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    1. Plastic Bag Humping, Buzzing, Confucius Gives LD Advice, Picking Up a Chick, Kakashi gives LD Advice

      by , 04-13-2014 at 06:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Putting on a Tape Suit & Plastic Bag Carrot Humping (DILD)


      Iím inside a classroom that resembles my biology class at a High School I attended years back (CLHS as an abbreviation for personal reference).

      Iím trying to put on a transparent suit that looks like itís really made out of tape. I ask individuals how to put it on, and when one of them portrays the method to me, it seems more complicated than it seems. How in the world does one put on a tape suit without it sticking to their clothing?

      After a bit, thereís an inflated, and transparent produce bag with a few carrots on the bottom. I put my penis inside, and started humping it. I think there was a competition of who could hump it more, and going for more than ten was more than enough to get by, I guess.

      I think the individuals were cheering me on, talk about ego boosting for inanimate object fornication.

      Kind of reminds me of what I had to do for work today, excluding the humping part and ego boosting, and cheeringÖand my penis inside a bag.


      Buzzing Near the Window (DILD)


      I wake up from my bed, or so it seems, and tried to get back to sleep, seeing how I didnít want to feel too groggy for work, especially with the activities done today. It feels so nice wanting to go back to sleep, back into a state of relaxation and comfort, until something keeps making a buzzing sound thatís extremely annoying.

      I wondered how could something could be so active during the dead of night, seeing how unless it had vision for seeing clearly for night, it would reside somewhere safe until thereís more light apparent. I tried to go to sleep several times, but the buzzing sound keeps pestering me.

      I eventually decided to do a nose plug reality check, pressing my nose with my right index finger and thumb, and was able to breathe just fine. The dream environment seemed to have replicated the house Iím currently residing in to some extent. So, having this in mind, I take the chance to try and go out the usual way to exit the house.

      I proceed by going through the white door, and trying to open it. However, it seems I have to punch in some kind of code in order to unlock it. The buttons consisted of a light milky green color with a rubbery texture. The material surrounding the buttons is white all around, and is shaped almost like a tooth, without the points at the end of course.

      And out of reflex, I seemed to have entered a random code: 90321 I believe, without knowing if it was the right one or not. Unfortunately, the alarm has a very long and annoying beep sound, and this prompts me to try an escape, because I donít know what could be inside the other bedroom in this dream, especially when itís way too dark inside.

      And wanting to turn on the lights was out of the question, since I felt a bit fearful of something randomly coming out.
      Though most of the time, the places in my lucid dreams are often barren, and not really something where random entities will come about to try and kill me, or something dangerous. I probably shouldíve been aware of this before running as if Iím Michael Scofield from Prison Break, ha-ha.

      I go through the living room, and quickly unlocked the door to get out, and now the dream shifts from night to early morning immediately. Now Iím immersed in a virtual experiential reality that seems to be exactly like waking life at first glance, and with more clarity and realism as well. I marvel at this, my breathing, and just my overall existence within this dreaming state.

      The weather, the sensations on my feet against the cold concrete of what seems to be an area where it rained recently, everything felt so real, and then some. After a few seconds of absorbing this experience, I get an urgency to continue running, even though it doesnít seem like anyone is after me.

      As Iím running, Iím changing perspectives where I look at myself running, and it seems to go by in slow motion, and the motion of running is a bit exaggerated at times; it often looks like Iím floating in the air for a good bit, and making weird leg movements to quickly save my descent.

      After watching this for a while, I wake up in a series of false awakenings for most of the dreams below. Fortunately, the nose plug reality check is going to save me.


      Confucius gives LD advice (DILD)


      Felt as if I woke up, then I reconciled with awareness of the experience being a dream again.

      Iím standing on top of a building, and it seems to be early morning, or an event where it rained previously. I see a dream character that looks like Confucius, and heís lecturing to others on lucid dreaming techniques and advice.

      As for actual declarations to recall from him, I can't remember.


      Picking Up a Black Biker Jacket Wearing Chick & Escaping with Her (DILD)


      I wake up once more, only to reconcile with awareness of this being a dream once more. Maybe this was a DEILD, since I can recall those experiences of transitioning back to waking state with my eyes closed, and seeing imaginary simulations of being awake, or maybe itís just a false awakening altogether.

      Iím inside a theater, and it has the usual settings. You know, red carpet, and other warm colors to mask off all those stains from being apparent at first glance. The putrid smell that is also prevalent in theaters thatís like a mťlange of buttered popcorn, weasels, intense chlorine, air freshener, and other chemicals. I didnít take the time to visualize all the major details of the theater itself, but I do know that in the current location Iím at, thereís many paths you could take from the circular base Iím standing on.

      I see an attractive girl, I think, with long black hair, and sheís wearing a black biker jacket of some sort. Underneath that, sheís wearing some kind of milky vanilla shirt thatís fairly tight, and makes her bosoms eye-candy at this point. For some reason, I had an urgency to pick her up, and hold her back, and the bottom of her knees, and run off with her.

      She seems shocked at first, but then kind of goes with the flow, and Iím going with the flow as well. Then the next moment, Iím using my legs to kick anyone that seems to be in my way, and thereís a slight uproar going on while Iím running with the girl.

      This takes ďchasingĒ women to a whole new extreme.


      Kakashi Gives me Lucid Dreaming Advice (DILD)


      This seems to be the last dream in the false awakening chain of events, or maybe the one before it was.

      Iím sitting down with Kakashi, younger version, and heís giving me lucid dreaming advice. However, the advice seems kind vague, and not really something that could be applicable in all circumstances.

      He states that if you find yourself in two conditions:

      • Where thereís little light
      • Where itís too bright

      That one would most likely be dreaming.

      Your non-sequiturs are what prevented you from saving Rin, Kakashi, just as your vague circumstantial lucid dreaming advice is. And that totally was not a non-sequitur, ba-dum tiss.

      Though, looking back, he could be right, especially since I was in complete darkness in the buzzing insect dream, to being in a hyper-realistic virtual experiential reality the next, and then inside a bright theatre.

      But still, the advice is severely limited.
    2. Sivason's Warning, Bad H20, $10K, Dream Journal Comments and HP, Female Drawing, Kakashi(SDE Day 11)

      by , 08-25-2012 at 08:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sivason's Warning (Non-lucid)


      I remember reading some posts on a DV thread, though I can't remember the name of the thread, but I knew it was something along the lines of telepathy, shared dreaming, or just other aspects of indirect communication. I posted something, though I can't remember what it was about, but whatever it was, Sivason made a post below warning my that if I continue to go off-topic, that he would shift my posts somewhere else, or delete them altogether.

      This makes me interested in what I really posted, but I decided I should read all of the content in Sivason's posts before going back to mine. He basically made a suggestion that I was trying to talk about communication with another person, and I'm assuming that this must be something related to some kind of communication in dreams.

      Some people liked his post,
      and I can't remember anything else.
      Horrible Water (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a random room, and it feels like night time. Somehow, I've been informed that that water company that flows the water in this house has some horrible water. I turn on one of the faucets closest to me, and decided to let some water run into a random glass I'm holding. Seems everything is crystal clear to me, and I'm wondering what's so bad about their quality of water.

      I turn off the water faucet, and poured out all the water into the sink, and then turned the water again. Things go fine again, until the water stops and spurts, and then it starts showing this brown color, and it gets even worse. It's really disgusting, and I turn the faucet off immediately and pour everything out again.

      There's a lot that I'm forgetting in this dream...A L O T.

      The last thing I remember with the water issue is that when I poured it out again into a glass, it looks as if there's a bunch of white minerals saturating it, but if you looked on the bottom of the glass, the minerals looked as if they were slowly disappearing all the way up. It's as if the minerals were being evaporated instead of the water.

      Then I remember another dream scenario where I'm looking above the glass I'm holding, and it just looks horrible. It's mixed with gray and black colors on top.

      $10,000 (Non-lucid)


      I'm looking at something online through a laptop, and the primary color of the website is light blue. There seems to be columns and rows stacked together portraying numerical values of pretty high numbers. It looks like a banking account site to me, and I must be viewing my bank account. I'm passively scrolling down the numbers, until I see a total of $10,000 in what seems to be my account.

      I forget my reaction to seeing this value, but when I scrolled up, there was $6,400 on one row, and I guess the rest were split amounts for $3,600.

      Wow, I'd go crazy if I had that amount.
      Dream Journal Comments and HP (Non-lucid)


      I remember posting some dream journal entries, and a few people made some comments on mine, like 1-3 of them. I read one person's dream interpretation of how the contrasts in colors of the dreams I experience represent something....I forgot what exactly. Even though I can't remember, I do remember the feelings of being shocked on how they are dead accurate with their interpretations....it just made sense to me somehow

      They also included another dream element which represented some person's intention to be more concerned about their HP than others. A person liked it, in fact SpaceCowboyDave liked it.

      I think whoever it is that gave me the dream interpretation was trying to relate the person being more concerned about their HP was me.

      Health points? What???

      Female Drawing (Non-lucid)


      I remember trying to draw a random female character and her body. I was working on a rough sketch, making a new layer to get a more refined line art, and then made another later to sketch in the clothes she's wearing. She's wearing a vanilla type of sweater, and she has fairly huge breasts.
      Kakashi Chidori v 2.0? (Non-lucid)


      I remember Kakashi from Naruto Shippuden is just spamming Chidori everywheeeeeeeeeeeeerrreee, it's crazy! The environment was dull, and it looked like it was raining as well. He could shoot the Chidori into a straight line, (sorry if I don't know that exact technique name), but it's what Sasuke used to kill Danzo by penetrating him and Karin.

      He starts using that technique everywhere to eradicate anything inside of a hiding spot, like the inside of sheds and other mini-storage areas.

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    3. Give Me a Dollar, Small Flood, Middle School Again,

      by , 06-22-2012 at 04:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Give Me a Dollar (Non-lucid)


      Inside a random school building, and I believe I'm at an auditorium. I forget what is going there, but there are quite a few dream characters listening to someone.

      Whatever event happened ends, and I believe I get out of the building to go do something, then I forget I left something at the auditorium looking place.

      It was dark, so it was hard to tell if it really was one, anyway, I go back and I find that one guy that looked like Spencer from "The King of Queens" (the sitcom) is responsible of containing lost material.

      Apparently, some girl to the side of me that I can't remember too well told me about him, and as I'm going to speak to him, she interrupts me and says,

      "Give me a dollar."

      "Hold on," I replied while putting my up my hand. I talk to the Spencer looking guy, and he starts showing me what I left behind. I get the stuff back, and then I have a dream shift to where I'm near a school bus.

      It's pretty difficult trying to get inside of the bus, and I basically spend nearly 30 seconds or so looking like a complete idiot trying to climb up to the entrance of the bus. You literally have to take one arm, lift yourself up, and then find a place to plant your opposite feet just to get a small boost.

      The bus starts, which prompts the others to start as well, and I still haven't gotten inside the bus as yet!

      So I'm left dangling with my hands holding tightly at the edge of the entrance to get inside the bus. After a few seconds, I managed to pull myself up. This bus is really small, like build for only 2-3 people at most, excluding the bus driver.

      I glance over to see some lady trying to run after the bus, and apparently she's some kind of assistant for the bus driver since I heard her screaming at the top of her lungs that she's supposed to get on there as well.

      The bus driver ignores her though, and I only remember standing for a while inside the bus, but not sitting down.

      Small Flood (Non-lucid)


      I believe this dream goes with the first dream. I find myself shifted to a place that feels like home. I go inside, and my father invited a few of his friends to hangout and have a drink. There's probably 3 men I recognize.

      Let's just nickname them "W," "R," and "C."

      R is basically standing there relaxing, and probably speculating about something because he looks a bit spaced out from my view. W is sitting down, and he looks pretty chilled as well, and he tries to ask me a question, but like the other girl in the previous dream, I tell him to hold on a little bit.

      I go up to C, an adult I played tennis a few times with outside the realm of being in tennis teams in High School.

      Anyway, C tells me that I've lost some weight since the last time we met, which is probably just my mind telling me that I really lost a few pounds.

      I forget what I say in response, but the conversation eventually ends. Then I realize that the floor I'm walking on, it's flooded with water. It's as high as my ankles, and I decide to go upstairs.

      There hasn't been a house that I remember having a two story, except for one, but it was a really small area to be in, so technically it was still a one story house.....meh whatever.

      I have a few dream bits that somehow get incorporated with this dream. I see Kakashi when he was much younger from the Kakashi Gaiden arc or whatever you call it from Naruto Shippuden.

      Seems Kakashi is trying to protect something wrapped in white cloth, I would presume it's a baby safely contained with open space to breathe of course. Seems he and a few other shinobi are trying to send these babies or containers for them somewhere else.

      They're stored in what looks like a random house, and the most apparent feature of the place were the shelves with books.

      I think Obito was there as well, but things went a little fast for me.

      Demon/Incubus Version of Me? (Non-lucid)


      Seems I'm engaging in some kind of Call Of Duty: War at War-esque type of dream. I believe I'm a spectator most of the time, but I have moments where I'm shooting people as well.

      The area resembles the "Cliffside" map in COD:WAW, but the thing that makes it different is that the bases inside look completely new compared to old, dark, and ancient look from the actual game map. It almost felt like being inside a mini locker room.

      I don't recall myself dying at all, and I do some weird things too, like lifting dead bodies and using a person's weapon to kill a few people, but that itself is something I'm not sure of.

      I continue doing this until I probably get bored decided to spectate for a while. I'm inside from of the bases, and after I've seen that people aren't coming it as frequently, I see a woman come in.

      She looks a lot like a girl who was from my art class that I thought was really cute.

      It's call her "Allis" for my own sake.

      Spoiler for 18+:
      Middle School Again... (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a Middle School environment all over again, more specifically, Thornton Middle School in Texas. Some parts are a little different, but the section with different food selections and all that is still preserved like in other dreams I've had about this school.

      I wait in line to get the side meals for the foam tray we're using to contain it. One of the servers, who was a male, looks young, like he's probably still in college, asks me if I wanted another part of the meal added. I kept saying yes because all of the food looked pretty damn good.

      While I'm waiting in line, I arrange the food properly, and even took a little bite out of the french fries on the tray. It seems the line I'm in, the supply of the main meal is already done, so we have to move to another line, but there isn't anything interesting.

      I get out of the line, look around for other sections, and I see there's a soda machine. I get a foam cum and start filling it up with Sprite, even though the logo for the part that I'm getting the Sprite from said "Asian."

      In fact, all of the soda names were "Asian."

      I was this close from doing a reality check, but assumed it was just some prank.

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    4. Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin

      by , 03-20-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Bullet Bill & Water of Wishing

      I'm riding on a mini-vehicle that looks like a Bullet Bill, and I have to use the pedals on the sides to operate it. I meet at an intersection and I'm waiting for this car to pass, then I find myself going off the road bit near the gas station to the left of me.

      I think I'm headed there to get something to eat, and as I'm getting closer to the gas station, the dream shifts to where I'm in a supermarket, probably Walmart.

      It has white flooring all over the store, and I'm heading in line somewhere I can't remember too much on. I accidentally bump into some little kid who is walking around like he has no brain, and he goes back to his parents.

      I wait in line, and it seems I'm already off the mini-Bullet Bill. A guy comes up to tap me on the shoulder to tell me that I bumped into his son, and that I should be a bit more careful.

      When he told me this, this guy looked like he was going to piss his pants, I swear, if I said something negative in response, he would have his hands up and run like little bitch.

      The reason why I know he's afraid of me is that that he says "Yeah" after telling me I hit his son with the Bullet Bill bike in a silent tone, and his head faced towards the ground a little bit.

      Instead of being angry at him for not being able to pay attention to where his son is walking around, I suppress the urge and then conformed to an innocent demeanor to ask him,

      "Oh, I bumped into your son? I'm so sorry!" I almost said it like I was going to cry.

      The timid father responds, "Yeah, you made a bruise on his leg."

      I looked over to the right of me and see the little kid who apparently is in pain. He is holding one of his legs and is jumping around, it looks like he's crying, but I can't hear him cry.

      I could see this little kid was just being a little pussy and should just suck it up because I wasn't even going that fast in the first place. So I responded to the father in a neutral tone,


      Then I had the sudden urge to find a some kind of dress shirt or sweater in the form of one. So I'm walking around the supermarket, and this definitely looks like Walmart.

      I'm going around random aisles, probably spending some time looking at random items and putting them back. Then I get back to focusing on finding a black dress shirt/sweater. I don't know what exactly happens, but one appears in front of me, or maybe I'm actually wearing one.

      I go to an area of the supermarket where water is being contained in a small area, and I decided to put my hands in it. When I was touching the water, random thoughts started to form in my head wishing for certain objects to appear.

      I think I was imagining keys appearing, and the water instantly creates them and has them floating a little bit. I grab them, and for some reason, I handed them to my mother since she's wondering where her key were.

      After that, I can't remember what I did next.

      Dream 2: Monkey Shirt

      I'm in a supermarket again, but things are a little bit different now. Somebody is asking in a loud voice on who has the most interesting shirt in the store.

      I look at my shirt and see it's red with some random picture on it, and then it alters to an orange shirt with a monkey on it, to be more specific, an orangutan with a finger near its mouth, as if it was in a "HERP DERP" moment.

      So I decided that this shirt I'm wearing looks pretty interesting, and I basically pointed towards myself, hoping the person who asked the question would see me pick myself.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Dream 3: You Mad Sasuke???!?, Wait...Sinoblak's Dog???

      I'm outside near Northgate, and it seems I'm testing myself by closing my eyes, and visualizing the environment in front of me. I'm doing really well, and the environment is vivid.

      It's bright as day, which should've made me do an RC since it's raining at College Station today, and I just rely on being able to replicate the environment around me with my eyes closed.

      I guess this made the non-lucid productive for once, since I'm doing really really well in creating a replica in front of me. After a while, I decided to go back to my apartment.

      On the left and right side of the road that I'm walking on, there's these long bushes extending horizontally towards my location for a little bit, and I see a dog in front of me.

      It didn't look like it was trying to rip my neck off, and I didn't realize this at first in the dream, but it looked a lot like Sinoblak's dog, but it was a bit lighter, almost having a gold-ish fur to it.

      It looked up to me, and it looks sad, but since it came so fast in front of me, as a reflex and out of fear, I started to scream at it.

      I wanted to run away from it, but I decided to scream louder, and it started to move back a bit. There was another dog to my right coming at me, but again, it didn't look like it wanted to bite me.

      I continue screaming at these two dogs, and I slowly advanced forward, trying to do the ignore test
      (in a half-assed manner) to them to see if they disappeared.

      But when I turn back, they were still there, and I was still afraid that they would do a sneak attack on me, but they clearly weren't there for trying to attack me.

      I continue screaming, "NO! NOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" until I finally reached my apartment.

      I go in, lock the door, head towards my bedroom, and I see some kind of fight inside.

      I go inside and find that Sasuke is this close from having his hand on Naruto's neck. Everything is in slow motion, and Naruto just has his mouth opened in shock, which gives him time to dodge Sasuke's attack.

      Then all of suden, Sasuke deactivates his Mangekyou Sharingan to the regular three-dotted Sharigan on each eye, then he started to look sad.

      And he just gets out of my apartment feeling emo, well, I guess it's better than me trying to force him to get out.

      Kakashi is there for a while as well, and he looks sad as well, like he feels that Sasuke just doesn't know what to do anymore.

      Then when everyone leaves, I get closer to the exit, and look at the round table to the right of me and see a wig on top of it. I take it and try to put it on my head, the wig has curly hair.

      It's a pretty crappy wig, since the edges to show that it is a wig were hard to conceal. After a while, I take it off did something, but I can't remember what.

      Dream 4: Naked Snake in a Suitcase

      This is a Metal Gear Solid related dream again, while Snake is busy escaping, I'm in spectator mode and see a crap load of guards outside just waiting for Snake to come out. They have their automatic weapons ready, and they're balancing them to help with accuracy I'm assuming.

      Then a random call comes up, which I believe distracted the guards, and Snake just starts charging to the other side really quickly, because he's in a situation where even he can't make it out alive without some distraction.

      Then he moves forward away from the guards, and then goes left again, and a vehicle shows up.

      The backside of the vehicle lands on the ground for Snake to get on, and I believe a Suitcase is on it, so Snake gets inside of it, and the backside of the vehicle attaches itself again. Then I find I'm Snake because I'm peeking through the backside door.

      Someone is still trying to shoot us, even though we're clearly away from shooting range of the gun she's using. I peek again, and she's still trying, but she gives up and just walks left (from where I'm seeing her).

      All I remember from looking at the girl was that she had black hair, a black shirt, and a really really really short red skirt.

      Dream 5: Windows Live Chat With Alyzarin

      I wake up (False Awakening) and I go on my laptop and find Alyssa is on MSN Chat, or Windows Live Messenger.

      She told me about certain times she woke up I think, and I look at the alarm clock, and see that it's 11:05 AM. She gives me all sorts of times that she wakes up, and I can't remember them exactly.

      I find myself waking up, and it's around 8 AM instead of 11:05 AM.

      DAMN IT!!!