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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway

      by , 01-02-2016 at 10:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway (DILD)


      Iím transitioning into a dream somehow, maybe through DEILD when I set an alarm to wake me up. The first immersive sensation that Iím experiencing is the smell of blood. And itís so overwhelming, I couldnít help but wonder whatís really going on. I didnít feel it translated in waking life, even though the smell was potent, and I realized Iím inside a fancy castle-esque hallway.

      Itís grandiose in size, and seems to be highly maintained in spite of the smell of blood engulfing the area. The main attraction of this hallway is the black and white checkered tiling thatís about three or so feet in width. The external tiling from that is your simple dirty vanilla color thatís just as clean as the checkered region.

      I navigate the hallway, quickly glancing over the sections with fancy chandeliers, and the bright little speckles or yellow light with a subtle presence of orange for the rim lighting. I noticed diagonally to the right of me, a female wearing a red dress is trying to get some other male entity off her body. They were grappling her shoulders, and she managed to push them off, and somehow comes to my path as if she knew I was already there.

      She gets closer to me, and she has an uncanny visage that Iím trying to figure out who she could be an amalgam of. I paid attention to my breathing for a moment, and felt at ease with her, but she still looks like the perfect stranger, and yet the moment she was next to me, itís like there was this invisible veneer that diluted whatever feelings of anxiety I had along with the smell of blood that was so dominant.

      I donít think it was an infatuation with her, but more of a camaraderie type of relationship with her that could easily bleed into romantic undertones. Sheís folding her arms together, and hands her hands near her cleavage, and sheís looking up at me with this distinct smile that also seems to be recovering from the previous attack from the male entity that looks like those Las Plagas monks from Resident Evil 4.

      Sheís trying to ease her breathing a bit, and I told her that I thought she was Ada at first glance. I didnít know what I meant by professing ďAda,Ē at first, and presumed later that I meant Ada from the Resident Evil series. Her red dress was pretty interesting even though I couldnít absorb a lot of detail in it. But, I could tell that it mostly entailed of a mťlange of lingerie near her breasts, and silk for the rest of it; mostly the leg region.

      We had a quick conversation where I initiated with a question, and I canít remember what it was in particular, but I do know her response emotionally was being perplexed as to why I would presume such a thing. Weíre running towards the nearest exit, which is literally straight ahead, and the dream transitions to where walking through muddy water thatís thigh deep.

      In front of us is this large brown mountain, and thereís a cave entrance with an uphill to it that eventually looks like stairs made out of stone, or the natural material from the mountain itself. There are a few people inside trying to get us into the cave to escape whatever it is. But for some reason, weíre having a few problems.

      As weíre on our way, some person is shouting from the background of how Shia LaBeouf is needed for something, and the more this is professed, the more I see the person doing this is actually him to some extent. However, this could just be a misinterpretation as the individual was far away from us.

      Some other points:

      - There was mentioning of Fallout to some extent as well.

      While Iím trying to navigate the muddy waters, I lose sight of the person that was following me, but I had a feeling she was still with me. At least, she was probably behind me trying to fight through the streaming water. I donít know what weíre doing together, but this person seems oddly familiar, and I canít help but feel we planned out an adventure like this in the first place.

    2. She's Zoning Out Near the Board

      by , 12-27-2015 at 05:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      She's Zoning Out Near the Board (DILD)


      I saw one of the admins at work looking at a huge board stuck in the small hallway to the breakroom. She said ďHiĒ to me, and immediately turned her back to zone out looking at the board once more. Sheís wearing some cool colored light jacket that has horizontal black stripes, a white shirt underneath, and dark blue jeans that conformed to the composition of her legs.

      It seemed to have been an epoch of early sunset, and I felt awkward having to gaze at her for a little while.

      I've had several dreams about her, but I always shrugged them off. I didn't want to put any intimate context in them, and even though she would technically be a higher-up, I never had problems with her. The only thing is that she tends to come over to me when she can, but usually I would have to be the one that says hello to her unless she wants to be a bit assertive.
    3. Uknown Island, ID Taken, Invasion, Batman's Reflexes, Sexual Jimmy Neutron, Sonic, Vulturelingus????

      by , 12-21-2014 at 06:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Exploring Unknown Island in Windwaker (DILD)


      Iím Link from the Windwaker game, and Iím exploring a small island that doesnít seem to resemble any I traversed in playing the game in waking life. Though I have a feeling it could be similar to one island where thereís a merchant Goron, and a huge boulder concealing a dungeon. I look out to the sea, and gaze upon the vast sea and horizon. Itís sunset, and itís an absolutely beautiful sight as well.


      Girl Takes my ID & Killing ReDeads (DILD)


      So Iím going into a bathroom to do my business, wash my hands, and head out back to the building that looks like a store. But it seems Iím preparing myself for a party at a bar, or some kind of in-door rave. I noticed a dream character looks like an individual I knew in High school that would have spiky hair, or even a Mohawk at times.

      He glances over at me with this weird facial expression of him puckering up, but itís probably just how he naturally is. I look over, and I get a feeling that one of my neighbors thatís also a co-worker is someone Iím going with for whatever event to come very soon.

      Skipping ahead, I gave her my ID, and she puts it in her black purse. Then when I want to enter some section of a building, they requested my ID, and sheís already in there. I had to move away, and tried to do anything to call her, and tell her to give me my ID back. I go so far back that the plot of the dream becomes irrelevant, and Iím inside of a forest where Iím trying to kill creatures that look like ReDeads from Ocarina of Time.


      Someone Invades House with Dynamites (DILD)


      A little personal for me to put in here for some reason. But someone sets off a dynamite booby trap that I presume to be part of the house I feel I have a family in.


      Batman's Millisecond Reflexes (DILD)


      Batman is literally so fast that his reflexes must only take milliseconds for him to perform nearly impossible feats of escaping intense circumstances. Such as, an enemy preparing to throw a dynamite at a group of people in an enclosed space of a building that looks like a convenience store, and before the dynamite explodes in the other direction, heís already down the stairs to fend off the next group of enemies.

      The enemies seem to represent some kind of guerilla soldiers that look Hispanic.


      I'm Jimmy Neutron Charged for Potential Sexual Assault? (DILD)


      So, Iím messaging some random person on Facebook. I mistake this individual for someone else, and presumed I could be overly sexual. Iím also wondering why I have that kind of disposition in the first place in the dream, but figured since it wasnít a dream, there literally wouldnít be any consequence other than being paranoid that something back would happen.

      It was basically a ďYou show me yours, and Iíll show you mineĒ kind of thing. Then I realized this person is someone else; someone of a more innocent demeanor, and would probably be traumatized if she had to experience something like this. But it didnít seem to be the case, as sheís magically existing somewhere else in the dream. I believe Iím somewhere around a gray wired fence with the diamond shapes to it.

      I realize Iím Jimmy Neutron:

      And he has his penis out, and all I can really do is stop being this guy, and watch what will happen. I noticed Iím in a perspective as if Iím at the same level of the ground next to the same girl I mentioned above with the happy go-lucky innocent disposition. She has a baby near her, and Jimmy Neutron is literally -this- close to the baby, and the girl is so offended that she calls the police.

      Unfortunately, this makes me shift back into being aware that Iím in Jimmy Neutronís pants. I put it back inside my pants, and run for dear life. My initial reaction was to contact Jimmyís parents. After instantly arriving to the house, the mother tells me I can hide in my room, and that she and her husband can put up a barrier near the door so the cops and other authorities will have a difficult time apprehending me.

      I realized theyíre just pretending to help me while they prepare to leave the house completely, and leave me all by myself. I look through the window, and see two individuals that seem to be coming after me. One looks like someone I knew in middle school; Australian accent, curly and fluffy dirty blonde hair, and heís wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

      Iím not sure if heís carrying a weapon, and as for the other person, I canít recall how they looked like. Iím panicking for a moment, but it seems the dream characters arenít competent enough to figure out where I am. Even though I make myself apparent for looking through the window for too long, they seem to make no effort in catching me.

      I do random things like trying to sidle my way through outside the window, and onto the roof with the intention of finding another place to hide. Maybe a secret lab, or something like that.


      Two Shadows and Sonic Go Super Form (DILD)


      Thereís two Shadows; one seems to have sinister intentions, and the other probably wants to go Super form with Sonic. Sonic comes in at some point, and bonks his head by an invisible wall, or maybe heís just clumsy. They all end up going Super form, and thatís all I remember.


      Vulture Picks at a Girl's Private Parts (DILD)


      So Iím in a hallway that resembles that of some kind of spacious education facility; probably High School at best, or even a close-knit kind of college/university.

      Thereís black and white checkered floors, the building itself seems ancient, but still being able to sustain its novelty without looking ruined at all; it seems to have some kind of Renaissance-esque feel to it. I was talking to someone about how on the outside of the windows, thereís a pair of large wings resting on top of the monuments with a flat surface.

      I canít remember what he stated, but he looks where Iím pointing, and gives an expression of confusion as well, and moves on. I look down through the window, and see a group of females talking to each other. The one thatís most noticeable in this boring and dull environment of dark colors is a girl wearing a pink shirt. She looks Hispanic, puffy cheeks with makeup on along with long black hair. She seemed to have a slutty disposition for some reason, and what happens next only confirms my conjecture.

      The same set of wings I mentioned before suddenly transforms into a vulture, and this vulture flies down towards the girl. Sheís not even afraid at all, and is already in a position of bending down to do something, and Iím not sure what it was. But the vulture gets close to her ass, and literally starts pecking into the girlís vagina.

      I expected some screaming, and WTF moments to ensue, but she rams her vagina into the vultureís beak; a bird is getting more action than I ever could in a dream apparently. So while my jaw is dropping, and me being in a state of awe, sheís still having fun having a vultureís beak up her vagina. After a while, she casually pulls up her pants, and walks away as if nothing happened.

      I canít even remember how the others reacted because Iím too bothered with whatís going on right now.
    4. Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me (DILD)


      Iím in a narrow hallway, and Iím encountering a dream character that resembles Krauser from Resident Evil 4. Thereís several feelings of helplessness, and the overall setting of the dream gave an impression that things wonít turn out well for me. The environment seems to be some kind of aftermath of an explosion.

      Based on the color of the ground, and the bland formatting of the building Iím in, there seemed to have been a laboratory here. Thereís bits of metal and other scraps scattered all around the area, and random combustions of fire as well.

      Whatís weird about this environment is that it was fairly wide, but the space in which I can traverse was fairly limited; almost to the point where I felt it was intentionally done so I would only focus on the Krauser DC thatís slowly coming after me.

      Thereís a bit of discrepancies in validating whether or not Iím in a dream body version of me, or some alteration between Leon. What made me convinced it was the former presumptions is that I had full reign on how I moved in the dream itself while also being able to spectate myself from a behind the back third person perspective.

      And seeking any means of escape was pretty much futile since I had to deal with him first. I knew something bad was going to happen based from personal experiences, but I still tried to defend myself from him. Naturally, I used whatever weapon I had on me at the time, which happened to be a regular pistol.

      My plan was to go along with the logic of defeating this guy in the game, which would be shooting him in the legs in hopes that he would have one knee to the ground to expose his chest for me to shoot him before he gets back up from the relapse. For some reason, zooming in on the pistols iron sights shifted to a view as if I was using a sniper rifle.

      The aiming aid consisted of a very thin white cross with some short perpendicular lines on each end; at least two for each side that seemed to have been formatted for me to get straight into focus, and maybe avoid using peripheral vision within that line of sight. The subtle smoke that wraps around the atmosphere makes things a bit blurry.

      Almost suitable for the sake of giving off the dream-esque effect where the contours of things arenít as rigid and defined. I shift my awareness from the sights back to a first person view.

      Krauser doesnít seem to look like the actual one, and has a few modifications for his visage, but with how Iím too engulfed with instincts to survive, I canít render him out in detail except for the organic like arm blade he has.

      I shoot his legs a few times, but it doesnít seem to be working at all, but I still keep shooting. Then I get a sensation around my neck and head that my weapon is about to run out of ammo. Somehow, Iím redirected to an inventory screen, and I see that Iím fairly limited in options of which weapons to utilize to assess this seemingly futile endeavor.

      I wanted to take out a grenade to see if I could cause substantial damage to him, and proceeded to do so, only to find that it doesnít really seem to scathe him. I go back to the inventory screen, and I feel thereís more options for me to use, but I felt that while Iím doing that, heíll only get closer and closer.

      Kind of like playing Five Nights at Freddyís, and you look into the camera too much, and Freddy, or one of them comes up to you and kills you the moment you take your eyes away from the camera. I keep shooting with my pistol, and I eventually run out of bullets.

      Just as I was preparing to reload, heís already close to me, grinning as he knows that any other attempts to attack him would be useless, and he uses the mutant organic arm blade of his to stab me in the chest. As heís about to do this, Iím visualizing myself in the front from a third person perspective, and I watch as my mouth opens from the pressure, along with the air around me creating some kind of gushing sound effect.

      I eventually shrivel up in my last movements and die, and blood is coming out of my mouth while the chest seems to be filled with a darker color of blood.

      Funny thing is that I was imagining a few months back of how I would fight this guy again should he ever randomly show up; thinking I would find a way to win, but ironically, expectations of what will happen in a dream doesnít always turn out to be the case, especially if one invested in a bit of time imagining themselves accomplishing whatever goals they had in mind.

    5. Ada killing Dopplegangers and Me Dancing To Kill?

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Ada killing Dopplegangers and Me Dancing To Kill? (Non-lucid)


      Last night I did about 90 minutes of training myself to let unconscious thoughts come in faster without giving much conscious judgment in them, and even though it's my first attempt, it's helping me SO MUCH with dream recall lately. It's actually fun doing those sessions as well because of how my unconscious mind can gather all of these random events and make something out of them.

      The reason why I'm doing that kind of exercise is so that when I wake up to attempt to recall my dreams, I gain more confidence that I will be able to synch in with those unconscious thoughts we get when recalling our dreams, where we don't question what's going on, and all we're doing is just letting those thoughts come out.

      I put this dream off for about 2 days, and can still remember a decent portion of it as well.

      So I'm walking through a school hall, and noticed how a bit blurry the environment is, with small patches of refined detail here and thread, almost as if something bad is going to happen. And as I'm shifting left and right in this perception in the dream, I noticed that the crowd in the hallway is getting a little bit bigger than it should be.

      I'm on the left side, and people are coming through me in the opposite direction that I'm facing. I noticed there's this fairly large entity that looks very abnormal compared to the rest of dream characters here.

      He's like the picture from above, except most of his body is white with a small hint of pink within it, and his face seems to look human as well, and seems to have a dark blonde hair-style similar to Albert Wesker's. The environment surrounding us consists of turquoise and shades of blue.

      The tile floors below us consist mostly of white and blue blocks, and there's a bit of a worn-out look on the floor, most likely because of the dust and dirt from the constant flow of people coming in and out of the school building.

      To the left of me, about 3 feet in front of me, is a random classroom door, and the mutant creature is standing perpendicular to me as I'm parallel to the wall to the left of me. He slowly turns his head and looks down at me, and for a few seconds, I was in fear of what he'll do to me, but he just ends up smiling at me and turning back to look at the classroom door.

      Eventually, the door opens, and we both go into an environment a lot brighter compared to the previous area. It has this milky and glowing aura type of atmosphere with specs of circular lights floating about. There's streams of curvy vanilla lines flowing through, and it feels kind of weird being in an environment that would induce positive feelings due to its nature.

      So, I noticed that my perspective is changing, and I'm not aware of my dream body as much, and it feels like I'm watching a randomly generated video clip of Ada talking with one of her dopplegangers. Not Carla from RE6, but just an exact copy of her, only that this doppleganger is a little bit more muscular and has a bit more meat to her.

      Ada is wearing the costume she had from RE2, like the picture below:

      Seems Ada is irritated with this doppleganger, and I can't recall the exact conversation they had. All I know is that Ada eventually took a silver tableware knife and stabs the doppleganger in her ear. The doppleganger is still alive, and is slowly walking down some stairs, and I noticed the dream scene shifts completely from being bright to being a little darker.

      The stairs are dark green with a few streaks of yellow, and the handrail is black and has a very thin metal frame as well. It seems she's going through the type of stair format where it looks like it's forming squares if you were to look down below from a high elevation, like spiraling down into what seems like a bottomless pit.

      The doppleganger is using her right arm to hold onto her left elbow, as if she's injured from other areas of her body. I can't remember what happens next, but there's a dream shift where I'm back to the bright area I mentioned before.

      For some reason, I have to dance with some random dream character that looks kind of like Mr. Bean, except he has light brown hair and has a softer visage. I have to pretend I'm dancing to some music with this guy so that Ada can kill him.

      I don't know why, I just went with the flow and tried to do my best to give the signal to Ada without the dream character trying to turn back and possibly find out about her plan to eliminate him. I gave Ada some eye gestures for quite some time, and I'm wondering if this dream character is just either really passive about body language, or he's just doesn't have enough sentience and sapience to know what we're up to.

      I can't recall what's going to happen next after that. It just ends up being me trying to give her signs to kill him off while I look like an idiot trying to dance where there's nobody around but me and two people.

    6. Group of Females Have Sex But They Slap Me If I Join In & Explosions Everywhere

      by , 06-19-2013 at 08:53 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Group of Females Have Sex But They Slap Me If I Join In & Explosions Everywhere (Non-lucid)


      It's hard to give out a decent description of the area I started out in, seeing as I didn't have much interest in recalling it from having the dream yesterday or Monday of this week. The first thing that I do recall is that I'm bracing my back against a wall, a very dark brown brick wall that eventually extends into a dark hallway the more I acknowledge the environment around me. I have several women, maybe 5 of them surrounding me, and I can feel their sexual energy and their enthusiasm of embracing themselves with penetrating each other with strap-ons and using sexual toys to enhance their experience and attachments to each other.

      I simply wanted to view the experience at first, hearing their subtle moans and sighs of reliefs as they continue going through a system of just loving each other through sexual means. I was naked as well, and I started growing fond to how cold the wall and the floor I'm sitting on felt combined with the warmth that was expressed with these females. It felt as if they were teasing me, and it was hard to tell if they purposefully restricted me to join in, or if I was doing it to myself for some masochistic reason. I held on to the thought of them increasing their sexual vibes towards each other, even though the imagery and visualization isn't as clear since I woke up from the dream. I held on to the thought, and I eventually gave in.

      I wanted to participate with them, seeing as now that their state of libido has augmented so much that they wouldn't be judgmental in who is penetrating who. However, when I tried to do so, I can only recall snippets of random moments that distracted me from the overall atmosphere of the dream. I didn't even see my own dream body anymore, but rather other bodies of males that I felt that I was controlling. And one that I was actually possessing, or taking the role of had white hair, about 20+ years of age, and looked like an anime character.

      Then I realized these same women I was surrounded by looked exactly like the concept art behind an erotic animated series called Discipline and even Starless.

      Anyway, while I was trying to collect my thoughts and hopefully have sex with whoever is in close proximity, an explosion just random occurs. (Why does something always happen just when I'm 3 feet away from having dream sex...UGH)

      All of the females and myself were soaring in the air from the blast, and while I'm in mid-air, I managed to control myself a bit more and immediately grabbed a blonde female that looked like Leona Morimoto (google that name at your own risk).

      What felt like just grabbing her arm to hopefully save her from being injured from impact to the ground ended up with me holding her in my arms completely. She looks up to me and smiles at me, and from there, I started to becoming more enticed into her smile and the vibe she gave me. From there, I can't really recall what happened.

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    7. Two Executioners After Me, Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation

      by , 01-10-2013 at 02:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Two Executioners After Me (DILD)


      It's a Resident Evil 4 and 5 themed dream, and I believe I'm walking along with someone who's my partner. I ask them to be cautious of the Las Plagas enemies and any other random enemies; I even tell them that killing one enemy a certain way would be easier in the long run.

      I believe it was the Las Plagas enemy in the game that wears a red robe, and he wasn't wearing the mask in the pic below:

      I realized I'm all alone now, and I'm walking inside of a dark hallway with white floors and gray walls. It seems there was something in this hallway I was going to get, but I don't have really good recall of it.

      The dream shifts where I decide to turn around and get out, and there's two Executioners in front of me that have mid-ranged weapons connected by chains.

      The environment outside looks like a derived section of the Village section in Resident Evil 4, and the skies are dark brown with thunder randomly appearing. There are dark brown trees with no leaves whatsoever, and the surface is mixed with autumn leaves and a dirt trail in the middle.

      I try to see what they're going to do, and it seems they're going to take turns in trying to kill me, so it's basically a 1 vs 1 encounter.

      I don't know why the other one in the left is here, but I focus my attention on the one to the right because he flings things large metal start spiked object at me, and I'm deflecting it with something I can't recall too well.

      I hear the metal clanks, and I can feel the aggressive force this executioner is exerting when using the chained weapon at me. I bounce back, and I'm honestly having a hard time, and since he has two of these weapons, I have to keep myself aware even after I deflect one weapon.

      It took him maybe 2-3 seconds to chain the attacks together before taking a 4 second break to prepare for another chain, and there were two moments where I almost got injured.

      I keep deflecting the attacks, literally on my toes having to spatially expand my awareness. I don't know what I do next, but I get used to his attacks and I presume that I would make a final kill somehow before I have to deal with the one on the left.


      Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation (DILD)


      I only remember being at an elevator, pressing the up or down button on the glossed dark brown panel.

      The elevator dings, and random men in black suits start aiming their guns at me from both elevator doors.

      I duck for cover somehow and kill them off, and I can't really feel myself being injured or anything like that. I try to press the button several times after dealing with this onslaught, and it just keeps going and going maybe 2-3 times....
      I can't remember anything after that.
    8. Box Experts and Pranksters & GIVE ME MY ZUNE HD, Staged Bungee Jumping, gMail to Mail Food Packages

      by , 01-08-2013 at 06:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Boxes With No Content and GIVE ME BACK MY ZUNE HD!!! (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a group of guys who do all sorts of box related stuff, whether it's dressing themselves as boxes or doing box pranks.

      The first thing that comes up with these guys is that one of them had their mother killed by a dog, which I really do believe. So when they're showing evidence, I see things in spectator mode, like a movie clip being played.

      Things start out with sticks being placed, and I feel like I'm wacking the sticks with another stick. I don't know how I'm in this movie clip, and certainly do not hope that I'm the killer.

      Turns out it's a prank, and I see one of the members of the box people dressed up like a Boxed version of the Katamari Prince.

      Then I follow him for unknown reasons, and we're at this plane garage of some sort, and the other members are sitting down on vanilla metal fold-able chairs conducting a plan to prank a specific group of people.

      So what they were going to do was get some rectangular shaped Styrofoam and put them in white boxes. Then they would put in some bogus instruction manual to things look legit right on top section inside the box so they would see it immediately when opening in.

      I'm sitting down watching them do their thing, and they're done within a few seconds. They have a whole collection of rectangular boxes stacked on top of each other set up in rows and columns. For its height, it was about as high as my head sitting down (I'm 5'1'' or something like that).

      I could see some boxes were cut off or something, and I was wonder how they're going to pull this off. I assumed these bad boxes were only facing me, and they were just using them as fillers to make the whole set look legit.

      So then a random person comes in and picks up a box almost near to the end of one of the half opened boxes that looked like they were sawed off. Luckily he picked up one of their good ones, but for some reason, He actually has the competence to realize this box is extremely light.

      So he opens the new one, looks at the instructional manual on top, and he looks convinced. BUT NO, he then takes something that's ACTUALLY in there, which is what he should've wanted, took it out, and asked one of the guys on whose item this belongs too.

      I thought he was just stupid and should've went with a box with something in it at least. As I'm passively watching the back of him, I noticed he's holding a plastic bag with something in it. And one of the guys responds,

      "Oh, that's his Zune HD."

      And he's pointing at me.

      So I start spasming and I go into the mode of,

      "GIVE ME BACK MY ZUNE HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      So I quickly try to hold on to it, but this guy who's at least 6'4'' tall holds on to the other end pretty well. I tried to get control, but the dream immediately fades away,
      and I wake up with my eyes closed, realizing I could DEILD. But then I started talking to my Tulpa for good 45 seconds or so until the alarm rings.



      Staged Bungee Jumping??? (Non-lucid)


      I just remember some guys dressed in White Robes and Desert hats are trying to simulate some event where some evil group of people made someone bungee jump near high traffic. They wouldn't send them right into the traffic, but they would make them 10 feet above it though.

      It was kind of scary, and I'm watching things in spectator mode being worried if these people can actually hold their victims properly. No one was killed, at least to my recall, and then the staged version of it happens where the guy seems to be preparing for Circus Acrobatics.

      This was all in an environment that represented some parts of New York. The people, both the staged and the actual evil people were all on a bridge that was maybe 20 feet above traffic. This same bridge was connected to the apartment complexes or random buildings on opposite sides.


      Use GMail to send out Package Orders? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a school hallway that resembles a High School's in waking life.

      There's the milky caramel colored tiled flooring along with this white glass covering on top that has the run blasting its light all over it, and the place looks pretty peaceful and quiet.

      This is kind weird since this section of the hallway would have a cafeteria to the left, and I thought there would be a lot of chattering since it felt like Lunch Time.

      People started to come to the hallway more, and there was a plan where me and a few group of people would eventually use Gmail to send out food packages or something.

      I came up with the idea of using the Gmail, so yay me!

      Then there's random manifestation of food on tables everywhere when someone said there will be tables.

      After 10 seconds or so, the hallway that's about a quarter mile long has a lot of food lined up on the right side (looking at this screen). I feel hungry and decided to help myself on some food.

      I think there were restrictions, especially on the desert where I hear two old people saying that they'll be using their eyes very well to see who picked out more than two items for each plate.

      There were a lot of plates if I was thinking clearly at the time, but I started to become paranoid by picking only 1 food item from every other 3 or even 5 plates.

      Then I noticed people are just taking food like that without a care in the world, so I jump into the bandwagon and did the same. I picked out random stuff like Chowmein, Cheesecake, and other stuff I can't even place a name on; I just know they looked and probably tasted REALLY good..

      Then the dream shifts where I find myself thinking that the tardy bell, or the warning bell before that bell was going to ring. But for a few seconds before knowing that, I remember going into the wrong sub-hallway to my left, but not knowing it's the wrong area as yet.

      I see a many come inside the glass doors with metal bars to push in to open, and he looks really familiar. After 1-2 seconds, I easily picked up on who it's a counterpart of, which is a guy named Carly or something. He's wearing a gray shirt, faded blue jeans, and can't remember the shoe color.

      He's basically a pretty decent copy of the waking life version, and he waves at me and I do the same. Then he looks at me weird, and I don't even know why. Then I realize this isn't where my Chemistry room is!!!

      I don't know, I just had a random surge of thought come out and presumed I had to go to Chemistry class in High School. I realized I'm wearing a white dress shirt tucked underneath black dress pants and fancy black lace less shoes, and also a red tie as well.

      I prepared myself to dash, but I'm having a difficult time running of course. I feel like I'm running on a treadmill at times, but I am able to move forward a bit.

      It gets tiring for a while since I can feel my feel and the shoe front bending a bit (I think the shoe was a little big for me). My main objective from that point was to get to the other side that had red stuff.

      I finally get control of my ability to run, and halfway in the hallway, I see some random guy to my right who's wearing a light gray shirt and regular blue jeans and is close to being obese looking at a Widescreen television placed to the left on top of the sides of the higher floor.

      I stop and wondered why this guy is so phased out watching it, and I look at it myself. I think it was random commercials or someone giving a message. It felt like instructions on doing something, but I forgot what it was.

      So I spend the rest of the dream trying to reach the other side,
      and I don't know if I actually reach there before the dream fades away.

      There's a few more dreams I recalled, but I'm too lazy as hell to type them down, and I'm hungry too...
    9. Chicken Felattio Wake Up Call, Happiness and Sadness in the Snow

      by , 12-09-2012 at 06:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Chicken Felattio Wake up Call (Non-lucid)


      Things start out where I'm with a group of dream characters who have to fill in an empty case with a label on the side of it with the right CD.

      To make this dream short, it was basically just putting things in the right slot. Then I'm getting felattio from a cartoon chicken female in a red female ceo suit and skirt.

      The funny thing is, as soon as things were actually getting good,
      the alarm in waking life wakes me up.

      Which means a chicken not only did a cock doodley doo on my penis, but the fact that I woke up and roosters being a wake up call (except it was a female though) just made me confused.

      Note, I'm still not able to process whether or not who is giving me head is an animal or human at the time I was waking up. In fact, when I woke up, I wanted to perform a DEILD, but the alarm made my eyes open up.

      I quickly turned that damn thing off and went back to imagining the dream scene of me getting sucked off by whoever (which in this case was the female chicken).

      But I decided the wasting another hour of sleep just to attempt to get virtual blowjobs wasn't going to be worth it since I would have company over in 2 hours or so.


      Happiness and Sadness in the Snow (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in the snow, and completely ignoring that it rarely snows where I live in waking life. I'm assuming I have my brown leather jacket on with regular dark blue jeans.

      It feels so empty, until I see a girl to the left of me about 10 feet away. She's a redhead, and she's wearing a white sleeved shirt where the sleeves are pulled up near the intersection of her elbows. I believe she had a few freckles around her nose, but I wasn't paying too much on her visage.

      I was just giving her a passive glance, and I saw there's a guy coming next to her, and it seems he's her boyfriend or just a really good friend. She talks with him for a while, and he mentions something on how she did on Algebra.

      I couldn't hear her response, but I could tell she's excited and enthusiastic in her speech. She mentions that her final exams are done, and that she can finally let loose and have some fun.

      The moment she said that, it made me reflect how I still have freaking 3 exams next week. And I went back to looking down on the ground, hugging myself because it's fairly cold. As I'm walking slowly in the snow, I passively accept the audio from the girl and the boy that I just eavesdropped for a while.

      I hear the echoes and muffling sounds from them, feeling their positive energy over their exams being finished pisses me off more, and I just want to get to the gray door that's about 15 feet away from me already.

      It seems I'm heading for a store, but the store itself seems to have no activity, at least from what I was seeing from afar. The windows are fairly realistic, having reflections here and there. The insides looked pitch black, but I can still make a decent visual on the contours of what's inside there.

      It seems to be nothing but wooden chairs, tables, and all sorts of furniture inside. The boy and the girl who are now behind me, completely out of my scope of vision, I could sense that they're leaving to enjoy themselves.

      I open the door, and I find myself being shifted into a completely different dreaming environment. The inside of the room is fairly compact and short, and the walls consists of a dark red intertwined with a maroon color.

      It feels like I'm in a mini-factory, or the back of a store where you have all the boilers and steamer machines being exposed. This place feels so familiar, but I have not awareness as to why, and I believe I take my jacket off at this point since I'm not seeing myself wearing it at all.

      I'm shifting through third person and first person view here and there, so it's a bit hard to collect when I'm a spectator or seeing myself 3rd or 1st person. I walk slowly into this mini hallway consisting of a gray and thin concrete linear path, and as I'm heading for the interseciton that makes the pathways into a cross, I encounter someone familiar.

      This person to the left of me looked like a guy who was in my art class in High School. He had weight issues, and not to be cruel or anything, he was extremely obese. He puts on that facade of depression, or at least this passive state of interchanging the demeanor of being bored or just tired of life.

      I looked at him, seeing if he's going to respond to me at all, but he doesn't really declare anything to me. I continue walking slower, focusing my sight on the door in front of me. It seems I had the keys for this door, so I take them out of my right pocket I believe.

      The door knob is silver, and is suprisingly being a little brigther than the rest of this dull environment saturated with dark red and maroon colors. The big guy is still there, and by this time, I was this close from completely blocking him from my reality inside of this dream, he didn't really matter to me because I simply did not have an attachment or any kind of bonding with him in waking life.

      But he says something, which quickly alerts me to acknowledge him, but here's how things work out. As he's talking to me, I'm in spectator mode, and I see myself wearing a gray shirt and jeans, and my view is focused near the stomach region of the shirt.

      There's a gap on my left side (if you were to take on the role of me in 1st or 3rd person view), or to the right if you're looking at this screen where I could see the guy's face and body behind me. I noticed that while I'm in spectator view, I seem to be depressed about myself overall as well.

      I can barely see my eyes because they're covered with a shadow of darkness, and my lips are neutral, barely dropping any kind of facial expression as I'm listening to this guy. Again, I can't really hear what he's saying, but I do stop in my tracks to at least show some respect and wait until he's done talking.

      When he's finished, I go back to treating him like another human being that I'll just see and forget. I go inside the door, and I find myself in a store. It's a very short store, about 20 feet in width, and maybe 30-40 feet in length from the start of the door I came into all the way to the Indian man in front of me.

      He seems like a peaceful man, and he's wearing a faded vanilla dress shirt, and I can't tell what he's wearing below because he's behind a counter. The store inside is the same as the mini hallway I was in a while ago. There's shelves to my left and right, though I wasn't interesting in materialism.

      Something about this man made me go after him, I can't remember what happens next.
    10. Passing Another Scantron, What Year Am I In?

      by , 11-15-2012 at 09:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Passing Another Scantron (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm being assigned a task of giving someone their scantron with their grade on it. They have a B in it, and I'm looking for the classroom. I finally reach a hallway with a door at the end, I go to the left after going through the double doors, and had to wait until the teacher was done.

      She sees that I'm outside, and quickly comes near the door so I can give her the scantron. There was a student who was a Black male, and he was complaining on something related to his degree, which happens to be Biochemistry.


      What Year Am I in? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a random classroom with wooden desks with metal based chairs. The walls are dark brown, and it feels a lot like High School. There's a girl that I'm aware of that I know in waking life that's in this dream, let's call her Christina.

      I look at Christina for some odd reason, and then turn back. I have to fill out some blanks on a colored worksheet that's probably a cool color, most likely blue. I can't figure out what year I'm going to graduate, and I look at those awards that are posted in gold and surrounded by fancy brown wood polish for an answer.

      However, there's years in 1950, and all sorts of stuff that it confuses me more.
    11. Puri, Romney, Bio and Pokemon Rap, Talk to me Woman, Learning Style, How2LD (SDE Pt. 2: Day 21)

      by , 10-25-2012 at 05:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dhal Puri and Random Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm planning to go with my mother to some store, I get some mental image of Dhal Puri being made there. It's inside of a Blue Bag with small black lining, the bag itself is one strapped I believe.

      I also recall seeing a random blonde female with a black outfit having the strap over her shoulder as well. I think there's a petty argument with my mother on the thing, or maybe it was with someone else, I can't remember too well.

      There's also people that are leaving the room we're in, which resembles a hotel room. Now why those people are inside of this room that should be reserved for me and my mother, I don't know. I look at then prepare to leave, and it's your basic family.

      Annoying little kid, a few teenagers that I didn't bother to look at much, a mother and father. I'm saying the obvious because compared to them, it was just me and my mother. Full family of DCs while I'm with just a part of what's generally a whole family. How cute.

      I checked my wallet for some reason, making sure my debit card is still in the slots of it, which I presumed it was, since I saw its color there, along with the color of my Laundry Card, since they don't use coins there in waking life.

      Brock's Dub on Ryan Romney (Non-lucid)


      I basically had a dream that repeated some parts in a video of Brock's Dub on YouTube over Mitt Romney and Obama's Debate. It was more specific on Ryan Romney's part in the video where he was working out. Before the weird part where there's supposed to be some random girly stuff around them, I see Ryan Romney wearing a gray hoodie and then leaning his face to his left side (right if you're looking at this screen obviously)

      Spoiler for Don't kill me Political Peoples...noes dontz do it!!:

      Then my alarm woke me up.
      Biology and Pokemon Rap (Non-lucid)


      I'm trying to take notes in this random Biology-related lecture, and it feels to me that whoever is talking eventually makes a rap about it. That's probably because I was watching Epic Rap Battles of History a few hours before I slept, lol.

      I couldn't keep up, and eventually, everyone is gone, and I have the room to myself now. I take the time to literally fill in the gaps that I had on my paper by scrolling through the PowerPoint Presentation styled format on the screen. There were empty blanks that would then reveal words if I wanted to see what's next.

      I spend the rest of the dream writing stuff down.

      Wait, where did the Pokemon part come in? Aw darn it, I forgot. >.<
      Why Won't You Talk To Me Woman!?!?! (DILD)


      I'm watching a random Western clip on Youtube, and it was maybe 2-3 minutes ago. After I was done watching it, or maybe halfway into being finished, I feel like I'm transported into a different environment.

      I do a nose plug RC, and it doesn't work, but I keep holding my nose, because it's clearly obvious, my diaphragm is functioning just fine when I close my nasal pathways. So go me for not relying on the breathing aspect, and seeing other areas are obviously working, defying logic of waking life, so I must be dreaming!

      Good job Link!!!!! You get a golden star!

      I'm in a ghost town, somewhat of a ghost town, how can a somewhat ghost town still be in the category of a ghost town? You figure that out yourself ya trooper.

      So I'm just walking around, feeling neutral like I'm always trying to do in a rare lucid to prevent the dream from destabilizing. To the left of me is a wooden roof supported by columns about 6-7 feet apart from each other. I'm just walking casually in the middle of this dusty brown road, and the feelings that this is a Western-theme dream in a way continues to come into my dream schemata.

      Oh my gawd, stop using big words!

      I finally accept this environment, and I continue walking, the sections inside below the wooden roof that extends quite a distance from where I'm at is fairly dark, but I can still see the majority of everything in it.

      Just brown dust on the ground, Wooden walls and a wooden roof, and me in the middle of a roof-less section, while the right side is the same as the left, most likely.

      I finally encounter a female with long, elegant black hair that ends near her waist or a bit closer to her ass. Very enticing object-------I mean woman compared to the rest of this dull environment. She's wearing a transparent blouse (to some extent) that has an overall Pastel Yellow Green color to it.

      She's wearing the usual female jeans that has the slightly white glow on the rear side and back legs. Go female fashion design to focus more on the woman's ass rather than her face.

      So I slowly go up to her, and then I asked her if she can help me.

      I let the question sit in its ambiguity, just to see a response, anything, something, SOMETHING, an UTTER? A GASP?

      Nothing. She says nothing, She just shifts her face left and right frantically for about 2 seconds, then turns her face away from me. I noticed that when she turned back, she really focuses on what's behind her, not me, as if she's trying to run away from someone, and to check that they aren't close to finding her.

      I guess I must be ruining her hiding spot, but again, I don't know what's going on since she's not telling me anything. She starts to move, and I follow her, and she's walking slowly at first. I queried to her a few more questions, and then asked,

      "Can you at least tell me what your name is?"

      She starts to walk a little faster, and I know I could've just let her go her own way, but since she's the only one here at the moment, and I don't feel like staying in an empty environment, I had to keep up the pace.

      Now I realized I really should've gotten over the insecurity of being alone in a dream, make a different dream environment for something.......Man, I'm stupid, gotta set mantras to remind myself that I'll do that sometime.

      She's still silent, and I start to lose my cool big time.....while at the same time I'm losing my cool, I'm also speculating that losing my cool will potentially destabilize the dream, and that I need to cool down. I think I started to touch the girl's shoulders and tried to shake her.

      She finally faces me, makes eye contact, but the moment she starts to open her mouth, dream fades because I'm saturated with rushed feelings.

      Well....you get what you deserve based on how you decided to feel at the given moment, and now you messed up that rare chance Link. Good job.

      Mosaic Learning Style (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting in a lecture room, and the professor looks a lot like my Biology 111 professor I had in waking life. He looks more defined, his clothing, his aura, everything about him gives me this weird vibe of earnest respect of the vast amount of knowledge he probably has.

      I think he's wearing a Red-Orange Sweater, and has a blue striped white dress shirt underneath with the collar popping out. I forget the color of his dress pants, but my mind is giving me the image that it's Khakis. The class is about to end, and then I look at the girl to the left of me, and realized she looks like a girl in my Math Recitation course.

      She has her hair tied up, just like IWL, and still has that shy demeanor all over her face. Even if I take a quick glance at her, she still tries to pretend she's looking what's straight in front of her, even though her facial expressions, most noticeably her mouth, are making subtle but awkward movements.

      I can't recall this specific moment that's chained with that awkward moment to great detail, but I remember looking down on a paper she had. It was structured like a table with columns and rows, and had some markings here and there.

      I think I was helping her with picking out something, I just don't know what it was.

      The professor declares about the general idea of what will be on the exam, and portrays a PowerPoint slide that's projected on a large screen. It's set up like a table with columns and rows (I know I'm stating the obvious), and all of the concepts are in black font. The same black text has red background behind it, which kind of makes things an eyesore for me.

      I saw some things related to Indian something, and it feels weird to have a Biology teacher talk about something that makes me feel it's related to U.S. History.
      Huh? Guess I'll look up on that more, since I recall me wanting to have a dream where I found my true learning style. That could be it, but I don't know, will have to find out when I have some free time.

      When the professor is done talking, the class automatically prompts themselves to leave. I decided to sit down for a little bit for no clear reason, and I started to eavesdrop on the two females sitting in front of me. One is getting ready to put her items in her backpack, while the other female is already set to leave.

      They start conversing on some things I can't recall too well, but most of the topics talked about were obviously about the upcoming exam, and the talking about the bomb threat that actually happened in this University last week Friday.

      Then the girl that's sitting to the right of her asks her,

      "How do you study?"

      She responds with,

      "Well, I-------"

      I cut off my audio focus because I probably decided that the conversation was going to be boring, even though I should've listened to what she would say, since after all, in a practical sense, her portrayal is an aspect of myself that I should be thoughtful of hearing.

      They get up, and I start absorbing more of the girl's facial structure and body composition. She's relatively skinny, especially since she's probably around my age, has dark brown hair. Even though I couldn't recall her exact visage, the contours show that she has a vibrant and sort of plump, soft facial structure.

      I eventually get out of the lecture room, and find myself in a hallway that mostly consists of white and gray intertwined, with a hint of black here and there. The flooring is mostly white, formatted like a tile flooring, the tile gaps aren't as big as what one would usually see. They're more compact, and the borders of each tile piece if distinguished by a very thin black line making a square.

      I see my professor out in the hall way, probably going through his "mail" or area to get plans for the next lectures or something. Then I have some memory that comes in that involves a Mosaic Learning Style.

      After that, I can't really recall much unfortunately.

      Telling Mommy How To Lucid Dream (Non-lucid)


      So yeah, I tell how to lucid dream. I don't need to go into details, we all know how telling how to lucid dream ends up, especially when you don't become lucid from it.

      But to be sort of specific, I was telling her how to do a WBTB+WILD, even though I'm in no position to lecture her on it when I fail it the majority of the time.

      Funny dream though.

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    12. College Course Suggestion

      by , 06-15-2012 at 02:45 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      College Course Suggestion (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap from 3 something PM and woke up at 5 PM.

      I'm entering a building, and the floor tiles are white. Seems it's raining outside at the moment, or maybe the skies are just gray.

      I feel a girl on the left wall in this hallway sitting down, and I assume that since she's sitting down to wait for something, and it seems other people most likely are doing the same in other sections of the building, probably because of the weather outside.

      I don't pay any attention to them or the weather though, but I do remember the clouds being gray, guess it's about the rain. The girl herself was blonde, a little chubby and has some thunder thighs, but that's okay.....

      More cushion for the pushing right?

      Anyway, she has one leg sticking out, and is looking down somewhere, probably on her phone or something. I sit down on the right side close to her, and I basically let things fabricate into some event.

      A redhead comes through the right side, and she's wearing beige or khaki pants. She has a nice butt, and I didn't get to look too much at her visage because as she's walking to get closer to me, she was going to sit down to the left of me, her ass expanding from bending down was all that I was paying attention to.


      I see her face, but only part of it, just profile view, and it seems she's looking to the right, as if she's waiting for someone else to come.

      And another girl comes in to sit down as well. She sits to the right of the blonde on the left side, and gets herself comfortable.

      I look at her face, and she looks exactly like the Miranda I know in waking life from my college.

      "Hey Miranda!"

      She responds back, and then I complimented on her hair,

      "Your hair looks nice!" I pause for a few seconds,

      "It has a glow to it too."

      She smiles, but it's apparent that she isn't here for the pleasantries. I was saying it had a glow to it because parts of her hair, especially in the front were blonde, while the rest of it was a regular brunette's color.

      She looks at me without feeling awkward, and asks,

      "How's Biochemistry?"

      "It's going well."

      She starts to tell me of a course that I believe she took as well, and recommends I do it too. I asked her,

      "Is it (the exams) just a rehash of information where you just go to the lectures and study from that?"

      She nods, and I tell her,

      "Sweet! Thanks for telling me that."

      There's an Asian girl who is sitting to the left of her, and I think she's extending on the same course that I should take. She's telling me of her experience with the class as well.

      It was some kind of science class with the course number somewhere between 45-48.

      That's all I remember from the nap.