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    1. Cuddling with Kaomea and a Porn Shoot Prank

      by , 06-12-2013 at 04:52 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea and Cuddling (Non-lucid)


      Seems I was driving a car with Kaomea in it, and she's just wearing a long red dress. The environment feels a bit too familiar, like one of the neighborhoods when I was in middle school. It was afternoon most likely in the dream, and most of the content of the area was blurry unless I fixated on it.

      The house itself looks familiar, and apparently my father is non-existent while my mother suddenly is. I opened the door and let Kaomea in, and my mother is on the chair doing something. I didn't pay attention, except giving greeting Kaomea to her and her greeting her back. Actually, Kaomea looked as if she could care less about greeting my mother.

      Oh snap.

      And then we went to bed and cuddled with each other. After that, I can't recall what happened next. Actually, it was probably just me laying down there and her probably giggling when her back was facing me when she was laying down on her side.

      Man, I am pathetic lmao.


      Porn Shoot Prank (Non-lucid)



      The environment seems like I'm in the backstage of a building, and I'm traveling behind a blonde and some random guy with a blue/black cap on. He's wearing a black jacket that's open, revealing a simple white vest and is wearing basic dark jeans. There's a blonde female that looks exactly like Amy Brooke, and I had a feeling I was going to be part of a Porn Shoot.

      My libido got the best of me, and I ignored the obvious hints that this was going to be a prank. Amy tells me that we're going a certain direction and points it to me. Seems that we're going to do this in a van with tinted windows. Then she presses some random buttons on a black remote she has on her left hand most likely. I suddenly get distracted when the van opens up in the middle of a mall. I realized I only had a jacket and tighty whities on, and I quickly went back to hide on the corner of the wall so people wouldn't see me.

      Then the Amy Brooke look-a-like tells me to go inside the random chamber that should've been a van...what?? I go there, and lay down on the floor, and she starts laughing and runs away. I get pissed off that I made myself look like an idiot in front of a mall full of dream characters doing the "OOOOOOOOOOH" "HAHAHAHHA"

      I got really pissed and ran for the Amy Brooke clone, grabbed her jacket collar and started to shake her around vigorously. After that, I can't recall what happened next.
    2. Akashic Records Real or Fake, Calling my Father, Creature, Kaomea PM. Alyzarin commands, and more...

      by , 01-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Akashic Records Reading Real or Fake? (Non-lucid)


      I remember that I'm inside of a hallway where things are quiet but peaceful. There's a very big book in front of me, and the exterior is a brown color while the pages are slightly yellow.

      The room was a little dark, but there was a window right above me that was conveniently placed right behind the book so that I could easily read it. I couldn't remember the first pages of this book, and I probably wouldn't have been able to decipher them if I wanted to.

      So as I'm going through more pages, I finally noticed something comprehensible. For some reason, that page came out to me, like it tore out on its own or something like that. It stated about me having a 53% of something, and by doing these actions, I would an augmentation leading towards that event being more probable and in my favor.

      It was kind of hard to bear at first, and I don't really recall embracing the magnificence of the Akashic Records, probably because I felt I was in the lower levels of my own Records. The paper showed a graph somewhere on the right, and then there's a table that shows actions I can take that gives me a certain percentage if I accomplish them.

      Then I had this mentality where it was Thursday of next week I believe, or maybe Thursday that already passed for this week. But to be practical, I'm going to presume the dream or astral scenario was for the week coming up after this dream journal entry.

      So if I wanted to be in the clear for the event to be in my favor I had to get at least 10% to make it 63%.

      With the options below on the table, it seemed I had a pretty good chance in making this happen. After realizing this, it gives me a sense of relief,
      but I'm still not sure if this was simulated or not.

      Then the whole experience starts go into dream like qualities, and I see random people like Nick from Young and the Restless,
      so now as I'm typing this, the Akashic Records reading was either:

      - Real, but I dozed off and got the experienced intertwined with a random dream

      -Simulated along with the random dream

      - Real, but how I conceptualize it was associated with how I analyze dreams.

      Now the dream shifts where I'm planning out some of the activities on the paper that's torn out (this was obviously a simulation or something, because I don't recall your own pages actually being able to be ripped off or being able to be torn out.

      It was mostly things related to college, and then it felt like it was Friday, and I didn't have any kind of awareness on any percentage increase. I felt my time here was limited, and that things would start crashing down for me.

      Going into this self-induced pit of negative emotions, I start to phase out of my planning, if I had one, and I can't recall the rest of this experience.


      Trying to Call My Father (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house I'm currently residing for the New Years break, and I find myself trying to call my father. The phone starts blanking out pretty frequently, which irritates me.

      My father picks up sometimes, but most of the time I can't even hear him at all. I didn't bother to check if the phone volume was on mute, but I didn't really want to do anything but to call him.

      The house itself has the kitchen light turned on and the T.V. on the left is on as well I believe.

      There's someone wearing an orange shirt and brown leggings or velour pants in the house that starts becoming annoying after a while and starts screaming, and I'm not sure if it's at me or my father.

      But when she's screaming, I hear the response from my phone. I get confused, and I can't remember what happens after that.


      Weird Creature & Dave Chappelle (Non-lucid)


      There's a creature consisting of orange and a slightly green tentacle. It's as small as a human fist, and it's moving around like crazy where I'm too scared to do anything.

      Dave Chappelle randomly comes into this dream, and I'm trying to throw a ball at the creature, but Dave catches it with his butt cheeks. He starts going random mode on me, and I'm trying to look the other way before things go into the shitter for this dream.


      Kaomea PMs me (Non-lucid)


      Kaomea PMs stating that I could PM her every now and then.



      Alyzarin makes me Respond Quickly (Non-lucid)


      Alyzarin wants me to respond to a thread with preset responses, and I do it quickly because she says it to me in a rush.

      I thought I created the thread, which was something related to putting what describes you as a tag or something, but it seems Erii created it before me.

      After reading my reply the second time, I felt this didn't really describe me. Then some random user below me with a Kid Goku picture for his avatar stated how he was going to describe himself, but I pretty much took part of what he was.

      A lot of people liked this, and I feel confused on what I actually did to "steal" part of his identity in the first place. I felt guilty either way, and then as I'm scrolling up to see who liked it, I saw Kaomea and 6 other people liked it.

      I was still speculating what I did wrong, and I felt guilty....lol...guilty over people who liked something that basically makes me look like the bad guy.

      I turned to Alyzarin and told her that she shouldn't have made me do that, and she instant messages me with (paraphrasing here):

      "I tend to do that a lot, get used to it."


      This dream so random and incomprehensible to piece together.


      Don't Bold, Italicize, or Underline! (Non-lucid)


      It's pretty much the whole dream; someone tells me not to bold, italicize, and underline.

      It wasn't like that exactly, she made a blog post on how "Brandon" is violating the Terms of Service by doing these actions. Then she goes on to ramble on and on and on and on.

      Then I looked at the comments that seemed automated and a bunch of one-liners. Then after speculation, I realized this whole blog post was a bunch of BULL, and this didn't make sense AT ALL.

      Could've done a reality check, but nope.
    3. Kaomea's DJ Entry and Elie's Etherion Going Crazy

      by , 11-21-2012 at 11:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea's DJ entry (Non-lucid)


      So I'm having those dreams where I read dream journals again.

      And guess what? The DJ system is back, glad that things are safe enough to have them out again at least.

      I'm scrolling down down some entries, and they're all a blur to me because I'm scrolling way too fast. I see the basic color of Dream Views, at least the format I have in waking life that's transcended towards the association I see here in the dream.

      I see Kaomea made a post, and I was going to click the ">>" button to get to it. I saw that there were 11 comments overall in her post, and I scrolled down really quick to see what it was about.

      At that time, I just wanted to see who was having a conversation with her, wasn't too interested in the content of the conversation though.

      So I scroll up, and Kaomea has a lot of pictures of very strong sexual nature. She had a dream involving something really sexual and enticing, that she even collaborated a video that matched what she had in a dream.

      But she takes bits of what occurred in the video, and made snapshots of them. In the majority of those pictures, there's a naked lady bending down on her knees. She has sweat and small drips of water at the right parts, the eye-candy....the breasts, near her stomach, her face, and near her vagina.

      These same spots made her look majestic, she was simply beautiful when it comes to just looks alone. Her body was lean, tight, and fit. She didn't have abdominal muscles showing as much, but her contours around her thin and curvy stomach made that concern insignificant.

      She's closing her eyes, has her mouth slightly opened, her dark red lips entices me to look at her face instead of the rest of her tanned and soft skinned body. It's weird to describe the texture of her skin. It was soft, like I stated, but it was also firm too...it was in between.

      Kaomea basically made the pictures stand out more, and used as less words as possible.

      After that, I can't remember anything else, other than being shocked at how much she exposed this female naked.
      Elie's Etherion Goes CRAZY (Non-lucid)


      Let me give you a brief summary on what Etherion really is in the anime/manga series, Rave Master.

      Basically just think of it as a power that can take off a huge chunk of Earth if it's not released sporadically.

      I'm honestly surprised I wasn't shitting myself on how much power could've been released in this dream. And I'm starting to get why I had this dream.........the power of Etherion, its potential to destroy a world and much more is associated with how I'm not holding on to practical grounds in this world, and that maybe my passions are starting to become too chaotic.

      Maybe. Just maybe...I don't a have lot of Rave master theme dreams, so it's probably a sign.


      I'm inside a building, but that main point of focus here is that it's a fairly long hallway. The walls are white, the flooring, I'm not to sure of, it mixes around from blue, white, and other colors I didn't focus too much on. There seems to be some content on the walls, but there's so much paper stuck on the walls that it's too overwhelming to even bother looking at them.

      They all had the same format, but were just in sporadic and random locations.

      Which means there could've been a message my mind is trying to give to me.

      I feel that I'm Haru Glory, from Rave Master, or at least just wearing his default jacket costume in the anime series. I didn't realize this until later, but I had a quiver strapped on my back with a few arrows on it. I also believe I had a sword, but my recall is a bit shady, so I'm not so sure.

      Elie, one of the main characters in the series, seems to have Etherion going full blast, and everyone is fucking panicking on how to seal this power.

      Yeah, that's what happens when Etherion is released...things go chaotic, she goes into a mini-coma, and all hell breaks loose in trying to seal it.

      Spoiler for :If I were lucid":

      I see that various people, that I can't really recall too well on their visages, are trying to stop Etherion from expanding, and potentially blowing up the place we're in. Their magic attacks are not working obviously, it's way too late to do anything.

      Then I get the idea that if magic doesn't work on magic, that weapons like arrows will do the job. I guess the reason I was thinking that was because of the combat triangle in Runescape that I was so used to when playing it.

      In short:
      Rangers own Mages,
      Mages own Meleers,
      Meleers own Rangers

      So I become aware of the few stacks of arrows in the quiver I have attached to me. I grip my bow out, take an arrow out of the quiver quickly, and aimed for Elie.

      But I can't make the reflex to just shoot her immediately. I struggle, because I'm worried that I might injure her. I finally let go of the arrow and it doesn't AFFECT her at all.

      If you skip to 4:43-5:07, that's the power of Etherion, at the initial stages, which is still kind of scary.

      I have no PLAN B, C, D, E, F, G, H, OR Z!

      And because I don't have the logic of Rune Save (the sword) applied to in this dream, I start to get worried on how to deal with this situation, while Elie is in a mini-coma, and the Etherion within her is going crazy.

      After that, don't know how I solved this dream, maybe it just faded away....

    4. Kaomea and then my Mother, Would you like some fries with that, Incomplete stairs

      by , 06-09-2012 at 08:23 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea and then my Mother (Non-lucid)


      It's very late at night, and I remember seeing a girl with a red shirt and blue pants, long chair, a little round on the sides for her face.

      It's Kaomea, didn't really do an ignore test to see if it's the real deal or not, but yeah, I follow her around a bit in his house that barely has any lights one. I think I'm asking her for a card, and she's being too playful with me right now but stalling for a little while.

      I keep up with the persistence, and she makes a slight pout face, which was cute to see, and she stretches her arm quickly to hand out what seems to be a white card.

      I think Kaomea turns into my mother from this point, but I didn't realize this until later on. The dream character was wearing a black dress, and I was extremely horny.

      Keep following me on this "I didn't know it was my mother" mentality, because I REALLY DID NOT KNOW it was her until later on. I raised up the black dress of the dream character, and noooo, I didn't think it was Kaomea, she was long gone lol....I think.
      Spoiler for 18+:

      Would you Like some Fries with that? (Non-lucid)


      Seems I'm at an area that resembled my apartment, though I didn't know this until I woke up. I go near a few doors to the apartments, and there's a covering over this area like my apartment. Like imagine having a few columns sticking out, like you're below a stair's surface, yeah something like that.

      There were these weird looking creatures that were hanging under those stairs. It reminded me of those creatures in Half-Life 2 that would pull you up if you came in contact of their really really really long tongue.

      Name:  barnlamp-405x550.jpg
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      Fortunately for me, all of them were dead, and their overall color matched with the dark blue of the apartment's exterior.

      Then there's a slight dream shift where I'm watching a video, but without seeing some kind of external video sources portraying it though. There was this girl, dark-skinned, had a nice glow to her, and she's with this squad force, at least they acted like they're in a squad.

      There were detonators on top of the roof and near the top of the doors of the apartment, and they were making beeping noises, so she and the other group of squad look-alike were feeling tense because these things could explode from touching them.

      The girl sees one detonator right on top of her, which she completely was oblivious to seeing while being distracted to the one on top of one of the apartment doors. She ducks for cover right under the one on top of her, not really a smart move.

      I even make a comment to myself that what she's doing right now is stupid, then the girl shoots the detonator on top of the door, then throws the other one inside of a hole somewhere, but it turns out this hole she threw it in led to a room where some of the squad members were in....

      LOL....you just bloody killed probably a decent amount of useful people because you were too hesitant to find a decent place to throw it...don't blame her though, I probably would've kept the detonator in my hand and just stand in shock and not do anything.

      The girl realizes there were people inside the room where the hole was showing, and makes a mental face palm to herself with how her facial expressions were.

      I can't remember what happened next, but I do know the video or clip in my mind was coming to an end.

      I believe my mother is behind me now, and she's following me as I'm heading forward to leave the apartment. I'm still walking under the stairs instead of actually go out the other gaps. I'm walking slowly, something tells me that someone or a group of people might show up.

      I see a foot coming out, seems the whoever it was is walking slowly themselves. My heart literally is in shock as I see that the outfit of the person looks like some General or Commander's Outfit. It had a Khaki or Beige color all around, and the person was wearing the General or Commander's type of hat as well.

      He has another person following them, and both are dark-skinned too. He takes a smile at me, does the nod that signals, "How are you doing?" and he turns his focus back to what's in front of him.

      I feel less tense, and continue walking, then my mother stops, and the same guy and his companion stop too....um.....

      The guy turns around, and I think he was going to talk to me and my mother, though I didn't feel like listening to the conversation because I wanted to go somewhere, but I didn't know where exactly.

      The conversation ends pretty quickly, I'd say 10 seconds or so, and then the dream shifts to where it's night. I think my mother wants something to drink....forgot what it was though.

      But I tell her I can buy something from the fast food area right behind us, and I think I tell her I can't just buy only a drink, or something along those lines. She tells me I can buy some fries with the drink or whatever.

      I go to the entrance of the store to see if it's closed, and I see some sign saying "Closed," but it's actually inside of the store somewhere else other than the front.

      For some reason, I still thought it was closed, but I saw people in it, so I double checked again and realized it's still open. There was a brunette to the left of me that looked like she was the person to ask if whoever came in wanted "For Here or To-Go," something like that.

      But it was a fast food area, so I don't think it would fit her role to be there. Anyway, I go up to the cash register, and it's this fairly decent looking blonde...........okay she's kind of cute too, and she's wearing a black hat while her hair is in a ponytail I believe.

      She smiles at me, like anyone else who would be paid to do a forced smile at customers, and before I could take my order, she asks me for my name.

      Don't know why she would ask me for my name, the store wasn't busy, so they didn't need to go that route to ensure that orders were given to the right people, it's pretty much close to empty here.

      I play along with her and tell her my name.....I even spell it out for her, first and last.

      Um. Okay. Lol.
      I'll just remain oblivious to the possibility that she could've been that dream girlfriend Kaomea was talking about.

      Okay, she continues smiling at me, which forces me to smile at her because by this point, I could tell it wasn't a forced portrayal of enthusiasm.

      She starts asking some more personal questions, though I can't remember what exactly, but some made me stand still and even blush too because I felt myself having to smile to hide those feelings away.

      I think she asked something related to how much I was paying attention to her, it was something that made me feel embarrassed for some reason, but I'm sure she was just playing around with me.

      She was really nice to me.

      So much for the fries for my mother though, lol.

      Where Are the Stairs? (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking near an area of the Clock Tower at College Station Texas.

      (I'm going to have to add that as a dream element because I've been at this area at least 5 times from previous dreams I can sort of remember from the top of my head).

      Seems that I'm trying to quickly get somewhere, and I have to wait for a little while in traffic for the walk sign to turn on. It finally turns on, but I barely have enough time to even walk, I have to dash before the counter says "0," and by the time I made it past the other side, the vehicles to the right of me were already moving.

      Wow, seems everyone is in a rush lately. I continue running until I get to the area with the intersection and stop sign....Socially Awkward Penguin moment...

      But I didn't have a cellphone to pretend that I was busy texting with someone, so it was felt really awkward for a while. Then I see some guy flash by, completely destroying the logic with the Socially Awkward Penguin moment when you're stuck at an intersection, not know when to go because you don't want people in vehicles to wait for your decision for too long.


      Anyway, I eventually make it to the other side, and the dream environment changes. It seems to be a mix of a school area, and incomplete houses.

      I go towards the one on the right side, and see there were incomplete stairs. Like, I only saw the little hooks that would support a step of a stair, but no steps at all.

      And there were people inside the house too on the top floor inside....lol, how did they even get there if there weren't stairs, or a door that should've been apparent by now.

      I think I even see the Pre-Calculus teacher I had in the last High School I was in, and she was blonde just like the one in waking life. But I only see her for 1-2 seconds probably, and I think I'm asking someone a few questions.

      Then there's a slight shift to where I'm in class, and I'm staring at a girl and wonder how her ass is so big (it wasn't that big). I think I even blurted out how that girl's ass can be big...looooool.

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    5. D in Biology 112, House Inspection, Linkzeidra, Kaomea, and Alyzarin Banned, Sitting Outside........

      by , 05-22-2012 at 07:05 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      D in Biology 112 and OctoberWind or Alyzarin? (Non-lucid)


      I don't even know what to say about this dream. I think it's a really pathetic dream, seeing as it's trying to be prophetic with which grade I'm going to get for my Biology 112 course.

      I'm inside a building, but it feels like a middle school building instead of a section in college, in fact, it looks likes like the Thornton Middle School I used to go.

      The flooring, the walls, and the gym that is basically one of the major sections in the school were all paired pretty accurately. It's kind of hard remembering what I did first, so I'll just trace my steps back and hope for the best.

      I believe I start getting ready to run to the gym, and I'm running pretty fast too
      (seems I was right about speed running being something I never really have to practice much in my dreams). Then there's this female in a blue jacket that is running along with me, and I realized that when I'm running, I'm using my toes to push myself forward.

      I decided to plant each foot to the ground instead of using my toes alone, and I went much faster, but the girl to the left of me went even faster than me. I tried to catch up to her, but she made me look so slow.

      She didn't even turn her face to talk to me or anything, especially since other dream characters weren't even running at all. I decided to just stop running, take a moment to stand still, and then just casually walk my way to the gym.

      Well aren't you smart to not do a reality check Link...*facepalm*

      It seems I'm going in the gym to do some kind of fitness test, but at the same time, it feels liike I'm trying to get my overall grade for the Biology course, very confusing. I get near a random guy sitting down who looks like a staff member who seems to be giving out information or something important to other people.

      I check my wallet for my college ID, and I see an ID, but it isn't the one for my University. I don't panic (oddly enough), and I had to go back to wherever
      (should've questioned where you were the last few minutes in your dream Link!) it is I started from.

      From here, my recall of where I went is totally blank, but there's a continuation of this dream with a dream shift.

      I believe I'm sitting in a different gym, it's a little darker, but it is very spacious and has just feels like I'm in a pretty clean environment. I'm sitting in a partial lotus position, and I see a few random females near me.

      Then I saw a girl that I thought I would never see in my dreams. She looked a lot like Shelby in waking life when I was a senior in High School. She's a blonde female
      (Go figure Link...), and even though she may not have the looks, she looked cute to me in waking life, but some guys would just think she has no appeal at all.

      Guess I'm weird like that, though I do admit that I looked at her body more in the dream, but just can't find the right description for it. She was wearing some shorts, and a shirt with long sleeves. The shirt itself was light green, with a mix of turquoise to it, I'm not really good with specific colors here....=(

      Then I have another dream shift where it feels like I missed something....that I forgot something important....then I had a "OH CRAP" moment. I'm outside, the sky is pretty neutral and gray, and I turn right to head to a buiilding, and for some odd reason, the insides of it represent a Biology lab.

      I go inside, close the door, and spend some time looking around. It had almost everything to fool myself into thinking it's the real deal in waking life. The blacktops with dark brown wood finish on the bottom, top shelves on the side, things like that.

      Then I realized I had to go back to get something....
      (it really took me a while to realize that I'm heading back with my ID this time, but even then, I'm not sure if I paid attention to double check to see if I do have it this time).

      I turn to my left, and I see someone in a blue jacket again.....Her hair, her face, she looked very happy, but she was looking down on the ground, and walking fairly slow. But I think that's because my mind was in such a rush. I could've sworn I saw OctoberWind just now.

      The girl fits her visage, cheekbone structure and everything, and she had a cute smile as well. I look at her for a while to see if she really is her, and I'm pretty sure that was her.

      But I didn't have time to do an ignore test to see if I accidently met her on the dreaming plane. Sometimes I wonder if it was Alyzarin as well, because I remember her wearing a blue hoodie as well in an non-lucid shared dream I had with her before.

      I was too focused in going back to the gym, and I think I have a dream shift to where I'm in the hallway getting closer to the gym. I have a feeling that it's too late for me to get whatever it is I'm looking for inside of the gym, because I see a group of guys in orange shirts and blue pants telling me that whatever it is, it's done.

      I didn't give up though, I ignored them, went to the right side and started to run quickly. Then I stumbled upon an older lady. She was a little shorter than me, she wore a black suit jacket with a white shirt underneath, and I was asking if I can get my grade for Biology.

      I asked her because I heard people talking about the grades they had, and tells me to follow her a bit. There's a small basket on top of a table with white cloth over it, and she takes out a folder with some paper in it (or it could've just been a set of papers she took out instead of a folder).

      Anyway, she shows me the grade I have for the lab section of the course, which is an "F"?

      Wait what? Isn't that supposed to....this doesn't even make sense.....but I didn't do a reality check..*sigh*

      Then she shows me my Lecture Grade for the course, which is a D A.....freaking D, you don't know how happy I felt when she handed me those papers for myself, and she said that this type of grade would give me a C.

      For a class that had a trolling professor who purposely wanted the class average to be a 70, passing the class with a D alone was enough for me.....

      I get out of the gym, walking a blindly in the hallway, still having the thought of passing this course saturated in my mind, and then a guy to the left of me said that I'll probably just get a D instead of a C.

      Well, okay buddy, way to try and destroy my moment of happiness. I don't really like the idea of a D or a C in a class, but it's Biology, so my standards are little bit different than they were in High School...

      That's all I remember.

      House Inspection (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my father, and we're inside of a random house, and the owners were not there at all. It seems they were evicted, and couldn't get all their belongings in time. My father goes inside one bedroom, and it's lit up as well, and the whole place looks like someone was having a rush getting their things together.

      I noticed I had a gun in my hand, in fact, I think it's the same gun in waking life, loooooool. Anyway, I had the magazine on my right hand I think, because with me being ambidextrous, my left hand seems to be a better trigger side instead of my right.

      Because if cocked the handgun back with my left, it's too weak and I struggle too much, so I have to use my right.

      I brace my back against the wall, and I honestly don't know why I'm all paranoid, since the house was empty. I almost put the magazine within the chamber for the gun, but I only put it half way, I had a hunch that I should just wait to see how things played out. Oh, and before I put it half way, I made sure it was inserted the right way....would be embarassing if I put it the other way and tried to shoot, get pissed because it didn't work, and then wonder why I failed, hahaha.

      I go inside the bedroom my father is looking around, and I see a bunch of stuff here that should've been taken into consideration on the evicted people's list of things to get. Like really, a mini HD TV on top of the shelf? *sigh*

      I forget what I did after that.

      Linkzeidra, Kaomea, and Alyzarin Banned (Non-lucid)


      No, I didn't spell my name wrong, because there was a person who had an account of Linkzeidra, or something like that, but not my name.

      The way this dream was set up, I had moments where I asked myself, "Wait a second....." but never did a reality check....LOL.

      First, Kaomea gets banned for some weird reason, I saw her last post being on the Rant and Rave, Cry and Complain thread....LOL. I think she posted like one or two words on a post, and then another Kaomea bans the previous Kaomea that posted?

      The new version of Kaomea's account had a dark avatar, like, it could've been a picture of a succubus or something, but it was a lady in profile view, and her skin was ranging from dark grey or light black.

      What what??!?!?!?!?!? And I STILL didn't do a reality check.

      This Linkzeidra guy, apparently it's my account, because I'm worried on why I'm banned. The account has over 9,600 likes, and it takes me a while to go into a "WTF" expression when I saw that many likes. I looked at Alyzarin, who was also banned, and I forget the number of likes she has.

      I started to speculate on how the hell did I get so many likes in a short span of time, but again, no reality checking for me, guess I was happy with the 9,600+ likes....hahahahahaha

      When I tried making a post, I get a message saying that my IP was banned, and I'm wondering why the hell am I still banned.

      I think I log on the KVirc client, but that doesn't work either. I also noticed that the KVirc client had a black background theme to it, another subtle change I didn't realize until now.

      After being patient, I go back and try to make a post again, and I'm finally able to. Apparently, Dreamviews is linked with Runescape? Because I was on the Runescape hompage, and it said the reason for the bans were because of a "Snook" test?

      Weird....anyway, that's all I remember.

      Sitting Outside (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside of my apartment, (I'm not even there in waking life), and I'm sitting at some chair near the columns supporting the upper regions of the apartment complex.

      I think I'm waiting for someone, and I see my blonde neighbor go out with some chicks. She's wearing a faded blue hoodie, and she and the two other ladies are walking straight on the grass, and then turn to the left to go inside the vehicle.

      I shift my attention back by looking down to see the desk I'm sitting on.

      Starbucks and C.C. (Non-lucid)


      I'm at Starbucks, and instead of going to the cash register, people can go near the employees making the coffee, etc., and ask them what they wanted.

      It was my turn, and I wanted to get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, but before I can make complete sentence, I start stuttering. The blonde female in front of me that's waiting for my order, she goes over to the next person, most likely because she's seeing I'm having trouble saying a few basic words.

      I finally tell her what I want, and she starts making it. How it's set up, she has to take 4 cups, add certain ingredients to each one, and then mix them all up in one cup.

      She asked me if I wanted more of any of the 4, and I started to stutter again, but I quickly got out of that and asked if I could get more sugar.
      She finishes making it for me, and then something weird happens.

      I get a flashing view, or maybe I'm seeing her right in front of me when I turn, but I see C.C. from Code Geass
      (but I didn't know her name until I googled it, hahaha). It was kind of awkward because when I turned around, I go into this weird view of looking at her from the bottom up.

      She had some ASS, and the moment I'm looking up slowly, I see green hair near her waist, and from that point on, I think I see her face, but then things start to fade too quickly.

      Mii Avatar Couple Insanity (Non-lucid)


      There's a Mii Couple standing on a ship, like the upper levels where the Sail is attached. The husband has to kill his wife who is near a ledge, I guess she was too crazy, and had to be killed.

      It takes the husband a while to kill his wife, but he slices the front of her head off, and he starts going crazy and I think he's crying while running away from where his wife died. I think there was a swat team or something like that.

      Too disturbing, but I did see blood for once.

      I believe there's a dream shift to where I'm Link from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, and I'm going through some areas until I jump on a dark and evil section. The castle looked like one of those shady looking monsters where their eyes and mouth were the main features.....too lazy to remember that one.
    6. Foursome, Shoot the Fake, Kaomea and her Pain meds, Rich Blonde Saves my ass...

      by , 05-05-2012 at 06:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Okay, so after sleeping a little more, I recalled more dreams. The first one is the most recent one, and the rest are just in random order lol.

      Foursome with Melanieb and Twin Sisters (Non-lucid)


      I'm at my University, and I'm riding my bicycle pretty fast, barely managing to dodge a few people or run over them. I just ride just for the sake of riding, and I'm headed towards a new area.

      I shift to the right lane of the road, go to a small downhill road to turn left, passing through a truck just in time before it can block me.

      Then I reach a dead end, and was worried I was going to crash, but I leaned towards the side of my bike with both of my legs on one side, and jump off it while holding the handles.

      I walk inside a random room, and I go all the way in, turn left, and then decide to go back outside and go to my apartment. I'm my way out, I barely notice a bald guy wearing a striped shirt with red and white going down vertically.

      I felt like an idiot to just randomly go in, so I pretended to be dumb and said "Hi" to the guy. He was in the process of sitting down on a black rotatable, and was looking at the computer in front of him that was black, and shining pretty bright.

      He responds to me saying "Hi" to me, and I do this awkward leave, slowly walking backwards and smiling, and just getting out of there.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm back at my apartment. I go inside my bedroom, and I find there's some clothes on the bed.


      Looks like all of these are mine. Then I hear someone say,


      Shocked, I slowly peek to see who it was, but I couldn't see anyone, because I had the living room lights turned off, though the kitchen light should've helped me see the outline of the person at least.

      I decided I should go to the living room section a little bit closer, and I see a woman with black hair, red shirt and a small thin black jacket on top of it.

      She turns her face around, and it's Melanieb, without her sunglasses on her profile picture.

      She has glossy lips, like this:

      I don't know why, I didn't have complete control over myself, but I am seeing things in first person perspective, and I kissed Melanieb on the cheek.

      I asked her,

      "Wait, how did you get into my apartment?"

      She responds saying that she told the managers some clever reason that I can't remember exactly. She then said that they didn't believe her at first, so she lied to them again and said,

      "I wanted to preserve my virginity for you..."




      Why didn't I do a nose plug RC? Especially since melanieb was in my apartment?!?!?!?

      Anyway, I looked into her eyes for a while, and it's kind of hard to assume that this person was a dream figure, I looked into her eyes pretty deep, and she felt happy to be around me, or maybe she's just being cheerful overall.

      She holds my hands, and from this point, my mind is going blank on her cute expression towards me. While she's guiding me to the bedroom, I'm still shocked and blank.

      When we get to the bedroom, it looks a bit messy. I hear her saw a few things, but I can presume that she wanted me to clean up some areas in the bedroom before we did anything.

      I tell her that I will clean it up, and I declared that the reason why is because I've had so much free time lately that I've been passive on managing my bedroom.

      I start to pick up an underwear on the bed, and put it next to another small piece of clothing on my left hand.

      The dream starts to fade a little bit, and it shifts to where I'm outside.

      From this point, I thought I was awake, and was mad at myself for the dream fading away, because I was looking at some old man walking at some random point in a section that looked like a pharmacy drive-thru.

      I got annoyed, turned my face back to its natural position to see Naruto in his older form smiling at me while he's walking over some grass.

      Then I see some girl who looks a bit like she's from an anime, but at the same time, she looked realistic, like 3D Anime or something like that, but even more realistic than that.

      I believe she wore glasses, and had black hair as well, and she was driving a white or silver car. She looks at me, and I look at her, and then there's another car coming in, and it's another girl in it as well.

      They both look the same in facial composition, I was confused. Both of them were following each other while in their cars.

      Then the dream shifts to where Melanieb and the twins were inside my apartment apparently, and I was going to go inside with them, but the dream fades and I wake up....

      Loooooooool. So much for the foursome.
      Shoot the Fake one (Non-lucid)


      I don't really care much about this dream.

      There were two men on the floor, and they both looked the same, and I had a handgun in my hand, and I had to kill the fake one.

      I had a hunch on who it was, and I aimed the gun at him while they're busy fighting and rolling on the floor in a garage.

      I almost shot the real one, and then calmed down until the fake one rolled to the left to get on top of the other guy.

      Before he could punch him, I shot him in the head.

      I dropped the gun, and I think I went to someone and started crying, but I don't know who...
      Kaomea and her Pain meds (Non-lucid)


      Okay, so I'm reading Kaomea's Dream Journal about how she's taking her pain meds or something like that.

      Rich Blonde Saves my Ass (Non-lucid)


      I don't know how I got into affiliations with Asian gang group members, but these were one of those high class ones where men in fancy suits would come after you and "take care" of you if you did something wrong, in other words, you'd either be dead or severely injured.

      There's something that's bothering my mind, and apparently, I had to pay off some shark loan or something like that by tomorrow.

      I believe the amount was $1,600? Obviously, I'm screwed, and I'm worried on how I'm going to get this payment done and over with in a short period of time. I think I'm with someone, but I can't remember, and I can't remember what happens next except in the next dream shift.

      I'm near a blonde female, and she's positive towards me, though I'm not really paying to much attention to the vibe she's giving me, probably because of the loan I had in the back of my mind worrying about.

      She writes a check that basically will let me pay off the loan. I look at her and had a face that said, "Why????"

      She smiles at me, and she even gives me a $100 in cash just like that. I acknowledge her by showing her how grateful I am, and I looked at the $100 bill and thought of the things I could buy with this amount of money.

      I think I replaced the $100 bill since it looked a little bit blank in the middle with a black censor or something like that.

      The blonde didn't mind at all though, that's all I remember.

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    7. Kaomea as a Child????, Moving Away, Pharynx/Larynx, Obama and Homeless Tents?

      by , 04-16-2012 at 03:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea as a Child???? (Non-lucid)


      I put this dream first so Kaomea can hopefully see it, and the similarities between the child and her is waaaay too accurate, at least for my limited knowledge on how she looked like before.

      Before I go on to remembering the dream, the reason why I'm assuming a girl that looks like Kaomea as a child, even though I don't know how she really looked as a child in waking life, is because of the red tank top she was wearing along with blue shorts.

      I know Kaomea has worn a red shirt and some blue jeans, along with some red sneakers in her dreams, and probably does the same in waking life.

      I'm probably in spectator mode, just seeing how things play out at an area with a lot of greenery to it. If you looked beyond the area they're at, you could see there's a large and open field, and the clouds are light gray or light blue, couldn't tell exactly.

      The atmosphere seemed like this was in the late 1980s to the early 1990s (well obviously, since this could've been Kaomea as a child). It was a vivid dream, and it had that "old-school" film feeling to it.
      (Don't worry, Kaomea, I'm not saying you're old or anything, it's just the type of ATMOSPHERE that felt kind of weird.)

      There's an adult or two supervising a group of children. The two children that popped up to me the most were a girl and a boy.

      The boy was Caucasian most likely, and by the way he's smiling, I'm assuming everybody is taking some kind of group photo together.

      He's really ready to get his picture taken, and I think they had to move around a bit, so I guess they were testing to find out the ideal order of who goes behind who and such for the photo.

      Now for the girl. She had fairly long hair, and the children here are probably around the age of 4-7? She looked like she was from Hawaii like Kaomea is in right now.

      Her skin tone was a little bit darker than the skin tone I normally see Kaomea in, but only slightly. She's wearing a red tank top with some fluffy extensions near her shoulder, well, it's not that fluffy, but it was fancy looking enough for me to pay attention to her.

      I think she was wearing blue shorts, and probably red sneakers as well, presuming whoever dressed her would want her shoes to match with her tank top.

      After one of the adults and the children move around for a little while to find the ideal positions to stand, sit, or crouch on, I get a zoomed perspective on the child that looks like Kaomea.

      She has this sort of mad pout to her face, as if she doesn't want to be part of the photo....LOL, it was so hilarious! xD

      Anyway, it was kind of cute seeing her like that.
      (in fact, I was just putting my hands over my face and shaking my head and going "awwwwww" )

      Then I hear a random voice that said how she would like a certain someone someday? I didn't know what that meant, but I'm assuming who she likes now....but it could be someone else entirely different.

      I can't remember much after that, I was just focusing on the girl who could've been Kaomea as a child.

      Moving Away (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a random house, and I have my laptop with me inside of a dark room. I didn't know that me and my father were going to move as yet.

      There's a T.V. flashing, but I didn't pay attention to what was showing most of the time. I get out of the room, and I go to the garage of this random house, and I see my father with a vehicle that has this large attachment to it.

      It's like a mini red truck attached to a Jeep or something, and it had a brown color to it. The driveway itself was kind of weird, a small tree was in the middle of it, and there's a really small dirt slit going parallel to the driveway's path.

      I thought it would prevent my father from moving this weird mini red truck attachment he had for another vehicle, but after looking on how it's structured, it wasn't going to hit the tree at all. Oh, and the truck itself was probably a normal red Ford truck.

      There were also random people coming on the driveway, some were merely passing through, and then there's some that stop in the middle of the driveway and just look at me or at the garage.

      I remember there being a lady with copper red or burnt orange hair. Her visage wasn't appealing at first, and the fact that she looked depressed kind of bothered me, seeing as she's one of the people just standing in the middle of the driveway.

      She's wearing a black dress, and it stops near the top region of her thighs as well.

      I can't remember anything else from that dream.

      Pharynx/Larynx (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a lecture apparently, but the room itself is way too short for it to be a decent science lecture. In fact, it seemed that either I'm the only student here, or there were a few people behind me that I didn't pay attention to.

      I was listening to a lecturer declare something about how it's important to remember some figure he has on the projection screen. The room is dark, so the only think shining is the screen, so I paid attention and got something out to write on to copy what's on the screen.

      I believe he was talking about something about knowing which part represents the Pharynx and which part represented the Larynx. I think he wanted us to even draw the structure of it
      (I didn't even remember what a Pharynx and a Larynx were in waking life until I checked that it's related to the throat).

      I'm drawing what he's pointing us to draw, but it doesn't look anything like what I saw what those parts were in waking life, but I blindly draw and label them down.

      It seemed like there were extensions that looked like veins on these parts, and for some reason, I decided to look a little bit more on how they looked like so that I could draw out more of the vein-like structures.

      I think the dream shifts, but I'm in the same room, and someone is talking to me one-on-one. I can't remember how they looked like at all, seeing as the room is still dark. They were giving me some transparent object.

      It looked like it was some dried up gel to preserve something that was inside it. A message inside of it said
      (and damn it, this is getting ANNOYING now...)

      "You can still pass! But you need to go to the SI Sessions!"

      (SI Sessions are short for "Supplemental Instruction".....and that's basically free tutoring that the University gives here. It's pretty helpful, but like the meaning says, it's "Supplemental"....meaning it's not wise to actually rely only on it).

      After reading it, I wasn't really surprised about what it was trying to tell me. I think I had thoughts of it either being Biology, seeing as it's only of the only SI sessions I go to other than the Chemistry one.

      (I don't know why it would suggest I do that since I go to both when it's appropriate....like I wouldn't go to one after we took a test, since those sessions would be cancelled because they wouldn't know what's going to be covered if we just took an exam....

      I thought it could've been for my Political Science class, but again, I didn't see how that could be it seeing as the material I was looking at on the screen was related to Biology in general).

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside now, and this area feels like an abstract of where I live because there's a black road in the middle, and it seems I'm sitting down on a brown bench with someone.

      The person is on the other side, not next to me. I didn't really pay attention to them that well, and can't remember how they looked like since I had my face down somewhere else.

      They were talking to me about some kind of offer, but I can't remember what. They obviously wanted me to stay a bit longer and think about it, but I'm still a bit on shifting towards rejecting it, even though I'm having feelings that I should accept it.

      I'm assuming it's something that's a big deal, especially if I'm still there worrying about accepting or denying, but I just don't know what the hell they're offering me!

      Then I decide to get up, and I cross the black road, and to my right, there's a light brown dumpster that's about 3-4 feet away from me. Behind it was a bicycle that looks like my own in waking life, and I think there's a black motorcycle next to it as well.

      Obviously, I go with the black motorcycle, and it looks pretty nice too. (I wonder if that could've been the motorcycle that Kaomea rides in her dream? Or maybe it was the same motorcycle I rode a while back in another dream where I was riding on a snake-y sidewalk that seemed to direct me in possibly finding Alyzarin? Then again, those dreams happened probably a month or two before this one...)

      As soon as I get on the vehicle, the Cowboy Bebop Ending music plays, and I'm surprised that I was passively listening to the music, even though there wasn't anything external in waking life that could've transcended to this dream.

      (I like the song, but how it played as soon as I got on the motorcycle kind of bothered me when I typed this dream out)....Obviously a song like that means something depressing was going on.
      Obama and Homeless Tents? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I see President Obama walking in snow, and it was snowing very hard. I don't think he's even wearing a jacket, just a white dress shirt, blue tie, and black pants most likely.

      He heads towards a green tent, and it seems there's some activity inside of it. He crouches down and goes in, and I believe for a half a second, I was Obama in first person view?

      Someone inside of the tent crawls out and shows Obama what's inside the tent.

      That's all I remember.

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    8. Kaomea & Tie Dye Blue Shirts, Ophelia's Twin Sister, Wrong Prescription...

      by , 04-06-2012 at 05:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea & Tye Dye Blue Shirts, Ophelia's Twin Sister, Wrong Prescription...


      I remembered at least 3 dreams from the WBTB, but I decided,

      "Oh, let me just doze off again for a few minutes, no biggie!" Forgot most of them now, except one. I still have a lingering experience from it.

      Dream 1: Kaomea &Tye Dye Blue Shirts....
      Spoiler for Speculation and Insight:

      I do a nose plug RC somewhere in this dream, and just saying, "I'm dreaming..." a few times. Then after I stabilized for a little while, I believed I could start running fast to find Kaomea.

      "Okay...let's do this!"

      I started to dash towards some gray wide road, and then I see that I'm at a high level somewhere, and I needed to land.

      I go back a few feet away from the ledge, then I started to run as fast as I could and tried to jump far. I did a regular dash jump, and was feeling myself floating down.

      This was a moment where I thought I would lose lucidity, I tried my best to accept that I was dreaming as a means to keep stable , and looking at the ground still made me have brief moments of predicting how it would feel to land, including thinking about a horrible landing...

      Throughout the process of jumping from this high ledge, I believe I was rotating my arms in a weird motion, probably my attempt to fly or something. I landed safely, still feeling that rush from jumping from a high ledge.

      The environment....I remember it looking as if it was going to rain....the sky....it was light gray....and I see this weird looking building in front of me.

      I want to say it was probably a pyramid/temple....it looked a bit old (go figure...), it was dark gold I think, a little dirty and all.

      (Maybe it was a desert....maybe it was a construction zone...I don't remember, but I do remember another lingering experience after this).

      I believe I jump on top of this abnormal pyramid structure, and I go inside some dark hole on the top of it. I land and find myself in an area where there was several light blue shirts, kind of like tye dye shirts, but with just various shades of blue.

      There were these stationary clothes hangers with some plastic chest torso bodies like they're being put up for display.

      As far as lucidity goes, that's all I can remember for this dream. I did remember seeing a lady in red, and I would love to admit that it could've been Kaomea.

      Maybe she (or some other DC that probably looked like her...I don' know...) told me to go somewhere because we both to take care of a few things, but I'll just have to leave this dream for speculation, or wait until Kaomea makes an entry of a somewhat similar encounter.

      Just didn't want to give up on the bits that I remembered...

      Dream 2: OpheliaBlue's Twin Sister

      My whole experience of this dream was sort of hazy. I believe I'm sitting down near the edge of some high building, and there's a few people there as well.

      I see OpheliaBlue, she's wearing blue jeans and a a semi-transparent shirt that has this mix of dark pink and diluted red to it. Her hair is most likely black, and it was bundled up into curls, like one of her photos I've seen in a thread. >.>

      Anyway, she tells me that I should come with her to see her sister perform some unique talent of hers, I think it was balancing plates with thin light brown sticks, something like that.

      I acknowledge her response to me and get up, but it's taking a little bit for me to stand up completely. After she started to walk a little bit, I felt like I should rest again on the floor.

      I motioned a "Give me a moment's rest" type of action to Ophelia.

      I laid down to my side, my body feels so tired and weak. I look at the ground for a little bit, seeing the little bumps on each tile of the flooring outside of this building. Then I look at what's in front of me, and I see the edge, and I'm awfully close to it.

      And the floor outside of this building I'm resting on is slightly slanted, and I didn't want to roll all the way down there, because it felt like I was at a really high elevation.

      So I get my left hand and make a fist to the ground to help with getting up, I managed to extend my left arm to where it forms a slanted L shape, but I can't get up.

      I believe I rolled to my side to look where Ophelia's going, but here's the part that was really confusing to me.

      She told me her sister would come, but to me, it looked like she had twin sisters, or I'm seeing another image of her.

      Ophelia has the black hair, and the other person that is probably her twin sister has her hair dyed red, with a few traces of black.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 3: Wrong Prescription

      I riding my bicycle near some parking toll booth entrance. In my hand, I was showing the person inside the booth about a wrong prescription apparently.

      I guess they analyze and do customer service with pharmacy related issues as well.

      The lady was asking me a few questions, and I told her that I never opened the bottle before.

      Then for some odd reason, I open it, and take a pill, but I didn't swallow it immediately. I let my tongue make various forms around it, and it tasted a little bit like any regular hard capsule vitamin/pill.

      Then I realized what I did, felt depressed, and said,

      "Never mind........"

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    9. Shower, Desserts, Stitch, Medicine, Kaomea Search, Embarrassment, Back-stabbing, Aly MSN, Crown

      by , 04-01-2012 at 04:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Shower, Desserts, Stitch, Medicine, Kaomea Search, Embarrassment, Back-stabbing, Aly MSN, Crown


      Dream 1: Shower in Bedroom

      I was showering in a bedroom in a house that looks familiar to me, except that the shower literally was in the bathroom.

      What I mean by that is that there's shower head on top of a bedroom ceiling spraying water for me to take a shower. Even though there are people around me, I don't really mind being naked getting myself wet and clean for some odd reason.

      There's this Asian woman I believe who is coming in, and it looks like my father is helping her check the house out. My mother was there too, should've done a RC there, anyway, the Asian woman was kind of cute.

      She's wearing a white dress shirt along with a black or grey business shirt. Her hair is pure black, and her skin done is brown, but only slightly.

      While I'm showering, there's this guy that looks like R, a friend of my father, who is next to me. I don't really pay too much attention to him, since I'm still showering. My mother, who somehow is still in this dream, was saying something to my father that he could turn off the T.V. with the remote.

      I make a hand motion to her to make her stop, because the T.V. isn't really bothering whatever he's doing, but she's not seeing anything I'm doing, so instead of feeling awkward, I stood still for a while, and then went back to showering myself.

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside now, and I see the same Asian woman inside riding a Jeep or some variant of it. Apparently, she's a real estate agent, because I see "For Lease" signs in the trunk of the vehicle.

      The vehicle had tinted windows, but it was late afternoon, so the glare from the sun helped with seeing through things. I believe she's parking to go to another house.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Desserts, Desserts, Desserts!

      Now that I recall this dream, I do remember Alyzarin telling me something about Cheesecake Factory one time, and how she went there, oh well, I didn't see anyone familiar or anything like that
      I'm going inside a store that makes cakes, pastries and all sorts of deserts. I head to the left, and I see cheesecake, and they have.....


      I go get a knife, and the samples are in bite size squares. I was confused if it was sharp cheddar cheese since it did look slightly orange, but I stack them laterally on the knife.

      Someone tells me that I shouldn't go overboard with the amount, but they said it in a joking manner.

      I start to eat these bite size pieces, but I don't recall tasting anything.

      Dream 3: Creature Looks like Stitch From Lilo & Stitch

      Lol, before I tell this dream, when I saw Stitch, and wake up to recall this, I automatically thought, HAWAII!!! Kaomeaaaaaaa!

      I'm in a cave, it has a mystical feel to it. There's water pouring, and I believe the sound is associating with the online alarm site I had playing of "Water" to help me sleep (like using a white noise).

      The area that I'm in, it was like a natural spiraling path going downwards. What I mean is that there's this huge vertical rock in the middle, and there's rock plates forming together to make a spiral around it as surface to walk on

      The best example I can use for this is that it was similar to the environment that Emil went to in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New world where he was close to the final fight against Alice and that lover of hers, Decus. (The area is the
      Ginnungagaap I think, yeah, I know long word, I had to google that myself, even though I beat the game several times xD)

      The atmosphere was calm, tranquil, and it felt so empty. I see a creature, who has various shades of blue along with a very short composition. It looked like Stitch from the show "Lilo & Stitch," but it was so weird looking that using Stitch as an example is the best way I can try and describe.

      I think it had tentacles on its face, but that's something I'm still not sure on. Apparently, someone tells me that I have to go to it when I want to get something changed. I don't know what exactly, maybe a change like body change, or maybe a change in emotion, I wasn't given much insight.

      I do go towards the creature, and I do it slowly, it turns around, but I still can't make a good facial description of it.

      I can't remember too much on what happens next.

      Dream 4: Medicine?

      This dream seems to be me in a stop animation production scene, because the only things I saw were hands popping out of random small doors near the floor, probably to help with concealing human involvement.

      The hand is doing random things from throwing objects, or placing something in the middle.

      The flooring a gray and there's white lights on top, your usual long and vertical white lighting placed laterally on the ceiling.

      I think I kick around a few objects and continue moving forward somewhere. Then I see a sign that says Medicine, but in horrible spelling, like "Medisone" or "Medicoone," somewhere around those words.

      Then when I'm past this area, I look back and there's this random person sitting down. I've seen this person in my dreams, but it was a loooooooooooong time ago, and he's just sitting there doing something. Then he tries to throw objects at me, ranging from green pencils or pens.

      I dodge all of them, and I'm using the door in front of me to deflect most of them anyway. I grab a pencil/pen, and throw it back at him, and we continue doing this for a while until I got bored and left.

      At least it wasn't Kaomea throwing a pair of scissors at me. I'm joking Kaomea!!!!!

      Dream 5: I will find you Kaomea....

      After moving around to my sides a little bit from the WBTB time finishing from me recalling the previous 4 dreams, I feel this sensation that I'm being elevated, or that my body is getting more lighter.

      I've had times where I felt I would lose connection with this sensation, but I just kept still to finally arrive somewhere. I knew I had to have been unconscious for a while, but the Rain music that was continuously playing for a while helped with awareness.

      I wake up, I already know that I'm dreaming because I felt the sensation of going into the dreaming plane. I wake up in a random house.

      It was a small bedroom, and I look a window to see that it's close to raining outside, I feel like I'm in a basement because the window was one of those where you have to peek a little higher to see what's going on ground level.

      I look at the T.V. that's nearby me, and I'm seeing the Saving and Loading Screen for Resident Evil 4. There's nobody playing it at all, so I just watch in curiosity to see if this automatic movement of the game activating would give me a message.

      When the game finally loads, I see Albert Wesker, and soon I realize it's the Mercenaries mini-game that is being activated by itself. I try to look at the white font text on the screen to see if the T.V. was trying to give me a message.

      The first set of white font text while Albert Wesker is busy shooting Las Plagas enemies seems to appear in Spanish, and I couldn't understand anything from that.

      The next sets that I recall seemed to be making fun of how Albert Wesker's intentions in ruling the world someday with non-zombie invasions.

      (Because in Resident Evil 4, Las Plagas did not make the host into a zombie, it just controlled them and made them look like they were like zombies with red eyes and everything, but they still kept they're human traits. The only think that would be different is that they looked a little bit more darker).

      After a few seconds of watching Albert Wesker shooting, I get out of the bedroom, then I find myself in the small hallway in my apartment. It was dark, but looking ahead I could see that the blinds near the front entrance where glowing a little bit with light. It was a gray light, and I knew it had to be raining or something.

      Before I advanced any further, I stay within the exit to my bedroom, and was close to a few light switches. I didn't notice it at first but the light switches were on the right instead of the left like they were in waking life.

      Since walls where narrow in this hallway, it was enough for me to tempt myself to jump, and spread my legs mid-air to rest on my back on the right wall.

      Basically I had one feet that stayed in place on the right side, and extended my other leg to left side. It felt kind of weird for me to do this, I think I even managed to stick to the ceiling looking down on the floor!

      But that moment lasted for a few seconds, and I'm back to resting my back on the wall with my feet helping me stay off the ground.

      I take my right arm and move down a little bit to feel for any light switches, I try to turn both of them on, nothing.

      "Right," I told myself.

      (I said that in one word because it validated that I was dreaming because the light switches didn't turn on).

      I felt the dream starting to fade, and I forgot to do a stabilization technique, and got out of tune with my dream body for a few seconds.

      I find myself back in waking life for a few seconds, but I didn't move or anything, I just see the back of my eyes are gray and has that type of gray mystical field of vision that's wavy and everything, and then I get back into the dream. (DEILD)

      I put myself down back to ground level, and as I'm getting closer and closer to the door to get out of my apartment, I believe I check the blinds first before I go in blind faith of where the door will take me.

      I see it's just like a replica of my apartment, so I go outside, but not all the way. I feel something to the right side of me, like one of those one strapped bags, but it felt like my laptop case to the right side of me.

      I didn't pay attention to it too much.

      It was still raining, and I knew this was because of the "Rain" setting I had on the Online Alarm clock to play was white noise in waking life.

      I told myself with confidence, "I will find you Kaomea....."

      Since I knew I was near my apartment environment, and since I don't have that much power to just summon up a portal or something and go to Hawaii or even the Alaskan beach shared dreaming location we set up, I decided I should at least use my ability to run fast.

      I prepare myself to run, but before I could even feel the sensation of the rain hitting my skin, the dream fades again.

      I wake up again, but I still keep my eyes closed. Since I'm in the intermediate state with being half-awake, half-asleep, I categorized this dream with "Resident Evil 4" in my head, because of what I was doing watching the T.V. in the dream.

      I relied on that categorization to help with the potential DEILD I could have, but I ended up being unconscious for the next few sets of dreams.

      Dream 6: Embarrassment

      The dream starts off to where I'm hanging out with a girl I never hanged out with before, I don't even know why I didn't do a RC, because I haven't been with someone to hang out with for a long time.

      She looks a lot like Chelsea, one of my group partners in my first Biochemistry course when we had to do a presentation on a certain drug.

      I'm not going to say what exactly just to remain slightly anonymous from her.

      Chelsea is wearing a light blue shirt, and is wearing dark blue sports shirts. After walking around with her for a while, she tells me while smiling,

      "Hey, instead of me and you going to a hotel together, I think it's best if I go back to my dorm room."

      You.............did.....not....just.....tell....me ....THAT....in front...of these.........people!!!

      Since we were near a small crowd of people, (I realized I was inside of the Hookah station, or something like it. It's bar near a few fast food areas, don't let the name fool you.

      The reason why I'm presuming I was in the bar is because when I was looking at Chelsea, I looked outside with my peripheral vision, and saw the narrow street lanes, and it had to be outside near college main and the intersection).

      A couple of guys made the "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh" sound and laughed a little bit after Chelsea told me this.

      I don't know why she would tell me this, or what the hell we could be doing for her to say that we should basically go back to where we live.

      To save myself from embarrassment, I told her,

      "Yeah, I have to go to a tutor at 7PM."

      She acknowledges it, and we go our separate ways. I don't pay attention to where she's headed, she most likely vanish because I doubt that was the real Chelsea.

      I leave the bar, and the dream environment is a little different, I go to my right and move forward, then I find myself stuck between a lady trying to move her car out of a parking spot, and it was really narrow that I was forced to wait for her.

      Her car was green, and pretty generic in its composition, and she's moving the car slowly because there's two more vehicles to the sides that are too close to her car. It ends up causing a dent on the front side of her vehicle, but she doesn't seem to care.

      By this time, I couldn't tell if I was still stuck when she was backing up, I probably just stoon on top of one vehicle to see how this woman is going to back up without damaging the other vehicles.

      Dream 7: Back-stabbing

      I'm in a dark area, seems like your classic creepy mansion. The room I'm in had a fancy carpet in the middle with some fancy stuff and bookshelves surrounding it.

      I find myself being shifted to another environment, and it looks like I'm outside of the mansion or castle or whatever, and it's still night time.

      I realize my back is being braced against a huge column, and my perspective is a little weird for a moment.

      Imagine bracing yourself behind a wall, you can't really see much behind you unless you do some peeking to the left and right, but for me, it was like I was staring at myself bracing against the wall.

      There's this huge Black dude in a Black long jacket. It looked like the Black dude from one of those Resident Evil movies, but that's just using a general comparison.

      He's guarding the area in the middle of the 4 columns placed in a square formation. And he's looking at the area I'm hiding in, but he doesn't know that I'm there. Oh, and he has a really huge freaking weapon, like a really huge Shotgun.

      All that he's doing is turning his body right or left, and when he does that, I peek in the opposite direction. I waited for a while to advance, but it seems instead of shifting to the right (he just shifted to the left), he takes another shift to the left.


      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The shot literally demolishes the whole column I'm next to.

      I barely dodge the shot by taking a small dive to the ground when he finds me out, and I try to hide to the column to the left of me, but that would be useless since he's already found me out.

      The dream resets to me bracing against the column again, and I knew the guy would to those random formations where he shifts his body to the same direction twice.

      I still was detected by him, but instead of trying to fight him I told him,

      "Look, I already know I can't defeat you, that's impossible right now, can you at least show me who is your leader?"

      Without even answering, the leader shows up out of a dark area. He looks like Steve Carell with glasses on.

      Now that I'm awake recalling this, you have to be freaking kidding me....LOL...so much for looking like a fearless leader.

      He doesn't say a lot in this dream, I'm just explaining why I'm here.

      I tell him that I wanted to be part of his group, because I have intel from an enemy of his who thinks that I'm only working for him, and told him that I would be back-stabbing the other leader, which is Steve Carell.

      He doesn't really take it too seriously, since I am working for him, but I didn't tell him that I'm only helping both sides for my own benefit, but I don't know for what though.

      He talks, but it's like he's saying random shit to make it look like he understands me. He starts pointing at something like he's comprehending what I'm saying, but I just ...I just... lol, really?!!?

      This guy is a leader??????

      To be honest, if I was lucid, I would've just woken up from this fail leader. It's not Steve Carell that I was disappointed in, it was just that when I barely dodge a shotgun shot from some tall Black dude, you'd think that their leader would be a little MORE bad-ass than that?

      Not the glasses man, not the glasses, it doesn't help with your "evil" visage.

      Dream 8: Alyzarin

      I wake up (FA), and I go to my laptop, and I go on MSN, and find that Alyzarin is online. (She's going somewhere at the moment, so she couldn't have been online, but I guess I was too excited to tell her what happened lol).

      We chat around a little bit, and I forgot most of what we were talking about.

      Dream 9: Crown

      I believe I'm Link (this is just a video game simulation most likely), but just a weird version of him. He's like a variant of Windwaker's Link and other Links I'm presuming, can't remember exactly on his facial structure.

      The dream is pretty vivid, but I didn't really pay too much attention to the environment, except for the fact that it seemed I was in a city that was in the sky (Skyward sword association probably, but I never played it).

      Someone awards me with a golden crown, I didn't really think of it as anything useful, but the text below (like you would see when you get an item from a chest or person) said that wearing this crown allows you to double the speed for you to use an item or a weapon.

      I just run around like a dimwit, trying to test out this crown I'm wearing, and there are command prompts on what actions can help you use it's function. I saw the Wii remote animations on the top screen while playing the game.

      Don't remember much after I recall myself dashing like crazy in a random area of this sky city.

      Dang it! Again with these False Awakenings!!

      I wanted to take another attempt to sleep again, but it's 10:24 AM right now GMT -5:00, so I might as well put this as an entry now.

      Damn it, I was lucid, had the intention to find Kaomea, but forgot to do stabilization techniques.

      But again the lucid dream was vivid and looked stable, I just don't understand why the dream started to fade. Maybe it was from adrenaline, but I didn't feel any kind of rush, the least I felt was just anticipation of find her.

      Well, no use complaining about it now...it's already done and gone.

    10. Kaomea in White Dress? Short Pink Dress...Alyzarin?

      by , 03-29-2012 at 05:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea in White Dress? Short Pink Dress...Alyzarin? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Kaomea or Lady in White Dress?

      I can't remember much about this dream other than the fact that I think I met Kaomea in a white dress (I'm not too sure if it was her or someone else, never saw her in a white dress in a dream, mostly red or some outfit with a red color). I was trying to fuse with her, and when we did, we would teleport somewhere I believe.

      After this, there was this weird inter-dimension (like a medium to be between that had a really dark pink space time of background to it. There was this random floating surface that was light pink, and it was gridded, but I don't know the exact number of squares.

      The whole perspective in this shift was me spectating and see things in third person perspective.

      There were small little dream characters, and I believe I was on the square as well, and I was trying to avoid them because everyone can phase and fuse into each other if they stood on the same square, which would apparently let them have a shared dream.

      I think I managed to avoid them, barely escaping other DCs. They didn't move as fast, but it was like playing a game of chess, one move I made, would initiate someone to move somewhere else to get closer to me or someone else.

      I think somewhere in another dream shift, I met Spike from Cowboy Bebop as well.

      (I think this was because I was playing Chess on the computer because I couldn't connect to the Internet late last night).

      Dream 2: Short Pink Dress....Alyzarin?

      I was sitting down near a table with a few people. I know there was at least one female, and maybe a friend of hers who was also a girl.

      The first girl I mentioned, she was wearing one of these two variations:

      1. A really short pink (slightly dark pink) skirt dress that had the length of going all the way down where it barely covered her private parts. She was probably wearing panties, but the skirt was so short that if one was going under her, they could see whatever it is there.

      2. A really short skirt, with a pink blouse with thin straps for her arms to go through.

      She was also wearing a long black rain jacket (the one with that velvet kind of feel to it).

      She had black hair (with some shine to it, but that was probably the light bouncing off), it was short, maybe going all the way down to her chin or at least the bottom ends of her ears.

      Her skin tone, she had a peach color or apricot color to it, but it was a little dark, just slightly.

      She was talking to me about something, and things are first-person perspective for me when I'm listening to her talk.

      Eventually, I stood up moved a little closer to her, and spread my arms out.

      At first she's wondering what I'm doing, she's still sitting down, but she answers her own question and said something along the lines of,

      "Oh, because I stopped doing.......(something)"

      And she gets up and hugs me as well.

      I think the only people I would think about hugging naturally like that would be Alyzarin, Kaomea, or even Melanieb (but I already know how Melanieb looks, and Kaomea as well, and they didn't fit the description of the girl I met).

      Maybe it could've been Melanieb, since she does have black hair, but I doubt she has it short in waking life.

      And it definitely couldn't have been Kaomea...maybe I met the blonde DC Alyzarin met that had black hair instead.

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    11. Nina and Boat Ride, Sandwich, Can I Keep It???, Obama and The Search for Kaomea

      by , 03-28-2012 at 02:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Nina and Boat Ride, Sandwich, Can I Keep It???, Obama and The Search for Kaomea


      Dream 1: Nina's last Avatar Come to Life?

      I remember being with a group of characters ranging from Naked or Solid Snake from Metal Gear, a few Sonic characters, Nina's last avatar with the light blue character I can't even remember the name of, and a few more.

      This dream felt like a parody, apparently, we were all set on vacation, it seemed like it because things were peaceful, except with the part with some male tried to poke fun into "killing" me.

      I think I was supposed to sleep a few feet away from the guy, and apparently, I'm Tobi before he got his new mask. I found myself shifting consciousness between him and spectator mode a few times.

      When I was resting on the bed, things felt weird, like I knew the guy who was in the big bed with me (because the same gender had to sleep with one another instead of the opposite gender for obvious reasons).

      I think I wanted to use Sharingan, even though I wasn't even facing the guy lol. It just felt awkward being around this person.

      I think I even asked the person if they have their gun with them, and some times, he doesn't even respond, so I quickly turned around assuming he's trying to shoot me with his gun.

      I have a gun of my own as well, it's just that I was worried that he might use his first.

      Then the dream shifts to where it's day time, and I see the character with the light blue hair Nina used to have as her avatar come to life.
      (I don't know if the avatar character was male or female, but everyone assumes it's a female in the dream).

      I stay pretty close to Nina, and she looks a little sad, and I'm wondering why she is sad. I see she has a gun, and it's longer than mine.

      Lmao, she has a longer weapon than me. Hers has a 9 inch barrel, mine has a 6 inch barrel. She lets me see the gun for a while, and the same guy who was sleeping in bed with me
      (note: when I say sleeping, don't assume sex, we were paired based on same gender for safety reasons for the opposite side).

      Then the dream shifts to where we all are on a big green tank that looks like it came off a game like Metal Gear Solid 1. Apparently, it is flooded, but it isn't a problem for me since I'm standing on water.

      The environment is mostly water, we were just either on a boat, tank, and other forms of boats like mini-cruise ships, yachts, etc.

      Everyone is complaining that the tank is flooded, and it's almost close from going underwater. Then Tails from Sonic disappears, and I'm wondering where the hell he went to.

      He comes back super fast to find an alternative for us to travel and presumably go back to our homes, ideally, the utilization of portals.

      I forgot some of the characters that went to their "home" area, and I lost track of what happened when I stepped into my portal.

      I do remember Tails saying that once a person steps into a portal one time for a certain period of time, they can never get back out of the dimension the portal carries them too.

      I believe the portal gave a preview of what would be on the other side, so there was no worries there.

      All I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Sandwich

      I'm outside, and there are good amount of DCs to make this dream like it's some type of event in college. I was walking with the group, probably just natural conformity to see what's going on.

      I hear two girls talking behind me, and one mentioned that she received 23rd out of 24 on something, I'm presuming it's a test or something of the sort, and she got a lot of credit for it to transfer for her degree, most likely.

      I'm still walking with the large group of people, just listening in between walking.

      Then some other girl was telling how she got 50 hours added on. I was kind of interested in this eavesdropping, and wondered how a person can get so many hours based on a test they took?

      I eventually ignore the rest of their conversation, and the dream shifts to where I'm inside a room that looks like lecture rooms in the Biochemistry Department at College Station.

      I'm near the entrance, and apparently, there are note cards with our names on it. They're supposed to tell us which section we have to go to, and I assume things went based on the people in the line.

      This leads me to assume that my name will be on the card that I will pick up, but it was for someone else, a female to be precise. It started with an "A." and the last name was just too long for me to remember, not insanely long, just a bit.

      I turn around, and see it's a girl that resembles the girl who I sat next to in Physics Pre-AP at the second to last High School I attended. Let's call her Andrea.

      I put back the card quickly on top of the stack, and the same card is Andrea's name apparently. So I go search a little bit through the stack of note cards with our names on it, and eventually find my name.

      Apparently, I've felt I had this dream before, not too long ago, maybe this was a reset that happened a few minutes after the original.

      I thought I would be assigned to the 3 Biochemistry professors, and all three of the main ones where there, at least the ones that I had my first semester.

      But I'm assigned to go to row 501, and went I checked the walls that has the signs with the number ranges for the rows, it wasn't in this room.

      However, there were doors to the right of me to go to the other rooms.

      I turn right and open the door, which is still located at a high level near the entrance I'm at (the room is structured like a regular big lecture room).

      I'm in the other room, which feels shorter, and for some reason, I feel like I'm not going to have a lot of fun with whatever professors I'm being paired with other than the previous 3 in the last room.

      But I still check the walls for the signs, and finally found 501 after some self-questioning on where it was.

      Then the dream shifts to where I see a pretty enticing sandwich in a poster, and then someone is telling us how a sandwich is heated up 1000s of times in a store, just to make us cognizant the next time we decided to heat up the sandwich.

      Dream 3: Can I Keep It??

      I'm riding my bicycle for a while in this dream, with some parts of walking. There's this small dog that has a long body, but is short in size. It isn't really bothering me, but I wanted to annoy it for some reason.

      I follow it for a while, and I do something to make it pay attention to me. It's trying to bark, but I can't hear anything from it, seemed like a really weak animal.

      I ride my bicycle a little faster to see if it can catch up, and it barely can do so. Then I see some girl and what seemed to be her mother. The child asked the mother if she can keep the dog.

      This seemed like the classic "Only if you promise you'll take care of him" thing parents usually give if a child wants a pet, and then she says, "Okay."

      The dog is still chasing me, but it's so short in size, it's hilarious seeing its little legs trying to catch up to me. Then I look at the girl, and the dog goes to her, since it is her new pet after all.

      Then the girl and the mother look at me for a while, and then changed their focus on what's ahead of them.

      Hopefully I'll get a lucid from this WBTB.

      The time was around 5:45 AM, and I figured I could still WILD in that time. For a few minutes I tried remaining still, then I had the thought of getting to first base with Melanieb, and went with that thought.

      Then I decided I should clear my thoughts out instead of hugging my pillow fantasizing about Melanieb. >.>

      I tried to keep aware that I'm drifting to sleep, but I decided to just sleep instead.

      Dream 4: Barack Obama and The Search for Kaomea (DILD)

      I wake up (FA), and I believe my father is asking me for some money. I was wondering why he would need money, but either way, I told him he can use my debit card.

      Then I told him that he can use another alternative, and he tells me,

      "Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

      So he gives me my debit card back, and I see my wallet has a picture of me when I was a child? He heads out to work I'm assuming, and I get up from bed.

      I get a text message from a girl named Jalisa that I used to have for my English Pre-AP class in High School as a Freshmen before.

      This text message seems to be a response to something I texted to her before apparently in the dream.

      But things get even weirder, the response says,

      "Nothing, just smoking drugs illegally <3."

      I speculated if this was actually Alyzarin texting me rather than Jalisa, because I remembered that Alyzarin had a dream where she sent me a text message.
      (it also seems that she never had an Instant Message dream before).

      Like usual, I forget about this and just not worry about it. Then I take the time to observe the house I'm in. I move around slowly, just to take in the detail. It's a little hazy, but not too much, I just woke up, but things clear up a little bit.

      Then I pass through these beads that were hanging on top of one section to go into the a different room.

      Instead of dashing through these beads
      (because I know they're annoying as hell when they get stuck on some gap in the clothing you're wearing) I take the time to go through them slowly. I let the hanging beads slide through my head slowly, and I took this time to try and phase through them.

      To get the feeling of the phasing sensation, I remembered the sound where Aelita enters the tower in Code Lyoko.
      (She phases to go into the tower).

      (from 1 seconds to 2 seconds of the video is what I mean by the sound)

      The phasing doesn't work because there's one more bead sliding slowly on my head, and I didn't bother trying to go through this process.

      I go to this new section, and it seems that I'm inside a garage. It has white tiles, and the walls have a turquoise color to them. I told myself,

      "This place is weird...."

      I do a nose plug reality check.

      I breathe through my nose a few times, hearing the weird sound that comes from leaving a small hole for air to come through my nose.

      So I held my nose even tighter, making it harder for small gaps to come through when I'm breathing. Now I'm more sure that I'm dreaming.

      I didn't do any stabilization techniques because I was already relaxed enough in this dream to even bother doing it. The vividness augments gradually, and eventually reaches the level of waking life.

      I know I'm dreaming, but how this dream is becoming like waking life amazed me. I head out the door, and now I'm outside.

      I press my back against the brick wall to the right of me, turn to my right side, bend down on my knees.

      For some odd reason, I felt like doing something like I'm on sort of mission, like Assignment Ada from Resident Evil 4.

      When I'm crouching down, I take my left arm and move my hand on the side of my neck, then I said, "He knows...."

      (I don't know why I did, just felt like doing it lol).

      I move around a bit outside, and it seems the sunset is almost starting to rise. I look outside a little bit, getting a little bit lost in the experience for a few seconds.

      Then this red car zooms RIGHT at me, but instead of being scared and jumping as a reflex, I did a way better job at keeping my cool.

      The person driving the car made a pretty fast entry with it, I almost thought they were going to crash the car completely. Then I look inside of the window of the car.

      It's tinted, so it's a little difficult to see who's inside of it. I had feelings of being afraid of who was going to come out, but if it's a red car, it just had to be some DC trying to get my attention.

      I see the person inside the car looks like Barack Obama, and he's looking at me with a serious demeanor. His lips are a little bit elevated, kind of like a serious pouting face he puts up.

      His eyes look serious, and when I see a DC that looks serious, I tend to augment my feelings of being afraid of something bad happening. But instead of acting like a wimp, I decided to just suck it up and keep my cool.

      I knew I was dreaming, so there's no need for me to be afraid anymore like I am in non-lucids. Obama comes out of the vehicle, he's coming from the left side of the vehicle, so I guess that's one element that this lucid is getting right.

      (I'm saying that because I had a dream where I thought someone came out of the passenger seat in a dream a few days ago, and I assumed that it should be from the left side, since I still have the basic thought that since I'm in America, it should be like that).

      He comes out, still heading backwards (not coming at me) to the left side, goes around the back of the vehicle, and heads in my direction. He's looking at me, still serious and all.

      For those few seconds, I thought to myself that he's going to do something bad to me because he's still looking serious to me.

      Then I reformed back to remaining my cool, he wasn't going to do anything to me. He stands there, waiting for a response from me. I reach my hand out towards him to shake his hand.

      "Nice to meet you, Barack Obama," I declared to him.

      He responds with a nod, but not with a smile or anything like that, he's still having a stoic demeanor and a blank visage, seems that nothing I'm going to say is going to make this guy a little more positive.

      But I do find he's complying with me, so there's no need for me to see a change in his demeanor.

      Then the thought of finding Kaomea came to my mind.

      I follow him going to another vehicle, a silver or white Ford truck I believe.

      I asked,

      "Look, I'm sorry, but....can you help me find Kaomea?"


      He nods again, no words, maybe a silent yes, but I didn't pay too much attention to that. Seeing his nod was enough acknowledgement for me.

      Then I asked him "Tell me, what do you know about Kaomea?"

      He responds, "She's remorseful."

      When he declares this to me, I'm in shock.

      I stay there for a while, loosening my face because I can't believe his response.

      I asked, "Can you tell me why?"

      "No." he declared to me.

      (All right, be laconic in your words mister, I don't mind, as long as you're going to help me, I don't care who you are, as long as you're going to help me find Kaomea).

      Instead of going back to the red car, we head to some other vehicle to drive where Kaomea is (or could be), and because it's Barack Obama I'm talking to in the dream, I assume we're in Hawaii. (Yeah, I know, not really something to use for good measure, but whatever).

      I follow him, and it seems he's going to another vehicle, a silver or white Ford truck I believe. I open the door, then I felt someone's presence behind me, and I turn around.

      It's just a person going along their own way, and they're looking at me for a few seconds, probably to just see what's between each car just as a reflex.

      His hair is black and saturated with hair gel. He's wearing an aqua blue hoodie, and dark blue jeans, the fancy kind of jeans that look clear and smooth.

      To be more general, he looked pretty light in skin tone.

      His face, I can tell he is Hispanic, or maybe he could be Hawaiian, but his skin tone was like apricot or a peach kind of mix with that variant of color.

      He's taller than me, by 1 or 2 feet judging how far I am from him, which is around a distance of 3-4 feet, so it would be natural for me to turn around as a reflex.

      I wave my hand just to be positive towards him and said, "Hi," with a grin on my face. He responds, "Hey" and smiles as well while he heads to wherever he's going.

      I did that small gesture to sublimate the fear of someone being behind me (the person wasn't out to get me of course), and that person did look pretty real to me, seeing as I could get a good description of his visage.

      I focus my attention to getting inside the vehicle. By this time, I feel a lot of time has passed already, so I do another nose plug reality check. Still breathing through it, and I tell myself,

      "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming!" to make myself more aware instead of relying only on a nose plug RC.

      I look at the view inside the vehicle. Then this is the part that pisses me off.

      I started to think, "Wake up! Wake up! Waaaake up!"

      Nothing is happening at first, still in the vehicle, but then I had the urge to just wake up.

      I wake up, with my eyes still closed.

      I had two options, do a DEILD since my vision with my eyes closed is blurry and has that mystical feel to it, or just open them.

      I honestly do not know why the freaking hell I would just freaking want to wake up???

      I've done that before in a lucid looooong ago where I had amazing control, but I decided to cross my eyes to the front of my nose, which caused a slight strain on them for me to wake up.

      I would've DEILD, but when I woke up, I saw to my right that the Alarm clock has the time of around 7:10 AM.

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    12. Northgate Fight, Blackout at Parking Garage?

      by , 03-16-2012 at 04:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Northgate Fight, Blackout at Parking Garage? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Northgate Fight

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photos%5CTradition%20at%20Northgate%20Picture.jpg 
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ID:	3006

      Some guy in a jacket I believe is facing some random DC that I can't remember. He grabs the person and literally throws them down on the ground.

      He starts moving around a bit, waiting for the person to get back up again, and he is watching the person like a hawk. Then I see a flashing image of Elder Toguro, where he's going to extend his fingers and has a cutlass just like in the DJ entry a few days before where I posted a picture of him.

      Then the same person that throws the person on the ground, for some reason, I'm suddenly on the ground, and I have my arms up to try and defend myself because I think he might attack us next.

      He isn't even paying attention to us, but he turns to us, and I think he tries to attack us, but he was just faking it just to make us flinch.

      Dream 2: Blackout at Parking Garage?

      Name:  Enclosed-parking-garage-2-s.jpg
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Size:  79.5 KB

      I am walking with someone, it feels like I'm walking with Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, but I'm not too sure on that, I remember him walking somewhere, I saw him in a perspective where you see his bottom region up close while he walks slowly towards my view.

      I only remember something causing a blackout, and a few lights going on and off of what seems to be me inside a parking garage.

      This dream probably is related to the first one because Traditions at Northgate in College Station has a parking garage for people who rent rooms there.

      Oh, and apparently, Kaomea had some guys help me when I barely remembered much about being in the parking garage, so I might as well add a tag for Kaomea.

      Here's her entry:

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    13. Escaping and Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hill, Quiz, Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gyneocology Check up

      by , 03-06-2012 at 04:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping and Seeing Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hilly Area, Quiz and Clock, Physics teacher and Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gynecology Checkup


      Dream 1: Escaping and Meeting Beast from X-men

      I had a pretty good recall of these dreams, I was able remember them without thinking too much because I could remember the other senses. Pretty glad that happened, I wonder if the Dream where I met Alyzarin was really her.

      I was running away from some group that seemed to be an organization of villains. I remember waking up or something. And them some comrade of mine wakes up as well.

      We are bound by a semi-circular metal trapping us on a wall. Someone was giving us a speech on how our bodies were filled emotions, literally.

      I see an image of Garfield who is skinny as a meter for which emotion was on top to bottom. Then it starts to drain from the top (the emotions that is), and you could see the animated cat (it's still flat) express the emotions that were going down its body, but the person announcing the cat's emotions was interrupted.

      Then some entity I can't make good facial features of, I'm assuming he's the mastermind or leader. He orders a redhead lady in black latex to send us somewhere since whatever they were trying to interrogate us didn't work.

      So we go inside this room that just has an old light shining and I see a blue creature that looks like Beast from X-men. Beast is doing self torture on himself by having a tight rope can be changed to various pressures on his neck and legs tied as an "X" by tight rope.

      What do you wear under there?-ydxph.jpg

      There were buttons near me that I wanted to press to control the tightness, but he says not to touch it. He frees himself, drinks some alcohol that looks like a Jack Daniels Whiskey. The redhead lady in black latex comes closer to have a drink.

      He starts to use the bottle like he's going to slam it on her head to knock her out, but he does it softly, like he was just playing around with her. I think she wanted some whiskey, but he pulls it back, and finally hits her with it more aggressively.

      She's still persistent and tries to say 'Master' a few times, but Beast pushes her softly to where I have to go, and she's basically walking awkwardly looking dizzy, and she drops on the floor before she could be seen from the open door with the soldiers.

      So to where she passed out, and I was sure that soldiers wouldn't be suspicious because she was walking there, and wouldn't think that I was escaping. I'm near her unconscious body on the floor, see a new door, and I look at Beast silently to confirm if this is the exit or not.

      He nods and smiles I think, and I go quickly. The soldiers by now are screaming "Go go go go!" to find me. I go through the door and I lock it to buy some time for me. I didn't think about how odd it was for the lock to be on the other side rather than inside, but I didn't think about it and started to escape somewhere.

      The dream shifts to where I'm hiding outside in the dark on high grass. Then the DCs in green raincoats that I taught were guards look weird. They're actually out to save me, since they didn't kill me.

      I follow them and see the Third Hokage from Naruto in a green raincoat. I follow them, and when I turn back to look on my left side are soldiers walking slowly in what looks like Russian Soldiers or Nazis.

      Dream fades.

      Dream 2: Sasuke and Jiraiya?

      I think I'm Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden or at least watching him in third person perspective. He's basically testing out his Mangekyou Sharingan, and I see him on his knees in pain for a while, so I'm guessing he doesn't have Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan as yet.

      (If you don't know what I meant by that, it's basically him having the eyes of another Uchiha member, which means that the light in his eyes will not fade away from using Mangekyou Sharingan too much.

      Then I take a first person perspective, and I started to spam Ameratsu like there's no freaking tomorrow.

      The dream shifts to where Sasuke and Jiraiya are on a floating rug??? Sasuke asks Jiraiya that they should kill Sakura and Tsunade since they can do a sneak attack.

      What do you wear under there?-250px-naruto-jiraiya.jpgWhat do you wear under there?-carpet.jpg

      And my spectator view starts to pan over to where I do see Sakura and Tsunade together.

      But Jiraiya most likely rejected the offer, and I see them at an angle where I'm viewing Sasuke's left shoulder and head from above, and the dream ends from there with them moving forward something in the middle of the rug they're floating on was there too.

      I just couldn't grasp what it looked like.

      Dream 3: Outside Green and Hilly Area

      I'm outside some green and hilly area after coming out of some school Basketball stadium I think.

      Outside is huge and spacious, and while I'm on top of this fairly huge hill, I see some random DC in black shirt and regular jeans ride some fancy motorcycle that was purple.

      He fades away riding it, and I look down from this green hill to see the bottom slope is flooded, and I was going to slide down near it, but I immediately stopped before touching the water.

      Then some DC motivates us to walk through this by walking backwards. He has the voice that would motivate people to overcome something like this.

      I follow everyone, while worrying what's in the water. We make it to the dry part on the other side, and I forget what happens next.

      Dream 4: Quiz and Alternating Clock

      I was outside somewhere, probably near some school or college, and I thought I had to go the second part of it first. I realize that I'm late, and I have to go to the other part, and that I had the two mixed up somehow.

      I go inside a door, and meet with the class. I don't think the teacher counts me tardy, and I'm probably 5-10 minutes late. The teacher decided to do something fun, and everyone around me was sitting down on the floor listening to him.

      I saw a few familiar faces, and I think I saw Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho there two for some odd reason.

      The teacher wanted to do some game where we ask a question to someone without trying to laugh, and since I'm in front listening to the teacher, he decides to pick the right side that's front of him.

      From my side, that's the left, and I was first, so I turn around to this guy and purposefully asked, "Do you like boys?"

      The whole class started laughing and the guy was had the "WTF" face on him.

      I don't know why I said that, but the guy asks the next person next to him a question. Then after that's done, I see a TA that's from my Sociohorticulture class come inside the classroom.

      Apparently, we have to take a quiz, but it's open-note. There's a worksheet that I have handy with me, so I use that to take the quiz, but the TA was talking about that we have little time to take it because some people were late or something like that.

      I didn't understand why she said that when all of the classmates took it at the same time, but I start to take the quiz anyway. What I remember from it is that there was some fill in the blanks basically, and all I had to do was quickly look back and forth from the notes that were printed out with the answers.

      I remember some answers being chug, wug, and something else related to dogs. Then I look at the clock and see that time is running out apparently, so I quickly try to go through everything, and I still haven't even gotten half-way from completing the quiz, and I'm really worried.

      Then I look at the clock inside of the class again and find that the time was not running out, in fact, it's been set to the previous time before we even took the quiz

      (That was an obvious reality check I could've done there, and I even did a few RCs when I was doing a WBTB before this dream as well).

      Anyway, I try to fill out the blanks from the quiz, but by this point, I don't know what the hell I am doing, and the TA announces that quiz time is over.

      She comes to me to pick up my quiz, and she says something like, "I will check to see if Brandon has his name on the paper." or something like that, she basically tells me my name, and I never had any other DCs, or only a few, tell me my name before.

      I didn't do a reality check there either. So After she picks up the quiz, I think the dream ends from here.

      Dream 5: Meeting High School Physics Teacher and possibly Alyzarin?

      Apparently, I go to an area that looks like my University, and a mix of it with other High Schools, because I see my Physics Pre-Ap teacher that I had the second semester as a Senior in High School.

      Let's call him Michnick. I go up to him, and he greets me. He looks exactly like the one in waking life, and I greeted him back by saying "Hi, Mr. Michnick."

      I told him that I apologize for not seeing him for so long, and told him I was sick one day, and that the week we had off (I don't know what the hell I meant by week off for something, but I just go with it).

      He tells me to not worry about it at all.

      He also tells me that he's surprised that I still remember his name, I feel a little concerned about this, but the feeling goes away. I shake his hand, and go into class.

      I see all sorts of people, a few are familiar to me, especially the girl who was in front of me and the girl in front of her who was her friend too. Let's call them LY and Laura, respectively.

      Michnick comes up near the board, which is white. And before I pay attention to him, I quickly glance at the board and see that there's something on the board that says Quiz 1 and Quiz 2.

      One was red and the other was green or having a turquoise or teal color to it, I just can't remember which order it was. I'm assuming red was on top and the cooler color was on the bottom, but I don't feel that really matters.

      Since Michnick said to not worry about anything, I basically just chill back and watch the other classmates get their flashcards out in panic of this quiz, which amused me. But Michnick writes on the board in a Maroon marker something related to the word "Aggies."

      When he does that, I automatically assumes he wants me to give a little story about A&M before they start the quiz. Michnick tells the class something that he doesn't like about them having flashcards out probably.

      He gets near me, but he's still a desk over from me, and asks me if I had any stories from some random name of a University that I don't even know. I told him, "I go to Texas A&M University- College Station."

      He nods, and then after a while, I can't remember what I said next, but I do know the dream starts to shift to where everyone is directed in a different room.

      The room looks like a lecture room at Texas A&M, and Michnick is sitting at least 2-3 levels below me (me and him are at the top section of the room, and the seats most likely started from A-Z as columns and the numbers like A-1, A-2, etc. branched off as rows, but that's what I'm assuming to give more detail to this dream that I'm having a really good recall of).

      He has his left leg or right leg folded on top of the other, and I'm sitting on the top level of the seats like he is, but again, I'm a few rows above him. Anyway, there's a student in front that looks a lot like a guy name Mitchell that I knew in High School.

      I won't state much about him other than he was a blonde, and he was wearing a gray dress shirt, and black pants. Apparently, for the quiz, two people were in front of the class.

      They had the option of rejecting Michnick asking them a quiz question and asking another classmate one, or agreeing with going with Michnick's question. Of course most of them would obviously want to reject and ask other classmates.

      Mitchell does a thumbs down sign, and his cheeks look a little red, like he's nervous or something. I'm not really paying attention to what questions the students are asking, but I am looking at other familiar faces in this room.

      I look to the right, and I see this black girl that was in my Introductory Biochemistry course my first semester as a Freshmen in college. She was worried that people would pick her, and she started to be a little loud by saying that she doesn't want people picking her for today.

      (Since the quiz might have a second day to cover any other students that couldn't get their turn for the allotted time given for the class in general).

      It's funny that this girl wasn't picked at all, but after all that, the class is interrupted with a fire alarm I believe. By this time, the whole class is gone, and I think only a few DCs are walking with me as the fire alarm in the school is ringing.

      It isn't ringing too hard, in fact, I'm surprised it isn't loud in the first place, but I didn't care about this. I see Laura and another DC walking with me, but they were just a few inches ahead of me.

      I don't know if Michnick is here or not, but I know we're planning to walk to exit the building without panicking.

      I see Laura in short sports shorts and the same with the DC next to me.

      This DC was really interesting, The sports shorts that she was wearing, it had a light blue lining. She was quiet, but I felt something about her, she looked a little sad, and I could swear that I knew something was familiar about her, it was on the tip of my tongue, but I just walk with them.

      I know this DC looks familiar, and I believe she has make up on her face, like a little mascara on her eyes, and I maybe a little pink on the corners of her eyes. She was pretty attractive, and looked hot in my eyes.

      What do you wear under there?-gfqph.jpg

      She was really amazing, seeing her in sports shorts made me stare at her ass a little more than usual, and she and Laura looks like they're probably in volleyball, judging by the short shorts.

      We go through the double doors, which were maroon just like my University, and I swear this environment feels like Hedenfels because of the brown or gray colored floor and brown colored brick walls. As I'm going down the stairs, I believe I have the urge to just jump like two steps down instead of walking down one step at a time.

      Then I start to realize that this same environment is indeed an almost perfect replica of the 4 levels in Heldenfels at my University.

      I go down jumping two steps at a time, and then I turn to the other set of stairs going downward and I keep doing this all the way to the end. By the time I'm done with this, the dream fades.

      I wonder if the DC that I was enticed by was Alyzarin or not, she looked kind of sad, but calm at the same time....guess I'll just wait for her entry).

      Dream 6: Kaomea's Gyneocology Checkup, and I'm the Gynecologist!!!!!

      I know I had a lingering image for this dream, but I spent all my time remembering the one before this one, so it's kind of short.

      I believe I see Kaomea, it just has to be her because I see her beautiful long hair, and I think I have a good image on her cute face by now, and I know I had her in my mind to find after Alyzarin. She's resting on what seems to be a blue Gynecology bed.

      I think her hands are trapped by some metal bar, probably to prevent her from escaping, or she could've had her arms resting on the pads for her to hold on to. I'm wondering why I'm here exactly because this seems to be a private moment for her.

      But guess who ends up being the Gynecologist?

      ME...THAT's RIGHT...ME...I'm staring at her vagina close up, but I can't get a good image of it, I'm really trying to, but all I can remember is seeing her breasts and her beautiful body.

      She had her eyes slightly closed, and I think she was smiling a little bit. I think she knew it was me who was getting ready with the operation.

      I can't remember much other than the fact that I'm looking at her naked and beautiful body. It had a certain glow to it, which just made me more excited by this. It was so fragile, and so vivid, she is the perfect lady indeed.

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    14. Stamping images on Lady's Ass, Riding Bicycle and Finding Kaomea?, In Car, Alyzarin's Garden??

      by , 02-21-2012 at 04:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Stamping images on Lady's Ass, Riding Bicycle and Finding Kaomea?, In Car, Alyzarin's Garden?


      I'm still looking for Kaomea, but I'm also looking for Alyzarin. Funny thing is....I had a dream where I SWEAR she was there (Kaomea).

      The other dream on the other hand....I don't know if it was Alyzarin or not, but damn did I wake up with an erection. O.O

      Dream 1: Stamping images on Lady's Ass

      Note: I just say it was a threesome because it seemed like I was recalling what happened AFTER we did whatever we did. Kind of like just cuddling and admiring this random woman's ass

      I was in bed with some lady, I couldn't get her facial features, all I saw was her ass, I think she was standing up wanting to get her butt stamped with some kind of logos (Like wtf lol, this doesn't make sense, it looked like a pedobear logo, but it's too small to assume about that lol). There was some other random dude, but I don't know what he was doing, he was probably just there to look or something.

      I'm wondering why the hell she wants that, but I see stamp somewhere near the bed, and I think me or the guy joining in on the fun just start stamping, but the logos weren't showing up (thank goodness it wasn't a pedobear logo ).

      Then someone comes in the room, and when I look quickly to see how it was, I saw that we were doing this weird scene near some place that looked like it was going to be a garden!

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-glass-wall-small-house-simple-red-exterior-design-germany.jpg

      There was this DC that looks like he's in his 30's, and he comes in and sees what we're doing I think. I quickly try to hide my naked body (I think it's naked) with a blanket. I'm not too sure on what happened next, except that the same person who came was apparently going to be interviewed or asked a few questions.

      I'm wondering why would he be asked questions after the questionable stamping of me putting barely noticeable logos of the something....or maybe it was the other guy who did the stamping....yeah I think it was the guy stamping the girls ass.

      Even though we were inside a room, looking beyond the glass structure of the entrance (glass door and everything), the ground was brown with stone and everything. The leaves of the trees were very green and lively.

      To be honest, I think I may have been closer to finding Alyzarin in this dream if I was lucid, but these are dreams from NON-REM most likely since I woke up around 4:45 AM (slept around 12:45 AM, but probably went into deep sleep around 1:30 AM I bet).

      Dream 2: Riding my Bicycle in Circles and Finding Kaomea again?

      I was riding my bicycle in circles. This dream, like the one above, is vivid (I'm wondering the reason why it's vivid is because Alyzarin smoked some stuff to help her make them clearer ....probably just me entering the deeper stages of REM, but I'll still be open-minded to that possibility).

      The environment represented the University I'm in, and I believe I'm at a dead end when I'm riding the bicycle. I turn around and see a figure that might look like Kaomea, but my memory of the facial features was hazy
      (but with shared dreaming attempts, I think it's better to feel their energy signature rather than speculating on what they look like).

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-dream-pic.jpg

      I don't know what I did after, but apparently I saw a glance of some meeting of random people asking how much of their time they spend working or going to class.

      I think most said they did 75% college work and 25% in having a job
      (but I'm not too sure on those percentages, I just believe it could've been related to Kaomea).

      Dream 3: Study Hall in High SChool

      I'm in a school setting again, and it feels just like the Study Hall class I took as a Senior my first semester in Mayde Creek High School. I'm near the entrance of the room, and it looks almost exactly like the class room structure. I'm talking with random DCs that I can't really pick up on facial features, but they were trying to tell me how to find someone.

      (Now that I think about it, they were probably showing me how to find Alyzarin....since this is the first time in a while since I had a school related dream....but I'll still be open to the possibility that this dream was just an association with waking life....but again...I feel it was created by my intention to find Alyzarin).

      I'm trying to pay attention to where they were pointing and explaining, but they were pretty much gave useless information, or maybe it was me not paying attention. I turn my back to see the small window on the classroom door to see if anyone was there, but I don't think I saw anyone.

      Then I turn back to the classroom again, and I try to move my head and neck to see who's in front of the class (the seating arrangement was where the desks where facing opposite of the classroom door).

      I know I saw random DCs, but it was too bland and simple for me to really know they're faces.

      Dream 4: Mother is Driving (DILD)

      I'm inside a car with my mother, and she's driving. Eventually, I know that I'm dreaming after we argue over trivial things (couldn't remember them, probably wasn't even an argument in the first place), and I tried to move, but I wanted to just looks at the traffic ahead of us. I saw the sign that signals people to walk or stop, but the dream starts to fade away because I stared too much at the view for too long.

      But there was NO way in hell I was going to fail this time....I woke up, but I believe my eyes were closed....I was sort of dissapointed that I actually knew I was dreaming, but I didn't want to move. It was one of those moments where you just sit and wonder....and you're like...holy $$$$. But I wasn't excited from this dream inside the car with my mother, I just had a realization

      Dream 5: Appering Inside Alyzarin's House? (WILD or DEILD)

      Again, this could be a WILD, but it was most likely a DEILD since I don't remember waking up again after Dream 4 to do a successful WILD. I apologize for the rambling, but I'm just PUMPED UP and excited from this!

      (I think the reason why I rarely became lucid in my dreams, it wasn't the fact that I just sucked, it's just that I didn't stay up long enough for the WBTB...I stayed about for about an hour and 45 minutes before going back to sleep....well....at least I know the rough estimate to be aware of my dreams quickly now!)

      And I know this dream wasn't pretentious since it's still lingering in my mind, and I sure as hell knew I was lucid because of the nose plug RC.

      I remain still, seeing the black of my eyes, still in the state of being half awake/sleep from the previous dream.

      I see images rushing through my head, and I swore I saw an image from a character from the avatar, and I heard music playing as well, and it sounded familiar like the video below. (The guy at 18 seconds to 19 seconds....and 38 seconds until the end of the video is part of what I experience (not exact, but it's a pretty accurate experience I had)...

      As I'm seeing more images flash before my eyes, I see this yellow background, and it turns into this wormhole kind of structure, and I'm just sliding along for the ride to enter the dream state.

      But before I'm literally being pulled into this wormhole/blackhole/whatever...for some reason, I said to myself "Alyzarin's Garden....Alyzarin's Garden....Alyzarin's Garden..."

      (We had the intention of meeting each other in a school related dream, but something just came over me that time, but I just went with whatever thought was in my mind to just go with the Garden thing...sorry about that Alyzarin!)

      Anyway, I'm being grabbed into the dream state, and then I wake up...but it's a False Awakening. I'm pretty sure I know I'm dreaming, but I just wanted to make sure since my eyes immediately opened (I wasn't able to gradually open them).

      I let myself linger a little bit while in bed to speculate, and then I decided to get up. I do a nose plug RC, and I'm breathing through. Definitely dreaming! YES!

      I stay calm surprisingly
      (since I'm long overdue for a lucid dream), and I'm looking around my bed a little bit in the dark, trying to take in th environment and stabilize the dream (but I knew I should've done more stabilization) I'm floating a little bit, and then I reach the ground (I wonder if this was an OBE/AP...since I'm usually always on the ground when lucid).

      I open the door in my bedroom, and I'm in this area that is very unfamiliar to me. The wooden floors had that shiny wooden polish to it, there were several windows to my right that helped me realize it's still night time or just early morning for me being inside this house.

      I think I even see a fancy white fireplace to the left of me as well, but I didn't pay too much attention to this.

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-white%252bfireplace%252bwith%252boval%252bmirror.jpg
      I had a hunch that I was inside of a house where there was a garden outside. I saw one of those fancy marble statues of some figure that I can't depict too well. I'm still wondering where the heck I am, and I just look around for a little while.

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-national-memorial-park-pieta-statue.jpg

      Then I decided to open the door in front of me to see to verify that I'm dreaming and am in someone's house. I open the door slowly, and I see the backyard of someone's house.

      The grass is really green and clean, but I didn't pay too much attention because the moment I opened the door, the alarm initiated, and it sounds just like the one in the other house I use to live in for vacation before heading to college.

      I quickly go towards the alarm, trying not to panic too much, so I thought that since this sound is familiar, obviously the code I use to deactivate it would work.

      Nothing works, I even tried switching the last two entries in deactivating the alarm, but NOTHING works!

      That's when I started to panic.....I'm definitely in someone's house. It feels quiet too, like no one is in the house. I didn't feel afraid or anything, it's just this alarm, and me wondering what I'm going to do in order to deactivate it that woke me up slowly.

      I think when I was thinking about going to Alyzarin' Garden, my mind honestly wanted me to be transported there, but just inside of her house (possibly)...I guess it's up to Alyzarin to see if she had a similar experience.

      But the backyard garden itself would've been a pretty nice environment to look at. I felt as if I was the only person in this setting, which would've been perfect for a potential shared dreaming with Alyzarin....oh well. Next time!

      Hopefully I can have another success with the WBTB by staying up for a while. Just have to sleep earlier.

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    15. Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?, Random Black Girl Typing on Computer

      by , 02-19-2012 at 05:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?, Random Black Girl Typing on Computer (Non-lucid)


      I'm even more motivated in finding Kaomea now after a few events that she was able to relate to. I slept pretty late, so I couldn't get a good description of the dreams I remember, but there have been strange things going on.

      The first dream, before I slept, I tried to do a MILD by repeating that I would meet Kaomea in a lucid dream several times. I should've done it again when I did a WBTB when I set the alarm to wake me up around 3:45 AM, but I just dozed off.

      And I don't think I even had any dreams when I slept again, it was until later on in the morning at maybe 6-8 AM where I started to see the first dream I could recall.

      But now I'm more motivated in finding her, and hopefully do some things to help know that I'm looking for her. She knows I'm trying to find her, but now I'm going to get serious.

      I'm going to try to do the Astral energy thing (sounds a bit too ambitious since I've only had 2-3 OBEs or so throughtout the months of being on this forum), but I won't say specifically what I'll do with the energy with Kaomea if I meet her (false entities of myself might confuse her).

      This feels like a romantic adventure lol, maybe it might fail because....never mind, I shouldn't think that.

      Dream 1: Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?

      I was on Facebook, and I see some lady's profile picture on the Homescreen post some status that said "Ake", and several people liked it. The girl was wearing a red dress, and she was smiling.

      I couldn't tell if it was similar to Kaomea's red dress on her avatar, but she was doing that pose where girls would have one hand on their hips and lean to the side, and I think she cropped the picture since the picture was taken with someone.

      Wow this is hard..-red-dress-190x300.jpg

      There was one person that I knew in real life that liked her status, and her name is Mehak. Then someone commented on her status, but I couldn't remember what she said. Then I think the Kaomea look-a-like (somewhat), said something about "divorced" or "happy divorced."

      Then I think she added another comment that her "
      Ake" status was actually a spelling error, and she typed the status as "Make*." (yes with the star at the side to)

      The next thing I did, I'm not so sure, but I look on the top left of her Facebook Wall Page, and I saw a cropped picture of a random ocean. I could see the waves and all of that.

      I think she was using the "Timeline" feature.

      I would like to think that was Kaomea, but I do admit I was on Facebook for a few minutes before going to sleep, so it was most likely a day association for that, but again, this dream happened later on in the morning, and after the WBTB, so whatever I actually dreamed was forgotten, so maybe it was a new dream created out of my intent from the Mantra.

      I even decided to listen to Hymn for the Missing by Red before I slept as well, kind of to get into the mood of what I wanted to show her. She'll know what I'm talking about, if I can get consistent dreams with her.

      Also, I'm eradicating the mentality that I have to go into her head or something, that's just too crazy, I should think of it was just as a MEETING to her subconscious, like her "house" (I got the shift in mentality from a shared dreaming thread somewhere in this forum that a person posted....makes things a lot easier now).

      I told my mind that I would meet her in the dream plane, but I think I just used that I would meet her in a lucid dream instead, I felt a little....eh nvm...too much rambling.

      Dream 2: Random Black Girl Typing on Computer

      There was this overweight black girl typing on the computer, I don't know if she was on Facebook or anything, but she was drinking a Berry drink on the right of the screen I'm watching her.

      Wow this is hard..-img_3531.jpg

      She looked like she was enjoying it and smiling, and I saw a few quick flashes of her Facebook wall, but it was just a bunch of useless information that didn't make sense to me.

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