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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Uknown Island, ID Taken, Invasion, Batman's Reflexes, Sexual Jimmy Neutron, Sonic, Vulturelingus????

      by , 12-21-2014 at 06:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Exploring Unknown Island in Windwaker (DILD)


      Iím Link from the Windwaker game, and Iím exploring a small island that doesnít seem to resemble any I traversed in playing the game in waking life. Though I have a feeling it could be similar to one island where thereís a merchant Goron, and a huge boulder concealing a dungeon. I look out to the sea, and gaze upon the vast sea and horizon. Itís sunset, and itís an absolutely beautiful sight as well.


      Girl Takes my ID & Killing ReDeads (DILD)


      So Iím going into a bathroom to do my business, wash my hands, and head out back to the building that looks like a store. But it seems Iím preparing myself for a party at a bar, or some kind of in-door rave. I noticed a dream character looks like an individual I knew in High school that would have spiky hair, or even a Mohawk at times.

      He glances over at me with this weird facial expression of him puckering up, but itís probably just how he naturally is. I look over, and I get a feeling that one of my neighbors thatís also a co-worker is someone Iím going with for whatever event to come very soon.

      Skipping ahead, I gave her my ID, and she puts it in her black purse. Then when I want to enter some section of a building, they requested my ID, and sheís already in there. I had to move away, and tried to do anything to call her, and tell her to give me my ID back. I go so far back that the plot of the dream becomes irrelevant, and Iím inside of a forest where Iím trying to kill creatures that look like ReDeads from Ocarina of Time.


      Someone Invades House with Dynamites (DILD)


      A little personal for me to put in here for some reason. But someone sets off a dynamite booby trap that I presume to be part of the house I feel I have a family in.


      Batman's Millisecond Reflexes (DILD)


      Batman is literally so fast that his reflexes must only take milliseconds for him to perform nearly impossible feats of escaping intense circumstances. Such as, an enemy preparing to throw a dynamite at a group of people in an enclosed space of a building that looks like a convenience store, and before the dynamite explodes in the other direction, heís already down the stairs to fend off the next group of enemies.

      The enemies seem to represent some kind of guerilla soldiers that look Hispanic.


      I'm Jimmy Neutron Charged for Potential Sexual Assault? (DILD)


      So, Iím messaging some random person on Facebook. I mistake this individual for someone else, and presumed I could be overly sexual. Iím also wondering why I have that kind of disposition in the first place in the dream, but figured since it wasnít a dream, there literally wouldnít be any consequence other than being paranoid that something back would happen.

      It was basically a ďYou show me yours, and Iíll show you mineĒ kind of thing. Then I realized this person is someone else; someone of a more innocent demeanor, and would probably be traumatized if she had to experience something like this. But it didnít seem to be the case, as sheís magically existing somewhere else in the dream. I believe Iím somewhere around a gray wired fence with the diamond shapes to it.

      I realize Iím Jimmy Neutron:

      And he has his penis out, and all I can really do is stop being this guy, and watch what will happen. I noticed Iím in a perspective as if Iím at the same level of the ground next to the same girl I mentioned above with the happy go-lucky innocent disposition. She has a baby near her, and Jimmy Neutron is literally -this- close to the baby, and the girl is so offended that she calls the police.

      Unfortunately, this makes me shift back into being aware that Iím in Jimmy Neutronís pants. I put it back inside my pants, and run for dear life. My initial reaction was to contact Jimmyís parents. After instantly arriving to the house, the mother tells me I can hide in my room, and that she and her husband can put up a barrier near the door so the cops and other authorities will have a difficult time apprehending me.

      I realized theyíre just pretending to help me while they prepare to leave the house completely, and leave me all by myself. I look through the window, and see two individuals that seem to be coming after me. One looks like someone I knew in middle school; Australian accent, curly and fluffy dirty blonde hair, and heís wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

      Iím not sure if heís carrying a weapon, and as for the other person, I canít recall how they looked like. Iím panicking for a moment, but it seems the dream characters arenít competent enough to figure out where I am. Even though I make myself apparent for looking through the window for too long, they seem to make no effort in catching me.

      I do random things like trying to sidle my way through outside the window, and onto the roof with the intention of finding another place to hide. Maybe a secret lab, or something like that.


      Two Shadows and Sonic Go Super Form (DILD)


      Thereís two Shadows; one seems to have sinister intentions, and the other probably wants to go Super form with Sonic. Sonic comes in at some point, and bonks his head by an invisible wall, or maybe heís just clumsy. They all end up going Super form, and thatís all I remember.


      Vulture Picks at a Girl's Private Parts (DILD)


      So Iím in a hallway that resembles that of some kind of spacious education facility; probably High School at best, or even a close-knit kind of college/university.

      Thereís black and white checkered floors, the building itself seems ancient, but still being able to sustain its novelty without looking ruined at all; it seems to have some kind of Renaissance-esque feel to it. I was talking to someone about how on the outside of the windows, thereís a pair of large wings resting on top of the monuments with a flat surface.

      I canít remember what he stated, but he looks where Iím pointing, and gives an expression of confusion as well, and moves on. I look down through the window, and see a group of females talking to each other. The one thatís most noticeable in this boring and dull environment of dark colors is a girl wearing a pink shirt. She looks Hispanic, puffy cheeks with makeup on along with long black hair. She seemed to have a slutty disposition for some reason, and what happens next only confirms my conjecture.

      The same set of wings I mentioned before suddenly transforms into a vulture, and this vulture flies down towards the girl. Sheís not even afraid at all, and is already in a position of bending down to do something, and Iím not sure what it was. But the vulture gets close to her ass, and literally starts pecking into the girlís vagina.

      I expected some screaming, and WTF moments to ensue, but she rams her vagina into the vultureís beak; a bird is getting more action than I ever could in a dream apparently. So while my jaw is dropping, and me being in a state of awe, sheís still having fun having a vultureís beak up her vagina. After a while, she casually pulls up her pants, and walks away as if nothing happened.

      I canít even remember how the others reacted because Iím too bothered with whatís going on right now.
    2. Katsumi from DOA & Delfino Square, Party & Paper Thin Menus, Blonde at Festival, Guy Shows Up on TV

      by , 01-25-2014 at 12:17 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Katsumi from DOA and Delfino Square (DILD)


      I'm trying to walk in a linear path that has a close resemblance of Delfino Square, but it's much more detailed than that. Seems I'm walking down an alley or an area with a lot of apartments on both sides.

      I see Katsumi from DOA that's almost wearing this same attire below:

      Spoiler for boobs:

      Things start getting weird where the dream skips a bit, or at least how I try to walk looks skipped and out of sync. First, I would see a backside view of myself wearing a brown leather shirt and dark blue jeans as well.

      I would be slightly midair, almost as if I was materialized a few inches from the ground with the left leg straight, and the right leg bent at an angle preparing for a walk. Then it would skip a frame to me landing, and it would skip a bit more and reset me to the same positions a few more times.

      Then I get the option to teleport by mentally selecting the HUD on the bottom that gives me choices to go to 1 2 3, and I presume these must be sections of the environment I'm in.

      Katsumi is getting closer and closer the more I teleport myself,
      and I can't remember else for that dream.


      Party Over Here & Paper Thin Menus (DILD)


      • Party occurring
      • I grab some cookies
      • Sit next to guy similar to waking life counterpart Rll(roul)
      • Guy to the left of me orders huge meal, I see fried octopus legs and maybe ranch dipping
      • I want to prepare an order as well, and eventually found a menu that was as thin as a paper towel.

      Female Blonde Child at a Festival? (DILD)


      >Female blonde child at a festival

      >She looked like she could be much older, but her visage is child-like, and I didn't get the chance to analyze her body composition at the time.

      >She seems to be glancing over at me for a few seconds, and then looks away at what seems to be a festival starting

      >The environment seems to be blurred out, and there's higher focus and detail on the girl's face.


      Hey, It's That Guy From That Other Movie! (Non-lucid)


      False awakening

      >Woke up feeling as if I was in waking life. I didn't bother to check if there were any peculiar aspects within the dream simply because it looked like the exact model.

      > Darker setting than usual

      >Looked at the television to find a highly detailed visualization of someone that I recalled glancing over in a movie some relatives were watching the day before

      >When I told them he looks like that same guy, I see one male relative of mine looking at me and slightly smiling a bit, but he doesn't seem to be doing so because of my existence. It seems like he's in slow motion.

      >Things felt awkward and I don't know what happens next
    3. Pissing off my Father, Party in Class room, Cooking in the Computer

      by , 07-12-2012 at 04:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Pissing off my Father (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm in a bedroom with my father, and I start to gradually piss him off by just telling him how much he doesn't pay attention to what he says to me.

      I don't know why there's any point in me doing this honestly, but the more I tell him off without him being able the respond, the more he starts bottling up his emotions. But I keep picking his brains some more, and he can't contain himself anymore. He doesn't do anything to me, all he can do is just stand there.

      I think he takes out a few belts, and I just stand there for a while to see what's going to happen. I have my hands to my hips for a while staying quiet, then I got bored and left him.

      I think I see my mother, lol, and it seems she eavesdropped on the conversation, and she remained quiet. I didn't really need to say anything to her, it's like she was just a filler for this dream or something. My father didn't say anything to me after I told him off.

      Party in Classroom (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting in a class that has seats set up on an upwards slope. It felt a little awkward, but the seats were securely attached to the slope. I sit there for a while doing something, probably listening to random students converse with each other.

      Then I decided to leave for a little bit for something. When I came back, it seems it's a party in here, I hear some music that's fit for some kind of mini-rave party, and I think I even see a disco ball floating around somewhere, or maybe it's just me.

      I had a mental map of which seat I was sitting in before I left, and someone takes my spot. I didn't mind, and found another vacant seat.
      Cooking in the Computer (Non-lucid)


      I walk into a classroom that I used to be in middle school before, and I see a group of people getting ready to play some cards. My middle school Science teacher was there as well, so I guess everyone was finished with finals for him to allow something like that.

      I get closer to these group of people, and then I think my Science teacher suggests I should try out some online Cooking Session, something like that. I didn't really pay attention to the computer monitor, and something about the teacher made me feel weird.

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    4. Sasuke's Ultimate Attack, Riding my Biycle, Age Regression, Wolf Armor, Age Regression Part 2...

      by , 06-20-2012 at 04:20 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sasuke's Ultimate Attack (Non-lucid)



      Lol, this Ultimate Attack was so funny....

      Alright, I'm watching Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden face Orochimaru again, and he already has Orochimaru trapped in some kind of Susanoo hand that's starting to form from the bottom of his feet.

      The hand gets bigger and bigger and eventually contains Orochimaru almost completely. As the hand or whatever part this glowing violet aura is getting close to reaching completion, I think I stepped on a wire.

      The Susanoo starts degrading......LOL, it needs a power outlet.

      LMFAO, what kind of ultimate attack is that if you need an electrical outlet???

      Instead of almost rolling on the floor laughing, I quickly plug the plug back into the outlet.


      I forget what happens next, but I guess Sasuke succeeds.
      Riding my Bicycle (Non-lucid)


      I'm riding a bicycle, and it seems to be the one I use in waking life, but I didn't pay too much attention to verify that. Someone says my bicycle is for little kids basically, and I get a little mad because the size would be too much for little children anyway.

      I ignore the person who tells me this, and I continue riding until I reach an intersection. I wait for the Walk sign to turn on, and I go on the wrong lane (left side). Someone else was doing it, which prompts me to do so as well.

      I didn't hear any honking from the busy traffic, so I guess the logic of the America road system was eradicated in this dream. I continue riding my bicycle on the left lane, and see a car coming up.

      I quickly shift to the extra lane to the left, and let it pass. After that, I presume I continue riding on the left lane.

      Age Regression? (Non-lucid)


      I'm following some tall male in the dream, but I can't see him at all. Seems we're at some party, and it's very dark outside. There's quite a few people here as well. Some are already leaving to come home, and some are coming through the garage that is open to enter through the door where one section of the party is held.

      While I'm following this guy, I think I see some small hairball with a small piece of transparent tape on it. I don't know how it appears, but I quickly throw it somewhere else. The guy I'm following says we're going to get something to eat, probably because the food in the party sucks or some weird excuse, not too sure.

      I think I see my mother, lol.

      Okay, she's wearing a black dress I believe, and I can't see much of her visage because it's dark outside, but the guy said she was my mother, I think.

      The car we go inside of is dark red, and it seems the seats were flooded with water a little, but it didn't bother either of us. I wanted to ask this random dude I still don't know who I'm following where we are going to eat, but I kept quiet.

      For some reason, I felt like I was a 6 year old child in this dream, it's like some kind of age regression occurred at some point here.

      I think the guy said I could go anywhere I would like to eat, and I made a joke and said,

      "Let's go to Canada and eat at Tim's." (The Tim Hortons place)

      I don't know how I came up with that as an initial joke, but I acknowledged to the man that I was merely joking. I have my elbow on the side of the door of the passenger's seat, and look through the window as the night starts to fade away and early morning makes itself apparent.

      That's all I remember.

      I don't think the male was my father, it was definitely someone else. But the fact that I didn't even see his visage or any signs of obvious physical attributes annoys me a bit.
      Wolf Armor (Non-lucid)


      It seems I'm playing Runescape, but how I'm experiencing it is weird. It feels I'm controlling the character while moving at the same time simultaneously.

      I think I'm killing some Greater Demons, or some kind of weird dark red monster that was way taller than I was, at least for the character I was playing.

      Then I see someone wearing a Wolf Mask, along with some weird looking armor. It was black and had gold trimming, but this armor was only placed on the elbows and the needs of the person. The person had a wolf-like body, a skinny torso and slightly wider hips.

      You could say that it was like a Lucario from pokemon, just for the body structure, not the face. The person in this wolf form was attacking another player who was trying to kill Tormented Demons in Runescape.

      Wow, that would be a horrible experience for the player being attacked because Tormented Demons uses all three forms of attacks: Mage, Range, and Melee. Just keeping track of which protect prayer to use to make yourself invincible to the attacks of the Tormented Demons is one thing, but if you add that player attack him, it makes it even more complicated.

      I don't know what happens to the Runescape character, but I assume he got destroyed pretty quickly. I remember the wolf-like character doing constant verticle flips and even floated in the air while rotating when he attacked the player.


      Age Regression Part 2 (Non-lucid)


      Seems I feel like my age in this dream now, and I think I see the guy I'm following a little better now. I believe he's wearing a blue dress shirt with black slim corporate type of pants.

      He's shaking his head about something, and I think I tell him that there's some other way we can approach the matter that I forgot about.

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    5. Party and Sneaking, Stephanie's 10 Mill Method, Stupid doors, Girl Party

      by , 06-15-2012 at 02:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Party and Sneaking (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting on a bed with my laptop on, and I have the Runescape Login Screen up as well. Though it's a bit different, it seems the female mage that's usually on there is wearing a different outfit, and it looks a little bit more of a fire element to it.

      I wonder if that could just be my mind predicting what she would look after the Combat Evolution update is finalized? That would be cool, her hair alone would match with fire and lightning type spells I guess.

      Anyway, I see a lady that looks like "K" in waking life. "K" sees the female mage on the login screen, and she smiles at me asking if I like that type of stuff.

      Lolwut? The female mage or the game? I just nod because I would be safe anyway. I get up and do something, can't remember what, but I do know I was at a party.

      The dream shifts, and I ask a child that looks like the son of "K" to help me find something, though I don't know what exactly. It was very late at night, and I someone managed to get into the house of "K's," but it wasn't like her house in waking life.

      The child deactivates the alarm system, don't see why he needs to do that, but okay, better than it going crazy at some random interval in the dream...

      I go upstairs with the child, and he takes me to the bedroom where he and his older sister, who is probably 19-20 years in waking life I believe, and his other twin brother.

      I didn't notice his sister was in there, and the child was showing me around the room. Then "K" wakes up, I can just hear some weird sounds fumbling around some place. The child told me I can hide under the sheets, which where fairly huge, and the perfect hiding spot.

      I go under the sheets and the child helps me, and I basically wait things out. Problem is, the kid didn't conceal me right, my head is still exposed...


      Dumb kid.

      But it didn't matter, because I felt "K" didn't mind having me around, and the fact that I was "sleeping" right next to her older daughter, I could've sworn I sensed "K" smiling, and then going back to bed.

      I don't remember anything else after that, maybe I did things with the sleeping daughter, who knows?


      Stephanie's 10 Mill Method (Non-lucid)


      I honestly don't know where I am in this dream, I just know that I'm in a place with several people inside, and this girl that looks like the Stephanie that I used to be tennis mates in High School comes up with a solution to make 10 Million GP in Runescape.

      The tennis coach announces this to the people in the group, and we all close in on her telling us what to do.

      Here's the funny thing, we're not playing Runescape, elements of it are appearing in the environment we're in. She summons some kind of creature, probably a Pack-Yak.

      I get a little jealous because I didn't think a girl like her would be playing Runescape and have that high of a Summoning Level. I think I told someone something about me having a Pak Yak as well out of jealousy.

      I don't know why I was jealous of Stephanie....
      Stupid Doors (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a house, and it's daytime. I'm trying to close the front doors, but I can't because they can't lock in place properly. I go outside, and there's a covered porch attachment to the house, which was pretty fancy to me.

      It had a wood flooring with a nice shine to it, perfect shade with the coverings, and all that fun stuff. Some random guy comes in, and then as he's getting closer and closer, he looks a lot like "Carl" in waking life. I believe he's wearing a brown jacket, with the feathery texture formed in a ring on the top of the jacket, and is wearing regular jeans I believe.

      He's reminding me of some site he wrote down on a small green piece of paper. I pretend to know what it is that he's talking about, and I turn to my right, and there's the green sticky note paper laying on a small table at the porch we're in.

      He leaves.

      I forget what I did next.
      Girl Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm probably the only male in this dream, I'm in a room with a bunch of females, and it seems that I'm getting ready to put the ceramic plate or whatever material it is somewhere to be cleaned. I follow a few girls to know where to put the plates, and apparently, it's just to get it soaked up.

      Then I have to turn back and go forward and I see "K" again. It seems "K" is checking marks down for each plate going inside the sink she's behind. I put my plate down, and I forget what happens next.

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    6. Dogs, Party, Hypocrite

      by , 06-06-2012 at 12:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'm really motivated to start drawing out my dreams in the near future, especially when I think back on a few and can still remember the actions I did, facial expressions, etc.....maybe when college starts again for me, or some time during this vacation I might find one dream to do some drawings on.

      My ultimate goal is to even add music along with the drawings too. I can already tell that would take a lot of time, and I would have to do it gradually because of that, but it should be interesting.

      I'll just stop being reserved of what I can do and just use what I can do instead of wasting it each day I don't.

      Dogs (Non-lucid)


      The environment was kind of confusing to presume what time of day it was, but I assume it was morning because the sky was light gray, and the weather was kind of neutral, so it had to be morning, otherwise there would still be glaring hot rays over here.

      Very calm environment, very nice as well, I could even push it a little and say that this would be an ideal environment to take a little stroll.....definitely at my University in this dream.

      I believe I'm walking to get to my bicycle at what seems to be College Station in Texas, more specifically, the area where the statue of Sul Ross is located at. Yes, I can see it now......large spacious area in front of me, the statue probably 3-6 feet away from me if I paid attention to it.

      I see there's a small chihuahua, light brown fur, and probably wearing a little pink cloth hanging around its neck was barking at me.

      The owner was right next to it, and looking at the dog, I thought it was kind of cute for it to bark down on me like that. It looked so fragile that I could've squished on it if I wanted to.

      Then when I focus my attention back to walking again, something zooms past me to my left. By the time I turn my head to the left, whatever it is already gone, and I'm still a bit delayed from this.

      I'm like "uhhhhh" while still looking to the left and to the ground, and then after a few seconds, I look where the thing was headed that went ahead of me. I see it's a dog.

      Okay, no problem, I'm a little slow that it basically looks like a double sized pit-bull, and that the owner trying to stop it, even though her weight alone and her holding on the leash should've been enough to prevent the dog from moving.

      When I said her weight should've been enough, she was pretty chunky and short. She looked very young as well, I'd say 15-16 or so based on what I saw from far away.

      This dog was obviously not within her control, and I believe it was wearing a dark blue cloth around its neck as well.
      This reminds me of the group of dogs in Okami that are supposed to be guardians or something.

      I'd say the dog looked like the 4th one on the bottom to the right, and wore a blue scarf or cloth like the one 3 squares above it. Oh, and it had the ears of the one 3 square above it as well.

      I believe it also has a deformed white oval extending from the bottom of its neck, all the way to its body. I look at it for a while, still being a retard until something clicks in my head.




      That dog was this close from freaking tearing my ass into pieces!!! I quickly look at it, it's still a good distance away from me, but if it could go that fast to where it takes a while for me to notice something passed me, the "safe" distance didn't matter.

      I'd say it was 20-30 feet away from me, and I saw that the owner was trying her best to stop the dog by pulling the leash very vigorously.

      I could've just played it off and ignore the dog, but this thing is too freaking twitchy for me me to be passive all over again. I finally get me legs in synch with the "holy shit" moment I just had, and the dog turns around 180 to see what's behind it.

      Something tells me that in that dog's mind, it was saying "Did I get him? Did I get him? Did I get him? Did I get him?"


      But enough for instilling a Black stereotype on myself. I was still scared, just a bit, of this dog possibly coming after me. The owner finally had a good grip on him/her/whatever the fuck you want to label that atrocity, but I didn't want to take my chances.

      Me and the dog are both looking at each other from a distance, and it seems that it just happened to glance at me while it's looking at other people as well. I didn't want to take my chances, so I ran a little to the left away from it, built up some speed, and then prepared to do a twirl while jumping in the air like I'm some kind of Ice Ballerina.

      I actually pull it off with ease, and I think I land perfectly as well, I can feel myself twirling in the air, feeling as if I might fail and fall, but I land majestically, at least from what I experienced.

      When I landed, I bumped into one of those La-Z-Boy furniture chairs, so I guess the landing wasn't really perfect. It seemed I just happened to step on the lever that brings the sofa chair back, so I bend down to pull/push the lever to bring it back up.

      I can't remember what I did next.
      Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm shirtless throughout most of the this party. It's held inside the house that I'm at in waking life. There seems to be a lot of young people here at first, and I assumed I guess I hosted the party, even though I never hosted on in my life.

      I walk around, see a few familiar people, and then I saw her...


      She's not with her boyfriend. Why did she have to be in this dream?

      She's wearing a short black jacket that just hands half way to her waste, and I believe she's wearing a striped shirt going horizontally. She's also wearing a really short denim skirt with black stockings underneath and some pretty fancy dark red heels.

      Her lips as well are dark red, which makes her more enticing to have a conversation with. But she had a boyfriend in waking life, I'm not going to talk to her at all, even if it is just a dream.

      I'm waiting in line to get some food, wait, I have to wait in line if I'm hosting this bloody party?


      Anyway, while I'm waiting in line, I see some guy that looks like Ivan in real life (guy from High School that I kinda knew in one or two classes).

      He's shirtless too, though I don't really pay attention to the details, and I think some guys like myself were either wearing short black sports pants or some weird yellow or black cloth covering our private parts. Ivan asks a stupid question, like he mostly does from what I recall in waking life, and this query of this is wondering how he can alter the color of the cloth he's wearing.

      There's supposed to be an island cabinet in the middle of the kitchen (so much for reality checking), but the brown dining table replaces it, and some random person grabs Ivan's cloth, and you know the tiny little gap that shows from tables that can be split in two in order to save space when you don't need them?

      Yeah, someone puts the cloth between it, rubs it a little in between, and take it out, and it matches the color of the brown table.

      Okay.....don't know exactly why Ivan wants a change in color for his cloth, but not my concern, hell, I think I wanted mine changed too....LOL.

      Anyway, as I'm getting closer and closer to the food, I'm still waiting behind Ivan. Then I realize the food in front of me would be gone. Ivan goes around the table to where we're facing each other, and I see there's like 4 pieces of food left, like Hors d'oeuvres type of food.


      I let Ivan take it, and try to look around to see if there's any food, but the only thing I'm seeing are chips and some small packets of what seemed to be red salsa for it. I think there were Fruit Loops cereal as well.

      I get a bowl, and I think I put some chips inside, but I also think I put some Fruit Loops inside of it as well. I guess I forgot that I put chips in the bowl.

      The dream shifts, and I'm in the same kitchen, and I see bottles of some black stuff. In my mind, I thought they were overloads from Runescape.

      To describe what Overload potions are in a nutshell: Basically, you need 96 Herblore to make these things, but you can boost your stats up if you're lucky and get a 5+ bonus from Spicy Stew. When you drink a dose of an Overload potion, your combat stats go WAY up, making it useful for killing things faster, and the effect lasts for 5 minutes.

      If you're 99 in all combat stats, you're basically level 125 in Attack, Strength, Defense, Range (I think) and 106 for mage I think? (because having 125 Mage means you're a fucking god). Oh and if you drink potions that drain your stats, as long as you have Overloads and have the effect own, it boosts them back up to max, so it's the perfect potion when you use items like Saradomin Brews that boost your health way up, but drain your stats as tradeoff.

      Think of Overloads as Steroids in the game.

      Okay back to the dream.

      I'm filling out this black substance in different containers starting from as small as a regular bottle with a cap on it, to as large as a oil barrel.

      My second thought of what the black substance was is oil as well, the overload thing came into mind after I assumed it was oil. I pour it out in bigger containers, for some odd reason, and then I think I reached the point to where I just pour things out without really giving much thought to it.

      I think I drank some stuff from the bottle, then realized I probably took some of the black substance, panicked a little, but it was actually water, not the black substance.

      Then someone calls out my name, I turn around, and it's one of older people in their 50s calling me. It's from a group in waking life that basically has parties for anyone's birthday.

      Anyway, as I'm listening to her, though I forget what she said specifically, I'm tying up what seems to be a trash bag. I tell her to give me a few seconds to finish tying up the bag, and there were several people sitting near the couches and chairs as well.

      The dream shifts again to where the party finally ends. I go outside the garage, and the environment outside is completely mixed up. On my right, I see parts of College Station, Texas, more specifically, areas near the Clock Tower and Texas A&M.

      Name:  vfiles5938.jpg
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Size:  20.1 KB

      I even see the railroad lane and some oncoming traffic as well, and yet I don't do a reality check for this. I think someone comes in to see if the party is still going, but I'm not sure what I said, but they left eventually. I think I was outside at the garage to get some kind of fairly large blue object, like an over-sized notebook of some sort, and probably went back inside the house.

      Hypocrite (Non-lucid)


      I sitting on my bed, it's bright as day from what I see through the blinds and the overall natural lighting of the room I'm in. There are a few kids around, so I presumed I have to babysit them while the adults party it up....-.-

      I threw a paper ball at one kid, and quickly changed my facade to where I had no participation in this. He turns around to find out who it was, and he's not completely stupid fortunately.

      He's a small kid, probably 6-7 years of age I believe, and resembles one of the twin kids that I sometimes have to make sure behave when they come to this house in waking life. He's wondering where the paper balls are, and they are right next to my left leg. It seems I'm wearing long gym pants.

      Before the kid could check the left side, I slowly put my leg on top of the paper balls, and when he goes on the left side, he's wondering what the hell happened to the rest of the paper balls.

      Lol, what a bloody idiot. I continue pretending that I didn't do anything by asking him where they could possibly be. I even pulled out some sheets that I probably used to cover myself while sleeping to help him see if there were there.

      Nada, still under my legs, he isn't going to find those paper balls.


      I guess he gives up eventually because there's a dream shift where I'm talking to another child. I have to bend down on my knees, and slant my back forward just to make eye contact with him.

      The kid did something that irritated me, probably something he said to the other kids. He's dark-skinned, resembles another kid who is a little bit more mature than the other twins, probably 9-13 years of age in waking life now.

      I tell him he's a hypocrite.

      His face is still, I don't think he knows what hypocrite or hypocrisy means. I almost thought he was going to tell on me for calling him one.....LOL...but really, he asks me,

      "What's that?"

      I gave him what I thought it was at the time with my diluted logic in this dream. I told him that a Hypocrite is a person who tries to proclaim ideals that should be met, and contradicts those intentions by not trying to follow them.

      I even give him an example, a horrible example that went a little out of context. I declared something about believing in God, The Bible, Angels, etc., and then contradicting those intentions and ideals by not believing in Angelic symbols.

      I'm paraphrasing here, but I know I did a horrible job with telling this kid what it means. Oh well, don't give a crap on what I instill in that kid's head, just wanted to enlighten him so he wouldn't be bothering me, or possibly go up to his parents and declare that I called him a hypocrite.

      Boy....that wouldn't be fun.....especially with how my father tries his best to let the adults enjoy and loosen themselves at parties...I might as well fabricate whatever came out of my ass at the time.

      Not saying I want to ruin the parties or anything, just that the children can be horrible sometimes with their behavior. Thank goodness for video games or just basic television, because that's the only thing that will shut them up.

      Man, I really do hate children huh? Guess I won't be considering marriage for a loooong time.

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    7. Party Upstairs, Just Freaking Die & Holding Ariel?, Exploring Dark Rooms

      by , 03-21-2012 at 04:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Party Upstairs, Just Freaking Die & Holding Ariel?, Exploring Dark Rooms (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Party Upstairs

      I'm getting ready to go to a party with a few relatives, one is busy using the bathroom, which gives me more time to get some clothes for the party.

      After a while, we get to the house hosting the party, and it's already starting on the bottom floor of the house. I head upstairs, which is something I would normally do at an adult party, since I don't really know anyone that well anyway.

      I believe I'm in the Master Bedroom now, and I see a Black lady that looks like "Joy" that I met a few times in waking life. She's just sitting on the edge of the bed, and I'm about to take my shirt off.

      Halfway from taking my shirt off, she's shocked and asks,

      "Tell me you're not going to take your clothes off??"

      I respond, "No, I just need to go to the bathroom."

      She declares, "How long will you be in there?"

      While she's saying this, I'm already halfway up the stairs to the top floor, and I respond,

      "Oh, I won't take long, Joy." She's smiling at me, and asks, "40 minutes?"

      I wanted to tell her again that I wouldn't take long, but I told her,


      (Now that I'm awake, I wonder if I was going to have sex with this woman after I was done using the bathroom if she's looking at me with a curious tone. It's like she was picking my brain in trying to know if I'm going to masturbate or something lol).

      I'm at the top floor, and I hear this weird buzzing sound, it sounds like an alarm. An alarm system just happens to be placed near the last few set of steps to get to the top floor.

      I go down a bit and look at it, and it seems there's a small fire going on, but the alarm is showing progress that it's already being taken care of, so I assume it's just someone cooking with too much steam anyway that triggered the alarm.

      Now that I'm on the top floor of the house, instead of going for the restroom, I went to sit near a table with a bench on both sides. Then I hear some people coming up the stairs, and I basically said to myself, "Oh great."

      It seems the party is now shifting towards upstairs, and there's two kids who sit next to me, and they resemble the twins I had to take care of while the adults partied. I was eating something that was really sweet.

      Inside of this pastry was like a small gel orb, and the children left of me are trying to take what I'm eating, I slap their hand lightly a bit to prevent them from stealing the pastries.

      One of them still manages to take a small part of the set of pastries, but I ignored them after awhile. I told them that I kept the small gel orbs because they contained Implings that I normally catch on Runescape (well occasionally before they ended up being a horrible money making method in the game).

      (Wait, really? You got to be kidding me...)

      Then I had a flashing clip of someone, probably my Runescape Character trying to catch Implings on Mos Le'Harmless, and I see that I'm having trouble catching Zombie Implings as well.

      (My Hunter is 99, and I catch Kingly Implings better than the Zombie Implings, and Kinglys are more difficult to catch! -______-)

      The quick clip stops, and then I finished eating the pastries on the plate. There were a lot of people upstairs, so I didn't bother to turn around to see a bunch of people near me. I guess I felt a bit awkward even though I already had a hunch of who would be there.

      Dream 2: Just Freaking Die And Holding Ariel?

      There are two guys sitting outside near the porch of a poorly managed house. They have a person between them sitting as well, but I think the person is dead.

      The dead person was wearing some type of dress shirt, and you could see that his heart was probably blown to bits since there's a huge red hole on his chest. The guys sitting to sides play it off, and an old man who looks like he's an undercover cop or something goes up to them.

      He's wearing a cowboy hat, and shades as well. He's probably wearing the country blue jeans with his dress shirt tucked in.

      He puts his finger on the blood around the man's chest, and licks it to see if it's fake blood or actual blood.

      I think he tells them, "This tastes like human blood." He tells them that they need to come with him, and I believe he's getting ready to arrest and handcuff them.

      While they're walking, I'm in spectator mode, and I can clearly see that both of them know they're in deep shit for doing something like that. I could just see the look on one of their faces as their eyes opened widely, and it looks like they wanted to kill the guy who was going to handcuff them.

      I see they're getting their handguns out, but they're walking around like a bunch of idiots, that the guy who is the undercover cop gets his gun out, and I think he even tells them, "Give me a second to put some ammo."

      (You're supposed to shoot the cop, not wait for him to shoot you, if you want to be a criminal, at least DO IT RIGHT).

      Then I find that I'm actually a partner with the undercover cop, and we're starting to shoot the two guys. All of a sudden, I'm shooting at two completely different people.

      As I'm shooting them, I clearly see that I'm shooting well, and I see the bullets creating bloody holes on their heads, but they're just not freaking dying!

      One is looking retarded as he's shooting at me, but I'm not really feeling any pain from the gunshots, so I'm assuming he just sucks at shooting, or maybe I'm just invincible. It was kind of funny see so many holes appear on the person's head, and they're stillll shooting at me.

      Then it gets even more random, I think Neji from Naruto Shippuden
      (Then again, I'm not really sure of the crap that goes on in my mind) try attack the person. (But whoever it was, they only appeared for 1-2 seconds at most)

      Then I see a variant of Ulrich's Triplicate move from Code Lyoko, but I'm not seeing Ulrich doing it at all, just some random DC showing up. Then they started to do the Triangulate move Ulrich does with his clones as well.

      (Triangulate is basically Ulrich using all three of his clones, along with his insane speed to confuse the opponent who is in the middle trying to pick which one is the real one).

      But there was really no point in doing the move, because there wasn't anyone there in the middle. After this randomness, I believe I'm on a bus now. I'm assuming the criminals are going to jail, but I don't see them anywhere.

      I'm sitting in the middle of a bus seat, and to my left, I think I'm holding a female with one arm, but I'm not sure who it is though. On my right side, it seems Ariel (the mermaid one) is close to me, and she's naked, with legs.

      My right arm is hugging her by her waist, and I think I advanced towards her lower region and start using my fingers to rub something. I honestly don't know what I'm doing, maybe I'm stimulating her clitoris, but I just know that my arms are being occupied by holding two women.

      I still have the mentality that the criminals are caught, so I asked the person in front, "Am I going to jail too?"

      I don't know why I asked that question if I was partners with the undercover cop, but they said no, and they added to that answer that they can't arrest people who are still in college because they have to pay their tuition still.

      A completely random reasoning to my question, but I guess it's better than nothing.

      So the reason I'm in the bus was probably just because the undercover cop was in it as well, so I guess I was there for added protection.

      While the bus is moving, I'm still rubbing Ariel's clitoris, or some part of her vagina with the other women to my left that seems to be sleeping.

      (Wait, shouldn't the criminals be dead if I shot their heads so much with bullets, that they can't see shit anymore? Oh well.)

      Dream 3: Exploring Dark Rooms

      I can't remember much about this dream, other than the fact that I'm basically exploring really dark areas in a random building. It seems I'm looking to find rooms of where certain people used to go to, and I think after that, I tagged along with someone or a group of people, but I don't know who exactly.

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    8. Posting IRL Photo on Forum, Annoying Sound, Ponies and a Blonde and Dream Fragment after...

      by , 01-27-2012 at 03:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I had these dreams very early in the morning (~4:50-5AM all the way before I woke up from the alarm clock at 7AM). I actually slept the day before at around 6PM, and woke up at 12AM, so that messed up my sleeping since I only wanted to take an hour nap at 6PM.

      Anyway, the last dream is the one that pissed me off the most, because there were things that were extremely abnormal, and it was pretty realistic, at least at the Night time setting it had

      Dream 1: Posting Photos of me IRL and receiving comments from others.

      Apparently I posted a few IRL pictures of me at some party onto a forum, probably in Dreamviews (that's weird, I never been to parties here in college), and one person told me that he got several comments (turned out to be a lot instead )from people he knew from other forums about those pictures.

      I can't remember what they said though, there were too many posts in fact for me to read them all. But I remember one photo was one of those self taken ones, where you can obviously see one arm was extended from above to get a shot of me. The quality of the photo looked pretty good too, I could see the glare on my eyes and small facial hair (but very small).

      I think I was trying to explain what happened at the party in the other photos, then I'm suddenly in the experience that one of the photos captured. I'm inside this random room, and the DC that I can recall the most from was this blonde in front of me who spoke a language I could not understand.

      (This picture below oddly resembles her, she had a slightly square chin like the one below, but she was a bit older than this one).
      Funniest dream...-15_3_8c_marina-beautiful-russian-girl-2-300.jpg

      I was probably 3 inches from this woman, and her eyes are looking up towards mine (she's slightly shorter than me by a few inches).

      I ignore her because the stare looked like what anyone would do when they see someone new inside the room I guess, then I go somewhere else in this room full of DCs. I tried going one way, but it was blocked by another.

      Then I find a place to sit, but there are too many DCs to even sit on. One DC in front looked like my mother, but she was sitting near the edgiest edge of the fairly wide couch others were sitting on.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Science Lecture Night Class, Annoying Sound, Slutty Housewife

      I was inside a lecture class at Texas A&M. It seemed to be a night class (I don't have any classes at night that start from 7-9pm) and it looked like it was a Chemistry Course as well. While the instructor, who was a male that was fairly huge in weight was talking about things I don't remember, there's this annoying sound coming from the wall.

      It wasn't too loud, and everyone else in the room probably didn't hear it, but then it got louder and louder. From where I was sitting in this lecture class, I could see a small rectangular hole going vertical on the wall the sound was coming from. I peek through the hole and see one or two DCs that I know of in real life.

      Let's call one "Tim" since he resembled the guy from the Tennis Team I was in at Cypress Lakes High School when I was Sophomore and Junior there.

      The lecturer, whose features that become more apparent to me, was wearing a huge dark shirt to probably conceal the bad parts of his stomach (again he was fairly huge). He had brown or black hair that was pretty well groomed and looked very smooth.

      He said in response to the annoying sound that he will take attendance really quick, and will give one of the loudest yell he could give at the room or hallway the sound was coming from. I'm guessing he was trying to suppress his rage until he was done taking attendance and getting out of the room.

      I think a dream fragment came from this dream, so I'll add it here: Basically the dream repeats with a different lecturer, and I tell him that the sound from the wall is just something they had to do and it's best to tolerate it. He agreed and was trying to read, but the sound made it too hard for me to understand what he was saying, and then the fragment fades....(now back to the main dream).

      Then the dude from the room where the sound is coming from is screaming that someone jacked his car. Apparently he was doing something for them, and he forgot about his car keys, and he assumed that they stole it from him.

      He started panicking on how his mother would freaking kill him if she found out about this.

      Then all of a sudden, I'm being displayed a chat system (like an IRC) with a picture of an anime lady on the right in red hair I believe (or brown hair that was very close from being red).

      (Kind of like the picture below, except she was on the right side, and she wasn't EVA either

      Funniest dream...-snake_eater_-codec_screen-.jpg Funniest dream...-women-talking-phone-shutter.jpg

      Someone was typing to her hypothetical questions on what she would do if her son got the car given to him stolen. (which is apparently Tim's mother I'm assuming since this part started a few seconds after his panicking).

      I can't remember what exactly what she said, in fact, I was paying attention to her while using my peripheral vision on the messages coming up on the left. She was one of those purple tank tops, or the tops that made a V-shape on the person's chest to emphasis on the cleavage.

      Funniest dream...-hdrt0125blavenderh.jpg

      She was wearing a skirt too, and it seemed she was on a bed sitting at the edge of it.

      She looked like a "Rich Housewife" type of mother. She was smiling and had cellphone on her hand. It was a still picture, but it progressed to other still pictures of her in different positions later on.

      So by now, I realized that when she's talking on the phone, her words are being transferred to the chatting system on the left. The last part of what she said that I remembered was something about not having much of a libido anymore.

      (I'm not too sure if she said "Libido" or "Anima," but it if was "Anima," it would've been weirder because she's a female, not a male. So most likely the word was "Libido," but I still had some doubt about what she said since some of the text was a bit blurry to me.)

      I think she was lying when she said she didn't have much a libido, because through the whole phone call, she's smiling, at least the picture of her on the right is smiling. Then the picture shows her fingering her vagina throughout the whole phone call.

      This woman was wet down there, like she enjoyed being a liar and had some kind of fetish or something for phone talk. She had that devilish smirk on her face as if she did something immoral.

      All I remember for that one.

      Dream 3:

      I'm outside near a place that resembles the area my Apartment is at near my University,and it's night time, or at least very early in the morning where it's still dark (2-4AM setting to it probably). I'm also in my underwear throughout this entire dream (until the dream scene changes)

      As I'm walking towards my apartment (it's on the bottom section of the overall complex), I see this blonde DC when I get to the door to go into my apartment.

      I couldn't get a good analysis on her face other than she probably wore mascara on her eyes and her hair seemed to be bleached, but still retained some blonde color to it.

      Funniest dream...-indian-hair-blonde-straight-full-lace-wigs.jpg

      I also see these brown ponies, maybe one to four overall, following this DC in this dark setting. There was one horse that came near the small patch of grass near my apartment, probably to eat from it.

      At this point, I'm leaning against the curved sides on the wall looking at this blonde walk from the street. Then I realize the pony had to go back to her, and said to it "Hey!"

      It looked at me quickly, and it looked so adorable when it responded to me by moving its head to my direction.

      But I didn't want the blonde to see me for some odd reason, so I tried to shoo off the pony to go back to the female while trying to hide from the female at the same time.

      It finally did, and the blonde turned around and realized it wasn't with the group, and I think she called it to come and it did.

      Then the dream scene changes where there's this mini-bookstore conveniently placed in front of me, and there are DCs lining up to go into the store at night or early morning where it's still dark out. (This is probably a dream fragment that occurred after the blonde DC one).

      I'm still in my underwear, and I'm holding two packs of stamps that had the color of red. It's those stamps you use to make a mark on a piece of paper or whatever. It even looked like those candle material stamps they used for scrolls too.

      I stamp a random yellow piece of paper I believe, and I think after that, a DC in front of me was collecting these yellow papers that other DCs were giving to him as well. He faces me signaling if I'm done with the paper, but I probably said no and kept holding on to it.

      That's all I remember for that dream and the dream fragment.

      I WAS REALLY PISSED THAT I DIDN'T DO A RC when I met the blonde. .

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      non-lucid , dream fragment