eyes near the glass to see what's going on through the scope, it's like I'm being transported to a completely different dream environment.

      It feels like a video game now, and I'm in it. Whatever area I'm confined in now, it's moving, and it's moving fairly quickly. I find out I'm inside a vehicle or some sort, maybe it's not, but it is moving. I still have the feelings that I'm looking through the same scope.

      While I still am, I zoom in on a lady that's inside of the back of a truck that's also moving. Before I go into details on her, here's how the environment looks like. There's a huge brown boulder, or mini-cliff on the left side, and there's a huge body of water on the right, though me and the truck that this vehicle I'm in is following are way above the water level.

      (click for bigger picture)

      I see some area that looks like a town is coming up to the right far away, and finally, I see the lady. The scope has Thermal vision, so I'm mostly seeing blue, green, yellow, red, and some orange colors, but it's mostly just cool colors I'm seeing....that's weird....barely any body heat on this woman?

      I don't think she's human.....she's mostly showing up as colors of blue and green throughout her whole body, and maybe a little hint of yellow and red on her forehead, but it was a very thin vertical line.

      She's wearing a pastel green sleeveless tank top, and probably some short khaki dress. She looks like she's looking at me directly, has her lips slightly opened, with her teeth together, and she has pretty big lips. She wears some sunglasses with a thin metal frame around the lens, and she seems to not mind me looking at her.

      But something about her bothered me.....it seemed she was up to something.

      You know like one of those shows where some random person sees someone, but they look completely normal to them, but they don't know they're probably kind of serial killer or bank robber? Yeah, it felt like that.....

      Something made me try to aim a weapon at her, but by the time I do that, the back of the truck seems to be covering half of where she is probably behind right now. Maybe it could be that the right side of the truck cargo she's in is exposed rather than the back. Or it could just be that the thermal vision from the scope can see through thick metal, and I assumed that the backside of the truck cargo was exposed.....hmmmm.

      The truck makes a sharp right turn in this enclosed road we're on, and the moment that happened, I decided to just shoot the damn thing.


      Then all sorts of things happen, there's this rush, so many events happening....the truck speed up, along with the vehicle I'm in speeding up. Sometimes I wonder if I was just running as high speeds, because I don't recall seeing any kind of car roofs or windows at the time.

      Anyway, the dream shifts, and now I'm in a room...I don't pay too much attention to it. All I know is that it consists of light colors of brown and white...like a Calypso type of setting...yeah, this whole dream has that vibe. I open a dark gray door, and I slowly peek out to my left....and I believe the Angeline Jolie counterpart is with some random old guy.

      He's wearing a dark dress shirt that's unbuttoned, and probably a light gray shirt with some dark pants and shoes as well. The guy is fairly shorter than her, and she's pretty tall, probably 6'4", something like that. The mini hallway they're in, there's a window in front of them, and it's fairly bright, must still be sunny out there.

      (click for bigger picture)

      The floor tiles are vanilla colored, and as soon as Angelina Jolie and the old man start, I quickly take aim at try to shoot her as much as I can. Crap...is my aim this HORRIBLE???? I panic, slam the door shut, and quickly looked at the gun I'm holding. It's like a default pistol with a gray coating around the gun head, and studded black material around the holding base.

      It also had some weird attachment to the front of it that seems that it can be pressed for some kind of feature, though the split second thinking I'm running out of, I didn't have the time for that. I looked at the gun a bit more, and saw "Bronze Hatchet" labeled on it.

      Ugh...another Runescape item reference? But the gun doesn't look anything like a hatchet!!! It's a gun....bleeeh!!

      I need to find a place to duck for cover before she opens that door. I quickly find a table that has a decent covering spot, and I hide under there. The door opens, and I see just Angelina's legs walking, searching around the area in her first few seconds of entering it. Then I realized, my father is sitting down on the floor, bracing his back against the wall next to the opened door.

      Shit....I get up quickly and aim my gun at her...and by this point, I just start going crazy, I can't recall perfectly on what happened. But based on me going nuts and worrying if she'll shoot my father or something, I assumed I just shot at her in fear, and it didn't seem to work at all. I noticed the gunshots sounded like the M1 Garand "ping" sound.

      Nothing is working on her....there's not a dent on her....and I think she has her gun in her right hand aimed near my father's head, and she's looking at me with her glasses off I believe. It definitely looks like an Angelina Jolie counterpart, or a doppelganger.

      I aim my gun at the old dirty, and probably smelly guy, but the gunshots aren't affecting him as well. I know I'm not a crappy aim in a close-ranged situation, so these two probably just have God Mode on full blast.

      I can't think straight, I don't know what to do, I don't know what she's going to do with that gun aimed at my father. They're just STANDING there, doing nothing, waiting for me to do something, but I'm dissociated from myself that I eventually just try to end the dream
      and woke up somehow out of fear of what would happen next.

      Sensui and his New Light (Non-lucid)


      I'll keep this dream short, because the second dream.....took a quite a while because I was distracted with some things, and I really should finish this lab report and pre-lab questions too before it gets too late at night.

      Alright, I'm in a void....it's really.....dark...so empty...I don't see myself, maybe I'm just looking at this void in first person view, but I hear Shinobu Sensui's voice from Yu Yu Hakusho.

      He talks about how in the darkness.....the blood was his new light.

      *sigh* Too much ambiguity...
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