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    1. Blonde Prince Photography Mission, Throwing Cotton at Lunchtime, Skeleton Chainsaw Wielding Entity

      by , 01-24-2014 at 11:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blonde Prince Photography Mission (DILD)


      Iím assigned to take a photograph of a blonde prince, and his composition in general looked like he was derived from the Hunter x Hunter anime art style. Iím not at my objective as yet, and I have to proceed down a spiraling dark chamber.

      Thereís all sorts of random entities I end up having to shoot, and the area is too dark for me to really expound more into detail. Another major aspect is that Chief Daisuke from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex appears with a gun.



      Eventually, I reach my destination and try to take a picture of the blonde prince, but it seems Chief is assigned to take care of that and shoot him if I took too long with my objective. I honestly didnít know what to do other than one task, so I just let him do his thing, and thatís pretty much it.


      Throwing Cotton At Lunch (DILD)


      Iím sitting in a cafeteria with random dream characters, and Iím throwing a few cotton balls at paper trays. I see a few familiar faces like Lyanne, and sheís giggling at what Iím doing I guess.

      Skeleton Chainsaw Wielding Entity (DILD)


      Iím inside an area that looks similar to Resident Evil 4ís castle region where you had to protect Ashley while she turns levers, and monks are coming after her.



      Thereís a swarm of Las Plagas enemies to the point where things get a bit overwhelming to handle them all. I only have a few flash grenades on me, at least thatís what I conceptually presumed I had without trying to do some mental scanning of other weapons.

      I figured that if I were to use one of the flash grenades, it would at least kill off those with the parasites that are literally growing out of their heads. So I take the initiative, but it doesnít seem to really kill them off. It only blinds them and has them delaying their movements for a few seconds while covering their eyes.

      I threw another flash grenade to augment my chances of escape by avoiding the enemy. However, an entity thatís made up of a cartoon skeleton figure comes in wielding a chainsaw. Heís wearing a deep V-neck black dress shirt that has dark gray vertical stripes along with a brown belt and gray buckle, and also basic black pants to cover up his skinny and bony legs.

      His chainsaw is probably about half his height, and heís not hesitant to flail it around like a madman, and comes at me with full force. I have to back up quickly, and looked back occasionally to make sure I wouldnít trip on something. After a while, things got hectic for me, and I decided to just mentally conjure up an inventory screen and switch to a Chicago Typewriter.



      The moment I wielded it, I pressed the trigger, and whatever happened, happened.
    2. HUNK vs. The Village, I'm an Incubus Attempting to Hypnotize Women

      by , 06-25-2013 at 05:22 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      HUNK vs. The Village (Non-lucid)


      Another Resident Evil 4 type of dream where I'm playing the Mercenaries section, and that's because I've been playing a lot of Resident Evil Games lately. The character I'm controlling is HUNK, and he has the default costume setting with the major color being black. His goggles though didn't seem to have the red hue though, it was mostly faded out. It could be that the colors for them were shifting from black to red. And it would've been difficult to notice something like that in the dream to hopefully become lucid because of the situation he's in.

      The moment HUNK (yes the name is naturally expressed in caps) steps into the village, there's already Las Plagas infected villagers that are coming after him, maybe 5-10 in frequent moderation throughout this dream. Of course, I had a sub-machine gun just like in the actual mini-game you play with him, and I also remember his neck-breaking ability that's essentially a one-hit kill.

      The village was a pretty decent replication of the one in the actual RE4 game, with the mini-bell tower from the far left corner, the two houses that are about 30-80 feet apart from each other left and right, the mini-shed/barn at the beginning of the village to the left, almost everything is where they're supposed to be.

      I wanted to use the neck-breaker to my advantage even though I most likely had unlimited ammo in the dream seeing as I wasn't so worried with how much was left. So I aimed for the enemies' head so that they would flinch, put their hands on the inflicted area that distracts them before I attempt the neck breaker move. It seems it worked pretty well for the first few Las Plagas victims, but then dream logic starts coming in to make things worse for me.

      As I shoot the enemies in the head, as I'm trying to press the command to prompt the Neck-breaker move, it doesn't work as effectively as I thought it would. I think the Las Plagas hosts even brushed off HUNK by literally just grabbing his wrists before he could kill them. So in the mean time, I decided to just spam the unlimited ammo sub-machine gun, even though at THIS time of the dream, I now get worried about the ammo capacity. As the anxiety continues to augment, I started to notice more things, like this dream actually being timed.

      Instead of the timer appearing on the top left-hand corner, it shows up on the opposite, and I noticed, at least when I quickly glanced at it, the timer was at 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Of course, with how time is interpreted in dreams, that could've been 2 pigtails and 30 Oldspice deodorant overlords from the 23-43 delta section of the Nova Universe for all I know. But I didn't bother with looking for ( ' ) or ('') near the numbers to see if it was in minutes or seconds, too much anxiety built up. I quickly made HUNK run through the village to collect some Hourglasses to extend the time like in the real game.

      It was quite a challenge even finding any that should be in certain location, and then I saw a green hourglass, but I'm not so sure that I used it yet. I probably presumed at the time of the dream that it was going to give me a bonus, and I didn't want to use that until I was sure I could do a really, really, really long combo with the neck-breaker one hit move.

      HUNK is moving considerably fast in this village, and the villagers themselves don't even become a problem to me anymore seeing as I was focused on extending as much time as possible (even though I could've just use willpower to create implied experiences of there being extended time). As I stroll around the village, I sensed someone completely different from the villagers, and it ends up being Krauser with a completely developed Las Plagas like arm-blade. Despite of my previous dreams with him basically just trying to instill fear into me only to probably get my attention and discuss something to me, I still didn't want to take the risk.

      The reason being is that I was so driven up with putting up my defenses and focusing more on reflexes to survive the onslaught of Las Plagas victims around me that Krauser was no exception to this. He doesn't run as fast as he SHOULD though...

      I started to go into spectator mode and gazed over the village to get a good estimate of how close Krauser is from me. It seems the villagers themselves don't see him as an enemy, and it seems he's personally using them as shields should we get into close encounters. I decided that in order for me to destroy as many Las Plagas hosts all in one spot, and hopefully Krauser as well, I would have to bait them into a location where it's tight-spaced. The first location that comes to my mind it to seek out the barn/mini-shed that would be located at the beginning of the village on the left. It had a ladder, which was the perfect tool for me to go on higher grounds and shoot enemies trying to climb up to me.

      However, even with that, I was a bit forgetful of the fact that Krauser just might be able to jump up if he suddenly has his near-superhuman speed back again. It didn't seem Krauser showed up as much, and I end up just shooting the villagers,
      but after that, my recall of this stops there.


      I'm an Incubus Attempting to Hypnotize Women (Non-lucid)


      The dreaming environment's setting is night-time, however, with how the dream scene alternating between day and night, it's hard to make out where I really started in this dream. I did know that I was an Incubus with purple skin and a vanilla or tan-brown robe wrapped around my waist and hanged all the way down to my ankles. I don't know my overall ambition in this dream, but it seems I'm just after a set of women, any that I can kind.

      I heard some giggling and decided to fly around a bit and found there were able 6 or so females talking to each other. I wanted to use hypnosis, the type that isn't really what hypnosis stands for in waking life, the classical stage one where people think a person is really manipulating someone, but they're not. It was weird how I was going to manipulate their minds, an on-screen white HUD shows up in the middle and shows a list of who I want to start manipulating. Of course, I spammed for all 6 or so females, and about 4 out of the 6 managed to fall unconscious.

      Problem is, those other 2 ended up being a challenge for me, and I think pretty quickly they prevented me from getting the other women. So I had no other option than to run and fly away.

      Oh and they giggled at me for running away as well, guess I'm not getting pussy with being scared.

      Lol, so much for dream sex.

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    3. Two Executioners After Me, Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation

      by , 01-10-2013 at 02:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Two Executioners After Me (DILD)


      It's a Resident Evil 4 and 5 themed dream, and I believe I'm walking along with someone who's my partner. I ask them to be cautious of the Las Plagas enemies and any other random enemies; I even tell them that killing one enemy a certain way would be easier in the long run.

      I believe it was the Las Plagas enemy in the game that wears a red robe, and he wasn't wearing the mask in the pic below:

      I realized I'm all alone now, and I'm walking inside of a dark hallway with white floors and gray walls. It seems there was something in this hallway I was going to get, but I don't have really good recall of it.

      The dream shifts where I decide to turn around and get out, and there's two Executioners in front of me that have mid-ranged weapons connected by chains.

      The environment outside looks like a derived section of the Village section in Resident Evil 4, and the skies are dark brown with thunder randomly appearing. There are dark brown trees with no leaves whatsoever, and the surface is mixed with autumn leaves and a dirt trail in the middle.

      I try to see what they're going to do, and it seems they're going to take turns in trying to kill me, so it's basically a 1 vs 1 encounter.

      I don't know why the other one in the left is here, but I focus my attention on the one to the right because he flings things large metal start spiked object at me, and I'm deflecting it with something I can't recall too well.

      I hear the metal clanks, and I can feel the aggressive force this executioner is exerting when using the chained weapon at me. I bounce back, and I'm honestly having a hard time, and since he has two of these weapons, I have to keep myself aware even after I deflect one weapon.

      It took him maybe 2-3 seconds to chain the attacks together before taking a 4 second break to prepare for another chain, and there were two moments where I almost got injured.

      I keep deflecting the attacks, literally on my toes having to spatially expand my awareness. I don't know what I do next, but I get used to his attacks and I presume that I would make a final kill somehow before I have to deal with the one on the left.


      Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation (DILD)


      I only remember being at an elevator, pressing the up or down button on the glossed dark brown panel.

      The elevator dings, and random men in black suits start aiming their guns at me from both elevator doors.

      I duck for cover somehow and kill them off, and I can't really feel myself being injured or anything like that. I try to press the button several times after dealing with this onslaught, and it just keeps going and going maybe 2-3 times....
      I can't remember anything after that.
    4. Penis Cutter, Princess Zelda Collects Dragons, Las Plagas Victims Won't Die

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The PENIS CUTTER (Non-lucid)


      Heh, yesterday, I had three blowjobs in a dream, and now this? OH YEAH. *sarcasm*

      My dream recall, I'm getting my tulpa to help me recall them whenever I come back home and have time to recall them, considering the time I woke up and went to class was 1-2 hours, and still managed to remember this without writing notes is going pretty well. Tulpaforging, not really so strong at the moment, but I'm trying.

      So I'm outside near your typical gas station store, or mini-market area. The atmosphere is gray overall, guess it must be a cold day, or most likely to rain. There's this machine that I'm trying to avoid that apparently cuts the head of your penis off.

      It has a mix of colors:

      -Red Eyes

      And its composition, especially for the torso and legs, was fairly basic. It's mostly a rectangular base for the torso, with a few curved ends here and there, and the legs were skinny but extremely durable. It had choppers as well, obviously, so it can cut men's penis heads off.

      I'm informed on a screen that shows up like a HUD where I have to mentally synch in the letters that show up, or else the machine/robot cuts my penis off. And what made it more challenging is that I have to at least be 2-5 feet to the machine that's coming at me.

      Like WTF.

      I had my penis head cut off at least two times, and thank goodness I didn't feel any pain, and the machine can cut the head off REALLY fast. I remember the first time the dream reset where I'm in the same environment with the mini-mart, I was inside the store, and running through the small aisles, trying to make random things fall to slow down the machine.

      You know how in a chase where the one being chased pulls down random shit, like a pole or fruits on a fruit stand to distract the chaser? Yeah.

      Other than that, the dream was mostly revolved on me trying to avoid the robot until I was ready to synch with the random letters surrounded by a cyan aura.
      Princess Zelda collects Dragons? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm in the same environment as I was in the previous dream with the penis cutter, except this time, there's not machine to worry about. I have the assumption that if I go inside the mini-mart, something bad will happen, so I decided to not go in of course.

      There's a dream shift where I'm with my father, and he wants to get some rice from one of those to-go areas you see in gas stations (like getting breakfast tacos or something like that). My father asks the man if he can get a specific rice in a specific way, and the employee has a hard time explaining things to him.

      I end up coming into the conversation and stating that the rice will be just fine, and that it won't try since it'll have water in it even when it's microwaved. I believe that's the answer the employee was going to state, but couldn't find the words.

      The dream shifts again, and I'm back outside the mini-mart. There's this really sexy female. She has dragon armor, similar to this, but more revealing of her skin, and more sluttier:

      It was also a mix of this, at least close enough to it, except it was black, and had some red marks near the shoulder areas:

      She doesn't seem like she's trying to kill me or anything, she's probably treating me as if I'm another dream character. I could've interacted with her, since she is the most enticing DC in the dream after all. She summons a huge brown dragon, and it comes to her right by her side. It's completely tamed, it moves its head next to her right hand that she has extended for the dragon to touch.

      The dragon is at peace, majestic, I could see its scales, this was an awesome dragon, and I was amazed at how much this lady could control the dragon. Then the dream shifts to where I see this same lady near Princess Zelda.

      They're both standing near a castle top (like the picture below labeled in red):

      The brown dragon is flying above them in a circle, and Princess Zelda (the Twilight Princess version) extends her arms for it to come near her. Zelda then turns to the same lady in the slutty dragon armor, who is probably her dragon tamer assistant or something, and tells her to collect more dragons for her.

      She complies, and I guess she goes off to find more dragons to tame.
      Las Plagas Victims just can't DIE (Non-lucid)


      I'm playing as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. I'm trying to shoot all the Las Plagas Victims before they kill him, and I feel as if I'm interchanging in being in Leon's body, and mentally controlling him in spectator mode.

      I'm inside of a house, like the type of house made mostly of wood and bricks, like a 1800s type of house. There's a border extending from a wall in the middle of the area, meaning the enemies have to go horizontally from where I'm at before they can get to me.

      I'm using basic guns, thinking that they'll be adequate enough to take care of this invasion, but when I shoot their heads off, they are STILL alive. In fact, for some, A white ghost comes out that's still stuck on their body. It's popping out, but not all the way.

      Then I thought that I should mentally scroll over to the inventory system, like in Resident Evil 4, and get out the Chicago Typewriter, which has infinite ammo in the actual game, and had the same benefit here in the dream.

      I go crazy, I hold on to the trigger, and never released it. These things just won't BLOODY DIE. They're still moving. And the dream shifts where Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw guy) is preparing to come at me, but is waiting for me to come at a reasonable distance to chop my head off or something.

      The environment is completely dark, and the only source of lighting for me to distinguish who's there are the occasional flashes of thunder that leaves a brief moment of visualizations. There's also a few fire sources here and there, but they aren't enough to deal with these Las Plagas victims coming at me.