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    1. School bus, house, tennis in the pool, 3D thong and Rear Display....(SDE Day 06)

      by , 08-20-2012 at 07:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      School Bus and English Class (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who's trying to find her father because he took something that she needed to get to somewhere I think.

      I forget if this girl is a blonde,
      since I think I slept again instead of typing it on my laptop because I was too lazy to turn it on.

      All I remember from this is that the girl used a bicycle, and her father had a faster model of another bicycle or motorcycle. I thought the girl wouldn't catch up, but she managed get to the same speed as her father. When he realized she really wants to talk to him, he finally stops.

      He gets off the bike and gives the girl a plastic bag with some random items in it, but most importantly, he also gave her the item she was looking for, a very transparent bead.

      The dream shifts, and now I'm inside of a yellow school bus. I couldn't see the outside, but based on how the seats were arranged, it definitely had to be a school bus. There were quite a few people inside, but there were two people I had most of my focus on.

      Before doing so, I think I looked at myself at the mirror, but I'm not sure if it's me, it looks like a female.....am I in a female's body?

      Whoever it is that I'm looking at in the mirror, she has some white cream on her face, so I take some object, probably a paper towel or something, and slowly wiped it off her face. It doesn't take long for me to finish this, and then I listen to the two girl's to the right a few seats in front of me. One girl was talking about how her Adviser told her she had to take some other course because of some condition I can't remember.

      The girl had to leave, and then her friend called her to declare that in short, her Adviser doesn't know what she's trying to tell her at all. She starts telling her that she can do whatever it is she thought she couldn't, and after they talk for a while, maybe a minute or two, I see the same girl who left walking around on the cell listening to her friend to respond,


      The girl was wearing a black leather jacket, white shirt, and some dark colored jeans. I don't do this often, but her visage wasn't very appealing to me, in fact, she reminds me of a girl in High School when I was a senior. She was on the cheerleader team, but I knew that someone like her would be the one talked about behind everyone's back as not looking good enough or something like that.

      She hangs up and after that, everything is quiet. Then another random girl, who is a redhead, wearing a light gray shirt and the usual blue jeans is talking about people's weight. As the bus is taking a very deep curve to the left, while I'm on the right side of the bus looking at the window of the arrows signaling vehicles to take a deep left turn, the girl talks about how that if she sees someone obese in her neighbor, she takes that as a compliment.

      It took me a few seconds to process how that can be a compliment, but for some weird reason, I found some logic in her twisted and cruel declaration. It makes sense, when you apply it as petting her ego and making herself feel better. She was a little pale in skin tone, and pretty skinny, but not too skinny, she had a little substance in a few regions.

      The dream shifts again (everything seems to be following the same theme for me)....now I'm inside of a school building, and I'm on the top floor. There's a classroom I have to go to that's "Room 113," something like that. The overall setting are shades of brown, very dull and boring.

      However, the room is closed, so we have to wait for a while, so I decided to walk around the hallway a bit and look around for any other classes that have started already. I get a hunch that someone is coming near Room 113, but it ends up being a student instead.

      It's one of my short-term friends, Marissa, and she's wearing a think black cotton type of jacket with some kind of brown or dirty colored shirt and dark pants. Her face looks just the same, but she has a brown beard showing.

      I can see why I didn't find this weird because she actually did a play where she had to paint a beard to act as a man....

      The teacher eventually comes, and everyone is already trying to find their new seats. There's probably 10-15 people inside, excluding the teacher. Most of these people are familiar faces. There's one guy who looks like Gere wearing a black shirt and dark pants. Then there's this skater dude that I sat near a lunch table with in middle school, though he was a douchebag in waking life.

      He's still skinny as ever, and is wearing a white shirt, though I can't remember the color of his pants. Then there's Marissa, who I already mentioned, and then there's another guy that I'll nickname "Hay" for the sake of being anonymous as well. I'm not too sure on that, but whenever I try to recall the details of the classroom, he always pops up.

      I also think another girl from middle school who had a family history of sickle cell anemia there as well wearing a thin black jacket like Marissa, except she was shorter than her. The teacher was also wearing a thin black jacket and probably a white shirt underneath.

      I think she had an inverted bowl shape hairstyle, which reminds me a lot like my first English AP teacher before I switched classes. While everyone is quickly finding their seats, I end up being the last one trying to pick a seat, and the teacher isn't really patient herself, in fact she told me,

      "It shouldn't take long to find a seat..." (paraphrasing here).

      I awkwardly acknowledge it, but I forget where I decided to sit down. I think she hands out some sheets, and while I'm scavenging through them, I find there's one worksheet that asked two questions. One was related to something about having a specific type of camera. I think it was a Yes or No question. I was confused about this because I thought this was an English class.

      But I think the reason why I assumed that is because I saw Marissa, who I only met my English AP and U.S. history dual credit class.

      It seems this is some type of photography class, and I think other people start getting confused as if they're in the wrong class.

      I can't remember anything else.

      House (Non-lucid)


      In a house with father and mother probably, there was some talk about ants and how they don't go onto certain animals because of their stench....house feels incomplete.

      Not a lot I can remember here.
      Tennis in the pool (Non-lucid)


      I wake up, making grunting sounds, and I felt really tired as well. I see one person to the left of me who looks like Jerry in waking life. He's wearing dark clothes. In front of me is a pool, but I can't remember if it's full or not.

      It had a sky blue glow to it, and apparent, there was supposed to be a tennis match near the pool. I think I ask Jerry if I can join in, but I don't hear anything from him.

      I see three fluorescent green tennis balls on the grass. I pick them up and formed them into a triangle. A random lady comes out of nowhere and looks at me. It seems she's going to pick up the tennis ball, but I can't remember what she does. She's a little overweight, and based on the cap, she looked like she could be the umpire.

      This area seems to be the backyard of someone's house.

      3D Thong and Rear Display (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:
    2. Redhead in Black, She is a Lesbian

      by , 07-27-2012 at 03:50 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Redhead in Black (Non-lucid)


      I'm not even sure if this is a precognitive dream or an actual one, because I think that when the dream was over, I was talking to myself about something, and I had a feeling that this happened in the onset of the dream being created.

      I had the intention of finding Alyzarin in a dream, since I felt I could match her REM cycles at some point during my sleep.

      All I remember is seeing a skinny female, big anime like eyes, but still within the border of realistic eyes. She is wearing dark red lipstick, and she's smiling to where the front of her lips make a steep curve down, while the sides curve inwards to her cheekbones.

      She is wearing a black dress that looks like it could be worn in bed, like a nightgown of some sort.

      Something tells me that I asked if she was my dream guide, but I can't remember if she responded to me at all. All that I could remember from her is that she just looks at me with a smile.

      The more I stare at her, the more her eyes become enticing. She had light brown eyes, and then they were more gold-ish and lighter than before when I focused on the detail.

      Her hair was similar to Paz's style in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The hair itself looked like it was just filled with a light red-pink color, no detail like individual strands or anything like that.

      Her facial structure was small, slightly round, and made a slight dip or smooth point for her chin. She also had pale skin, and the black nightgown she wore augmented this with the heavy contrast.

      The environment itself was blurry, very dark, from gray to black. It felt as if this environment was so blurry to where it would look like a running ink painting of buildings, etc.

      After seeing the girl in front view, my perspective changes to where I see her in profile view. I realize how skinny she really is, and she isn't wearing any shoes, I think.

      I can understand that the girl's visage and body structure was mostly because I watched a random Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker video of Snake vs. Paz on YouTube late at night.

      Now for the pale skin, and black night gown, it's probably because of a woman named Stoya who has pale skin, and wore a black ngihtgown or lingerie. I'll keep that source to myself. *whistles innocently*

      She is a Lesbian (Non-lucid)


      Because I had little sleep last night, because I decided to do some late night internet searching, and talking to someone before they passed out (you know who you are =P), the recall is shallow.

      I believe I'm hanging with someone, and based on how relaxed I felt, it was most likely the persona I take when encountering relatives that I haven't seen in a long time ago. It's the passive demeanor that just allows the naivette to grow and grow.

      I honestly can't explain my feelngs for this kind of dissociative thought..

      I think I'm following her in a clothes mall, and I only stick to following her. I wasn't interested in buying anything for myself or her, and I guess the only reason I was with her was because I wanted to walk around, or to just be there for the relative of mine.

      I couldn't get her visage, it was blurry, and she was wearing mostly black. It was as if I was just following a shade or something. I believe we finally reach a cash register, and as I let her tend to her business with paying for whatever it is she has, I notice someone else close to me.

      I'm not sure if she was following me, or is waiting in line, but I get a close up view on her. I realize she looks a lot like an African American girl I had for a Science class.

      To make sure I somewhat remember her, I'll just put it out here that her family history involved having sickle cell.

      She looked so adorable and cute, just like the waking life version. She looks up at me in a shy manner, if that makes any sense. I think she glances at me because I glanced at her, and I think she tried looking back somewhere else.

      She was short, I'd say 5 feet or so, which is probably a safe estimate that the waking life version of her was in Middle school.

      Wow, now that I think about it, she really was cute when I had her for Science class, but her personality....not so much.

      LOL, why am I going through analysis of middle school encounters?

      Someone is calling the relative who is still blurry for me, I think, and I think at some point, she said she is a lesbian.

      I don't know how, but something just tells me she said that to someone.

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    3. Non-REM Sleep Nonsense

      by , 07-26-2012 at 04:48 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Non-REM Sleep Nonsense (Non-lucid)


      This whole dream was full of nonsense, I honestly don't know what the hell I was experiencing here.

      I'm walking in a hallway of some sort wearing light colored, or slightly dark colored striped pants going down. They go a few inches (1-3) past my knee, and I believe I'm wearing my white running shoes that I use at the gym. I'm walking with someone, but I can't remember who exactly.

      I have a feeling that it was my mother, but due to the insane randomness and insanity of this dream with fragments as well (I think), it didn't really matter. Whoever it was, she was wearing some type of green outfit with a white female dress shirt underneath.

      I come to the realization that there are many people on the sides sitting down, just enforcing their roles of showing that humans are magically gregarious beings when something prevents them from moving forward.

      I don't know what's keeping these people from moving, and the reason I'm concerned is that I feel weird and have exaggerated thoughts of paranoia that they are probably making fun of me some how.

      I try to hide those feelings of insecurity with a healthy dose of bravado and randomly declared to the person I'm walking with,

      "I'm just going to walk in front, and not look back!" something along those lines.

      Some confidence booster that was..........

      I'm also smiling like crazy while I said that as well! I immediately look at someone on the left side with my peripheral vision, and noticed it's someone who looks like a High school tennis teammate I used to know that was #1 I think at our school.

      He's just looking at me, like he's trying to balance between being neutral and slightly weird of my presence.

      There's no point speculating about his thoughts right now.

      The dream shifts to where some redheaded lady, who is at least in her 50s asks me,

      "How's Sinoblak doing?"

      The lady is wearing a fancy white jacket that's a bit higher than her waist, has dark clothing on underneath.

      Then there's a dream shift where I'm playing Runescape, and I pick a world with the number 130 in it, I think it was "RunescapeGuild130," something along those lines. I feel as if I'm playing with my clan leader, Mellania, and we're basically just destroying the Corporeal Beast with two or three more clan members.

      We killed the Corporeal Beast a few times, and it dropped a Chaotic Rapier, and with my dream logic, this made perfect sense. I told myself mentally that I would have two Chaotic Rapiers to attack the Corporeal Beast.

      (If you're using a rapier on the beast, I think it only does 50% damage, which isn't worth the damage it will put on you).

      The dream shifts again, and I'm upstairs at some random house. The whole section is circular, so the stairs to go down were opposite of where I was. For a few seconds, the environment changes completely, and I have to face a monster with one huge eye.

      It was purple on the outside for it's skin, and it it just looked weird. A skinny body to support it's large head was completely unreal. I had to do more body formations than William Shatner high on sugar to bounce back this black energy ball it created.

      Then after that madness, I'm back upstairs, and some guy is humping a girl very very very very hard that....I don't need to go into those details.

      Then the same guy humping the girl turns around, looks at me weird, and suddenly wants to chase me. Since we're in a circular top floor, I basically have to try and trick this guy into thinking I'm going the other way.

      It takes a while, but I finally dash for downstairs, and I press the "Back" button as if I was on the internet or something.....

      I woke up immediately after that...LOL...I think.

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    4. You can Do it, Cafeteria Round Table

      by , 07-21-2012 at 03:58 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      You Can Do it (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap around 2 PM or so, and woke up around 5:15 PM I guess?

      3 hours for a "nap", no wonder my recall of this is better than those skewed recall with 1-2 hour naps.

      I'm following an Asian man, he's wearing a hoodie, without the actual top on his head, has glasses on, and your generic light blue jeans. I don't know why I'm following him right now, but it seems we're both having a decent conversation while going through waves of people.

      He has black spiked hair as well, but it's only spiked at the edges, everything else is smooth. He's making most of the conversation, and I'm just answering what he asks me. After we get out of the airport, the environment shifts to where it feels like we're in some kind of run-down urban area.

      The whole atmosphere just breathes that this area is industrialized. As I'm following the Asian man, I noticed that we're walking on some old and faded out wood. There are a few wood houses and stores to the right of us, but I ignore all of them and focus my attention on following the Asian man.

      I look to my left, and I see a few more wooden houses, but they are more spread out, and they are high off the ground and supported by some long wooden beams. The ground itself is pretty much light brown and sandy dirty. As I continue to limit my sensory input on the environment more to catch up with the Asian man I'm following, I randomly asked the man if he plays Runescape.

      When he responds, he speaks so fast, that I could barely recognize what he said. Instead of saying "pardon me" or "excuse me," I just tried to speak fast too to show that I didn't understand what he declared.

      He takes the hint and speaks slowly, and declares, "HaHaIhave0Range." It felt like a weird name to have, and I even repeated it just to make sure I heard him correctly, which I guess I did since he didn't respond back to me for correction. He then asks me what my Runescape username is.

      "King Wuggles."

      I start to giggle silently because I realized that sounds so silly to admit to someone, and then the man starts laughing more than I did, which compels me to laugh just as loud as him. I continued to block more of the environment I'm in, and it seems it's night time right now.

      I'm finally inside the man's house, at least that's what I think I'm in right now. There's a few light sources, both ranging from faded yellow to bright orange, and I think he said that we can play a game on his Nintendo 64.

      The moment he mentioned that, I started to have images of outdated graphics in my head, but I figured I might as well be sociable to the guy, since I am staying at his place (apparently).

      He turns on the T.V., and it turns out the game that we're playing on the N64 is actually a Basketball game. I didn't really care too much about it, but it was a good time killer. The graphics were actually pretty decent, dare I even say better than actual N64 graphics.

      For the game itself, we were playing in an indoor Basketball stadium, and I think some of the characters' heads were a little bigger than their actual body. I think one of the teams we were using were wearing white outfits and long black socks.

      I can't remember much of who won or lost, and I could care less. The guy disappears, and I assume he's just going out to get something, and then the dream shifts to where I'm outside again.

      It's not night time anymore, but close to it, and I can still see the sun on the horizon. I'm standing on the light brown sandy ground surface I mentioned before when I was following the Asian man. There are a few vehicles that look like your 1960s type of small trucks and cars passing by me.

      I wasn't sure how these people were able to distinguish the proper lanes to be on, since I couldn't see any lines that would majorly help with preventing accidents. I see the house that I was in before the dream shift, and I immediately start running to get there.

      I see a vehicle coming to my direction going diagonally on my right side, which leads me to assume the driver will keep going that path. I run a little faster from this assumption, and she nearly runs me over.

      I pause for a moment, turned around to look back at the idiot trying to run me over, but I knew I couldn't do anything about it. The reason being is that when she was driving, she was either so lifeless to not know where she's going, or she's being too careful to where she's not actually paying attention to the area she's driving at.

      I somehow jump up on top of the same house that's elevated through long wooden beams, or maybe I climbed a ladder, not too sure on that. I noticed the dream environment changes into night time again instead of being in the onset of it.

      The place is empty, and I'm still outside of the small house. It has a square walkway for you to see things outside before actually going into the house.

      After looking around for a little while, I see a HUGE dog that looks like an Alaskan dog, or at least a hybrid of it.

      I thought I would feel afraid when it jumped up, but it seems in the back of my mind that I met this dog before. I even presumed that this was the Asian man's pet as well, and I tried to get its attention by saying,

      "Hey boy!"

      But it doesn't pay attention to me, it simply passes by me and jumps down where I went up. I felt a little disappointed because the dog had this energy that it could be playful and fun to be around. As soon as it jumps off the place I went up, it's like the bottom area was saturated with darkness, and I could not visualize where the dog was going to go.

      This prompts me to go back inside of the small house, since it's getting a little too dark out here. Everything is quiet, and I walk a little bit to hear someone talking. The voice sounds like teenager girl, maybe 16 years of age, or at least close to my age of being 18.

      By the sound of things, she's arguining with her mother, or an older relative. I can't recall her visage well enough unfortunately, but I do remember her wearing a small green hoodie jacket with fairly long strings on the sides to tighten or loosen it.

      She had long and beautiful Platinum Blonde hair. I see there's some food on the table she has her hand resting on, and as I get closer to her, I hear the sounds of the older relative yelling at her. I finally glance over to see that it's a tall redheaded lady.

      She's wearing a long green or gray jacket. She has glasses on, and she has a fancy hairstyle. It's hard to describe it, but here goes. From her forehead, the hair is slightly cut off to be in a straight form, and then the sides of her are short, but both of them have depth and a nice orange shine to them.

      She immediately silences herself when she sees me, probably because it felt awkward to continue yelling while a guest is here. I actually felt I was in the wrong house, but the mother of the girl didn't seem to mind my presence here. The mother seems to be embarrassed that I heard her yell at her daughter, and she turns around probably to go into house clothing.

      After that small drama, I look at the food near the girl on the table. It seems to be some huge sausage with hot dog buns made with white flour. It's inside of a small paper tray, so I guess they went out to buy the food. I take a small bite out of it.

      I can't remember the taste though, but I guess it must've tasted pretty good.

      It realize that we're in the kitchen, and the lights above are the only ones on at the moment. I turn to the girl, placed my hand on her shoulder, and declared to her with confidence,

      "You can do it."

      She asks me what I meant by this, but by the time I could make a response, I forget what happens next.

      Cafeteria Round Table (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting down at a round table in a High School I attended before. Everything outside of the range of this table feels blurry, so I let myself focus on what's in range of my peripheral and main direction of vision.

      To my left is a girl name Sarah, the same Sarah that accepted my request to sit by her and her friends in lunch, since I moved to that High School in waking life, and needed people to hang around with so I wouldn't look like a social outcast.

      I'm wearing long black pants, a gray shirt, and my black winter jacket. Sarah has her attention to me, but it seems I'm ignoring her. I'm still looking at her with my peripheral vision, and it seems she's smiling at me.

      She holds this facial expression a little longer until it's just her mouth being neutral. I couldn't say anything to her or the person to the right of me.

      The person to the right of me is Joel, someone that used to question why I didn't talk to others in the tennis team in waking life. He's looks depressed....like he usually is. It's time for everyone to leave and go to their next class. As I'm getting out of my chair, there seems to be something in the way of me and Joel's path. I think it's just a small backpack where you just pull the string to tighten it, and I kick somewhere out of the way.

      Joel looks down to try and move it, but he sees I already took care of that, and he goes back to looking all depressed and ignoring me again.

      I guess this dream was just portraying proof of how quiet I was at the table when I was a senior in High School....oh well.

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    5. College Course Suggestion

      by , 06-15-2012 at 02:45 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      College Course Suggestion (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap from 3 something PM and woke up at 5 PM.

      I'm entering a building, and the floor tiles are white. Seems it's raining outside at the moment, or maybe the skies are just gray.

      I feel a girl on the left wall in this hallway sitting down, and I assume that since she's sitting down to wait for something, and it seems other people most likely are doing the same in other sections of the building, probably because of the weather outside.

      I don't pay any attention to them or the weather though, but I do remember the clouds being gray, guess it's about the rain. The girl herself was blonde, a little chubby and has some thunder thighs, but that's okay.....

      More cushion for the pushing right?

      Anyway, she has one leg sticking out, and is looking down somewhere, probably on her phone or something. I sit down on the right side close to her, and I basically let things fabricate into some event.

      A redhead comes through the right side, and she's wearing beige or khaki pants. She has a nice butt, and I didn't get to look too much at her visage because as she's walking to get closer to me, she was going to sit down to the left of me, her ass expanding from bending down was all that I was paying attention to.


      I see her face, but only part of it, just profile view, and it seems she's looking to the right, as if she's waiting for someone else to come.

      And another girl comes in to sit down as well. She sits to the right of the blonde on the left side, and gets herself comfortable.

      I look at her face, and she looks exactly like the Miranda I know in waking life from my college.

      "Hey Miranda!"

      She responds back, and then I complimented on her hair,

      "Your hair looks nice!" I pause for a few seconds,

      "It has a glow to it too."

      She smiles, but it's apparent that she isn't here for the pleasantries. I was saying it had a glow to it because parts of her hair, especially in the front were blonde, while the rest of it was a regular brunette's color.

      She looks at me without feeling awkward, and asks,

      "How's Biochemistry?"

      "It's going well."

      She starts to tell me of a course that I believe she took as well, and recommends I do it too. I asked her,

      "Is it (the exams) just a rehash of information where you just go to the lectures and study from that?"

      She nods, and I tell her,

      "Sweet! Thanks for telling me that."

      There's an Asian girl who is sitting to the left of her, and I think she's extending on the same course that I should take. She's telling me of her experience with the class as well.

      It was some kind of science class with the course number somewhere between 45-48.

      That's all I remember from the nap.
    6. Blurred Photos

      by , 06-04-2012 at 06:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Who is the Redheaded Lady? (Non-lucid)


      Name:  blurred photo.jpg
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      I took a nap around 3:45 PM, and woke up around 5:00 PM, even though I set the alarm for 5:15 PM.

      There are a lot of pictures in front of me, and I'm most likely on a laptop, not sure if it's mine or someone else's.

      Most of these pictures, if not all of them were blurred when I tried to look and see who the female who looked like a Ginger with the red hair and all.

      I saw that she wore glasses, and some of these pictures were her taking photos with her friends, you know, closeups, etc.

      I try my best to look beyond the blurred images, and I can make out some fairly accurate outlines on her face. She looked like she was probably in her 20s-30s, that's for sure.

      Now who it actually was....not too sure on that, I don't want to assume, but I think it's someone's visage I've been dying to know....

      This could just be a day residue when I found out how my clan leader from Runescape looks like, since she's a redhead as well...and she's hot....HOT....and this was a nap, so the blurred photos could mean anything...

      Okay, enough of that Link.

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    7. Green Globe, Pool of Toy Balls, Is that a Dragon, Eva and Akashic Records??

      by , 04-22-2012 at 02:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Green Globe (Non-lucid)


      I don't really care too much to this dream, except for the fact that this possibly was a precursor to the dream I had with Eva and the Akashic records dream...

      I'm walking somewhere at my University, and I'm following a group of people, but the traffic and amount of people here started to irritate me, so I thought of trying to teleport somewhere....

      The opposite of that occurs, and I find myself instantly flying up pretty quickly. I look down, and was a little scared at first, but instead of trying to think about falling down, I looked up, closed my eyes, and imagine myself propelling upwards.

      Then a white light flashes before more, signaling that I teleported out of the dream environment.

      I'm now floating, and I see a Green globe, and I rotate it with my mind, and I decided I should go to Houston, TX.

      I feel a pulling sensation from this green globe, and feel like I'm being warped into the area I wanted to go to...

      I can't remember much from that dream..
      Swimming pool of Toy Balls? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a play area that's full of what seems to be toy balls, or something like that? It was kind of dark though, and it seems there's always water in this area as well.

      There's this random lady who is fairly huge, and we're just floating around, minding our own business. Then the lady started to say, "Daddy?" out of the blue, so I presumed someone else was with us.

      I think I see a man who is shirtless, and is wearing dark blue shorts underwater, and the daughter I think lands on him. I was kind of concerned that her weight might cause his to open his air path in his throat, and possibly drown him or something.

      Then all of a sudden, when I go back up to the surface, the girl is floating as well, and she's wondering where her father was, and I think she's close to even crying.

      I go underwater again, and I see this white string near a drain that's sucking up the water, so the dad probably was sucked in there.

      I can't remember much after that, didn't really care too much about this dream in the first place....too random...and it was too dark for me to associate anything from it...
      Is that a Dragon? (Non-lucid)


      I was trying to convince some people to look up at the sky, because I'm seeing a large creature flying, and it looks like a dragon in metal armor, it had that silver color to it with some slight hints of blue.

      I think I saw a redheaded lady as well, not sure if it was Opheliablue, but I was trying to nudge at whoever it was to look up. Even when they did look up, all they did was shrug and have the "I don't know" expression on their face.
      Eva and Akashic Records? (Non-lucid)


      First of all, I'm glad I finally met Eva for once, she was a little bit more degraded from something...and man, this dream was scary.

      I honestly thought I wouldn't have met Eva AT ALL, but it seems the intention worked by watching a few videos about her and Snake.

      (I watched some short videos on the Akashic Records, and I wonder if this dream itself was the path for me to get there, seeing as you normally need a guide to shift you to the right path.....and clearly, I was following Eva like she was a guide....and there were guards.....so there has to be something precious within this library......)

      Watch this video first before reading the dream if you can, there are some things that the lady said like "Cairo, Egypt" and such that you'll find that my mind did some homologous association with it the people in white robes...you'll find out what I mean...I don't know why, but I was browsing through DV articles, and typed "are the akashic recrods real?" on a youtube search bar, and found this late at night before I slept.

      Things start out where I'm at an area that seems to be a green underground cave. I believe I'm in the lighter side of this area, and I finally see Eva.

      There's something odd about her, there's this type of loneliness within her, she looks degraded, used up, raped, or something...it was kind of sickening, but the fact that I still saw her, she obviously had the intention of actually interacting with me for once for a little longer.

      Her hair, it isn't blonde like it was before when she gave me the grey letter with the letter "M" on it with in a non-lucid I had a long time ago.

      It was light orange, but you see, it looked like it was like the color because someone probably fried her hair up a little, I'm not too sure.

      She looked exactly like Eva, she was quiet, but it was definitely Eva. She wore a very bright green military jacket, and she had it open.

      And I saw her breasts, she left them exposed with her opened jacket, and her nipples were pink, maybe a little darker than that. I think the point of her projection was to portray that she was used up by someone or something.

      As for her pants, it was the same with her regular biker outfit, it's just that the jacket was green instead of the usual Khaki type of color all over, and I believe she had black boots as well.

      Her jacket was way brighter than this, so imagine it being opened completely, and you can see her bare skin and breasts exposed to you, with the edges of the jacket hanging on the sides of her nipples.

      She gets close to me, but there's this type of barrier separating both of us, so she starts pushing as much as she can. I take a step back to let her open it fully, and I get closer to her.


      She doesn't look too desperate for small talk right now, seeing as how the look on her visage was a little bit depressed and sad. There were marks on her hair, and some of it wasn't complete. She was bald in a few areas, but she still had her long hair.

      I follow her, and we go up some stairs, we haven't talked at all, I merely pick up her non-verbal cues. There are two characters talking to each other, and I stay behind Eva, completely relying on her to guide me through what seems to be a library.....

      We wait for the two guys to finish talking, and it seems to be that they are wearing white robes like they're from Egypt....

      (Okay something is up...but you'll find out what I mean after)...

      I wait for Eva's cue to move, and she finally does, so I quickly go along with her, and we hide behind some shelves until the two Egyptian robe wearing characters move further to the left. Then Eva goes to a bookshelf perpendicular towards the direction she's going.

      Like, imagine being parallel to the back of a bookshelf, and one being perpendicular to you....so I quickly dash to the bookshelf, slowly moved my head up to see that there are two or so guards on the other side.

      I crouch back down, waiting for Eva to cue something to me already.

      For some reason, I decided to be a little bold, and I start making a little whistle sound to attract the guards. I believe I did that because I thought the guard was too far to hear the whistle, but they pick up the sound a few seconds later.

      I crouch down quickly since I saw the guard turn around immediately. I started to get tensed up for a little, feeling this weird tingling sensation in my head....I definitely made the horrible mistake in making that whistle....

      I have a gun in my hand, and I believe Eva didn't have a weapon at all, so I guess I had to be the support in case things get rough.

      (Normally, when I ignore a DC and get distracted with something else, they usually disappear, but she was still there....it's not my obsession with finding her that kept her there, in fact, my concern over her was temporarily faded because we're in a serious situation with the guards and everything).

      I have my gun ready, and it has a cyan laser sight, and once I realized this, I quickly moved the laser sight to the edge of the bookshelf we're parallel to, because the guard might find the laser dot....but I already knew my feelings of being tensed up and fearful meant the guards were already too suspicious.

      I wait having my gun aimed at the predicted path of where the guard's head should be...I started to get more tensed up, feel the guard coming closer and closer....

      Then I see the side of a face taking a slow peak, and I slowly aim my laser sighted gun to their heads, but they quickly so their whole body to me and try to aim at me, but since he saw that he's not going to win this one, he's shocked, and an Exclamation mark appears on his head....

      Definitely a Metal Gear Solid element there with the exclamation mark....

      (It was like this, but the mark was light blue)

      Anyway, since the guard was moving, I decided I might as well show myself to the others, but I didn't, I just popped my head over to the top of the shelf to see that the same guard told the other one that we're here.

      So I decided to shoot the guard trying to contact Headquarters through this big swamp green radio phone....I believe I managed to shoot him before he did...

      The same man with the radio phone wore glasses, a long brown leather jacket, and it he looked a lot like Ocelot when he was extremely old in MGS4.

      Once he's taken care of, at least, I'm presuming he's dead or knocked out from the gun shot, I try to aim to the other guard that alerted him.

      Then this other guard comes out from NOWHERE, and has holds a pump-action shotgun with one hand. I thought he was going to come after me first, but he's aiming at Eva, and she's still crouching down....I realized that she was too injured to react

      He came so quick, that I couldn't even shoot him because my gun didn't even fire any bullets. He shoots Eva, I get fucking pissed, and the gun magically works, I shoot the hell out of the guy.

      But instead of going to Eva immediately, I had to make sure there weren't any more guards around us, so I move forward to scan the area, and things are okay.

      I take a look at some kind of weird base in front of me, and I believe I'm looking outside the library, like the door was wide open. There was this area with grass, but the type of grass you see in video games, where everything on the floor is just mashed up together.

      I see the door to go to another base....and it's overall color is violet with some hues of bright pink....then I realized...


      I completely forgot about her, and I turned around, but I couldn't do it quickly, everything was going slow, the dream is starting to fade, and this would've been the point where I would've been lucid, since I felt so much emotion in this dream.....

      But the dream fades quickly..

      I wake up, but I still have my eyes close, I'm still thinking in my mind saying




      I thought I should do a DEILD, but I might've forgetten the dream if I did...

      I find it funny that despite finally meeting Eva, who had a few alterations like having orange hair (redhead), green jacket, and some other qualities.......I didn't remember her saying one word to me. Not ONE little word at all...

      All she did was just guide me somewhere...and I honestly believe it was for the Akashic records, but obviously, because I was being stupid and whistled at the guards, I obviously wasn't prepared for it....

      I can't believe one careless mistake I made would cause so many chain of events.

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    8. Kaomea as a Child????, Moving Away, Pharynx/Larynx, Obama and Homeless Tents?

      by , 04-16-2012 at 03:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea as a Child???? (Non-lucid)


      I put this dream first so Kaomea can hopefully see it, and the similarities between the child and her is waaaay too accurate, at least for my limited knowledge on how she looked like before.

      Before I go on to remembering the dream, the reason why I'm assuming a girl that looks like Kaomea as a child, even though I don't know how she really looked as a child in waking life, is because of the red tank top she was wearing along with blue shorts.

      I know Kaomea has worn a red shirt and some blue jeans, along with some red sneakers in her dreams, and probably does the same in waking life.

      I'm probably in spectator mode, just seeing how things play out at an area with a lot of greenery to it. If you looked beyond the area they're at, you could see there's a large and open field, and the clouds are light gray or light blue, couldn't tell exactly.

      The atmosphere seemed like this was in the late 1980s to the early 1990s (well obviously, since this could've been Kaomea as a child). It was a vivid dream, and it had that "old-school" film feeling to it.
      (Don't worry, Kaomea, I'm not saying you're old or anything, it's just the type of ATMOSPHERE that felt kind of weird.)

      There's an adult or two supervising a group of children. The two children that popped up to me the most were a girl and a boy.

      The boy was Caucasian most likely, and by the way he's smiling, I'm assuming everybody is taking some kind of group photo together.

      He's really ready to get his picture taken, and I think they had to move around a bit, so I guess they were testing to find out the ideal order of who goes behind who and such for the photo.

      Now for the girl. She had fairly long hair, and the children here are probably around the age of 4-7? She looked like she was from Hawaii like Kaomea is in right now.

      Her skin tone was a little bit darker than the skin tone I normally see Kaomea in, but only slightly. She's wearing a red tank top with some fluffy extensions near her shoulder, well, it's not that fluffy, but it was fancy looking enough for me to pay attention to her.

      I think she was wearing blue shorts, and probably red sneakers as well, presuming whoever dressed her would want her shoes to match with her tank top.

      After one of the adults and the children move around for a little while to find the ideal positions to stand, sit, or crouch on, I get a zoomed perspective on the child that looks like Kaomea.

      She has this sort of mad pout to her face, as if she doesn't want to be part of the photo....LOL, it was so hilarious! xD

      Anyway, it was kind of cute seeing her like that.
      (in fact, I was just putting my hands over my face and shaking my head and going "awwwwww" )

      Then I hear a random voice that said how she would like a certain someone someday? I didn't know what that meant, but I'm assuming who she likes now....but it could be someone else entirely different.

      I can't remember much after that, I was just focusing on the girl who could've been Kaomea as a child.

      Moving Away (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a random house, and I have my laptop with me inside of a dark room. I didn't know that me and my father were going to move as yet.

      There's a T.V. flashing, but I didn't pay attention to what was showing most of the time. I get out of the room, and I go to the garage of this random house, and I see my father with a vehicle that has this large attachment to it.

      It's like a mini red truck attached to a Jeep or something, and it had a brown color to it. The driveway itself was kind of weird, a small tree was in the middle of it, and there's a really small dirt slit going parallel to the driveway's path.

      I thought it would prevent my father from moving this weird mini red truck attachment he had for another vehicle, but after looking on how it's structured, it wasn't going to hit the tree at all. Oh, and the truck itself was probably a normal red Ford truck.

      There were also random people coming on the driveway, some were merely passing through, and then there's some that stop in the middle of the driveway and just look at me or at the garage.

      I remember there being a lady with copper red or burnt orange hair. Her visage wasn't appealing at first, and the fact that she looked depressed kind of bothered me, seeing as she's one of the people just standing in the middle of the driveway.

      She's wearing a black dress, and it stops near the top region of her thighs as well.

      I can't remember anything else from that dream.

      Pharynx/Larynx (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a lecture apparently, but the room itself is way too short for it to be a decent science lecture. In fact, it seemed that either I'm the only student here, or there were a few people behind me that I didn't pay attention to.

      I was listening to a lecturer declare something about how it's important to remember some figure he has on the projection screen. The room is dark, so the only think shining is the screen, so I paid attention and got something out to write on to copy what's on the screen.

      I believe he was talking about something about knowing which part represents the Pharynx and which part represented the Larynx. I think he wanted us to even draw the structure of it
      (I didn't even remember what a Pharynx and a Larynx were in waking life until I checked that it's related to the throat).

      I'm drawing what he's pointing us to draw, but it doesn't look anything like what I saw what those parts were in waking life, but I blindly draw and label them down.

      It seemed like there were extensions that looked like veins on these parts, and for some reason, I decided to look a little bit more on how they looked like so that I could draw out more of the vein-like structures.

      I think the dream shifts, but I'm in the same room, and someone is talking to me one-on-one. I can't remember how they looked like at all, seeing as the room is still dark. They were giving me some transparent object.

      It looked like it was some dried up gel to preserve something that was inside it. A message inside of it said
      (and damn it, this is getting ANNOYING now...)

      "You can still pass! But you need to go to the SI Sessions!"

      (SI Sessions are short for "Supplemental Instruction".....and that's basically free tutoring that the University gives here. It's pretty helpful, but like the meaning says, it's "Supplemental"....meaning it's not wise to actually rely only on it).

      After reading it, I wasn't really surprised about what it was trying to tell me. I think I had thoughts of it either being Biology, seeing as it's only of the only SI sessions I go to other than the Chemistry one.

      (I don't know why it would suggest I do that since I go to both when it's appropriate....like I wouldn't go to one after we took a test, since those sessions would be cancelled because they wouldn't know what's going to be covered if we just took an exam....

      I thought it could've been for my Political Science class, but again, I didn't see how that could be it seeing as the material I was looking at on the screen was related to Biology in general).

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside now, and this area feels like an abstract of where I live because there's a black road in the middle, and it seems I'm sitting down on a brown bench with someone.

      The person is on the other side, not next to me. I didn't really pay attention to them that well, and can't remember how they looked like since I had my face down somewhere else.

      They were talking to me about some kind of offer, but I can't remember what. They obviously wanted me to stay a bit longer and think about it, but I'm still a bit on shifting towards rejecting it, even though I'm having feelings that I should accept it.

      I'm assuming it's something that's a big deal, especially if I'm still there worrying about accepting or denying, but I just don't know what the hell they're offering me!

      Then I decide to get up, and I cross the black road, and to my right, there's a light brown dumpster that's about 3-4 feet away from me. Behind it was a bicycle that looks like my own in waking life, and I think there's a black motorcycle next to it as well.

      Obviously, I go with the black motorcycle, and it looks pretty nice too. (I wonder if that could've been the motorcycle that Kaomea rides in her dream? Or maybe it was the same motorcycle I rode a while back in another dream where I was riding on a snake-y sidewalk that seemed to direct me in possibly finding Alyzarin? Then again, those dreams happened probably a month or two before this one...)

      As soon as I get on the vehicle, the Cowboy Bebop Ending music plays, and I'm surprised that I was passively listening to the music, even though there wasn't anything external in waking life that could've transcended to this dream.

      (I like the song, but how it played as soon as I got on the motorcycle kind of bothered me when I typed this dream out)....Obviously a song like that means something depressing was going on.
      Obama and Homeless Tents? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I see President Obama walking in snow, and it was snowing very hard. I don't think he's even wearing a jacket, just a white dress shirt, blue tie, and black pants most likely.

      He heads towards a green tent, and it seems there's some activity inside of it. He crouches down and goes in, and I believe for a half a second, I was Obama in first person view?

      Someone inside of the tent crawls out and shows Obama what's inside the tent.

      That's all I remember.

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    9. Party Upstairs, Just Freaking Die & Holding Ariel?, Exploring Dark Rooms

      by , 03-21-2012 at 04:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Party Upstairs, Just Freaking Die & Holding Ariel?, Exploring Dark Rooms (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Party Upstairs

      I'm getting ready to go to a party with a few relatives, one is busy using the bathroom, which gives me more time to get some clothes for the party.

      After a while, we get to the house hosting the party, and it's already starting on the bottom floor of the house. I head upstairs, which is something I would normally do at an adult party, since I don't really know anyone that well anyway.

      I believe I'm in the Master Bedroom now, and I see a Black lady that looks like "Joy" that I met a few times in waking life. She's just sitting on the edge of the bed, and I'm about to take my shirt off.

      Halfway from taking my shirt off, she's shocked and asks,

      "Tell me you're not going to take your clothes off??"

      I respond, "No, I just need to go to the bathroom."

      She declares, "How long will you be in there?"

      While she's saying this, I'm already halfway up the stairs to the top floor, and I respond,

      "Oh, I won't take long, Joy." She's smiling at me, and asks, "40 minutes?"

      I wanted to tell her again that I wouldn't take long, but I told her,


      (Now that I'm awake, I wonder if I was going to have sex with this woman after I was done using the bathroom if she's looking at me with a curious tone. It's like she was picking my brain in trying to know if I'm going to masturbate or something lol).

      I'm at the top floor, and I hear this weird buzzing sound, it sounds like an alarm. An alarm system just happens to be placed near the last few set of steps to get to the top floor.

      I go down a bit and look at it, and it seems there's a small fire going on, but the alarm is showing progress that it's already being taken care of, so I assume it's just someone cooking with too much steam anyway that triggered the alarm.

      Now that I'm on the top floor of the house, instead of going for the restroom, I went to sit near a table with a bench on both sides. Then I hear some people coming up the stairs, and I basically said to myself, "Oh great."

      It seems the party is now shifting towards upstairs, and there's two kids who sit next to me, and they resemble the twins I had to take care of while the adults partied. I was eating something that was really sweet.

      Inside of this pastry was like a small gel orb, and the children left of me are trying to take what I'm eating, I slap their hand lightly a bit to prevent them from stealing the pastries.

      One of them still manages to take a small part of the set of pastries, but I ignored them after awhile. I told them that I kept the small gel orbs because they contained Implings that I normally catch on Runescape (well occasionally before they ended up being a horrible money making method in the game).

      (Wait, really? You got to be kidding me...)

      Then I had a flashing clip of someone, probably my Runescape Character trying to catch Implings on Mos Le'Harmless, and I see that I'm having trouble catching Zombie Implings as well.

      (My Hunter is 99, and I catch Kingly Implings better than the Zombie Implings, and Kinglys are more difficult to catch! -______-)

      The quick clip stops, and then I finished eating the pastries on the plate. There were a lot of people upstairs, so I didn't bother to turn around to see a bunch of people near me. I guess I felt a bit awkward even though I already had a hunch of who would be there.

      Dream 2: Just Freaking Die And Holding Ariel?

      There are two guys sitting outside near the porch of a poorly managed house. They have a person between them sitting as well, but I think the person is dead.

      The dead person was wearing some type of dress shirt, and you could see that his heart was probably blown to bits since there's a huge red hole on his chest. The guys sitting to sides play it off, and an old man who looks like he's an undercover cop or something goes up to them.

      He's wearing a cowboy hat, and shades as well. He's probably wearing the country blue jeans with his dress shirt tucked in.

      He puts his finger on the blood around the man's chest, and licks it to see if it's fake blood or actual blood.

      I think he tells them, "This tastes like human blood." He tells them that they need to come with him, and I believe he's getting ready to arrest and handcuff them.

      While they're walking, I'm in spectator mode, and I can clearly see that both of them know they're in deep shit for doing something like that. I could just see the look on one of their faces as their eyes opened widely, and it looks like they wanted to kill the guy who was going to handcuff them.

      I see they're getting their handguns out, but they're walking around like a bunch of idiots, that the guy who is the undercover cop gets his gun out, and I think he even tells them, "Give me a second to put some ammo."

      (You're supposed to shoot the cop, not wait for him to shoot you, if you want to be a criminal, at least DO IT RIGHT).

      Then I find that I'm actually a partner with the undercover cop, and we're starting to shoot the two guys. All of a sudden, I'm shooting at two completely different people.

      As I'm shooting them, I clearly see that I'm shooting well, and I see the bullets creating bloody holes on their heads, but they're just not freaking dying!

      One is looking retarded as he's shooting at me, but I'm not really feeling any pain from the gunshots, so I'm assuming he just sucks at shooting, or maybe I'm just invincible. It was kind of funny see so many holes appear on the person's head, and they're stillll shooting at me.

      Then it gets even more random, I think Neji from Naruto Shippuden
      (Then again, I'm not really sure of the crap that goes on in my mind) try attack the person. (But whoever it was, they only appeared for 1-2 seconds at most)

      Then I see a variant of Ulrich's Triplicate move from Code Lyoko, but I'm not seeing Ulrich doing it at all, just some random DC showing up. Then they started to do the Triangulate move Ulrich does with his clones as well.

      (Triangulate is basically Ulrich using all three of his clones, along with his insane speed to confuse the opponent who is in the middle trying to pick which one is the real one).

      But there was really no point in doing the move, because there wasn't anyone there in the middle. After this randomness, I believe I'm on a bus now. I'm assuming the criminals are going to jail, but I don't see them anywhere.

      I'm sitting in the middle of a bus seat, and to my left, I think I'm holding a female with one arm, but I'm not sure who it is though. On my right side, it seems Ariel (the mermaid one) is close to me, and she's naked, with legs.

      My right arm is hugging her by her waist, and I think I advanced towards her lower region and start using my fingers to rub something. I honestly don't know what I'm doing, maybe I'm stimulating her clitoris, but I just know that my arms are being occupied by holding two women.

      I still have the mentality that the criminals are caught, so I asked the person in front, "Am I going to jail too?"

      I don't know why I asked that question if I was partners with the undercover cop, but they said no, and they added to that answer that they can't arrest people who are still in college because they have to pay their tuition still.

      A completely random reasoning to my question, but I guess it's better than nothing.

      So the reason I'm in the bus was probably just because the undercover cop was in it as well, so I guess I was there for added protection.

      While the bus is moving, I'm still rubbing Ariel's clitoris, or some part of her vagina with the other women to my left that seems to be sleeping.

      (Wait, shouldn't the criminals be dead if I shot their heads so much with bullets, that they can't see shit anymore? Oh well.)

      Dream 3: Exploring Dark Rooms

      I can't remember much about this dream, other than the fact that I'm basically exploring really dark areas in a random building. It seems I'm looking to find rooms of where certain people used to go to, and I think after that, I tagged along with someone or a group of people, but I don't know who exactly.

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    10. Sneaking Behind Truck, DBZ and Abandoned Area, Clothes Store, Female w/ Lara Croft Outfit

      by , 02-29-2012 at 04:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: Sneaking into back of a truck in Anime World

      Apparently I'm in the Anime Universe, and I have to get something within this truck that's a few feet away from me (maybe 20 feet).

      The problem is, Bulma
      (character from Dragonball Z) can see things through a camera, and she can also hear if anyone is trying to sneak into the back of the truck. However, I think she's just paying attention to the sound, and she's ignoring checking the camera unless she hears suspicious sounds of the truck's back door opening.

      How to heighten lucidity-bulma.gif

      The first time I went near the truck, it made huge creasing sounds, and I see a flashing clip of Bulma being alerted, and she's checking the computer quickly and it take her a while to scan the whole area. I thought I was safe because I was had my back to a wall.

      But she literally scans every part of this small area with some kind of floating device that has some kind of small circular red target light to shoot on the ground I believe
      (it's not a weapon, it just scans the area pretty damn fast), and I get caught. So the dream resets and this time, I am able to get into the truck door without making too much noise for Bulma to check.

      I think the reason why I had to go inside the backdoor of the truck was probably because there's this anime guy who asks me to do a favor for him I believe. He moves to a lot of schools apparently, probably because his parents are rich and do a lot of business traveling.

      I remember the guy having brown hair. He wore a tie with a white dress shirt with long sleeves, some casual pants, and a blue suit that is opened, and is worn over his white dress shirt with long sleeves. I think he begs me to do him a favor, until I finally give in.

      How to heighten lucidity-blue_suit_vss.jpg

      Dream 2: DBZ and Abandoned Area

      I'm not sure if the next recall is a separate dream or not, but it seemed related to the dream above. As soon as I enter the back of the truck, I completely forget what happens, all I know is that I'm being shifted into this area that seems abandoned.

      It's fairly dark, with some light shining from small holes from the top of the abandoned building I'm inside of. I believe there were white Greek-type columns, and some of them were degraded, and a few pieces were on the floor.

      I'm just blindly looking around this place non-lucidly, and I find that some areas, random images or small clips would occur in my head. In one room, I believe I heard something about Broly from DBZ and how Goku was the one to defeat him.

      I heard a few more apparent DBZ references until I go into another room where there's this small Black child playing a video game. I think it looks like DBZ at first, but it ends up being a random game.

      I think he offers me to play with him, and he gives me an extra controller, and it looks a lot like the Gamecube one. I take it, and I'm asking him how am I suppose to play the game with him.

      He mentions that the game allows for Co-op type of game play, and without even knowing if I plugged in the controller into the game console that I wasn't even paying attention to, I take the role of playing some purple like being.

      This being was weird, it was fairly tall and skinny, and I believe it had wings as well. Since this was a dark area, and the game screen itself looked like I was playing in a level that was dark as well, it probably might have been a vampire?
      (but enough assumptions about the purple being I'm playing as).

      This same being I'm controlling in the game, it had a fairly high jump height, especially without a double jump. Me and the other guy were jumping higher and higher to other ledges.

      I can't remember much of what went on in that dream.

      Dream 3: Outrageous Prices in Clothes Store

      I'm inside this clothes store, and there's this DC that looks familiar to me, her face looks a lot like Erica that I have for Biology 112.

      The prices of these clothes and other accessories are crazy! I looked at the price tags, most of the tag's colors were golden, and the prices for a simple dress shirt was $990! But then I looked closely, and saw that there was a clearance price of it only being $109 or so, even so, it was still expensive for me.

      How to heighten lucidity-3a11b6691bb09c2b70b6333fb4c3-grande.jpg

      I think Erica goes to search for a purse, and the price for it is probably around $400 bucks I believe. I think she goes to the cash register for more information on it, and the person makes some kind of snide remark to her that I can't remember.

      Then another girl comes in, and she looks familiar too, she looks a lot like Kathleen that I knew in High School. She's was wearing a white shirt, probably with little dots or images on it and your typical jeans.

      She and Erica I believe ask me to enter some information about what place I'm renting, because they need valid proof that someone has a place to live for some odd reason.

      I'm a little concerned that they would need my apartment location, but I write it down somewhere, and while I'm doing so, I see flashes of alligators coming up from the water.

      Then I clicked something, but I forgot what.

      Dream 4: Female with Lara Croft Outfit

      I'm sitting near the corner inside of a room with a dark blue carpet flooring. Imagine looking at this screen and seeing everything around you while you have your arms folded over you legs.

      The person who is sitting to the right of me, I can't make a clear image on her facial features, but I believe she's wearing an outfit that resembles Lara Croft's in Tomb Raider.

      How to heighten lucidity-7in-lara-croft.jpg

      I believe she looked a little bit like Rogue from X-men Evolution, but I'm not too sure on that,
      (my mind keeps giving me an image of a red-headed lady when I was typing this).

      The dream has a Resident Evil vibe to it, as if we're hiding from something. Also, this same female in front of me has gun I believe, she looks sad, and I'm see her face in profile view.

      That's all I remember.

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    11. DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father & Test, Rain & Building...

      by , 02-22-2012 at 03:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father, Rain & Building (Non-lucid)


      I forgot what time I woke up, but it was probably around 3-4 AM. I tried to do a WBTB, and I basically was trying to induce a WILD, but I thought I was failing because I just stayed still trying to create a dream environment. But I started to have a lot of dreams after I dozed off, but no lucids.

      Dream 1:
      Dream Views Members All Meet in Real Life

      I'm not too sure on this dream, but I see several people that look that they would be members of DV in real life. Maybe Kaomea and Alyzarin were there, but there were so many of them in a line for me to check. We were all at some barren grassland, and we were looking at something.

      Dream 2: Meeting Opheliablue?

      I was sitting down somewhere, and I think Opheliablue is sitting to the right of me. I have my Zune HD with me apparently, and she takes the Zune to see what's in it (oh god, don't look at the videos!). I asked her if she knew how to use, and I think before I gave her or had my Zune taken for her to use, I was moving my thumb in a circle around the Zune HD, and I could feel some kind of surface that caught the grip of my thumb for a little while.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-500x_img_9386_01.jpg

      It felt kind of grainy in the middle when I circled it for a while.
      She already knows how to use the Zune, and she was looking at a video and then put the Zune to rest somewhere while she was listening to it.

      I just chill sitting next to her, and I'm hoping she doesn't see the other videos :x

      Dream 3: Seeing Redhead female on laptop

      Not to sure on the rest of the details of this dream, but I'm in some kind of secret base or laboratory or something. It's like being inside of a spaceship even, like Metroid Prime type of spaceship interior design.

      I see this redhead female in a gray skin tight latex suit. She looked familiar to me, I thought she was a DV member similar to Dead, but it was more of me glancing at her for a few seconds, and her face was turned to the side looking at some laptop.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-10891726-slinky-long-sleeves-latex-catsuit.jpg

      She was doing some weird poses on the chair and looking at the computer. I think she even has a black gun in her hand, it looked like it had a silencer attached as well, but I'm not sure, I just know she was holding something since her hands were formed weird like they were holding something.

      Dream 4: Nina & Spammers in IRC chat

      I log on to IRC, Nina says hi to me, I respond back, but there's so many bloody spammers on the IRC for her to scroll up and see who pinged her. They're posting so much random crap and some of them do some weird syncing with pictures with words on them.

      I couldn't interpret what they said, but they were just going crazy with the spamming. I think one user linked a DV thread where some user went on some server
      (probably the fake one during the time this entry was written) and changed their name to Nipples.

      I was surprised Nina didn't kick the spammers, but oh well.

      Dream 5: Walking with Father and Random Stuff

      I'm walking with my father at night, and there's a white microwave half buried in grass, and he turns around to see if it's good enough, but he doesn't actually go to it. I keep moving forward with him. Then I think the dream shifts to where I'm in a car with him.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-m_mt4155spq.jpg

      He said something about how we had to take some test, but I didn't take it too seriously, I just said something about that I already know what to do for this test. I think it was just memorizing the Constitution and probably the Bill of Rights
      (which is funny since I have a Political Science Exam this Friday).

      Dream 6: Walking in the Rain and Going into a Building

      It's raining, and the dream is vivid, and I think I'm in College Station, (which is probably why I probably didn't feel like RCing since I am in College Station right now) and I'm walking down the street, probably near the hill going up to Northgate. I meet at an intersection, wait for a lady in a car to pass.

      She looks at me for a while, probably to signal that I can go ahead and walk, but I just stand there and she just makes that awkward "Oh" face and drives off. I think it was a silver or white car she was driving. Then I cross the small street, and then turn left.

      I go into some building and see two DCs. I can't remember what they wore or their visages, I just go up the stairs with them. I think one DC asked the one who was going up first what he's in the building for, and I think he said something about College Architecture or Structure.

      I think he trips on stairs, and I think the DC asking him laughs a little bit, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.

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    12. Wolf Link & Midna, Owen Wilson, Redhead Slut, Apt, Counterattack, Running..

      by , 02-04-2012 at 04:07 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Spoiler for Just a little insight for myself...:

      Dream 1: Wolf Link & Midna vs. Floor Master

      I was playing a videogame, and I'm controlling Wolf Link and Midna is riding him on top, just like in Twilight Princess. They were in this greenish cave area, kind of like the one near Lake Hylia in Twilight Princess.


      Apparently the area that they were already in, water was at a high level, so the water level decreased for a short period of time, and they had to take that chance before it rose up again to get somewhere.

      Wolf Link and Midna had to face a Floor Master, like the one from Windwaker, and it looked fatter than the original one.

      I found it ironic that Wolf Link is facing this monster because Midna's hair can form into different shapes, and it formed into a Bigger Hand than the Floor Master's when they get closer to grab it and pull it out of the small hole it came out from.

      Once they killed the Floor Master, they went inside the hole to go somewhere.

      Dream 2: Owen Wilson Bouncing Quarters & Dream Fragment of Hot Hispanic Chick

      Owen Wilson was apparently the son of another older man in the room who was considered to be the President of something. I assumed that because there were a long line of photographs hanging up on the wall, and the wall was red.

      The father was talking about something with a few DCs, I think one looked like an FBI agent. While his father is talking to the two random DCs, Owen Wilson is at the corner somewhere acting stupid.

      I immediately assumed that this guy was playing the role as the dumb son who had a father who was smart and went to Harvard, so this meant Owen Wilson would have to go to Harvard to, but he was really stupid in this dream because the things he did.

      In the corner he was at, he took out some quarters and started bouncing them on their edges by flicking then on the small table at the corner.
      (Kind of like how you play "Quarters" in beer drinking games)

      It felt like I was watching a movie, and I just had the urge to just scream at Wilson because I knew he was going to screw up something or break a vase inside of this room.

      He keeps flicking quarters on the table in front of him, and some quarters land on top of his head, and he didn't even bother to get them. The moment I saw his delayed reactions to the Quarters, I thought this DC was an incompetent.

      Then his father gets in on the action when Owen starts flicking Quarters on the other table near his father. They kept going back and forth with precision bouncing the quarters.

      I remember two important letters from this dream, "M" and "O." Apparently "M" was something related to the first letter of the names of the people person the father of Owen Wilson, and the "O" was first letter of the names of females. I swore I saw a name that was labeled Ophelia in one of the photos.

      I don't know if this part that I remember was related to the dream, probably a fragment, but I see this hot Hispanic chick near the group with the father and two random DCs. I completely forget about Owen Wilson being stupid, and just started to gaze at the Hispanic chick.

      I think she was wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. And her hair was black, and it had some shine to it, so I assumed that she used hair gel or something. She was standing awkwardly, she had the face that a girl
      (or any gender for that matter) expresses when she finds someone attractive, and can barely form a sentence.

      She looked like she was stuttering, and she was looking down on something.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 3: Seeing Redhead Female in Slutty attire

      I'm inside this random room, and it's dark inside, but there's this window in front of me, and outside seemed like it was day time, but the setting looked as if there was going to be rain. Dark gray clouds everywhere, and I believe there was wind blowing rapidly as well.


      I go to the window that's half opened, and I see a Red-headed Caucasian female hanging around with two black males. The guys were pretty young, and the female looked like one of those ditzy girls.

      She looked like a slut, she has a black crop top that was obviously way too tight for her, and it only covered her breasts, which meant her stomach was exposed (she was fit and firm though), and she was wearing a black or blue skirt, but it was so short that it looked like she was just wearing a piece of thin cloth near her bottom region.


      (I could see why there were two males with her, they had a completely oblivious and hot slut, lucky them).

      All three of them were standing in the middle of of the two roads. When I look above that, the rest of the area was grassy. I put my attention back to the red head, and she was asking them questions.

      The two black males wanted the Redhead to move a little further away from them, and I see one had a Camera in his hands, so I assume they wanted to take a picture of her.

      She asked them in that "Like Oh Mah Gawd, No Waaaay" tone if where she stood if okay. Then I started to see maybe 2-3 more DCs in slutty attire as well.

      They were wearing short shorts and black shirts that only covered their breasts like the Red head female, and they were black females.

      Then the whole situation looked like they were advertising that they were doing a Car wash
      (when I was recalling this, it had to be for that), since the only way females would look like sluts in the middle of the road (they were standing on the long plot of grass that split two roads as well) was to entice males to get their car washed.

      One of the black female DCs told the other girls that they had to stay still and wait for something I couldn't remember.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 4: Apartment & Future Console Boxes and PC

      I think I'm in my apartment again, I'm pouring out some Orange Juice, and I fill it half-way, but I filled it again some more. Then I drank it with some Vitamins. It was a Men's One-A-Day pill and like two Omega Fish Oil pills I drank.

      Then I realize there were two DCs behind me that looked like my parents, and we were heading out somewhere.

      I transition to a different dream environment, and it looked just like the area near the Sbisa Dining Hall within my University. I completely forget about my parents following me at this point, so I just assumed they vanished, but I didn't really care.

      I saw that there were boxes of Future Consoles for Playstation 4, Xbox 720, and for Nintendo as well. For the one relate to Nintendo, it looked like it only said "Nintendo Revolution" for the console name.

      (I thought that was one of the first names Nintendo was choosing before they picked the Wii...oh well)

      I see people going down stairs with the boxes of these Future Consoles near the seats outside the Underground Food Court that's linked with the Sbisa Dining hall.

      Then I turn to my left and I see some person with some Alienware PC that that could go up to 90+ Ghz. It took a while to load, and I thought it could only got to 3.4 Ghz, but it rose rapidly in a few seconds.

      The person was playing Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PC, and they were using a controller that looked like some rip-off of the Black Wii Remote. They were aiming the gun with it, and doing random things inside of the game.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 5: Counterattack

      This dream was so random, some DC I was probably playing as and a group of DCs where rushing to go somewhere. A random DC wanted a "Counterattack" move given to them or something, and I had some weird looking paper with certain moves on it, and took out the "Counterattack" through some small crease.

      Then when the random DC was done, I think I asked for it to give me back the "Counterattack" slip of paper, and I get it back and slide it back into whatever I was holding.

      Dream 6: Running from Alien

      I can't recall a lot from this dream, but I was in a room, and things were getting pretty tense. I was behind a sofa, trying to run from a weird looking alien monster. I can't remember it's figure because as I was typing, I had two altering images going back and forth every few seconds trying to remember it.

      But it was waiting for me to make the next move. I could see on my left with peripheral vision that there was a door. So I wait until the alien got distracted somehow, jumped out of the back of the couch, and quickly opened the door.

      Then there's another door in front of me to open, so I quickly open the door, and turn my back as it closes and see the alien was THIS close from getting me.

      I woke up after that.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Walking to Apt, In Class & Leaving, Seeing Uncle & Cousins, Starbucks look-a-like, Going to lunch...

      by , 01-31-2012 at 02:54 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I took an afternoon nap, I wanted to just sleep for an hour starting at around 1:40-2 PM, woke up to the alarm that I set for 3 PM I believe, but then I slept again and woke up at around 5PM.

      Spoiler for Insight on what I did before sleeping...:

      KAOMEA, thanks for suggesting that I do focus on other dream senses (even though I knew about it for a while now, you just convinced me to go back to it again ).

      Dream 1: Walking up to Random Apartment

      This is probably just a dream fragment but, I remember walking upstairs somewhere to go to a room. I remember a bowl of crackers with peanut butter in them stacked around some area of this apartment.

      I can't remember much for that one.

      Dream 2: Leaving Class

      The dream starts out from me being in class, and the teacher was giving instructions on how to play this game. Apparently it was suppose to be a simulation on surviving some kind of attack, and we were all given individual statistics on a card lined up with a specific trait (like how much you were likely to survive something or doing something).

      It was basically like a role playing game where you could upgrade, but in real life. He was explaining the different parts, and I saw that a number that I remembered the most was "16". The person to the right of me had the number "25."

      I was a little concerned because I found that other people had values higher than mine, but I didn't say anything but worry a little bit.

      Then the teacher was done explaining and saying that he'll see us all tomorrow. But overall, the day felt like a Friday, so I wanted to tell him that, but I kept quiet.

      The whole class was quiet too, and then the teacher caught himself and apologized and then said that he'll see us on Monday. Then as I head out, I see a DC that looks exactly like my Uncle.

      He was wearing a striped dress shirt with short sleeves that was blue overall with different shades of blue. It seemed he had his hair trimmed a little bit.

      I look at him and he looks at me, and he's smiling at me. I go up to him to shake hands with him and he's like "Hey, man!" with a positive tone. After we talked for a few more seconds, he had to go to the bathroom. He didn't tell me, but he had to leave and I turned back to see where he was going.

      I keep going, and the place I'm in has brown brick walls to it, and brown tiled floors too. There was a few bright yellow-ish lighting in the area.

      I go further and further from the initial point in the dream and find that my cousins came out of one of those small areas you see in Supermarkets that would have a Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.

      I go up to them, and they recognized me. There are 3 of them. I shook hands with two of the guys, and hugged the female. I don't remember what I asked them, but I hanged around with them a little bit before leaving them as well.

      Dream 3: Starbucks look-a-like Store

      Now I'm outside, and I go to this area that seems to be selling deserts and other sugary things. It seemed to be like a Starbucks-look-a-like, but from what I remember, the place had small shades of red to it.

      It was like being in a Circus almost, with the striped and slanted coverings in case it rained. There were several sections of this large place outside. It had sections for deserts and other things.

      There were places to sit as well. There were stools with tables, or just tables with chairs to them. I believe the chairs, stools, and tables had different shades of red to them, and even some pink to them as well.

      controling Ki in dreams-600-02935769w.jpg

      I see a Black female DC who was pretty young, she looked a lot like the girl from "Everybody Hates Chris." For some odd reason, I assumed that she was a relative of mine.

      controling Ki in dreams-imani_hakim_everybody_hates_chris.jpg

      I greeted her I think and she does the same, and I asked her what I wanted from the Menu that I could barely read. I also asked if I could have a Vanilla Milkshake, and she said "Of course! Of course we have that!" with a happy tone.

      Then I see a used Vanilla Milkshake on another table, and I see the Starbucks logo on it, and the small details of it like the small linings on the back for the employees to write down what the order was.

      It was quarter-filled with Vanilla Milkshake (or Vanilla Bean Frappuccino for you addicts).

      Then the same girl gives me a phone that seems to be some new slim version of a Blackberry. It was really slim and thin. It had a rotating scroll that was flat (like a small disk placed on top of the phone that you could move around with your thumb in a circular motion).

      controling Ki in dreams-medium_eng_art02.jpg

      At first I thought this was a toy, but apparently the place gives free phones. So I'm playing around with this phone a little, looking at the small features it presented (it was a new phone that was in a small plastic package).

      Then the girl was sitting down with me for a little while before going up to tell the others what my order was. She was telling me that I could give her something better. She said she was selling an XBOX for $99.

      I took some time to bask in that price, and then to make sure, I asked her "For an XBOX 360?" She says yes, and then I started to think about it.

      Then to the right of me, I swore I sensed another DC at another table was trying to listen at our conversation, but I didn't want to look back, I just had the DC with my peripheral vision while talking to the girl.

      Then I believe I wanted order more stuff from the Menu, and I said that it won't be a problem since I could afford it. I was looking at my wallet, and it resembled the one I have in waking life. There was some money in it, but I didn't pull it out completely to to see if I had a certain amount of dollars.

      Then I told her that for the XBOX 360 price, I said I'll think about it I believe, and she leaves to probably go finalize the order for whatever I ordered.

      Then when she's gone, for some odd reason, I'm pissed that she's telling me that she's selling an XBOX 360, I was complaining how that's the price range everyone gives (even though I haven't seen an XBOX 360 that would be in good condition for that much however).

      I can't remember anything else from that dream. I probably was just waiting at the table for my food order to come in.

      Dream 4: In Class or Seminar and Going To Lunch

      Before I start talking about what I experienced in this dream, I just want to mention that I had the opportunity to get lucid because I was walking to lunch long enough to where I'm wondering where I am to do an RC. But this was another vivid dream that I took for reality.

      I'm sitting in class, the seats we were sitting in were just fold-able seats without mini desk to rest your hands on. All of the chairs were white, and I was sitting at the front row at the top right corner. The carpet was dark blue with small bits of other colors that didn't dominate the overall color though.

      There where white boards on walls almost on every side. (The boards that you can use markers on and wipe with an eraser, and they had the small extension on the bottom to put the markers or erasers on for later use).

      A lecturer, who I believe was female was talking about something I didn't remember too much on. She was fairly dark-skinned, but I didn't pay too much to her facial features, I was just listening to her.

      After she was done talking, she asked a question on who wants to get an extra +16 points if they wore some pink coat or shirt if they were in Nursing or something
      (If you remember from the second dream above this one, I had the number "16" on a card, but now a DC is saying the word sixteen this time).

      Then I realized I raised my hand for the wrong reasons, I'm not pursuing Nursing nor am I interested in it. But I didn't freaking care, I just raise it until she picks me. The classroom of DCs started to go "Awwwwwwwwwww" in a sad tone.

      I then realized that the classroom mostly consisted of females. If I had paid attention to the females around me instead of using peripheral vision, some would've been familiar DCs of people I knew and saw in High School.

      Then I wore the Pink Jacket and everyone left class (there wasn't a bell ringing, so I assumed this was College, but it had mixes of High School elements to it).

      Everything now is in Third-Person Perspective. I'm seeing the back of myself walking with my upper body slightly slanted, as if I was walking like a caveman for a while, but I think I straightened myself up quickly.

      I'm on the top floor of the building that I'm in. I guess my intention was to go to lunch now. So I keep moving forward to get to the double doors (the ones you push the small and horizontal bar to open the door).

      Then I go down the stairs a little bit, and I stopped a little bit to look around the place. I hold on to the railing of the stairs, and I look down to see that the stairs were structured like they were going to rotate until you reached the bottom floor.

      controling Ki in dreams-7295579_a392eddc3b_m.jpg
      This meant that there was a gap in between when you started turning (you know how you can see the other set of stairs by glancing from above? It was like that).

      (It's hard to see in that picture, but you can see there's a big gap between the swirling stairs where you can look down at the bottom floor)

      The gap was big enough for me to jump down to save more time instead of walking all the way down these sets of stairs
      (but in reality, you wouldn't want to jump that far down because of obvious reasons). I reached the bottom floor in a few seconds, and then I hear two DCs talking to each other as they're going down the stairs.

      They were in the Corp Cadet attire that people wore at my University (only if you were in the Corp). One was a black DC who was in my Biochemistry Introductory course my first semester in college.

      He was with his friend who had Corp attire as well, I just assume it was his friend, I didn't pay attention because I was busy jumping through the the gap to get to the bottom floor. The guy was trying to sing a song along with his friend, but it felt like they couldn't get the lyrics right.

      So they ended up laughing and stopped singing the song. I'm at the bottom floor, and the flooring was white with very tiny spots of black to it. It resembled the area at Mayde Creek High School that was near the cafeteria.

      Then I realize I'm wearing a Yellow Jacket now instead of the Pink one that was given to me for free, and I was also wearing a dark Violet shirt. I thought to myself that I was wearing complimentary colors for like a split second and just kept walking.

      I go to the Cafeteria of this random environment mixing in several elements of High School and other places. I picked the shortest line. The place was structured to where there were holders attached where you could slide your trays and wait for the Cafeteria people give you what you wanted.

      I peeked over at the selections they had, and looked at other lines that were waiting for other food. I saw more appealing food on the other side, but the line was too long for me, so I bared with what was given to me at the line.

      As I'm busy sliding my tray, I see green Onions that weren't chopped completely, in fact, it looked as if they just came out of the plastic package and was lined up. By the time I get there, there was like 1-3 sticks of Green Onions.

      The food that was served to me, I only remembered it looking like potato and other types of meat, but as I went further in the tray line, the food and place started to get smaller and smaller to where I was just holding a really small and thin bowl of what looked like soup instead of Provisions and other types of food.

      As I'm trying to balance this small bowl in my hand, I had to grab several white napkins along the way to the cash register so I wouldn't lose too much of my food. I kept doing this for a while until I finally found a line to place my food on to slide while I wait for my turn to pay.

      Then realized that I had to give a school lunch pin
      (In the schools that I was in, you had a Student ID that would also give you a lunch pin # if you signed up for something that would give you cheaper lunch prices, and you would get the same thing everyone else had to pay a higher price for).

      I'm now speculating on what the hell my School lunch pin would be. Then it's my turn to pay, and I get my wallet out instead of entering a pin. The debit card (at least I thought it was a debit card) was Maroon, like the main color of Texas A&M University at College Station.

      The cash register accepts it and she starts calling some number, probably to verify something. Then she started to take too long waiting for the call, I got impatient and told her that I can just pay her with cash instead.

      I get my wallet out again to get some cash, I believe I was going to give her $10 so that she can give me some change back.

      Then as I turn my head back to her to give her the money, she turns around and starts trying to break the debit card into pieces!

      I'm telling her to don't do that, and I wave my hands around a bit panicking and telling her to stop. The freaking woman tears it in half.

      Then I realize I'm sitting down at some random lunch seat with some random people.

      Imagine you're pissed off at the same lady breaking the credit card with just her index finger and thumb, and you're pissed, but you suddenly find yourself transitioned in a section of the cafeteria while still carrying on the emotions of rage. It was like that.

      I started screaming and cursing at the woman. I told her that I was almost going to pay her her money for some meal that was shit anyway. The meal was gone, so I was even more pissed off.

      I think everyone in the Cafeteria was looking at me because I was so pissed. Then things turned random. It was like everyone was trying to cheer me up.

      I see an older female DC that looked like the AP English teacher I had in waking life before being switched to the other AP English teacher
      (there was an overload of students in her class, so I was just one of the students switched to the other one that had blonde hair).

      Anyway, she comes up to me. She's the type of teacher to just look at you as if she has something mean to say to you. I'm afraid to mention her name, but let's just call her Runyon. Runyon gets closer to me and then she starts asking what's wrong.

      Then the whole setting feels like I'm in Willy Wonka's positive energy in a Cafeteria. I was still pissed off at the the lady tearing up my debit card. I was sitting next to a girl to the left of me that was another person I knew in waking life.

      Let's call her Stephanie
      (she has a fairly curvy structure and is pretty tall in waking life, but in a good way. She has her body in the places that would make any guy gaze at her....and her lips are big and juicy too...sorry just adding that so I know which Stephanie was with me in the dream since there was another Stephanie in my older DJ that was much skinner with big lips too; both are Hispanic).

      Anyway, Runyon tries to cheer me up, and everyone is trying to sing a song that will make me laugh, but I still keep a stoic face trying not to laugh. There were moments where I was almost going to smile, but I suppressed the urge.

      Then as I pay attention to the DCs around me at the lunch tables, I see a Blonde that was standing up who wore a fancy black corporate dress (even though DCs were blocking her lower features, I just had a hunch she was wearing a short dress).

      She smiles at me, I look at her for a little while, I see that she's wearing lip gloss that just makes her lips really shiny. People started to think I was smiling, but I still had a stoic facade and they were like "awwww" in a sad tone.

      Then the whole Cafeteria started to sing another song. Apparently it was "Peddy Punnit" or something like that, not to sure.

      I don't remember the lyrics of this random song but the beat went like:
      (The "BLAH"s are just replacing the actual words that I can't remember).


      Eventually I started to give in and smiled and was laughing again. However, I fell down under the table before anyone caught me smiling.

      I can't remember anything else, even though that was probably the longest recall I had for a dream for a while now...

      I wake up and started to take in a really deep breath and quickly looked over to the right of my alarm clock.
      Spoiler for More Insight on what I did when I woke up....:


      Especially when you focus on Dream Character's expressions, you can analyze the overall atmosphere of the environments, and extend on the experiences.

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    14. Playing Halo looking game and Batman comes out of nowhere, Opening Cooked Quail Meat........

      by , 01-21-2012 at 02:11 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I took a pretty long nap. (I should probably go back to sleep, but it's like around 6:00 PM, and that's too early, especially with Saturday coming up.

      I forgot to set an alarm to wake me up, but I slept maybe for a good 6-7 hours since my classes were over at 11:00 AM, so I went to the Vietnamese Restaurant to get some Sweet and Sour Chicken and slept after (still have to get a steady sleep schedule).

      Dream 1:

      I was playing a game that looked like Halo 1 or Halo 2. It had the Wraiths, Banshees, and all the other warships, and the DCs were either wearing Blue or Red Master Chief Outfits.

      Some DCs had their helmets off, and I was on one of the flying machines practicing the different gun and missile settings. I think I was playing on the laptop because I remembered maybe the buttons on the lower left side of the keyboard (I didn't pay attention letters) had different results.

      One option was a missile launcher for the mini-space ship I was on, the second was a somewhat semi-automatic gun option, and the last was this really fast shooting machine gun that looked pretty deadly.

      Almost all of the shots came out like a red laser, except for the missile, it was more of a dark blue and black coating around it.

      After I'm shooting and helping my teammates kill the enemy DCs (I believe they were the Blue Team), I see Batman in the comic form come out of no where and he tried to come after to me!

      I start shooting missiles at this guy and he is one durable person. I then switch to the machine gun mode to see if that would kill him quick (it did for the other DCs I helped killed), but it didn't work.

      I think it's even safe to assume that he didn't feel any damage whatsoever, I couldn't register any signs of pain from his face at all, he just looked at me with his mask on and his mouse was someone neutral, but had moments of rage as I'm dodging him while shooting him.

      I started to use the missiles again (by this time, I'm basically inside the game, and I had moments where I was inside the game for most of the time instead of pressing buttons on the keyboard).

      Then some female DC, I couldn't get an accurate description of her, before I could make one last missile shot at this batman looking person, something told me not to (I mean, if he's not going to die from the constant missile blasts, something is up).

      Batman went from this guy who is ready to leap at me with an angry face to a man with an almost childish look on his eyes when the female DC grabbed him by his hands and put them behind his back and arrested him I believe, or tied his hands, but I know he started pouting a little pit too.

      To be honest, the lady looked like Black cat, but I won't try to believe it completely, I took short glances at this lady.

      And then Batman suddenly transforms into another DC.

      It was this muscular man with a green vest and military pants with the military boots as well. He had dark blonde hair, Caucasian (his face was showing, so his skin was apricot-ish) and he even looked like the one from Street Fighter (but I didn't pay much attention to his face other than noticing his eyes were white (like how you see Batman with white eyes for his mask in cartoons).

      He looked like he wanted to cry even, it was like seeing a mature and established man with this almost stoic demeanor being ripped of his abilities to do anything at the time he was hand-cuffed or tied by the female DC.

      I believe I'm in spectator mode now, and the lady was carrying the guy near the top of the stairs leading to some area flowing with water. It was those areas that had concrete to walk on and on the side was green-ish looking water, and I believe there were those huge pipes were closed off by a barrier that led to the sewage.

      If you wanna hear my music (horrorcore/experimental stuff)-33.jpg

      The guy she caught eventually breaks free, runs a little but and jumps towards the wall. He suddenly goes through it like he's a ghost or something, and he was panicking while he was doing it (probably crying some more).

      I believe the female DC was a little sad that he left. Then a male DC is right next to her I think. I can't remember his face, but he was singing a song to mock her. It was those nursery rhymes you would hear.

      He went something like this "[Female DCs name] and [captured DC's who escaped name] sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...."

      Then the lady looked like Rogue from X-men, the classic one with the short to medium hair. I'm not too sure, but it may have been her.

      Then as I'm spectating, the whole scenario kind of zooms out slowly with the two of them standing there and probably talking some more.

      (When I woke up to memorize the key events in the dream, while I was trying to remember other dreams, I could've sworn I said "Magenta" or something, but I won't take it too seriously. It was most likely just a random word that came in my head).

      Dream 2:

      I'm not too sure about the things happening in this dream, but I think I was sitting down looking at meat that looked like cooked quails or something like that. They were really brown and it had the texture like buffalo wings (with that little webby fatness to them).

      If you wanna hear my music (horrorcore/experimental stuff)-test-kitchen-quail-300x225.jpg

      I was going to hold the legs on the side to open the meat a little more, and I think some DC was saying something to "watch out" when I do so.

      Now that i think about it, this dream was probably associated to what I ate before I slept, like I said above before typing Dream 1. =P

      I'm not going to go into more detail on the dream because it may be just random flashes of images and thoughts before I woke up.
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    15. In a Multiplayer First Person Shooter and Meeting Ginger Lady/Redhead who sucks out my air...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 11:53 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      In Multiplayer First Person Shooter and Meeting Ginger Lady/Redhead


      Afternoon nap (~2:12 PM- 4:30 PM) I was doing another test run of IamCoder's FIELD method.

      Dream 1:

      I was in some kind of video game type field. Everything was first-person perspective, and I felt like I was playing it rather than being in it because I had some trouble aiming with the arrow keys. The environment was dark, but it had some lighted floors with mostly an assortment of just cool colors (blue, purple, green, etc)

      (I remember I had to aim with the arrow keys for MGS2 on the PC)

      At first, I sucked and died a lot because other DCs started to kill the character I was playing, but eventually I got the hang of it and just started to do what you call a "Spray and Pray" (you literally spam the shit out of your weapon and pray you hit someone within any radius of you).

      The gun I had was pretty bulky and had no form, but it was probably because of my vision in the dream. It was smooth, and when I was aiming, there was a red dot to help with precision, so I was more focused getting the red dot on an enemy and start to spam shoot the weapon.

      Messy Dream Journal?-metalgearsolid2substanc.jpg
      (Aiming down was kind of like the picture above, with the red dot sight, except the enemies weren't like the guards there.

      Then I think DCs just started to use their hands instead of actual weapons. I go up some ramp, and I don't know much of what I did, but I do know that when I got up there, there was this lady on the floor.

      I'm puzzled because she looks like she's going to pass out, and she's actually on my team because some DCs were like "Come on...Come one!" or something like that.

      I bend my knees to where they land near the sides of her stomach, got closer and braced my body on her chest, looked deeply in her eyes as she looks at me as if she needs air or something.

      I think DCs were covering the both of us, and the lady had ginger hair (redhead if you will, but not actual red hair, just the term). She was fairly old (I'd said mid 30s to late 30s), I swore she looked like Tiffany Mynx, except she just had lighter hair than her, more of an orange to her.

      Messy Dream Journal?-l.jpg

      I put my lips on her, and she literally sucks out all the air inside of me that I had before I could exhale! She comes back feeling good again, and we were doing some random things I can't remember, probably shooting down enemies. But I did feel a little queasy in the dream after she sucked a bit of my air out. It kind of felt good, but it was weird at the same time. It was just weird/kinky.

      I wake up because I was a bit freaked out by her sucking out the air of me, I don't think it was anything external I wasn't aware of in waking life, it really felt like she sucked a portion of my air to get some energy back.

      Everything was kind of blurry, so I don't want to be too sure of myself.

      I said to myself before I slept that I would meet the lady in red in the dream before this one. But I guess seeing the look-a-like was because I was watching a XXX video of Tiffany before hand :X

      College life.........xD

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