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    1. Finding a DP Partner, Scholarship Store, Starting Up a Car

      by , 08-14-2012 at 04:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Finding a DP Partner (Non-lucid)


      Yes, the title is exactly what you think.

      I'm following a female who is fairly shorter than me. I'd said at least 5 feet tall compared to me being around 5'10'' or so. Something about this girl really enticed me, like some kind of lewd aura exhibiting off of her. She was wearing a white shirt that went all the way down to stop at her groin region.

      She resembled a lot like Gabby who was on the tennis team in a High School I attended. Short girl with huge breasts. She had light brown hair, looked Hispanic, just like the waking life counterpart, and I believe wore dark blue skinny jeans as well. I couldn't pay much attention to her visage because she was busy walking around looking for someone.

      The reason being is that she wanted one more person to do a DP act with. We're outside an area that has a lot of trees, which makes the whole area look dark, and I can remember the small specks of light hitting through the gaps of the leaves on the trees. It felt like being at a park because there was so much green grass all over.

      There were a few picnic tables all over, and I decided I should go ahead and sit on top of the table of one for the time being while this Gabby lookalike desperately searches for a partner who can do horrible things with her private parts. I start to speculate if I'm really part of the scene, but I'd assume so because I don't think I could deal with looking at people having sex alone when I would be a few feet from actually taking part in it.....

      Anyway, Gabby is so fucking nice to these people, it's hilarious, and even though I can't hear a word that she's saying when she's scouting potential DP partners, it's basically her saying,

      "Hey, wanna fuck?"

      I think she finds a partner, though I don't really pay attention to who, and we happened to find some random person who feels like he could be a porn star to me, or just knows way too much about porn. The guy is very muscular, pretty tall, is wearing a black vest and black shorts I think.

      I would say he looked like The Rock in a way, and he asked us something, probably to Gabby if she's actually going to engage in DP. I don't know who popped the question to him, maybe it could be me, but someone asks him about some porn scene that was also a DP scene.

      He thinks for a moment,

      "Oooohhh, uuuhhh, OH YEAH!"

      And he suddenly is able to recall the title of the DP scene....WOAH.

      All I could remember next is me, Gabby, and the DP partner saying our goodbyes to the random dude.

      Hmmmm too bad I can't remember what happened next...
      Scholarships Store (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a random supermarket type of place with a black flooring with a shine to it, probably because of the lights emitting from above. I look around the shelves from the left, and find that most of it is empty.

      It seems as if everyone took all the good stuff already, and I only could see a few things that would somewhat be enticing enough to look at. I already knew that this dream itself, and the items themselves are opportunities for Scholarships.

      Okay subconscious, I have little opportunity for Scholarships or something? Hmmm.....or maybe you're trying to tell me something else....sigh, if only I was competent to know how a part of me thinks.

      I looked at one item near the beginning of the aisle, and move it around with my hands a bit, and then put it back down. I looked at other stuff, but other than that, that's all I really remember.

      Starting Up a Car (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting on the passenger seat inside of a car, and there seems to be a problem with starting up the vehicle. It feels like I'm in New York, judging by a few people that I know are there being in the dream.

      One man, let's call him Rob, an Indian man, comes in to turn the key for the vehicle all the way, causing it to accelerate like crazy while in the parking position. This finally starts the vehicle.

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