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    1. The Train-Like Restaurant & Fabricated Memories | Eating Tacos with Shane West & Asian Lady

      by , 01-08-2016 at 04:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Train-Like Restaurant & Fabricated Memories (DILD)


      So, Iím going inside a restaurant with a female relative, and the environment itself is akin to a Dennyís. The flooring consists of a bland, dark green carpet with some blotches in it, and the walls are dark brown, with no attempts at hiding the creases of the planks utilized to sustain the composition.

      The lighting is surprisingly bright, and most of the area seems to be dark, and I noticed the light seems to conform to wherever our current proximity is. Iím not sure what Iím wearing, but Iím getting flashes that Iím probably wearing a sky blue dress shirt with some black dress pants, and brown shoes; maybe even a Khaki/vanilla colored dress shirt with similar colored dress pants as well.

      So, as weíre going inside, thereís a Hispanic waitress that asks us how many people, and I recall putting my hands up for ďtwo,Ē but noticed it was putting up for 3, but the waitress inferred that it was for two instead. I quickly put my right hand down, and tried to shrug off the awkward situation. The waitress is wearing a black shirt, pants, and an apron as well. She looks like sheís in her mid-40s, a bundled up hairstyle-like a ponytail thatís scattered about at the ends, and has some makeup that makes her visage a little bulkier, but not in terms of fat. There was something attractive about it, but I canít fathom precisely why.

      She has the menu on her left hand, and itís a vanilla sheet of paper thatís protected by a laminate with some brown leather borders. Sheís waving it left and right, and a few nuances of going forward and backward all while making sure it doesnít touch her thighs. She was quite an elaborate way of walking with swaying her hips side to side, and Iím tempted to look at her rear because sheís moving like a pendulum.

      She turns her head to the side, and I feel she noticed, and she quickly turned back to the front to continue guiding us where to go. Just when she thought she would find a table for us, I glanced over to my right of a Non-Smoking section stated for verbatim.

      As sheís preparing to make a complete 180 to eventually ask us if this table will be alright, I asked her if we can go into the non-smoking section. Before I bother listening to her retort, I noticed the table we wouldíve sat around had some random dream characters that were already preparing themselves to eat, which was really awkward for the waitress to suggest.

      She eventually guides us through the non-smoking area, and this environment is starting to feel like some grandiose train with several layers going laterally for some reason due to the how every time we go through a door, itís like going through the trainís door and mini-hallways before going to the next section. There was this old school vibe behind the train, but it was fairly maintained in appearance.

      We eventually reach to the other end, and noticed that thereís some tables perpendicularly placed in front of us. Theyíre covered by white sheets, and the base and legs consist of a caramel brown color with a subtle nuance of yellow to it. Thereís some people sitting to the right in front of us, and one that comes to mind is a certain co-worker of mine, but Iím not interested in going into detail on that.

      So, weíre sitting down, and we finally prepare for what to eat. I remember there were other dream characters that were talking and asking people certain questions like their childhood, etc. I think I pitched in at some point, and started having flashes fabricated out of nowhere.

      Itís like each flash was a pocket dimension for me to experience those moments that I never really experienced before. These little conduits were transient, but somehow gave me the implication that I had these experiences before, even though I explicitly can say with confidence that these were merely fabricated.

      Some things that came to mind entailed me running around this tropical beach area where there are some fancy houses around; like some large backyard where thereís this gregarious hangout, and everyone has a spirited disposition. I see remnants of my visage as a child, and me moving around with joy, and then said entity twirling around to face towards me smiling, and then dissipating.

      I go back into being aware of the current environment with the restaurant section, and things start fading out from there.


      Eating Tacos with Shane West & Asian Lady (DILD)


      Iím walk through more hallways that vibe off the vibe that Iím in some train, but still feel a bit too large for the notion. Things are darker than the previous dream, and the orange lighting is the dominate feature that bleeds into the brown-colored theme of the walls, furniture, and cabinets as well.

      Thereís this surreal vibe Iím picking off from the dream, and based on my emotions at the time, it seemed that Iím going through a resting period from some kind of conflict, or objective that was chaotic, I think.

      Whatever the case, I move forward to an area that looks like a mini-bar, and it seems that itís already at its closing period, and I noticed an Asian female is all by herself sitting down preparing to munch down on some late night food. She has this waitress outfit where the black dress on top of the white dress shirt sheís wearing is up to her upper thighs for eye candy. Sheís really cute, and the puffy white shoulder compartments augments this appearance.

      She seems to be pretty comfortable with me being around, even though sheís not paying too much attention to me. I noticed that Shane West is also preparing to sit next to her, and asked her while pointing at some Tacos,

      ďAre you going to eat that?Ē

      She makes the ďNoĒ gesture, and he proceeds to sit down. I go forward, and go around the side and asked her if I can eat some as well. She moves around to sit next to the middle of me and Shane West, and she continues eating. I sit down, and I take that as a ďyes,Ē and proceeded to take one of the tacos.

      The Taco itself was an absolute guilt trip; ooey-gooey cheese thatís dripping on the sides very slowly. I can see the viscosity glaring at me along with the warm ground beef, and the vegetable toppings with lettuce, tomatoes, and such drenched on the top. I knew it was a dream, and itís not like Iím cheating on a diet, or anything.

      I take one long bite where I get my teeth into the taco, and moved my tongue around as if I was trying to caress it, and took a long series of chews to absorb the bulkiness of it all. I can feel the cheesy juices going into my throat, and I let out those ďHmm..Hmm..Ē sounds. I told her that this is really good, and started to munch them down one by one. I felt a slight disturbance in my stomach, but I didnít care.

      The tacos were awesome, but I found the pairing with Shane West, the Asian lady, and me was odd.
    2. Batman Beyond+ Tulpa, Spanish Paper, Compromising Password, Attendance, Microbes, Restaurant........

      by , 11-09-2012 at 11:51 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'm Batman Beyond and with my Tulpa? (Non-lucid)


      I'm taking the dream body of the character (Terry McGinnis) that took the role of Batman in Batman Beyond. He's wearing a brown jacket, regular light black jeans, and a black shirt underneath.

      I'm inside of a room, and there was an invasion, there was so much going on, but there were dream characters that did some weird stuff.

      After a while, I'm transitioning into "sleep." As I'm falling down slowly, and losing consciousness, I see meaty substance around me, like someone's insides were turned inside out. It looks like whoever came in to invade did some weird stuff. Whatever emotions I had at the time were completely eradicated.

      I finally wake up, in the darkness. There's a woman right next to me lying down. She has black hair, and judging by her skin tone, a Caucasian female. She's unconscious, and something about her makes me want to stay with her and wait until she wakes up.

      I don't really do that for any dream character honestly, wonder why the big change. I'm asking my Tulpa, and she says it's her.

      I tried to parrot just now (if you don't know what that means, consciously put in effort to make the conversation rather than letting your tulpa gather unconscious thoughts or make a fluent response).

      I couldn't do it, she said it's her.

      .................................................. ......

      I don't know her name, even if my tulpa is in the dream, she's really not what I expected her to look like (not that I'm crazy about what she looks like of course, she can be whatever she feels comfortable with). I moved her head to rest on my lap while she's unconscious. After a while, I decided to check around the house, but only up until the bedroom that was to the left of the room we're in.

      I saw some people sleeping, and two looked like my mother and father. I started to get confused because I thought whoever crashed this place would camp out at night. My mother wakes up, but she doesn't see me, she has her back facing me. It takes a while for her to come to her senses, but she finally gets up.

      Then I'm informed, though I'm not sure by who, that those DCs were coming after somebody else, not us, it's just that they assumed we had an affiliation with the person they're finding. The person they're aiming for apparently didn't pay taxes for 10 years, and they're finding her to make her pay.

      That's even worse than the IRS.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Spanish Paper (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a computer lab room in high school. The walls are probably a light gray color, the carpet is dark blue mixed in with a few specks of random colors, and the windows emitting a dull lighting implies that it's windy and cool afternoon.

      I see my Tennis coach that I had in the 2nd High School I attended. He wore a white long sleeved shirt I believe, or maybe a white turtleneck. There's other familiar faces there as well, the most noticeable was the girl to my left. She looked a lot like Stephanie, the same girl in waking life who told me she had a crush on me, and then said April Fools right after that.

      I only saw the back of her head, it was black and loose, and I could see a slightly 3/4 profile view of her face. I paid attention to her lips, since her lips were something a lot of the guys in the tennis team talked about getting blowjobs while looking down on her.


      She looks like her, but she looks almost like a doll of her, it's so weird. It's like she was just placed there as an accessory. The tennis coach told us that would be starting on a Spanish paper that would be due, but I can't recall the exact date for it. I saw on some green chalkboard, there were some examples of what he wants in Spanish.

      Some words I saw were:

      "Arte" okay, guess that sounds Spanish enough

      "3-7-xxxxxbuyll" - I can't remember the exact details except for the "buyll" part; though it's obvious that it was related to either an Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne, or Alkyl Halide nomenclature.

      I started to panic a bit, because I haven't taken a Spanish class since Junior year of High school.

      I can't remember anything else.
      Exposing my College Password (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my Sociology class, and there's an blaring warning sound that comes on periodically, which was similar to the event when there was an armed suspect at a bookstore that was near our section. The Sociology professor was away from his computer, and I decided I should log in for him so I could access Code Maroon to see what the alarm was for.

      As I'm typing my password, a person that looks like the guy who asks the professor in waking life questions that end up with the professor saying "That's a good question" gets near me. He's pointing his fingers at something, and I'm confused when he mentions that I have to block something before I do whatever it is I'm doing.

      I end up typing my whole password, and when I looked up at the screen projector, I realized that my college password was revealed. I finally realized why the guy was near me trying to explain to me what's going wrong. I felt embarrassed, and I couldn't look at the people sitting in this large lecture room.

      I told him that I could just change the password by adding something else, but he tells me he's going to figure it out anything, since most of the original was already compromised when it was portrayed on the big screen. He was wearing a black shirt with long sleeves that were folded halfway to his arms.

      I quickly packed my backpack with my laptop, and I dashed as fast as I can.

      I stay on the right side of this fairly long hallway, and I eventually decided to stop near a window. I take my laptop out, which is black in this dream, and I immediately aimed for the link to change my password. I got a yellow sticky note, and quickly wrote down something that I could memorize for the time being.

      I took the first letter of something that came up on my mind, and it involved Roger Federer ------------------

      So the password ended up being R------------------ in lowercase letters. I quickly concealed the sticky note inside my backpack, along with my laptop, and continued to move forward.
      Sociology Professor Takes Attendance (Non-lucid)


      My Sociology professor is taking attendance, which is a bit odd, since he never has given any kind of sheet that verified you attended his class. He's wearing what he wore yesterday in fact. He had a gray suit with a slightly faded yellow shirt underneath, and he had his dark blue jeans (not the country kind of jeans you see that are faded) that had the bottom folded. He was wearing his brown shoes as well, a simple lace-less pair of shoes I believe.

      He starts taking papers, and I'm assuming this is a quiz that we're taking. I go up to him, with my paper at hand I believe, and he takes it, goes to a wall with a bunch of papers taped up, and puts an "X" near my name. He heads to the desk with the computer and all sorts of stuff, and I assume that same "X" was just his sign that I was there, just like all the other students who received an "X"

      I'm waiting for him to give me back the paper, but it seems he's being distracted by other students who are probably complaining about their quiz grade. I didn't really feel stressed out over anything, so I guess I did well on this quiz.

      I get impatient, and decided to go up to him and tell him that he forgot to give me back my paper. Then he says,

      "Oh this guy." It's kind of hard to verify if he was being sarcastic, serious, or was talking to someone else. Either way, he hands me my paper, without having any sort of eye contact to me, because he's still being occupied by students asking him random questions. I looked at the back of one student's quiz, and I saw a problem that had some arrows in it.

      I realized that this could be a electron flow type of question, but I didn't go too far to speculate why a chemistry type of question would be related to a Sociology class. I go up the top floor and leave with my paper. I looked at the back of the paper, and it seems I have no marks whatsoever.

      After opening the double doors on the left side, and the left side is a side a RARELY exit out of or enter,
      I can't remember what I did next.
      Spit Microbes Zoomed in? (Non-lucid)


      All I remember seeing is microbe looking creatures near a pair of teeth.
      At a Restaurant in a Towel (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting with two people, a random guy to my left, and a girl right in front of me. I don't know how the guy on the left belongs in this whole fiasco, but I'm half-naked with a towel around my waist.

      The towel is a yellow-green, leaning towards more of a yellow. The restaurant overall has a brown interior, and the tables are quite small, so I guess it's built for two people to face each other.

      I had to get another chair and sit next to the guy. The girl and everyone else seems to be passive with me around, they don't really see anything unusual with me just wearing a towel. I'm not even sure why I'm around these people in the first place.

      I become aware that I have this chick's number, so I go outside the restaurant for a bit, and quickly took my phone out that came out of nowhere...note, I'm still wearing a towel, so it had to come from somewhere......sorry for the mental image.

      I quickly skimmed over the list on my phone, and found her name, and I can't recall her name unfortunately. I listen to the usual "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound before the call picks up, and even though I can't hear her voice, I felt that I was calling her. I quickly peeked over to my left inside the restaurant, and saw she had her phone on her hand.

      She's trying to figure out who's calling her, and I assume that I know her number, but she doesn't know mine. I quickly ended the call and I end up going back inside, and hanged out with these two people for the rest of the dream I guess.
      Getting a Blowjob (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      Sensitivity (Non-lucid)


      There's someone I know where I'm confused on whether or not I or her posted on the internet her sensitivity in random areas.

      Really random dream, don't even know who it was.
    3. Taylor Swift, Room 174, Wedding Gift (SDE Pt.2 Day: 05)

      by , 10-10-2012 at 02:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Taylor Swift in Black Latex Catsuit (Non-lucid)


      Another blonde in a black latex catsuit...well at least she's just posing instead of doing disgusting things.

      I'm on a website, and it has a white background to it. One picture that stood out the most is Taylor Swift in a black latex catgirl suit. I can barely see the outfit, but she is wearing one for sure.

      In that same picture of her, there's a dark brown background with darker hues of brown mixed in with it, and they existed as small dots that seemed to be diluted in some way.

      Taylor Swift has her chin sticking out, and she doesn't look too bad at all. She's also wearing red lipstick, and has her mouth slightly opened where she's showing mostly her top teeth in the picture.

      It's hard to tell if she was posing in an enticing position.

      And why would I be looking at Taylor Swift photos? I mean....why would I look at someone who makes a song after they break up with someone?

      The Blonde in Room 174 (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream is that I'm inside a room that looks like it could be a Middle School, or mostly likely a High School classroom. I remember having to switch to another class, so I end up trying to look for it. I have trouble reading numbers in the dream, but I'm not performing a reality check at all.

      The whole hallway that I'm on has several shades and highlights of brown, and after a while, I finally found where I needed to go to get to room 174. The area I'm in is also confined, like at most just 30 feet in length and probably 20 feet wide in terms of what I can see well. The rest of the environment was a blur, so I'm assuming that this area that I can see well is what I needed to focus on.

      The teacher I have is a tall blonde female. She kind of reminds me of another art teacher who was just next to the art teacher I had for High School, except, it looked like she was the younger version of her. The one in waking life, I think she's in her 40s-50s, this version looked like she's in her early to mid 20s.

      I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, there's something about her that's enticing that makes me want to get closer to her on purpose, even if it would have to be confined to just solely seeing her as a teacher, and me as a student.

      It's hard to keep up that mentality, because she's REALLY attractive. She's not the most stunning person in the world, but she is very enticing indeed. She looked like she was a bit shy or something, she was a little quiet, but judging from her eyes and body structure, her clothing, she looked like she could exhibit positive energy to anyone near her.

      Her outfit consisted of a semi-transparent faded white scarf, dark Khaki women's jeans, and a white dress shirt that was buttoned up half-way or all the way, not sure. If it was half-way, my best bet from recalling that is that she work a gray shirt underneath.

      I think she was in the process of telling me something, but I kind of zoned out looking at how she's luring me in somehow. I feel so good around this woman, and I can't help but not care what happens next in the dream as long as I'm around her.
      Wait...WHAT WEDDING?!?!? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, though I can't remember too many details of what happened there. I get out of the house to go somewhere, and I have a feeling it's the Postal Office building somewhere near this randomly generated neighborhood.

      I see some vanilla or light brown concrete to my right eventually as I walked down the faded gray tar road, and had a feeling that I'm getting closer to the Postal Office. I walk up a fairly steep slope that's maybe 10 feet diagonally. I'm now on the parking lot, and before I go into the building, I look back, and see that there's someone getting their keys out 20-30 feet away from me to get their mail in the gray metal boxes you have to pay I think for mail you want kept safe.

      The dream shifts as soon as I enter the building, and I'm inside of a Hispanic Restaurant, and a waitress comes up who has her hair tied up in a ponytail ball, wearing a turquoise/blue shirt, has a muffin-top (yes, she's a bit pudgy on the sides), and is wearing the usual dark blue jeans that look like they would lift her butt or something.

      She looks at me, and I assume she's just waiting for me to declare my order. She then realizes that I must be a new customer here, and asked me if I know about Blueberry pie.

      I respond like an idiot, and all of a sudden, I don't even know what a Blueberry pie is....LOL. I start saying random stuff, and describing what a Blueberry Pie would look like completely wrong, and the waitress ends up laughing at me, along with another one who was behind her as well. Then I tried to correct myself by actually stating what a blueberry was, but it was too late, already made myself look like an idiot.

      The waitress has that face that says, "I'll get you something you'll like," so she goes back to the kitchen to tell the chefs the order I'm presuming. After a while, I get my food in a white To-Go Box, and I opened it to make sure what's inside of it.

      It ends up being some kind of white cream sauce, maybe ranch sauce, and sliced tomatoes......

      The waitress tells me this is a gift since I'm going to be married....that it's a wedding gift.

      I passively accepted that, and didn't take into consideration that she said MARRIAGE and WEDDING in the same or near the same sentence. I get out of the building, and it seems I'm back at the parking lot for the Postal Office. I go up to some old blue truck, like it was made in 1950s or something, and there's a blonde guy inside on the driver's seat.

      I tell him,

      "Sorry to have kept you waiting...."

      He responds,

      "Nah, it's no big deal" (paraphrasing here).

      After that, I guess he takes me back "home."

      Alyzarin Becomes Admin of DV (Non-lucid)


      I see Alyzarin has the Admin rank, though it's probably just On-Topic Admin or something like that.

      - It was that Eva chick in the Black latex catsuit
      -Now it's Taylor Swift in the Black latex catsuit
      -Then I remember Taylor Swift doing weird things with her body in a violet dress in a dream a few months ago
      -Then I remember a blonde in a fancy silver glittering dress months before that
      -Then I remember a blonde who came through a small black vortex while wearing black clothes
      -Then I remember Catherine from the video came "Catherine" with purple wings and wore her white costume.
      -And a bunch more blonde females that I cba to recall.

      Maybe I should just create a Lesbian Dream Guide, so I don't have to be so insecure contemplating about having sex with them......-____-

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    4. A in Organic Chem, Asian Restaurant and Scone Dog, Alyzarin MSN, Asian Huts (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 02)

      by , 10-07-2012 at 05:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I woke up several times, and even woke up to the alarm twice (no snooze), so I didn't really do a WBTB technically.

      A in Organic Chemistry Lab?!??!?! (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a laboratory, but it's completely different than the one I go into in waking life. The area has orange-yellow lighting, a faded khaki or light muddy colored flooring, and it was smaller as well.

      The one in waking life is gray overall, obviously a bit bigger, and has white lights instead.

      I remember reading a textbook, though I don't know what subject it contained, and it didn't seem to be anything related to Organic Chemistry at all....not even a single notion of reactions or anything of that sort. The place felt dark at the time when I'm glancing over pages in this textbook, though I'm pretty sure I was in the same laboratory room....I just had a weird vibe that it was true.

      I felt a presence of a Lab TA, most noticeably, the one I have now for Organic Chemistry, Dr. K.

      Dr. K is around the same height as me in the dream, she still has the petite structure, has her blonde hair tied up into a ponytail. She's wearing clothes that range from dark to neutral colors. There seemed to be a lot of ancient creature lineage in the textbook that I'm reading, there's all sorts of random information that is way too much for me to recall.

      Maybe it could've been the lighting in the room at the time darkening a bit that's skewing my recall of this, but it seemed some information in the book involved creatures that lurk in the deep sea. Everything feels so calm in this dream, there isn't too much for me to worry about, it's weird....that's really abnormal.

      Maybe this dream itself is probably just my mind attempting to make a lab simulation for what might happen to lab the next few days or so.

      Anyway, after a while, I gave up reading the textbook, and I think the dream shifts where I'm at the south-west side of the room (just pretend I was north-east reading the textbook when you're looking at this screen), and I'm waiting for some set of papers to come out. It was weird, my alarm clock in waking life was there inside the lab, and it seemed there was a timer set on it.

      I tried pressing a button, and as I'm waiting for whatever information on the paper that's coming out, I look up at Dr. K anxiously, and declared to her with a slight frightened chuckle,

      "Almost done!!!"

      I tried not to pay attention to her too much, I still am afraid of her a bit in waking life, but honestly, she's a kind soul, but just puts up the tough facade, considering she has to keep track of everyone's safety and such.

      Then again...she can be condescending at times, even to me.....okay, let's not get distracted Link, she's like....in her late 20s man....

      I look down on my alarm clock that's still serving as a timer for the laboratory, and it had the digits "38"' on it, so I assumed there was 38 seconds left for whatever information to get on the paper. I click on the button on my alarm clock, and the time is extended to 42 seconds.

      Hmmm....that's 4 seconds apart....I wonder why just 4 second interval increases?

      What?!?!?!? I start to panic, and decided it's not best to trouble with alarm clock serving to be a weird timer for something I have yet to know why I'm spending my time waiting for. I glance at my TA and back to the alarm clock, and the paper coming out for a bit.

      I finally get the papers out, and I'm assuming these were results I needed to turn in the lab report and for her to sign her initials on it. I quickly run to her, gave her the papers, and then there's a dream shift where my grade is shown on a bulletin board.

      Apparently, I made an "A" in the lab overall...I couldn't believe it,
      I would be crying tears of joy if that happened in waking life, and I was really caught in the moment that I thought this was actual reality.

      I was confused on how on the board that "50 > A" was there, a fifty is greater than an A? Whaa???

      I didn't care though, I was just happy knowing I got an A, and I don't even know how I verified me getting an A, I'm just enjoying the thought of the moment of presuming I had an A....weird huh?

      After enjoying my triumph for a bit, I started to calm down a bit, and started to become doubtful about the whole celebration I gave myself just now. I stood there for a bit, and then looked up to Ms. K.
      (I should just call her Ms. K since she doesn't have a PhD...I think?)

      I asked Ms. K if the A I received constitutes for the whole course load, and she responds (paraphrasing here),

      "It's not for the whole grade, you still have to do the exam."
      (I'm assuming she meant the final exam for the Organic Chemistry Lab....and now I think about it....I probably should make a study guide, because these labs are pretty much a breeze with the right help....and the days are passing by quickly too)

      I felt a bit disappointed that I wasted my energy celebrating over an "A" grade that was just temporary unless I did just as well on the exam to sustain that.

      After that anticlimactic turn of events, I can't recall what happened next in the dream.
      Asian Restaurant and Scone Dog??? (Non-lucid)


      I don't know how to title this dream....you'll understand...I think...in a bit.

      It night time in the dream, and this place seems to be very familiar because I remember being somewhere like this before in a dream, I just didn't have the awareness in this dream at the time.

      I'm at the back section of the abnormally formatted restaurant, and this area doesn't seem to be one for people to eat at. I didn't even order anything at the time, at least to my recall of this dream, so I guess I was trying to get out of the restaurant the other way so I could get to the shortcut.

      I had to move a large stool that was probably 7 feet tall by lifting it up, and then placing it somewhere vacant. Then I did some random maneuvering, and finally got out of the area. The whole restaurant interior was a really dark shade of maroon, and it some of the material looked like it was made out of wood. I also noticed the restaurant really was formatted to have the Ancient Temple type of vibe to it as well.

      After I get out, I'm at the huge empty yard, and I noticed there's a gray wired fence to the right of me.
      Yeah...this area is familiar, it's like a derived section that would lead to my apartment in waking life if the parking garage and fancy dorm section didn't exist.

      I slowly walk towards the wired fence, and noticed a section of it had been snipped off that had enough room for me to go into it. But I didn't want to just go through the whole like that, I felt that something could've been to the right of me if I entered too quickly. It's because the right side of the area was blocked off by this small metal shed that I didn't want to go in the grassy area just like that.

      I presumed a dog would be there, so I walked a few steps, stopped, and then said,

      "Woof!" "Woof!"

      No response....no dog I guess, then when I started to have more confidence that nothing would be there, I noticed a gold-ish brown tail wagging a little on the grass, along with a body attached to it.

      Crap...but it seems whatever it is, it was sleeping, and it didn't have its face in my direction, probably because it wouldn't expect anything to come through this shortcut. I decided that I should go back to the area near the restaurant, and come in to the section the other way.

      Eventually I do, and I noticed the dog has one eye opened, and I started to tense up, but after getting closer, I noticed that this "dog" is really just a really big bun (or Scone) shaped like a dog's face, with a cherry ball in the middle of it.

      Wow....REALLY? I was worried over an inanimate object that looked like a dog? Wow...that's just...REALLY random for a SCONE to look like a dog.

      Like really? REALLLLY? I swear, my mind must be full of crap....
      Chatting with Alyzarin On MSN (Non-lucid)


      I'm logged on Windows Live Messenger, and I'm talking to Alyzarin. She's typing why she hates Sundays, but before I could see her reasons, I started to feel as if I'm going to wake up.

      And I end up doing so, and I think I checked my alarm clock before I went back to sleep.
      Asian Huts (Non-lucid)


      I'm not even sure if this was a dream, or one beginning to become one...if that makes any sense?

      I'm walking in the middle of a path where there are some shacks lined up both on the left and right side. Most looked like huts, and for some reason, it felt like I was in an Asian-oriented environment. There's a random group of people that charges past me, and I'm wondering what they're in the rush for.

      I think one of them tells me why, though I can't recall exactly. After they leave, instead of trying to catch up with the group of Asian people, I just stand there....

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    5. Just walking and Chilling, I just want to sign my freaking signature!!!!!!

      by , 05-15-2012 at 07:45 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Just walking and chilling (DILD)


      I'm walking in the back alley or some remote and quiet area was what seemed like a city beyond my view. I start spacing out a bit, and as I'm walking, something doesn't feel right. I nose plus reality check,
      and I can breathe through my nose.

      Instead of getting too excited, because I know there were so many things I could've done, especially with the city that would be apparent if I had been able to stabilize a little bit longer.

      I believe I was wearing dark or blue jeans, alone with a white dress shirt with short sleeves, and there really thin black lining on it going vertically or horizontally.

      It could've just been the shade, but yeah, I saw myself in third person view for a while, like seeing myself and looking up from the ground, and then I established a first person view again.

      The area I'm in, it had a huge contrast compared to the city that would appear if I moved a bit further.

      I'm going to take a moment to describe the feeling and the environment around me, since there's not much going on except me focusing only on the external.

      When I realized that I was dreaming, my hands were extending out in front of me, and my eyes slowly opened. It was completely dark at first, but I could still see the city from beyond exhibiting a very bright energy.

      The place I'm in had this sense of calmness despite it being a little dark, it was just dark enough for it to be considered as shade compared to the city out there.

      There were small hues of purple on the skyscrapers I was walking through. When I looked up in third person view, these skyscrapers were huge, and I literally so the point of view from above as if I'm zooming in my perspective at a certain point.

      I said that now because in waking life, it isn't like that, normally, I would only see this rule being applied loosely in things like How-To-Draw that include a section on perspective and everything.
      I just want to freaking sign my Signature!!! (Non-lucid)


      This dream happened after the lucid I had. I heard the alarm play the two times I set it for the late morning.

      I honestly don't know how I'm remembering all of this, but hey, if my mind is giving me the experience back again...no use complaining!

      And I really need to start describing my dreams more and more, really helps with linking things back together.

      I'm riding my bicycle at University Drive in College Station, and I believe I'm wearing something related to the sleeveless cardigan sweater I was wearing in waking life
      (because it was kind of cold in the morning, and I didn't want that to interfere with me trying to go into a dream).

      I also had a orange shirt under it as well. In my mind, I was wondering if I should head over to Jin's Asian Cafe around here, but I already passed the road to get to it from University Drive.

      Then I decided that I should just go ahead and go the extra length to get there. I stop at the intersection at University Drive, turn to the right, pass through whatever eating areas were there, only focusing on going to Jin's Asian Cafe.

      I believe at one point while riding on the University Dr., I was waiting for a few people to
      pass by, but I got impatient, and there was a round curb.

      There was the metal pole that would be the support for the stoplights above on the left, and I saw that there was a little space I could ride my bicycle through, and if I timed it right, I could dash through the people walking slowly without bumping into them.

      I managed to riding into that tight space, and then....I saw this girl.

      Not your ordinary girl, compared to the rest of the dream characters in this dream, at least the females, she was completely different, and although I shouldn't focus too much on her, seeing as I didn't really care about anyone in the dream because I was hungry
      (talk about biological needs....hahahaa).

      Anyway, she had black hair, and it had a shine to it that made it looks so realistic and full of depth. I believe she was wearing black lipstick or dark red lipstick as well. She wore one of those Black trench coats, probably because it would be better at resisting the slightly cold weather in the environment.

      I know I started to feel cold the moment I saw more dream characters wearing jackets as well, not all of them did though.

      Anyway, back to the girl, when I almost ran into her with my bicycle, she freezes and is in a slight shock.

      We both gaze into each others eyes for a while, and even though it only happened for a split second, something tells me that she was trying to get my attention by randomly appearing and accidentally bump into me, go through that whole "Oooh I'm so sorry" phase and introduce each other like how Mako had the Moped accident with Asami in the Legend of Korra.

      I just know those two characters are going to reach a conflict and have some kind of dramatic breakup...the potential is just SITTING RIGHT THERE!!!! No chick that hot would just randomly go up to a guy and go out with him without having some kind of mischievous plan....right?? /legend of korra rant

      But nope it wasn't like that, I managed to just barely stop myself from accidentally ramming into her with my bicycle by stomping my right foot on the ground, since only one side of the brakes (the right side I'm presuming) was working.

      (And it's like that for the bicycle I have in waking life...).

      I just treated her like she was just a random dream character, I get on the bicycle lane, and then as I'm going to head right, (sorry, I'm back tracking again because I remembered more events as I was typing this out) I have to stop AGAIN to wait for another slow walker going through the lane for walkers when the light showed up for them.

      I tried to restrain myself from getting pissed off, but this dude was being slow, and I don't know what's up with random people like the lady in the black trench coat suddenly being in my way.

      But I couldn't take it anymore, I screamed,


      I knew the guy registered my rage towards the general people, but I was trying to indirectly tell him that, and I knew he heard me. Yes, you fucking heard me, but he looks down the ground and tries not to look at me.

      I look at him in rage, then shifted my attention back to turning right from University Drive (again, sorry for the back tracking there). Anyway, as I'm riding down to another stop sign, there aren't a lot of cars around the small intersection, so I immediately take a right.

      I'm riding, and the road itself to the right had a slight slope to it. It wasn't bothersome, but I felt that was I'm trying harder and harder to pedal the bicycle, the gears might make that weird shift, and that sound where you know it's trying to go to the right level might occur.

      But I kept going, despite it being difficult to ride the bicycle. I finally reach Jin's Asian cafe, and now, I had to find a place to lock my bicycle in place. There weren't any bicycle rails to do so, and I saw one bicycle on my right lock their bicycle around some small pole.

      I turn to my left, and I see some weird furniture on the parking lot, but I ignore this, like I normally do. I can't remember where I lock my bicycle, but I'm sure I found some area, because I wouldn't be caught dead without my bicycle if I'm using it.

      I go inside the restaurant, and I see an Asian lady who looks similar to the one I normally see there at the store, the shy and quiet type. She's not really all that enticing, but she has a nice and kind behavior in waking life.

      However, the one in this place was kind of cute, though my recall on her complete visage is slightly blurry.

      I take a moment to sit down, and there are other people who are waiting for their To-Go meals as well. The environment was kind of tricky to analyze and test my reality and all, since I'm not really used to the area in waking life because I only went there a few times recently before leaving to go home.

      It takes me a while to realize that I didn't order anything To-Go as yet, so I quickly get up to the counter, and tell the lady that I would like Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice.

      She asked,

      "Anything else?"

      I respond, "Ummmm, how much would it cost if I wanted to have the cheesecake as well?"

      She inputs some information down on the cash register,


      Not to make myself look like some guy who knows too much about the prices of this area, I do know that cheesecake was definitely not that cheap in this restaurant, it's actually $3.99 in waking life because I remembered the pink menu I got from them in the mail.

      I find it funny that I'm aware of that in waking life, despite not being aware of other things....I guess when it comes to food, I have a better awareness for these things, hahaha....hmmm that could be good practice for dream awareness, but again I might be oblivious and ignore those subtle alterations.

      Anyway, instead of doing a reality check, I said "Okay" with a slight smile, and she tells me the price for everything in general, and I forgot how much.

      I would assume it's over 12 bucks in total, at least, since the Sweet and Sour Chicken would be $9.65 including tax alone, again, there I go again with remembering the exact price in waking life! XD

      I check my wallet, and it looks exactly like my wallet, except my debit card isn't there, but I wasn't too worried about that since I knew beforehand in this dream somewhere, that I had over 20 bucks. I know I had at least one ten dollar bill, 2 five dollar bills, and a few 1 dollar bills as well.

      I take a while to decide I'm going to give my money, because I wouldn't want to use a ten if I could use the the two five dollars along with the several one dollar bills. I forget what I decided to do, and just hand the lady the money.

      She inputs the amount on the register, and takes out the receipt and I have to sign it.

      That's another thing I didn't pay attention to, because I would only have to sign it if I used a debit card, but not cash....oh well. Something to work on next time, I guess.

      I go ahead and sign it anyway, and I'm doing pretty well signing my name in a dream on a receipt, except when I tried to sign my last name. I wrote something completely different in cursive.

      Instead of asking the employee for another receipt to sign, I cross out the random last name I put, and tried to put my actual last name this time, but the pen started to run out of ink.

      Ugh....DAMN IT!!!! Always happening when I really freaking need a pen...I changed my pissed off demeanor back to a neutral state and told the cash register lady that the pen isn't working. She looks up at me, and I give her the empty pen, and she gives me a new one probably.

      After this, things start getting a little TOO dramatic. I can't remember much during the transition phase, but there's some old man who is wearing a light brown suit along with a white dress shirt underneath it, and he's also wearing a light brown cowboy hat as well. As for the pants, I can't remember how they looked, and prefer not to look down there anyway.

      It seems he's annoyed that some order of his isn't getting through, and he's a little TOO angry, because there are other people waiting for their To-Go orders as well....man...old people....

      I don't mean to disrespect them or anything, but wow, after him getting pissed off, it was kind of annoying because it was distracting me from getting this fucking signature signed on the receipt! After indulging in the moment with this man's rage, I turn my back, and then I heard a cock of a weapon..

      Are you fucking kidding me old man...you're THAT impatient over an order that hasn't gone through for you as yet?

      He's not aiming the gun at me, but I silent turn my head and see that he's holding an old-school revolver. He starts getting more confident, obviously since he has a gun. I'm not sure if I had a gun in my dream, and I would assume I wouldn't anyway since I'm going somewhere remote and humane like this restaurant.

      The guy starts threatening the staff members, and I'm just like......annoyed by this point, even though I should be scared because this guy was being a bit sporadic and could've sublimate some of that rage towards me.

      God damn it, why can't I just sign my fucking [email protected]$%@#%$

      That's all I remember unfortunately...I know I had another dream after or before the lucid I had at least, but it really doesn't matter...I hope..

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      lucid , non-lucid
    6. Carrot and Anderj101, Talking to Carrot

      by , 05-13-2012 at 01:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Carrot and Anderj101 (Non-lucid)


      I took 6mg of Melatonin last night, set the alarm to wake me up around 3.5-4 hours of sleep.

      I had the alarm wake me up another time after that, and I typed up this dream in the mean time before going back to sleep to wait for the second one to ring.

      At first, it seems that I'm the only one in the backyard of a random house, but both my father and mother were there, they were just in different areas of the garden. It's really bright outside, but I don't necessarily feel too hot.

      There's this huge tree stump that I'm walking on, and I'm wondering when we're going to get out of this place. There's a random female dream character walking back and forth on the other side of the gate, which was kind of weird for me. I believe she had dark brown hair,but didn't get to see her face sadly.

      The place has fairly high grass, almost reaching to the top of your ankles. The dream shifts to where I'm on top of some really green hill with someone who probably is my father. He's wearing shades, and we're looking over at some people below.

      It's still a bit bright outside in the dream, and the area almost looks the same as the place near my apartment, except that there's a really huge peak somewhere in the middle this time. Some people look familiar, one person on the bottom looks like Anderj101, and I don't know what they're doing, but it looks like they're waiting for something to happen in the mean time.

      I told my father that these are people I know on the forums...

      Shit....are you kidding me? He wouldn't even be the last person I would tell ever about this forum, but I said it without feeling hesitant, so this is all the work of my sporadic non-lucid state of mind. He didn't really take what I said too seriously, probably to respect my own business.

      Then the dream shifts a bit to where I see this girl that looks like Ashley M--almost said her name
      (for personal reference: girl with light brown hair at A&M)....Anyway, Ashley wanted to get some guys to help her carry a mattress I'm assuming. It looks an awful lot like mine, dark blue, and having a gray bottom.

      I decide to randomly join in with carrying the mattress. It wasn't too heavy, and it was pretty small for a mattress, so I don't know why she would need 4 guys to carry it. Anyway, me and 3 other random guys carry the mattress while moving forward in a completely different environment.

      It seems like the setting is early morning, or early evening with the sun fairly close from being out of sight. The guys helping me carry the mattress, one by one, start to take their hands off it, and I'm still holding it awkwardly.

      It takes me a while to realize this, and then I tell and yell at time a bit, not too loud, just out of surprise. One I believe started to laugh a little bit, but I didn't see their faces, just the back of their heads.

      They started to run, and I started to run as well. It takes me a while to be cognizant that I'm still holding on to the mattress, and then I put it on the top of my head, and started dashing for those guys for being silly and not helping me out.

      I realized that they were basically useless, and I could take care of holding it myself. I believe I dropped the mattress at some point in this moment of running.

      Then, another dream shift, I'm in a fairly busy area, and most of the dream characters are Asian.

      (Just using this to remember how rushed the dream felt at this point)

      I didn't notice this yet, but I was holding my pillow on my left hand, and running like crazy looking for Carrot (DV member). Dodging people and trying not to cause too much of a scene, I finally see Carrot running as well.

      I don't know exactly why she's running, but as I'm running, I notice something barking, and I turn my face to the left, while still running, and see a black and brown dog.

      It had a mix of a German Shepherd, and the face of The Sulimov Dog.
      Basically, a hybrid between Lapponian Herders and Turkmen golden jackals

      It didn't seem to be after me, but rather, a companion? I ignore it, unfortunately, since it was a brief moment and was too concentrated on why Carrot is running so quickly.

      I take advantage of my environment with a fair amount of people walking in a city by blending in with the crowd, still maintaining a steady run after her. I see Carrot finally decides to take a break and walk a bit, and she turns to her left to see if whoever is chasing her is gone.

      She looks relaxed, and then turns her head back in front to walk. I come in casually, like nothing didn't even happen, and told her while having my hand on her left shoulder about something related to me and her having a party before I have to leave and go back home.

      The dream shifts to where I'm sitting down with a blonde female to the right of me at a restaurant, but I only recognized her hair with peripheral vision, and I didn't seem too interested in the table I'm sitting next to her.

      The reason being was that I was seeing that the dream was going to fade a little bit, and it sucks that I didn't get to see the face of the blonde to the right of me.....damn it lol, dream signs of blondes are getting a lot more frequent now.

      And I'm not even picking out random blondes, she was RIGHT there next to me, sipping on some kind of beverage. I believe she was also wearing a strapless Khaki dress, but it looked a little bit lighter in material, so that's the best thing I can associate with it, not really keen on the fashion stuff for women.

      And I noticed that the table cloth had red and white squares, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.

      I believe I was talking to someone in front of me, and even though the speech was diluted a bit, signaling a dream fading or something of the sort, I could tell that I didn't really want to engage in the conversation in the first place.

      The interesting part of this dream is that as I typed it up in a Dream Journal program, I was looking for breeds of police dogs on Wikipedia, and the Sulimov Dog was the BEST match for the face of the dog that I saw in the dream.

      And it's a Russian dog too (I think?), seems either it came to light in the dream because I read an entry of Sinoblak's where she met Eva and her playing Russian music (Eva that is), or it came as a coincidence.

      I don't think that's mere coincidence, homologous association at least, but not coincidence....because my mind likes to associate a few things late at night rather than during the day, sometimes.

      And another interesting thing was me holding a pillow. I never held a pillow before in my dreams....ever, at least, all the ones that I recalled. I wonder if it's because I watched the commentary and walk-through of "Catherine" for the XBOX-360/PS3 on YouTube.

      Spoiler for Vincent in Catherine:

      Spoiler for Random stuff about Catherine the video game:

      Talking to Carrot (Non-lucid)


      I decided I should sleep for 1-2 hours, I didn't really expect a lot to happen in that time, but it was good practicing to listening for the alarm though.

      When the alarm started to ring, I kept my body still, and dozed off to sleep was I was trying to recall the dream I had before it woke me up.

      All I remember is that I'm talking to Carrot, and probably someone else as well.

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    7. Lucky Streak, Parents and Store, 3-Pointer & Hallway, Alyssa & female, Kyoto Sushi, Wayne Brady?????

      by , 03-24-2012 at 08:51 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lucky Streak, Parents and Store, 3-Pointer & Hallway, Alyzarin and another Female?, Kyoto Sushi, Wayne Brady Attack (Non-lucid)


      I slept for a good amount of time, and woke up after a few dreams, which helped with me remembering certain categories before I slept again, so it helped tremendously with dream recall.

      Dream 1: Lucky Streak

      I'm in some type of old temple, and I'm getting all sorts of rare items on Runescape ranging from Dragon Implings to getting Verac's helm.

      When I was searching inside of this temple, I go to my right, and find all sorts of gold, actual gold, not game gold. I saw pieces of meat in this stash, and was moving it around, there was a lot in this stash.

      Dream 2: Parents and Store

      I'm with my mother and father again, and we're going inside this store that's fairly dark, and it seems that it's our first time in this store. There's this Asian teenager who is probably around my age, sitting down in the middle of the store, probably just waiting until we're ready to buy.

      My father is telling my I need a Transcription folder, I ask him why, but I can't remember if he responded to me. I shows me a folder that I can start using from the store shelf, and I go ahead and just take it from him since I felt I shouldn't care much over arguing for a folder.

      My mother is buying a purse that costs like $59.99, and it looks a lot like the purse she's holding in the dream, only this time, it's round. The purse has that light brownish straw time of structure where the base is composed of being layered, kind of like the top of an apple pie.

      I look at the purse she's buying and the purse she has on her wrist, and I almost wanted to tell her to not buy it, but I just stay in the back and let my father pay everything. After the finalize the payment and all that, I think the dream shifts.

      I'm in the same store, only this time, I'm by myself, and I go there to buy some gum. I head to the same section where I bought the folder in the previous even before this first dream shift, and find the pack of gum is right there.

      It's one of those single packs, and I thought it would be cheap, but apparently, 5 small packs of gum costs $7.00???
      (I wasn't concerned about the price in the dream, just when I was awake).

      I got one pack of gum, go to the cashier, and said I'll go and get more, I keep doing this for a while, and then he gets annoyed. He said he'll drop the price to where I buy a certain amount of packs for a what seemed like a cheaper price.

      But I keep going back and forth for a while, and now he's practically begging me to make a decision by trying to come up with random offers that tempt me to stop going back for more gum.

      I can't remember what happens next, but I do now there's another dream shift in this same store.

      Dream shifts, and I'm in the same store again, but this time, the guy is showing me some videos that he made apparently. I told him that I'll watch them, just to be nice because he already set me up in a situation where if I said "No," he'd probably be sad because no one wants to see his videos.

      I believe I sit down, and I watch the videos, and you know how you pretend to laugh just to make the other person feel better to think that they're funny?

      I did that, but to the extreme, after watching more scenes of the videos, my laughter started to augment to the point where I had to breath for air for a few seconds, and then laugh insanely, just to make the guy feel a little bit better.

      He didn't seem like the person to enjoy the job he has as a cash register in what seems to not be a popular store at all. After the video is done, I go up to him, still retaining my cheerful and pretentious acts of laughter and shake his hand.

      I told him, "Man that was funny!!!!" as I'm continuing to laugh. Then I told him, "See you later!" and he looked happy that I enjoyed the video.

      After I turn my back on him, I'm shifted into a different dreaming environment, and now that he's out of my freaking sight, it took a while for me to alter my visage because my cheeks were still a bit elevated from those series of false smiles and laughter.

      It felt weird suddenly being happy and having a demented demeanor, but I didn't care, I didn't find the videos funny at all. To the right of me, the Third Tsuchikage from Naruto Shippuden seems to be in a tight situation.

      Some type of material, it looks like it's a clay material or something that traps his arms and parts of his thigh region from moving.
      (Now that I'm awake, I think this is an association where I was watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 255 yesterday, but.......
      Spoiler for Spoiler:

      I believe I'm in third person perspective, or in spectator mode, and I see Tobi in his new mask and outfit from the anime. I can't see his eyes, the mask makes them pitch black, and he's looking down at the Third Tsuchikage as if he's going to use his visual prowess to interrogate him.

      There are also people or creatures in white that are holding spears maybe 1-2 feet away from the Tsuchikage's neck region, and they're all in a radial formation, probably to make sure that if he tries to escape, they can easily stab him and kill him.

      I can't remember what happens next.
      (It would make sense that I don't know what happens next because in Episode 255, there's another cliffhanger on what Tobi is going to do to the hostage).

      Dream 3: Insane 3-Pointer shot & Line created Hallway

      Now that I'm awake, this dream was so random and just plain weird.

      I believe I'm in first person perspective for this part. I think I'm part of a team in a Basketball match, but there isn't a crowd or anything, it seems to be just for fun or something. (I don't like Basketball nor have I played it as a sport, don't know why I wasn't aware of this in the dream....).

      Apparently, everyone is so amazing in this dream that it's really hard for both the teams to actually make a decent shot to the basket. There were several moments where it looked like one team was going to make it, but there were so many insane rebounds that it started to get irritating.

      There were a lot of mishaps as well, like the ball rolling down the court because one person lost control of the ball after the person try to do a steal, but it always ended up being one person getting it back really quick, and then another doing a another steal.

      After this really really irritating process, finally someone makes a shot to the basket, but they had to be really close to it so that they wouldn't get rebounded.

      Everyone starts to cheer for the team that the person who made the shot in, and I'm still not aware if I'm on that team or the other team. But while they're doing their little group together, a crowd suddenly manifests out of nowhere.

      I have a basketball in my hand, and I decided to why not try to attempt to make an 3-pointer? I go beyond the line that is needed for the shot to be a 3-pointer, and I make it with ease. I tried to remember how to hold the ball and all, and I honestly thought I wouldn't have made the shot because it was just awkward holding the ball, but I did it.

      I don't think the crows really cared much about the almost impossible shot I just made, maybe a couple of "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHs," but they were focusing on the winning team. I wonder if I was just the half-time segment, but the game was over, so I don't think it could've been me being the half-time "entertainment."

      Everyone starts lining up, and by this time, I forget about the basketball players completely. Everyone is forming a line from two sides to make a small hallway for random DCs to pass by them and touch their hands or something like they're celebrities.

      There were a few familiar faces, but just by the outlines and some basic parts of their visage. I noticed that all the female DCs that pass through this line created hallway wore transparent white gloves.

      And when I touched their hand, something felt wet, like they dabbed some hand sanitizer in advance before interacting with others.

      I wondered why they would do this if they were wearing gloves, but I guess it was for the safety of the fans or people touching them, since there were a lot of people where it would be a concern about germs spreading.

      Then things get even weirder, now the whole thing is like a miniature parade. I see glass containers passing by, and Stewie from Family guy is nearly in all of them in different positions.

      I put my finger near the glass, and Stewie is extremely engrossed with the movement of my fingers because his eyes are moving around to find the finger's path like a hawk.

      Then another glass container of Stewie appears, and the last one I believe is where he commits suicide by shooting a gun right at his face, but I didn't see the animation for it, he was just dead laying on the floor within the glass container.

      I can't anything else from that dream.

      Dream 4: Alyzarin or her potential Dream Guide?

      I'm in an environment that represents a section of Texas A&M at College Station. There are a lot of trees and most of the walking paths have the same composition with the gray pebbles and rocks plastered to make a smooth but slightly bumpy surface to it.

      I believe I was sitting down with a female. I think she was blonde, bleached blonde hair to be precise.
      (Alyzarin told me how her DG looked like she was bleach blonde in her last DJ entry where the DC appeared really fast near her, and how she tried to kick the DC out of reflex).

      I don't know what I was talking to the woman for, but I do remember her getting off the stone bench outside that we were sitting on, and she was about to walk over some weird looking puddle of water that made fairly long distance from one side to another.

      I tried to motion my hand to inform the girl to not cross it over. To me, I could feel like the water was acidic to where it could damage the girl. I believe she catches my hand motion, and walks to the left, avoiding the water.

      I couldn't tell her expression, and I basically watch her carefully, because I felt like she was a bit ditzy at the time, and I didn't want her to go over the acidic water. Even though she looked like she was confused
      (Alyzarin told me she does tend to do ditzy and random things in her non-lucids) she felt like an independent being rather than a DC that disappeared if I ignored them for a while. I couldn't really control her actions, or make her disappear

      (This is the reason why I believe it could've been Alyzarin or her potential Dream Guide, because most of the time I meet a blonde in my dreams, they were more concerned about me rather than me being worried about them).

      She goes somewhere safe, probably 10-20 feet of where I'm still sitting on the stone bench. It seems to be some stone structure that can be use as desk (to some extent) for writing notes or something.

      We're still outside of course, and after awhile, I decided to get up come closer to this female.

      I wanted to call out her name, but I felt that I shouldn't because for some odd reason, I felt like I was being watched by another person, or maybe I was just paranoid of the few DCs that were randomly going their own ways.

      So what I did is take out a random blank college ruled paper, and I believe it was folded already, or I actually was folding it a few times to make it into a smaller rectangular shape.

      I'm close to the female, a little bit too close, but that wasn't an issue with her. I took out a blue ink pen, and before I write anything down, I look around to make sure no one isn't near me, and I started to write down a message to her.

      I think it was acknowledging why I did the hand motions to her because I was concerned that the stagnant water was bit too acidic for her to cross safely.

      I believe the same female I'm near was wearing a green shirt (or some set of cool colors from blue to green), with a small dress jacket and wearing a dress bottom.

      (Now that I'm awake typing this, I noticed another DC, but I didn't pay too much attention to the person, but now I'm getting collective events from this, this really is something worth noting).

      The female (I'm sure it's a female because of the description I'm going to give right now) who is right next to this female I'm giving the note that could be Alyzarin's DG or her, she has short black hair.

      (Alyzarin told me the girls she met in a recent DJ entry, she had short black hair, kind of like the lady on Melanieb's avatar when I asked for more description of the girl she met in a conversation I had with her).

      The reason why I'm concerned about this, is because I know I was paranoid about other DCs near me, because I didn't want to them to see the message I was giving to the female that could've been Alyzarin or the bleached blonde she met in her dreams.

      And if there was a DC near the female I was with, obviously, I wouldn't have continued finishing writing my message to her, but I didn't even mind the lady with the short black hair's presence at all.

      In fact, I think I was mentioning this message to the BOTH of them. The short black haired female is looking down at the message I'm writing along with the bleached blonde.

      After I finish writing it, I think I give it to the female close to me.

      I can't remember what happened next from the dream. But from what I'm interpreting from it, there's three possibilities:

      1. I met Alyzarin in a non-lucid shared dream, who is probably blonde or bleached blonde in real life (or her dream body), and the black haired female is the person she met in a Dream Journal Entry of hers.

      2. I met the bleached blonde that had super speed in another entry Alyzarin had, and the black haired female with short hair was probably Alyzarin's dream body or both her waking life body and the dream body.

      3. I met both two women that Alyzarin met in her two entries, and not Alyzarin herself.

      So maybe I was giving a message to whatever possibility it could've been to the two females I'm close to.

      I can't wait to see Alyzarin's dreams now. But don't be suggestible to the things I experienced though.

      To contradict what I said about being highly suggestible, the bleach blonde I met, I believe she had freckles, and that just augmented her pure state.

      Everything about her was so....innocent and naive, and yet, I could tell that she could hold her own just fine. It's just...I don't know...that just made me attracted towards her.

      Dream 5: Kyoto Sushi Restaurant

      It's night time in this dream, and I'm at the intersection where there's several bars and other fast food mini stores in front of me.

      It seems I'm heading back to my apartment, seeing as I can see the fast food areas in front of me. When the green light turns on, I immediately get a good speed from my bicycle.

      I turned my face to the back to see if there were any vehicles behind me, and I wanted to signal that I wanted to go left to the area where people hanged out in bars and payed for parking.

      There's this red ford vehicle I believe, but before I could signal my left hand that I'm going left, it seems the person knows I'm trying to move to the lane they're in rather than me staying on the bicycle lane.

      But I was confused because they slowed down, but I also didn't want to advance forward even if I did acknowledge them slowing down for me to pass by.

      I let the vehicle pass, and immediately went on the other lane to my left.

      The lane to the left of me (which would be the right lane if I was going opposite) had some cars lined up, and normally when the "Walk" signal initiates , when it's almost close to 0, usually the lane to the left of me are able to go ahead and move.

      I believe I still hear the timer making the beeping tick sounds, so I quickly steered left to the shortcut I take, just in time before the vehicles lined up started to move.

      Then for a few seconds when I was steering to the left, probably a few seconds of slow motion, I see the Kyoto Sushi Restaurant that I go to sometimes. The lights inside the place are dim, as if they're closing, but I knew that they should still be open until 2 AM I believe.

      I had the temptation to go go park my bicycle to the metal bars for it to the right of the mini-restaurant, but I decided I shouldn't waste my money when I could just use the food at my apartment.

      But the dream shifts to where I'm suddenly teleported inside the Restaurant, and the blonde female waiter that I usually meet who knows what I want since I only come for Chicken or Beef Fried rice asked me if I wanted it To-Go.

      I say yes, and I'm still puzzled on why I was here. It seemed the place wasn't getting a lot of business tonight, and the blonde waiter was excited that someone like me came inside.

      I could see the look on her face that they finally got someone to place an order, and that sort of made me feel more sympathetic that when I got my meal (which I already ate even though it was supposed to be To-go), I told them I'll be back really soon.

      So in response to that, another waiter was nice to me to open the backdoor to the restaurant for me to head to my apartment. She had to push the door and stay on the side to keep it open for me to head out.

      I go outside, and now I'm walking to my apartment, and I tell them again that I'll be right back, and it seems they're really happy for this.

      Then I noticed, they have my bicycle inside the store, but I ignore this because I'll be coming back anyway. The dream environment is completely different now.

      Instead of going through Traditions at Northgate's parking garage (outside the entrance of them, not within them) and the bicycle racks set to the right like normal, the place is completely barren with just green grass.

      There's a gray metal fence, and I tried to find an metal door to go through, and I see there's one to my right that is open. I go to it, and it starts to rain a little bit, the path that I'm taking is a diagonal dirt road.

      I figured that since it's drizzling for a little bit, I can go ahead and run in this path without worrying about my shoes getting muddy. As I'm near the end of this off-road path, I see some people hanging around near a mini-apartment complex.

      It should've been an abandoned house from waking life that was near my apartment complex, but I ignored this abnormality.

      As I'm running towards the end, I hear some guy having a conversation with probably two females, but I didn't pay attention to their facades or body composition too much, just voices, and I knew people were outside.

      The guy was talking about how it could run from her to Katy Mills in under an hour. I'm still running to my apartment, and I have his words lingering in my mind for a moment.

      How could someone run from College Station to Katy Mills if getting to Katy takes at least a 90 minute drive with moderate traffic.

      This was probably the moment that would've made me lucid because I was analyzing for a few seconds on that abnormality of how he could run that fast to Katy mills, but the thought disappears sadly.

      I turn my attention to going inside my apartment, and I checked my wallet to see how much physical cash I had, since I didn't want to use the debit card for it to show up on the bank statement or whatever.

      I believe I had three dollars, just like I did in waking life, but as I'm going through counting the money anyway, I see one five dollar bill.

      Then another, and another, and another, and probably another one to where I think I have 30 bucks in cash. I was kind of surprised, seeing as I was searching for any dollar bills I had hanging around in my apartment.

      I can't remember anything else that happened after that, but I assume I'm heading back to the Kyoto restaurant to make another order and get my bicycle back.

      Dream 5: Wayne Brady Sneak Attack

      It appears that I'm in third person perspective, and I don't realize that I'm playing a video game simulation until later on in the dream.

      I'm balancing on a high ledge beam, and Wayne Brady seems to be patrolling around the area. I have to be careful of balancing on the beam I'm on, and the beams that I will be jumping off from, because if I hang on the ledges with my hands, Wayne Brady will figure me out.

      He was wearing khaki jeans and a light blue sweater or light blue shirt. When he turns his back on me, I jump from one beam to another.

      I continue this one or two times, until I find I can't jump from the last beam to drop down and attack him because there's a thin and long stone column separating me from jumping to it.

      I was right in front of this, and I'm positioned to where I all of my feet are on the beam rather than only the middle section on the beam.

      The only way I could get to the other beam is if I grabbed on the long and thin stone column, and make a radial rotation with my body to land on the other side.

      I didn't want to do that because there was the risk of me falling from the beam and hanging from it with my hands.

      So when Wayne Brady turned his back on me, I dropped down, slowly walked towards him, and found he was going to turn around, so I quickly move around so he wouldn't see me with peripheral vision.

      Then when he's walking back to near one of his guarding areas, before he could turn, there's a split second moment of white streaks of light shining, kind of like how you do a Speed Kill in Prince of Persia: The Thrones. (the video below is what I mean by flashing streaks of light)

      Then I realize I'm playing a video game, because my fingers are trying to tap on the game controller like crazy, but it's not working, so instead, I think my consciousness shifted back to actually being the character trying to attack Wayne Brady.

      Wayne Brady turns around, and before he could respond, out of instinct, I tackled him, which made him fall off the ledge into a deep bit.

      (Whoooooops seems I screwed up there, but I again, I'm assuming the objective was to attack and kill him.).

      Then I hear a voice that's mentioning Jay-Z, and how if he forces you to take my vitamins or whatever, kill him as well.

      I think I did, but I can't remember too much after accidentally pushing Wayne Brady towards his death into a deep pit.

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      memorable , non-lucid
    8. Tight Seating, School Bus, Code Lyoko Monster Fight, Sensui & Beach?, Promise, Caterpillar

      by , 03-17-2012 at 09:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Tight Seating, School Bus, Code Lyoko Monster Fight, Sensui & Beach?, Promise, Caterpillar (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Tight Seating in Restaurant

      It was afternoon time in this dream most likely, and I'm in a restaurant that doesn't have many lights on because the sunlight provides enough of it.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	l.jpg 
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Size:	41.0 KB 
ID:	3011

      I try to find a seat somewhere, but most are occupied, so I end up taking a whole tour around the section of seats in the restaurant until I found one. There was a male who looked like a guy named Julio I used to know in High School.

      He and some other familiar people that I know I met, but just can't get their facial patterns. As I'm sitting near the empty seat, I find it really hard to try and get through the tight space, but from my perspective it looked like I was going to be able to sit down with no problems.

      But as I'm trying to sit, my chest is being pushed from this short space, and for some odd reason, instead of getting out of this space, I continue to go deeper and deeper in this limited space.

      It seems that I ignore this, but I'm still feeling the pressure from sitting from such a tight seating area, and I'm probably talking to Julio about something.

      Dream 2: In School Bus

      I believe I'm sitting inside of a High School Bus with my friend Rudy in waking life, and we're talking about a few things that I can't really remember. As the bus stops to let people who live in the area come out, Rudy has to get off from this stop.

      I asked him if he has to get off from this area, and he probably says yes or something like that. And since I was probably sitting on the left side of the seat we're in, I get up to let him pass and exit the bus, and then I went back to sitting down.

      Then after a few people pass to exit the bus, I decided to leave it as well to go somewhere. I get out of the bus, go to the front of it, and then slowly walked to make sure there weren't any vehicles passing by because the bus was blocking my side view.

      Everything is safe, and I proceeded to go forward, I don't know where I'm going, but I see my friend Rudy still walking somewhere in my direction behind me. As I'm going to make a turn, Rudy tells me "Take care, Brandon," or something along those lines.

      I reply back and said, "See ya later, Rudy." Then he makes a turn to go wherever he's going and the dream fades after a while.

      Dream 3: Code Lyoko Monster Fight

      It seems I'm walking with the main group of characters from Code Lyoko, and apparently, Odd is sick, so he can't really go to some field trip to some restaurant or something. There's this contest to where if you can hold a certain food without eating it for a certain time, you would get a free meal from the restaurant.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gWSyx.jpg 
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Size:	86.4 KB 
ID:	3012

      Then the dream shifts to where Jeremy is checking an alert message popping up from his computer. I assume it's X.A.N.A., who probably activated a tower. (X.A.N.A. multi-agent program that the group has to fight against in the actual series)

      But it seems to be a false alarm because Jeremy isn't really picking up anything from X.A.N.A.'s end. So everything is okay for now, until ANOTHER alert message shows up, which is enough for us to go into Lyoko and find the activated tower.

      Apparently, Jeremy did something to mess up something, which gave X.A.N.A. an advantage to set out an attack, and Ulrich is slightly bothered by Jeremy's recklessness I believe, because he made the situation more dangerous than it should've been.

      Jeremy responds that he's going to try and fix the problem the best way he can.

      The dream shifts to where I'm in Lyoko with Ulrich, and probably Odd and Yumi, but what I was doing at the time was a little bit too tense to check on the others. I'm top of a ramp, and I see Ulrich using his motor vehicle to build up speed to ascend towards the fairly huge monster in front of us.

      And it also seems that we're in the Forest Sector, but it seems that the same ramp was the only type of ground surface we could rely on, so the Sector was probably close to being eliminated.

      (Which means X.A.N.A. most likely controlled Aelita by brain washing her with one of his monsters (The Skipazoa to be precise, but I didn't see the monster) to enter 'Code: XANA' instead of 'Code: Lyoko' that she normally inputs to deactivate the tower and make a return to the past before X.A.N.A's plan at the time is done).

      He uses that acceleration to land somewhere on top of the monster and stab it. The Monster looks like some elongated mechanical bug. I just know that its top region was light silver or gray, and it had some weird looking dark blue oval orb on it's head.

      It definitely looks like a product that X.A.N.A. would make to fight off against the Lyoko Warriors.

      I'm on a vehicle as well, but things are in first perspective, so I can't really identify what it is, and I start to accelerate down the same light green ramp, and as I'm going up towards the boss, I use something to stab him and hold on to that object (probably a sword just like Ulrich's weaponry).

      It seems this new monster isn't really taking too much damage from my thrust to its body, despite going really fast from a ramp to create deadly amount of force. Then I notice something weird, there's a screw contained in one of its body's lower regions.

      I decide to go near this area, and I don't know how I'm still holding on to the monster, but I am, because if I let go, I'll probably be destroyed completely if I fall into the Digital Sea. I unscrew the screw, and it drops the lower region of the monster's body to the Digital Sea, and we finally destroy it.

      Dream 4: Shinobu Sensui and Alaskan Beach features?

      Yuske from Yu Yu Hakusho is running along some character that looks like Itsuki, who is behind him. The situation seems to be intense, because a yellow light is rotating fast and constantly as if an alarm has been triggered.

      (You know how you watch movies and hear the alarm sound off and the whole place is glowing with red light with loud noises? Yeah, it was like that, except that it's glowlng yellow and sometimes orange).

      As they are running, one of them said, "Your penis is this big." The other replies, "Shut up!" while still hanging on to the process of saying "up" for a few seconds.

      They manage to get out of the exit, and it's like seeing the white light getting closer and closer as you're trying to rush away from the darkness. When we get out (and I mean we because I'm in spectator mode in this dream), it's dark outside.

      The dark sky had an attractive vibe to it. It had a dark voilet type of setting, and as I'm recalling this, it felt like I was getting closer and closer to the shared dreaming location that Kaomea, Alyzarin, and myself agreed on.
      (But instead of being highly suggestible and speculate on the wonder of that possibility, I'll just continue on to the dream)

      I believe the surface we are standing on is white sand, which again, I don't want to be highly suggestible, this sand did carry on features of the shared dreaming location for me, Kaomea, and Alyzarin. It felt like the Alaskan beach, but it was so vast, and I mean VAST, it's just that I didn't think about it much because of it being a non-lucid experience.

      In front of the two characters is Shinobu Sensui in his younger days before he had the traumatizing experience in the actual series that caused him to split his whole personality to cope with the fact that the Humans he thought he was helping to save from the demons are in fact are just as or are even more horrible than them.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	96943.jpg 
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Size:	32.7 KB 
ID:	3013

      I'm including that because the look on his face, it was so innocent, his face was like a naive child who had the skills of a cold-blooded killer. You could say that seeing him, it's as if his countenance was completely filled with the idealistic ambition of a black and white view on what is right and wrong, just like he was in the series.

      It seems that the Kazuya side to human must be at its early phase. (Sensui had Multiple Personalities Disorder, but it wasn't so much of a chaos since the individual sides came out independently to conform to the given situation, so Kazuya most likely came out because he's the side that is completely sadistic and the cruelest out of all that deals with the bloody and digusting acts).

      Kazuya is talking in his accent just like in the show, which sounded like a Biker Punk in a way, like how Yusuke described him in the English dub. Kazuya is talking about random things like "Help to make me?" and then he starts snickering.

      I didn't realize this, but when he said that, I realize he was basically saying things right from what he actually said in the series.

      Then I see a huge blast come out of nowhere, and it has to be Yusuke's Spirit Gun coming at us. From what I assumed in the dream, Yusuke probably teleported so fast to shoot from afar, and then teleported back to where we were, or maybe it was really just a random blast of energy coming out of nowhere.

      Sensui dodges the attack since it seemed to be directed only towards him. Then I see Yusuke in his demon form looking up, saying he wants to build a community????

      The dream fades before I see Yusuke walk a few times towards this vast environment that had some features of the Alaskan beach Kaomea set up for us.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	468412b245e61.jpg 
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Size:	57.4 KB 
ID:	3015

      Also, a fragment that happened somewhere along in this dream for sure was me actually being Sensui, and I'm riding a bicycle along with a few people at night, but that's all I remember for that.

      Dream 5: You Promised me....

      The dream starts out where I'm in a hallway. It seems I'm in a school related dream, and in front of me is a dead end with a door to a classroom. There were more doors on the side of where I am, and there are a few people waiting for a class to be over with.

      While they're busy standing around, I think I get a little impatient, and I knock on the door. I move back a little, and I see the door open slowly. For some odd reason, I'm afraid of who is going to come out.

      The person is wearing a gray hoodie, and they have the hoodie over their face, but the fact that I was so afraid because the person looked pissed that I turned my back to the group of people waiting near the dead end.

      One of them smiles at me like they wanted to say that I probably shouldn't have knocked the door. And I felt like someone was going to tell the person that I knocked on the door, but I make the silent NO! expression to them.

      After a little while, the people in the same classroom I knocked the door from come out. While they are coming out, I go in, and I see a female in front of me. She looked a lot like Ashely from the tennis team I was in at a High School. Let's call her "Ashley H." for the sake of being private about her being.

      It seems Ashley H was passing up slips, or pieces of paper for students coming inside the classroom. She's really close to me, and I gaze at her cuteness for a little while. Then to the right of me is a girl that I knew from Middle School.

      She was the type of girl that had an insanely big ass for her small figure, along with perky breasts as well. She had fairly big lips, but not too big to where it become a distraction, in fact, she had red lipstick on them.

      Before I had the chance gaze her red and enticing lips, I feel in the back of my mind a person coming out of another door. I believe he is talking to someone, but I can't pick out who. He told the person,

      "You promised that you would let me fuck her mouth."

      I was a bit bothered by this because as he was saying this, I was looking at the girl to the right of me with the insane body ratio. I was looking at her red lips, and only looking at them. I saw the creases on her mouth, and it was as if they were going to pull me into a vortex or something.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	How-to-wear-red-lipstick-like-a-goddess.jpg 
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Size:	21.2 KB 
ID:	3014

      When I finally broke free from looking at her lips, I walked around a bit trying to find a seat. I saw a person who looked like James that I had in AP Government in High School, along with a bunch of random people.

      He's looking up at me, but just glancing and going back to what he was doing, and I try to find somewhere to sit.

      I think I do find a vacant seat, and that's all I remember unfortunately.

      Dream 6: Caterpillar and Old Man Screaming

      All I remember for this dream is that I was walking around somewhere, and one area was off limits for me because whenever I stood near this area, the dream resets.

      It almost felt like someone was pushing me back.

      I think another part of that happened after was me observing a preserved jar of some type of Caterpillar. I expected it to be still since it was contained in a gel type material, but I saw it moving a little bit, as if it was trying to swim in it.

      Then another dream shift is where some guy is pissed off at something, and he bends his back as if he's going to do a long and loud, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" voice.

      I know I had more experiences, but I just forgot them. But I guess my recall is getting okay now, better than not remembering anything at all I suppose, so I should be grateful that my mind is being nice to me like always in remembering these things, even when waking life does bother me from getting them down quickly.

      Focusing on emotions, and other senses, like Kaomea told me, helps a lot, and I think I'm getting used to it now to the point that I could go more and more into the dream, and really think about everything mentally to where I can associate so many things from only a few fragments that can extend.

      Again, this is one of many reasons why I find Kaomea a suitable partner for Shared Dreaming along with Alyssa as well.

      And I might as well focus on all things that I can since when I do meet them, or at least one of them at a time, I can capture the emotions we experience to where we won't have a warped recall, like how Kaomea helped me go through a parking garage, but I felt hazed out because I thought it was something else, and we actually ended up having a non-lucid (for me) shared dream together .

      (Apparently, that seems to happen a lot when people don't try to match up REM stages), but it amazes me that when I think a dream is random, when Kaomea or Alyssa finds something similar to that, it makes me believe both in dream telepathy and the dream plane itself.

      Either I try so much to become aware about myself that I end up knowing how certain people will feel in their dreams, I guess it's just an ability I should take advantage of, because it'll sure to have positive results in the long run.

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    9. Biology Professor Office Hours, Chalkboard, Riding a Motorcycle on Snaky Sidewalk, Photo vibe.......

      by , 03-14-2012 at 04:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Biology Professor Office Hours, Chemistry Professor & Chalkboard, Riding a Motorcycle on Snaky Sidewalk, Someone posts IRL image of themselves (Non-lucid)


      Most of these were really vivid, I remember waking up for a WBTB, and I know I recalled a dream during that time, but I didn't spend long on the WBTB anyway. These dreams are not in chronological order, and I still have lingering images in my head about what happened, which is good.

      Dream 1: Biology Professor Office Hours

      I go inside a room where a man that looks an awful lot like the professor I had for Biology 111. It seems he's just sitting there casually waiting for someone to come in, so I'm assuming this is what he does during his office hours.

      (Since the real one doesn't do as much research anymore, he has a lot of free time to play Solitaire, and some students found that he really does this).

      I go up to him to talk about an Exam, and he still has a passive demeanor, and I don't remember too much on what I asked of him, but I know it was related to Scantrons and an Exam.

      Name:  img_scantron.jpg
Views: 43
Size:  22.0 KB

      I think the dream shifts a little where I'm in the same room, but he's standing up and holding a blue version of a test, and he's looking directly at me waiting for me to ask him a question.

      Dream 2: Chemistry Professor & Chalkboard

      I'm sitting inside a lecture room for Chemistry apparently because I see an Asian woman who looks like the Chemistry 112 teacher I'm taking right now as a second semester freshmen at my University.

      I believe she has a projector screen up, but she decides to use the green chalkboards behind it to erase a few things, probably from previous classes where the other professor forgot to erase.

      Name:  gi-erase-chalkboard.jpg
Views: 44
Size:  9.8 KB

      At first, it seems she's using a weird object to erase the chalkboard, and I think a few students where bothered by this, but she finally realizes she should use an actual chalkboard eraser. It's fairly big, and she's doing a horrible job erasing things.

      (In the real class, people didn't like her at first because she had a hard time configuring the projection screen and writing too small on the white board, but now I think they like her a lot. Just mentioning that to remember the mood of everyone in this room).

      She's swiping in an up and down motion with the eraser, and you can still see the streaks of what she erased on the board. It bothered me a little, but I tried not to worry about a small thing like that, but the way she did it so quickly and horribly was just irritating.

      She turns back to the class to probably start the lecture, and I think a few students in the large lecture room are talking to each other about something, most likely complaining about her exams or something of the sort.

      Dream 3: Riding a Motorcycle on Snaky Sidewalk

      The environment is either afternoon or close to it. It feels like I'm at my University, since I see some small stone hedges containing plants, seeing the green grass that is pure and clean (they have a strict policy in students keeping off on certain areas of grass, which makes the whole University even more beautiful, just don't go to Bryan, TX though lol).

      Name:  snaky sidewalk.jpg
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Size:  17.2 KB
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	146_0701_01_z+2007_united_motors_v2s_250r+black.jpg 
Views:	41 
Size:	40.1 KB 
ID:	3000

      I believe this motorcycle was black, and apparently I have to catch up with a few people, but I can't remember who. I get on the motorcycle, trying to shift my rear in the right place since this feels like one of those where you have to bend your back forward a lot.

      I didn't even need to start the motorcycle, I slowly ride it, and I have some trouble riding it on a sidewalk that seems to be formed like a snake's body structure (the sidewalk has a lot of curves where you have to shift left and right a few times).

      I didn't think about this when I recalled this dream, but I believe this same sidewalk's path could've led me to Alyzarin! Since the last dream I had about a snake-related even was a fairly huge snake crawling next to me, and I didn't feel afraid at all).

      I finally get the hang of this motorcycle, and it seems that it's actually developed, and by that, I mean I all the parts seem to be in thier proper place compared to how I normally see vehicles having some parts blurred out until I decide to make a conscious effort in making their more clear and vivid.

      I continue riding most likely,
      and that's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 4: Someone posts IRL image of themselves

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blank-polaroid-frame.jpg 
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Size:	14.1 KB 
ID:	3001
      I think I'm on DV, and I'm looking at the "Post Pictures of yourself here, without discussion" thread, and I see a female post a photo of her.

      It was fairly small compared to the other big photos most people post, but I could see it was a blonde, and she was wearing a white shirt that had pink to it on her shoulders and the top section of her arms.

      She looked really beautiful, I couldn't see the Username of the person though, she just looked so amazing! I couldn't get my eyes off of her, and I sense a REALLY familiar vibe from this person's photo.

      There was also a small glow behind the person who took the photo, and it seemed they wanted to have a dark background (it was mostly a dark orange setting to it) so that their image can be portrayed more.

      EDIT: I remembered one more dream. That's weird, usually I don't have this type of recall after being awake for some time now. Oh well, guess my mind is getting better and better without relying too much on the half-awake half-asleep state I try to practice to remember more dreams.

      Dream 4: Restaurant To-Go

      This dream is vivid like the ones before, and I believe I'm walking to take a seat to a Restaurant. The environment is fairly dark, with some lighting to it. The overall colors in the background would be brown, yellow, and orange.

      As I'm sitting down, a lady comes up to me and asks what I would like. I look at this lady, and she looks like the Teacher's Assistant in my Sociohoritculture class, no doubt about that.

      I forget what I tell her what I wanted to order, but I say whatever it was, and said that I would like it To-Go and she goes on her way. The seat I'm sitting on are one of those long, fluffy, and comfortable leather seats meant to occupy several people.

      The Restaurant was pretty fancy, with flooring that looked like marble type of material. Then I think I head out because I felt I forgot something, and I completely forget the idea that I should wait for my meal to come for me to eat.

      I go outside to this mini-store, and I go up to this guy who I can't really get a good facial expression off, but he's signing something for me on some paper. It could've been yellow paper or just ordinary paper, and I think I'm in this store for him to help me with regulating something that I can't remember about.

      I then realize I should go back to the restaurant to make sure the lady didn't think I didn't want the food. But here's the weird part, as I'm going back to sit in the same location that I was in, she comes to me again.

      She asks me what I would like, and I thought she knew I was here already, but I guess she was just trying to sustain a habit of doing that to people coming in and out of the Restaurant. She asked me if I wanted the Sweet and Sour Chicken again? Or something like that, and I nod to her.

      Then after I get the meal the second time, I think I head out and had a bunch of random events happen in front of me. I think I had trouble trying to ride something, and people in traffic were being a bit ditzy and slow in response. It was at an intersection, so basically, everyone is trying to move, but they want to wait because they'll think one person should be able to go their way before they move.

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    10. In the bathroom, reading Naruto, couple in Restaurant, Basketball

      by , 02-24-2012 at 02:42 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      In the bathroom, reading Naruto, couple in Restaurant, Basketball (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: In Bathroom

      I'm going into the bathroom to pee, and there are way too many random DCs in the bathroom and urinals as well. I finally found one after awkwardly avoiding a DC looking at my private parts and did my business.

      Some person was doing something random that I'm not too sure of.

      Dream 2: Reading Naruto Shippuden Manga Online

      I think I'm reading a colored Naruto Shippuden Manga online, and some ad on the side said that going to these types of sites giving new stuff means they can store your information or something like that. (I still think my mind is associating with the fake DV server thing).

      I see Tobi with his new mask and having his Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan and the Rinnegan, and Naruto in Kyuubi mode.

      Bring on the tasty food-tobi-new-mask.jpgBring on the tasty food-%255banimepaper.net%255dvector-box-anime-naruto-vector-%252334-naruto-kyuubi-mode-184326-ala21ddin21-m.jpg

      I also saw some pictures of one of the Rugrats characters named Chuckie, and the name "Dave" was beside the image as well.

      Bring on the tasty food-rugrats-chuckie.jpg

      Dream 3: Couple in Restaurant

      I'm inside a restaurant, and I see some girl with some guy. He's showing off his body to her, and he's really muscular all over. He told her that he didn't let the girl before he came to her touch his crotch.

      Bring on the tasty food-six-pack-abs.jpg

      The girl then asks him what he sees in her all the time, and suddenly I'm taking the guy's perspective in 1st person view, and while he's saying "girls" several times, I see how sad and lonely the girl is.

      Dream 4: Basketball

      I think I'm in a basketball game and I see some person making insane 3 pointers (not really a fan of basketball, but he was doing really crazy tactics that would involve a lot of courage and risk).

      Bring on the tasty food-basketball-3636.jpg

      Then I think I'm the person and I start making random 2 and 3 pointers, then I tried to shoot out of bounds behind the basket, but I fail.

      I even tried to pass the ball to a teammate, but they failed in getting it as well, I think one of them even slapped the ball away from me passing it to them.