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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Dog Invades OJ-Filled Garage, The Rice Terrorists & Toy Snake

      by , 12-26-2015 at 07:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dog Invades Orange Juice Filled Garage (DILD)


      Iím inside a garage thatís open, and thereís this dog thatís a Rottweiler/Pitbull mix with brown being its dominate color. At first, itís not really lethal whatsoever, and I would infer that if it werenít for certain actions, it just wanted to play with me, and whoever was around at the time.

      I felt anxious around it, and tried to move slowly, and hopefully get myself inside the house to shut the door. The only time it ever portrayed an aggressive disposition was when some random dream character had some blue gloves that can shoot triangular, metal sheets at it. And when it did portray aggressiveness, it wasnít able to jump towards the right person; it felt delayed and infantile.

      The garage eventually is filled quarter way with orange juice, or some kind of yellow-orange substance. I eventually get out, and trapped the dog inside a closet somewhere. I can see a glimpse of its visage before shutting the door, and it looks sad.


      The Rice Terrorists & Toy Snake (DILD)


      So, Iím trying to get a tire quota filled up by driving into random vehicles, and automatically fixing their tires when Iím within a certain distance to them. The experience is quite fast paced, and the two colors that are dominate are brown, and dirty, golden yellow.

      I eventually get on one of the vehicles, or Iím transitioning there for some unknown reason, and I see that Iím caught at an impasse. There are several men in guerrilla soldier uniforms that are threatening to kill anyone that tries to move suddenly. One of them that looks like the leader is holding a glass container with some dirty rice, or raisin rice.

      And I kid you not, he takes one of his hands, and lists up the black spoon, and utilizes an earnest disposition that he really means it when heíll kill someone if they move. Apparently, the rice has flies, or some kind of insects inside of it that when a person eats it, I guess they die from some parasitic interaction.

      So, I defy logic, and Iím abruptly shifted into a different dream environment where itís nighttime, and Iím catapulted into a bed. I lie down for a bit, and noticed myself looking at the ceiling for some reason. I think I hear some voices in the background, and maybe a voice talking to me very closely. I look at a faded, sepia colored piece of paper that seems enigmatic at first, but I realized it gave me some shocking plot twist.

      Apparently, I was the one that was the snake all this time, metaphorically speaking, and the moment I realized this, a toy snake materializes from the same paper, and onto the bed. I grab the green and yellow striped snake with my left hand, and started to duck for cover around the sides of the bed I was on. Iím not sure why Iím utterly shocked over this realization, but whatever the case, I needed to hide. I saw some entities coming their way through the small hallway in front of me, but only their silhouettes.

    2. Zaheer and Ghazan Want to Pro-Bend with Korra

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:14 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Zaheer and Ghazan Want to Pro-Bend with Korra (DILD)


      Now that I look back at this dream, this could be hinting how my mind would interpret how Season 4 of Korra would turn out, but in a very, very, very vague way. In other words, it seems to relate to the short clip of the sneak peek for season 4, episode 1 where:

      [spoiler]Has a nightmare from a past event where Zaheer literally almost took her breath away in their final fight in season 3[/spoiler]

      This dream was filled with unexpected behavior from dream characters to the point where it was difficult to comprehend, and cope with the sporadic changes in plot and anticipation. It turned out to be something lighthearted in the end, despite what happened before that, and it made me speculate on why I was having the dream in the first place.

      Iím not too sure on how things start out, but I can recall Korra having the disposition where she seems to be in a state of helplessness. Judging by what she was saying to herself, and how I seem to be feeling her emotions as well, she feels as if sheís a pariah. In other words, thereís something she did where if she tried to go back to her homeland, or just anywhere in general that sheís been to most of her life, she would be treated as an outcast, and ostracized as well.

      And the more I imagine myself in her position, I realized that this dream couldíve been mixed with another experience. Iím not too sure on it being a separate dream altogether, but it felt like it could be meshed together with this one. This little experience was simply me waking up at night, and finding a huge bottle of orange juice that looks similar to this:

      I pick it up, and I feel like I have to give this to someone, and in my head, Iím getting images of someone wearing a pink jacket with a skinny body composition, and almost frail entirely, but seems to be able to operate just fine on her own.

      Whatever happened next, it somehow went back to the whole Korra related theme. Korra has nowhere to go, and Zaheer and Ghazan take advantage of her state of helplessness to convince her to join them somehow. I donít know what they were going to use as leverage, seeing how she wasnít set to just be at their beck and call, but whatever it was, it made her plan to go to them.

      The rendezvous point was located at a high elevated area that could be akin to the helicopter landing stations, except it wasnít clear to me if there were any big markings as indicators for this. The dream environment was sunset by now, and this seemed to be foreshadowing the climatic, and anticlimactic events to occur. I went through an elevator before Korra, and anyone else could get there, and I feel like I was just some wandering soul navigating and analyzing the parameters of the environment. I found something very peculiar about the elevator, and how it was raised just a few feet from the ground. I seem to be flying, or floating above the elevator, and was able to see through the top to see the interior, and even what was below as well.

      I noticed that Zaheer, or somebody he was having connections with made a booby trap. There was some kind of pink padding concealing spikes from the ground. Which made me presume that if Korra happened to go back into the elevator from a high elevation, ďfaultyĒ wiring would make the elevator fall in rapid acceleration, which would probably be enough for the spikes to go through the flooring, and potentially kill her.

      It seemed to be an obvious, but quite elaborative booby trap, but I took the chance to inform Korra, as if Iím suddenly astral projecting like Jinora, about what will happen to her is she goes through this path. I donít know how I relay the message to her, but thereís a dream shift where I can see Mako, Korra, Zaheer, Ghazan, and maybe a few others I canít recall too well.

      They were facing each other, and Zaheer wanted to persuade Korra to join him and Ghazan. Korra declares that she isnít interested, and Zaheer gives a general summary of her position in the world right now, and how she has no one to help her out at all. Korraís visage changes from aggressive to feelings of being shocked as if what heís declaring to her was the gut-wrenching truth. Though this seemed fairly predictable, and how things were turning out seemed to be related to how things went down in the Season 3 finale.

      And what seemed to be a clash of emotions to be shifted into physical violence, it turns out Zaheer and Ghazan want her to be part of their team for pro-bending, or something very casual. This makes everyone stop in their tracks, and prompts me to just get out of this dream.