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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Killing People with Bookshelfs, I'm Black Cat, Ice Sword & Water Sword Combo

      by , 12-10-2013 at 08:55 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Killing People With Bookshelfs (DILD)


      Yeah, this dream clearly didn't have a script. It's like David Cage's Beyond Two Souls meets Apophenia's desire for self-fulfilling prophecies from unrelated occurrences to create some Stand Alone complex. Even that attempt for analogies didn't make sense.

      My perspective for this dream was mostly looking as an over watcher of events while being able to pick and choose how certain occurrences would be implemented to cause a chain of events. I was lucid throughout the part with the killing people with bookshelf, but after that, I'm not too sure.

      I believe I had to make sure a character I'm focused to was led to safety. They had to encounter several dream characters that looked like Black Ops, soldiers, and other military and espionage related themes. Instead of having to get the character to shoot the people, I decided to be tactful with the environment.

      It seemed that while the soldiers that were facing off random gun firing from the opposite side, they were completely oblivious to how the objects around them could easily injure them or even kill them. There were probably some explosive barrels, but I decided to just move the bookshelf that seems to be conveniently the same length of the 4-5 dream characters lined up right in front of it.

      So the bookshelf falls down and they die or pass out, and I proceed to move to the next area where I would have to do a similar activity.
      Other than that, I can't recall what happened at this point.


      I'm Black Cat Walking Through a Post-Apocalyptic/War Environment (DILD)


      I seem to have taken the form of Black Cat from the Spiderman franchise.

      Spoiler for black cat:


      This dream was weird in its plot, though actually having a dream where the dreamer would prefer finding the script than following it isn't really too surprising. And finding an actual starting point is difficult since it may end up in back tracking to another dream shifts. So I'll just recall moments where I was lucid.

      I'm strutting my stuff like nobody's business in my tight-latex-wearing female embodying existence. The outfit texture resembles the one the Bayonetta chick wears:

      Spoiler for bayonettaaa:

      I had a cluster of emotions during this role as a female. I felt confidence and ready to pounce on anyone.

      I mostly felt sensations around my back that were tingling so much that I was wondering if my knees would become weak from this really overwhelming surge of sexual and euphoric feelings. Since I'm a female, I took the initiative to find some random male dream character and prepared my right hand for a brutal smack in the ass.

      Then I continue walking without showing a sign of wanting to see the dream character's response, and now there seems to actually be a script that I ended up following for this dream.

      The dream shifts to where I'm starting to become more aware of the sensations of my back, almost as if my back had some kind of multi-range rape contingency and prevention system or something.

      I'm walking through some areas that seemed to have been demolished either through construction work, or some post-war & post-apocalyptic setting to it. The overall color scheme for this environment consisted of very milky cool colors along with the dominant being light gray.

      I made this deduction seeing how the walls and the flooring had some kind of light pasty gray color to them. I could see the massive accumulation of crumbles from the buildings in a few areas along with the twisted and stripped metal bindings that sustained the building's composition.

      The area I was active in by this point seemed to have been me trying to escort a man to safety. At this point, I feel like I wasn't Black Cat anymore, and was shifting in and out with my dream self and her body as well. Eventually I started to look at her, and was wondering if I'm the guy she's escorting to safety.

      I noticed that I started to get a bit anxious and cautious of any scenario where I had to watch my back. I think the Black Cat entity that I took a full embodiment possession of wanted to give me assurance that I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

      Other than a few dream characters that came out of nowhere which I had to kill with a silenced gun I believe, there wasn't a lot going on for this dream after that.

      Too bad this isn't a dream where I had good control of my movements in first person perspective, it was more of just being aware of movements in third person and spectator view.


      Ice Sword and Water Sword Combo (Non-lucid)


      All I recall for this dream is seeing a dream character that resembles Haru Glory from Rave Master holding a sword.

      Apparently the sword is called an "Ice Sword" based on the information that shows up as a HUD next to the character that's shown in 2d. Apparently the Ice Sword transforms when you have the Water Sword or something in a certain state to gradually build up into something that I can't remember.

      The dream setting was night time, and had a dark blue overlay atmospheric vibe to it.

    2. Eva Wants Sex

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eva Wants Sex (Non-lucid)


      This dream is kind of hard to recall surprisingly, but whatever happened, it had to be sexual.

      Eva is wearing a full latex suit, and has part of her cleavage exposed. I go inside a building that looks like the apartment I used to rent in College Station. And the moment I go in, she immediately slams the door.

      I turn around wondering why she has to slam the door like that, and she keeps her hands on the lock so I can't think of getting out of this situation with her. She tilts her head and smiles at me, and after that, the only thing I can remember is me stripping her latex suit off and then slowly sliding down her pink panties.

      She's bracing herself against a wall as she props her rear towards me desperately wanting something to happen as I have the panties halfway to her knees.

      I can't remember anything else from that.