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    1. Big Store Event, Not Attending & I'm Too Over Powered in Runescape, Please Nerf

      by , 09-10-2014 at 07:10 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Big Store Event, Not Attending (DILD)


      Itís just one of those dreams where the virtual experiential reality is so high, that Iím slightly shocked for not having some existential questioning going on if this was a dream or not. One part of me wanted to delude myself into thinking itís real, just for the sake of not being apathetic towards the dream characters, and the dreamís potential value in general.

      Judging by the body sensations that Iím experiencing, thereís a lot of tension, almost as if thereís some big event where me and the dream characters that look like some of my co-workers are going to participate in. Itís the type of feeling where all the other challenges you had to face creep up on you, but then you come to a realization, and a satisfaction that you overcame them.

      I can feel my feet tingling, traveling up to my knees, and finally near my stomach. I started to feel an emptiness inside that was oddly comforting.
      So I just let time pass by, letting the conversations from other co-workers become diluted, and slowly getting accustomed to this highly vivid virtual experiential reality. There was a female there whom I had a deep affection with, though I feel the word is too strong seeing how the relationship in real life wouldnít really go that far.

      She still expressed the type of disposition where she would take advantage of her looks to fill the void of the insecurity that she has of not having something to love her; this dream character existed in a way where every single quality I could possibly use retrospect and analysis about her was clearly exhibited, and all she did in the dream was pass through the small lane in the middle of the bus to get out and go somewhere.

      I reign in these odd feelings of affection towards this dream character, most likely because I already have predispositions to avoid those kinds of interactions with them so that those feelings wonít bleed onto how I communicated with them in waking life.

      Everyone else just felt like random noise, and I did my best to show some interest with the existence of this dream characters. But when one of them stated that weíre not attending whatever event weíre close to, I immediately lost interest in the dream.

      Instead of trying to accomplish some goals of mine Iíve had on my mind for -insert x entity- knows how long, I just get bored, and just drifted back into non-lucid dreaming.


      I'm Too OP in Runescape (DILD)


      I realize Iím playing a MMORPG that has a Runescape-esque feel to it. I figured I might as well enjoy watching whatís going on. I believe Iím playing as some old man with a long gray beard, and all heís wearing are some white desert robes in the cold.

      The overall color schemes consist of blue and gray, and I had a feeling that the area I was going to would be the God Wars Dungeon, seeing how thereís a huge pit with a rope hanging on the side. I had a feeling that if Iím only going into a pit with only a white desert robe, and a staff that looks like the Polypore staff, Iím probably really powerful in this dream version of Runescape.



      I go inside the pit, and I find myself in an area thatís a very spacious battle arena. I do a quick walk around, and I have to fight some purple tentacle creature that seems to be rotating its whole body, or tentacles vertically at rapid speeds. Itís pretty hard to comprehend the existence, and locomotion of the creature in general, and my initial reaction was to activate some prayer abilities like Protect from Magic, or something like that. I even see the Prayer screen as well, though it didnít seem to me that I activated it at all.



      I believe Iím switching to a melee weapon since I got pretty close to the tentacle monster, though Iím pretty sure I used Mage, or Ranged on it. Iím paying close attention to my health bar, and it seems that I need to activate Soul Split, especially when I came into this place with no food whatsoever. I realize this before going into the pit, but it was already too late since I couldnít really get into the dream that way to start changing the environment, i.e., I was too indulged in the task of playing this game.

      I hear the sound effects of the Soul Split, which I presumed was working, and fortunately it did. I manage to kill the tentacle monster with ease, and I didnít even bother to check if I had a Prayer limit. I guess it was implied that I could use any Prayer ability without worrying about my Prayer points being drained.

      If playing as an old man with a gray beard and having to rely on a Prayer ability doesnít imply religious implications unconsciously being expressed to me, then I donít know what the purpose of this dream is.

      And just went I thought I could get out of this one, another weird creature appears. The overall composition of it is akin to a dolphin, and it has a light blurry violet color to it as well. It apparently can levitate, and shoot high pressed air at a high rate. Or maybe it was steamy water that was high pressured.

      I honestly donít know how I dealt with this one, but I do know that I spent most of my time just running away from it, and dodging when it shoots the high pressured stuff at me. Whatever happened, happened, and the next creature is very hard to recall its overall body composition.

      I just knew that at that point, if I could handle the previous entities with ease, with only having a few moments where I thought I was going to die, then Iím obviously over powered in this game. I defeated all of them, and I forget what happens next.

      Oh, and there's another non-lucid dream where I tell one of my relatives (female) that I liked the Naruto Shippuden villains more than the protagonist, but again, not going to invest time in recalling this dream.
    2. Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money (DILD)


      The exercise I did for an hour about 2 days ago is really helping my recall alot, but I'm beginning to think it's much more than that helps with recalling this dream despite having to take my time typing other dreams. The exercise is basically made for me to imagine things without being able to put conscious judgment in anything, and how I'll have to rely on unconscious thoughts to stream in to connect the dots.

      Now, this isn't what I'm doing for this dream, this is what I actually experienced, the exercise itself is completely different from this. This is just a result from that practice, and of course, the discipline I tried to give myself with recalling as many dreams as possible. The thing is, instead of me being so focused on recalling dreams instantly, I'm letting my mind form those events because I know that as long as I want to recall them (which isn't that hard obviously), the more the mind will make those connections to make the dream a bit more cohesive.

      Now, you're probably wondering if one doesn't recall their dreams sooner or later, it might become less valid. Well, with how the concept that's made with the unconscious mind, it seems that if someone thinks that, it's really the person underestimating what your mind can do if you just allow it to do its job of helping you remember things.


      The environment I'm has a major color of green and shades of it and has a darker overlay to it as well. It feels as if I'm within the depths of some ancient chamber that has all sorts of secrets and jargon all over the place.

      I interact with several dream characters, and I can't really make a cohesive structural plot to do this because there's so much going on at once, but I will try my best. Anyway, I go to a dream character that looks like an albino, and he has a floating orange object in his hand, so I go up to him and ask what he's doing.

      He declares to me that he's training how to make thought-forms imposed into his reality, and how the orange object he's holding that's floating on top of his hand about 3 inches up is the thought-form he's trying to make. I take a closer look at the object that's floating about his hand, and it kind of looks like some weird fruit. Imagine cutting Mango, and finally getting to the seed, but there's still some orange-yellow flesh surrounding it. Now imagine scraping the flesh with your teeth that would give the flesh that doesn't come off as easily a slightly curvy and smooth spiky look to it.

      Like this,

      except the ends are bit longer and wavier. And there are a few red orbs/eyes/balls on this weird looking object as well, and I see that a few more dream characters have thought-forms similar to the albino I'm near. He's wearing a black monk outfit similar to the Las Plagas monks wear in Resident Evil 4. I turn back to look around the environment again, and I see Naruto in Kyuubi mode, and he's using the Kyuubi arms to hold onto a dark orange orb.

      I can't recall why he's doing this, but it seems to be something very important to hold on to seeing how everyone is worried that he might make it drop down in what seemed like a bottomless pit. I think at some point Sasuke shows up for something, and as Naruto is continuing to hold the orange orb, it seems something throws off his balance.

      He isn't able to hold the dark orange orb for very long and it drops all the way down to the bottom, and Sasuke I believe gets irritated on Naruto's clumsiness. Naruto closes his eyes and tries to give a fake laugh, and I end up diving towards the bottom.

      The dream shifts completely where after the darkness subsides while still falling all the way down head-first, I noticed there's some kind of tug on the pants that I'm wearing. I turn my head quickly to see that it's Azula from Avatar.

      From this point, I'm shifting back and forth from third person, spectator, and first person view, and as I'm trying to get Azula away from me, I noticed that I shift between the body form of Aang and myself. I end up taking the role of Aang, and realized that if I airbend at the right time, I won't fall faceplanting the floor.

      I look down really quickly, but I can't make out the surface other than it being a light brown-ish or khaki colored tiled flooring. I noticed really huge columns that were a mix of brown and orange, and I believe there were a few lit fire torches maybe 30 feet above from the surface.

      And as I'm trying to get Azula off me, she continues to persist and is holding onto the regions of my pants near my ankle more. I try shaking my legs a bit to see if she'll lose her grip, but it seems she's not going to give up. I decided that when I was about 15 feet away from the ground, I somehow managed to make an Airball and flipped myself over on it and landed softly.

      Not sure how Azula took the fall, but as I'm preparing to run and create another air ball to sit on, Azula is already back on her feet. She prepares herself like in this video clip below:

      Except this time, she's lightning bending to propel herself, and as I'm instantly creating an airball to travel on and escape her, it seems she's having a hard time catching up to me and sustaining the lightning. I don't really look back from that point other than hearing her grunts as she talking to herself wishing the lightning bending would've worked for her.

      Pretty sure if she wanted to kill me, she would've done it right from the start. But you know, logic doesn't come in like in a snap that when you're fucking falling down 200-500 feet from above. And I remember her showing up in my dreams at least two times, and it's in really awkward situations. I wonder......

      Anyway, my recall of what occurs as I'm continuing to travel with the airball is patchy, and all I know is that there's a dream shift that still relates to this dream I'm having. I'm in a similar environment like I described in the first portion of this dream, except this time, the area is much more expansive and even comforting despite of its dark setting.

      The walls and columns are all still green, and I believe the fire is green as well, which makes a huge contrast from the patches of darkness in random places. I can't recall what happens next other than another dream shift in a similar environment, only this time, the atmosphere and lighting has a yellow-orange hue to it (leaning more to yellow).

      The more I traverse through the depths of this presumed ancient underground, the more I feel there's going to be surprises just waiting to happen. I find myself walking at what seems to be a dead end, and there's some wording on the walls the seems to be instructions on how to operate the switch in front of me. I had to go around a wall in the middle to the left to reach this area, and I press the switch for a bit to see what will happen.

      Nothing happens as yet, and then there's a dream character that looks like the same albino monk I met holding a floating fruit that looked like a Mango. This dream character informs me that I have to keep pressing the switch in order for something to work. I think there's a leveling format involved where there's the maximum number listed and I had to hit the switch, or twist and turn it a certain amount of times to get the result.

      The monk leaves I believe, or maybe I just become less aware of him, but anyway, the moment I make the maximum turn/rotation/push/whatever on the switch, it magically slides in a bit more through the hole it came out of. Imagine the event here like watching a movie like the Mummy or even Indiana Jones where if the person presses something they don't know they're dealing with, you start building up tension that something is going to go wrong.

      Well, it's pretty much like that, and there's a lot of rumbling occurring, and the ground and the whole area shakes for a little bit. I go back around the wall in the middle where the switch was behind, and looked up.


      I couldn't have described the moment any better, there's a huge statue with glowing orange eyes that has the visage of an ox. It's pretty slow due to its gargantuan size, which gives me more time to find a way to get out of this place, things have gone too crazy for me to try and find anything anymore in this area. I go straight towards the huge statue that's probably 200-300 feet away from me, and I go to the right with the stack of columns perpendicular to me to get some cover.

      And as I'm running straight on the right side, I noticed there's a set of glass windows bordering something inside, and I peeked to see that beyond those glass windows is an exit. It's dark, but it's definitely my chance of escaping.

      Suddenly, another entity comes in from the dark opening, and it's basically a mini-version of the large statue that's probably coming after me. Imagine for a moment of how a person would play a game with someone else where they go around in circles trying to catch each other, but then one person stops and waits for that person to come into that direction; and how we predict where a person's going only for them to make a sharp turn in the opposite direction.

      It was kind of like that, except this entity was a bit more competent to fall for such tricks. I end up going to the right inside the entrance from the set of glass windows bordering the interior area that has white lighting and is more bright than anything in this ancient environment. Then as the beast comes in from the opposite direction, I quickly turn back and tried to make a dash, but then the beast catches on to what I'm doing, and it makes a sharp turn as well.

      All I remember is trying to get out, and probably trying to get away from the mini-ox humanoid entity,
      the rest is just a mystery to me.

    3. Comforting Hawkgirl, Boat Traveling in Sepia Environment, On a Blimp with Light Yagami

      by , 03-14-2013 at 06:11 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Comforting Hawkgirl (Non-lucid)


      My recall is kind of skewed, but I believe I can get a decent overview on what happened.

      I remeber being immersed in an environment that felt completely remote from previous experiences that I can't recall too well last night. I remember the darkness creating a sense of comfort, but that could be due to the person that was next to me. I had this attraction towards a dream character that looked exactly like Hawkgirl from the Justice League.

      She was wearing the mask shaped in a form of a hawk, with a dark gold in the middle going all the way towards the beak of the helmet and black on the sides. I believe there were trees, and they were dead, most likely similar to some of the trees at my University when it's not Summer as yet.

      However, the darkness itself confused the beauty of this dream environment, it was dark and would be scary if I didn't have a dream character by my side that I had an attraction with. It was like the perfect place to have a side to side conversation with any dream character I preferred. The ground below me mostly consisted of bland colors in the range of gray and a bit of white.

      There were stones fused with the gray concrete, and I could remember hearing my footsteps more than usual in a dream. It almost felt like a mini-Alice-in-Wonderland kind of theme where nothing but the dream character and me existed, or at least was of significant importance.

      I felt calm, relaxed, I had no objective to do anything random like my dream self usually does when non-lucid. I believe I'm holding Hawkgirl by her right shoulder with my left hand. I'm getting an image that I'm wearing a white dress shirt with light gray office suit over it and a light gray dress pants as well. I'm probably wearing basic laceless brown shoes that were polished as well, and I have the white dress shirt un-buttoned all the way down to the top of my chest.

      There are stone benches on the side of the ground placed conveniently for two people to talk things out. Hawkgirl's emotions suddenly became more apparent to me, and she's starting to cry. I felt as if I'm being stung mentally because I wanted to know what was wrong with her and why she was crying.

      Somehow her tears managed to go through her mask, and she quickly gets her right hand to wipe her tears. The logic with this felt kind of weird since the texture of the mask should be able to have liquids slide right off it with ease, but I was more focused on her emotions.

      I propelled my right hand forward to the stone backless bench, and told her we can sit here. She's still wiping her tears, and she proceeds to sit down. I do the same and I get closer to her and wanted to take my right arm and give her a side hug to console her.

      From this point, I can't rememeber specficially on what we talked about, but I do know it was definitely something that was bothering her mind for some time. Even though I don't have any recall on that presumption, it just felt like that, and based on how she was in the original Justice League show before Justice League Unlimited, it's like she wanted to give me a secret.

      I felt like crying alongside her as well just because it felt comforting to just cry, kind of like having eustress (positive stress). Whatever we talked about, I felt her warm body lean towards my chest. Her back is facing me and I wrap her gently around her neck and listened to whatever it is she discussed with me.

      The environment started to become insignificant at this point, and I was more focused on wrapping her around my arms and trying to empathize with her. After that, I can't remember anything else.


      Going Under a Bridge with Sumire Ryuzaki and Child Naruto (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that Sumire Ryuzaki from Prince of Tennis, and maybe Naruto when he was a child were near me as we're on motarboats that seem to operate by themselves. It felt like that for a while until I realized there was a rope connecting between us, literally.

      The rope probably was 20-30 feet in length, and I was in between Sumire Ryuzaki and Child Naruto. Naruto was wearing a gray shirt and orange shrots while Sumire Ryuzaki just wore the same outfit she wore in Prince of Tennis.

      The dream environment had this red-ish Sepia atmosphere, but we as individuals still maintained our basic colors. We were riding the boats and preparing to go under a bridge. This bridge was fairly wide, maybe 50-70 feet wide, and was composed of bricks. The bricks were probably brown, but that could probably be due to the Sepia-Red-ish tone that was apparent.

      Beyond that bridge was a very bright light, and it was impossible to see what was ahead. Whatever it was, it definitely was better than being stuck in this bland and almost timeless environment.


      Light Yagami and the Hard-Skinned Blimp (Non-lucid)


      I'm on top of a Blimp that seems to be hard-skinned because there were a few needles flinging at high speeds near it. The setting is night time, and below me were city lights everywhere. I didn't acknowledge this sensation in the dream, but it felt amazing, the wind blowing through me, I felt so alienated from below that it was just comforting.

      Then Light Yagami from Death Note showed up. He's wearing a white dress shirt buttoned all the way up except for the neck and is wearing dark pants and brown shoes. He looks relaxed, and then looks at me seriously at first, but then goes back to being neutral. I don't know what he's doing here, but he seems to be enjoying this as well.

      That's all I can remember, the blimp is going somewhere, kind of like the midnight train going ANYWHEREEEEEEEE.
    4. Foursome, Shoot the Fake, Kaomea and her Pain meds, Rich Blonde Saves my ass...

      by , 05-05-2012 at 06:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Okay, so after sleeping a little more, I recalled more dreams. The first one is the most recent one, and the rest are just in random order lol.

      Foursome with Melanieb and Twin Sisters (Non-lucid)


      I'm at my University, and I'm riding my bicycle pretty fast, barely managing to dodge a few people or run over them. I just ride just for the sake of riding, and I'm headed towards a new area.

      I shift to the right lane of the road, go to a small downhill road to turn left, passing through a truck just in time before it can block me.

      Then I reach a dead end, and was worried I was going to crash, but I leaned towards the side of my bike with both of my legs on one side, and jump off it while holding the handles.

      I walk inside a random room, and I go all the way in, turn left, and then decide to go back outside and go to my apartment. I'm my way out, I barely notice a bald guy wearing a striped shirt with red and white going down vertically.

      I felt like an idiot to just randomly go in, so I pretended to be dumb and said "Hi" to the guy. He was in the process of sitting down on a black rotatable, and was looking at the computer in front of him that was black, and shining pretty bright.

      He responds to me saying "Hi" to me, and I do this awkward leave, slowly walking backwards and smiling, and just getting out of there.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm back at my apartment. I go inside my bedroom, and I find there's some clothes on the bed.


      Looks like all of these are mine. Then I hear someone say,


      Shocked, I slowly peek to see who it was, but I couldn't see anyone, because I had the living room lights turned off, though the kitchen light should've helped me see the outline of the person at least.

      I decided I should go to the living room section a little bit closer, and I see a woman with black hair, red shirt and a small thin black jacket on top of it.

      She turns her face around, and it's Melanieb, without her sunglasses on her profile picture.

      She has glossy lips, like this:

      I don't know why, I didn't have complete control over myself, but I am seeing things in first person perspective, and I kissed Melanieb on the cheek.

      I asked her,

      "Wait, how did you get into my apartment?"

      She responds saying that she told the managers some clever reason that I can't remember exactly. She then said that they didn't believe her at first, so she lied to them again and said,

      "I wanted to preserve my virginity for you..."




      Why didn't I do a nose plug RC? Especially since melanieb was in my apartment?!?!?!?

      Anyway, I looked into her eyes for a while, and it's kind of hard to assume that this person was a dream figure, I looked into her eyes pretty deep, and she felt happy to be around me, or maybe she's just being cheerful overall.

      She holds my hands, and from this point, my mind is going blank on her cute expression towards me. While she's guiding me to the bedroom, I'm still shocked and blank.

      When we get to the bedroom, it looks a bit messy. I hear her saw a few things, but I can presume that she wanted me to clean up some areas in the bedroom before we did anything.

      I tell her that I will clean it up, and I declared that the reason why is because I've had so much free time lately that I've been passive on managing my bedroom.

      I start to pick up an underwear on the bed, and put it next to another small piece of clothing on my left hand.

      The dream starts to fade a little bit, and it shifts to where I'm outside.

      From this point, I thought I was awake, and was mad at myself for the dream fading away, because I was looking at some old man walking at some random point in a section that looked like a pharmacy drive-thru.

      I got annoyed, turned my face back to its natural position to see Naruto in his older form smiling at me while he's walking over some grass.

      Then I see some girl who looks a bit like she's from an anime, but at the same time, she looked realistic, like 3D Anime or something like that, but even more realistic than that.

      I believe she wore glasses, and had black hair as well, and she was driving a white or silver car. She looks at me, and I look at her, and then there's another car coming in, and it's another girl in it as well.

      They both look the same in facial composition, I was confused. Both of them were following each other while in their cars.

      Then the dream shifts to where Melanieb and the twins were inside my apartment apparently, and I was going to go inside with them, but the dream fades and I wake up....

      Loooooooool. So much for the foursome.
      Shoot the Fake one (Non-lucid)


      I don't really care much about this dream.

      There were two men on the floor, and they both looked the same, and I had a handgun in my hand, and I had to kill the fake one.

      I had a hunch on who it was, and I aimed the gun at him while they're busy fighting and rolling on the floor in a garage.

      I almost shot the real one, and then calmed down until the fake one rolled to the left to get on top of the other guy.

      Before he could punch him, I shot him in the head.

      I dropped the gun, and I think I went to someone and started crying, but I don't know who...
      Kaomea and her Pain meds (Non-lucid)


      Okay, so I'm reading Kaomea's Dream Journal about how she's taking her pain meds or something like that.

      Rich Blonde Saves my Ass (Non-lucid)


      I don't know how I got into affiliations with Asian gang group members, but these were one of those high class ones where men in fancy suits would come after you and "take care" of you if you did something wrong, in other words, you'd either be dead or severely injured.

      There's something that's bothering my mind, and apparently, I had to pay off some shark loan or something like that by tomorrow.

      I believe the amount was $1,600? Obviously, I'm screwed, and I'm worried on how I'm going to get this payment done and over with in a short period of time. I think I'm with someone, but I can't remember, and I can't remember what happens next except in the next dream shift.

      I'm near a blonde female, and she's positive towards me, though I'm not really paying to much attention to the vibe she's giving me, probably because of the loan I had in the back of my mind worrying about.

      She writes a check that basically will let me pay off the loan. I look at her and had a face that said, "Why????"

      She smiles at me, and she even gives me a $100 in cash just like that. I acknowledge her by showing her how grateful I am, and I looked at the $100 bill and thought of the things I could buy with this amount of money.

      I think I replaced the $100 bill since it looked a little bit blank in the middle with a black censor or something like that.

      The blonde didn't mind at all though, that's all I remember.

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    5. Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin

      by , 03-20-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Bullet Bill & Water of Wishing

      I'm riding on a mini-vehicle that looks like a Bullet Bill, and I have to use the pedals on the sides to operate it. I meet at an intersection and I'm waiting for this car to pass, then I find myself going off the road bit near the gas station to the left of me.

      I think I'm headed there to get something to eat, and as I'm getting closer to the gas station, the dream shifts to where I'm in a supermarket, probably Walmart.

      It has white flooring all over the store, and I'm heading in line somewhere I can't remember too much on. I accidentally bump into some little kid who is walking around like he has no brain, and he goes back to his parents.

      I wait in line, and it seems I'm already off the mini-Bullet Bill. A guy comes up to tap me on the shoulder to tell me that I bumped into his son, and that I should be a bit more careful.

      When he told me this, this guy looked like he was going to piss his pants, I swear, if I said something negative in response, he would have his hands up and run like little bitch.

      The reason why I know he's afraid of me is that that he says "Yeah" after telling me I hit his son with the Bullet Bill bike in a silent tone, and his head faced towards the ground a little bit.

      Instead of being angry at him for not being able to pay attention to where his son is walking around, I suppress the urge and then conformed to an innocent demeanor to ask him,

      "Oh, I bumped into your son? I'm so sorry!" I almost said it like I was going to cry.

      The timid father responds, "Yeah, you made a bruise on his leg."

      I looked over to the right of me and see the little kid who apparently is in pain. He is holding one of his legs and is jumping around, it looks like he's crying, but I can't hear him cry.

      I could see this little kid was just being a little pussy and should just suck it up because I wasn't even going that fast in the first place. So I responded to the father in a neutral tone,


      Then I had the sudden urge to find a some kind of dress shirt or sweater in the form of one. So I'm walking around the supermarket, and this definitely looks like Walmart.

      I'm going around random aisles, probably spending some time looking at random items and putting them back. Then I get back to focusing on finding a black dress shirt/sweater. I don't know what exactly happens, but one appears in front of me, or maybe I'm actually wearing one.

      I go to an area of the supermarket where water is being contained in a small area, and I decided to put my hands in it. When I was touching the water, random thoughts started to form in my head wishing for certain objects to appear.

      I think I was imagining keys appearing, and the water instantly creates them and has them floating a little bit. I grab them, and for some reason, I handed them to my mother since she's wondering where her key were.

      After that, I can't remember what I did next.

      Dream 2: Monkey Shirt

      I'm in a supermarket again, but things are a little bit different now. Somebody is asking in a loud voice on who has the most interesting shirt in the store.

      I look at my shirt and see it's red with some random picture on it, and then it alters to an orange shirt with a monkey on it, to be more specific, an orangutan with a finger near its mouth, as if it was in a "HERP DERP" moment.

      So I decided that this shirt I'm wearing looks pretty interesting, and I basically pointed towards myself, hoping the person who asked the question would see me pick myself.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Dream 3: You Mad Sasuke???!?, Wait...Sinoblak's Dog???

      I'm outside near Northgate, and it seems I'm testing myself by closing my eyes, and visualizing the environment in front of me. I'm doing really well, and the environment is vivid.

      It's bright as day, which should've made me do an RC since it's raining at College Station today, and I just rely on being able to replicate the environment around me with my eyes closed.

      I guess this made the non-lucid productive for once, since I'm doing really really well in creating a replica in front of me. After a while, I decided to go back to my apartment.

      On the left and right side of the road that I'm walking on, there's these long bushes extending horizontally towards my location for a little bit, and I see a dog in front of me.

      It didn't look like it was trying to rip my neck off, and I didn't realize this at first in the dream, but it looked a lot like Sinoblak's dog, but it was a bit lighter, almost having a gold-ish fur to it.

      It looked up to me, and it looks sad, but since it came so fast in front of me, as a reflex and out of fear, I started to scream at it.

      I wanted to run away from it, but I decided to scream louder, and it started to move back a bit. There was another dog to my right coming at me, but again, it didn't look like it wanted to bite me.

      I continue screaming at these two dogs, and I slowly advanced forward, trying to do the ignore test
      (in a half-assed manner) to them to see if they disappeared.

      But when I turn back, they were still there, and I was still afraid that they would do a sneak attack on me, but they clearly weren't there for trying to attack me.

      I continue screaming, "NO! NOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" until I finally reached my apartment.

      I go in, lock the door, head towards my bedroom, and I see some kind of fight inside.

      I go inside and find that Sasuke is this close from having his hand on Naruto's neck. Everything is in slow motion, and Naruto just has his mouth opened in shock, which gives him time to dodge Sasuke's attack.

      Then all of suden, Sasuke deactivates his Mangekyou Sharingan to the regular three-dotted Sharigan on each eye, then he started to look sad.

      And he just gets out of my apartment feeling emo, well, I guess it's better than me trying to force him to get out.

      Kakashi is there for a while as well, and he looks sad as well, like he feels that Sasuke just doesn't know what to do anymore.

      Then when everyone leaves, I get closer to the exit, and look at the round table to the right of me and see a wig on top of it. I take it and try to put it on my head, the wig has curly hair.

      It's a pretty crappy wig, since the edges to show that it is a wig were hard to conceal. After a while, I take it off did something, but I can't remember what.

      Dream 4: Naked Snake in a Suitcase

      This is a Metal Gear Solid related dream again, while Snake is busy escaping, I'm in spectator mode and see a crap load of guards outside just waiting for Snake to come out. They have their automatic weapons ready, and they're balancing them to help with accuracy I'm assuming.

      Then a random call comes up, which I believe distracted the guards, and Snake just starts charging to the other side really quickly, because he's in a situation where even he can't make it out alive without some distraction.

      Then he moves forward away from the guards, and then goes left again, and a vehicle shows up.

      The backside of the vehicle lands on the ground for Snake to get on, and I believe a Suitcase is on it, so Snake gets inside of it, and the backside of the vehicle attaches itself again. Then I find I'm Snake because I'm peeking through the backside door.

      Someone is still trying to shoot us, even though we're clearly away from shooting range of the gun she's using. I peek again, and she's still trying, but she gives up and just walks left (from where I'm seeing her).

      All I remember from looking at the girl was that she had black hair, a black shirt, and a really really really short red skirt.

      Dream 5: Windows Live Chat With Alyzarin

      I wake up (False Awakening) and I go on my laptop and find Alyssa is on MSN Chat, or Windows Live Messenger.

      She told me about certain times she woke up I think, and I look at the alarm clock, and see that it's 11:05 AM. She gives me all sorts of times that she wakes up, and I can't remember them exactly.

      I find myself waking up, and it's around 8 AM instead of 11:05 AM.

      DAMN IT!!!

    6. In the bathroom, reading Naruto, couple in Restaurant, Basketball

      by , 02-24-2012 at 02:42 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      In the bathroom, reading Naruto, couple in Restaurant, Basketball (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: In Bathroom

      I'm going into the bathroom to pee, and there are way too many random DCs in the bathroom and urinals as well. I finally found one after awkwardly avoiding a DC looking at my private parts and did my business.

      Some person was doing something random that I'm not too sure of.

      Dream 2: Reading Naruto Shippuden Manga Online

      I think I'm reading a colored Naruto Shippuden Manga online, and some ad on the side said that going to these types of sites giving new stuff means they can store your information or something like that. (I still think my mind is associating with the fake DV server thing).

      I see Tobi with his new mask and having his Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan and the Rinnegan, and Naruto in Kyuubi mode.

      Bring on the tasty food-tobi-new-mask.jpgBring on the tasty food-%255banimepaper.net%255dvector-box-anime-naruto-vector-%252334-naruto-kyuubi-mode-184326-ala21ddin21-m.jpg

      I also saw some pictures of one of the Rugrats characters named Chuckie, and the name "Dave" was beside the image as well.

      Bring on the tasty food-rugrats-chuckie.jpg

      Dream 3: Couple in Restaurant

      I'm inside a restaurant, and I see some girl with some guy. He's showing off his body to her, and he's really muscular all over. He told her that he didn't let the girl before he came to her touch his crotch.

      Bring on the tasty food-six-pack-abs.jpg

      The girl then asks him what he sees in her all the time, and suddenly I'm taking the guy's perspective in 1st person view, and while he's saying "girls" several times, I see how sad and lonely the girl is.

      Dream 4: Basketball

      I think I'm in a basketball game and I see some person making insane 3 pointers (not really a fan of basketball, but he was doing really crazy tactics that would involve a lot of courage and risk).

      Bring on the tasty food-basketball-3636.jpg

      Then I think I'm the person and I start making random 2 and 3 pointers, then I tried to shoot out of bounds behind the basket, but I fail.

      I even tried to pass the ball to a teammate, but they failed in getting it as well, I think one of them even slapped the ball away from me passing it to them.
    7. School then FIRST LUCID DREAM!!

      by , 07-05-2011 at 02:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      7/5/2011 Talking Non-Lucid Lucid

      Before this, I was practicing a technique of repeating a certain mantra "I BECOME AWARE I LUCID DREAM" http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/repeat...ue-rmt-117791/ by writing in down with a Sharpie on a piece of printer paper. I just kept using that same message through the whole day before I slept. Every time I got into something so much in real life, I would look at that paper and have the though manifested into my head.

      This is all I remember for this dream part

      I was sitting outside, and itís bright as day, with a bunch of students while some adult was telling us some jokes. Apparently he was joking around and telling us all these funny things. Everyone and me were laughing, but the guy said I was the one who wasnít faking it? Then I realize he had the same voice as my Psychology teacher, and everyone left to go to their next class I assume.

      While I was going to class, I saw one person wanted to know where the teacher got all the jokes. The teacher showed his iTouch or iPad or whatever (couldnít tell the size from a distance). Then I turned back and went to my class.

      Then I believe I was in a bus, and I was sitting down listening to some guys say some stuff about girls I think. I think as I was going out, I was just laughing like crazy, and the same guys asked me what I was laughing at. I said it was what they said. They laughed and I included, ďYou have some funny stories,Ē and they laugh some more.

      Anyway, then I was in this luxury type bathroom just doing my business. Then as I go to wash my hands, I felt as if someone spit on my neck, so I grab some paper towels (a bit too much), and someone said, ďYou use too much.Ē So I responded, ďBut I think I have spit on my neckĒ or something like that. They said ďOh, okay.Ē (All I remember for that one)

      The next one I recall is walking through the school hall and seeing some event where studentsí mothers were involved, (I donít really remember). I heard some girl I know named Angie I believe was excited because she could get her mother to be involved. Then there was another scene where some guys got some small blue double dong dildo (or maybe it was just a small one) meant for anal play (obviously), and the Angie girl I mentioned above came to them. They asked her if she wants to play with the anal toy.

      Surprisingly, she said ďYeah.Ē I believe she even wanted to go back home to get something real quick. The guy or two of them I believe were freaked out by her response. Thatís all I remember for that one.

      I also believe in the dream I had prior to these few, (the one about me sitting down on a bus seat) I was worried about getting some object destroyed; it looked like a piece of a box crate and some weird components on it. Thatís all I remembered.

      I think Iím climbing out of something, I believe as Iím climbing out, there are small bits of fire on top. I believe I was tardy to class again (a recurring pattern for some of my dreams because I was never tardy to school, and even if I was, I had a pass that would excuse me from it ). I heard some people talk but didnít bother to remember much, I was rushing towards a door. The moment I opened that door and walked a little bit, I could think for once while Iím in a DREAM! . I repeated my mantra Iíve been looking at on a piece of paper for the whole day for about two times in my head.

      Then I said ďI am Lucid Dreaming.Ē I took form and had complete control of myself. There was this window in front of me that was shining bright white light, but just enough to have some lighting. Then I see my previous AP English Literature teacher Ms. Park. I asked her if Iím dreaming. She said, ďNo.Ē But I get a hold of myself and asked her, ďAre you sure?Ē She looks down on the floor for a while, probably just thinking of what to say to me. For some reason I canít remember what I said to her next.

      I believe I was asking if she could show me the path of where my dream guide was or something. She showed me with her arms and then this door appeared. I heard footsteps coming in rapidly (I was on a wood surface), and I got a little scared, but I kept my cool and even had my fists up. I even went back a little to ask Ms. Park on whatís going on. But she wasnít there anymore.

      I automatically thought that I would see a few Agent Smiths from the Matrix Trilogy, but it ended up being Will Smith I think. The room I entered was this big library with many levels of stairs. I didnít have a clear view of this (I didnít do a reality check at all, I just said to myself ďI am lucid dreaming.Ē)

      Suddenly I had to urge to do a move in Naruto: Shippuden called Chidori that Sasuke Uchiha used. I did the hand signs that I did for a few times in real life. Bam! Chidori on my right hand.

      Then I think Will Smith freaked out and started running (LOL, if you know Will Smith in the Fresh Prince show, you know that expression on his face when he freaks out).

      Then instead of running after him and some other figure, I decided to extend my Chidori like Sasuke did like a linear object and try to kill them. I saw my right hand with the Chidori, but I couldnít extend it.

      So I canceled it and did a Shadow Clone Jutsu, but then random Naruto figures appeared.

      (I guess I was just doing things to quick instead of taking the time to manifest clones of myself) The clones looked like they were in 2-d form, and they disappear. I continue running after Will Smith and the other person I canít remember too much of. They go into an elevator I believe, but it was one of those old-school elevators that was wide. Will Smith just comes out of nowhere and said ďTheyíre just scared.Ē

      That was a very odd experience there for him to say that ďTheyíre scaredĒ when Iím the one chasing them down. Anyway, he disappears, so I opened the elevator, but I just see the bottom of the floor. So I looked up to see the elevator going up. I kept going higher and higher by using the stairs. Then suddenly Will Smith and the other figure came out the opposite direction (WTF~#[email protected]#%). As they are running around like crazy on the bottom floor. Iím looking over from top seeing all these people come in. Most of them were black, I saw a few other ethnicity and races as well. But then this cop comes out of a door, in the typical cop uniform with the light blue shirt and black pants.

      He was Caucasian, and when he saw all these black people, he went, ďNow thatís too much.Ē

      (Iím African American too, well that and mixed with some other races, what the hell xD). I canít remember much (even though I wrote a freaking NOVEL just now LOL).

      This lucid dream was pretty short, probably because I was excited but I didnít feel excited, I didnít even close my eyes. Maybe it was something else, but I donít know what. I know it wasnít outside forces. I opened my eyes and was back at reality. I did a reality check by pinching my nose to see if I could dream. But nah, reality (sad face). Anyway, now itís 5:15 A.M. I canít wait to have another LD!