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    1. Dog Dissipates Into Puddle, She's Bagging Thin Air & I'm Being Asked Dating Advice

      by , 01-19-2016 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dog Dissipates Into Puddle (DILD)


      The atmosphere entails that itís early morning, or the afternoon thatís shrouded with clouds. Thereís an overlay of orange everywhere around me, and everything feels so clean and nice outside.

      Itís raining, and thereís a black dog with large quantities of fur thatís stuck in a puddle. I try to save it, but it somehow dissipates into the puddle. For reasons unknown, Iím breaking a banana once, and then again after the event. I think I was grieving for the loss of the dog transiently, and I shift my focus on the next driveway that looks like a place that I currently reside in.

      I see three Hispanic entities that come out of nowhere, and I follow them.


      She's Bagging Thin Air & Being Asked Dating Advice (DILD)


      So, another dream of the girl that Iíll nickname ShaP. Sheís glancing at me when Iím not, and then said glancing isnít contingent on that anymore. Sheís bagging for a bit, but isnít really touching anything. Then, another girl that looks like AngeliT asks me for dating advice.

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    2. Barber shop, Don't Jump to Conclusions, Blue Snake, Stupid Kids

      by , 05-02-2012 at 06:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I think I'm on my second day of attempting the CANWILD technique that I tried a long time ago that got me to do a WILD pretty quickly before. Going to rely on that technique from now on, seeing as I'm getting used to the alarm I have set up to waking me up.

      I still keep my eyes closed, so that's a perfect way for me to hopefully seize a REM period to have an instant WILD. It'll take a few nights, but I'm not going to give up on this technique, and thanks to the assignments on the DVA courses hosted by OpheliaBlue and fOrceez, I want to make sure I get an A+

      I'm really glad that I joined those courses, it forces me to stick to one technique, because I know how much I complain when I do too many. So for from now, it's the CANWILD technique for me...I know it works because I had a WILD from it on the first go or two.

      Here's the link if you're interested.....


      As for the alarm sound I used, it's the first one in this site:


      The only exception is that I augmented the sound by 500%, so there's no way in hell that I can ignore a sound like that.

      Barbershop & Song Parody


      The way the parody was set up with the tune of the song "I can't Decide" by Scissor Sisters was pretty funny, in fact, it went so fast and it was so catchy that I couldn't possibly remember even 3% of the song.

      The dream starts out where I'm in an environment that seems to be raining a bit. The overall color of this place is brown, and the mix of the rain and the natural color of the place kind of gives off this mood that I should just remain in my place and watch the view.

      Some group of black people came and needed help finding a certain class. They came to me first, but I didn't know what they were talking about, nor did I know what bus route or whatever would take them to the right place.

      Then some random person helps them, and it seems he had a better awareness of a reasonable route to go, but it seemed even he was a little confused on what they wanted.

      While he's talking to them, I look to top left, and there's a road going up, and I see two girls sitting on a bench. Both of them look familiar, one was blonde female and one was a black female. Let's nickname the blonde one Chels and the for the black female, I forgot her name lol.

      I decided that since I know that Chels at least took a math class in the university I attend would be of some help to the group of people asking us a question, I quickly added on to the conversation and declared and pointed towards Chels and the girl sitting next to her might be able to help them.

      They acknowledge it and go to them. They first were waiting on traffic to pass by, so that they could walk or ride their bicycle. I stay inside under some cover so the rain wouldn't get me or anything.

      The people waiting on the traffic are STILL there...and I even told them,

      "Hey, you can go now....there isn't any traffic..."

      But they're still hesitant in going. I decided to just ignore them, and I find myself pushing a mattress on it's side. I look to my right, and I see two barbershops, talk about location and competition.....

      The barbershop that was little further away from me had some guy working on people's hair. He looked familiar, but I could only make out the outlines of his visage. The one closest to me, there was a female working on people's hair.

      I ditched holding the mattress like it wasn't even there, and go to the one with the female inside (lol I would choose the female).

      There were two people sitting down, and I believe there were four rotatable chairs on the left side of the shop. One person was sitting on the one closest to me, and the other was sitting on the third one further away from me.

      There was a seat in front of me, the second one, and I decided to sit there and wait. I don't know why I'm waiting, I guess my dream body wanted a haircut, but I didn't really pay attention to how I looked, seeing as I'm in first person view most of the time.

      I since I knew this chairs can go up or down depending on how you press the lever on the bottom, I decided to have a little fun spinning around and going up and down. But before I could do that, the lady taking care of a person's hair said not to do that since the chair is wobbly, and might fall off if I make it move sporadically.

      I immediately stop, and then someone tells the lady about something related about the chair being wobbly and that I could still play around with it, not to sure.

      Then someone comes in to give me a message from someone, and asks if I wanted to see it. I said no, but I still take the message.

      After they leave, I open it, and now I'm in a different perspective to where the paper takes up the whole field of view. Words start scrolling down slowly, and a catchy tune is playing....

      Sounds familiar.....and I realized it's the tune from Scissor Sisters' "I can't decide" song playing with different words.

      The song is playing while the lyrics are scrolling down, and it's hilarious on how different words are able to synch up with the tune! I spend the time listening to how it is basically talking about me, from how I look and my fitness level, academics, etc.

      After it's finished, I can't remember what I did next, but it was funny listening to the tune of the song with different words, honestly, if I could remember all of it, it would probably be an even better laugh in waking life.

      Don't Jump to Conclusions (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a garage with a group of people. I believe I have a weapon on me, an old school revolver that's silver, with some dark blue padding on the gun handle I believe.

      I didn't notice this until later though.

      There's this old man who gets near the apartment, and he has a gun himself in the front of him tucked halfway inside his pants.

      I start to panic a little bit, and he also came by parking his red car on the driveway of another house. I just stay back like the other characters are doing, and the man asks while pulling his pants up.,

      "Any of you a student?"

      I almost raise my hand, but the DC to the left and front of me did, and came with the guy. I was going to get ready to use my gun on the old man, but I was afraid that it might not shoot, seeing as in previous dreams, it only worked if I had some kind of pain of loss or something, like with Eva getting injured in the Akashic Records dream I had a while back.

      So the old man and DC, who looked like someone I knew in waking life, let's call him "T."

      He and T go back inside his red car, and they go off somewhere. After they pass, and me acting like a little pussy by hiding behind the door, me and the dream characters come back together near the garage, and I start talking about what the old man is going to do with T.

      I took out my gun, opened the barrel, and there's three bullets inside, and the whole thing can contain six. It's a good thing that I didn't take my gun to shoot him, because I realized the gun itself was set to a slot that had no bullets AT ALL, so if I decided to try and be a hero and shoot at the old man, it wouldn't have worked because there were simply no bullets for that slot.

      And if I shot again to realize it didn't work, it wouldn't have worked again, because ANOTHER slot would be empty.

      So I guess the third time really is the charm in this case if I went in blind fury on how the gun didn't work, because the next 3 slots would have bullets in them. (The last slot was already on the right before the two empty slots if you're wondering about that).

      Anyway, we all calm down a bit after T and the old man go away, but I'm still worried what the hell the old man could possibly want with a "student."

      Then shit started getting even weirder, I swear, one by one, dream characters are randomly disappearing, and I don't know who the hell is causing all of this.

      I look at one random dream character, and tell them that we're in for it now, and that we better start being more diligent. I decided to go outside again, and I see someone coming in with some kind of black jeep vehicle, the type where there aren't any windows or roofs, like the ones you would see poachers use or whatever. (Hunting Jeep)

      Yeah, a female comes out, and she looks Hispanic, she has long and beautiful light brownish hair I believe, almost close to being orange. She was wearing a plain white shirt that was ruffled up a little bit, and I believe she was wearing really short pink shirts that would probably be a replacement for her underwear....

      Instead of confronting her, I duck for cover under a vehicle because I'm not taking any chances with how the dream characters are disappearing just like that. I think I get some dirt on the clothes I'm wearing, possibly sand or dust, but I don't care much about what's on me though.

      The girl looks at how I'm ducking for cover under a vehicle, and she has this face that says,

      "Lolwut, what's wrong with you?"

      Anyway, after she comes, and I forget what I did with her, a red car comes near the driveway on the same house to the left again. I thought this was the old man bringing back T again, but it was a young blonde female, kind of cute by the way, especially with how her cheeks where shaped to make her smile naturally.

      I calm down a bit, and I forget what I did around her as well. The dream shifts to where the old man and T came back, and it looked like the old guy shot T, because T's head was leaning to the side, and he didn't even move.

      I start to get even more worried as the old man comes out, but T is actually alive because he comes out as well! The old man leaves, and I ask T what the hell he wanted to do with him.

      T said that he needed someone young to try out some clothes for him, apparently, it was supposed to be clothes for some female, probably the old man's grand kids or whatever.

      Okay......................................you just randomly come in with a gun tucked in your pants, and you ask for students in an almost threatening tone just so they can test out how some clothes would fit for someone?

      Perfectly reasonable..../sarcasm....

      It's a good thing that I didn't shoot the old guy, seeing as he wasn't a threat to me in the first place.....but one thing remains....

      WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT DISAPPEARED IN THIS DREAM!!! It was like a mini-horror flick in the afternoon....


      I did learn from this dream not to jump to conclusions, even if the person has a gun and has a serious tone in his speech.

      I also realized that I should check how many bullets I have with the weapon in my hand the next time I dream myself with one.

      Blue Snake (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember a lot from this dream.

      there's this blue snake, with black spots at random places, and I decided to kill it because of the fact that a snake with that kind of color looks freaking dangerous.

      I don't know what I did, but I started to chop it up in fear and rage.

      I think during the time I was killing it, either it changed to the color green, or I killed another snake. For the snake that was green, I remember grabbing it by it's tail, and stomping on his head very hard.

      I started to pull its body and eventually hear a cracking sound. I let go of the tail, and it's dead.

      Then some lady talks to another lady on how it's okay that someone's egg was broken, because the blue snake bit on an egg already...

      Couldn't really understand that...but just putting it out there for the sake of remembering.
      Stupid Kids (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this, just walking inside of a store, looking for something. Then some small children were looking at me for a while, and I was kind of annoyed by them.

      The place kind of resembled a Barnes and Nobles bookstore.

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    3. Orange Towel, Rain and Puddles, DV newcomer

      by , 04-10-2012 at 04:05 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Orange Towel, Rain and Puddles, DV newcomer (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Orange Towel

      I believe I'm going back to my apartment or something, seeing as I'm heading towards the clock tower with my bicycle. The bicycle I'm riding is completely different from the one in waking life.

      It's black, and it has this weird support on the back of the seat that allows you to hang things behind it, and I think there was a black metal mesh kind of looking basket in the front to put stuff in. I was busy being conscious of an orange towel
      (it was either yellow or orange).

      The reason why I was worried about it was because I didn't want it to fall down while I'm taking a turn to the right from an intersection, and because I put it at the back of the bicycle that had the part to hang things, so looking back once in a while was inevitable.

      I decided I should just hold part of the towel with my right hand, and continue riding a long.

      I think while I was waiting for the green light for our side to turn out, there's this mini-scene of some program showing on the screen, and it basically helps with password security. The person speaking said that you have to type as many words as possible, while trying to remember the actual password.

      (For example, if your password was "LuLu," you would type something like "fsajgsdkjLsarjskfjdgksdgUfajdkfjaksfjaLsfadjsgksj kgsadfaskjfajsfkU" to trick whatever program that could be a keylogger or whatever.

      I'm just capitalizing the letters for the example, you wouldn't want to do that in reality, since it would be pointless )

      There's also another dream shift as a shuttle bus passes, something about some dude who is insanely buff and muscular, and doesn't even look like he has a normal body anymore showing off on a webcam.

      Not to sure why I had that part showing, but anyway, it lasts for a few seconds before I'm back to riding my weird but useful bicycle.

      Dream 2: Rain and Puddles

      I'm riding my bicycle in the rain, and I'm in this weird area that looks like an outdoors mall or something, combined with school elements. I say that because everything seems to be packed in together, to serve as a way of being efficient and conserving of the space given.

      I try to avoid these puddles on the light brown concrete road, but seeing as how I'm not feeling the water splashing on my skin, I forget about trying to avoid them in the first place.

      Then I go into a random class, and it's fairly dark, with a project screen being the only source of light emitting. I believe this is a dream shift from me riding the bicycle in the rain and puddles.

      There's one girl sitting in front of me, and one guy sitting behind me. The guy behind me is being annoying, rambling about some random crap, or just making random noises while a professor is trying to declare some things to the class.

      I have a feeling the guy is someone I had in a lab my first semester as a freshmen in college, let's call him "S."

      S goes on rambling again, and I decided to use my hand and cover his mouth without actually turning back to see him and make him shut up already!

      Then I let go after he's quiet, and he's STILL rambling on! I mean, it's okay to talk and all, but if it's during the time a professor is speaking, just be quiet until she's done!!!

      I found that the professor was pausing between her train of thought of what she wanted to declare to the class, and that was partially my fault, since I think I told S to just be quiet, but the professor wasn't annoyed by me.

      I think she was pausing in her speech because in a weird way, I expected her to stop when I was trying to tell S to be quiet.

      Then the girl sitting in front of me turns around, and guess what? She's a blonde who probably bleached her hair. I think I have some phone on my desk, probably an iPhone
      (which I don't in waking life).

      She's asking me a question about something, and since I was still in the process of turning back to normal after trying to get S to just shut up already, it takes a while for me to respond to her.

      Then I had a "lolwut?" moment and asked her,


      She responds, but I forget what she says.

      Dream 3: DV Newcomer

      A newcomer on Dreamviews comes in, and they're wondering why they met Nina and Tara in their dreams.

      The user was having a problem understanding how they met them......................

      I can't remember anything else.

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